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tarlosbuddie · 20 hours ago
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The Buckley Siblings + Ugh No I don’t wanna know about my family’s Sexy Firefighter Fantasy
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drinkcrywrite · 20 hours ago
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i mean it's what happened, right?
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capseycartwright · 23 hours ago
11. mistletoe <3
Eddie should have known that the downfall of this whole fake-dating plan was going to be mistletoe. Its cliché – but cliché for a reason, he supposed. In every silly, cheesy Christmas movie about faking a relationship for the holidays, the two main characters ended up stuck underneath mistletoe, forced to kiss, so they didn’t blow their cover – and Eddie had been naïve enough to believe they could escape it, despite the station looking as though someone had vomited the decorative contents of the North Pole onto every available surface.
Listen – it had been a mutually beneficial thing, to pretend he and Buck were dating. The moms – and a few dads – of the kids who’d come by for the toy drive had been drooling, and while Eddie was usually completely oblivious to the attention, Buck was clearly more uncomfortable with it than usual, fresh off a breakup with Taylor. Taylor, who had come by the station to report on the annual LAFD toy drive.
Really, the universe was a vindictive bitch. The only thing that would make all of this nonsense worse, was if Ana were to walk through the door – and Eddie didn’t dare voice that thought out-loud, for fear that it might actually happen. You know, because the universe was a vindictive, snarky bitch who was out for blood.
“Hey, look!” Chimney declared, with a level of glee Eddie felt deserved a slap. “The lovebirds are stuck under the mistletoe.”
It was a credit to how much they loved Buck – or had disliked Taylor – that Chimney and Hen had gone along with Buck’s feeble excuse of being with Eddie, now, trying to excuse himself from a catch-up coffee with his ex-girlfriend, but they had been too enthusiastic about it, frankly. Hen had launched into a detailed story about their fake-first kiss, and Chimney had told a bare-faced, but quite convincing, lie about how Buck and Eddie had a family photoshoot planned for their first annual Buckley-Diaz Christmas card (“They’ve got matching Christmas sweaters,” Chimney said, committed to the lie in a genuinely impressive way. “It’s very cute.”)
Eddie swallowed, glancing above them. The bastard of a plant in question was dangling over their heads, and not for the first time that day, Eddie cursed the over-eager way that Bobby had approached station decorating that year. There was hardly a corner free of mistletoe, and it had made for an afternoon of ducking, and dodging, and trying not to get caught.
Except –
Except, it was the end of the day, and Eddie was a little giddy, from all the candy canes he’d snuck, and he was a lot giddy off the high of the crackling Christmas spirit that had invaded their station, and he’d forgotten to check for mistletoe before he’d sided up to his best friend, about to suggest they carry on their Christmassy day and bake sugar cookies with Christopher, when they got off shift.
“Sorry,” Eddie said sheepishly. “I forgot.”
Buck shook his head. “Chimney, don’t be stupid,” he gave Eddie a reassuring smile. “We’re not going to kiss for an audience.”
“Why not?” Taylor asked, one perfectly tamed eyebrow raised, and God – okay, yeah, Eddie was doing this. Eddie was a good best friend. Really, he was. He’d helped a drunk Buck into bed more than once, and he listened, carefully, to his best friends worries, and insecurities, and he liked spending time with him – and he was not about to let Buck get caught out in a silly lie he had told to save himself from the world’s most awkward latte run.
Rocking on his heels, Eddie leaned in, noting the look of surprise on Buck’s fake before he squeezed his eyes shut. It would be better, not to see, Eddie decided, and he leaned in a little further, and he kissed his best friend – in front of their colleagues, the rest of the 118 and their families, and a not insignificant number of strangers from the greater Los Angeles area.
It wasn’t exactly how he’d imagined their first kiss going – and Eddie, he’d imagined a lot of potential scenarios – but it was still a good kiss, Buck’s mouth warm, and pliable against his own. Buck wasn’t running away, or pulling back, which was a good thing, Eddie supposed. He let the kiss linger a little longer than strictly necessary – but if this was going to be the only time he ever got to kiss Evan Buckley, he was going to damn well enjoy it.
Buck was smiling, as Eddie pulled back, his eyes crinkling at the edges as the happy expression took over his face. “You taste like candy canes,” he mumbled, his cheeks flushed pink as he spoke, both of them unwilling to move away from each other – not yet, at least.
You taste like the rest of my life, was what Eddie wanted to say – but he restrained himself, for now, returning Buck’s bright grin. “You taste like hot chocolate.”
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perfectlynervousbeard · 13 hours ago
BUCK & EDDIE ACTUAL SIZES: A Thorough Essay, Part 2
We’re back folks!! Let’s continue, SHALL WE? XD
(Part 1 here for anyone who missed it :))
Note: As always I take no responsibility for the things you will see here that you can never unsee. You're welcome }:)
Head Size
Observe, my lovelies:
Tumblr media
Much like in the difference of torso size, Ryan has a longer head than Oliver as well. Here's how it looks from the side:
Tumblr media
This is another reason why Eddie looks shorter than he actually is, because even though he's a similar height, his shoulders start lower down because his head is longer. Here's that first photo again, with a few helpful guide lines:
Tumblr media
(Did I use the Bi Flag colors for the guide lines? Bitch maybe, FOCUS) The pink line is where the head starts, the purple line is where the head ends, and the blue line is where the shoulders start approximately.
You see that? Their heads start 2 inches apart (distance between the pink lines), but because of the difference in where their chins end (purple distance), Ryan's shoulders are a bit more of a hike down (blue distance) which makes him look shorter than he is. Also Oliver's shoulders are more sloped while Ryan's are more square, further fscking this up. PROPORTIONS, I KNOW!! XD XD
Moving right along...
Hand Size
Hands hands hands. This was by far the hardest to research, because it's hard to capture a moment on camera where they are both the same distance from the camera and there aren't any weird angles making one look bigger or smaller. FOR REAL you have no idea how rare it is for these two to be in the same shot, same distance, with both of them clearly showing AT LEAST ONE HAND not hidden in pockets of crossed arms or angled shots and FOR GOD'S SAKE NOT IN GLOVES AHHHHHH
Now, my initial assumption is that Eddie actually has bigger hands.
I know, it goes against standard discourse, but I think he does because he has a bigger head. (Yes, that's why I talked about head sizes first.)
For those who don't follow, the size of your hands GENERALLY correlates strongly with the size of your face/head. Try it, this is actually pretty fun: Place your hand centered over your face and your fingertips ought to reach the edges. Cool, right? :)
But what I assume is inconsequential, what does the cold evidence say?
Tumblr media
Okay, it's warm evidence. So warm. Yummy hugs warm. Based off of this photo, I think Ryan's fingers and palms are longer. But it's hard to tell with the hand angle differences...
Love this moment of these two btw, look how utterly wrapped up they are in each other here, if you didn't ship it you do now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Okay found another one:
(the rest under the cut to save your dash ^3^)
Tumblr media
Again, Ryan's hands do look a bit bigger here? Oliver's hands are clasped more tightly though, which could be making them look smaller, but that wouldn't change palm size. It's still not definitive, so onward I search...
Tumblr media
Oliver in that shirt is YUMMY
I think we could say with some certainty at this point that Ryan's palms are bigger. But I want a closer-up photo for definitive proof, so onward the search goes *sigh* *coffee* *lol I don't actually drink coffee* *shoves Oreos in my face* *back to Google*
Tumblr media
AHA!! Finally! A good reference!
I'm gonna call it with this photo. Ryan's hands, and by association, Eddie's hands are bigger. Longer, wider palm, and as seen before, slightly longer fingers as well. Oliver, and by association Buck, has slightly thicker fingers though.
I ran these photos by a few other eyeballs for verification as well, some who are buddie fans and others who are wondering why the hell I'm spending so much time on this when I have assignments piling up into an alarming hazard of procrastination. So there you go. MOVING RIGHT ALONG TO--
Let's face it, this is what we're all here for today, and it's a hotly contested issue, which makes perfect sense since these two darling fitness junkies keep changing their musculature between just about every goddamn hiatus AHHHHHH !!!!!
I can't address it all in Essay Part 2 since I need copious visual references and again that 10 photo limit be crawling up my ass, but we can begin here. Let's start with
Season 2 Musculature:
Tumblr media
The temptation to start with the What A Man gif was STRONG but I resisted, because as much of a good visual reference it is for Eddie, it doesn't have him next to Buck, so I can't use it to make a comparison. *sigh*
So this is only their top halves, but I think it could be agreed upon by the fandom at large that Buck is more muscular than Eddie at this point. Particularly in the shoulders.
Tumblr media
Yeah, I'd say it's safe to say that Buck wins on musculature in season 2, with Eddie having more ropy, rangy muscles while Buck's are bigger and thicker. It's important to denote function though--while Eddie has slighter musculature, he's still already the better fighter, which is evidenced in the scene in the gym where he reads the punching bag for filth.
Tumblr media
Looking farther down, Buck's waist is also thicker and his butt is just lovely hello there pretty muscular as well. Eddie again has a more rangy waist and his bubble butt is already present, and continues to be present throughout all the seasons. The sky is blue and Eddie's butt is fscking round like a biteable planet, some things will never change, I don't make the rules here AND YES I AM LOOKING RESPECTFULLY
The legs follow a similar trend, with Eddie's being very in shape but not yet as jacked as Buck's. I would include a photo reference but photo limit, pHOtO liMIt!!!
We will move on to later season's musculature, divided into seasons A & B because like I mentioned before, dese handsome mofos change it up A LOT making my life difficult and this dissertation LONG (as long as Eddie's torso).
P.S. I feel kinda ahgajhgfjashgd objectifying these two guy's bodies at this granular level, but someone's gotta do it, so here ya go. You're welcome? Like before, if you want to follow this thrilling saga, message me or reply here and I'll add you to the tags, which currently look like dis:
@a-beautiful-struggle-of-life @luv-eddiediaz @elenaazra @yramesoruniverse @isetie @sherlocking-out-loud @adventuresofprettyboyandthekid @ci5mates @wellthisisjustridiculous @blutterlie @incredibly-uniquely-me @theavengers-chef @biaoba @christmaselfbuck @milenadaniels @lokisilvertongueshipsvictuuri @evaneds @miraclebuck @ziamsconnexion @justsmilestuffhappens @lemotmo @heydumbass-dumbasser @icantfandom @udontfuckangie @sirigirl96 @bievanbuckleys @bibuckleydiaz @treacherousdiaz @trashendence
Thanks all y'all for coming on this journey with me! And if you can figure out why not all the tags up there are tagging properly (like they aren't hyperlinking for whatever reason) I'd love to know how to fix that!
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capseycartwright · 22 hours ago
9. ice skating for buddie 💖
“I’m going to die.”
Eddie tried his best to swallow a grin, looking dutifully sympathetic as he looked at Buck. “Buck, baby,” he tried to reassure. “You’re not going to die.”
Buck glared at him from where he was clinging to the side of the ice-rink. “I’m going to die, Eddie,” he said, as though it were a definitive fact. “I’m going to die while ice-skating, and that is going to be a deeply embarrassing eulogy for you to have to write.”
Eddie was trying not to laugh – really, he was. “I’d write you a really nice eulogy, babe.”
“Sure – we’re gathered here today to say goodbye to Buck, my incredible husband who agreed, for some godforsaken reason, to go on an ice-skating date in Los Angeles, of all places, because it’s not as though we all live in California to escape the plague that is snow and ice in the winter,” Buck huffed, clinging a little tighter to the side of the rink as he wobbled precariously on his skates. “And because I’m an idiot who thought it would be cute, and romantic, my dear husband is dead.”
“I’d probably be a little more polite, but sure,” Eddie teased. “You’re a drama queen. You know that?” he skated closer, confident as he scooted across the ice. It’s not as though he’d grown up ice-skating – he was from Texas, for crying out loud – but he had good balance, and it was easy from there.
Buck glared at him again. “Being rude to me isn’t going to help.”
“Neither is clinging to the wall,” Eddie pointed out, twisting on his skates, grinning to himself. “Will I see if they’ll give you one of those penguin supports they give little kids?” he joked, watching as a kid who couldn’t be much older than eight shuffled around the ice with the support of plastic penguin wearing a bowtie.
“Ha,” Buck huffed. “Do you – do you think they’d give me one?”
“I think you’re too tall,” Eddie pointed out. He’s not sure the rink they’d come to kept extra large plastic penguins on hand for ridiculous grown men who were too afraid to let go of the wall and actually ice-skate. Eddie knew Buck didn’t always have the best balance. Husband was a ridiculously athletic man in many, many ways – the schedule Buck was training to for a half Ironman was proof of that – but balance, that was a different issue.
“Come on, Bambi on ice,” Eddie grinned, gesturing at Buck’s gloriously long legs as explanation for his joke. “Give me your hands.”
Buck shook his head. “I’ll just pull us both down – and then Christopher will have to write us a joint eulogy, and he’s too young.”
Eddie couldn’t swallow his laugh, this time, shaking his head at his ridiculous husband. “Not to sound like a dad,” he began, knowing the preface was fair warning that whatever he was going to say next was going to be particularly dad-like. “But these tickets were fifteen dollars each, and for that to be worth it, you’ve got to do at least one lap.”
Buck twisted, looking around the not exactly small expanse of the ice-rink. “What about half a lap?”
“A whole one, Buck,” Eddie said, firm. “You’ve got to make it back to the start if you want off the ice – and it’s a one-way system.”
Buck sighed, loosening his death grip on the side of the rink. “This is the worst date idea you’ve ever had.”
Eddie took both of Buck’s hands in his own, slowly moving them backwards as Buck let himself get pulled along, leaning too far forward already. Eddie wasn’t convinced they’d make it the entire way around the rink, judging by the wobbly stance and terrified expression on Buck’s face, but he was going to try his best.
“Our worst date ever is the time you accidentally took us to a swingers party,” Eddie pointed out, glancing over his shoulder to make sure he wasn’t about to accidentally run a child over. “This doesn’t even come close.”
Buck flushed bright right at the memory, shaking his head. “Humans weren’t meant to be on ice, is all!”
“Some of the earliest ice-skating happened in Finland 4,000 years ago,” Eddie grinned, spouting off the first of a string of facts he’d learned for the occasion. Years of being married to Buck had taught him that sometimes, the best thing to do was distract him with random facts – he always loved that.
Buck’s nose wrinkled. “Really?” he inquired, relaxing, a little, enough so that Eddie could tug them along a little quicker.
“Mm,” Eddie confirmed. “And the first organised ice-skating club was the Edinburgh ice-skating club,” he continued. “In the 1740s – though some people claim it started in the 1640s.”
“That’s a really long time ago,” Buck said, curiosity clearly piqued.
“Right?” Eddie grinned. “Humans have been ice-skating for a long time, Buck. It’s not that dangerous – you just have the body type of a drunken giraffe.”
“Okay, rude.”
Eddie grinned, nudging them past the entrance of the ice-skating rink and on to their second lap of the rink, Christmas music blasting over the speakers. Christopher was seventeen now, and in a phase where he’d decided he was too cool for Christmas, and all the cheesy traditions they had – and Eddie had been trying harder than ever, this year, Buck the natural stand-in for all the things Christopher refused to do because he was a grown up now, dad. Sue Eddie for wanting to hold onto the magic of Christmas – it was always going to be his favourite time of year.
“Eddie – Eddie, you passed the exit,” Buck looked at Eddie with wide-eyes. “Eddie – Eddie, baby, you’re going too fast, we missed the exit. Eddie – Eddie, come on, man!”
“One more go,” Eddie reassured. “One more, and we can go and get dinner.”
(It was eight more – and Buck complained for days about how the entire experience had him on the verge of death. Totally worth it.)
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starlightbuckleys · 16 hours ago
no but consider this: it’s christmas eve at the diaz house. buck is helping eddie put presents out under the tree and create little hoofprints in flour for chris, and it’s like 10pm and they’re finally done and buck’s about to leave to go home but eddie asks to exchange presents and he says it so quietly and so very not eddie that buck agrees, thinking he must feel lonely. so buck gives eddie his present first and its a beautiful new wallet with a picture of him, chris and eddie inside (and buck’s heart thundered in his chest trying to work out if he was overstepping) and eddie just smiles so tenderly at buck, leaning forward and pressing a gentle kiss to buck’s cheek, leaving him shell shocked. then eddie hands buck his present, and he unties the bow on this box and opens it and his world screeches to a halt. it’s a key to eddie’s house. doesn’t seem like a big deal to an outsider, buck’s been coming and going from eddie’s for forever, but this is his. has buckley engraved on it and everything. and buck looks up at eddie through teary eyes and asks why? and eddie just smiles, leaning forward into buck’s space and says softly, “this is your home too, evan.” before kissing him soft and slow. best christmas ever.
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thatbuddie · 17 hours ago
Buck bursts out crying when he sees Christopher teach his little sister -the four year old girl that Buck and Eddie just adopted- how to make pinky promises and saying “I learnt this from Dad and Aunt Maddie. It means we love each other and we can never be separated. It means it’s us against the world.” And the little girl looks at Chris with stars in her eyes like Chris is her hero and Buck feels so lucky to be their dad. And he vows to always let his kids know that although it can be them against the world, they are Buck’s world and they’ll never be alone, because Buck will fight for them endlessly.
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tarlosbuddie · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Buck smiling at Eddie in Past is Prologue 
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buddiemydads · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Not interested in a love I have to earn or perform for. I want to be loved as a choice, on purpose, not as a reward.
- softblackboy
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gaystreetsmarts · 12 hours ago
first buck and his fucking 3.0 4.0 whatever shit and now eddie with his "stage 4" can yall stop with your fucking software updates and just make out already
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aa-lionheart · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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loveyourownsmiilee · 21 hours ago
Christmas, buddie content, brenna directing - it’s gonna be a good episode
We’re really talking about the woman who gave us allll of this…
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yeah I’m having faith in her 🥰
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liesoverthec · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Screen time by character for 9-1-1 on FOX for season 5, episode 9.
season 1 - season 2 - season 3 - season 4 - season 5 - series - all screen time
[Alt  id: Bar graph showing screen time by character for 911 s5 ep 9.  There  is a photo of each character at the bottom of their bar. Buck and Hen lead the episode with 6:15, then Athena (6:00), Bobby (5:00), Eddie (1:45), Chim (0:00), and Maddie (0:00).]
Do not repost my graphics.
This post falls under the “Dispatch Screen Time Complaint Ban”.  (This extends to Claudette for as long as the ban exists.)
Commentary under the cut!
I just - completely and absolutely adore Bobby and Athena and their relationship, and this ep was prime example of why. What’d you all think?? 😊
Shoutout to Tumblr for changing completely the way links work 🙃 The ones on this post SHOULD be okay, but if you go back to an old post those will be broken. I’m gonna work through all the posts and edit the links to working ones, but it might take a while, so please be patient with me and know I’m crying about it with you lol! I like links so much but they hurt me so much at the same time. Please let me know though if something on THIS post doesn’t work, cuz who knows what’s happening anymore, but I will want to fix it for you!
This was almost, almost actually Taylor Kelly’s episode. If she’d gotten 15s more, it would have been hers, even over all of the mains. So take from THAT what you will.
Even if I hadn’t gotten an ask calling me a weirdo for caring so much about Buck’s time when he’s had barely any storylines, I would have commented on Buck’s time this week, but bc I did, this is officially part of The Standoff! I know y’all know I’m going to say that I’m disappointed that this is a Buck (and Hen but he did have more before her before rounding made them even) led episode. I was really hoping we could get a little further out from Peer Pressure before he took an episode lead again. HOWEVER! Because there were 4 of them who were within about a minute of each other, it didn’t actually catapult Buck into the lead more than he already was, so there’s that. Could have been better, could have been worse.
Tangentially related - it’s interesting but I think the 5A order is pretty much set in stone for 4 of the 7 mains at this point. No matter how much time they get or don’t get next week, they won’t get passed or pass anyone in the order. The other 3 however, are very, very close, so if you’re curious, keep an eye on Hen/Bobby/Buck next week. How much time they get, esp compared to each other, is going to be the deciding factor for the 5A order!
This is still, even with a running count of 8 ‘credit only’ episodes between 3 characters (not as much as this season has made it feel, huh?) the most balanced season we’ve ever had. As I mentioned in my last graphic, while we all are chafing at the focus on not-main characters, it IS keeping the main ensemble much more in check than it would be otherwise. So I personally am not going to worry/be too upset by it until 5B (when JLH and KC BETTER be back), bc then we’ll have the entire ensemble and they shouldn’t be trying to keep the rest of the cast from getting away from our missing members while they’re gone like they seem to be now.
As always, pls feel free to come to me with any questions you have regarding screen time! Only one more ep til hiatus 😥 so I’ll try to make y’all feel better about the break lol by posting our updated statistics! So you can keep an eye out for those not next week but probably week after.
Lots of love!
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