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destialpal · 2 days ago
If Buck hadn’t grabbed his belt buckle, looked Eddie up and down while walked towards him while he said “wanna go for the title” it wouldn’t be nearly as homosexual as it actually is.
Choices were made
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Buck’s reaction to hearing about the bathena role play very much proves that he does see Athena and Bobby as his mom and dad
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simplykelc · 2 days ago
I just don’t get the writing for Buck this season. He is showing and voicing more worry& panic about his gf leaving town for two damn days & follows her to offer support but with his ppd sister leaving he’s a bit aloof and says she needs deal with it alone for awhile and she’ll be fine…MAKE IT MAKE SENSE 🤬🙄🤷🏻‍♀️
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mistletoeddie · a month ago
Tumblr media
I’m begging you to shut the fuck up
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moonstonediaz · 2 months ago
do you ever think about how most, if not all, of buddie touches we see are initiated by eddie? think about it. all of the major ones:
the awkward robot we-haven’t-touched-like-this-yet first hug after eddie’s ceremony? eddie goes to him. (mainly bc of buck’s leg, but still.) he goes for the hug and he makes it a little goofy so buck will laugh.
the welcome-back!-your-cast-is-off-party hug. ok, one could argue that bobby (lol) initiated this hug by pushing eddie forward to be first but. eddie did walk up to meet him as buck entered the room. don’t let me analyze the waist-touching.
the post-lawsuit-fight-club-injury hug. eddie walks all the way over to buck after he forgives him. buck stays where he is and let’s eddie come to him. (don’t get me started on eddie’s bruises. you don’t just forget that your ribs are bruised. you feel that shit with every move, every breath. my dude needed a buck hug.)
the infamous shoulder/neck/thumb no-one-in-this-world-i-trust-more moment. need i elaborate?
the hand-to-shoulder touch we saw in 5x01 at the airline communication tower thing.
and then dozens of other little touches, shoulder bumps, etc. idk what to do with this information???
something about love languages. eddie needing that physical touch and buck needing words of affirmation. something something.
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Buck and Eddie were out on the balcony together for the first time on screen because they are in “new territory” together. Well on their way to official canon buddie territory. Pls discuss
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tinselbuck · a month ago
one thing that I think is interesting this season is that we have almost 0 read on what buck’s feeling/thinking. usually, buck wears his heart on his sleeve, especially for the audience. this season, though, aside from a few moments where his emotions boil over (trying to leave the 118, panicking and running out of the hospital when he hears the gunshot and is afraid it was eddie), we really don’t know where he’s at mentally. we can make guesses based on what we know about him, but at the end of the day, we don’t actually know. we don’t know how he feels about taylor, we don’t know how much he has/hasn’t processed the shooting, we don’t even really know much about how he feels about maddie. i just find it interesting for a character we usually know everything about at all time. i think it’ll be especially interesting when all those emotions finally spill out
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hmslusitania · 15 days ago
Something about how the last time Buck gave Eddie advice — “is that enough…I’ve been Ana” — it led to “Eddie’s being weird” so he can’t give Eddie more advice that comes from himself because it’ll just make Eddie weirder so he instead gives him his own “we have to move on” advice
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mikereads · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oliver Stark as Evan Buckley- bts pictures for Christmas. S2,S5.
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djdangerlove · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
@mistmarauder 🧡🖤
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destialpal · a day ago
Not to be ridiculous but that’s not usually how one would react to the woman you supposedly love telling you she loves you back….
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Please can you give me some of your positivity? Becasue I lost all the faith I had in the writers. What they did to buck's growth was one of the worst thing I ever saw
So, I’m generally of the mindset that if this show and this fandom isn’t bringing you positive vibes and it feels detrimental to your mental health, then you should take a break.
I can understand initially being pretty down as soon as the episode aired. I went from having such a good time with the firefam shenanigans to wanting to claw my eyes out by the end of it.
However, the best advice I can offer you is to follow the blogs that are Buddie Positive/Realistic (as in managing expectations but in a hopeful manner) and block all the negatives. People have a right to feel negative about the chances of it going canon, but you’re not obligated to see those negative posts if they’re detrimental to your mindset. So block freely and frequently, my friend.
As for B/T breakup. I still stand by the knowledge that the writers can very easily turn a happy relationship into a breakup within the span of a single episode (see Buck/Abby, Buck/Ali, Chim/Tatiana, and Eddie/Shannon), so I don’t think the possibility of them ending in 5x10 is entirely ruled out because of this new development. However, it’s more likely that we’ll get it in 5B instead (and the breakup will most likely have heavy parallels to EddieAna).
Signs that B/T is not endgame:
As @littlesecretsdt pointed out, Bobby gave the relationship his Kiss of Death. As in, he gave Buck encouraging advice about it, and any other time he’s done that for a relationship, that relationship has ended. (The one exception perhaps being Madney, but honestly I can’t even remember an instance of Bobby giving Chim advice about Maddie. It’s usually Hen, Eddie, or Buck who does that).
Buck was in dark wardrobe for the entire episode, which @imcatchingteardropsinmyhands pointed out. And her theory on the colors of their clothing would imply that this means something bad to come for Buck (like a breakup 🤔). I also noticed that the dark button up in the “I love you” scene was patterned, and @kympossible85 says that patterned clothing can mean a conflict of emotions within a character. Buck was most likely conflicted about whether or not to actually say it back to her. That scene very much felt like Buck was only returning the sentiment because he didn’t want to deal with a breakup right now, and he knew if he didn’t respond in a certain way, then TayKay would most likely get mad and leave again.
The regression of Buck’s character is also a sign that this relationship is not a healthy one. The one thing we know that Buck knows how to cook well is breakfast foods, and yet now he’s regressed to frozen waffles. Surely that’s no mistake. Buck is “done chasing people.” And yet he chases her halfway across the country just because he’s afraid of another woman leaving him and not coming back. I really think he thought if he didn’t go with her then that was the end of their relationship, despite her telling him otherwise before she left. In an episode titled “Past is Prologue,” the writers are intentionally showing us Buck going back to past mistakes. Even though he thinks it’s progress since they managed a tiny bit of communication, the only way he got there was to resort to old methods (chasing after her).
Finally, the note they chose to end on was TayKay pointing out once again that Buck still doesn’t know a lot of things about her. As in, no matter how much “progress” they apparently made in this episode, they’re still miles away from knowing and understanding each other in the way that a successful couple would.
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zeethebooknerd · 3 months ago
rewatching 4x06 and just realized that Eddie says “still not sure what inspired the software update” in response to Buck 3.0.
The presence of still implies that Buck and Eddie have had this discussion before about the newly-enacted Buck 3.0, and Eddie was just as confused then as he is now. It also might imply that Eddie’s confused about Buck’s perpetual impulse to “upgrade” himself because there’s not a single part of Buck that he thinks needs upgrading.
(I had to do it // I know you did)
If you update something, it’s because there’s something that’s faulty, something that’s not working right, something that’s outdated/buggy. But humans don’t work like that. We’re beautifully imperfect no matter what stage of life we’re in, and I think…Eddie sees him like that? Sees him for being human and imperfect and recognises him in all “versions” and thinks he’s perfect in every single one??? He loves him in happiness, in his frustration, in his anger, in his sadness, in his recklessness, in his intelligence…just he loves him.
Tl;Dr I just think that Eddie loves him a lot and it makes me want to mcfucking scream s5 please give me more of them falling in love with each other like this jfc
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loveyourownsmiilee · 23 days ago
One thing to always keep in mind is that Oliver does his best acting with his facial expressions. This is something we’ve seen from the very beginning. His facial expressions give away his true feelings always. So it’s very important to focus on his expressions in every interaction he has with TK because they’re never seen in a positive context. He seems very exhausted, irritated, unhappy, and overall not feeling it. There’s no emotions in his eyes, no real love shining through. Compare his facial expressions to those when he’s with Eddie and it gives a lot away. The difference is tremendous.
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lesbiandiaz · 14 days ago
for my 700 follower celebration @alltoowelltmv sent the prompt "kissing their lover’s knuckle, intertwining their fingers." this was inspired by the 510 stills, and i wanted to write something based on this post of mine
or: a santa hat, mistletoe and a kiss
It’s dark when they get home from the Christmas village. Buck has come back with the Diaz boys with the promise to read Christopher a bedtime story.
Christopher had fallen asleep on the drive over, Eddie carrying him inside the dark house and settling him into bed as Buck followed.
They meet in the kitchen, the place they usually gravitate towards. Buck had pulled out their favourite beer while he waited for Eddie.
They’ve fallen into a peaceful silence, only broken by Eddie being unable to resist joking, “Are you going to take that Santa hat off now? You’ve had it on so long I’m sure it’s glued to your head.”
“I was going to take it off, but now I’m not, just for you.” Buck replies.
“You’re really going to keep that on through the movie out of spite?” Eddie asks as he moves towards the living room, although he knows the answer. When Buck puts his mind to something there’s no stopping him.
When Eddie realises Buck isn’t following he turns to him, “You coming?” He waits while Buck catches up, bites his tongue when Buck walks slowly on purpose.
“Go on then, Eds, what are you waiting for?” Buck teases, stopped in the doorway, refusing to move.
“No, you go.”
They’ve reached a standstill, both men refusing to move, just as stubborn as each other.
It’s the look of horror on Eddie’s face that alarms Buck as he follows his eyes towards the ceiling.
Oh no, Buck thinks. He can fix this. “Eds, we- we don’t have to. It’s just a stupid tradition, right?”
“What if I wanted to?” Eddie asks nervously.
“You- you want to? You want to kiss me?”
Eddie grabs his hand then, brings it to his mouth and kisses his knuckles, “Yeah, Evan, I want to kiss you.”
It’s a kiss that feels like coming home, like a warm blanket on a cold day. The hat hits the floor as Eddie winds his hands into Buck’s hair.
The moment is broken by a tiny voice in the distance. Christopher is awake.
“Buck, can you come read to me?” he calls.
Buck pulls away from Eddie, reaches down to grab his hat, “Here, it’ll look better on you anyway.” he says, pulling the hat onto Eddie’s head.
He’s laughing as he walks away, “It suits you, Eds. Come on, Chris needs us.”
Eddie follows him, and always will.
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moonstonediaz · 2 months ago
eddie and buck hugging christopher the exact same way like
Tumblr media
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x-lovemeanyway-x · a month ago
"honey, i’m home" to an empty apartment vs "wait for me to come home" playing in the background when Eddie arrives at Buck’s apartment…
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tinselbuck · 20 days ago
unspoken (sometimes love is)
buddie (1.4k) (read it on ao3)
once again, based on my own text post. i have no self control.
“Thank you,” Michael says, voice shaking. “Thank you for protecting him.”
They’re standing in front of the still-smoldering hospital, nearly twelve hours after the initial explosion. Hen is checking David for smoke inhalation, and Buck’s helping with crowd control, so for the moment, it’s only the two of them.
“Just doing our job,” Eddie replies, running a hand through his sooty hair.
Michael shakes his head. “You didn’t just get him out. You kept him safe so he could keep his patient alive. He would have stayed, even if you weren’t there. So I’m damn glad you were.”
Eddie ducks his head and nods. “Me too,” he says simply.
Michael looks towards the ambulance, and Eddie follows his gaze, watching as Hen presses an oxygen mask to David’s face. His eyes wander further, over to Buck, who’s now helping Ravi stow tools back in the truck.
“It’s just… he’s my person, you know?” Michael says.
Buck looks up, locks eyes with Eddie, and grins.
“Yeah,” Eddie mumbles, distracted.
“I’m going to ask him to marry me,” Michael confesses.
Eddie’s thoughts grind to a halt, and he wrenches his gaze away from Buck to look Michael in the eye. “That’s-- wow, congratulations. I’m happy for you,” he says.
“And unlike some people we know,” he continues, “David and I are going to have an actual wedding.”
“How can you be so sure?” Eddie asks before he can stop himself.
Michael looks at him knowingly. “We don’t always get it right the first time around. David, though... he makes being sure easy.”
“He’s your person,” Eddie says softly.
“He is,” Michael agrees.
There was a question Michael hadn’t asked, but that Eddie had heard anyway.
He’s your person.
He is. Who’s yours?
Michael hadn’t asked, but in the confines of his own head, Eddie had answered.
Who’s yours?
And Eddie… Eddie doesn’t know what that means. It’s not-- your person doesn’t have to be your partner, right? Except Buck is his partner, in every sense of the word but one. So Buck’s his person. It doesn’t have to mean… that.
Eddie drops his head to his hands and stares at the locker room floor. He turns the idea over in his head.
His person. Buck.
Michael said David made him feel sure. And that’s Buck, isn’t it? If there’s ever been someone he can count on, someone he’s sure of, it’s Buck. So maybe their relationship isn’t the same as Michael and David’s-- Buck’s still his person.
It’s a good thing, Eddie decides.
Buck shows up on his doorstep with red-rimmed eyes and a six-pack. Eddie doesn’t have to ask why.
“Are you okay?” he asks instead, gently.
Buck smiles bitterly, a painful imitation of his typical megawatt grin. “I’m-- it was the right thing to do,” he says.
“Still hurts,” Eddie says. “I know.”
He takes the beer from Buck and places it on the table, then pulls him in for a hug. Buck presses his face into Eddie’s neck and closes his arms around his waist. It’s been a long time, Eddie realizes, since they’ve done this. Since before the shooting, at least. He’s missed it.
“It’s not even her,” Buck mumbles, pulling away. He crosses his arms over his chest. “I don’t-- she and I were never going anywhere. I just thought…”
“I know,” Eddie says again, and he does. He gets it. It’s not about Taylor, it’s about what she’d represented. The idea of her.
They don’t talk much after that, just sit on the couch, pressed together from shoulder to knee. There’s a football game on TV, but Eddie’s pretty sure neither of them is watching it. It keeps the silence away, though, and for that Eddie’s grateful. There’s so much they haven’t talked about, and sometimes, Eddie thinks the oppressive silence of it all will eat him alive.
Michael and David announce their engagement on Christmas.
“I’m happy for you guys,” Eddie says to David, throat tight. They’ve never really spoken before, but Bobby’s pulled a binder out from who knows where, and he, Michael and Buck are pouring through it with intense focus.
“Thank you,” David says, smiling softly.
“Good luck with that, though,” Eddie jokes, gesturing. Bobby and Michael now seem to be debating the merits of two cloth napkin samples, and genuinely, where had they even found those? Buck grins widely as he follows their rapid-fire conversation. It’s the happiest he’s seemed in months.
“I wasn’t sure I’d ever get to have this,” David says after a moment. “I always told myself I was too busy, had too much on my plate to even think about dating. Really, though, I think I was waiting for him. He’s my person. So if this makes him happy...” He shrugs. “It makes me happy, too.”
“You know,” Eddie says, “Michael said the same thing about you, once. That you’re his person.”
David ducks his head and smiles. It reminds Eddie a little of Buck.
It hits him all at once on New Year’s Eve.
Buck’s laughing, smile wide and carefree, just like it has been since Maddie, Chim and Jee finally came back.
He’s beautiful.
He’s beautiful, and as the clock ticks closer and closer to midnight, Eddie thinks he’d like to kiss him. Buck. His person.
“Buck’s my person,” Eddie blurts, standing on Michael’s doorstep.
Michael’s eyes widen. “Why don’t you come in,” he says, stepping back.
The table is set for two, complete with half-drunk glasses of red wine. David’s standing by the stove, stir-frying something that smells suspiciously like one of Bobby’s recipes.
“Shit, I’m sorry, you’re busy. I shouldn’t have--”
Michael holds up his hands placatingly. “It’s just dinner, Eddie, it’s fine. Come on, take a seat. David always makes too much anyway.”
David chuckles and shakes his head. “It’s called leftovers, dear.”
“You could feed a fire station with that wok. I would know.”
David rolls his eyes. “Get the man a glass of wine,” he says, gesturing at Eddie.
“Alright, alright,” Michael laughs. He pulls a glass from the cabinet and sets Eddie up with a hefty pour. “So, what’s on your mind?”
Part of Eddie wants to run and hide at the idea of flaying himself open like this, but the rest of him has been agonizing over Buck since New Year’s and wants, needs--
Eddie knows what it all means. He’s even reasonably sure that Buck feels the same way. Maybe he just needs someone to tell him it’s okay.
He tells them everything.
The shift is-- it’s bad. Really bad. Like Eddie-could’ve-died-and-the-only-reason-he-didn’t-was-Buck bad.
He’s exhausted, and Buck is fuming and he just wants to go home but--
“Eddie, stop!”
It’s Buck. Of course it’s Buck. It’s always Buck.
“I can’t keep doing this,” he says, and to Eddie’s horror, he sees tears gathering in the corners of his eyes. He drops his bag and steps forward, holding out his hand, just shy of actually touching Buck.
“Doing what?” he asks, even though he already knows.
Buck laughs bitterly. “I can’t keep almost losing you, and then pretending like nothing ever happened.”
“Buck, I--”
“Eddie, you almost died! You-- you got shot, and buried alive, and people have pointed guns at us and tonight--”
“I’m sorry,” Eddie whispers.
Buck’s face crumples. “You’re-- fuck. I don’t-- just, dammit Eddie, talk to me! Tell me you were scared, too. Tell me you don’t want to die, tell me--”
Eddie lunges forward and kisses him. All of the things he hasn’t said yet -- he knows he’ll have to. But for now, he pours them into the kiss.
“I don’t want to die,” he murmurs against Buck’s lips. “I was terrified, but you make me brave, Evan.”
“Eddie,” Buck says, wrecked. “You--”
“I’m sorry we haven’t talked about it.” Eddie rests his forehead against Buck’s.
“Can we?” Buck asks, fisting his hands in Eddie’s shirt, like he’s afraid he’ll run away.
“Yeah,” Eddie says. He presses a brief, gentle kiss against Buck’s lips. “Yeah, let’s talk about it.”
“You’re my person, you know?” Eddie says.
They’re standing in the kitchen, slowly cleaning up the remnants of dinner.
Buck looks up at him and smiles. “What does that mean?” he asks.
“It means,” Eddie says slowly, pulling him away from the counter and into a loose embrace, “that you’re who I always want to be around. The person I want to talk to, the person I want to be happy with, and sad with. The person I want to wake up with every day for the rest of my life. It means that you make it easy to be sure.”
Buck kisses him softly and grins. “Is that a proposal, Diaz?” he teases.
“When I propose to you,” Eddie says, smiling, “you won’t have to ask.”
He kisses Buck again, just because he can.
“Hey, Eddie?” Buck says. “You’re my person, too.”
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