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bieddiediaz · a month ago
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buddie alphabet: w
walk. verb.      to move on foot, to go with someone somewhere together.
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passionfangjrl · 11 days ago
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Eddie are you sure you didn't have your -OH moment?
That's not the way you look at someone you consider friend
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daily911 · 5 months ago
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Requested by anonymous
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no-moremusic · 5 months ago
bro is it gay to give legal guardianship of your son to your best friend if you die but only tell him a year after you do it because you know he won’t refuse because there is no one who would fight for your son more than him or there is no one in this world you trust more than him? for reference he has socks on
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buckleythefuckup · 5 months ago
Also, the fact that Eddie could've said anything when Carla asked how he felt having a*a around and he said "it's easy being with her".
At first, it's seems like a perfectly fine response, i mean, love is not supposed to be difficult or make you suffer, so easy is good right?
but Eddie is the kind of person who had to fight for everything he has. He had to fight to get back to Christopher, he had to fight to learn how to be a parent to his own son, he had to fight to keep Shannon around and fight after she was gone. He had to fight through working several jobs and fight his parents when he decided to leave Texas for a job he actually wanted. So, as far as we've been shown, "easy" in Eddie Diaz's life doesn't really equals good.
And as a latino man with a catholic background raised in Texas? Yes, a*a is perfect. She is easy. Certainly much easier than other options. But then what?
So Carla really went to the heart of the question. Yes, she's easy. Does it makes Eddie happy though? Or is she just one thing he can settle for and tell himself that it's enough, because fighting for something else he doesn't know is going to work out and risk losing it afterwards?
Easy to have is easy to lose. And easy to lose doesn't hurt as much when it's gone.
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ghostdiaz · a month ago
oh man what i wouldn’t give to know ana’s thoughts on buck. like, this is a man who is very involved in her boyfriend’s life, so much so that she definitely heard about him from chris before she and eddie ever started dating.
and then eddie gets shot, and all of the sudden there’s buck, coming in to look after and live with chris while eddie is in the hospital. buck, who definitely visited eddie whenever he could while he was unconscious. buck, who was the first person to come and see eddie. buck, whose name eddie said so softly, whose face had the most relieved smile upon finally seeing eddie awake. buck, who eddie waited for to call chris with while his son could visit him. buck, who handled his discharge and paperwork, despite ana being the one to hold vigil at eddie’s bedside.
just. what the hell does ana think of buck and his relationship with eddie?
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aworldwithoutme · 7 days ago
Ana is ableist, but she’s not obvious or aggressive about it.
Until Buck mentions having ADHD around her.
He’s not ashamed, and doesn't hide it—especially from Eddie and Chris. 
At first, of course, she’s subtle. She comes across as wanting to hear Buck’s perspective as a neurodivergent—careful to make it seem like she’s interested in how Buck sees the world personally since neurodivergent people are not one and the same. In reality, she’s trying to pry for information on how much she can “trust” Buck when he’s a “liability.”
It takes some time for her to start rubbing Buck the wrong way with backhanded compliments or questionable comments—especially when she’s questioning Buck’s ability to care for Chris alone. She makes jokes on how Eddie has a lot of patience to hear Buck ramble about random information, or how she mentions Buck being a big kid with an air of disapproval. 
Her mistake was to not be more careful with how she acts and talks about Buck where Eddie can see and hear.
Because Eddie is the type of person who doesn’t mind being insulted and punched. But someone touches one hair on Chris or Buck’s body, someone says something about a hair on Chris or Buck’s body? That’s it. They have no place in his life.
Of course, Eddie is also in love with Buck which doesn’t bode well for Ana in a situation where she’s insulting Buck for not being how she would prefer him to be when Eddie loves Buck because of who he is.
No need to claim a prompt. If written on AO3, please gift it to me. On tumblr, tag me. I have the same name on both websites.
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moonstonediaz · 4 months ago
i’m just waiting for buck to upgrade to “buck 4.0” while he’s dating taylor and poor eddie has just HAD IT at this point and he grabs buck and shakes him and he’s like:
“NO. NO. you keep doing these ‘upgrades’ like it’s some positive thing. like buck 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 are just stepping stones until you get to the Perfect Buck? you have to stop that. you’re perfect like you are, like you have been since i met you. you’re…you’re buck. that’s all you ever need to be.”
and buck’s like 🥺
eddie continues: “and if she can’t see that, then…i’m sorry but she doesn’t deserve you.”
*walks away leaving buck gaping and in a full on bi panic*
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incorrect118 · 8 months ago
Hen: If I die today, will you please tell everyone that I am the reason republicans fear the gays?
Bobby: no
Buck: yes
Eddie: yes
Chimney: yes
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evanjinx · a month ago
thinking about the fact that if eddie had died when he was shot the last thing would have done would be asking buck if he was hurt...
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Tumblr media
what if eddie and buck met in high school? Pt3
pt1 pt2 tagging, feel free to ignore @haha-biromantic @evcndiaz @alwayseddietrash @betwecouldmakesome
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no-moremusic · 5 months ago
i know i’m looking into this too much but oliver reposting this on instagram
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when fallen angel is literally a painting of lucifer (the morning star) and his loss of paradise. yea whatever
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Prompt: Buck is watching Baby Jee so Maddie and Chim can enjoy a night out. Eddie and Chris come over and are surprised but happy to have the little lady in their company for the evening. Adorableness ensues as Buck, Eddie, and Chris all dote on the baby. It's during these moments, like Jee glomping onto Eddie's face or holding her Uncle Buck's face in her tiny little hands that they each realize they want more than friendship with each other. Chris just wanted to teach Jee about legos.
Read it on Ao3
“And you know where the extra bibs are?” Buck couldn’t help but smile fondly as Maddie fretted over every small detail. He was babysitting Jee at his apartment so she and Chimney could have a date night. Of course, in order to have that date, Maddie needed to actually leave the apartment, which she had yet to do because she was telling Buck where everything was, even though Buck already knew.
“Yes Maddie,” Buck said. “I know where the extra bibs are packed, along with Jee’s food. I also know where the lost list of emergency numbers are in the bag.”
“He’s good Maddie,” Chimney said, his hand coming up to Maddie’s shoulder. “And you know as much as I do how much we can trust Buck.”
“I know,” Maddie said. “I’m just a worrywart when it comes to Jee.” Buck just chuckled and Maddie blew out a breath. “Okay, you’ve got this and we have reservations to get to.” She walked over to Buck and kissed Jee’s head, the baby babbling happily. She squeezed Buck’s arm, smiling. “Call if you need anything, okay?”
“Will do,” Buck said, smiling at his sister. “Now, go enjoy your evening. I’ve got to remind Jee why I’m her favorite Uncle.” Maddie laughed at that, as Chimney took her hand.
“You have fun with Uncle Buck, Jee,” Chimney said, waving to his daughter. The baby waved back, earning a grin from both parents. “We’ll see you later, Buck.” He headed towards the door, Maddie following after him.
“Thank you again Buck!” Maddie called as they headed out of the apartment. Buck just watched them go, bouncing Jee in his arms as he did. Once the door was closed and he couldn’t hear the echo of their footsteps anymore, he let out a happy sigh and glanced down at his niece.
“Alright little one,” Buck said with a smile. “Ready to hang out with your favorite uncle?” Jee just cooed happily and Buck chuckled. “That’s what I like to hear.” And then he headed towards the living room, smiling as Jee babbled happily.
Eddie smiled as Christopher led the way to Buck’s apartment. He had texted Buck, asking if they could come over for take-out and video games or a movie. Buck hadn’t responded, but Eddie chalked that up to Buck being busy around his apartment. After all, Buck had told him earlier that he was just doing stuff around his apartment earlier that day.
“Come on dad,” Christopher said, as he reached Buck’s apartment. Eddie couldn’t help but chuckle, a fond smile on his face. It warmed something in his heart that Christopher adored Buck so much. Because it was a reminder that Buck firmly had an important place in both their lives.
What the place exactly was, Eddie didn’t know. Or at least, he wasn’t pushing himself to figure out.
“I’m here, I’m here,” Eddie said as he reached the door. “And you’re acting like you haven’t seen Buck in forever.” He ruffled Christopher’s hair and the boy giggled.
“I haven’t,” Christopher said. “Friday was so long ago!” Eddie chuckled again before reaching out to knock on the door. He heard a shuffling of feet and then the door opened, revealing a slightly confused Buck.
“Oh, hey guys,” Buck said, smiling when he saw it was them. “What are you doing here?”
“We brought food,” Eddie said, holding up the bag in his hand. “And thought we could maybe play video games or…” He trailed off when he noticed a stain on Buck’s shirt. “Is that vomit?”
“Spit-up,” Buck said, letting them inside. Eddie was about to say something, when he saw Jee sitting in a high chair.
“Oh,” Eddie said. “I see you already have company from this little lady.” He walked over to Jee, the baby holding up a cheerio towards Eddie. He smiled and waved at her, earning a giggle from the baby.
“Yep,” Buck said as he closed the door. “Jee’s hanging out with her favorite uncle tonight so her parents can have a little date night.” Eddie nodded, pursing his lips. He figured it would probably be best for them to go, since technically Buck was busy. “But you guys can hang out too.”
“Are you sure?” Eddie asked. Buck just chuckled as he picked Jee up. The baby giggled happily, reaching a hand up for Buck’s face. Buck caught her hand and blew a raspberry against it, earning a high pitched squeal from Jee. And Eddie couldn’t help but smile softly at the sight. There was something about Buck with kids that left this odd, fluttery feeling in Eddie’s stomach. A feeling he hadn’t labeled, for the same reason he didn’t exactly know what it meant for Buck to be so integral in his and Christopher’s life.
Buck glanced away from Jee, a hint of pink on his face as he saw the look on Eddie’s face. And when Eddie saw that, he realized maybe he wasn’t the only one trying to understand or determine what it all meant.
“Yeah,” Buck said softly. “I’m sure.” Their eyes stayed locked for a moment, that feeling in Eddie’s stomach only increasing. “Besides.” Buck looked away from Eddie, his smile only growing as he looked over at Christopher. “I bet someone would love to show Jee all the best toys and games.”
“Do you still have my box of Legos here?” Christopher asked. “Because I’d love to show Jee those!”
“Under the coffee table.” Christopher headed towards the living room and Eddie just watched him go before turning back to Buck. And this time, it was Buck with the soft, fond smile on his face.
“You said something about dinner?” Buck asked. And Eddie nodded before following him into the living room, all the while noticing that the fluttering feeling in his stomach hadn’t gone away.
“Maddie really brought everything Jee needed, huh?” Buck chuckled at Eddie’s comment as he finished up his dinner. He was sitting on the couch, an animated movie playing in the background. Eddie was sitting next to him, surveying all the items in the living room that Maddie had brought for her daughter. There was a play mat and a bag with toys in it. There was also Jee’s little seat, that she was currently strapped into and a diaper bag nearby.
“My sister likes to be over-prepared,” Buck said with a smirk. “Not that Jee really needs most of it.” He glanced over at Jee, who was watching Christopher with rapt attention. The ten-year-old had sat down in front of the coffee table, both to eat and because he was going to play with his Legos there. And he had been talking to Jee the whole time, the baby happily giggling or babbling in response to everything.
“Yeah well Chris is everyone’s favorite cousin,” Eddie said with a smile. “So, I’m not surprised Jee is taken with him too.” Eddie then stood up, stretching slightly as he did.
“What are you doing?” Buck asked, eyeing the brunette.
“The dishes,” Eddie said. Buck was about to protest that Eddie didn’t have to clean-up, since he brought the food. But he was cut off by a little whine from Jee. He glanced over at his niece and saw her holding her arms out, whining at something on the floor.
“Oh my,” Eddie said, bending down to pick up a stuffed animal that the Lees had gotten for Jee when she was born. “Did you drop this, little lady?” He held the toy out to Jee and she took it back with a happy babble. And Buck would only watch as Eddie smiled at Jee, leaning forward to gently tap her nose, something that had Buck feeling all warm and fuzzy from his head to his toes.
He always felt that way when she saw Eddie with kids. Most of the time, it was when he watched Eddie be such a good dad to Christopher. But he got to see it other times too. Like at work, when there were kids on the call or now, as Eddie made faces at Jee that had the baby giggling.
It had Buck wishing he could see this soft and sweet side of Eddie all the time.
“Alright,” Eddie said, standing up. “Dishes.”
“And then can I show Jee my Legos?” Christopher asked, handing his plate up to Eddie.
“If that’s alright with Buck,” Eddie said, glancing over at Buck. Buck just smiled as he stood up, grabbing his plate before Eddie could.
“Sounds like a great idea, Superman,” Buck said. “But first, I have to help your dad with the dishes.” Christopher nodded, going back to talking to Jee. And Buck followed Eddie out of the living room, placing his dish in the sink before leaning back against the kitchen island.
“You didn’t have to help,” Eddie said, setting the dishes down as well. “After all, we crashed your evening of babysitting.”
“Well I wanted to,” Buck said. “Besides, I like having you guys around. Makes my apartment feel lively and happy.”
“That’s um,” Eddie leaned back against the counter by the sink, a soft smile on his face. “That’s how I feel when you’re at my house.” Buck tilted his head and he swore he saw a blush cross Eddie’s cheek. “I….Christopher and I love it when you’re around.”
“Yeah?” Buck asked, taking a step closer. Eddie nodded and Buck could still feel that warm and fuzzy feeling surging through his body. “I um...I love being around you guys too. I…” He swallowed, knowing this could be the moment that changed everything for them. And it was scary to think it could finally tip them into something new.
But hadn’t they always been hurtling towards that anyways?
“I wish I could be around you guys all the time.” He watched Eddie, almost terrified what the brunette’s response would be to that.
But then Eddie was pushing off the counter, stepping towards Buck until he was almost chest-to-chest with Buck. His hands came up to cradle Buck’s face, a soft smile on his face.
“Why can’t you be?” Eddie asked softly. And Buck could only smile before closing the distance between them, his lips sealing over Eddie’s. Because this had always been what they were heading for and they had just needed one last final push to get there.
“Dad, Buck.” They pulled apart, Christopher’s voice a reminder that they weren’t alone in the apartment. Buck glanced at Christopher, they both just watching with an amused expression. “Can you guys stop kissing so I can finally show Jee my Legos?”
“Yeah sorry kid,” Eddie said. Buck let his head fall against Eddie’s shoulder and Eddie couldn’t help but chuckle, his fingers scratching at the hairs on Buck's neck.
“We should talk more later,” Buck said, slowly lifting his head up. There was still a part of him that was worried that this wasn’t happening, that they hadn’t crossed that line. But then Eddie smiled at him, his thumb caressing Buck’s cheek.
“Sure,” Eddie said. “As long as it’s about how soon I can get you over to my place all the time.” Buck smiled brightly at that and Eddie grinned, pressing one last chaste kiss to Buck’s lips, before interlacing his fingers with Buck.
And Buck could only smile as he tugged Eddie back to the living room, glad that Eddie and Christopher had decided to stop by tonight and even more glad that they had finally crossed that line, moving towards something truly wonderful.
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ghostdiaz · 3 months ago
deep in eddie’s s5 pining era i want a conversation between him and chris like
“dad, can i ask you a question?” “of course, buddy.” “are you in love with buck?”
eddies voice is an octave higher, eyes wide, face flush when he says, “what, uh, what made you think that, chris?”
“well, you look at him the same way bobby looks at athena, and hen looks at karen, and maddie looks at chim, and—“
“okay i get the point.”
“so? are you?”
“buck is my best friend, so of course i love him” eddie tries to be neutral, and he’s been trying to hide his feelings, but if an 11 year old can figure it out, then buck has to know “but chris, why are you asking?”
“i just wanted to know, and because he looks at you the same way”
“anyway, what’s for supper? please don’t tell me you’re making one of abuela’s recipes, you know only buck can make them right, you always burn it”
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aworldwithoutme · 8 days ago
Buck has always had self-harming tendencies and suicidal ideation. 
He’s only actively tried to take his life once, in Perú.
He's not sure how it started, but he knows it started with his parents. He doesn’t know when he started self-harming, what was the first time he did something he knew would hurt for one reason or the other. He also doesn’t know when that turned into resignation and apathy towards death.
He doesn’t strive to die, but he’s not exactly trying hard to stay alive either. Especially as a firefighter, where the job description is all but looking at death in the eye and daring it to take him. Sometimes, Buck wonders why the universe almost does it, but ends up just leaving him with load of more trauma instead of putting him out of his misery.
And sometimes, he slips when he talks or reacts to things.
The 118 don’t notice.
Eddie does.
Eddie notices when a joke Buck makes is a little too real. Notices when Buck makes a comment with words between the lines. When Buck talks about the past in vague, sad, or wistful ways. At first, he thinks he’s projecting. Buck is such a happy, positive being in his life. It must be Eddie reading too much into it because he’s thought of death a couple of times—the fact that he’s a veteran alone says enough.
But eventually, Eddie knows he’s not projecting. He doesn’t want to confront Buck about it, so he’s just there for Buck in any way he can. When Buck is down, Eddie keeps him company, when there’s a bad call, Eddie makes sure to take Buck home with him, etc.
One day, for whatever reason, Buck feels like he did in Perú again—but he calls Eddie instead. 
As the months pass, Buck talks to Eddie about his childhood, his tendencies, his struggles, Perú. 
He goes to therapy.
They start dating and eventually Buck tells Eddie he doesn’t want to die anymore—he isn’t apathetic towards his death either.
He wants to live, for himself and for Eddie and for Chris.
No need to claim a prompt. If written on AO3, please gift it to me. On tumblr, tag me. I have the same name on both websites.
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moonstonediaz · 4 months ago
wow so it’s like. he literally said “my child is my heart and soul. i want YOU to look after it. that is what i want.” dbsjajfbdjejrjkssjedjsjs
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lesbiandiaz · 2 months ago
can you tell me any more headcanons you may have about girl dad buck? 🥺
from pretty much the time she is born, he takes her out for walks strapped into the baby sling on his chest and just talks to her. he points out clouds and dogs and plays i-spy with her even though she is definitely asleep
he always makes sure to tell her he loves her every day, something he needed in his own childhood
he buys them matching sneakers when she starts to learn to walk
he carries a picture of her in his wallet
he tells literally everyone about her - the cashier at the grocery store, the lady who’s cat the 118 rescue from a tree, the mail man
he spends endless nights pacing the living room to get her to settle when she’s teething, and he’s exhausted, but he wouldn’t change a second of it because being there for her is everything to him
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