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yeaheddiediaz · 2 days ago
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bobby, buck, + kid
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kitkatpancakestack · 2 days ago
Buck: *spends so much time at the Diaz house it becomes his second home* I just want a safe space, y'know? A place where I can belong
Buck: *takes Chris to the zoo on a frequent basis* it'd just be nice to have a family, something of my own
Buck: *sits with Eddie through his breakdown* isn't love about being there for the other person when they're at their worst?
Buck: *promises to be there for Eddie after all is forgiven after the lawsuit* isn't love about wanting to try again even if both of you are struggling?
Buck: *breaks up with Taylor because she doesn't have his back* I need to be with someone who knows me and will always have my back but who could this be
This man is taking the scenic route but by God he's gonna get there
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burnthatbridge · 2 days ago
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414 || 518
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(in which they were accidentally or not prophetic)
[Image ID: eight large rectangular gifs. They are alternating of Ryan Guzman and Oliver Stark from this season 2 featurette, and shots from multiple episodes of 911. The four gifs from 911 are in black-and-white and have two scenes blended into each other:
GIF 1: Ryan and Oliver talking. The text reads, "I would go outof my way for anybody and everybody that I'd given my heart to. I believe it. Yeah. I've seen it."
GIF 2: Two blended gifs of Buck and Eddie from 4.14, when Eddie tells Buck about him being Christopher's legal guardian.
GIF 3: Ryan and Oliver sitting together, talking. The shot is now zoomed in with a black vignette on the corners, and Ryan is looking at Oliver as they joke around. The text reads, "Remember that time when you...I saved you. You saved me."
GIF 4: Buck dragging Eddie under the firetruck in 4.14, overlaid with Eddie telling Buck that the tsunami was a natural disaster and hence wasn't Buck's fault in 3.03.
GIF 5: Ryan and Oliver talking. The text reads, "I held him in my arms. Gently though."
GIF 6: Buck and Eddie embracing tightly at Buck's welcome back party in 3.01, overlaid with Buck hauling a near-delirious Eddie up to help him into the firetruck in 4.14.
GIF 7: A close-up of Oliver saying, "Really gentle. Looks tough but really gentle, tender touch."
GIF 8: Eddie's thumb pressed to the base of Buck's throat in 3.03 as he reassures him that he doesn't trust anyone with his son more than Buck, overlaid with Buck's hand nearly cupping Eddie's face in 4.14 as he pleads for him to hang on.
/end ID]
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[Bonus ID: two large rectangular gifs:
BONUS GIF 1: Black and white gif of the electrician from 5.16 commenting "you should take this act on the road." in reference to Buck rambling about the firetruck crushing his leg and the myriad of events that came after it.
BONUS GIF 2: The titular shot for The Stark and Guzman Show Ryan and Oliver are both dressed in the LAFD uniform, and they hold up their hands in mock guns as if in a spy movie. Oliver grins widely before flipping to be back-to-back with Ryan, and both of them are laughing.
/end ID]
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9-1-1 ▸ buck's reaction to taylor walking away ↳ 2.08 || 4.08 || 4.12 || 4.14 || 5.09 || 5.13 || 5.18
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buckleys-diaz · a day ago
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How come you never left my side?
↳ requested by @dancing-mylife-away
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dailybuddie · 5 hours ago
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catdadeddie · 2 days ago
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you can start a family who will always show you love
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chiquititadiaz · 10 hours ago
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and some things you just can’t speak about
[image description: two large gifs of evan buckley and eddie diaz from 9-1-1.
gif 1: from season 4 episode 14. standing outside the hospital, taylor (offscreen) asks, “eddie’s the one who got shot?” buck says, “he was standing right in front of me. and then, um...um - i need to talk to christopher.” he swallows hard and starts to walk away when he cuts himself off from talking about the shooting.
gif 2: from season 5 episode 14. at the equestrian center, buck (offscreen), says, “it got me thinking...about the day you got shot.” eddie pulls his gaze from buck and turn his head away.
/end ID]
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buckleydiazsource · 8 hours ago
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#worried parents
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bievanbuckley · 2 days ago
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— Eurydice, Sarah Ruhl
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fiona-fififi · a day ago
Just over here thinking about how absolutely blatant they were in Buck's realization of what love is supposed to be.
Like, not only did they sit this man down and have him describe exactly the way he's spent so much time standing beside Eddie this season alone—and that's not even to mention the way his whole speech plays into so many other moments that belong just to the two of them—as his definition of love.
But they also gave him this realization on the balcony we've seen him on exactly one other time—at a moment when Eddie stood there and helped Buck to realize what love in the middle of that kind of pain means. A realization that allowed Buck to recognize the nuances in intimacy and the way sometimes, even if you love someone deeply, you can't see past the expectations that come with your normal. And he did all this as he literally foreshadowed his own breakdown.
The only other time we've seen him on this balcony was a scene in which, essentially, Eddie stood there and handed Buck the blueprint to his own needs, and Buck held onto every word and stepped right in the moment Eddie needed him.
And then here he is with Maddie, having this realization on that very same balcony, in an episode that blatantly references the Buck and Eddie balcony scene from 5x04—and when I say blatant, I mean blatant. Like, it would have been enough of a callback to "you're the guy who likes to fix things" to just have Buck and Eddie fixing the walls. But nope, they didn't stop there—Buck and Eddie both literally referenced that exact part of the conversation, and when Buck read that as negative, Eddie immediately reassured him with that "hey, comes in handy when you have a bunch of holes in your wall" (which, hello, you helped fix me symbolism). Because again, here, just like in 5x04 and so many times before, Eddie stands there and he provides reassurance—acts as this steady, stable force for Buck that he can be again because Buck listened the last time and stepped in when Eddie needed him in exactly the way Eddie needed.
And then Maddie sits beside him and lays out this vision of romantic (one that is decidedly romanticized, unrealistic, a fantasy that can't provide any kind of real, stable love, not the kind Buck is looking for).
And in that description, Buck finally sees the problems in what he's been trying to create. It's all laid out in the: "I think it's supposed to be romantic. You know, the idea that the guy would work hard every day making her fall in love with him over and over again."
Because doesn't that just sum up all of the problems with the way Buck has tried to find love? Because it shouldn't be about working hard to make your partner fall in love with you over and over again. It shouldn't be about giving everything you have to prove yourself. It shouldn't be about having to work so hard every day to earn your partner's love.
It should be about existing together even at your worst and choosing each other. It should be about being there when your partner needs you. Choosing to stand by their side because you love them, not to prove something to them, and not to earn something from them.
It should be about loving one another enough to stay even when it's hard, not working hard to prove you deserve to stay.
(And as a side note: I find it fascinating the way this is another one of those moments where they're placing major milestones for Buck and Eddie up against Maddie and Chimney—Maddie and Buck on the balcony talking about what love means with a direct callback to "you're the guy who likes to fix things"; Chimney and Buck in the firetruck as they have what is essentially a please stop pretending, you know you're in love talk with a direct callback to "you can have my back any day." I don't have time to dig into this one right now, but it's interesting how the parallels here have shifted to Buck/Eddie up against Maddie/Chimney, when Maddie and Chimney are the couple who fell in love long before they actually realized.)
#like the only way they could have been more obvious is if this man had added 'like me and eddie' at the end#like jesus christ i can't believe they actually did this#also there's something about how Buck's red over white in this scene mimics the tsunami's coral over white#in the way the coral turned red in the water—something about water and rebirth and change and how the tsunami was the moment#when their little family was born and when eddie first placed all of his trust in buck when it came to christopher even after tragedy#but i don't have the energy to upack that right now but there's something in the way the tsunami led them to#'there's nobody in this world i trust with my son more than you' and in the way#'a few choice words can sometimes be the life raft that gets you home. to be seen. to be found. isn't that what we're all searching for?'#lives in buck's definition of love—how that moment was his worst and probably eddie's too in so many ways but they chose each other#that moment is so powerful because eddie actively chose buck in that moment. even when no one would have been surprised if he had been wary#even if it was irrational of leaving chris with buck again. but he chose to make sure buck knew that he was loved and trusted—that eddie#didn't see failure. only love. that he saw how hard buck tried. that he recognized that never gave up#even when his entire body was literally ready to give out. recognized that in those moments buck chose christopher and he chose eddie??#even at their worst they chose one another and they decided to keep trying even when no one would have blamed either of them for giving up#and actually this is the first time i've thought this through but holy shit they really did bring it back to that love and trust#they showed in one another during the tsunami arc—because that's their definition of love here#anyway. i made myself cry so i'm just going to stop now#buddie#random buddie thoughts#evan buckley#eddie diaz#911 spoilers#911 5x18#buddie meta#buddie + love
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littlespoonevan · a day ago
i’m someone you maybe might love
Pairing: Evan “Buck” Buckley/Eddie Diaz
Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 6580
She opens her locker, giving him a sidelong glance. “So does Buck know you’re-“
The rest of her question gets cut off by a quiet, disbelieving, “Eddie?” and she and Eddie turn just in time for Buck to slam straight into Eddie.
Eddie takes a step back with the force of it but his arms come up around Buck immediately, hugging back just as fiercely. She catches sight of his blinding smile before he tucks his face into Buck’s shoulder and Lucy stares, can’t help it when they’re hugging like long-lost lovers being reunited.
Buck pulls back first, hands still firmly on Eddie’s arms as he jostles him. “You asshole!” he exclaims with a laugh that sounds more than a littler watery. “I was literally at your house last night; why didn’t you say anything?!”
“Wanted it to be a surprise,” he says, voice low and soft in a way that finally makes her turn away to pretend to be busy with her locker.
Five times someone realises Buck is in love with Eddie and one time Buck realises he's in love with Eddie.
read here on ao3
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ellelans · 2 days ago
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Jonah wasn’t your fault. Eddie. No,look I spent the last few months trying to put away a lot of things from the past and move on.What I’ve learned is you can’t carry someone else’s weight.It’ll take you under. I am the Captain.My responsibility....is your team.But he was on the 118 for,what,a few weeks?You barely knew him.You think you missed something?All the other cities,other houses,everybody missed something. This happened on my watch. He killed Claudette and who knows how many others. Because he thought he was a God. But he is not.Neither are you.You’re not all-knowing and all-seeing,Bobby.You’re just a good man. I am not.I am not. You saved my life.And my son’s.So whatever responsibility you take for Jonah,you make sure you take some credit for me.You earned it.
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incorrect118 · 2 days ago
Bobby: I’ll be back
Bobby *to Buck*: Don’t kill yourself
Bobby *to Eddie*: don’t kill anyone
Bobby *to Chimney*: and don’t die.
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cinematicnomad · 2 days ago
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9-1-1 ▸ 5.18 starting over
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wespers · a day ago
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incorrectbuddie · 2 days ago
Buck: Eddie, what's that in your search history?
Eddie, looking at his screen: Oh, where to watch X-files revival.
Buck: No, below that
Eddie: ... how to boil water.
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swiftiebuck · 20 hours ago
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You got a new life Am I bothering you, do you wanna talk?
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extasiswings · a day ago
She’s HERE! The Post-S5 FWB fic that grabbed me by the throat the morning after the finale and refused to let go.  Many thanks to those of you who shamelessly enabled this, and a special shout out to @letmetellyouaboutmyfeels for being my eternal voice of reason and putting up with me sending her messages like “I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it” and her going “I don’t think there is anything wrong with it??????” Much love to all <3
Chapters: 1/? Fandom: 9-1-1 (TV) Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Evan "Buck" Buckley/Eddie Diaz (9-1-1 TV) Characters: Evan "Buck" Buckley, Eddie Diaz (9-1-1 TV), Frank (9-1-1 TV) Additional Tags: Canon Compliant, Post-Season/Series 05, Friends With Benefits, Friends to Lovers, Smut, Idiots in Love, There's a Lot of Sex in Here Considering Nobody is Talking about Feelings, POV Alternating Summary:
“Sounds like the problem is you think casual sex with a stranger or finding someone new to date are your only options.”
Eddie’s brow furrows. “Aren’t they?”
“I mean, there’s always…someone you already know. Who you’re already comfortable with.”
“Because my pool of male friends who are single and who would be interested in having sex with me has so many options?”
“Well, I don’t know about many, but you only need one,” Buck points out.
“And who would that be?”
“Me, of course.”
[Or: Frank gives Eddie therapy homework, Eddie misunderstands the assignment, and Buck is just a really supportive friend...right?]
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