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#evan buckley x reader
The Great Naked Bake Off
Pairing: Evan Buckley x Reader
Summary: You and Buck spend Thanksgiving alone in your apartment
Notes: Happy Thanksgiving friends! It happens to fall on a thursday which means a great request from @ssahotchswifemain
Tumblr media
“What did I do to deserve such a wonderful sight.” You sigh, leaning on the counter and watch Buck move around the kitchen.
It’s thanksgiving and the two of you decided to spend it by yourself which lead to a day of sex instead of Turkey. You had just finished a round when Buck decided to whip something to get your strength back up.
He’s cooking with only an apron wrapped around him, his ass on full display for you. You walk over and grab handfuls of his ass and he jumps.
“Be careful, you’re gonna make me burn the food….or myself.” Buck scolds.
“Sorry, can’t help myself when I’ve got this beautiful ass in front of me.” You smack it lightly and watch it jiggle, “God that’s a good butt. I’m thankful for this butt this thanksgiving.”
Buck let’s out a deep laugh and turns back to cooking quickly plating it so he can get back to you.
“Time to eat.” He pushes it in front of you and you shake your head.
“There’s something else id like to eat.” You murmur, walking towards him. Your eyes glance down to see his dick twitching under the apron, “And I think you’d rather have that too.”
He looks at you with wide eyes and he swallows as you get to your knees. You slowly push the apron up so you can see his dick, you immediately lick your lips as you watch it swell for you.
“Your dick is so pretty, it looks like it was made for my mouth.” You take him in your mouth before popping off, “Feels like it too.”
“Y/n……please.” Buck grips the counter behind him with one hand while the other bunches the apron at his waist so he can see you.
You run your hands up and down his toned thighs as you suckle on the head of his cock, slowly taking more of him in your mouth as you go.
“Holy fuck.” Buck breathes out, his head tilting back.
Your speed increases as you get more comfortable, nails digging into his thighs to keep you grounded. Buck loved when you left marks on him, little reminders of your time together.
You hum around his dick and he lets out a guttural moan, “That’s so fucking good, babe, so fucking…..good.”
You gag slightly as you take him further and faster but you quickly get it under control. Before you know it you can feel him cumming down your throat. You keep gently sucking until you’re sure he’s done and pull off him.
“My favorite meal.” You giggle, leaning back on your heels.
“Just shut up and kiss me.” Buck murmurs, pulling you up and kissing you. He can taste himself on your tongue and drive him wild. He sets you on the counter and slots himself between your legs as he grabs your head.
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twistnet · a month ago
when in blue [ evan buckley ]
KINKTOBER PROMPT ─  day 05 [ uniforms ]
WARNINGS ─ gn!reader, smut [ fingering, unprotected sex, mild choking ] + mature language
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it wasn’t common for buck to leave things behind, especially when he slept through his alarm in prep for a 24-hour shift. yet, here he was, texting you barely two hours into his shift, asking you kindly to bring his phone charger and power box. 
the minute you walked into the station, he bonded up to you with his arms out stretched and a beaming smile. gathering you in his arms, and thanking you profusely as he guided you towards the locker room to put his stuff up.
he had started to ramble away, uttering his complaints about how long this shift was building up to be. but, you didn’t hear a single word. as you were slowly taking in the sight of your boyfriend wrapped up tightly in his navy uniform.
buck’s uniform was something you didn’t get to see him in often, as the only time he ever brought it home was to clean it. other times, he was always dressed up for an event. more recently, eddie’s firefighter ceremony. but, it hadn’t triggered any reaction like this.
he called your name, his smile falling to a frown as he took in your zoned-out expression. the gears turning in his head, trying to figure out what was going on with you. then, he caught your lust blown eyes, “you good, babe?” 
“you look... so good, buck.” you managed to mumble out as you openly gawked at him, sending a teasing smile to his lips as he stepped forward just enough to be in reach, “you think so, babe?” his hands reaching out to grasp at your hips, pulling you against him as you let out a sharp gasp. lips met yours in heated passion as hands roamed along your back.
teeth pulled at your bottom lip, pulling a wanton moan from your throat. your pulled gently at the short strands of hair sitting at the base of buck’s skull, causing his hips to roll against the flesh of your thigh, his cock already straining against the fabric of his uniform pants.
buck pulled away from your lips, sparing a quick glance around the firehouse before lacing his fingers with yours and dragging you in the direction of the showers. making a quick search inside to make sure the room was also empty, before pulling you into one of the stalls, latching the lock behind you.
his hands cupped your cheeks, lips capturing yours once more. thumbs rubbing gentle circles as he slipped his tongue between your lips, moaning at your taste.
his hands quickly undid your jeans, pulling away from your lips and enjoying the sight of you chasing after his lips with a pout. buck lifted his fingers with a chuckle, brushing the pads against the seam fo your lips. taking the hint you gently opened your mouth. taking in the way buck’s blues seemed to darken ever so slightly as you wrapped your lips around his fingers. tongue swirling around them as you gave a teasing suck, practically watching bucks eyes roll back.
buck pulls his fingers from your lips with a pop, smiling as trailed them down to your opening. wet fingers teased your entrance, nails biting into the fabric of his uniform shirt as his pressed a finger in, and then another. opening you up gently as you mewled against his shoulder.
just as you were able to tumble over the edge, buck pulled his fingers from your hole. shooting you a teasing smirk at your whine, as unbuckled his belt and pushed his uniform slacks down just enough to free his weeping cock from it confines. he gently turned you, guiding himself into your heat in one fluid stroke. his arms coming around you to pull you against his chest.
he gave a few experimental thrusts, getting use to the new angle before he found a quick pace, slamming into you with a calculated thrust as you crumbled in his hold. you moaned, head slipping back to rest against his shoulder as you took everything he was giving you. his hand slipped up, resting comfortably at the base of your throat. covering you with a large hand without taking away your air supply.
combined with his sharp thrusts and the delicious dig of his uniform insignias and badge, it was only a matter of seconds before you came. clamping down on him, triggering his own release. he slumped against your shoulder, rugged breaths heating your neck as he came down from his high. 
a hand gripped your chin, turning you toward him to capture your lips again. buck smiled, gently pulling out of you and passing you some paper towels to clean up with. having just gotten back in somewhat of an order when the bell went off.
buck jumped, quickly pressing a kiss to your lips before running out of the showers towards the truck. you stayed back little longer, waiting until you heard the trucks pull out before leaving yourself and heading back towards your car. your phone dinging just as you settled yourself behind the wheel, buck’s name flashing across the screen.
“so, it was totally the uniform right?”
“cause... if that’s the response i get, i’m defiantly bringing it home more often”
“i wouldn’t say no if you did.”
you smiled, taking a turn to had home for the day. eagerly anticipating when buck would get off his shift.
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imaginesokay · 3 months ago
Evan Buckley - Station Dinner
Evan Buckley x Reader
Tumblr media
“Listen.” Buck started as he walked into the station for the night. “I know that it is my night to cook dinner, but I have somebody else bringing the dinner in.” He informed his team before going into the locker room.
“That sounds like your skipping on cooking duty.” Hen responded.
“I’m skipping it as much as when Chimney had Maddie cook her lasagna for him.” He retorted, putting his bag on the hook.
“Hey! Me and Maddie have a kid, therefore we are one person.” The rustles of the bags being placed, as well as the sound of people leaving the station filled the air. It remained semi quiet until the team made their way up to the kitchen.
“What’s for dinner?” Bobby asked, seated at the head of the table.
“Buck cheaped out.” Eddie chimed in.
“I did not.”
“He said someone else is bringing his food.”
“Buck that’s not the rule of making meals.”
“I’m still technically bringing-” He was interrupted by his phone ringing. “Look at that, the food.” He answered the phone and replied I’ll be right there, before heading down the steps. They made jokes about Buck coming back with pizza, being shocked when he came back with a female and multiple aluminum pans in their arms.
“And it’s not pizza.” Bobby stood to grab the pans from the girl's arm.
“I told you I was bringing a quality dinner.” He places the tins on the counter before starting to open them. “This is-”
“Hi!” She began to introduce herself. “I’m Ev’s friend.” Chim wiggled his eyebrows at Hen for the unusual nickname. “I brought spaghetti, garlic bread, a salad, some chicken and some meatballs on the side. There is cake and pie for dessert”
“She brought enough for an army.” Bobby said before opening the floor for the team to eat. Everybody made small talk about the plethora of food.
“This is the most amazing garlic bread.” Eddie almost moaned at the taste.
“I did pretty good right?” Buck said putting his arm around the back of the female’s chair. She pushed his side in fake annoyance before leaning into him.
“How did he convince you to cook?”
“I like to cook.” This statement caused Buck to snicker. “Okay well I like to cook for other people. Baking is really my thing tho.”
“Her cheese cake- to die for.” He mentioned before shoveling noodles into his mouth.
“Wow, a cute girl who can cook. That’s amazing,” They made small talk, eating dinner and dessert until the bells rang. The team immediately got up, Buck lagging behind.
“Go fireman… I’ll clean and then leave.”
“You don’t have to clean. Are we still on for our breakfast date?” He started walking backwards to the stairs.
“See you then.” He turned to run before going back and kissing the girl on the cheek before running back to the bus.
“Is kissing someone’s cheek a new way to say goodbye?” Eddie questioned as soon as his friend stepped onto the truck.
“That's a special type of friend.” Chim said from his seat.
“Okay. Yes, maybe she is a special friend.” He said blushing.
“You're so lucky her pasta was good enough to get you out of redoing your cook night.” Bobby said as they pulled out of the station.
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creativeashproductions · a month ago
Chrysanthemums // Evan Buckley
IN WHICH: Reader finds herself fleeing her home, friends and family in Austin, Texas for safety in Los Angeles. Yearning for false safety the nightmare follows her move across the country but with the help of new faces can she survive a devastating situation?
Warnings: Swearing, violence, stalking, blood, injuries, car accident, lots of angst and some fluff (it’s there I promise)
Words: 7.3k 
A/N: I’m back from dead thanks to @merceret​ and the new season of 911. This is a darker tone than I normally so please read the warnings before deciding to continue.
Tumblr media
It could be seen as ironic how the one place you felt the safest had become tarnished so swiftly and suddenly. Years of experience barely held your sanity together as you stared down the barrel of a gun so much like yours. You could count on one hand how many times you’d been on this end of a gun, and you hated it just as much.
“Please put the gun down.” You schooled your expression from showing the fear that would further feed the person’s power. Your hands continued to be raised at your side, keeping your eyes on the armed assailant.
You’d fallen asleep on the couch after waking up sick. At first, you thought the noise that had roused you was part of your dream. It hadn’t been. It was the person behind the flowers and the odd feeling of being watched.
You should have taken Judd’s offer, but you didn’t want to put Grace in danger. You also didn’t want to take time off work to travel back to Austin. Not after you thought this chapter of your life was closed. You’d even considered being able to stop attending the support group for victims of stalking and violence.
“Why wouldn’t you let it go? Let him go.” The voice that carried the grief-stricken words was unsteady as the shaking hand, “Why didn’t he get to survive?”
Some Time Prior
There was a pep in your step that contradicted the typical attitude you had when you walked through the doors of your job. Your eyes immediately met your former patrol partner holding two distinct cups by your desk. 
“Detective Ryder.” Carlos put an emphasis on the newly minted title you carried for the third week. 
You’d been paired with Carlos from the moment he joined the APD fresh out of the police academy. It had been an instant partnership that evolved into the best friendship you’d ever had. By the time he shed the rookie status, you’d become a very successful duo.
He became the fifth brother but instead of being overprotective like Judd and the other three. Instead of standing in front shielding you, Carlos stood tall by your side as your backup if you needed help. Of course, he sometimes overstepped, but that was innate in him to protect the people he cared for.
Unfortunately, a month prior, you’d been offered a promotion from patrol to a detective, which you’d kept under wraps. Then, during a family dinner with the Reyes’ Gabriel had let it slip.
“I stopped in at the station to interrogate a suspect in a now-closed case. Happened to pass along the good news.” Ranger Gabriel spoke, meeting your eyes, “Congratulations and a toast are in order.”
Your eyes widened as the seasoned law enforcement revealed the news you’d been conflicted over.
“Congratulations?” Carlos repeated, confused, “We haven’t done anything outstanding. Patrol’s been quiet other than keeping Michelle from being arrested again.”
“Y/N’s been promoted to detective Carlitos,” Gabriel announced before he carefully regarded the tense posture of his son and the best friend turned daughter.
Mr and Mrs Reyes had adored you like the daughter they never had from the moment Carlos had introduced you. 
“What?” Carlos inquired, turning his confused brown irises to meet your guilty ones. Instead of being upset, Carlos jumped up to pull you from your chair into his arms, “Congratulations!”
Your brows furrowed, “You’re not mad?”
“Mad? You finally got the promotion you deserve since that accidental trespasser case!” Carlos leaned back to beam more, “Good thing I’m confident we’re more like siblings than co-workers.”
“But I’m not sure if I want to take the job.”
“No way. You’re taking it! You didn’t work that hard to turn this down.”
You’d feared the dynamic with Carlos would change as soon you outranked him, but it didn’t. Even if he still wore the patrol uniform like you wore civilian clothing, it still felt the same. You still did wake up nervous about what to wear as a female detective, but you stayed with the basics.
You wore dark jeans paired with a casual light grey long sleeve shirt with the sleeves pushed to your outfit. You may have taken advice from your family friend JJ working up in DC with the BAU. JJ found it amusing how you were acting like a teenage girl choosing her outfit for the first day of school.
“You on break or something?” You questioned Carlos with one hand cupped around the coffee cup. The seasoned officer shrugged as he followed you towards your desk.
Carlos’ mouth opened to respond but snapped shut, “Are you seeing someone and didn’t tell me?”
Your eyes darted from him to the gift sitting on the mostly bare desk. You had a suspicion the vase holding the flowers belonged to the receptionist Sophie. Her wife and daughter would send flowers often enough she kept two vases on standby.
“Not serious enough to have flowers.” You mumbled, snatching the card tucked into the bouquet, “No name. Just says it’s for me. Maybe one of my brothers sent it to congratulate me.”
“They are beautiful,” Carlos commented with a certain glint in his eye that he refused to show you. He had a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach that something was off.
If you were seeing anyone, how did they know where to send the flowers? As law enforcement, you kept mum about things for safety, and both of you were private people for entirely different reasons.
Ultimately you brushed it off. Something that you’d come to regret later.
Once a month, you’d walk to your desk to find flowers waiting for you in a vase courtesy of Sophie. The helpful receptionist was more than happy to supply her extra vase. You’d appreciate it if the flowers would stop because it was hard enough being a detective, let alone a female detective, with the prying eyes of your co-workers. Still, unfortunately, Sophie had told you that the flowers were delivered via courier.
“You don’t find it off that you’ve been getting monthly flowers for the last four months without any hint as to who or why?” TK questioned. The firefighter turned paramedic had become a staple in your friend group.
Hailing originally from New York City, the paramedic had stolen Carlos’ heart, unlike any previous guy he was seeing. You knew from the minute Carlos brought TK to your weekly Sunday dinner that it was the One. There was a little sadness knowing that you weren’t the most important person in Carlos life now, but you gladly stepped aside for someone like TK. The two deserved every bit of happiness they could find. Even if you didn’t work together, you and Carlos joked that you were work spouses. TK loved joining in on the joke, too, since he saw the wordless ease you two had with each other.
“Not really. It’s just flowers.” You shrugged, “All I know is that none of the Ryder women sent them. Said they kept quiet about the promotion to surprise me with a party.”
“Okay, so your family didn’t send them. Carlos didn’t, and of course, I didn’t know you at that time. You should keep an eye out, at least. I heard some thi-”
“Don’t go putting ideas with her head, babe.” Carlos informed his partner with a teasing grin, “She has enough trouble remembering her keys. Been forgetting to tell me she’s not single.”
“He still thinks I’m seeing someone.” You stage whispered to TK to bug your best friend, “Can’t stand being so disgustingly in love he thinks I’ll become a spinster.”
Carlos pointed the spatula in your direction, “No way. I didn’t say a spinster. I just said a cat lady.”
The officer ducked when your hand threw a chocolate chip in his direction with a snort of indignation.
“I offer to make cookies as a housewarming gift, and this is the thanks I get”, You huffed, but it was all in good fun, “I think the flowers are harmless, but I’ll be vigilant.”
“We can’t lose you.” The couple softly informed you, equally concerned. Two sets of eyes, one pair green and the other brown, watched you take in the twin statement. 
Once again, despite loved ones voicing their concern, you brushed the odd monthly gifts to the back of your mind. But, you’d come to get that feeling Carlos felt every time he saw the flowers on your desk or when you mentioned to TK you needed to wash the vase.
“Sorry I got held up on a call,” Carlos spoke as he jogged over in his civilian clothing. Right behind him was the brunette receptionist.
Sophie gently set the blue speckled vase on the corner of your desk adjacent to the picture of your parents on your high school graduation. The brunette’s full lips flattened with a hum flowing from her mouth.
“These arrived later than usual,” Carlos commented, gently caressing the petal of a rose. It was the first time you’d received black roses.
“No, I was caught up with some filing, but they arrived at the same time.” Sophie inserted but instead of returning to her desk, she lingered. It wasn’t typical of the soft-edged woman, but she couldn’t hold her tongue any longer, “I just think it strange.”
“What’s strange?”
“Well, my wife owns the flower shop that her family had owned for generations. Lily can be impeccable with organizing her supplies, but she’s terrible with the paperwork. So every Sunday, when Lily’s teaching our daughter about flowers, I do the paperwork. I’ve caught pieces here and there since I first went to the shop.” Sophie’s eyes softened merely at the mention of her little family she adored so much. You’d met them in passing at a BBQ a few years ago.
“And what does that have to do-”
“Well, the first month, it was hyacinths. Then it was orchids for the next two months. The last batch was chrysanthemum, and now it’s roses. Black roses, to be specific.” Sophie gnawed on her lip as she saw that her words were registering but not the concern she deeply had, “Flowers have meanings.”
“Roses mean romance.”
“Not always. All of the flowers Y/N’s had gotten aren’t associated with love.”
“Spit it out.” You snapped, unable to take the tension slowly building in yourself.
“All of them can be associated with grief, mourning or death.” Sophie softly spoke as if to soften the blow, “I’ve been personally delivering them because I’m worried. I thought maybe you lost someone, but you’ve put in no request for leave.”
Your eyes met Carlos’ in pure horror. You couldn’t believe how stupid you were to not consider the danger with these gifts. This wasn’t so little secret admirer or someone being grateful. This was someone that had a motive that had you in the middle.
“Oh my god.” You murmured, staring at the flowers. A deep feeling of dread crept up your body, bringing goosebumps and chills with it. 
Your best friend gently led you out of the busy room of officers to a secluded hallway with Sophie accompanying you both. Carlos stepped into cop mode while you slipped into a state you associated with victims.
“Was there any indication of what shop the flowers come from?”
“No. I don’t have to sign for them. It’s always a courier. No marking would differentiate the shop from any other one in the city. It’s just a generic note nestled in the petals with only detective Y/N’s name on it.
“We need access to the cameras in the entryway and outside the main doors,” Carlos demanded with an arm reaching around your shoulders. At some point, you had checked out from the then and now, “I have TK coming to pick you up. You need to go home, but I want you to be with TK. He’s off today and a paramedic.”
“The fl-”
“No. You’re gonna go to my place and calm down. Let me deal with this. I need to do this.” Carlos sternly told you with his jacket now wrapped around your shoulders to conserve body heat.
It didn’t feel like you were in Texas. Instead, it felt like you were in the middle of a snowstorm in the coldest state possible. A sickness curdled the breakfast in your stomach, not unlike the feeling you had when your mother got sick and passed away.
“Hey! Hey. Take a deep breath.” Another set of sets cupped your wrist. The flash of green eyes was the only hint that TK was there and taking your vitals, “What the hell is going on.”
“Our worst nightmare.” Carlos hissed, stepping aside when Owen appeared, “What’s your dad doing here?”
“Cheering him up. Bonding. Whatever you want to call it.” TK waved it off, “Dad can you take her vitals. I need to talk with Carlos.”
Owen merely nodded before he stepped into TK’s spot. Carlos dragged his boyfriend out of your earshot with fear now pouring off him.
“The flowers. I knew something was wrong! Why didn’t I do something sooner.” Carlos shoved his hands over his face. The normally collected police officer was shaking.
“Because we didn’t want it to be true.” TK tugged the shaking hands to hold tight in his, “It’s different when it’s someone you love and not a victim. We can brush it off when we take out our uniform, but it changes everything when you know that person.”
“I-I don’t know what to do.”
“Triage it.” TK spoke, “Dad and I take her to our place. You look at the evidence. Then we’ll make a plan when you get home. She’s got, people. Her family. She has us.”
Owen had managed to guide you from the bench to the truck before joining the boys, “So I managed to get some information from her.”
Your eyes stayed pinned on the streets going over the last few months for anything out of the ordinary. The little things you brushed off as being part of your job didn’t seem so minor. The weird feeling you got in the smoothie bar TK dragged you to in order to plan a date for Carlos. You swore someone had been staring, but when you looked up, they weren’t. You pinned it as paranoia and your senses.
The time you were responding to a call of a domestic dispute. You’d seen a brown beige car. A car you vaguely recalled driving by the day you took Grace shopping.
What kind of detective were you? Missing all these weird events.
“So we’re operating under the assumption that detective Ryder has a stalker?” Owen questioned, tilting his head to look at the silent woman in his truck, “You do know how these stalker cases go, right?”
“We’re lucky Sophie knows about flowers. I don’t want to even imagine how we would have found out about the stalker.” Carlos mumbled, crossing his arms, “We should tell Judd because she won’t tell him. She’ll keep it from her family.”
“She literally has a cop best friend, an entire parcel of firefighters, a Texas Ranger on speed dial and a connection with the FBI.” TK grumbled, copying Carlos’ posture but continued when his eyes met his father, “She’s like you.”
“Suffer in silence and solitude. Ooh boy, you got some fun with that.” Owen breathed with a slight frown on his face. TK couldn’t help himself but roll his eyes at his father.
Tumblr media
Carlos had gone out of his way to be the best house guest he could be to fend off the bitter cold shoulder he’d been receiving. All had been well until yesterday morning when your captain had called you into her office not three minutes after arriving at your desk.
“It’s come to my attention you’ve become the target of an unknown stalker.” The tall authoritarian Captain Reagan commanded every room she entered. Despite being strict and stern, the captain had a soft spot. She sat on the corner of her desk in front of you.
“Just some flowers.”
“And you’ve raised concern over a car you’ve seen around the city.” The Irish-American supplied with a single dark eyebrow raised, “You know stalkers work, Detective Ryder. How unpredictable each one is even with the usual routine.”
“Nothing I can’t handle.” You tried to brush it off, but the captain refused to let you do that. Her eyebrows raised, “I have a gun, badge and instincts. I’ll be fine.”
“That hasn’t stopped stalkers from being dangerous creeps. I get how difficult it can be for a woman in this career. But don’t risk your safety to prove yourself when you don’t have to.”
Your e/c eyes raised to meet her blue eyes filled with understanding.
“Until further notice, you’ll be designated desk duty and working during the day.” Captain Reagan stood up to circle around in order to sit on her desk chair. Her hand raised before you could even protest, “I may be a hard ass, but I care about all my officers. A stalker is the reason I decided to become a cop.”
“You have a group of concerned people. Now I’m sure you have paperwork to catch up on.”
No flowers were waiting at your desk when you returned from talking with Captain Reagan, but the fear had lessened to make room for anger. You’d gone above and beyond to follow the stipulations Carlos and Ranger Reyes had deplored you for. As a result, you were more vigilant, had Carlos camping out in your living room and made hourly texts to a group chat.
Yet somehow, your captain had been informed of the situation. And you knew only one person that would cross the line.
You managed to keep your temper in check during your workday by throwing yourself into the paperwork that had built up. Your demeanour was enough to keep Sophie at bay. However, you just about blew up when you wandered out to the parking lot where Carlos’ department car idled beside your vehicle.
Carlos winced upon seeing the withering glare you pinned against him. He waited just until you were in your car. Then, you locked the car doors before Carlos drove off to finish his shift with an emphasis.
Carlos fully anticipated a hostile argument the moment he walked into the house he was temporarily crashing in. He hadn’t expected to walk into a moderately quiet home with the sound of soft music playing in the background. He could pick you out in the kitchen with your laptop opened. His mouth opened.
“The blinds are closed.” You grumbled, keeping your eyes on the open document. If you were being held in hiding, you might as well figure out who was stalking you.
“Might as well keep me in the basement.” You laid a lot of snark in your words. You twirled on the barstool at the island to stare at your best friend, “What the hell were you thinking going to Reagan without telling me?”
“I’m worried.”
“So you decide to have me pulled into desk duty? You know by doing that, I’m gonna get stuck in my head freaking out about this person?”
“You’re safer surrounded by officers!” Carlos raised his voice.
“But giving me a strict schedule the stalker can hone in on? I was safer out on the streets because my routine wasn’t structured!” You shouted back, dropping your hands to smack against the counter, “You’re treating me like some house flower! I am trained! I’m a fucking detective Carlos!”
The usually calm and collected Reyes man copied your movement by slamming his hands against the marble counter. Equally frustrated, he lost control of his emotions.
“BUT YOU’RE HUMAN!” Carlos finally snapped under the worry of losing the girl who had become family, “YOU’RE NOT AN INDESTRUCTIBLE PERSON!”
Your shoulders slouched as you took in the actual appearance of your best friend. The bags under his eyes matched yours, and he looked like he’d aged in the past few months. You’re so worried about still having a life you looked past the struggle this scenario caused your friend.
“You’re the closest person I have to a sister. Your approval of TK was what I needed. You’re kinda the ‘meet the parents’ person for me.” Carlos sighed, pinning his brown eyes on yours, “I don’t want a stalker to rip you from my life. I want to grow old with my best friend.”
Your mouth parted to speak.
“...what?” came the soft words from a third party in the entryway of the kitchen.
Carlos and you both swivelled to find Grace standing with the jacket she’d forgotten from a get together last week. Behind her was your big brother Judd.
“Oh fuck me.” You groaned, slamming your head onto the counter. Today was definitely a shitty day, from being placed on desk duty to fighting with Carlos and now your overprotective brother hearing.
“You have a stalker?” Judd demanded, sidestepping Grace to move closer to the island. His blue eyes narrowing, “And by the sounds of it, it’s something that’s been going on for a while.”
“Either you tell him, or I will,” Carlos stated with his arms now crossed over his chest. His foot reached out to tug one of the bar stools out for Grace.
A huff from your lips, “The last couple months I’ve been getting flowe-”
“-death flowers-”
“Not necessary!” You hissed to your best friend, “As I was saying, flowers have been delivered to the station. Whoever it is sends a courier from a flower shop with terrible cameras and pays only in cash. Took forever to track down the flower shop.”
“And you didn’t think to tell me?” Judd questioned slowly as if he was wondering about the mental state you had. Carlos slowly shook his head in response.
“ have a certain...uh reaction to certain things.”
“Is this about your high school boyfriend?” Judd’s blue eyes flickered as if recalling that time in your life he detested, “I might have overreacted.”
“You tackled him. On school property.” You blandly spoke, turning to Grace, “You understand, right?”
“I’m an only child.” Grace smiled once more, reminding you and Judd that she didn’t have the same look on life when it came to siblings, “But you should have told us. I love you, Y/N but I think you should have told us. That way, we know what to look for when we’re out, or so I could have our bible study pray for you.”
“Just don’t tell Dad. I’m sure by the time I wake up tomorrow morning, the rest of the Ryder kids will know. I guess the upside is that Carlos can stop crashing on my couch.”
“But you have a guest room….” Grace’s face twisted as she trailed off in confusion.
“But the living room has eyesight to the locked windows big enough to slid in and the front door.” Carlos and Judd responded together with an odd look shared between each other. And you knew at that moment that they were already making a plan to rotate staying on the couch.
“Can we just go about your lives? Grace, you’re wearing date night lipstick. Where’s the caveman taking you?”
Grace dove into the date she and Judd had been trying to plan for the last month, but last minute things came up. You pretended that Judd was talking about sports with Carlos when they weren’t successful in planning to keep you safe.
“Hey Carlos...seriously go home. You’ve crashing here for too long. TK probably misses you.” You informed your best friend as soon as Judd had swept Grace out the door to their date.
“I have seen him.” Carlos spoke, barely lifting his eyes off the tablet in his lap, “He was over this morning when you had left for work.”
“Oh god.” You breathed, staring at the couch set up for another night.
“You’re couch is safe. We went on a run.”
“OH GROSS!” You nearly shouted, “Not my shower.”
“Didn’t make it to the shower.” Carlos smirked as soon as your eyes widened hearing that, “I told TK you wouldn’t mind if he crashed here, but he doesn’t want to step on any toes.”
You bit your lip, “Why don’t you invite him over or go back to your apartment with him? I’ll be fine, Carlos. I promise to keep everything locked and the alarm on.”
“ has been a while. No stops?”
“To work and back with a text. Promise.” You firmly told him with a smile that, paired with the feeling of missing TK convinced him.
Tumblr media
Just got home. Alarm is on. Enjoy your date with TK.
You didn’t bother hanging around your phone waiting for a response from Carlos, given how long it had been since he’d been home. To ease Judd’s mind, you’d actually drove to Seguin to stay with your father so Carlos could stay with TK.
“Hm, where’s that recipe I saved.” You mumbled, thumbing through the saved tabs on your phone’s booklist. Dad had left to visit a friend in the hospital following a surgery.
Your night plan was to cook a new recipe Grace had shared with your family and listen to music. Nothing strenuous or annoy your loved ones. But things change. Especially when your phone lets you know it’s about to die.
“Phone charger.” You mumbled, scouring the usual place you stored it, “Shit. I took it to work. Forgot to replace my work one.”
Your teeth gnawed on your lip, trying to decide your next course of action. If you didn’t have a phone, it would worry your family. On the other hand, if you went to buy one, it would greatly annoy people.
“There and back.” You mumbled, grabbing your car keys from the bowl on the counter. You sent a quick message to Carlos before hustling to the car.
There and back. To the store that you usually went to. There wasn’t a charger for your phone in the house, and you desperately needed one.
You didn’t follow the normal way to the store you’d have taken but instead made it a longer trip. Your eyes flickered between the mirrors and the road. In a split second, time slowed down.
What was supposed to be a short trip turned into something horrific for the poor soul in the driver seat. From an outsider’s position, the beige generic sedan forcefully slammed into the back of the car. The sound of squealing tires and an intense scent of burning rubber.
An older man watched as the car in front lost control before rolling twice. Finally, the car came to a stop with the ceiling of the car on the ground.
Your vision blurred with the sweat and blood dripping off your face. Everything hurt. You barely comprehended what had happened. A paramedic coaxed you back into the present time with words you couldn’t decipher.
“Sh. Let’s focus on you.
“Not accident.” You grumbled delirious from the pain medication the paramedic had given you. Black overtook your vision for what felt like years, and a split second wrapped into one.
“Carl! We have a broken radius! Possibly multiple ribs fractured. Concussion and abrasions! Lost a lot of blood.” The paramedic called to her partner, checking a man who literally dove out of the way.
You become unresponsive as soon as they manoeuvred you onto the gurney. Indecipherable words grumbled from your lips. 
Time didn’t exist as you went from the crushed car to the operating room with high hopes of survival. Over an hour away in Austin, Texas, at 540 Lynnwood Avenue, a young couple cuddled on the couch. Carlos hadn’t felt this content in so long. He needed this. You needed this.
“Are you heading back to Y/N’s house?” TK asked quietly as if talking loud would burst the love bubble they had. Carlos’ answer was a kiss to the firefighter’s forehead, “I missed this.”
“Me too.” Carlos sighed, leaning further back into the couch. The position they were in was so comfortable the couple fell asleep on the couch. While they slept contently, you spent your night on the operating table and then in recovery.
“TK. TK, get up!” Carlos yelled, yanking his shirt over his torso while simultaneously shoving his shoes on, “Please wake up.”
TK groaned from his position, “Hm, Babe?”
“We gotta get to the hospital! Y/N was flown to Austin from the hospital in Seguin. Judd called me. It’s bad.”
Carlos barely followed the speed limit the entire way to the hospital while TK held his tongue in check. He didn’t need to urge Carlos to go faster, nor did he want to distract his boyfriend.
TK moved quicker than he did on a call finding the group in the waiting room, “What happened?”
Judd’s leg bounced up and down in sync with the clenching of his fists. Spread around the room was the rest of the Ryder kids. Most of the 126 had found their way into the waiting room as time went along.
“She went for a phone charger. Someone forced her off the road. She was transferred to Austin when she was stable. Went straight back into surgery. All we know is she’s lucky she survived the crash.” Grace softly informed the newcomers. Her hand had found its way to clasp Judd’s hand tightly.
“It’s a waiting game.”
Not long after, the group was informed you were both stable and in recovery along with the spiel of injuries. Each one listed deepened the sickness in Judd’s stomach because he couldn’t protect you.
“Hey.” You murmured as Judd and Carlos made their way to the chairs set up on each side of your hospital bed.
“How are you feeling?” Carlos questioned, scanning the cuts on your body, some hidden underneath the cast of your arm.
“Scared. They tracked me down. I think someone was there. I heard a voice, but I can’t remember it.”
The blood in Judd’s veins froze hearing the confirmation of the suspicion, he thought. The stalker had escalated, and nothing ended well with a stalker.
Tumblr media
“She needs to get as far away from Austin as possible. That sick freak got her personal phone number. He texted her a picture of her house!” TK pointed his finger directly at the Texan, trying to veto his suggestion.
“No! I can protect her. I can take leave from work, and we’ll go to Seguin.” Judd exclaimed, throwing his hands on his hips, “You have no right to tell me where she should go.”
“He got her address, Judd. That’s nothing compared to finding where she grew up. The first place he’d look for is her childhood home. He drove her off the road in Seguin!” Carlos breathed, exhausting over keeping an eye on his best friend and continuing to search for whoever was terrorizing you.
“Plus, he did put her in a hospital not even a week ago!” TK exclaimed, recounting the terror of getting the phone call that you’d been in a car accident.
You’d been hit from behind on your way home from running to the store. Your car had rolled twice and come down to rest on the roof with the wheels in the air. You’d only been saved by your seatbelt, but you did tell Carlos that you vaguely remember someone crouching by the broken window, a hand caressing your arm and a whispered voice you couldn’t remember. The scent of lavender and roses was barely found with the putrid smells of the crash. The concussion paired with the broken ribs, arm and abrasions had wiped your memory of the accident. Only flickers of getting hit and waking up to paramedics remained.
“She’s my baby sister.” Judd’s voice broke in the middle of his sentence, “I promised her when she was born to protect her. I taught her how to ride a bike. I showed her how to throw a right hook. I dropped everything when her boyfriend stood her up at prom.”
“And I love you for that.” Your voice crooned from the guest bedroom, “But they’re right, Judd. I’m not safe in Austin. Or Texas in general.”
Judd’s hands dropped his hand to his sides as he took in your appearance. You had bags under your eyes from not sleeping. You looked pale and exhausted with fear in the shadows of your eyes. The bruises had begun to fade, and the stitches dissolved, but the fear remained.
“I need my big brother to stay here. To act like I’m still in Austin. That way, I can get away to someplace safe.”
“But where will you go?” Grace whispered from right beside you. Other than using the bathroom, they hadn’t left you alone.
“I might have an idea,” TK spoke with a bit of a smile on his face. His eyes left you to find the frame of Mateo standing in the kitchen making a sandwich. 
The multiple eyes on Mateo had him looking up, “What? Crime makes me hungry.”
“Is your cousin still in jail, Mateo? In Los Angeles.”
“Marvin? He got out a while back. He mentors at-risk youth now. He lets the young ones choose his hair colour too.” Mateo grinned in response to the question of his cousin. He had some troubles, but he’d overcome them.
Tumblr media
And that’s how you found yourself a year after the first bunch of flowers in Los Angeles. Little communication with your family and friends. Only Judd and Carlos knew your address to ensure it wasn’t found.
You’d kept mum on the reason you had moved from Texas, even from your boyfriend you’d met on a call. In the time since you left, you’d joined SWAT with the David-Team and become close with a group of friends you’d met through someone from your support group.
It was a moment of understanding with Howard Han at one of the meetings for victims involved in stalking cases. Chimney described himself as collateral damage, and you still didn’t know what to call yourself.
Through Chimney, you’d met Buck, a firefighter you’d seen at a scene a few years back and promptly began dating. He knew the skeleton of the events back in Texas until you felt that same sensation of being watched. He’d been upset being kept in the dark but understood you wanted to leave that in the past.
“Babe! We gotta go!” Buck called out from the living room of the shared apartment. He’d characteristically finished getting ready before you.
His blue gaze found your form leaning against the stars in a state that genuinely defined green with sickness. Your face was clammy, and your eyes glazed over.
“Whoa, are you okay?” Buck questioned, jumping to his feet to keep you from falling.
“I don’t feel good. I’m gonna stay home. Please go to the party.” You moaned, leaning against his chest. You’d felt like shit the last few days after babysitting a sick Christopher so Eddie could go to work.
“You sure?”
You hummed in response to the question, too tired to verbally respond. Buck took the time to make your favourite drink and tuck you into the couch.
The event was held at the 118 station house to celebrate Albert’s officially becoming a firefighter with passing colours. He’d been in a conversation when May wandered over to Athena and him.
“Buck, someone dropped these off for you,” May spoke, handing over the beautiful bouquet of chrysanthemums and hyacinths.
“Who wou-...” Buck cut himself off, recalling a meaningful conversation and the things you’d told him.
“Don’t get me flowers. I’d come to work to find a bouquet of flowers monthly.”
“-Flowers have meanings. Some mean romance, some mean friendship, and there’s some that are associated with death.”
“-Chrysanthemums and hyacinths are some of the flowers. According to a website I found chrysanthemums are only used in funeral arrangements in European culture.”
“If I see a bouquet, I’ll know I’m not safe.”
Buck’s breathing stuttered, piecing the puzzle together, “Athena, we need to go. She’s in trouble.”
“You got that from flowers?”
Athena went silent at the seriousness painted clearly on the younger man’s face, “Let’s get going. Call 911 and giving them a description and make sure to tell them Sergeant Grant is on her way.”
Present Day
“Please put the gun down.” You schooled your expression from showing the fear that would further feed the person’s power. Your hands continued to be raised at your side, keeping your eyes on the armed assailant.
You’d fallen asleep on the couch after waking up sick. At first, you thought the noise that had roused you was part of your dream. It hadn’t been. It was the person behind the flowers and the odd feeling of being watched.
You should have taken Judd’s offer, but you didn’t want to put Grace in danger. You also didn’t want to take time off work to travel back to Austin. Not after you thought this chapter of your life was closed. You’d even considered being able to stop attending the support group for victims of stalking and violence.
“Why wouldn’t you let it go? Let him go.” The voice that carried the grief-stricken words was unsteady as the shaking hand, “Why didn’t he get to survive?”
The anguish froze you more than who stood in front of you. The entire emotions that came with the stalking, the car accident, the flowers and now your stalker in Los Angeles.
“Just put the gun down, and we can talk about this.” Every attempt to cajole stripped a layer of the character this person had pretended to be.
The person started pacing back and forth, “It had been a bigger mess. Sales had dropped, and we were trying to scrape enough money together. I was so stressed between working and parenting that I barely had time to eat.”
A whimper fell from her lips, “It wasn’t supposed to happen. She was supposed to be safe.”
“The car acc-”
“NO!” She screamed, waving the gun around, “He murdered my baby. He drove my wife to end her life. He took all my love, but you took everything from me.”
“How did I do that.”
“You let him go.” She sobbed, bending over, “You helped him. No jail time. No probation.”
“Sophie...what happened that day was a freak accident. He was sober, coherent and following the road laws. Your daughter-”
“Rachel didn’t see the truck. Your wife tried to save her, and it’s horrible what happened, but you can’t focus on that.”
“I had to sell the flower shop to pay the medical bills. That was a piece of family history. If my wife wakes up, what do I tell her? That Rachel died on the operating table, and I sold the one thing she loved almost as much as Rachel?”
The poor woman had been through the wringer. But it made sense how she was the stalker all along. As a receptionist, Sophie would know your schedule change, your home address, who’d be staying with you, your transfer, all because she played the sweet role of a concerned friend. She’d done which angles needed to avoid the security cameras too.
“She’ll never forgive me.” Sophie sobbed, raising the gun back to you, “There’s no way we can pay off-”
“NO!” You yelled when Sophie changed from pointing the gun at you to pointing it at her temple, “This isn’t the answer.”
You tackled her in a moment of instinct solely. The bang sounded in the room as you wrestled for control of the gun. The distracted assailant didn’t notice the group break into the apartment through all entry points. A deafening bang came from a flash-bang grenade meant to disorient suspects.
The fight ended abruptly. Two bodies laid motionless in the middle of the living room. Only silence followed.
“No.” Buck brokenly spoke, wrenching himself out of the grasp of some officer to fall on his knees beside your prone frame.
Your eyes were closed. Splatters of red covered your bright cable knit sweater. Tears streaked his cheeks, trying to cajole you back in the world he desperately needed you in.
“Come back to me, baby.” Buck murmured against your cheek, “I can’t lose you. You’re my future. My everything. You’re the coffee in the morning and the warmth of a fire on a cold winter night.”
“No!” Buck exclaimed to your swat team hovering around him.
“Sir, you need to let us do our job.” The lead paramedic informed the distraught firefighter. Hondo and Luca tugged him out of the way, “We got a steady pulse. I think she passed out from the shock, maybe the brutal fight.”
“Is she gonna live?”
“My professional opinion is yes.” The paramedic replied, switching his gaze to the other body in a similar position but different status, “Her, however….”
“She’s gone.” Said the other paramedic with a forlorn expression because regardless of the events leading to it, death is still terrible and sad for all people. A criminal is no different in the loss of life.
“Who is she?” Buck demanded, glancing at the dead body of the stalker.
“This is thirty-five-year-old Sophie Malten, a receptionist for the Austin Police Department. Wife owned a flower shop. Her family was involved in a pedestrian-car accident two years ago. Wife’s been in a coma ever since, and their eight-year-old daughter died in the emergency room from internal injuries.” Deacon informed Buck with a devastating expression thinking of a kid that died before they got to really live.
“Oh my god.” Buck breathed, taken aback at hearing the name. You’d positively spoken of Sophie many times.
“Buck…” You murmured, sitting up.
“I’m here, sweetheart.”
“Is she-”
“You’re safe now.” 
His words broke through the dam of emotions you’d bottled up. You sobbed hard through giving a statement to the police. You grieved for yourself, but you also grieved for the woman who was desperate and in pain. You grieved for Sophie.
Over time you recovered with the help of therapy and talking with Maddie, who understood how it felt killing someone in self-defence. You took a vacation for a weekend to travel back to Texas to see your family. Buck tagged along with a guest as well.
“You okay?” Buck questioned, glancing at the passenger seat. A serene expression on your face. A drastic change 
“Perfect.” You replied, turning in the seat to glance in the backseat, “I can’t believe he settles easier in the car than with that carefully curated playlist.”
Buck lips upturned at the corners, “Should have seen him in the fire truck.”
“Evan Buckley, did you seriously take our infant son into a fire truck? And didn’t get pictures?!” You faked frustration that couldn’t be found in the happiness you felt.
After going through the procedure following a death, you’d decided you didn’t want to wait. A month after the stalking case was closed, you’d eloped with Buck. Athena and Bobby stood in as witnesses. You’d come to know you were pregnant soon after with Ryder Nash Buckley, and that’s why you’d been sick the morning of the attack. 
“Oh, I have a lot. Couldn’t get him back from Bobby.” Buck beamed with pride because he’d come a long way from the kid that stumbled his way into the fire station his first day.
He was a family man with a beautiful, strong wife and an adorable son. He’d stood by your side while you were pregnant at the funeral of a woman who didn’t know you. After you’d recovered physically from the fight with Sophie, you’d checked on her wife in the coma. Mrs Malten passed away three months after the incident. With no one to attend, you’d gone to their place.
Buck was in complete awe of you. He’d be forever grateful to Athena and her connections that led you into his life.
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one-sweet-gubler · a month ago
Baby Maybe *IMAGINE* *EB*
Tumblr media
prompt(s) : "Hello I was wondering if you could write an Evan Buckley x reader. Where the reader wants a baby but Buck does not so the reader goes and gets the rest of the 118 gets involved asking their opinions on the situation."
pairing :  Evan Buckley x Reader
TW : 1 mention of alcohol
requested? : Yes
word count : 1,137
requests : OPEN
"Babe, can we have this conversation tonight when we get home?" Evan spoke, his toothbrush in his mouth. You were both getting ready for a barbecue with the 118 at Bobby and Athena's house.
That was always his answer, whenever you brought it up. 'When we get home' or  'I promise we will talk about this.'
"Buck..." You sighed softly, leaning against the bathroom door frame. "You always say that we'll talk about it later. We never do." It was easy to tell how upset you were, just by the look on your face.
Buck finished with his brushing routine and rinsed his mouth out before walking over to you. One hand found it's way to your waist while the other found it's way to the side of your cheek. Turning your head softly to avoid his gaze, you placed a soft kiss against the palm of his hand.
"I promise, we will. I jus- I'm not ready for a baby. I'm still young, Y/N. We're still young. We have so much life to live, so much to do. There's a whole list of things I want to do. With you." Buck spoke softly.
You pulled yourself from his hands and grabbed your sweater off the bed.
"I'll see you in the Jeep." Your voice barely above a whisper as you grabbed the bowl of fruit salad you prepared and headed down to the Jeep before hopping in.
The ride to Bobby and Athena's was quiet, and uncomfortable. Your hands fiddled with the sleeve of your sweater as Buck kept both his hands on the steering wheel. Upon arrival, you got the bowl of fruit salad you made and headed straight for the door, not bothering to wait for Buck.
"Hey! Come on in!" Athena smiled at you as she opened the door. "Where's the other half?" She quizzed, arching her eyebrow.
"He's in the Jeep, he's on his way in." You smiled weakly, heading out back, setting the fruit bowl down and greeting everybody.
You sat on the outdoor patio lounge seat as you, Maddie, Hen and Karen talked. Watching them talk about their kids made your heart crack a little.
"What about you and Buck? When are you guys going to pop out some cute kids?" Chimney questioned, suddenly appearing behind Maddie. The smile you were wearing softly dropped.
"Um, we haven't really talked about it much. Buck keeps postponing the conversation about kids." You spoke softly, taking a sip from your glass of lemonade. Maddie frowned softly, reaching over and placing a hand on your knee.
"If you ever want to baby sit or just need some baby cuddles, you know where to find me." She nodded softly as she gave you a reassuring smile.
"I know. I just feel like we've been together three years, married for one. I'm ready for kids, I'm ready to start growing our family. I'm ready to see Buck with a baby in his arms. Our kid being so excited that he's home from shift. I'm ready for my world to revolve around Buck and tiny Buckley's." You smiled softly.
"Alright guys! Food is ready! Everybody eat up!" Bobby echoed out, capturing everybody's attention.
You followed everybody and met in the kitchen where all the food was gathered. Buck took his place behind you, his hands on your waist, placing a soft kiss to the crown of your head.
"I promise, we will talk when we get home." He whispered in your ear. You simply nodded before moving forward and making your plate.
You joined the rest of the 118 outside as you took a seat across from Hen, Buck sitting next to you.
Conversation flowed around the table like a breeze. Everybody was laughing and chatting.
"So, Buck. When are you gonna make some babies? Add to the Buckley clan?" Chimney spoke up. Buck coughed, choking on his beer.
"Well, I'm not sure. One day, hopefully." He nodded, taking a bite of food. You looked down as you ate, finishing quickly.
Soon you headed out, leaving as everybody else did. Making it home and walking in behind Evan, locking the door behind you.
"Evan." You spoke softly, looking behind you at your husband. His expression was unreadable.
"What Y/N?" Evan spoke, his expression never changing.
You walked into the kitchen, Buck following you. Neither of you were quiet sure why the kitchen was where you had all your big talks, but it was.
You sat yourself on the kitchen island, your legs crossing at the ankles as they hung.
Buck leaned backwards against the counter across from you, his arms crossed over his chest.
"Talk to me, love. Why?" You spoke softly, looking at Buck.
A sigh left his mouth as he rubbed his stubble with one hand, the kitchen light casting a gleam from his wedding band.
"I don't want to leave them." He said. Confusion fell upon your features, wrinkles appearing between your eyebrows.
"What do you mean, leave them? A-Are you gonna leave me?" You frowned, tears welling up in your eyes. Buck quickly walked the few feet to you, his hands landing on your thighs, softly rubbing his hands on them.
"What if I die doing my job when your pregnant? Or after we have kids? Leaving my kids on this Earth without both their parents? I can't handle the thought." He spoke softly, raising his thumb to wipe an escaped tear that slowly rolled down your face.
"I want kids with you, I really do. Trust me, I love you so much. It's just a huge fear of mine. On top of all of that, what if I'm not gonna be a good dad. What if I turn out like my father?" Buck spoke the last sentence softly, nudging his nose softly against yours.
"Are you kidding me? Evan Buckley, you are nothing like your father. You are going to be the best dad, in the whole world. I've seen you with Christopher for the last five years, you're the best with him. You're so kind and caring, you put everybody before yourself." You spoke, your hands placed on his biceps. A small smile appeared on his face.
"I'm ready when you are, whenever that may be." You spoke, pecking his lips softly.
"Well you know what they say." Buck smirked.
"What do they say, Buckley?" You giggled softly.
"The practicing is just the start of all the fun." He chuckled, kissing you softly.
You laughed softly into the kiss, wrapping your legs around his waist and your arms around your neck.
A squeal left your lips as you were lifted from the counter top and carried upstairs.
"Let's start trying. Right now." Buck spoke, breaking the kiss to place small kisses along your jaw as he laid you on the bed.
You bit your lip softly as you nodded. This was going to be an exciting adventure
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make-me-imagine · 2 months ago
Promise Me
30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 1 - Whump
Summary: The reader takes care of Evan after he’s been hurt on the job; Evan takes advantage of the situation, but also worries about how the reader might feel about his job.
Triggers: Mentions of fire, wounds, bandages, stitches, and a little blood.
Word Count: 1.6k
General Taglist: @criminaly-supernatural, @caswinchester2000 9-1-1 Taglist: @spuffyfan394, @webreathfandoms Requested Taglist: @hybrid-omegaverse
*Whump/comfort; heavier on the comfort part.
Tumblr media
You rested your hand gently on Evan’s side as you entered his loft, helping him to walk. He limped slightly as he tried not to put too much weight on his injured leg. Finally getting to his couch, you slowly lowered him to sit, and as he was finally down he let out a relieved sigh.
“Are you alright?” You asked.
He nodded “I’m good, thank you.”
You smiled softly at him before moving to leave “I still think you should have stayed in the hospital longer.” You commented.
He shook his head “I hate being in there. Besides, they said I didn’t really need to be there as long as I had someone to take care of me.” He said with a sly wink at you.
You rolled your eyes lightly “I’ll go get your stuff from the car.
“No, no, wait.” Evan said as he reached out, gently grabbing your wrist.
“What is it?”
“You can get them later, just stay with me.” He asked with an almost whiny tone as he pulled you gently towards him.
You let out a soft chuckle as you sunk down onto the couch beside him. He kept one of your hands in his as you gently stroked the side of his head, your eyes lingering on the stitches near his temple “I swear you do it on purpose.”
“Do what?” He asked.
“Get yourself hurt.” You said as you met his eyes, your tone not entirely serious.
Evan let out a soft chuckle cocking his head slightly as he gave you a lopsided grin “Maybe I do it so I can get you to take care of me.”
You let out an amused laugh as you rolled your eyes and leaned your head against his own, careful not to touch his head wound “I don’t know if I’d put that past you you know. But I don’t mind taking care of you, as long as you get better.” You finished with a warning tone “And, as long as you never get yourself killed. Please.” You added the last word with a hint of pleading.
He quickly pressed a kiss to your cheek “I promise I will try to be careful. But I do love when I get to see this side of you.”
“What side? The side that’s worried about you all the time?”
“No.” He chuckled “The side of you that is gentle and caring when you are helping me. I love it.”
You smiled at him and shook your head lightly as you stood up “I’m gonna go get your stuff, don’t move.” You pointed at him as you headed to the door. Buck watched you with an adoring smile as you left. But a sudden intrusive thought passed through his mind. Trying to shake it away he looked to the tv, grabbing the nearby remote he turned it on to help drown out his own thoughts.
- - - - -
As the sun began to sink under the horizon, you piled all of the bandages on the table “Okay, time to change your bandages.” You said as you began to sort them. One for his shoulder and chest, one for his wrist, one for his leg, and then you needed to clean his head stitches. You looked over at Evan “Take your shirt off.”
He smirked as he sat forward “Demanding are we?” He joked.
You rolled our eyes “Shut up Buckley.”
He chuckled as he carefully began to unbutton his shirt, and as he started to take his arms out, you saw his face change to discomfort. Moving over to him, you carefully began to help him so he didn’t have to strain himself. After getting his shirt off, you began to take off his bandage, gently unwrapping it from around him. As his bruised and scraped chest was slowly revealed you felt your stomach sink. Your mind flashing back to how he got hurt.
You had been watching it on the news, a large factory had caught on fire. And when the familiar faces of the 118 ran by the cameras you were even more engrossed. You felt pride and admiration as you watched your friends put out the large building fire. But as it suddenly collapsed around them you felt terror as your body seemed to swoon. And as you watched them pull out the body of one of the firefighters from the burning rubble you began to panic. Who was that? Which one? Bobby? Chimney? Buck? Oh no, please, not him. You hated fearing more for one over the other, but you couldn’t help it. You loved him.
You watched carefully, and as their helmet was taken off by the paramedics, you saw his face and felt your body freeze as you stopped breathing. His eyes were closed and his face bloodied. And as the cameras cut away to the reporter you felt your body move without reason as you began to grab your things, and reach for your phone. You had to find out where they were going to take him, you had to find out if he was alive. He had to be.
“Are you mad?”
Bucks voice brought you out of your thoughts, and you realized you had been moving on autopilot, taking off his bandages and wiping down the wounds just as the doctor told you. You grabbed the new bandages and met his face “Why would I be mad at you Buck?” You asked, using his preferred name softly.
“Well I...I know how hard it must be, to watch others you care about do such a dangerous job. And I know it can get...harder to deal with the more it happens. I just...don’t want you to get tired of being afraid for me.” You could hear the strain in his voice as he struggled to find the words to express his thoughts. But you knew exactly what he meant. What he was afraid of.
“Are you afraid I’ll leave you because of how dangerous your job is? That I’ll get tired of worrying that I might lose you?” He met your eyes almost hesitantly and nodded his head.
You smiled softly at him before leaning forward and pressing a soft kiss to his cheek. Pulling away, you reached up and gently took his face in your hand, making him look at you “I will always be afraid for you Buck. And I will always worry. But what outweighs that, is the pride I have for you. I am so proud of you and what you do. You risk your life to save others. And I see how hard you fight for it, and I see how hard you fight to survive while doing it. Sometimes it might not feel worth it because of how scared I get. But when I see how happy you are at the end of the day, how fulfilled you feel about what you do. That makes it better. I will never wish for you to do something else, because I know what you are doing is what you are meant for. It’s who you are and I would never ask for you to be something else. All I ask is that you promise you will always try your hardest to come back to me, alive, and safe.”
Buck stared at you with evident tears building in his eyes, just as you had in your own. And he felt an almost overwhelming love for you as you spoke to him. He nodded his head “I promise.”
You smiled at him and gently rubbed his cheek with your thumb “And I promise I will always be here to take care of you on those days you can’t quite keep your promise.” You said with a light chuckle, which he replied to with his own. “Now shut up so I can concentrate.” You said as you moved to apply the clean bandages.
Buck chuckled again “Yes Doctor” He joked.
- - - - -
After finally replacing all of his bandages, with only mild complaining from Buck, you began to apply the disinfectant to the stitches on his head. Being careful not to pull at the stitches, you got close to Evans face. In the midst of your concentration, you didn’t notice how much Evan was staring at you.
He studied every inch of your face, to the small almost invisible spots on your face, to the more obvious ones. The curve of your lips, and the cupid’s bow above them. The color of your eyes as their gaze flicked around as you focused on his head. He spent a lot of time staring at you, when you were engulfed in your work, when you were engrossed in whatever movie you two were watching, when you slept beside him in bed. He never got tired of looking at you. And now as you were so concentrated on taking care of him, he felt himself fall in love with you a little more. Which he had not thought possible.
As you brought your hand away from his head, he quickly leaned in, pressing a kiss to your lips and catching you off guard. When he pulled away with an amused and proud smirk, you smiled at him and shook your head ever so slightly “Careful, you’re going to make me pull your stitches.”
He simply smiled at you “I love you.” He said softly.
You met his eyes and almost swooned at how deeply he was staring at you, his blue eyes shining adoringly. Leaning forward you were now the one to suddenly kiss him, quickly, gently. And when you pulled away you smiled brightly at him “I love you too. Always.”
xx End xx
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imaslutformaybank · 2 months ago
I was wondering if you would write an evan buckley x reader. Where they argue about having kids because buck wants kids now but the reader wants to wait
Tumblr media
A/N: thank you for requesting lovely! sorry you had to wait so long, hope you enjoy!
one shot, blurb, or head canon?: one shot
pairing: evan buckley x reader
warnings: yelling, cursing, bit of toxic buck, mentions of throwing up, mentions of pregnancy
“hey, buck, i think i’m gonna call in today.  i’m not feeling well,” i called to my boyfriend.  
“why, what’s wrong? you think you have a cold or something?” he asked as he came into the room, walking over to me and pressing the back of his hand against my forehead, “you don’t feel warm to me.”
“i’ve been feeling nauseous since like 3 in the morning,” i said.
“what if you’re pregnant?” he asked.
“god, i hope not,” i joked, causing him to furrow his eyebrows.  i furrowed mine as well, “what?”
“why not?” he asked.
“i’m not ready for a baby.”
“how come?” 
“do i really need a reason?” i asked, past fears rising in my brain.
“i’m just curious,” he said, “i mean, you know i want babies with you.”
“yeah, i know, i do too.  i’m just not ready right now,” i said, “let’s talk about this later, you're gonna be late for work.”
“no, i got some time,” buck said, sitting on the bed in front of me.
“where is this coming from? we’ve never even talked about having children before,” i said, reaching for the water on the bedside table.
“well, i kind of think it’s time to start.  we’ve been together for 5 years, y/n.”
“wow, really? i had no clue,” i gasped, causing him to purse his lips, “i’m just joking around, lighten up.”
“i’m serious.  i want to start thinking about having a baby.”
“buck, i already told you that i am not ready to have a child.”
“but i think we should, it would teach us-’”
“buck, i’m not having a baby right now.  i just need some time to-”
“time for what, y/n? how much more time do you need?” he asked, raising his voice.
“why are you acting like we’re 80 years old? we still have time.”
“i don’t want to wait anymore.”
“i’m not arguing with you about this.  i told you, i want to have a baby with you, just not now.”
“whatever.  i’ll call you when i’m on my way home,” he said before storming out of the bedroom.
no goodbye, no ‘i love you,’ nothing.  i rolled my eyes and grabbed my phone, quickly dialing my boss’s number.  after letting her know i wouldn’t be in today, i got cozy under the sheets.  
Tumblr media
i don’t remember falling asleep, but when i woke up, the sun was at it’s highest point in the sky and shining right in my face.  i groaned and sat up, rubbing the fatigue out of my eyes.  
after staring at the wall for a good 5 minutes, i finally decided to get out of bed and make myself something to eat.
i went downstairs to the kitchen, in search of something that would satisfy me, yet not make me sick.  i found a can of chicken noodle soup in the cupboard and figured it would do.  
after heating the soup up and transferring it from a pot to a bowl, i made my way over to the living room to get comfortable on the couch... only to have to run to the bathroom just seconds later.
i dropped to my knees as vomit fell from my mouth into the toilet.  after i was done puking my guts out, i groaned and sat on the floor.  my brain began to run wild as i thought about what buck said earlier.  
what if i’m pregnant?
i mean, duh, we have sex, but we use condoms.  even though condoms aren’t 100% effective.  oh my god.  i rose to my feet and flushed the toilet, then made my way upstairs to brush my teeth for the 5th time today.  after that, i grabbed a hoodie, slipped it over my head and made my way back down the stairs and out the front door.
Tumblr media
after peeing on not 1, not 2, but 3 sticks, i discovered that i am in fact pregnant.  i didn’t realize that i had started to cry until i noticed multiple tear drops falling onto the coffee table.  
i quickly wiped my face and stood up when i heard the front door open.  jeez, i was sitting on that couch questioning my life decisions for quite a while longer than i thought i was.  
“hi,” i spoke, my voice cracking.  buck looked up at me and furrowed his eyebrows.
“hi.  are you crying?” he asked.  i crossed my arms over my chest and shrugged, nodding over to the coffee table.
“you got your wish,” i said.  this left an even more confused look on his face as he made his way over to the three positive pregnancy tests.  
after picking one up, he looked over at me, all of the confusion written on his face before was gone.
“i really don’t need you to tell me how great this is right now, i just-” my voice started to crack again as more tears began to spill out of my eyes.
he quickly stepped toward me and shocked me by wrapping his arms around me.  i just stood still as he held me while i cried.
“i’m scared,” i sobbed, ragged breaths escaping my mouth.  he pulled away and led me to the couch, sitting us down.
“you don’t have to be scared.  i shouldn’t have put that type of pressure on you.  you don’t have to do this,” he said, running his thumb across my knuckles.
“but you want a baby, and i should be able to take care of your needs,” i said, tears still sliding down my cheeks.  he shook his head slightly as he wiped my face.
“you are my biggest necessity in life.  you’re a person, not just a child bearer.  if you want to wait, then we’ll wait,” he said.  i basically felt my body go limp as i leaned into his chest, wrapping my arms around him.
“i love you, okay? i’m sorry for being an asshole earlier,” he said rubbing my back.  my breathing started to slow as i leaned my head against his shoulder.
“i need to tell you something,” i said, pulling away from him slowly.
i took a deep breath before starting, knowing that this topic of conversation strikes a nerve for me.
“you know how i’ve never really talked about my mom? how i didn’t give you any explanation as to how she died?” i asked.  he nodded his head, holding my hand in between two of his, “well, this is how.  she died when she gave birth to me.  i grew up without a mother... because of me.”
“y/n, that-”
“i already know that you’re gonna tell me that it wasn’t my fault.  realistically, i know that it wasn’t.  but, there’s still a part of me that feels like it was.  if that.. if i died while giving birth to my child, i would never want them to feel the way i did growing up.  that is why i’m scared.  that is why i want to wait.  but, the thing with waiting is that every day that i don’t have a baby is a day in which what happened to my mom grows more likely to happen to me.”
buck stayed silent.  i could tell that he was trying to find the right words to say, but for every word he didn’t speak was a thought in my head that was telling me i sounded insane.
“you’re not crazy,” he said, as if he was a mind reader, “everything you just said makes total sense, but... y/n you’re not your mom.  you’re the strongest person i know, and i’ll wait forever if i have to.  if you never want children, i will still love you.”
“but i do, buck.  that’s why i’m so conflicted.  i want to experience the joy of having a baby, but it would be selfish of me if i had a child and died during the process.  i would give them a lifetime of pain for my 5 minutes of pleasure.”
“you’re not selfish.  the fact that you even think like that proves that you’re the exact opposite,” he said.  i shook my head and looked down at my hands, “hey, look at me,” he said, grabbing my chin and forcing me to look into his eyes, “you and i are gonna grow old together, whether or not we have children.  if you want to have this baby, you need to believe it.  we’re gonna be old and wrinkly and our kid is gonna visit us in our huge house 70 years from now.”
“i don’t want to get wrinkly,” i sniffled, causing him to laugh, “but i do want this baby.”
“are you 100% sure? this isn’t because of what i said earlier?” he asked.  i shook my head no.
“i love you, and i’m going to love this baby,” i said, looking down at my stomach.  
“then, we’re having a baby,” he said, causing me to smile and nod.
“we’re having a baby!”
Tumblr media
8 months and 27 days later y/n gave birth to an unnamed baby girl.  when asked by the hospital staff what y/n and buck would be calling her, buck came up with an idea.
“elena,” he said, causing y/n’s jaw to drop.
“my mom’s name,” she muttered as tears begin to well up in her eyes.
“elena madeline buckley.”
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ssahotchswifemain · 4 months ago
Breakfast in Bed
Tumblr media
Summary: Buck goes feral seeing the reader making him breakfast while wearing a shirt with his name on it. 
Pairing: (female) Reader x Evan Buckley
Includes: Food mentions, dirty talk, unprotected sex, discussion of making babies, SMUT, SMUT, SMUT
Word Count: 2.2k
A/N: Evan Buckley deserves everything good in this world, and the tight long-sleeve LAFD shirts make me feral hehe. @jillys-feral-fandoms​ happy feral friend thursday my love! 
If you asked Buck, waking to an empty bed was a fate far worse than death, he wouldn’t wish it on his worst enemy. Especially when the person he was hoping to see in his bed the morning after the longest twenty-four-hour shift in history was you. He’d gotten home late the night before, well past eleven p.m., and he hadn’t expected you to be awake, so he wasn’t surprised when he’d pushed into his bedroom when he got home and saw you curled up in the sheets. Your mouth was slightly opened as you breathed softly through your slumber.
Buck had smiled at your sleeping form, stripping himself of his long-sleeve, navy-blue LAFD shirt and his pants. More than anything in the world, Buck wanted to curl up with the woman he loved more than any other and sleep this exhausting shift off. His movements as he’d slid into bed must had jostled you enough to wake you.
“Buck?” Your voice, thick with sleep, had murmured as Buck had pulled your back against his chest. “Is that you?”
“Well, it’s not Hen,” Buck had grinned, feeling you huff out a little laugh at that.
“How was work?” You’d yawned.
“Full moon,” Buck had replied. Your returning groan was enough to tell him that you’d understood him perfectly and he didn’t need to elaborate.
“I’m glad you’re home,” You’d hummed, flipping in his arms to burrow your face into his chest. “I missed you, my love.”
“Mmm, I missed you too,” Buck had whispered, kissing your forehead. “Go back to sleep, sweetheart.”
“You too,” You’d said quietly. “Sweet dreams, firefighter Buckley.”
Buck had watched your eyes flutter shut with a smile, seeing you fall asleep so peacefully in his arms. You’d told him once a few weeks ago that you never slept better than when you were in his arms, claiming that you felt your safest when he held you tightly. He hadn’t let on just how much that sentiment had taken his breath away, but when those words had come out of your mouth, he couldn’t believe the way his heart had literally skipped a beat. Knowing that he made you feel safe made Buck pulse with pride, he wanted nothing more than for you to be comfortable, safe, and happy with him.
A little chuckle had bubbled out of him at the tiny snore that had worked its way out of your mouth then. Even snoring and asleep, Buck couldn’t believe how beautiful you were. He would never understand how he could be so lucky to have found a woman as beautiful, and kind, and generous as you.
He’d been with Christopher and Eddie at a farmer’s market when he ran into you while trying to show off for Christopher – literally ran into you and dropped all your produce all over the ground. Of course, he’d felt so bad that he’d bought you replacements for it all even when you assured him that he didn’t have to. Buck had also gotten you a bouquet of daisies by way of apologies, and that was when he realized that he would spare nothing to see that look of delight and joy on your face.  
It had taken Buck a little bit longer than you to be lulled to sleep last night, but once he did finally fall asleep, he was out like a rock. A slumber so deep and restorative had captured him throughout the night that he hadn’t even heard you get up in the morning, thus waking up in an empty bed. He practically whined, stretching his body out to your side of the bed and feeling his hands slip over cold sheets; you’d been up for a lot longer than he realized. He missed waking up with you, and he was a little disappointed that he didn’t get to this morning, but he had tomorrow off too, and he wasn’t going to let you slip out of bed so sneakily tomorrow.
With a groan, Buck pushed up to a seated position in bed and scrubbed a hand over his face tiredly. The smell of bacon wafted into the bedroom along with the sounds of pans and pots being moved around in the kitchen. Buck grinned at the idea of you cooking breakfast for the two of you to share, he could practically picture how domestic you looked in his kitchen, and suddenly he was pushing out of bed to get to you as soon as possible.
Buck had moved to grab the long-sleeve shirt he’d come home in last night, but it was nowhere to be found, odd. Deciding to just go shirtless instead, Buck yawned into a stretch and made his way out of the bedroom and into the kitchen in just his boxers. As he rounded the corner to find you in the kitchen, it was like his heart literally stopped beating. You were stood at the stove making bacon, wearing Buck’s long-sleeve LAFD shirt, your little lacy panties, and socks. And that was it. When he saw the name “Buckley” stretched across your back before you turned around to face him, Buck swore his mouth watered at the sight of you covered in his name.
“Good morning, sleepy-head,” You grinned at him. “Did you sleep well?”
All he could do was stare at you, the sight of you in his shirt waking feelings in him that had been long dormant. Knowing that you were stamped with his name on your back made him so fucking feral he couldn’t stop himself from imagining you with his last name on your driver’s license – a big, bright diamond shining on your finger to tell everyone else in the world that you were his, and only his.
“Buck,” You said with confusion, not understanding the groan that left his lips at the sound of his name rolling off your tongue. “Honey, are you alright?”
“Uh huh,” Buck nodded, strutting into the kitchen.
“Really,” You said, grabbing his jaw to pull him down for a good morning kiss, the dominance held in the move making him shiver. Another shiver rolled down his spine when you murmured against Buck’s lips, “I hope you don’t mind I borrowed your shirt.”
“It looks much better on you than on me,” Buck grinned, letting his hands rest on your hips. “Love seeing you out here playing house in my clothes.”
“Yeah?” You grinned. “You like thinking of me being your good little housewife?” Buck groaned, dragging your hips forward to grind against his slightly.
“The best little housewife in the world,” Buck nodded, dropping his head to kiss the soft skin of your neck. “You should turn off the burner,” He added when he noticed you were finished making the bacon that was in the frying pan.
“I need it for the eggs,” You protested, grabbing his forearm when he moved to turn the burner off on his own. “Or don’t you want breakfast?”
“Hmm,” Buck hummed. “I think I know something that I’d rather eat right here.”
A squeal left your beautiful lips as Buck used his firefighting strength to lift you straight off your feet and sat you on the counter, standing between your thighs as a way to keep them pressed open.
“Buck!” You exclaimed with a giggle.
“Love hearing you shout my name, baby,” Buck grinned, pulling you in for a long kiss before letting his kisses trail down your jaw.
“Buck,” You whined, gripping his shoulders tightly as he nipped at your neck.
Buck spared a grin at you, sinking down so he was at eye level with your panty-covered pussy. Clearly the excitement of breakfast sex had gone straight to your core if the wet patch at the center of your panties was to be believed.
“So pretty perched on the counter for me to devour, baby,” Buck cooed, hooking his fingers into the waistband of your pretty panties. “Lift your ass for me, sweetheart.”
You bit your lip shyly as you followed his direction, lifting your hips up off the counter so Buck could slide your lace panties down your legs and deposit them onto the counter next to you. His lips found the soft skin of your inner thighs instantly, placing featherlight kisses along the inside of your thighs, savoring the soft breaths puffing out of you. Buck nudged your thighs open just a little wider, grinning when your hand wound into his hair to tug at the roots as Buck leaned in and licked a stripe up from your hole that was dripping with arousal to your clit.
“Oh!” You gasped, on hand twisting in Buck’s long covid hair, the other white knuckling the edge of the counter as Buck nibbled at your sensitive clit.
“Fucking delicious, angel,” Buck mumbled into your center.
Buck felt your ankles clasp behind his neck, keeping him locked against your cunt as he licked a pattern along your sensitive folds that he knew would make some of those melodic sounds of your pleasure drip from your lips. He also knew by the way you gripped his hair and bucked your hips against his mouth to grind your sensitive folds against his mouth that you were getting quite close to cumming on his tongue just from the movements of his mouth. When he slipped his middle two fingers into your well-lubricated hole, curling them slightly to brush across your g-spot on every thrust into you, you let out a sharp keen as your walls tightened around his thick fingers.
“Buck!” You shouted, cumming around his fingers, coating them in your juices. “Oh my god, baby, so fucking good.”
“Such a good girl,” Buck murmured, lapping up your cum. “Always so good for me.”
“Please,” You whimpered. “Buck, I need you.”
“What do you need, baby?” Buck asked, kissing your inner thigh sweetly. “I’ll give you anything you want.” He meant it too, and not just sexually. Anything you could ever want in your life Buck would provide for you.
“Want you to fuck me,” You panted, cupping his cheek. “Please, please, please.”
Hearing you beg for him made his already hard cock twitch in his boxers, he was desperate to sink into your wet heat. Standing from where he crouched on the floor in front of your pussy, Buck tugged you off the counter, turning you around to bend you over the counter. He wanted to see his last name on your back while he pounded into you. Pushing his boxers to the ground, Buck to his cock into his hand, rubbing it up and down your slit, circling your clit with it gently and grinning at your whines. When he finally lined himself up with your entrance, his hands tight on your hips, you wiggled your ass at him before he sunk his cock deep into your dripping cunt.
“Fuck,” He grunted over the sound of you moaning loudly.
The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the kitchen as Buck’s hips slammed into you with wanton abandon. Your walls enveloping him and dragging him back in to your wet heat with every pass made his heart beat erratically. Wrapping his hand in the hem his shirt on your back, he used the grip on the material to pull you back on his cock to meet every thrust of his cock into you.
“Buck,” You panted. “Oh my fucking god, so fucking good, Evan.”
“I love you, (y/n),” Buck groaned, every word being punctuated by a sharp thrust up into you.
“I love you too,” You breathed. “So much, I love you.”
“Are you close, sweetheart?”
“Mhm,” You whimpered.
Buck moved his hand to rub tight circles on your clit, hearing you let out little gasping screams as he did.
“Come for me, baby,” He commanded. “Want you to cum all over my cock.”
“Fuck!” You shouted, cumming at the combination of his words and the movements of his cock and fingers.
The feeling of your pussy clamping down around his dick made him let out his own gasp as his dick twitched inside you, releasing his spray of cum deep inside you. In his orgasmic bliss, Buck felt a stunning disappointment at the knowledge that you were on birth-control. As he filled you up with his cum, Buck imagined you full of his baby and the thought made his heart swell three sizes – he’d have to remember that thought and bring it up to you a little later.
“Buck,” You whispered, reaching your hand back to squeeze his forearm. Your movements spurred him into action, pulling out of your dripping pussy and standing you up from the counter to pull you into his arms and press a long kiss to your lips.
“I love you so much,” Buck murmured against your mouth. “You know that right?”
“I know that,” You smiled, smoothing a hand over his cheek. “I love you too, more than anything.”
Buck grinned into another kiss as you wound your arms around his neck, pulling him down for a big hug.
“Yes, sweet girl?”
“Do you ever think a-about the future?”
“What do you mean?” He asked, leaning his forehead against yours.
“I mean, you said you love seeing your name on my back,” You said quietly. “What if it was my last name too?” Your question made his heartrate skyrocket. Of course he wanted to share a last name with you, he wanted to share everything with you.
“(Y/n) Buckley,” He grinned. “Sounds perfect, and you can keep that shirt. And all the little Buckleys we’re going to have will need their own LAFD shirts too.”
“Little Buckleys,” You whispered wistfully. “I’m throwing out my birth-control, I want those little Buckleys pronto.”
“Thank god,” Buck laughed, hiking you up to wrap your legs around his waist. “I guess we should start practicing making those little Buckleys, hm?”
As Buck carried you up the stairs towards the shower, it was safe to say that breakfast turned into more of a brunch. Or even lunch. Or was forgotten all together as you spent the day wrapped up in one another talking about your future and practicing making your beautiful little baby Buckleys.
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hotchsbabygirl · 22 days ago
The reader a paramedic at the 118 and is dating Buck when she finds out she is a placeholder until Abby returns and gets upset at Buck. Her godfather (Boden, Mouch, or Hermann, your choice) contacts her and mentions them needing a PIC for 61, she moves to Chicago and works with Shay or Sylvie (your choice) where she meets Kelly and slowly starts a relationship. Things are great until the 118 comes to Chicago for a fire convention and Bucks runs into the reader and Kelly together and is jealous
Running Home 
Tumblr media
Evan Buckley x Reader, Kelly Severide x Reader
Warnings: fem!reader, mentions of cheating/rebounding, shitty medical advice (I'm not a doctor, just guessing here LOL), mentions of alcohol and the consumption of, being drunk/tipsy, dad lectures from Boden 
Category: little bit of angst and fluff 
Word Count: 6.1k
Author's Note: this one is dedicated to @jillys-feral-fandoms just cause I know these two are her favs <3 I also tagged both tag lists because it’s a crossover 
The sun peeked through the curtains when you rolled over in the bed, only to find your boyfriend’s side of the bed empty. 
“Babe?” you call, getting up and pulling Buck’s sweater on and making your way downstairs. Buck’s back was towards you when you spotted him out on the balcony. 
Something along the lines of ‘when am I gonna see you’ being asked on his side, you knocked on the glass door to tell him let him know you were there and he turned to see you behind him. His face went as pale as a ghost - like he had something to hide. 
“I’ll call you back later” he tells the person on the phone. “Yeah, you too” and with that the phone call ends. 
“Good morning,” you hum, stepping to the side, letting him into the apartment. 
“Want some coffee?” making your way over to the coffee maker, Buck shakes his head and sits at the counter. 
Curiosity gets the better of you, you cave and ask, “who’s calling you so early in the morning?” 
“Oh, it was Maddie” he smiles, leaving the phone on the counter. “I’m gonna hop in the shower, be back in a few” he walks over, pressing a kiss to your temple before heading to the bathroom. 
The shower was running and the coffee maker was beeping, letting you know that the coffee was ready but you barely heard Buck’s phone buzzing on the counter. 
“Buck! Your phone is ringing!” rounding the counter, you pick it up to see who's calling. 
The name seemed familiar but you couldn't quite place why. 
Shouting once more for him and getting no answer, you set the phone back down how you found it. You go about making your coffee when you hear buck's steps coming from the bathroom. 
“Did you call for me? I couldn't really hear you” 
“Mhm yeah, your phone rang” you mumble, he picks up the phone and smiles. 
“Everything okay?” you ask, noticing the expression on his face.  
“Huh? Yeah, fine.” he gives you a small smile and heads upstairs to get dressed. 
Hen was driving and you were in the passenger seat of the ambulance after dropping off a patient at the hospital. 
You were staring out the window, watching as the buildings passed by. “Y/n ?” Her voice broke through your thoughts. 
“Penny for your thoughts?” she glances over at you, “you’re going to get permanent forehead wrinkles if you don't relax” a small chuckle slips past her lips. 
“Do you know someone named Abby?” you thought maybe you were reading too much into this but perhaps Hen knew. The smile dropped from her face, sighing heavily. 
Maybe there was a someone after all. 
“Abby ? As in Buck’s ex girlfriend ?” 
“She’s his ex?” 
“Yeah, she is. Why do you ask?”
“Um- well he was all secretive this morning, left bed to take a phone call and when I asked who it was, he said it was Maddie. His phone rang while he was in the shower and it was Abby. He looked happy to see her call honestly” 
“Oh” was all she said. Not a word more. 
“Hen, come on. I know there’s more to the story then you’re letting on” 
“Okay, she was a 911 dispatcher. They started talking and then dating. Her mom was sick and when she passed, Abby wanted to travel or something- I don't know all the details but she basically upped and left him. A few months later- he met you.” 
This time you were the one that said “Oh” and she left it at that. When she pulled into the station, your phone rang. 
“I’ll be back in a minute” stepped back outside of the station and sat on the bench right outside. 
You answer and your god father’s voice rang through the line. “Hey kid, how are you?” 
“Hey Chief,” you smile, “I’m good, how are you?” 
“You know you don’t have to call me chief” he laughed, “Am I supposed to call you uncle Walle?” 
He laughs once more, “oh god no, please don’t. Donna was asking when you’re coming down to visit, she hasn't seen you since the wedding.” 
“Actually, I was thinking - maybe it’s time to come home” you mumble the last part, you don't know how you're feeling and you don't want to do anything irrational but you can’t stay here if there's nothing here for you and honestly, you missed home. 
“Really?” you can hear the excitement in his voice, “We'd love that. You know you’re welcome to stay with us, even if you’re just coming for a visit.” 
“Yeah, I think I will.” you smiled. 
“Also we’re in need of a PIC for 61. Dawson is in the academy so if you're coming home..” he trails off making you chuckle. 
“If you’re offering me the position, I'll take it without a question” 
“Good,” he hums. “I’ll pick you up from the airport whenever you arrive. Just let me know. Take care of yourself kid.” 
“I will, give Donna my love. I’ll see you guys soon.” 
You took the rest of the day off, explaining to Bobby your sudden need to leave. You apologized for leaving them in the lurch but Bobby said it was fine, he understood why you had to go, wishing you well and he made you promise to come visit. 
The clothes were shoved into your suitcases when you headed down to write Buck a letter. You couldn't bear to tell him face to face - although he used you as a rebound and broke your heart, you knew telling him to his face would break his. 
You found a piece of paper and scribbled down an explanation. 
“Dear Buck, 
I’m sorry to be leaving like this but this was the only way I'd be able to do it without either of us hurting more than we are. 
I know that somewhere deep down, you cared for me but there's more to it - I was a distraction from her. 
I couldn't even do that successfully since you’re still talking to her. 
There’s nothing left here for me and I hope you find the happiness you’re looking for, even if it’s not with me. 
I wish you nothing but the best, Buck. 
Love, y/n” 
“Shay, come meet y/n. She’s the new PIC on 61″ your godfather has his arm over your shoulder. He’s been proudly showing you around the house.
“Hi, I'm y/n” you smiled at the woman in front of you. “I’m Shay, I'm your partner” she stuck her hand for you to shake it. 
“It’s nice to meet you” 
“I'm gonna take her to meet the guys.” She linked arms with you and pulled you away from Chief Boden. 
“Guys!” she walked in, her arm still linked with yours. “This is y/n Boden-” “my last name actually isn't Boden” 
“Oh,” she chucked, “Anyways, this is y/n. She's Chief’s goddaughter and she’s our new PIC. So everyone be nice and keep it in your pants” she glares at the guys. 
You bite back a laugh and wave. Shay takes you around the room and introduces you to everyone. 
“Behind the stove, we have our beloved Peter Mills, he’s the best cook in the house” 
“Nice to meet you” he smiles before turning his attention back to the stove. 
“That’s Joe and Otis, the two that are bickering by the round table” she points, before bringing you over to the longer table. “This is Matt, lieutenant for truck 81″ she gave his shoulders a squeeze and he smiled at you. 
“That’s Kelly and his guys on squad, their names are on the coats, I promise it’s not as confusing as it seems” she laughs, you wave at them before she pulls you over to the couch. 
“This is Herrmann and Mouch,” you say hello when you feel something nuzzling by your leg. Crouching down, you rub the puppy that was sitting beside you now. 
“Who's this cutie?” 
“That’s Pouch, she's our little mascot” Shay gave her head a pat before the alarms went off. 
“Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61, Battalion 25. House fire, 254 83rd street” 
You and Shay made your way to the ambulance, she hopped in the front when you shut the doors at the back. 
Kelly bumped into you as he was running past, “sorry!” he looked back and smiled at you and you swear- you felt butterflies in your stomach. 
There was no way those guys were getting out of there without some sort of minor injuries. 
The entire building was up in flames and the smoke getting darker by the second. Shay had just loaded up the last patient into the ambulance and sent them off with the other paramedics. 
Suddenly you were overcome with this wave of emotions. Remembering how you felt when you saw Buck was stuck under that fire truck or when Eddie was stuck after he stupidly cut the line. 
Even though you had only just met these guys, it’s hard to lose one of your own. 
A hand squeezed your shoulder, pulling you out of your thoughts. “You alright?” your godfather was standing beside you, looking at you. 
You nod, “is there anyone else in there still? By the looks of it, it’s gonna come down any minute now” 
“Severide and Casey. They’re on their way out” he tells you. 
Shay was running towards the door when Casey and Kelly came out. Matt had a little boy in his arms. Noticing the boy was wrapped up in Kelly’s jacket, you glanced over at him who clearly looked like he was going to pass out. 
“Shay, you got the boy?!” you shout, she nods and follows Matt over to the ambulance. Kelly was making his way over to Chief when he stumbled. 
“Okay, let her check you out” Chief Boden helped him up, sitting him on the front of the truck. “I’m fine, just tripped” Kelly insisted, coughing his lungs out. 
“Mhm yeah, no. Sit up” you had already pulled the stethoscope up and it was pressed to his back. Before you could tell him what was wrong, Casey shouted for you. 
“Y/n! I’m going with Shay to the hospital!” 
“Yeah, go!” 
You turn back to Kelly who was bent over, elbows on his knees and his head in hands. Chief seemed to have disappeared in the few moments you turned around. 
“Hey,” you rubbed the back of his shoulder softly, “you’ll be okay. Just drink some water and I’ll keep an eye on you, okay?” 
“yeah, okay.” his hand rested your lower back before he stood and once again, there were those stupid butterflies. 
“Come on, you can ride with us back to the house.” 
Smiling at him “That’s okay, I’ll just get a ride with Chief.” 
Kelly hummed, looking around the scene. “Chief’s gone. Looks like you're stuck with me.” 
“Oh lucky me” your eyes flicker towards him, a smile on your face. 
Kelly laughed, “but look on the bright side, this way you can keep an eye on me” he nudged you playfully before slinging his arm over your shoulder. 
When you reached the truck, he opened the door for you. “What a gentleman,” “always am” he smiles, his hand on your lower back as you go to step up into the truck. 
The ride back to the house wasn't all that long, Capp kept you company in the back and asked about where you transferred from. You realized that you didn’t really tell them anything about you other than your name and that you were Chief’s goddaughter. 
“Well I have been living in LA since college. I was working at a fire station out there as well but I just needed - well I guess, a change” 
“That sounds like something someone would say if they were running from something” Kelly turns in his seat, looking back at you. Humming, you give him a small smile. 
“Yeah, I guess so.” 
Your response was enough for him to tell him to drop it. He was sure in time you'd confide in him or most likely in Shay and she’d tell him at some point or another. 
“Why don't you come over for dinner sometime?” Shay plops down on the couch next to you, shifting to face you. 
“Uh, yeah I could. I’m still settling in and Chief was sweet enough to let me stay with him and Donna for now so I don't wanna just run out on them, you know?” 
“Of course, just let me know when you’re free and we can go out or stay in and make dinner? Whenever you're up to it.” 
“Thank you though, that’s really sweet of you” you give her arm a squeeze. Shay’s phone rings and she excuses herself. 
Connie comes out, looking around and stops on you, “Chief Boden would like to see you.” You get up and follow her to Chief’s office, he thanks Connie and asks her to shut the door on the way out. 
“How’s your first week going ?” He asks, gesturing to the chair. You take a seat, “it’s good so far, I've gotten like 4 offers to go out already” you smile. 
“Go out?” His brows furrow- you know what he's thinking. 
“Not on a date, relax. Herrmann invited me over for dinner with him, Cindy and the kids, Matt offered to take me out with him and Gabby, Joe and Otis want me to go to some hockey game with them and Shay asked me to come over for dinner” you listed off the invites. 
“I’d take Shay up on her offer first. Herrmann and Cindy are great but I don't know if you want to take dinner with them and their 5 kids as your first night out here” Chief laughs, making you smile. 
“I don’t want you guys to feel like I don’t appreciate you - because I do but it’d be nice to get out. You guys have been stuck with me for the last few weeks, I'm sure you’d like a break.” 
“Y/n, you’re not a baby. If you’d like to go out, go ahead. I’ll get you a key soon but for now, just call when you’re on your way home.” 
“Really? You wouldn't mind?” 
“I think we could use a night to ourselves if you know-” “don’t finish that statement” your face twists, Chief shakes his head. 
“That’s not what I meant. Go back to work now, I have stuff to do” He shoos you from his office. 
You stood outside of Shay’s apartment, you felt like you were in high school again - Chief had dropped you off and said to call him if you needed a ride home. 
Shay opened the door, “hey! you made it!” she pulled you in for a hug. 
“I did!” you followed her into the apartment, she made her way to the kitchen. 
Shay turned her attention to something she had on the stove and put the lid on it before looking at you. “What’s in the bag?” she asked, eyes on the bag you had set on the counter. 
“Oh right, sorry” you chuckled. 
“Uh I brought wine-” pulling out the bottle and setting it on the counter, “and a little birdie told me, this was your favourite” you pulled a bottle of tequila out of the bag. 
Shay leant over the counter to grab the bottle, “top shelf stuff, you’re a woman after my heart y/n.” You smile, “do you need help with anything?” 
“No, it’s almost done-” “have you seen my- oh sorry,  I didn’t know we had company” the voice coming from behind you called, it sounded familiar for some reason. 
Shifting on the stool, you see Kelly coming down the stairs. The grey sweatpants clinging to his hips and he was shirtless. “Hey y/n.” he smiles, walking over and pulling you into a side hug. 
Those stupid butterflies again. 
You watch as Kelly makes his way to the fridge to grab a beer. Your eyes trailed over his body but you were pulled from your thoughts when Shay offered you a shot. 
She poured one out for you, her and Kelly. “To y/n, welcome to Chicago and we hope you decide to stay here with us” she smiled before downing the contents of the glass, you and Kelly mirroring her actions. 
Kelly disappears upstairs a few minutes later. The tequila makes you feel warm and somewhat bold. 
“Hey,” you whisper shouted, not wanting Kelly to hear even though he was all the way upstairs. “You don't get all hot and bothered when he walks around half naked?” you pour out another shot for you and Shay. 
She laughed, “oh babe, he could walk around butt-ass naked and it wouldn't make a difference to me” 
Your brows furrowed as you down the shot. “I’m into girls, I thought someone would have told you by now” 
“Oh- Oh! no, I just assumed-” “that I was straight and Kelly was my boy toy? No, he's too pretty for my liking” 
“Did someone say I was pretty?” Kelly’s voice comes from behind you again. He’s fully dressed this time, he grabs the bottle from the counter. “I’ve only been gone for 10 minutes, how did you manage to kill half a bottle already ?” 
Kelly set the bottle down, “Whatever you had in the pot is burnt now right?” he turns the stove off completely. You had both forgotten about the pot on the stove. 
“I’ll order a pizza,” he steps away to call. 
It was close to 2am and although you were  all off shift tomorrow, you should be getting home. 
“I- I should get going” you stand, wobbling for a moment before Kelly’s hand rests on your lower back, steadying you. 
“No! Spend the night!” Shay called, pouting about the fact that you were leaving. 
“I can't” you mirror her expression. “I gotta call Chief, he’ll come get me.” you go to reach your phone but almost fall. 
“No,” Kelly takes your phone from you. “I’m sober, I'll drive you home plus that’ll give you a chance to sober up a bit.”
“Are you sure ? It’s late.” 
“It's fine, I'll get you a bottle of water, say bye to Shay” 
Kelly leaves you and Shay alone for a few minutes, the two of you promising to go out somewhere soon and that you’ll call her tomorrow. “Alright, come on. I’ll be back soon,” Kelly leaned down and pressed a kiss to Shay’s head before helping you up off the couch. 
The drive home was quiet, the windows rolled down and cold wind blowing through your hair. You missed this the most - the late night drives through the city, although you were tired, there were always people awake and going about their lives - no one was ever really asleep. 
Kelly stops in front of the house, his hand reaching over to touch your shoulder softly. “You alright ? Feeling a bit better?” he asks quietly, you shift in the seat to look at him. “Yeah, thanks for the ride” you smile. 
“No problem, I figured it’d be better to just bring you than you having to call Chief.” 
You hum, head leant back against the headrest with your eyes closed. Kelly’s hand touches your cheek, his thumb rubbing against it softly. “C’mon, let’s get you inside. You need some sleep.” 
Kelly gets out and helps you out of the car, walking you up the steps and helps you unlock the door. Chief had ended up giving you his key for the night because he wasn't sure what time you’d be back or if you were gonna get a ride with Shay. 
Kelly stepped inside with you, sitting you down on the stairs. He kneeled in front of you, pulling your sandals off for you. 
“Thank you,” you whispered. 
“Is your room upstairs?” he asks and you nod, “can you get up the stairs by yourself?” you shake your head, knowing that if you attempted to walk up the stairs by yourself, you’d just end up back at the bottom again. 
“Okay, I'll help you up and then I'll head out.” Kelly pulled you up, his hands on your hips to steady you as you slowly made your way up the stairs. 
“By time you get upstairs, it’ll be morning” he mumbles, your hand over your mouth as you bite back a laugh. “C’mon,” Kelly picks you up bridal style instead, carrying you up the stairs. He stopped when he got tot the top of the stairs, looking at you.
Pointing to the door at the end of the hall, Kelly carries you into the room and sets you down on the bed. “Okay, all good now. I’ll see you at work okay? Get some rest.” 
“Wait, where are you going?” you sit up, looking at him. “Home,” he hums. 
“Just stay,” “y/n- I don't think that’s a smart idea.” 
“Please. Nothing’s gonna happen, I just- at least until I fall asleep.” 
You don't know what came over you. Internally, you blamed it on the tequila and the fact that you missed Buck and missed how it felt to be held while you fell asleep but you just needed someone- just for tonight. 
You also knew that if you were sober enough to make this choice now, you’d be sober enough to remember it in the morning and seriously regret it but what do you care right now?
Kelly sighs, pushing your bedroom door in quietly before getting in bed next to you. “No funny business missy” he smiles to himself, knowing you can’t see him in the dark. 
“Whatever you say, Lieutenant” humming, settling down with your head on his chest and his arm instinctively wraps around you. 
Kelly would be lying if he said his heart didn’t skip a beat when you called him lieutenant. 
“Did y/n come home last night?” he asked Donna. 
“I saw her shoes by the stairs so I assumed she did.” Donna answers, her attention on cutting the fruit in front of her. 
“Could you wake her up for breakfast ? I don’t wanna just walk in.” he asks her sweetly, she hums. “Sure, I'll go get her.” 
Donna makes her way back upstairs and to your room. She knocks on the door, “Honey, are you awake?” she calls, knocking once more. 
This time, she opens the door and calls, “y/n, baby. Are you up-” she smiles at the sight in front of her. Before she could close the door again, Wallace had already made his way upstairs. 
“Is she up?” Donna shushed him, grabbing his arm and pulling him over to her. 
You and Kelly were both asleep, the blanket pulled up halfway and your head was on his chest. Kelly’s arm was wrapped around you and your hand was resting on his shoulder. 
“What the-” “shh, let them sleep. I’m pretty sure it was after 2 when they got in.” 
“Donna, do you not see who she’s in bed with ?” he half shouted and half whispered. 
“Wallace, she’s not a baby. They're sleeping in the same bed, it’s not like she's pregnant with his kid.”
Wallace left Donna upstairs and went downstairs knowing that if he stayed, he’d just ended up killing Kelly. 
Donna walked into the room, she shook you softly. “Y/n, time for breakfast honey.” She shook you again when you groaned. 
“Y/n, come on sweetheart.” you finally sit up, rubbing your eyes. “What?” you yawn, Donna smiles. 
“Wallace asked me to wake you for breakfast. Maybe you wanna ask your friend to join us?” she looked down at Kelly who was still asleep. 
“Oh my god. I forgot I asked him to stay.” you sigh, Donna sat on the end of the bed. 
“Don’t worry. Just wake him up and you two come down and join us for breakfast. There’s extra toothbrushes in the bathroom” she gave your hand a squeeze and left you to wake him. 
Kelly stirred when you shook him. “Lemme sleep” he mumbled, rolling over. “Dude, come on. You gotta get up.” you shook him once more.
Kelly opened his eyes, he blinked the sleepiness away before sitting up. It took him a moment to register where he was and what was happening. “Did I fall asleep?” 
“Clearly. Now we have to go down for breakfast - together.” 
“What?” Kelly’s eyes widened. “Yeah, so come on.” you get up and make your way to the bathroom. 
You and Kelly head down for breakfast. Donna and Wallace were already sitting at the table. 
“Y/n, Kelly.” Chief nodded, before the two of you sat down. 
“Morning,” you gave him a small smile before pouring out some coffee. “Chief,” Kelly nodded back, sitting quietly at the table. 
“So, how’d you sleep?” Donna asked, you and Kelly both looked up at her at the same time. “Sorry,” she hums, popping a piece of fruit into her mouth. 
“So, which one of you is gonna explain why I had to find you two in bed together ?” Chief broke the silence. 
You and Kelly look at each other and then at Chief. “Well-” Kelly starts. 
You rest your hand on his, “he brought me home and I was the one that asked him to stay. Nothing happened, I was drunk and I fell asleep and so did he.” you told him, it’s better to get everything out in the air before he started to assume. 
“Okay.” Chief just moved on and continued with breakfast like nothing had happened. 
“Thanks for breakfast,” Kelly leaned down to give Donna a kiss on the cheek, she smiles and pats his cheek. “You know you’re welcomed here anytime, Kelly.” she glances at her husband for a second. 
Chief gets up, “I’ll walk you out.” You were still sitting at the table with Donna when they left for the door. 
Kelly was a step out the door when Chief called for him. “What really happened last night ?” 
“Y/n told you.” 
“Now I'm asking you.” 
Kelly hummed, stepping back up the stairs. “Shay and y/n got drunk after dinner. I was still sober when she said she wanted to head home, so I offered to drive her home. I helped her inside and up to her room. She was the one that asked me to stay, “only till she fell asleep” - her words” 
Chief’s arms folded across his chest. “Why were you still here this morning?” 
“We both fell asleep. Nothing happened, Chief. I would never do that; y/n is a sweet girl, it’s clear she left LA for a reason and I don’t want to hurt her - that was never my intention.”  
“Good-” he felt a hand on his arm, you were standing behind him. Chief’s hand rested on you, giving it a squeeze before walking back to the kitchen. You walked Kelly down to the car. 
“I’m guessing I blew it” you asked him, shoving your hands into the sweater pockets. 
Kelly’s head titled, the confusion evident on his face. “I mean, even if there was a chance of us being a thing- the whole ‘your boss/my godfather catching us in bed and lecturing you’ thing kinda ruins it huh?” 
He laughed, his arm slung over your shoulder. “You didn’t ruin anything and honestly, Boden couldn't get rid of me if he tried,” you smiled, a hand coming up and resting on Kelly’s chest. 
You looked up at him, he leaned down to kiss you but only for a moment before you could hear knocking. 
Wallace was by the window, knocking for the two of you to stop kissing. Donna waved from behind him and pulled him away from the window. 
Kelly smiles, leaning down to pull you into a hug. “I’ll see you work?” 
“Yeah,” you smile. 
*A Few Months Later* 
“Just come with me,” Kelly’s arm was over your shoulder, the two of you walking through the house. “Dawson is going with Casey, why can't you go with me?” 
“Kelly, it’s a gala for firefighters.” 
“Okay but Herrmann is taking Cindy and she's not a firefighter.” 
“That's his wife, Kelly” you rolled your eyes. Kelly stopped, pulling you against him, your chest pressed to his. 
“Come on, just this once. I never take a date, I mean other than Shay but she’s into girls so it doesn't count” 
“Let her hear you say that,” you laugh. “You've never taken a date?” 
“I always leave with one,” he smirks, making you roll your eyes again and earning him a smack to the arm. 
“You know, maybe I'll go-” “Really ?” “With Otis.” 
“Fine, just this once.” 
“Good, I can show you off all night” he pressed a kiss to your temple. “Oh shut up, like you’re not the brawns in this relationship. We all know i’m the brains”
“If that helps you sleep at night, sure” Kelly smiles, walking down the hall and you give him a shove. 
A few weeks after the breakfast fiasco, Kelly asked you out on a proper date and soon asked you to be his girlfriend. 
Needless to say, things have been going pretty smoothly besides a few times Kelly nearly gave you a heart attack with his need to run into burning buildings unnecessarily but you knew that feeling all too well. 
“I’m going to go get a drink, do you want anything ?” you untangle yourself from him, a hand pushing the wrinkle from your dress. 
“I’m okay babe, thanks” he smiled, giving you a quick kiss before letting you go. 
You had only gone to the gala once before when you were a teenager but you don’t remember it being this full. You bumped into Herrmann and Cindy on your way to the bar. 
“Y/n!” Cindy gave you a quick hug, “hey! how are you?” you smiled. The three of you made small talk for a bit, Cruz and Otis joining you at some point. “It’s pretty full this year, isn’t it?” you ask the group, you hear a few agreements. 
“Apparently, it’s for firefighters across the country this year, hence the change to a bigger venue” Otis pointed out. 
“Ah, I see.” you glance at the clock on the wall, you realize you had been talking to them for 15 minutes. 
“I told Kelly I was going for a drink, he's probably wondering where I am, I'll see you guys at the table, yeah?” you excused yourself and made your way to the bar. 
Leaning against the counter, you waited for the bartender to come your way as he was dealing with someone at the other end. You glanced around the room, trying to spot Kelly so you’d have a general idea as to where to go when you get your drink. 
“Bartender!” you hear someone call from beside you, more than once you might add. 
“Can you not see he’s busy? Might wanna wait your turn before he doesn’t come over here-” you turn to the voice next to you, waiting to put a face to the voice. 
“Buck.” you stared at the man next to you. He hasn't changed in the months since you left. The same blonde hair, only grown out to show his curls more, his insanely blue eyes and that stupid smile on his face. 
“Y/n.” his eyes studied you for a moment, unsure what he was looking for or even what to say. 
The two of you stood there in shock, looking at each other like the other was an alien or something from outer space.
Buck instinctively pulled you in for a hug, his arms wrapping around you like they belonged there. “How have you been?” he asks, talking to you like you didn’t just up and leave a few months ago. 
“Good, you?” 
“Can’t complain.” he smiles. 
The statement suddenly made you feel horrible, heart clenching in your chest. 
“What can I get you folks?” the bartender finally makes his way over, Buck turns to face him. “A beer and uh, a Manhattan if I'm not mistaken ?” Buck glances over at you, you nod to confirm. 
“What brings you to the gala?” Buck turns back to you while the bartender makes your drink. “Last time I checked, you were a paramedic.” 
“Still am. My godfather is giving the opening speech so I came out” 
“Oh I see. Everyone is here you know - Bobby, Hen, Chim, Eddie. I’m sure they’d all love to see you.” 
“Um-” you look around, Kelly was nowhere to be found. “Sure, I have a few minutes.” 
You grab your drink and Buck points you in the direction. His hand rested on your lower back as the two of you navigated through the tables. “Hey, look who I found,” Buck said as he reached the table, everyone turning their attention to him. 
Bobby was the first one to get up, “Y/n, it’s so good to see you.” He gives you a hug, “same, I missed you guys.” 
You went around the table saying hello to everyone, making small talk. Everyone was asking how you were doing in Chicago and you asked about things back in LA. 
“I was looking for you,” a hand pressing against your hip, Kelly now beside you. 
“Oh hey, sorry.” You lean into Kelly, he kisses your cheek softly. 
You could feel the eyes burning into you. Everyone wanted an explanation- you had left Buck with no explanation to anyone other than Buck and now here you were a few months later all cuddled up with someone else. 
“Everyone, this is Lieutenant-” you pause mid introduction. Do you introduce him as your boyfriend or as a friend ? 
“Kelly Severide, y/n’s boyfriend” he finishes the introduction for you. Once again, you can feel everyone looking at you, there are a few glances around the table and then the eyes are back on you. 
“Kel, this is my house back in LA. Captain Bobby Nash, Chimney Han, Hen Wilson, Eddie Diaz and Evan Buckley.” you name them off, Kelly waves hello. 
“I hate to pull her away but dinner is starting soon and we really should settle in now” 
Everyone seemed fine with the fact that you moved on, you're almost sure it's come out as to why you left LA - left Buck. 
Buck was the one who was still holding on, his eyes glued to you and Kelly. You could feel his eyes move from you to Kelly, to Kelly’s hand on your hip. 
“No worries at all,” Bobby stood up, “come visit us soon, y/n. You’ll always have a home at the 118″ he pulled you in for a hug, you smiled. “Thanks cap, I'll come visit soon, I promise.”
“It was nice to meet you Kelly,” Bobby shook his hand, “pleasure’s all mine Bobby.” Kelly waited for you to say your goodbyes to everyone else. 
Finally you got back to Buck, you smiled at him and pulled him in for a hug. “It was nice to see you, really.” you whisper. 
Buck was a good foot taller than you so he had to lean down, his arms wrapped around you and his hands resting on the small of your back, rubbing up and down gently - just like he would when he had come home from a tough shift and needed to hold you in his arms. 
This felt like a goodbye - the one you never had. 
“Yeah, you too y/n” 
You gave him one last squeeze before letting go, he watched you walk over to Kelly whose arm was now wrapped around your waist. You could feel Buck’s eyes on you as you walked back to your table. 
Kelly pulled your chair out for you before sitting down beside you. 
“Hey, who was that? He seemed kinda attached to you” Kelly chuckled, his hand reaching for yours. Looking towards the table where the 118 sat, eyes focused on Buck before turning back to Kelly. 
“Just an old friend.” 
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honeysimagines · 4 months ago
you and me, we’re solid
Tumblr media
This imagine is just... a lot, i started writing it after “first responders” aired and planned on having it finished before the next episode. Seeing as that episode aired over two months ago you can imagine how well that went. I even told myself i wouldn’t watch the season finale until after i finished the fic but I caved around the middle of June and watched it. Debated wether to include smut or not after a good setup but decided against it since i wanted to finish the fic and then continued to write like 10 pages more. Finally when i was nearly done i hit a block and couldn’t bring myself to write the ending but oh well, here it is. Enjoy.
8k words of friends to lovers
He told himself that he was a changed man, Buck 3.0, a guy that loved women for more than just their bodies and was looking for a stable long term relationship. His quest for love took him on several dates ranging from bad to batshit crazy but he always stood his ground and didn’t give in to his urges for a quick one night stand with a pretty stranger. At least it was that way until he met you.
It started out completely innocent. While you met on a dating app your profile politely stated that you were just looking for friends in the area since you were new and he respected that. Sure he thought you were absolutely drop dead gorgeous but Buck didn’t want to break the boundaries you had set. Your bio stated some of your interests and he thought you’d be a great match so he didn’t hesitate to swipe right on you even if it was just friendly interest. 
From the moment you two met, originally to go on a hike in the Hollywood hills to take touristy pictures with the sign, something that Buck hadn’t done before even though he had lived in LA for years at this point, you just clicked. Hiking led to rollerblading down boardwalks at the beach led to dancing the night away in karaoke bars. Even with your busy jobs you still managed to meet up regularly, be it to go on an adventure or just chilling in a coffee shop gossiping about life. You loved listening to Buck talk about random little facts he found out during late night google sessions when he couldn’t sleep just as much as he loved hearing you rant about your interest and the latest work drama. You were simply on the same wavelength. 
And then Covid hit. 
The situation was just horrible and the LA area was hit hard. Thankfully your job decided to go remote very early on and you were able to just barricade yourself in your home but so many people weren’t as lucky. While you still talked to Buck almost daily it was hard to find time where the two of you could facetime, not daring to meet up in person until the situation calmed down a bit more. You learned that several of his friends from the firehouse were crashing with him at first so they wouldn’t put their loved ones at risk, something you admired them for almost as much as for their jobs. You felt for Maddie who had to go through the first months of her pregnancy alone as Chimney was staying at Buck’s place but you were glad that they at least had family close. 
Your life had gotten pretty boring over the last few months. It was a constant trot between video calling your work, video calling your therapist, and video calling Buck. You tried new hobbies like making banana bread just like everybody else or making sourdough bread just like everybody else but nothing really stuck. You missed the days when you were out in the sun with Buck, making your way up a mountain or driving down the PCH for a daytrip. 
When it was announced that limited contact between two households was okay again you immediately packed an overnight bag and a bottle of tequila before making your way over to his place. At this point his friends were living at home again and although Chimney’s brother Albert had moved in with Buck to give Maddie and Chimney more room, he seemed to be spending most of the time at his girlfriend’s place in the same building. It’s been months since you were able to see him in person and you couldn’t wait. The elevator ride to his floor seemed to take forever before you finally made your way to his door and a smile made its way onto your face as you rang his doorbell.
You didn’t have to wait long for Buck to open the door. One second you were standing in front of him and the next you were being spun around by him. His strong arms were holding you up as he held you against him and you couldn’t help but melt into him. It had been so long since you were able to hug your best friend. “Hey Buck.”
“What are you doing here?” He said as he lowered you back down. He gave you a long look up and down and you really hoped you hadn’t changed too much during quarantine.
“Some of the regulations were lifted and I just couldn’t stay cooped up any longer so I thought I could come visit my favorite person.”
Buch stepped back to let you into his apartment and you followed, quietly closing the door behind you. A quick once over let you know that Albert was indeed not home at the moment and although you liked the sweet guy you were glad that it was just Buck and you. Even though it had been a while since you were over at his place it wasn’t awkward. You threw yourself at his couch waiting for him to join you. Glancing at the tv you could see he was watching a rerun of a football game.
You barely had time to react before a water bottle flew into your lap. Moments later Buck picked up your feet and sat down on the couch before dropping them back into his lap. This position wasn’t unusual for the two of you and you were glad that things were as if no time had passed. “You’re lucky that I have a few days off. What would you have done if I was at the station?” He asks, getting comfortable.
“Well first of all I'm hurt that you don’t think I know your schedule.” You pointed at him accusingly before continuing. ”But there’s also Albert who could have let me in if he was here. Or I could just use one of the spare keys you like to hand out like candy on Halloween.” You told him smugly before taking a sip from the water bottle. It was cold and you smiled knowing he had just gotten it from the fridge for you. 
“You really know my schedule?” 
“Of course Buck” You gently gave his thigh a shove with your foot. “Got it printed out on my fridge and everything. You usually text me when you’re done with your shifts and I just like knowing you're safe so if I don't hear from you I always assume you’re in the hospital. Which was a correct assumption multiple times so far.” You smiled as you were saying those words but they definitely left a bitter taste in your mouth. Buck’s job was dangerous and you knew that but that didn’t stop you from worrying.
“Wow.” One of his hands came to rest on your ankle, slowly running his thumb over the skin, causing a shudder to run through your body. “Now I feel bad for not knowing your schedule.” 
“Bold of you to assume I even have a schedule at this point.” You took another sip of your water before continuing, “I know I probably went a bit overboard but I seriously haven’t left the house in months and it’s just… it’s just nice to have a bit of human contact, you know?”
You could practically see the gears in his head turning as he realised what you just said. “You haven’t had any human contact in months?!” His voice echoed through his loft. 
When you nodded he just stared at you for a second before using your legs to haul you closer to him with that damn firefighter strength. Before you knew it you were basically sitting in his lap, both of his arms wrapped around you. You let yourself enjoy the contact for a moment before speaking up again. “What’s happening?”
“What do you mean what’s happening? You just told me you haven’t had any human contact in months of course we need to make that up.” He paused for a moment. “That’s cool right?”
Hugging him a bit closer you just melted into his touch. It was so nice to have another person near you again. “Yeah Buck. That’s cool.”
You just sat there for a moment, Buck’s arms wrapped around you and background noise coming from the tv before you remembered something. “I brought tequila by the way.”
Buck promptly deposited you back onto the couch with a “fuck yeah” before pulling your bag closer. He rummaged through it for a few seconds before triumphantly pulling out the bottle. “And the good stuff too. You’re really spoiling me tonight aren’t you? A pretty girl, some nice tequila, the game on tv…” He trailed off. 
“Ugh, go get glasses, you charmeur.” You took the bottle out of his hands and opened it up before taking a swig from it. Or at least that was the plan until Buck said “Cute underwear by the way.” and you more or less choked and poured a generous amount of the alcohol down the front of your shirt. 
“The fuck Buckley.” You coughed out. Sure you had just thrown a change of clothes in the bag without much thought and truthfully you didn’t even care all that much that Buck had seen the thong you had packed for the next day, the two of you were extremely comfortable around each other to the point of having gone skinny dipping at a hidden beach you had found during one of your adventures, but that didn’t mean you expected for him to comment on it. Not to mention the fact that your shirt was wet now. Damnit. “Hey can I go grab one of your shirts? Mine’s got tequila on it.” You called out to him once your throat stopped burning.
“Sure you know where they are. Do you want salt and lime too? Chasers?” 
You got up from the couch and made your way up the stairs to his bedroom area. “Whatever you want, Buckaroo.” You bend down to open one of the drawers on his dresser and pull out the first shirt you see. Not bothering to go lock yourself in the bedroom you quickly take off your shirt and put on his. It’s really soft and when you look down you see that it’s a gray shirt with the LAFD logo on the chest. 
By the time you walked back down to his main living area, Buck was already sitting on the couch again with a myriad of things placed all over the coffee table. “Come on.” He pulls you down on the couch close to him before handing you an already poured shot. “We need to toast.” 
Buck had a big goofy smile on his face and you couldn’t help but smile back. “Toast to what?” 
He thought for a moment before raising his glass. “To human contact.” 
“To human contact.” You repeated, clinking your glass against his.
You lost track of time somewhere after the third shot but that didn’t mean the night wasn’t fun. It felt so good to hang out with your friend again and you were already planning things you could do once things were getting better. You were just telling Buck that yes getting new tattoos sounded like a lot of fun and you would totally come and hold his hand but you should do something more exciting when the door opened and Albert came home.
“No i’m telling you it’s just a 150 foot drop you do that all the time and…” You trailed off when you saw Albert walk into the loft. “Albert, hey Albert.” You called the other man over to where you and Buck were spread out on the couch. 
“Hey Albert!” Buck joined in. 
“Tell Buck a giant swing over a canyon is a great idea. Oh, do you… do you want a drink we still have,” you looked over the table taking in the empty bottles before picking one up, “There’s still some tequila i think. Just not the good stuff.”
Albert just looked at the two of you with amusement before stepping closer to the couch and taking the empty bottle from your hands and putting it back on the table.
“It’s really nice to meet you in person but I think it’s bedtime for the two of you.” 
“What? No it’s…” You stood up and immediately stumbled over absolutely nothing and fell back on the couch. 
After giving you a quick once over to make sure you’re okay Buck stood up from the couch and reached out to haul you up as well. “Okay yeah Albert is right. Time for bed. Come on.” He tried herding you up the stairs while also noticeably stumbling, Albert just watching the two of you trying not to fall and hurt yourselves. 
When you reached the top of the stairs after what felt like forever you didn’t hesitate to walk the last few steps before falling face first onto Buck’s bed, Buck following seconds later and falling partly on top of you making you groan.
“Ugh get off me you big goon.” You gave him a mini shove to let him know to roll over which he promptly did.
Leaning up for a moment you could see him with his head burrowed in one of his pillows, half asleep already. 
“Buck, hey.” You tried getting his attention.
“Wha’? Yes, I’m awake.” He mumbled even though his eyes were still closed. “D’you need sweatpants or somethin’?”
“Can i jus-just take my pants off? I don’t want to get up to change.” 
Buck just hummed, reaching out to probably pat your shoulder but he missed completely and just put his hand on your face. Taking this as an affirmation you simply shimmied out of your jeans before moving up the bed until you were properly laying down too. Buck pulled his blanket over the two of you without even opening his eyes and you knew it was only moments until he’d be out like a light.
“Goodnight Buck.”
“Night.” He mumbled back.
When you woke up the next morning it was to a groaning Buck showing his head into the nonexistent space between your head and your pillow. During the night you must have moved around to the point of being closely cuddled up but you didn’t mind at all, it felt nice to have somebody so close again.
“Turn the lights off. It’s way too bright.” He complained, the sound muffled by your hair. 
Unfortunately you made the decision to open your eyes only to regret your decisions moments later when the blinding light took your light headache to a pounding one. “Fuck.” You whispered as to not make it worse. “That’s not the lights, that's the sun.”
He only groaned again before lifting the blanket and simply pulled it up until it was covering your heads, leaving the two of you engulfed in blissful darkness. 
You had no idea how long it took you to untangle yourself and make your ways downstairs but by the time you stumbled down the stairs it was already close to lunchtime. Apparently Albert was nice enough to put out something to drink and some small painkillers which you took without a second thought. He was nowhere to be seen in the apartment so he was probably already gone for the day but you made the mental note to thank him the next time you saw him, hopefully sober that time.
Buck and you got ready for the day in mostly silence. Since it was his day off he didn’t get dressed up and you decided to follow suit, seeing no need to dress up since the only thing you’d be doing today was drive back to your place. 
“That was fun.” He was laying on his unmade bed, thumbing through his phone when you came up the stairs after getting ready in the bathroom. 
“Yeah.” You agreed, laying next to him until you were just staring at the ceiling. “It was nice. You’re a pretty good cuddler.” You teased him.
“Thanks. You should come over more often. Even with Albert around and my friends at work…” He trailed off a bit. “I missed you.” 
“I missed you too.”
After that day you became a regular at the Buckley-Han household. Well, one of them. During that time you befriended Albert when he was home and you were waiting for Buck. He was pretty fun but you definitely preferred your Buck over him. It simply felt nice to have other people around and the trot of video calling your work and video calling your therapist became way less annoying now that you didn’t have to video call Buck anymore. You still went back to your place to get things but most of your time was spent lounging around Buck’s loft in his criminally soft shirts waiting for the man to come home from his shifts from the firehouse. 
Things started to change during one of those days. You had been over at the loft for three days at this point, just living your normal life at a different location. Being close to your best friend definitely helped you feel better even if it came with some comments from your parents asking who’s apartment you were in when you called them. One thing you noticed though was how long it had been since you had Buck was a good looking guy and sleeping cuddled up with him most nights certainly didn’t help you forget about the fact that it’s been ages since the same situation happened in a less friendly context. Which is how you ended up sprawled over Buck’s couch, swiping through the same dating app you met him on, when he came home. 
“I’m home!” His voice filled the loft and you couldn’t help but laugh. 
“Hey Buck.” You responded, not looking up from your phone. You were too busy trying to decide whether ‘Jake’ was hot enough to be as arrogant as he seemed before coming to the conclusion that no, no he isn’t and swiping him away. You had been sifting through the app hoping on finding somebody, anybody, that seemed nice enough to fuck you but somehow there didn’t seem to be one good man in the entirety of LA. 
Buck wasn’t being quiet as he walked through the loft but it still surprised you when his head pops over your shoulder, looking at your phone.
“Jesus!” The phone drops out your hand, falling against your chest and disappearing halfway down the neckhole of your shirt.
“Just Buck is fine.” He joked. “What are you doing?”
You sighed as you picked up your phone again. Explaining to him that you were lonely in that way could be extremely awkward even though you felt comfortable enough to talk about sex with him before. But telling Buck about your plans could also have positive results. “If I were to go on a date you’d come with me to make sure the guy isn’t a creep, right?” You looked down on your phone again and saw that you accidentally super liked somebody when Buck scared you. Worst of all, the guy was totally not your type. “Damnit.” You swiped the like away and just hoped he wouldn’t match you.
“Yeah sure I can come with you and protect you but why are you looking on a dating site? If you wanted to find a partner you could have just told me. I know tons of great single people and could have played matchmaker.” He was still looking over your shoulder so his voice was close to your ear as he spoke. 
“I’m not exactly looking for a relationship here. It’s just-“, you paused for a moment unsure what to say next, “It’s just been a while, you know?”
When you turned your head to look at Buck you could basically see the cogs in his head turning, trying to comprehend what you just said. 
“Oh.” He said, “Ohhhhhh. Yeah no I totally get it.” Buck stood up before making his way to the other end of the couch and moving your legs around so he could sit down before laying them across his lap again, resting his hand on your shin. “I think the last time I hooked up with somebody was nearly three months ago with Taylor so it’s been a while.” 
Taylor Kelly and you got along just fine even though you rarely interacted. She was very focused on her work as a reporter at the moment, working towards a big promotion, so she usually only met up with Buck when their fields of work overlapped. You on the other hand were working from home at the moment, taking extra precaution to rarely leave your (or Buck’s) home so there hasn’t been any chance for the two to meet in a while. It was nice to hear that Buck was still in contact with her. It was nice to hear he was getting some too. 
“Lucky you.” You said quietly, locking your phone and throwing it on the couch somewhere around your middle. Of course Buck wouldn’t get it, he was a hot firefighter, there was no way he wouldn’t get laid left and right if he wanted to. “I haven’t had sex since… shit i haven’t gotten fucked since before LA.” 
Thinking about it now you realized it had been even longer than you first thought. Time didn’t seem to be real these days but holy shit. You realised the living room area of the loft had gotten completely quiet. Great, now you made it awkward.
You lifted your head to look at Buck, seeing him stare back at you with a look of complete shock on his face. “Don’t be weird about it.”
Buck took a second to gather himself but you were glad that he was just playing it off. “What no, I'm not making it weird.” He looked around for a moment, focusing on the tv for a second before turning back to you. “Do you just want to order take out and watch a movie? Maybe we can go through the app together and try to look for people that don’t suck.” 
That night you were curled up on his bed again. Moonlight was coming in through the window but neither of you were asleep yet. The whole dating app thing was a complete disaster. Few of the people you liked matched with you and even fewer messaged you. And oh boy did they message you. You picked your phone up again from where you had put it beside the bed to charge, turning it around in your hand and contemplating just deleting the app all together just to get rid of the weird things you had read earlier. 
Your thumb accidentally caught on the screen, making the phone light up in the dark and blinding you a bit. You just squinted at the bright light before Buck reached out and guided your hand down until the phone was laying screen down on the bed, letting darkness take over the room again. “Sorry that people on the app were being weird.” Buck whispered.
“Not your fault.” You whispered back. It really wasn’t. The LA dating scene was just...bad.
The bed shifted under his weight as Buck moved around but you soon found yourself fully spooned by your best friend. “It still sucks.” He mumbled into the back of your neck. Something about having him so close just made you feel all soft and protected. His warm form against your back acting like a barrier shielding you from whatever was happening outside in the real world. “I’ll think of something.” He promised you just before his soft breathing luled you to sleep.
Something about the conversation wouldn’t leave Buck’s head. Even the next day at work he was still going over the things you had said. He just could comprehend how horrible people on the app had been. Sure he had used it before but your experience was far from his. All he ever got from it were a few mediocre dates and you. Meeting you was one of the best things that ever happened in his life. From the first second the two of you just clicked. It was just like there was an instant connection. He finally had a friend at the same point of life as him. Buck absolutely adored his friends’ families and he loved spending time with them at firehouse events or celebrations but they were also a priority for them and he understood that. Bobby and Hen had their families to worry about, Chim and Maddie were just starting theirs, and as much as he loved Christopher and Eddie he knew that at the end of the day he was just the fun uncle Buck. Sure there was Taylor but ever since she got informed that a big position in the network would be opening up soon she spent even more of her time working towards a promotion. But you… you were just different. Buck knew that if anything happened he would immediately drop everything for you but he also knew that you would do the same for him. Your friendship ran deeper than just availability though. Whenever there was a new restaurant you wanted to check out you would go together. Whenever he was free for a few days you would immediately pack up your bags and take a road trip and explore. Whenever you were in his (and Albert’s) loft you filled the place with warmth and made it feel like home instead of just a place he lived. You were quite possibly the best friend he ever had and you deserved nothing but the best. Which is why he was determined to find you a nice person to fuck, even if he had to scour through the depth of LA’s underground by himself. 
The team was currently restocking the truck after a long but thankfully uneventful shift but Buck’s mind was elsewhere. 
“Hey!” Eddie’s voice snapped him back to reality. “What’s up with you man? You’ve been in your head for the entire shift.”
Buck obviously wouldn’t share your private conversations with his other best friend but part of him still wanted to know if the other man could maybe help. “Just thinking. You wouldn’t happen to know any hot single people?” He internally cringed at his words.
“What, like you?” Eddie quipped back. “Not really, I think Hakim from the other shift…” He continued on but Buck wasn’t listening anymore.
Yeah that could work.
You were just cleaning up the kitchen, dinner was in the oven and your wine glass was full, when Buck came home. He was dragging his duffle a bit so you turned around to grab him a glass too. “Hey Buck, how was your day? Albert’s spending the night at his girlfriend’s place again so we have the place to ourselves.” Behind your back you heard Buck hang up his jacket and take off his shoes. “I wasn’t really feeling takeout tonight so I just made some quick roasted chicken and vegetables but it won’t be ready for another ten minutes and woah…” When you turned around, wine glass in hand, Buck was standing inches away from you. 
“We should fuck.” 
“I… what?” You just looked up at him wide-eyed, unsure of what to say. 
“We should have sex. Just think about it. We both haven’t gotten laid in a while, we’re both hot, and we both care about each other so we would make sure it’s good.” He finished his explanation, looking at you with a hopeful expression on his face. 
It sounded weird but… it all made sense. Buck was hot, there was no denying it. And you knew he was more than adept in bed from some of the stories you had shared before. Deep down you knew that if you agreed he would definitely make it worth your time. But he was also your closest friend and you didn’t want to mess that up.
“I… I don’t know. Don’t you think that sleeping together could ruin our friendship? I love you Buck, I really do, and don’t want to lose you as a friend.”
“I know it sounds crazy and scary but hey, you and me,” he gestured between the two of you, “we’re solid. Worst case scenario we find out we’re not compatible in bed and go back to being friends. Best case scenario we have some amazing sex. I see no downside here.”
You felt as if your brain stopped working, not able to form a coherent thought. Buck sounded so sure that this would be good. And for as long as you knew him, Buck’s ideas had never turned out bad. Sure some of his ideas were reckless but you always came out laughing with nothing but a few scratches to show for it. While your brain was slowly breaking apart trying to come up with an opinion other parts of you were just screaming fuck it, say yes, have fun. He was looking down at you with his face so open, soft eyes full of want and nervously biting his lip. Okay. Yeah. Fuck it. 
You gave in, reaching out until you could pull his head down, connecting your lips.
It started out as an innocent kiss, barely more than a soft touch of his lips on yours, but neither of you hesitated to deepen it. You were feeling hot all over, craving his touch, wanting nothing but more, more, more. His hands came to your sides, just resting on your hips, not daring to pull you further. Buck was letting you set the pace and you really appreciated it but you also wanted him to use his strength and push you around a little. 
Pulling back you couldn’t help but notice that his eyes were still closed as if to savor the moment. Oh, this was going to be good. Moving away from him didn’t feel great but the oven was still going and the last thing you needed was a kitchen fire, even though you had a hot firefighter close by, so you quickly turned it off before returning to Buck’s arms. This time you didn’t let it start slow. Your lips found each other again only this time there was no question where this would lead. This wasn’t a careful test, this was nothing but pure hunger. His hands returned to your waist but they didn’t stay there long. Soon they were everywhere, pulling you closer, exploring your body. All you could focus on was the heat of his mouth, the heat of his hands, the heat building inside of you. 
Buck crowded you against the kitchen counter, cold stone against the small of your back, and you didn’t hesitate to let him lift you up when his hands landed on your ass. You pulled apart, catching your breath. You could still feel his kiss linger on your lips. Feeling torn between wanting to tug on his hair and pull him into another kiss or wanting to tug on his shirt to signal him to take it off the decision was taken off your hands when Buck started lifting your shirt up instead. You had to thank whatever higher power there is that you decided to wear not only admittedly cute underwear but also a matching set. 
The second your shirt was over your head you pulled Buck back in. If you weren’t careful you could easily get addicted to his touch. You got lost in his lips again until he pulled away and attached himself to your neck instead, although that didn’t last long. He was making his way lower and lower, from your neck down to your chest. If you didn’t stop him you would devour you for dinner right here on the kitchen counter.
“Buck…” You gasped as he bit the swell of your chest, tongue darting out to soothe the sting. “Bed. Now. Come on.”
You thought that maybe he would pull away and let you get off the counter to walk upstairs to get off in a different way but instead he lifted you up and made his way towards the bed with you still in his arms. He swayed a bit and you couldn’t help but let out a yelp when he nearly dropped you at the beginning of the stairs. Buck only laughed against your neck before adjusting his grip and continuing on with his way. Oh this was going to be fun.
Sex with Buck was… nothing if not amazing. The way the two of you fit together was something you hadn’t experienced before. He just knew how to touch you right and make you feel things you’ve never felt before. 
Thankfully your relationship hadn’t changed much since you decided to switch from friends to friends with benefits. The only real difference was that now you had sex. And maybe made out a bit here and there. All your worries were gone and there was nothing left but pure bliss.
“Hey Buck, do you… woah.” 
Pulling his shirt the rest of the way down Buck turned around to face his best friend. He was just getting done changing after a shift when Eddie approached him. 
“What happened to your back?” The older man asked, elaborating when Buck just looked at him confused. “Your back looks rough. Did you get hurt on a call?” 
Realisation dawned on him and he quickly reassured his friend. “Oh no, I'm fine Eddie don’t worry. The scratches are from the weekend.” Buck hesitated a moment, unsure if he wanted to spill his sex life to his best friend. “Y/N and me went to this one canyon to explore and we,” he stopped again, whispering the next part, “we kinda had sex in one of the secluded areas and we didn’t notice i scraped my back until after. Doesn’t even hurt.” 
Eddie just looked at him in disbelief. “You and Y/N?”
“Yeah, why?” 
“Didn’t know you two were dating. But at the same time it’s not really a surprise. Hen’s got a betting pool going on when the two of you finally get together. Pretty sure she won it too.” 
Buck closed his locker, putting his bag on the bench before sitting down next to it, leaning down to put his shoes on. It was one thing to have his friends know about his love life, it was a totally different thing having them bet on it. “We’re not together. We just… we’re just sleeping together.” Saying it like that made him feel dirty in a way although he didn’t understand why. It was just facts. The two of you weren’t dating and you we’re just sleeping together. Those things were totally okay and nothing to feel dirty about.
“How long has this been going on?” Eddie’s voice was soft and Buck appreciated it.
“A few weeks. Why?”
“Buck.” Eddie plopped down on the bench next to his best friend. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?”
The older man just gave him a long exasperated look. 
“Listen, the thing with Y/N is great. We’re friends. We have sex. There’s nothing to worry about.”
“Evan.” This made Buck listen. “The two of you are basically living together, going on dates all the time, and now you’re sleeping together. Do you really expect me to believe that you’re not dating? I know you have a past but the Buck I know wants a relationship and not just a loose fling. I just don’t want you to end up hurt.” 
“Eddie, we’re good. I was the one that suggested it.” He responded, maybe a bit more forceful than he intended, grabbing his bag and leaving the locker room. He turned around, halfway out of the door. “Just… don’t tell the others. Last thing I need is the others trying to pick apart what we’re doing too.”
Later that night Buck was still going over that conversation in his head. What you and him had going on was great, he really didn’t know what Eddie was on about. And it wasn’t like you were only having sex with each other. While you had only been sleeping with each other and not other people as far as he knew, since that was the reason you even started doing this, you had also been friends for months before you took that step and there were more than enough nights like this, where you just curled up together and slept side by side peacefully. Or tried to sleep at least. 
You had fallen asleep a while ago. Maybe even hours. Truthfully, Buck didn’t know how long he was laying awake pondering his best friend’s words. He was switching from staring at the ceiling of his loft and staring at your sleeping form on his chest, back and forth, trying to make sense of everything.
Relationships were complicated. Buck craved the security they brought but so far every single attempt at them had ended in heartbreak. Being with you made him feel secure but it also had a certain lightness. With you he didn’t wait for it to blow up or for the universe to massively screw up what you had going on. 
He liked exploring LA with you, loved doing weird touristy things and trying new restaurants and activities. It felt amazing to come home after a long shift and see you in the loft. You still went back to your place every now and then but you were mostly at his place now. He had roommates before, had the 118 stay over and currently Albert living on his couch but whenever you were around it didn’t feel like you were invading his space. It felt like you belonged there. 
Buck loved holding you and kissing you and fucking you.
He looked down at your sleeping form, head resting on his chest, lightly drooling onto his shirt. You looked so peaceful sleeping in his arms and he knew that deep down he wanted to keep you there for as long as you’d let him. 
But you were just friends.
Trying to change that would only mess things up, wouldn’t it?
It was a delicious smell that woke you up in the morning. You were sprawled across the entire width of the bed, face smushed into Buck’s pillow with the blanket pulled over your head to block out the sun. The bed was empty save for you and the heavenly smell of breakfast hung in the air. It took a second for your eyes to adjust to the light before you slowly stood up and made your way downstairs. Buck was flitting around the kitchen, rearranging a big spread of different breakfast foods and… were that flowers? 
“Good morning.” You greeted him, almost causing him to drop a glass he was holding.
“Morning.” Buck responded before putting a few finishing touches on the display. 
He was a great cook but you could tell that he could have never made all of this on his own, partially because the kitchen was almost completely clean. You looked around for Albert but you couldn’t see him anywhere. Despite him being Buck’s actual roommate, as opposed to your basically freeloading ass, you barely ever saw him. He was either working on spending time with his girlfriend. “Where’s Albert?”
“When I got the food I bought extra and sent him over to surprise Victoria with some breakfast. Get the place to ourselves and all that.” He gestured for you to sit down and you did, looking over the table to figure out what to eat first. Buck had thought of everything, sweet and savory, healthy and pure sugar. He really went all out.
“This looks amazing, Buck. I feel a bit underdressed to be honest.” You were still in your sleep clothes, one of his shirts and some soft shorts, while he was fully dressed in a nice shirt and jeans. He also definitely spent some time styling his hair. It made you a little concerned, the breakfast, Buck all dressed up, Albert conveniently out of the loft leaving just the two of you… it was just a random Tuesday morning, why would he put so much effort into this? You were just about to say something when Buck spoke first.
“Eddie knows.” 
“I...he saw the marks on my back from that weekend in the canyon and he got concerned so I told him. I’m sorry.” He sounded and looked really apologetic but you didn’t understand why.
“You don’t need to apologize for that Buck. Eddie is your best friend; I thought you told him months ago.” You paused for a moment, taken in his nervous form. “This isn’t something to be ashamed of or to hide.”
You took a sip of juice, Buck carefully waiting for you to put the glass down before he spoke again. “Eddie also thinks we’re dating.”
“Oh.” You didn’t quite know what to say. 
Buck apparently didn’t know either, judging by the way he was just wordlessly staring at his empty plate.
“Oh.” You repeated. “Did you… did you tell him we’re dating?” The thought made you feel weird. Not bad weird per se, just weird. It felt heavy and light at the same time. Goosebumps on your arms and your heart fluttering like crazy. You wanted to know the answer to your question but at the same time you didn’t want him to answer it. Regardless of the answer...would you like it? 
If Buck told Eddie that you were dating that would be… incorrect at least. The thought wasn’t off-putting, he was an attractive, kind man you already loved but you simply weren’t in a relationship. You were just spending all your time together, going on dates, and regularly having sex. Just because you were doing relationship stuff didn’t mean you were in a relationship. You wouldn’t dare hoping for that without him even implying to be interested in a relationship with you.
But the thought of Buck telling his best friend that you weren’t dating left a sour taste in your mouth as well. Something about Buck downplaying this… thing you had going on as “just friends” just didn’t feel right. Just friends didn’t fuck. Just friends didn’t do the things you did.
“I didn’t.” He answered and maybe shattered your heart a little bit. “He saw the scrapes on my back from the rocks and thought I got hurt on a call. So I told him about the canyon trip and how I got the scratches and Eddie…. he started talking about us dating and how the team had already suspected things and had a betting pool going on it and I- I told him we’re not dating and that we’re just…” He trailed off, still staring at the table before looking up at you. “We’re not dating.” It wasn’t a question but it sounded like one.
“We’re not.” You answered.
“But we- we do stuff couples do.” Again, it wasn’t a question but it sounded like one.
“We are.”You answered him again.
“With the- with the dates and the kissing and the- and the sex…” 
You could see him having a hard time finding the right words but you didn’t know what his goal with the conversation was. Did his talk with Eddie make him change his mind? Did he want to go back to just being friends?
“I’m a relationship guy.” 
Oh. There it was. He probably wants to end this thing you had going on to pursue a real relationship with another woman. Maybe a pretty girl he rescued on a call that wanted to thank her savior.
“There was a time when I didn’t care about relationships and love and was just looking for the next hookup. But things changed. I changed. And I like you. I like spending time with you. But I also know that this,” Buck gestured between the two of you, “isn’t working. At least not in the way I thought it could.”
He finished his little speech and just looked at you, waiting for your reaction. His words hurt but you understood where he came from. You liked being with Buck, sharing his time and space and bed but you couldn’t deny the fact that your situation wasn’t ideal.
Still, you needed him to say it. “What are you saying Buck?”
“I think we should date.” He blurted out, immediately looking down at his lap again to avoid your gaze. 
That…. was exactly the opposite of what you had assumed.
“You asshole!” His head snapped back up, looking at you with slight fear in his eyes. “I thought you wanted to break up.”
“Well we can’t really break up if we’re not dating. But I do want to. Date. Not break up.” Buck rambled. 
You had to admit there was something adorable about him nervously rambling while waiting for your answer but you already knew your answer and didn’t want to keep him waiting. “Yes.”
He looked at you wide eyed, a smile slowly spreading across his face. “What?”
“Yes we can date.” This earned you a big beaming Buck smile. “Although I don’t think there’s a lot of things that are gonna change, huh?”
“What? Why?” 
You looked down at the table in front of you, now recognizing it for what it was. Buck had gone out and gotten you a fancy breakfast to ask you to be his girlfriend. He wanted to do something nice for you and you hadn’t even noticed. And maybe that was it. This definitely fell right into relationship territory but it felt so normal to you that you overlooked it. Because relationship things didn’t really differ from Buckandyou things. “We were basically already dating, I think. In a way.”
This made him laugh and you couldn’t help but join. You really loved his laugh. “Yeah, I think you’re right.” He paused for a second, smiling again. “But something is different now.”
“I can call you my girlfriend.”
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whoreforbuckley · 16 days ago
not optional. | evan buckley
Tumblr media
(request week day 3)
paring: fem!reader x evan buckley
requested: yes
prompt: (#7) “cuddles are not optional with me.”
summary: reader is exhausted from work but Buck wants cuddles, and cuddles aren’t optional when it comes to Buck.
rating: PG
warnings: a little makeout session
MASTERLIST || send in requests!!
taglist: @mrspeacem1nusone @shiftingwh0r3 @1234-angelika @one-sweet-gubler @multifandomlesbianic @jasontoddslover @tvshowmasterlistblog @sia2raw @benedicttcumberbabe
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It was a rough day today at the hospital. Patient after patient coming into the ER today. You almost quit a few times. You just couldn’t get wait to shower and lay in bed.
But when you walk into your shared bedroom that you share with your fiancé, your plans change quickly.
Buck lays in bed wearing one of his LAFD t-shirts and grey sweatpants. He’s scrolling through his phone as you enter the room.
“Hey,” you say. “You’re home kind of early.”
He glances at the time on his phone before saying, “It’s almost 11 at night, Y/N.”
You sigh when he announces the time, knowing you have to be up at 5 in the morning. “Right,” you say, throwing your jacket on the edge of the bed. “Um, I’ll come to bed in a second. I just need to shower the hospital smell off of me and get out of these scrubs.”
Buck nods and you grab your pajamas, which consists of one of Buck’s navy blue almost black LAFD hoodies and a pair of your booty shorts. You kick off your crocs and head into the bathroom.
Being a nurse is something you love. Being a nurse in the ER is something that makes you rethink your life choices.
Your shower is lukewarm and you step under the water with a sigh, finally getting your muscles to relax after the insane day that you had today. You close your eyes and smile, finally feeling relaxed enough to do what you need to do.
You finish up and dress into the hoodie and shorts, throwing your light grey scrubs into the laundry basket. You sigh and leave the bathroom that’s attached to the master bedroom.
Exhausted, you crawl into bed beside Buck. He looks at you as you lay on your side, facing away from him. Your eyes begin to droop closed, until you feel an arm snake around your waist, pulling you closer to him. You feel him begin to kiss on your neck, making you sigh softly.
“Evan,” you say. “Not tonight. Please. I am exhausted and I can’t do it tonight.”
Buck buries his face in your neck and smiles. “Did I do something wrong?” he asks.
You look over at him and say, “I can’t do sex tonight, Buck. I have to be up at five and I’ve been working since seven this morning. I just want to sleep.”
He laughs and says, “Strange, I don’t remember asking for sex. Cuddles on the other hand. Cuddles are not optional with me. Especially after the day I know you’ve probably had.”
With a sigh, you give into the idea of cuddles. You let Buck pull you flush against your chest, burring his face in your still wet hair. You feel his breath on the back of your bed, and you lace your fingers with Buck’s. You close your eyes and enjoy being this close to the man you love.
“This feels nice,” you admit. “It really does.”
Buck laughs and you smile. “You feel really nice in my arms,” he mumbles into your hair. “And your hair smells like roses.”
You turn your head to look at your fiancé. Buck’s blue eyes meet yours and you turn in his arms so you’re face-to-face with him. You keep your eyes on his as you run your fingers through Buck’s slightly messy hair. “Thank you for the cuddles,” you tell Buck. “I didn’t know you liked cuddles this much though.”
His lips turn up into a small smile and he says, “Well, I can’t imagine how tiring your day was but I knew cuddles would cheer you up. Was I right?”
With a little nod, you say, “You were definitely right. Thank you.” You lean in and peck Buck’s lips.
That was probably the worst thing you could’ve done if you wanted sleep tonight, because as soon as you pull away, Buck’s lip chase yours and capture yours in a heated kiss.
All the tension from the day fades away for good with your lips on his. Buck’s hands press into your lower back, keeping your body against his. Your hands are on his cheeks as the kiss intensifies.
You wrap one leg around Buck’s waist, heel digging into his butt. Buck bites gently at your lower lip.
That’s his little signal for wanting sex. As soon as he does that, you pull back, slightly out of breath from the little heated makeout session. “Kisses only,” you tell him, running your thumbs over his now swollen lips. “No sex.”
“Okay, okay,” Buck says. “I can deal with that.”
You smile and Buck’s lips meet yours once again for a few seconds before you both get comfortable for the night. You lay in Buck’s arms as you slowly fall to sleep, dreading the moment you have to get up in the morning.
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buckleyx · 4 months ago
Author’s note: Sorry for any mistakes, english isn’t my native language ᵕ̈
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes:
Terrified (angst - fluff)
Hurt (angst)
Angel (angst)
Tom Holland:
Lip smackers (fluff)
Mother tongue (fluff)
︎Marriage (fluff)
I don’t feel so good (angst-fluff)
Trending (angst)
Blood (fluff, angst??)
Roommate (fluff)
Taron Egerton:
Breathtaking (fluff)
I loved you (angst)
Coffee runner (fluff)
Ted Mosby
Home (fluff)
Peter Parker
Changes (angst - fluff)
Tired (angst)
Matthew Crawley
Earring (fluff)
War letter (angst - fluff)
Tom Branson
Nanny (angst-fluff)
Jake Gyllenhaal
︎Moving in (fluff)
Fiancée (fluff)
︎Dating jake gyllenhaal would include (fluff)
Steve Rogers
︎Fire (angst)
Let’s fall in love in the night (angst?-fluff)
Mena Massoud
Prince ali (fluff)
Ron Weasley
Christmas break (fluff)
Studying (fluff)
Fred Weasley
︎Friends (fluff)
Evan Buckley
Hero (angst but fluff at the end)
A little drabble of buck being a touchy boyfriend (fluff)
Safety (fluff)
Dubble date (fluff)
Eddie Diaz
Late night shift (fluff)
Pregnant (fluff - angst)
My requests are open!
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oneshotnewbie · a month ago
Maddie and Evan Buckleys sister calls 9-1-1 because someone is trying to come into the house she is sharing with her sister. Maddie instantly calls Athena and Evan to drive to her apartment. They find Y/N unconscious and beaten up pretty bad on the ground.
A/N: Not sure if that's what you wanted but I hope it is still good. I kind of let my mind wander of - like always. Sorry! :)
"911. How can I help you?"
The silence and just the faint sound of disturbed reception were always the worst calls to the emergency call center and didn't mean anything good. Often, the person who had called was being kidnapped of some sort and could only dial 911 for hope that the call could be followed or they just managed to make the call before passing out due to an fatal injury. In very few cases it was just a joke call from some youngsters who blocked the lines for real emergencies.
"If you can't speak because someone is with you, you need to cough or make a sound." she remarked calmly while typing on her keyboard. "Prank calling on this number are a criminal offense. If you don't have an emergency, please leave the line."
Now, several heavy breaths and a pained groan was heard. Maddie assigned the moan to a woman and tried to pinpoint the location.
"Madds," it was a painful and agonizing whisper that numbed her ears. She knew that voice too well. Immediately she stopped working on her computer, put one hand on her hearing aid as if it would help to better understand the other end of the line and hoped it was all just a stupid joke.
But it wasn't.
"Maddie." you whispered almost inaudible. "Help."
Without hesitation, she jumped from her chair, which rolled back and nudged her boss. Panicked, she held a hand to her mouth, tears began to creep into her eyes and her friend was already at her side, propping himself up with one hand on her desk while he clipped the replacement receiver to his ear. "Y/N, what's going on? Where are you?"
But before you could give any answer, there was yelling in the back round of your existence and a dull hammering on a door. After that, your sister only heard excruciating cries of pain and thuds, as well as breaking objects and a male, violent voice.
Maddie couldn't react that quickly, she was petrified looking at the glowing screen in front of her and looked at the blinking point on the map where she had traced your call back. You were at home.
Josh, who was still standing next to her, pushed her slightly to the side and stood at her keyboard to give the command to connect him to the police. Instantly, his eyes sat on Athena's patrol. The policewoman was free and nearby. "Athena, we need a patrol at 30 Park Avenue, Y/N is being attacked at her apartment, the attacker may still be there."
"727L30 hears. I am on my way."
Still totally perplexed and panicked, your sister took her phone out of her purse and tried to dial your brother's number with her trembling fingers. He had to know and drive to you as fast as he could.
As soon as Evan answered the phone annoyed, she wouldn't let him have a say. The brunette chatted off the individual bullet points that she still remembered from the conversation with you before she shouted into the phone that he should drive to you to check on your rights.
Immediately he grabbed his jeans and keys before he set off. Panicked, he drove through several stop signs and didn't pay attention to the speed limits - it was shortly before midnight and nothing was going on in the streets anyway.
A few streets before, he saw an ambulance with flashing lights racing past him and he accelerated even more. His fingertips nervously tapped his steering wheel while constantly looking into his side mirrors. His heart raced in his chest the closer he got to your apartment and stopped behind Athena's police car.
Stumbling out of the car and slamming the door with a bang, he ran up to your floor. The door was surrounded by police officers and Evan's heart sank into his stomach quickly.
Smeared with blood and already seeing the first bruises on your skin, he recognized you on the stretcher of the paramedics which were already trying to give you an access to your vein. Next to you, Athena, who held your bloody hand in hers as she brushed strands of hair from your face and talked to you to keep you awake.
As if in slow motion, he jogged straight to you and threw himself in front of you.
"Babygirl, I am here." stuttered your brother and looked at you overwhelmed; his beautiful blue eyes overflowing with tears that he tried to suppress. "Do you hear?"
Your eyes were only slightly opened and turned from your best friend to your brother. A slight smile came over your lips, revealing your red tainted teeth. Your weak hand rose in the direction of his face but fell to the floor and your eyes closed. Your head tilted to the side and your chest flattened from a slight drop to none at all.
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imaginesokay · 4 months ago
Evan Buckley - Lock Screen
Buck x Reader
Tumblr media
It was completely innocent, or at least that's how it started. He walked back into his bedroom with a mug of coffee to see his girlfriend taking selfies with the mirror on the edge of the bed. He took a swig of the drink and moved to sit next to her and join her selfies. The first few were silly. The couple was making faces at each other, but the pictures were getting slightly more touchy as time went on. It was so secret that Buck was passionate about the things he liked, and he loved this girl.
“You seem extra happy this morning.” She said as he placed his arms around her waist.
“I woke up with you in my bed.” He said and kissed the top of her head. “That makes for an amazing day.”
“And you're extra cheesy today.” He moved to kiss her neck and she snapped more photos. They ranged from them kissing to just sitting with his face in her neck. Eventually, she was turned to sit on his lap. Yet again they took a few more pictures, with the poses occasionally changing from kisses to hugs. His second alarm rang, symbolizing that he needed to get ready. By the time he got out of the shower, she was gone and a note was on the fridge saying she would be back. He looked through the pictures and decided to set one as his lock screen before heading to work.
It wasn’t until he got to the station that the decision would make him blush.
“That’s a heck of a lock screen.” Eddie bumped the boy's shoulder. The picture he had chosen featured them kissing and his hand in a rather inappropriate place.
“Isn’t it nice?” He placed his bag in his locker.
“Who knew that you would ever put a girl as your background.”
“A girl?” Hen asked. “Somebody has stolen our Buck’s heart.”
“I need a picture to believe it.” Chimney chimes in.
“You just need to look at his lock screen.” Eddie stole the phone and showed them.
“How scandalous.”
“It seems just like the Buck that would take the fire truck to-”
“Hey hey hey.” He said grabbing his phone back. “We don’t have to tell her about that time period.”
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writefasttalkevenfaster · 5 months ago
#9 with one of the 911 boys (i’ll let you choose)
9. Lightly kissing their scars
warnings: kissing, i'm doing all three boys b/c i have no control, spoilers for Buck begins
Tumblr media
B U C K:
"What's up?" Buck draws your attention to his face, eyebrows raised, as your fingers trace over Buck's chest.
"You have a lot of scars," and he chuckles, brow slightly furrowed, as your fingers trace over his forearm, "what's this from?"
He shakes his head, "I hurt my arm climbing a tree when I was a kid," and its your turn to raise your eyebrows, "I was really reckless as a kid,"
"Oh, just as a kid?" and he opens his mouth, but you shake your head, "I'm just kidding--"
"I acted out because," he bites his lip, "I thought it was the only way my parents would care about me."
Your heart sank, "Buck--"
"They never paid attention to me, and when they did, it was like they looked right through me, y'know?" he sighs, "but when I got hurt -- they would take care of me, look after me -- it was the only time," his voice wavered, "that I felt like their son."
"I'm sorry," you murmur against his skin, "about the bad joke and about your parents -- I know that doesn't fix--"
And he shakes his head, "No, no it's okay, don't be sorry," and your lips graze his scar, and he shivers -- and your eyes flicker up.
And then you kiss his scar, "Sweetheart--" And you go scar by scar.
"I love you so much, Evan," as your lips now trace over the scar where his leg got crushed, "and I'm never going to let you forget that."
C H I M N E Y:
"You want some breakfast?" Chimney asks, his lips brushing your neck, murmuring as his hands slip lower down your body.
And you laugh, turning to face him, "I don't think you're thinking about breakfast right now,"
"You're not wrong," he surges forward and kisses you, lips sliding against yours. And you're melting into his touch, as your fingers slide through his short hair, running over a scar at the back of his head.
And you pause, "What is that?"
"It's from the rebar," he murmurs against your lips, "from my accident," and you shake your head
"Oh I forgot," and its his turn to pause.
"What's wrong?" you wave him off, "sweetheart--"
"I just," your eyes grow sad, "I just can't believe that day -- I almost lost you--" your eyes sting with tears, "I didn't even know you."
"But I'm here," and you hold his face in your hands, "and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon,"
You kiss him, right over the small scar on his forehead, "Promise?"
And then he meets your lips with his own, placing your hand over his heart, "Promise."
E D D I E:
"Eddie," you groan, as his lips suck a mark into your skin, "please," and he's chuckling against you, vibrations making you shiver, "please,"
"Be patient," he chuckles, but you're in no mood to be patient, and you're pulling at his jacket, dropping it to the floor, "I--" and you cut him off with your lips, as you pull off his shirt, and undershirt, before pausing.
"Eddie," you murmur, as your fingers lightly graze over the raised marks, "I--"
"It's from my time in Afghanistan," he clears his throat.
"How?" you ask, and he shakes his head, "if you don't want to answer, I understand--"
"No, no, it's not that," he shrugs, "no one has never really asked," and he explains -- how their helicopter went down, how he came to and pulled everyone out after being subjected to more gunfire, and how rescue came -- and your fingers trace over the scar again, "I didn't want anything else -- I just wanted to see Chris, to see Shannon, to see my family," his voice falls to a whisper, "and I almost never did after that day."
"But you did," your fingers holding his face, "and you're his hero -- you know that, right?"
"i know," and you kiss him, again and again.
"And you're mine too," you murmur, "always were," and you lean down, pressing your lips to his scars -- "always will be."
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floralbuckleys · 28 days ago
First Time | Buck
Tumblr media
♡ Pairing: Buck/Reader
♡ Genre: Fluff, Established Relationship
♡ Word Count: 770
♡ Warnings: None
♡ Summary: first time saying i love you w/ buck!
♡ Note: WOW!! Posting something for the first time since September, who am I! :D Just a little something that was supposed to be for 911ReaderWeek Day 5. Hopefully I can get back to posting :))
Tumblr media
A yawn left your lips as you stepped out of Buck’s bedroom, sleepily putting your hair into a quick bun before hurrying down the hallway. It was a half-hour till seven, and you had to be out the door for an early shift at the hospital. 
All you’d had time for this morning was a quick shower before shuffling into your scrubs. You would be cutting it close as Buck’s apartment was further than from your place, but spending the night with him was always worth the impending rush.
The sweet smell of coffee and cinnamon rolls swirled in the air as you entered the kitchen, a smile crossing your face at the sight of your handsome boyfriend taking fresh pastries out of the oven. 
You let your eyes linger for a second on him, taking in his neatly ironed navy uniform that fit him just right. It wasn’t something you were used to, someone up early with you cooking breakfast and happy to see you.
“Morning baby,” you called out, walking over and wrapping your arms around his torso from behind. 
“Morning darling,” Buck replied, happily as he placed the tray atop the oven before placing his hands over yours and squeezing gently. “I was just about to go make sure you were up. Sleep well?”
“Not really, someone kept me up all night,” you teased, leaning up to place a kiss on the side of his neck.
Buck chuckled at that, a cheeky grin on your face as he turned around in your embrace as he said, “Hmm, did they give you a good time at least?”
You purse your lips, pretending to think about it for a second. 
“Amazing actually. I’m hoping tonight is just the same.”
“Oh trust me it will be, or maybe even better,” he promised, his voice full of love and lust.
You both smiled as your lips met in a sweet passionate kiss, your love for each other all-consuming.
A few minutes passed off the two of you standing in others arms, kissing and being sweet to each other before you remembered you needed to be out the door already.
“Shit, sorry, I’m going to be late if I don’t go now,” you swore, pulling away from him a bit and glancing at the clock on the stove.
“All good sweetheart, but at least take a cinnamon bun before you go,” Buck said as he let you go and turned back to the tray of pastries. 
He grabbed one and wrapped it in a paper towel quickly before handing it to you and placing one final kiss on your forehead.
Adoration and fondness at his sweet actions swirled in you as you took it and before you knew it, three little words were spilling out of you.
“I love you.”
The meaningful phrase, though something you and Buck had yet to say to each other, was subconscious. 
You hadn’t been able to help it though, as truth be told you’d wanted to say it for quite a while and so it just happened.
It took you a second longer than your now frozen boyfriend to realize what you’d said, and as your eyes met, you gasped.
“Oh — I didn’t mean to say that, well I did mean it, but that wasn’t exactly how I wanted to tell you, though I did want to, I mean…” You trailed off, stumbling over your own words as you frantically thought of what to do and what he must be thinking.
What if he didn’t want to say it back? What if you’d just ruined things? God, this was the happiest relationship of your life, you even suspected he might be the one, and here you were dropping the ‘I love you’ bomb at six in the morning.
Thankfully, before your thoughts can really get away from you, Buck chooses this moment to speak up, repeating your confession back to you, “I love you too, ___,” he confirmed sweetly.
Heartbeat increasing immediately, your cheeks flushed, mouth going too dry to reply.
He loved you. Evan Buckley loved you.
“Now, we should probably talk about this, but you really have to go babe, and so do I,” Buck chuckled easily, happiness evident on his own features. “See you tonight.”
“Tonight,” you somehow managed to get out, before your body, moving on autopilot directed you out of the kitchen and towards the door.
The rest of the day seemed to blur by until it was finally time to clock out and see your lover, the only thought on your mind the resounding fact that you and Buck loved each other.
Tumblr media
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blueathens · 2 months ago
Dating Buck Would Include...
Tumblr media
Warnings: Smut Mentioned
Masterlist//Dusk Till Dawn Masterlist//Agape Masterlist
Best friends to lovers most likely the way it started
Working on the team together and being the first one to believe in him, reassuring and proving to everyone to Buck should be a member of the team and that they should help him find himself
It was the help of you and his quick thinking that got him back on the team and that started you’re best friend relationship
He asked you out but you rejected him as you said he needs to find himself first before getting in a relationship, that you’re weren’t going to be a fuck and ruin your friendship
He went straight into a relationship with Abbie soon after that which made you roll your eyes at, knowing she wasn’t really treating Buck the way he deserves to be treated
But you rejected him in the way to protect him and your maybe you couldn’t be jealous of who he’s with
But you was happy when she left but comforted Buck when he was sad that she left to ‘find herself’ 
You promised him that you would never leave him
When Buck came to the decision to break it off with Abbie he came to your place and told you everything, kissed you, but you pushed the sad boy away, saying he wasn’t in the right mind...he’s going through a breakup and you weren’t going to be a rebound
So he went on a mission to prove to you that you’re the only person he wants and have been in love with since the beginning
Buck went out of his mind when he lost both you and Christopher in the tsunami, especially knowing that you weren’t together, because once he saw Eddie hug Christopher Buck asked Eddie where you were, and his only response was that they sent you on a solo mission
You turned up with many civilians and Buck felt his heart skip a beat a the sight of you
Neatly getting together but don’t because Buck’s lawsuit, exposing many secrets of yours which you hated him for
You two made up last due to you being stubborn, saving his life on a call, and kissing him in the hospital with a simple “don’t fuck this up.”
Buck loves teasing you with small touches - kisses on necks, long swipes of his tongue, biting softly in your skin leaving love bites on it, fingers dancing across your bare skin, squeezing thighs and arse (always slapping your arse with a smirk, whispering sweet nothings and dirty words unto your ear...but he only said he does it to you and you tease him just as much
Piggy back rides
Nicknames he loves using is baby, love, princess, baby girl, gorgeous, angel, sexy, sweetheart and darling
You two always make each other laugh so much
Hands are always touching you or he’s a sad puppy - unless you’re on a mission then he understands why he can’t touch you but he’s sad if you two aren’t partnered up as then he can’t look out for you, causing constant worry for you until you’re back in his arm
Touch is his love language for you, realising that you don’t want gifts for appreciation of love. Words is also a major love language for him as he just always wants to remind you that he loves you
Babysitting Christopher together, making Buck want to have kids with you at the sight of you with Christopher
Eddie making both his best friends (you and Buck) Christopher’s legal guardians
Teasing Buck with the stealing fire truck incident saying how it would never work on you - but he reminds you two that you’ve fucked in their when you’ve both done the nightshift
Sex is a mixture of both worlds but Buck before being soft and sweet with you as he just wants you to know that he loves you, whilst if you’re really needy you’re begging for me, which he happily does as he just wants to always pleasure you the way you want 
Being each other nurses when the other is injured 
Him loving seeing you in his clothes
He got you a necklace with his name of it
He gets a tattoo with your initials on his ring finger
Loving to trace his tattoos 
Him loving your body, reminding you that you’re perfect
And words of love...
Yours and Buck relationship is full of love and care, not wanting to leave each other after the journey it took to get together, but Buck loves you every minute saying it was worth the wait
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whore4reigns · a month ago
Handcuff sex w/ Buck Or Eddie [KinkOctober]
Pairings: Evan Buckley x Reader, Eddie Diaz x Reader
Featuring: Y/n, Evan Buckley, Eddie Diaz
Summary: Y/n tries something new in the bedroom
Warnings:  handcuffs, smut, 18+, nsfw, oral [male receiving], sex, unprotected sex [ wrap it before you tap it], errors I missed.
w/c: 932
A/N: This is multichoice. Tumblr will probably hide this from the search engine. 
You decided to spice things up in the bedroom. Deciding to use your handcuffs on him.
Both of you were in a very heated make-out session. Ripping each other’s clothes off, till the two of you were naked. You quickly took control. Rolling him over onto his back.
Using one hand to search for your handcuffs on the bedside table. Grabbing it. While your other hand held his hand pinning it above his head.
Buck/Eddie was too distracted in kissing you that he didn’t realize you put the cuff around his wrist. Pulling his hand up till it was near the bedpost. Trailing your lips down to his neck. looking up as you wrapped the handcuff link around the bedpost.
You grabbed his other wrist. pulling it above his head. Still kissing his neck. you smirked against his neck as you put the other cuff on his wrist. clicking it shut.
You let go of his wrist. Trailing kisses down his neck till you reached his stomach. Hands trailing down his chest. He only realized he was restrained when he tried to grip your head. He looked at his wrists to see his wrists were handcuffed.
He looked at you with a surprised expression. As you looked up at him. your mouth dangerously close to his cock. That was sprung up. Throbbing.
“Y/n, let me out of these,” He pleaded. Making you smirked.
“Nah, though we should try something new, spice things up,” You responded.
Grabbing his shaft. Making his groan. Trying to break free but failing.
“Y/n,” He whined, voice breaking. He desperately wanted to touch you. You kept eye contact with him slowly jerking him off.
He was about to say something else when you cut him off by bringing your mouth down to the head of his cock. Slowly swirling your tongue around. He sucked in a deep breath. Pulling on the handcuffs.
You smirked at his reaction. Wrapping your mouth around his shaft.
 Buck/Eddie moans got louder. Bucking his hips. Making the head of his cock hit your uvula. Your eyes watering. Salvia collecting in your mouth.
Slowly pulling his length out of your mouth. your salvia coating his length. Buck/Eddie looked down at you. eyes darkened with lust.
Grabbing his shaft. Slowly move your hand upwards. Using your saliva as a lubricant.
You replaced your hand with your mouth. Making Buck/Eddie moan loudly. Body shaking as you bobbed your head up and down. Pulling on the handcuffs. His waists hurting. Though that didn’t stop him from moaning while you held onto the base of his cock, continuing to bob your head up and down. looking at him through your eyelashes. Your other hand holding his hips down. Trying to stop him from bucking again.
Waves of pleasure coursed through his body.
“Y/n,” He moaned repeatedly as you continued to suck him off.
He was getting closer to releasing and you could tell. You removed your hand away from his hip to grab a hold of his balls. massaging them. His whole body convulsed. This action seemed to be his undoing. As he clenched his hands into fists. Since he couldn’t hold onto anything. The handcuffs moved as his body did.
Just as he reached his climax you pulled him out of your mouth. You were dripping with arousal.
His eyes snapping open. He looked at you in shock. Feeling slightly irritated.
“Now you know how it feels when you don’t let me come,” You hummed.
Slowly crawling towards him. hiking your led over his waist till you were straddling him. Your entrance was dangerously close to the head of his cock.
Buck/Eddie looked at you in shock as you grabbed a hold of his shaft. Aligning the head of his cock with your entrance. Slowly sinking onto his length. Hands resting on his chest. Both of you moaning. Buck/Eddie pulling on the handcuffs.
You waited till you adjusted to his length before you pulled out of him, then sunk onto his length again.
At first, you thrusted slowly till you got more comfortable and in a rhythm.
Your head lolled back as waves of pleasure coursed through your body. Toes curling.
Buck/Eddie matched your thrusts. Feeling himself getting closer to his climax as your walls clenched around his cock.
Fingernails digging into his chest.
Your orgasm arising. Taking over your body.
Buck/Eddie was the first one to release. Spilling his seed inside of you. which made you came around his cock. Moaning his name.
Still, inside of him, you cupped the side of his face. Lowering your face down to his. Pressing a soft kiss on his lips before pulling away. Staring at him. He stared back at you. both of you breathing heavily. Coming down from the highs of orgasming.
“Are you going to uncuff me?” He asked. Making you quirk an eyebrow.
“ I suppose so,” You responded. Winking at him as you pulled out of him. Reaching for the key on the bedside table. You picked them up spinning the key ring around your index finger.
“Imagine if I lost the kay that would be disastrous, your mates would have to come and get you out of them,” You joked. Making Buck/Eddie groan.
“Don’t joke about that,” He spoke. Making you giggle as you unlocked the cuffs. Then took them off.
You held the handcuffs in your hand. eyebrow flicking up, Buck/Eddie rubbed his wrists.  Looking at the handcuffs
They looked like the real deal. Not the fake flimsy ones.
“Are they your handcuffs from work?” He asked.
“Yep,” You replied. Smirking at him...
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ssahotchswifemain · 25 days ago
Shoulder to Cry On
Tumblr media
Summary: Buck shows up at his ex’s house after seeing his parents. He’s upset, angry, and in need of a shoulder to cry on. 
Pairing: Fem!Reader x Evan Buckley
Warning: 16+ for language and mature themes, NO SMUT
Includes: Angst, fluff, emotions, alcohol, SPOILERS FOR BUCK BEGINS, explicit language, commitment issues, parental issues
Word Count: 3.4k
A/N: Hi everyone! I rewatched Buck Begins recently and needed to write something about it pfft, i hope you guys like it, thanks for reading! <3
The sounds of giggling from your irritatingly loud neighbors alerted you to the fact that it was just about the time when people usually started heading for the bars. Maybe when you were twenty-one you would have felt bad about the fact that you were spending a Saturday night parked in front of your tv catching up on bad reality shows and playing a frustrating puzzle game on your phone, but now at the ripe age of twenty-five, you called it self-care. A relaxing night spent home alone with your thoughts and the nasal accents of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Of course, you’d be lying if you said this once favorite Saturday night activity for yourself didn’t make you just a little bit sad these days. How could it not when just a couple of months ago you’d have been doing it with your favorite fireman instead of alone.
Evan Buckley was the best man you had ever met in your life, and you’d call yourself an idiot every day for the rest of your life for letting him go. But they don’t call them commitment issues for nothing, right? According to your shrink, your parents’ marriage – or lack thereof, depending on how you looked at it – had deeply fucked with your ability to maintain long-term relationships without you getting scared and needing to bolt. You’d never forget the look on Buck’s face when you ended things, the pure confusion and hurt etched into those handsome eyes, his sweet smile turned down into a frown that looked so wrong on his typically ever-smiling mouth. There was nothing in the world you regretted more than losing this man that would probably make you the happiest woman in the world if you would just let him.
“You tell her, Theresa,” You scoffed, agreeing with the overly spray-tanned woman on your screen.
Buck despised this particular branch of the Real Housewives; he claimed the women were cruel just to be cruel to one another. You’d giggled through your explanation that not only was that every iteration of this ridiculous show, but that was also entirely the point.
“I just don’t get it!” He’d said exasperatedly. “Why would anyone want to watch a show that was just people being mean to each other?”
“To feel better about themselves?” You’d scoffed with a shrug. “Like, sure I’m a bitch, but I’m not spreading rumors that a woman I supposedly call a friend is being cheated on by her husband.”
“You’re not a bitch, (y/n),” Buck had said seriously.
When you’d simply given him a face like you didn’t believe him, Buck used his grip on your legs that rested in his lap to tug you closer to him so he could squish your face in his hands. Your heart had thundered in your chest at the display of his strength, but also the words that he spoke with such sincerity made your heart yearn for you to let it love him.
“You’re not a bitch,” He’d repeated. “You’re kind, and patient, and strong, and you’re an amazing woman.”
“Buck,” You’d whispered.
“I mean it, (y/n),” He’d said, swallowing. Anxiety had rippled in you then, as you realized what was coming. “Because I l-”
Before he could let the words out of his mouth, you’d leaned in to capture his soft lips with yours in a long kiss, moving close enough to straddle him and stop his train of thought with you in his lap. You couldn’t hear those three words come out of his mouth; they would break you. Because if he told you that he loved you, you were certain you would say it back and then when you inevitably had your heart smashed by this incredible man you’d be reminded once again that love wasn’t enough. That you weren’t enough.
Of course, your heart was smashed now despite the fact that you’d never exchanged those words with one another. Though, once again, you were the one that had done the smashing.
How long you sat there thinking about Buck, you didn’t know, but you realized it had been far too long when you had no idea what was going on in your show and you had tears slipping down your cheeks. Maybe reminiscing about the one that got away on a few glasses of wine wasn’t a good idea. Before you could convince yourself to call Buck and use the tools and techniques your therapist had you trying out, you wiped the tears from your cheeks and pressed the button on your remote to turn the television off before moving to put your glass in the sink.
You were halfway up the stairs to your apartment’s lofted section when you heard the angry pounding on your heavy hardwood door. Turning in place, you glanced suspiciously at the door. It was almost midnight at this point, and you had no idea who could possibly be at your door, but the knocking wouldn’t stop. With a sigh, you resolved yourself to make your way to the door, grabbing the pepper spray you kept on the table in the entrance for situations like this.
“I have mace, asshole,” You called as you unlocked the door and began to open it a crack. “Don’t even think about – Buck.”
You had the mace pointed directly at his face when you swung the door open. His gaze glanced from your eyes to the bottle of pepper spray in your hand before he put a gentle hand on your wrist to lower it and reduce the chances of your accidentally spraying him.
“Buck,” You said again. “W-what are you doing here?”
“I honestly don’t know,” He sighed, wiping a hand down his face angrily.
“Okay,” You said slowly. “Are you – do you want to come in?”
After a heartbeat, he nodded, stepping through your doorway for the first time in months silently. You let out a breath of air, doing your best to steady the rapid-fire pace of your heart at it pounded in your chest.
“Is everything okay?” You asked as he grabbed the bottle of tequila from the top of your fridge.
“Is this alright?” He asked, holding it up.
“Yeah,” You said, though now you were really concerned. Buck only drank tequila when he wanted to get really shitfaced and forget who he was for the night.
Silently, you watched as he poured a shot into a glass and knocked it back, hissing through his teeth at the burn of the alcohol in his throat. He wasted no time before he was pouring another and tossed it back as well.
“Time to talk,” You said, slumping into one of the barstool chairs at your kitchen island. “Why are you here, what’s got that furrow in your brow, and why are you throwing back tequila like you’re a surgeon who just lost a patient on the table?”
Again, he was silent, and you thought maybe he wasn’t going to answer you at all when you watched him pour another shot into his glass. But after a moment of staring at the murky liquor, he murmured, “I had a brother.”
“What?” You asked, eyes widening in shock.
He nodded, “An older brother. He died.”
“Buck, I’m so –”
“I never knew him,” Buck said, not moving his gaze from the tequila as he swirled it around in his glass. “I was a baby when he – when they lost him.”
Not sure what to say – what you should say – you simply watched his strong features, watched the war of unreadable emotions pass through his eyes.
“They had me,” He said. “To save him.”
“What do you –”
“I mean, they made me with a specific combination of DNA so I could be a perfect doner for my brother. And it didn’t work, he died anyway.”
“Yeah,” He scoffed, finally taking the shot. “Oh.”
Your gaze lingered on his hands as he poured a fourth shot, and you were about to cut him off. Four shots of strong tequila back-to-back couldn’t be good for him, you practically winced as you watched him take it, knowing the burn of the drink when you took it straight.
“They never loved me,” Buck said quietly – so quietly you might not have heard if you hadn’t been waiting for him to talk again. He clarified, “My parents. They never loved me. All I was to them was everything I could never be – him. And how could they love someone like that?”
“I’m sure they –”
“No,” He shook his head. “No, they tolerated me, they raised me, but they didn’t love me.”
What could you say to that? You refused to invalidate his feelings, you didn’t know the situation, or his parents, but Buck did. And if he stated this knowledge as irrefutable fact, who were you to contradict him? Finally, Buck lifted his gaze to yours, and what you saw there broke your heart. Tears filled those big, Buckley eyes that you loved so much, covering the pain and the hurt that was so embedded within them.
“You never lied to me, you were very honest about the fact that you couldn’t love me,” You winced at his words. “And I just needed to be around someone who didn’t lie to me. That’s why I’m here.”
“Right,” You whispered. Your eyes met, lingering for a moment before Buck took another shot.
Slowly, you dragged the bottle of tequila away from him, capping it as you moved to put it back above the fridge. With your back turned to him, you didn’t have to see the pain so present in his eyes and know that you were a part of the reason that he was in so much pain. Of course, with your back to him, you also didn’t see him come up behind you to wrap his big arms around your waist and tug your back against his chest.
“Buck,” You whispered, your heart stuttering at the feeling of him so close to you once more.
He held you silently for a moment until you heard the distinct sounds of sniffling and the gentle rocking of his body against yours that told you he was crying. A soft sob gasped out of his mouth as his hold tightened on you when you attempted to twist in his arms.
“Evan,” You gulped.
“Don’t call me that,” He whispered pitifully, finally loosening his arms to allow you to turn to him. “Please, just – please.”
“Okay,” You breathed, placing your hands on his cheeks, wiping the tears from his cheeks. “It’s okay, Buck.”
His eyes dropped to your lips briefly, and that was the only warning you got before his lips were pressed against yours in a searing, alcohol-burning kiss. You mumbled his name softly, and he simply begged, “please, (y/n), please” in return. There was no doubt in your mind that he was either too drunk or too upset to realize fully what he was doing, and as wonderful as it felt to kiss Buck again, you pulled your mouth from his.
“Not like this,” You whispered, pushing your hand into the front of his overgrown hair.
“Why?” He cried, dropping his forehead to your shoulder. “Why can’t they love me?”
“I don’t know,” You murmured, hugging his big, strong body comfortingly against your own. “I don’t know, love.”
“What is it about me that makes me so unlovable?”
The question, followed by the sounds of Buck heaving great sobs against your shoulder, shattered you. That anyone – that you – could have made this incredible, beautiful man feel unlovable made tears of your own fill your eyes.
“You’re not unlovable, Buck,” You whispered, so quietly you didn’t know if he’d hear you. “I promise.”
“You couldn’t love me when I loved you,” He said, his voice thick with tears. “Abby couldn’t, my parents.”
“Buck,” You whispered, holding his head up to look into those tearful eyes.
Your mouth opened to tell him, to finally take that step and tell him just how much you loved him – how much you’d always loved him – but it was too late now. He’d said he ‘loved’ you. Past tense. Buck had moved on, he didn’t need you and your commitment issues fucking him up any more than you already had.
“You should get some rest,” You breathed out. “You can take my bed.”
Something unreadable passed through Buck’s eyes as he nodded and followed your lead, letting you tug him up the stairs to your bed. He stood behind you silently, wiping his own tears as they fell, and watched you remove the mountain of throw pillows you kept on your bed. Part of you expected a teasing remark about your pillows, one that he would have used to rib you with when you were dating, but nothing ever came.
When you turned to him, he looked so vulnerable, so tired. Although you had already thought your heart was as cracked as it could have been that night, you felt it fracture once more seeing him so sad.
Moving around him, you grabbed the pair of sweatpants he’d left at your house – the pair that you liked to slip on in a moment of weakness when you missed him – and an old LAFD t-shirt you’d nabbed from his house after a sleepover one time.
“I’m going to want those back when you’re done with them, Buckley,” You said, tossing him the clothes. “So don’t even think about stealing them back.”
Buck’s brow furrowed slightly at your words, pausing for a moment before he nodded slowly and turned to your bathroom to go get changed. When he came back, dressed in his own clothes that probably smelled more like you than him now, you tossed back the covers of your bed so he could slip right in. His hand came up to grab your wrist when you tucked the covers around him.
“Stay,” He croaked out. “Please.”
You paused, not sure how to go about this, but one look at the emotion in Buck’s eyes and you were scooching him over on the mattress so you could slide into the sheets with him. As you expected, Buck didn’t keep to his own side once you were in bed with him, he snuggled up to your body and rested his head on your chest. Maybe you should have separated yourself, but he was there, and you missed him, missed being held by him, so you tossed a leg over his hip and cuddled him in close.
“Good night, Buck,” You murmured, pressing a soft kiss to his forehead.
“G’night,” He mumbled. “Love you, (y/n).”
Even though you knew you should have been expecting them, those words still caught you off guard. They sounded so wonderful coming from his mouth, so natural. You’d missed hearing him say your name in that sweet, sleepy voice that he got right before the call of sleep finally pulled him under. And hearing it now, attached to affectionate words of love he’d let slip from his lips, was the final thread in your resolve being cut. As soon as you heard the heavy breaths that signaled that he was asleep, you let your fingers slip through his soft hair and let out a little sigh.
“I love you too, Buck.”
They were shaky and felt much more unnatural coming from your mouth than they had from Buck’s, but they were there. And they were genuine. It scared the hell out of you to let yourself love Evan Buckley, but you knew it would be the best thing you ever did. Letting Buck be the last thing you saw before your eyes finally fluttered shut, you fell asleep tucked into the arms of the man you loved. The man who loved you.
The next morning, you woke alone with a jolt to the sounds of things being moved around down in your kitchen. On the bed next to you, Buck had folded the clothes you’d given him last night, leaving them in a stack on his side of the bed. With a sigh, you smoothed your hand over them and pushed yourself up to investigate the noises happening downstairs.
You found Buck standing in front of your new coffee maker, looking about as helpless as you had felt when you first opened the damn thing. At the sound of you creaking down the stairs, he looked back at you for a heartbeat and then back to the coffee machine.
“I was going to make you a pot, so it’d be warm and ready when you woke,” He said as you joined him. “But your stupid coffee robot is overly confusing.”
“Sure,” You snorted. “Or you’re too impatient.”
Buck pursed his lips at you as you nudged him out of the way with your hips, moving to press the correct combination of buttons that would send the hot bean liquid into the glass pot below. He stepped back, leaning his elbow on your island, standing exactly where he was last night, looking much brighter this morning than he had the night before.
“How did you sleep?” You asked softly.
“Fine,” He replied. “Would have been better if you didn’t snore so loud.”
“I do not snore,” You argued.
“Yes, you do,” He said, his lips quirking up into a little grin. “It’s okay, it’s cute.”
After a heartbeat of silence you asked him, “How are you really, Buck?”
He sighed, nodding his head, “Better.”
“Look, (y/n),” He said as you turned to deal with the coffee pot that had started beeping. “I’m sorry for just popping in – for dumping all this shit on you.”
“It’s okay,” You said, glancing over your shoulder at him while you poured two cups of steaming coffee. “I’m happy to be here for you.”
“I’m sorry for telling you I love you.”
At his words you stumbled, the coffee splashing over the side of the cup and burning your finger, “Shit.”
He was at your side instantly, taking the mugs from your hands to put them on the counter before dragging you over to the sink to run your finger under cold water. Your gaze slid up to his beautiful face, the frown of concentration on his handsome features as he took care of your very mild injury. Those words you’d spoken to him last night while he slept bubbled up under your tongue, threatening to spill out. You wanted to blurt them, you wanted to ignore that little voice in the back of your head to screamed at you to stop. So you did.
“I love you, Evan Buckley,” You whispered, watching his face break open in surprise as he looked down at you. “I’m so fucking sorry for ever making you feel – you are the most lovable man on Earth, Buck, and I feel horrible that I ever made you feel like you weren’t. My parents were terrible role models for love and relationships, and it really fucked me up but I love you and I want to try – I want to try to really commit with you, Buck. I understand if you don’t l-love me – I mean, you were drunk and you said you were sorry for saying it, so if you don’t mean it I –”
Your rambling was cut off by Buck taking your face in his hands and dragging you up to meet his lips in a long kiss. Immediately, your hands came to rest at his waist, gripping the soft material of his shirt as he kissed you hard. God, you’d missed kissing him. No one in the world kissed as well as Evan Buckley.
“Say it again,” He grinned, leaning his forehead against yours.
“I love you,” You murmured, pecking his lips. “So damn much.”
“I love you too,” He mumbled, tucking a stray piece of hair behind your ear.
“I’m sorry your parents suck,” You said quietly.  
“You too,” He said, kissing your forehead and tucking you against his chest. “But I love you, and you love me, and that’s all the matters. We’ll take it one step at a time.”
“Thank you,” You whispered, hugging him tight. “For being you, Buck.”
Of course, you knew everything wouldn’t be perfect or easy, but as you stood there in the arms of the man you loved more than you’d ever loved anyone before, you found it hard to fear anything. There was nothing in the world you couldn’t do when you had Buck by your side.
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michelle-is-writing · 2 months ago
Together, Evan Buckley
Tumblr media
Word Count: 2k~
When Buck told me about having pain in his legs, I told him to slow down at work. With him being a firefighter, it's hard to do exactly that, but he needed to. With him being in that accident, he didn't need to be on his legs constantly, and with him waiting to have the follow-up surgery, he really needed to stop pushing himself. However, it's Buck we're talking about, and if he wants to do something, he'll do it.
Despite knowing Buck was going to have problems with his legs eventually, I was still panicked and worried when I got the phone call from his boss, Nash, saying that Buck was at the hospital being treated for blood clots in his legs. Rushing over to the hospital, I was relieved to see Buck awake and happily eating while Nash stayed beside him. The weight that was taken off my shoulders felt like an actual ton of bricks was removed, but once my eyes caught the sight of him smiling as if the bandages wrapped around his legs barely fazed him, I felt grateful for the friends he had and their quick reaction times.
"Oh, baby," I can't help myself as I rush forward and pull Buck into my arms. "You're okay," I murmur, nuzzling my face into his neck. I was holding myself back from freaking out on the way to the hospital, but now that I am here, I can't control the tears of relief trailing down my cheeks.
Despite barely having a second to realize what's going on, Buck doesn't hesitate in wrapping his arms around me and pulling me close to him, inevitably bringing me onto his hospital bed with him. "I'm okay," He tells me, turning his eyes up to mine with that same smile. Reaching his hands toward my face, Buck gently wipes away my tears before attaching his lips to mine for a few short seconds. "I'm okay," Buck repeats himself, sliding his hands down from my face and onto my hips, his favorite place to hold.
We haven't been dating for very long. Buck and I met only two months ago, but it feels like we've been dating for longer than that. We see each other nearly every day with either of us going to each other's apartments and just spending time with each other whenever we can. We already decided we're not going to move too fast in the relationship - that was established when we first decided to date. Plus, I know about Buck having an addiction to sex, and I don't want him to scrap all of the progress he's made toward stopping that addiction.
A minute passes of us holding each other before I speak up, my voice much calmer than before. "Buck, were they able to see what caused this?" I ask him, adjusting my knees on the bed to be more comfortable. "Did it have anything to do with the postponed surgery?"
"We don't know about that yet," Nash pipes up beside us, making me look over at him. His face is cast with concern, but I can tell he's trying to put a mask over it. He probably doesn't want Buck to become worried over his condition even more. "But, Buck," Nash starts, rising to his feet from the room's couch. "I would like to talk to you about what the nurses told me."
With a small nod, Buck gives me one last kiss to my cheek before standing and walking out of his room, albeit with careful and cautious steps. Staying on his hospital bed, I sigh and lean back against the pillows before shaking my head at his resilience toward staying still for two minutes. If he isn't standing, he's walking, and if he isn't walking, he's running. It's almost like he has the stamina of a hummingbird.
A few seconds pass before a nurse walks in with a clipboard in her hand. Seeing that Buck isn't in the room, she scans her eyes around before seeing me and smiling. “Are you a family member?” She asks, making me nod unsurely, "Would you mind filling out his paperwork?" She further asks, walking toward me with papers and a pen held out. "I just need basic information for the room paperwork."
"Uh, sure, no problem," I tell her, taking the items from her hands and putting them in my lap. With a quick 'thanks,' she heads out of the room and back into the hallway, leaving me to fill out Buck's paperwork. Although, the thought, 'maybe he wouldn't want me to invade his privacy' crosses my mind. Would he have a problem with me filling out his paperwork?
Settling for leaving the questions that I can't answer blank, I begin writing everything down that I do know. I know his name, date of birth, basic health information, and contact information. I don't know things like his social security number, nor do I have the ability to sign his signature on the lines that need it, but I do have to say that I know a lot.
It kind of makes me smile when I realize just how much I know about Buck and how much he knows about me. We're pretty close in spite of only dating for a short amount of time, which is slightly surprising. I've never been in a relationship before where I feel like I've known the person for all my life. It's kind of scary to have these emotions, in all honesty. It's even scarier to realize just how much you love a person when you don't even know if they love you back in the first place.
Just as I place the clipboard on the side table for Buck to finish filling out, I'm greeted by him walking into the room with his hands in his hair and a stress filled face. Looking behind him, I don't find Nash following him, and looking back at Buck, I think I can see why. I've never seen Buck like this, but if he doesn't stop pacing the room, he might cause more issues for his legs.
"Buck, sit down," I tell him, moving back to the space I was in before so he can lay down. Buck looks at me, but he doesn't stop. In fact, he shakes his head at me. "You need to calm down and get off your legs," I add, growing more and more concerned with each second.
Immediately, Buck stops and stands toward me. "Don't tell me what to do!" He nearly yells, causing me to slightly jolt as my eyes widen. He's never raised his voice at me, nor have we ever gotten into an argument. Buck has always been patient and easy-going; whatever happened in the hall must've really affected him.
Choosing to stay calm and not yell back, I take a deep breath and speak up. "I'm not," I tell him, keeping eye contact with him. His cheeks flare with each breath he takes and his brows stay furrowed together as he simply stands across from me. "I'm simply telling you that you need to stop stressing yourself and sit down before you make your condition worse," I add, watching him visibly calm down in response to my slow words and gentle voice. "You're already in a hospital. What else do you want me to say?"
Ultimately, Buck averts his eyes to the ground as he moves his hands to rest against his sides. Deep breaths flow from his mouth as his chest moves up and down. He's trying to calm himself down, and I couldn't be more thankful.
"Please," I pipe up once more. "just sit down. Slow down your breathing, and calm yourself."
Only a few seconds pass before Buck flicks his hands in the air and rushes toward me. "I'm sorry," he apologizes, lowering himself to his knees as he places his head in my lap. "I just..." he starts, letting out a sigh while shaking his head. "Please hold me."
Immediately, I lean over him and place my hands under his shoulders; however, I don't have to help pull him up as he nearly hops onto the bed with me, forcing me to lie back as he lays himself on top of me. Doing as he wishes, I wrap one arm around his torso as I lay the other one across his upper back and rest my hand atop his head. This only encourages him to nuzzle his face into my neck with his mouth next to my ear and forehead pressed against my temple. Buck's arms hold me tight to him as if he were afraid to let go, and now that I feel his chest pressed against mine, I can feel his heart beating a mile a minute.
"I've worked hard for this," Buck speaks up, his voice slow and calculated. He's trying to figure out what to say - what he's feeling. "this is the thing I love doing. I don't want to stop, and I really don't want a desk job," he explains, giving me a hint at what Bobby may have said to him. "It just feels like all the things I love are being stripped away from me, all except you," he confesses, his voice now a tone lighter rather than the deep octave he usually has. "Please don't leave me."
It's only then that Buck's words set in. With wide eyes, my hand on his head halts moving through his hair. "Am I...?" I begin asking, the words sitting on the tip of my tongue. Looking over at Buck, I see him staring back at me expectantly, albeit at a slightly awkward angle with the way we're lying. "Am I something you love?"
With that, Buck moves to sit up a little while I remain lying down on the angled bed. Buck's face stays mere inches away from mine as his focused eyes stay glued to mind. "Can I be honest with you?" He finally asks, his lighter voice returning once again.
"Of course," I tell him instantly, furrowing my eyebrows in mild confusion. "you've never not been able to be honest with me before... I hope."
Buck smiles. "No, I haven't," he admits, ones of his arms sliding from my waist to rest his hand against my hip once more. "yeah, I do love you - a lot," Buck admits with a small nod. My heart nearly bursts out of my chest with his confession. "When we met, it was when all of this first started,"
"I didn't plan on dating anyone for a while after Ali left since I didn't think anyone would stay with me for the same reasons she left me for, nor did I feel like I deserved anyone who would stay with me," he further confesses, making me frown. I didn't know he felt that way. "but then, you came along, and I knew I was yours instantly. There was no going back, and I wasn't even scared,"
With that, I smile with a deep blush on my cheeks as I bite my lip. I felt the same way when we met, and I had no clue he did too. "Why do you stay?" He asks, lying back down on top of me with his head now angled up at mine from my chest. "You've heard the doctors, you've gone with me to appointments, and you're here now," he states, "Why?"
Overall, it takes me a few seconds to answer him, and with my hand resting against the side of his face, I smile again. "Because I love you too," I whisper, "We will get through this together - don't worry," I assure him, moving down to kiss his forehead. Although, instead of kissing him there, Buck moves his head up just right to meet my lips with his, and as we both smile at the gentle meeting of our lips, I know what I said is true. We will get through this - together.
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