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Finally watched ˋportrait of a lady on fire ´ …

The cinematography; the non existence of underly music or noise, unless it was needed; the way the 3 main woman had each a dedicated primary colour, the way the ˋred´ woman was the calm and collected one and the ˋblue woman’ the angry one and the ˋyellow woman ´ the reserved but comforting one; the way they all befriended each other and learned; the way they all laughed for the first time a genuine laugh for an entire evening; the way all of them were strong in their own way, yet their sadness and anger and happiness wasn’t ignored; the way this all was an allegory towards Orpheus and Eurydice; the way the ˋred woman ´ saw the ˋblue woman ´ in a white dress as a hallucination, looking like a ghost and it turning out to have been her wedding dress, the way the ˋred woman ´ went through all 3 primary colours and in the end mirroring the ˋblue woman ´ by wearing a just as golden/yellow dress, symbolising, they both have accepted their fate

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Orpheus and Eurydice

I follow you

at a

painful distance.

(there should be

no space-

my bones ache

for you.)

I burn

ever so slightly

with the

memory of pain,

the fear of it-

my blood is

thickened with


from my own


(I’ve been my


this whole time.)

“turn around.”

my voice is

pulled more taut

than any

bow string

with tears,

and the

muscles in your



at my


(the scent of



how unfailingly,



we are.)

I reach for you

with hands

that are

nothing but


I fear it will

break you,

but I have

to see your face

one last time…

(I forget

too easily,

and you are the

one thing

I can’t lose.)

an eternity

is so long,


so achingly

drawn out.

you know me

too well.

(that’s why you


you know I’ll


before your

very eyes.)

you love me

too much.

(you’ve never

denied me


that’s why you

look back.)

there’s a


of suspicion,

of hopeful disbelief,

of want,

enough to

make the

gods cry…

enough to

make the

gods weep.

(my eyes have

never seen you

before this moment,

my arms have

never strained for you

this much.)

you move to

grab me,

but have I

ever been

anything more

than a


(selfish girl,

selfless boy,

how you’ve

made a mess

of everything.)

a scream

escapes your chest,

shattering ribs

on its way out,

and I cry

silent tears

in broken silence.

(what a

sacreligious thing,


to have more faith

in me


anything else.)

“I love you.”

rings and

echoes and



always has a


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“he was destined to fail from the start: anyone human enough to reach a hand back into the dark is human enough to reach their gaze back too.” - The Myth of Orpheus by J C West (@the-temple-of-sacred-asses)

Also check out: [The Myth of Persephone] [The Myth of Atlas] [The Myth of Icarus] [The Myth of Achilles]

please do not steal my artwork or words! do not repost or post on other websites!

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Eurydice’s really like, oooh this mf’s craaazy, and then hermes tells her orpheus can make her feel alive and .2 seconds later she’s like so where r we gonna get the wedding bed when we’re married  

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we knew this was gonna happen. obviously i’m very into a grinning man au, but i’m not sure what route to take in terms of grinpayne and dea, so i drew both to see which one i liked better. i like orpheus as grinoayne and eurydice as dea the most atm. vote now on ur phones

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ravenous, ravenous

one | two

When he looks up and spots her, standing paces away, his whole face lights up. “Eurydice,” he says, breathy and hopeful, and damn him for how her name sounds in his voice.

Home, he’d promised her.

“Eurydice,” he says gently, prying her hands off his shoulders and clutching her fingers. “Do you want this with me?” 

chapter two - read here on AO3

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