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1. make friends on
2. become close with those friends
3. somehow these people are now your best friends have fun with the crushing weight of not being with them every day

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me as a freshman: i gotta make more friends who i can be genuinely open with, vent to, not feel embarrassed about my entire existence, and who are at least a little bit vocal that they appreciate me
me as a senior: Achievement Unlocked: Friends Gained!!!!!!!
also me as a senior: *seems really rude and antisocial because literally 99% of my social circle is on tumblr*

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Who’s Eury???
I just wanna say I love you sooooooooo. Muchh
I honestly have been so blessed to have met you and become friends with you. You are such an amazing person. We truly have bonded through sin this past year. I still can’t believe we only met just this year in fFebruary.Honestly feels like longer than that. And we’ve become so close since then via Skype, snapchat, Tumblr, Instagram(family bonding times with our daughter Alex, @grafiti666), and mostly Twitter. You are so kind and amazing. Your so beautiful!!!!! You’re funny as hell and its amazing how comfortable I am talking to you abt things I would never even dream to tell any one else about. And thank you so much for everything you’ve given me from the amazing fanfics to the smile I have when I say goodnight and goodmorning everyday. Even though I dent have a phone or very easy way to contact you these days I’m so graf I’ve been able to message you everyday via my brothers phone, my moms computer, those laggy as fuck school computers, or this shit tablet im using right now to type this (I swear the keyboard on this feels like eve been typing for ages and barely get any thing down correctLy)
I get so happy everytime I talk to you and im so glad I was brave enough to message you earlier this year and become friends. At the time I didn’t know how big of an impact that would have on my life and I want wait till next year when I actually remember your birthday on time like the good wife im supposed to be!!!!!

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can we get a roll call of the devils? names+lil descriptions? :0

Yess! Good idea. :0 (note that Circle 1 is like the entry point into Hell, no devils rule there and Circle 9 is uninhabitable by anything ever.)

Circle 2: Satan. True chaotic neutral. Likes swing music and partying all the time, an introvert’s worst nightmare. Pink edgelord.
Circle 3: Azazel. Satan and it are bffs and they visit each other all the time. It barely ever speaks and when it does you’d better pray it’s saying something good. Enormous puppet dragon.
Circle 4: Eurynomos. She’s the smallest but she has the same amount of rage as all the other devils, making it much more concentrated and thus: she is always angry. Runs theme park hell. The most furious bisexual. Tiny neopet.
Circle 5: Be’elzebub. Gruff, stately, takes his sheriff duties very seriously. The most likely to win a game of poker. Beetle dad.
Circle 6:  Cimeies. Quiet, soft-spoken devil. Collects oral and written history on religion, Heaven, and Hell. Centaur with a face veil that no one thinks is mysterious or cool.
Circle 7:  ??/ ???? ? (it’s all water, no one goes there no one wants to go there)
Circle 8: Diablo. Huge, enormous anxiety baby. Cries all the time and wants to be alone. a mermaid the size of the Space Needle.

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I’ve had this line scribbled down for forever and I can’t figure out anywhere to put it in the Euriales fic; I’m throwing it here because I’m mad about it frick
Eury (and, by extension, Epi) did not have grandparents. His mother and father had one day just materialized into existence and helped to create the universe. He supposed that you could name Chaos by really grasping at straws, but Chaos wasn’t about to give anyone grandmotherly cookies and milk.
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Putting together a playlist for my teen/young adult SG’s End of Summer Beach Bash.  Grooooving along to songs I totally forgot I loved to death when I was in high school.

Aaalso, if any of you following me happen to RP teen heroes in Champions Online, feel free to hit up Monster Island on Friday, September 5th at 6pm server time.

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Gotta rescue the flame in your heart..
No more blood, I will be there for you my love, I will stand by your side..

Not Like The Other Girls - The Rasmus ~

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