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#evan peters
whiiiiplaaaaash · an hour ago
Hi, I love your work. Can I ask about how the Evans would try to help an insomniac reader sleep?
Tate would cuddle you.
He would tell you stories about what his day was like to keep you entertained.
Hes a ghost, so he doesnt need to sleep. But he tries with you.
He will just keep talking to you. Trying to bore you so eventually you'll fall asleep in his arms.
He would kiss your cheek and fall asleep too.
Tumblr media
Kit is a father.
So he knows just what to do.
He pours you a glass of warm chocolate milk and sits with you imbetween his legs.
He runs his arms down your sides and holds you close.
He will try to talk to you as much as he can, but he will fall asleep too.
But he swears if you need anything, he will help.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He tried to initiate sex.
But not for his pleasure.
He asks If an orgasm would help, and most times it does. So he will finger you or give you oral.
But if that doesnt work, cuddles!!
And tons of bed time stories!
Tumblr media
James will literally rock you to sleep in a rocking chair.
He sings to you softly.
Lullaby after lullaby.
Hell after you've fallen asleep he wont stop rocking and singing to you.
You look so lifeless and beautiful when your sleeping. It never fails to make a smile come onto Mr. March's face.
Tumblr media
Kai is actually a sweetheart when it comes to these sort of issues.
Youd wake him up and tell him you couldnt sleep.
He would be up in a second, telling you to lay down next to him.
You would, and he would rest his head on your chest.
"My love, my world, my destiny." He would repeat over and over to you.
Eventually the tone in his voice, would lull you to sleep.
Tumblr media
Peter, will hook you up.
He has trouble sleeping too.
His mutation causes his brain to move fast as well. So it's hard for him to fall asleep without melatonin.
He has you take some, and cuddle with him.
You both take it at the same time so you fall asleep together.
Tumblr media
Luke is a baby, so he will most likely not be able to help very much.
He will just pass out before you.
But he loves cuddles and will massage you if that helps!
Tumblr media
Sex and weed.
Pretty much it.
Although sometimes he will go out of his way to drive you around until you get tired.
You two end up pulling into your garage and sleeping in the back seat cuddled up listening to Queen.
Tumblr media
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sapphimoff · an hour ago
For anyone who's curious, I watched Mare of Easttown on a website called
It's never given me a virus so 🤷🏻‍♀️
Just ignore the ads for horny moms in your area.. unless you don't want to-
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kitwalker02 · an hour ago
I just had this idea so im giving it to you
kits like at work or whatever the fuck he does, and s/o is like doing housework and finds a picture of Alma (rip queen 👑) and they find a picture of her and realize they look just like her, gets all upset and confronts kit abt it, but he tries to tell them it's not like that (ew men), pure angst, very sad, angry reader
that's all
maybe thats stupid nvm
A/N: Let’s just all pretend for a hot second that we all look like Miss Alma Walker because I’m not into making OC’s so let’s use that imagintation guys!!
ALSO BYE- WHO ALLOWED THIS TO TURN OUT THIS UGLY!?!?! You all have to pretend to enjoy it and leave nice comments:)
You thought you’d be doing Kit a favor. He’d been working ridiculous hours lately and never being home certainly started to reflect that with a mess, unwashed dishes filled the sink, empty beer bottles scattering the house and dirty bed sheets that haven’t been clean in God knows how long. So taking advantage of the spare key he had given you, you decided to suprise him by cleaning up.
It wasn’t until you came across his dishevled and half open nightstand that you found a wrinkled photograph of what appeared to be a wedding. A sad smile graced your lips as you looked closer and noticed it was Kit and his first wife, Alma, alone in an empty church. He had told you about them eloping and her passing but had never shown you any photos. You carefully grazed your index finger over Kit’s fuzzy image, he looked so handsome in his suit and tie and you couldn’t help but hope that one day that’ll be you standing beside him in a wedding dress. Reluctantly, your eyes left Kit’s face and began to drift towards his late wife. You’ve always held a bit of jealousy towards her, something about there being a time where she was the most important woman in Kit’s life hurt you.
Your brow furrowed as you glanced down at the woman holding on to Kit’s arm with a delicate hand...she looked just like you. Bringing the photo closer to you, you raked your eyes over it more slowly thinking it was just your mind playing a trick but it was like looking in a mirror. Your heart dropped as you remembered the way the photo stuck out of Kit’s drawer slightly meaning he had been looking at it recently. Jumping to conclusions, tears filled your eyes as you wondered if Kit was just using you to replace Alma. Sniffling softly, you glared down at the photo, your rage only being fueled by the sound of Kit shutting the front door.
You stood to meet him as he slowly walked into his bedroom, he didn’t even look up at you yet and you could already tell he was exhausted. The skin around his eyes purple and puffy... had he been crying? “Y/N!” He exclaimed weakly, smiling at you as he slipped off his work jacket. “You didn’t tell me you’d be stopping by.” You didn’t respond when he grabbed you by the waist, pressing a quick kiss to your cheek before lying down on his bed with a loud groan. “What’re doing in here, doll? Not snooping around I hope.” Kit teased you lightly, his eyes already closing, arms wrapped securely around his pillow. The sight of your peaceful boyfriend normally would have made your heart melt but as you still held the photo in your sweaty grasp you felt hurt. “I was cleaning up a bit. I wanted to surprise you.” You said plainly, Kit’s eyes snapping open and meeting yours, his gaze was thick with guilt as he glanced around his noticably cleaner room. “That’s so sweet of you, hun.” He praised, sitting up slightly and reaching out for you, hoping his carelessness didn’t hurt your feelings. “I have been pretty busy lately...” He explained with a chuckle, grabbing your hands to pull you closer. “Really started to let this place go-”
Kit’s voice trailed off as he glanced down at the photo in your hand. You gulped softly, his eyes red and watery when he finally looked back up at you. “I don’t want you touching that.” He spoke lowly, gently prying the photograph from your fingers and holding it protectively against his abdomen.
“Why not?” You cursed your voice for shaking, trying to steady your emotions by curling your hands into fists. Kit stayed silent, his eyes shiny with unshed tears and a sick part of you wanted to be the reason why he broke this stupid facade and cried. “You’re not over her yet, are you? Is that why you’re even with me? Because I look like her?!” Kit shook his head at you, tongue coming out to wet his bottom lip as he forced himself to meet your eye. “It’s not like that, Y/N. I just- I miss her so much.” His voice broke at the end and it took you a moment to understand what he had said.
You raised your eyebrows in shock at his bluntness. “Wow...” You whispered softly, your own eyes filling with tears. “And to think I actually loved you.” Kit’s frown deepened at your harsh words and he slowly sat back down on his bed, gazing up at you with a desperate look. “I- I can’t lose you too...” His voice was barely audible and you almost pitied him as you took in his now tear streaked face, his upper body shaking slightly from the anxiety of the situation. You shot him a glare, still too upset to even think about forgiving him yet. Biting down on your lower lip, your eyes jumped around Kit’s disheveled form as you quickly tried to come up with a response. Your gaze landed on the wedding photo still clutched protectivley in his sweaty grasp, quickly you snatched it from him, your heart jumped slightly at the soft whine he let out when the edge of the thick paper cut his finger but you ignored him and held it out of his reach.
“What were you even doing with this, huh? Were you rubbing one out to your dead wife? Becuase that’s-” You didn’t get the chance to finish your insult before Kit stood up quickly shutting you up with a firm smack to the side of your head. It wasn’t hard enough to hurt you or leave a mark but still strong enough to let you know you went too far. You stared at him in shock as he took the photograph from you again and placed it back into his bedside table, slamming the drawer loudly before turning back to you. “You better watch your mouth if you know what’s good for you.” He snarled, wiping the tears off his reddened face as he went to move past you but you were quick to stop him. “Are you threatening me?” Kit just scoffed at your question not bothering to answer you.
“Fine.” You growled “I’m done with you, Walker.” Kit’s eyes widened as you went to move past him and he quickly grabbed your arm, a fresh wave of tears washing over him as he tried to make you stay. “Y/N, I didn’t mean it...I’m sorry!” You tried to wriggle your arm out of his tight grip, but he held you still, crying for you to stay. You yanked your arm out of his grip, taking a quick step back from him and slapping him across the face when he went to grab you again. He stared at you silently for a moment, tears running down his flushed cheeks. “Please don’t leave me. I love you so much.” You scoffed at Kit’s words, turning your head away from him to hide your own watery eyes. “No, Kit, you love Alma. I'm not her."
You didn't miss the way Kit flinched slightly when you said Alma's name, as if you weren't worthy enough to say her name. Your gaze softened slightly as Kit continued to stare up at you, desperation clear in his eye. "Look, sweetheart..." you drawled softly, moving to take Kit's hands in your own. "Just tell me you love me." You told him, nodding your head in encouragement. "Just say my name and that you love me." You pressed further, your voice wavering slightly when Kit didn't answer you right away. He opened his mouth, your heart dropping when he closed it again.
You shook your head at him, eyes filling with tears. "Kit, just say it. Just say 'Y/N, I love you.'" Slowly Kit stepped back from you, dropping your hands in the process. "I think you should go, Y/N. I- I need to lay down."
You sniffled softly, turning your back to him before he could see you cry. "Yeah, you're probably right...I'll see you around?" You left before Kit could respond knowing he wouldn't mean what he said.
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proudandangrydust · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It pains me seeing this photo of Evan, he looks so undernourished and exhausted. This was early February 2019 when he attended a Rag & Bone event with Emma just before their split. I can only imagine how unhappy the last weeks of their relationship were especially as she was most likely cheating with Garrett after already cheating with Hayden (If any of her fans have something to say about that, I'm sorry you don't come out of a 7 year relationship and 5 year engagement and bounce into a new relationship within 3 weeks unless that person was already in the picture. You just don't.) When someone looks like this just before a split and starts to look better after the split you know that relationship was toxic AF.
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whiiiiplaaaaash · an hour ago
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wasteland-teen · an hour ago
@no-mercy-bby the barking at the end is taking me OUT😂💀💀
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sapphimoff · an hour ago
Tate is a sub, idk how people think different-
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no-mercy-bby · an hour ago
Tumblr media
(I swear if I see this photo one more time-)
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whiiiiplaaaaash · 2 hours ago
Female reader having social anxiety and is dating tate
Imagine sitting at your desk, balling your eyes out.
You had to present a project at school the following day, and you were having anxiety about it.
As if a sign from God, you heard a knock at your window.
Pulling up the blinds, you smiled at the blonde.
It was your boyfriend Tate Langdon.
He too had social anxiety.
As soon as he saw you crying, he rushed to pull you into a hug.
" girl what's wrong?" He rested his chin on your head.
Roaming his hands around your back to show affection.
After you explained what was wrong, he would comfort you.
And help you practice exactly what you were going to say to the class.
"I'll even ditch my third period to come and watch. You can stare at me the entire time!" He smiled.
You smiled too, feeling alot more excited about tomorrow. After all..
You did have a hot boy to look at.
Tumblr media
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tatesweaterweather · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
JUST FOUND OUT IM NEARLY AT 600.. WHAT??? HOW WAS I UNAWARE OF THIS- BUT ANYWAY TY ALL SO MUCH I LOVE U 3000 <3 also pls don’t think i haven’t gotten ur requests, i have. i’m just sorting through everything a bit first. on another note, would you guys like to see some michael langdon fics? i’ve been obsessed with him SO much lately. lmk!! <3
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kai-andersons-cheeto · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Trust is the only thing that forges real partnership."
~Kai Anderson
|Ahs Cult|
( I'm proud of the last pic ;D )
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thatspookyagent · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐌𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐁𝐞𝐧 𝐇𝐚𝐫𝐦𝐨𝐧 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐓𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐋𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐝𝐨𝐧 𝐢𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐬! 𝐩𝐭. 𝟏
𝐌𝐀𝐃𝐄 𝐁𝐘 @thatspookyagent !!! 🦊
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whiiiiplaaaaash · 4 hours ago
ok so...if all of the evans were mutants what do you think their powers would be 👀
You do the Evan's better than fucking Marvel did Peter.
I didnt include peter btw. For obvious reasons
Invisibility for sure.
He is a ghost, but I feel like he uses it to be as perverted as he can.
Homie would be in your room every day.
Tumblr media
Kit is a hippie.
So I'm thinking, maybe nature manipulation.
He can make trees grow and shit
I dont know man. Just gives me those kinda vibes.
Tumblr media
Super strength.
The dude would be unstoppable.
If you were laying on the couch and he wanted you up. He would lift the whole damn couch.
Baby is just the hulk... but an infant.
Tumblr media
This one is hard...
I can see him having some kind of sexual mutation..
Oooo. Like wolverine.
His fingers turn into knives.
Metal lobster claws.
Tumblr media
Not that he couldnt do that anyway.
I just think it suits him.
The dude is literally a 1930's Enderman.
Tumblr media
Uh..that's it.
Tumblr media
Super speed.
For sure.
Homie would get coffee so fast.
He would just love to run around and be annoying.
Tumblr media
Invisibility as well as Tate.
I think he wants to be able to get away with illegal stuff easier for sure.
And just not be existant when his family is arguing.
Tumblr media
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undeadcortez · 4 hours ago
kai asks you some personal questions during a pinky power
note: please i haven’t written smut in a bit please be kind
warnings: smut, like smut smut, anal-ish, spit kink, daddy kink, breeding kink-ish, idk just some kinky shit | ugh not proof read yet my dudes
words: 3K
Tumblr media
“Come sit with me,” Kai demanded as he motioned over to the table. You watched as he pointed out his pinky, placing his elbow on the surface below it. You swallowed the lump in your throat before moving over the table in front of you. You took the seat across from him and set your elbow down as well, sticking out your delicate pinky. You flinched a bit when he wrapped his own around your digit.
A pinky power was an easy way to bond with Kai. And even though you had just met Kai a few days prior, you knew this one was going to get intense. You were very closeted with your life and Kai hated it. He could smell the secrets in you, and he would be the one to dig them out. He had to know every little thing about you. And while he felt this way with the majority of people he met, he needed to know your life more than anybody else’s. With no social media presence or even any criminal record, he couldn’t just do a quick google search of you. You were a complete wild card to him. And he was so keen on destroying any barriers between the two of you.
You could feel your palms begin to grow clammy as you waited for him to say anything. He stared at you intensely, his eyes studying your expressions as he waited to speak. He wanted to take in all of your actions to understand your attitude and it didn’t take long for him to realize you were nervous. The sweat on your palms, your fidgety stance, the way your eyes avoided his own. The idea that he intimidated you flew straight to his groin, loving the power he had over you already. “There are rules,” he whispered to you, finally breaking the silence. “No secrets, we’re here to tell the truth,” he paused, “I’ll know if you’re lying to me.”
You nodded a bit, waiting for him to speak once more. You knew you wouldn’t be able to lie to him even if you wanted to. It just wasn’t in your nature to lie especially to those that are in a higher place of power than you. Kai was definitely one of those people.
The tension hung in the air as you awaited your first question, chewing on your lower lip as you searched your mind for any idea of what he might ask you. “What’s your greatest fear?” he finally asked, his dark eyes never leaving your own.
You gulped and raked your mind for an answer. Fear really wasn’t something you thought about a lot. You never knew your biggest fear, honestly, as you haven’t experienced a lot. So, after a few moments of trying to find a good answer, you shrugged a bit and whispered, “abandonment.”
He was a bit surprised by your answer, but nodded at you. “Why?” he asked, obviously prying you open for a backstory. You didn’t usually enjoy talking about the abandonment issues your father gave you by leaving you at the age of four. You only told one person before about your relationship with your father and that was a boyfriend of yours. And after you told him, he left you, too, unable to handle the constant neediness you had.
“My father,” you answered after a few moments and looked down at the table and whispered, “I really don’t want to get into it.”
He smirked a bit and leaned forward, reaching his free hand under your chin, lifting it up and making you look at him, “you have daddy issues?” He thought about him replacing any male role in your life, you relying on him and bending over backwards to please him. The thought immediately rushed to his cock, suppressing a groan at the mere thought of you calling him ‘daddy’.
You stared deeply into his eyes, sucking on your lip for a moment before letting go of it, it coming back plump and red, almost bruised by how much you sucked on it. “I guess you could say that,” you admitted and felt a hot blush stain your cheeks. You couldn’t believe you had just admitted to him that you had daddy issues.
“Yes or no?” he demanded a straight answer. The domination in his voice made you squirm a bit in your chair and he noticed, his smirk growing as he realized what his authority was doing to you.
You looked away from his eyes, closing them as you whispered, “yes.” You took in a deep breath, the blush only growing deeper on your cheeks. Even though your eyes were closed, you could feel the persistence of his gaze on your face. It burned.
He yanked on your chin, signifying you to look at him as he spoke. You fluttered your eyes open when he opened his mouth, “good girl.” The nickname made you squirm once more, the feeling it gave you making you wet just at him calling it. The room was silent for a moment before unhooked his pinky from your own, standing up from the table. You tilted your head as you watched him walk over to you, his hand caressing your cheek for a moment before leaning down. His breath was hot against your lips, the scent of his breath making you crinkle your nose a bit. It wasn’t bad, but it was strong, stronger than any smell you’ve ever experienced. “Do you need a daddy?” he asked, just hovering above your lips.
Your breath began to shake, closing your eyes as let out a small, “yes.” Your reply made him shake his head with a smile on his lips before pulling back from you. You whined a bit, embarrassed to be so upset at the loss of contact. You don’t know what it was about Kai, but fuck, he was so attractive. Maybe it was the confidence or maybe it was the fact you hadn’t been touched in two years by any man. But either way, you were squirming and whining in your chair as you watched him walk away from you.
He walked over to the stairs, gesturing for you to leave. You noticed the hard on in his pants and your sense of embarrassment left your body just a tad, knowing you had some effect on him as well. He whispered, “our time is up. I have a meeting with the city councilmen.”
You nodded, immediately standing up and scrambling to go to the stairs, not wanting to make Kai upset at all. You made it halfway up the stairs before turning around to look at him, hun already stripping to get dressed in his suit. The sight of his bare back was going to have to be enough to tide you over for a few hours.
You went home after that, but not forgetting a single moment of your pinky power with Kai. You tried to carry your day as usual. As soon as you got home, you began to prepare yourself some dinner. Well, at least tried to. The images of Kai’s back and clothed hard on made it hard for you to concentrate on making a meal. You stirred the pasta around in the pot, mindlessly, thinking about yourself being plowed by Kai Anderson, begging for him, calling him ‘daddy’...
“Shit!” you whispered as the pasta started to burn in the pot, moving it off of the flame before turning off the stove all together. It was rather embarrassing how much one man was taking over your mind. A man who believed in all the wrong things and wouldn’t even think twice about you having any opinion. But, here you are, burning your food because you literally couldn’t get him out of your head.
You sighed, deciding to cut your losses and just get some sleep. You made your way to your bedroom and laid down on the bed, chewing on your lip as thought of touching yourself crossed your mind, but you pushed it down, knowing you wouldn’t be satisfied unless Kai touched you. It took you a bit, but you finally fell asleep, the ache in your panties never subsiding.
The next morning woke you up harshly, making you flinch at the light shining through your curtains. You sat up and rubbed your eyes a bit before grabbing your phone to check the time. As soon as you opened it, you noticed several messages from Winter, telling you to meet Kai in the basement as soon as you had woken up. You were confused as to why he would want to see you again so soon, but didn’t question it past that.
You got up, stretching a bit before making your way to the bathroom. You took a quick shower, got dressed in some random red day dress you knew you looked hot in, and walked to the Anderson residence. You walked inside without knocking, noticing Winter sitting in the living room. “It’s about time,” she said with a smirk, motioning at the door to the basement, “he’s been asking where you are.”
You blushed at the idea that Kai was impatiently waiting for you to return. You moved over to the door, knocking on it before opening it and finding Kai at the bottom with a smile, “we never finished our pinky power.”
You nodded and came down the stairs, moving over to the table immediately. Kai followed you and stuck out his pinky prior to sitting down. You locked yours with his, sitting down in sync. He stared at you for a moment, tightening his grip on your pinky before whispering, “repeat the rules to me.”
“I tell you the truth,” you stated immediately, sucking on your lower lip for a moment before continuing, “and you’ll know if I lie.”
He nodded, a smirk plastered on his lips as he leaned in close, staring at you intensely. He was silent for a moment before speaking to you, “good girl. I’m impressed by your ability to recall the rules.”
You bit your lip at the nickname and nodded. “I just do as daddy tells me,” you stated in a teasing manner, making Kai close his eyes for a moment and recollect himself a bit. Something about you calling him daddy.
When he opened his eyes, he whispered, “did I make you wet yesterday?”
“Yes,” you admitted, looking away from his gaze and blushing harshly. Even out of your peripheral, you could see him adjust himself on the chair, obviously becoming hard at your admission.
He took no time to follow up with, “did you touch yourself?”
You shook your head and whispered once looking at Kai once again, “no. I knew no touch but yours would be able to satisfy me.”
Kai sucked in a harsh breath before standing up and leaning over the table, unlinking your pinkies. You were confused for a moment before he cupped your face with a smirk, pulling you up from the chair by your face. He slammed his lips against your own, sloppily moving his lips against yours. You brought your hands up, tangling them into his long blue locks and tugging ever so slightly as the two of you made out. He pulled back for a moment and gripped your chin in one hand, making your mouth fall open, your eyes never leaving his. Your mouth hung open for what felt like minutes before noticing a thick strand of drool leaving Kai’s lips. He smirked once it left his chin and landed in your mouth, immediately closing your mouth and holding it closed. “Swallow for daddy,” he commanded, “show daddy what you’ll do for him.”
You were hesitant, the ball of spit in your mouth assaulting your tongue with the taste of root beer and Cheeto puffs. You swallowed, though, earning a smile from Kai before he tapped your cheek and moved away from you, standing across the table with the biggest tent you’ve seen in anyone’s pants. You gulped at the sight, watching as he made his way over to you. He straddled your lap, still standing as each of his legs were perched on either side of your lap, his crotch in front of your face. He grabbed your chin again, making you look up at him with a small smile. He stared at you like this for a moment, the tension in your panties starting to grow unbearable as he reached down and with other hand and popped the button to his pants.
Your mouth began to water as he pushed down his pants and underwear to the middle of his thigh, his thick cock bouncing out. You leaned forward and immediately took it into your mouth, knowing he was going to ask for it. Kai let out a low groan, rolling his head back and gripping your hair, his hand finally leaving your chin. He tugged on your hair as you suckled on the tip of his dick, teasing him just a bit before moving your lips down the length of his member. His hips bucked forward, making your gag on his thickness, but he didn’t mind. He began to thrust a bit in and out of your mouth, his tip hitting the back of your throat. You moaned around his member, staring up at him with lustful eyes.
You swirl your tongue around his dick for a few moments, sucking on his length with hollowed cheeks just for a few more moments before he pulled out of your mouth, a thick string of spit dangling from your lower lip that delicately landed on the tip of his cock. He looked down at you and smirked a bit before pulling you up from the seat and pushing you against the table, bending you over the hard wood surface. He pulled up your dress, exposing the fact that you were commando. He groaned, looking at your ass for a moment before bringing his hand down against it, spanking you harshly. You sucked in a harsh breath, squirming under his touch as his other hand pushed you down against the table in between your shoulder blades. “Tell daddy how much you want him to fuck you,” he commanded and gripped his cock in his free hand, rubbing the tip of it against your asshole, your spit lathering your rim as he prodded at the hole teasingly.
You turned your head to the side, the cool surface pressed against your cheek as you moaned, “p-please daddy. Please fuck me, Kai!” You pushed back against his cock, hissing as it barely slipped into your ass, but loving the fact that he was at least a little bit in you. You needed to fill him inside of you. You don’t think you have ever needed anything more.
You gasped as he brought his hand up and brought it down harshly against your ass cheek once again, slipping his cock out of you and smirked. “You’re such a good little girl, begging for daddy’s cock,” he pushed you harder into the table and gripped his cock once again, this time lowering it to rub your clit just a bit. You moaned impatiently, your legs shaking as he pushed the tip of his dick hard against you clit, rubbing it.
Your cunt dripped your juices onto his cock as he rubbed little circles into your clit relentlessly, moaning the feeling of your warmth against his length. He leaned down, his chest pressed against your back as he nibbled on your earlobe, making you moan. You pushed back, begging for his cock with your body and he finally pushed himself into your soaking pussy.
He let out a low, strung out groan as he immediately began to pound into you. You gasped, him immediately hitting all the right places inside of you. It was obvious from the moment he was in you, he didn’t care if you felt any pleasure. Luckily for you, though, you did. You moaned loudly, your nails scratching at the table as he thrust deep and hard into you, hitting your g-spot relentlessly over and over.
He leaned back, his hands moving to grip your hips as he pounded into you. His thrusts were sloppy, but still felt amazing. He dug his nails into your hips as he moaned, pushing you into his cock roughly as he thrust. He was already getting really close to his high, moving one of his hands to your ass, rubbing the cheek before slapping it roughly. You groaned as he dug his nails into your asscheek before moving his hand closer to your rim once again, prodding his thumb at it.
You screamed out, the pleasure becoming unbearable as he slipped his thumb into your bum, watching his motions. He pounded deeply into you, spitting on his thumb as he wiggled it around in you, groaning as his orgasm grew closer and closer. The only thing he would need is-
“Daddy!” you yelled out as you came, your pussy clenching tightly around him. Your orgasm sent him over the edge as he came deep inside of you, shooting thick white loads into your cunt. He pulled his thumb out of your ass, collapsing on top of you as he panted.
“Holy shit, you’re so good,” he praised you and slapped your bum one more time before pulling out of you, leaning back to study the creampie he just made. He sucked on his bottom lip before whispering, “are you on birth control?”
You took a minute to catch your breath before shaking your head, attempting to stand up, but your legs were too weak so you just sat in the chair. Kai reached down, his hand running up your thigh and grazing your cunt. He made you shiver as he scooped up his cum with two fingers and brought it up to your lips. “Y-yeah,” you mumbled before he shoved his fingers in your mouth, making you taste his cum as he leaned down to your ear.
“Stop taking it,” he commanded and took his fingers out of your mouth. He patted your shoulder and smiled, “and that definitely wasn’t the last time for that. Consider me your daddy.” He pushed a sloppy kiss to your lips for just a moment before moving over the couch, turning on the tv and switching it over to his playstation. What in the world did you get yourself into?
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cultswhore · 5 hours ago
Why y’all got mad over Madison for saying Tate is not hot but he looks like this tho-
Tumblr media
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fxckingfantasy · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Binge watched ahs and was inspired by the countess
Instagram: beccajonesart
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