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undeadcortez · 2 days ago
kinktober day fourteen
jimmy darling x fem! reader
warnings: SMUT!! 18+ ONLY!! face-sitting/riding, oral (female receiving), masturbation (male), that’s really it
words: 1.4K
Tumblr media
The dirty blonde locks were entangled in between your fingers as Jimmy’s lips feverishly molded against yours. His tongue had slipped past your lips and into your mouth, exploring every crevice as if he didn’t already know it like the back of his hand. His tongue was sweet, alcoholic-tasting with the subtle lingering tobacco flavor that drew you in everytime — intoxicated you.
He pinned you against the door of his caravan, hands gripping your waist as his hips pushed against your own. A not-so-subtle roll of them met your own, drawing out a whimper from your chest, one that Jimmy swallowed immediately.
He pulled back from your lips hesitantly, not wanting to leave the warm, sweet abyss that was your mouth, but he craved to be elsewhere. When his lips fell to your jaw, you gasped, gripping his hair with more vigor which, in result, had Jimmy groaning as his lips dragged down your throat. Kissing over every inch of your neck, Jimmy rolled his hips once more against yours, his hard-on pushing against your pelvis in the filthiest way. You needed more.
Jimmy began pulling away, but taking you along with him. As he moved further back into the caravan, his lips never once left your skin. With every kiss placed, you moaned or whimpered or even whined, melting beneath his lips. His one hand still held your waist, holding you close to him as he guided you. The other brushed against surfaces of his home, careful not to let you bump into anything.
Once his knees felt the edges of his mattress, he finally broke his grasp on you, much to your dismay. He crashed onto his mattress, big eyes staring up at you in awe, admiring the many purple marks he left with his lips on your throat. “You look so gorgeous, marked up like that, doll, all marked up by me..,” he drifted off as you made your way onto his lap, straddling him.
You hummed in response to his words — you wouldn’t mind having his hickeys scattered all along your skin everyday. You tilted your head back, almost showing off his work to him like the masterpiece you thought it was, that Jimmy thought it was. He would hang up a picture of this in his caravan if he could. You’d probably let him.
Arms snaked around your body, and his hands were soon on the globes of your ass, kneading them in between his fingers. You arched your back into him, just enough for him to easily bury his face between your exposed breasts. A mess of kissing and biting ensued as he brought a hand up to the top of your dress, pushing it down just enough to expose your full chest to him. He pulled back and admired the similar markings on your tits with a groan.
“You’re drivin’ me crazy, babe,” he muttered, “want you so bad.”
He went in to dive in between your boobs once more, but you stopped him. You had placed your hand in his hair, tugging on the strands to make him look up into your eyes. His own were hazy with lust, staring deeply into yours with a yearning beneath their shiny appearance. “Jimmy, my angel,” you whispered, “tell me how you want me.”
“Want you on top of me, doll,” he admitted, “want you on my face, ridin’ my tongue.”
The ache between your thighs increased tenfold at his words, your hand drifting from his hair to his chest. You had never done this before — you always feared that you would suffocate the poor guy beneath you. But, when Jimmy brought it up, the look he was giving, the tightness of his grip… you couldn’t say no. And the thought of sitting on Jimmy’s oh-so-pretty face was entirely appetizing to you as well, practically dripping beneath your dress.
With your hand on his tank-top-clad chest, Jimmy took the hint, his cheeks almost as rosy as your own as he maneuvered his way onto his back. The back of his rested nicely against the cold pillows as he eagerly awaited your arrival. Still perched on his lap, you hesitated, catching your lip between your teeth as a dozen thoughts rushed through your mind. You didn’t want to make him uncomfortable.
“Don’t worry, honey,” Jimmy mumbled with a smirk on his lips, egging you to come rest upon his face, “I don’t bite, ‘less you want me, too.” The wink he sent you urged a shiver down your spine.
Releasing your lip, you moved up. On your knees, you eventually were hovering above his face. “Oh,” Jimmy cooed once your dress fully engulfed him, his face just inches away from your exposed cunt, surprised by the fact you lacked underwear, “you naughty gal.”
Before the redness of your cheeks could get any brighter, Jimmy’s tongue parted the folds of your puffy cunt. A surprised moan escaped your throat, placing your hands on the wall in front of you as your body trembled purely just at the minimum contact.
“C’mon, sweetheart,” he whispered, his hot breath hitting your cunt as he spoke, “don’t be shy, sit.” You gulped as you slowly lowered yourself a bit more, dress flowing just right to where, when you looked down, Jimmy’s eyes were visible. And though you couldn’t see his mouth, you knew that smirk was still adorned on his lips. “There you are, baby,” he murmured and immediately dove back in between your folds.
His tongue flew back and forth on your pussy, paying attention to your clit for a few moments then falling to your entrance, prodding at it a bit. You knew what he wanted — he wanted you to ride his tongue like it was his cock. His licks were coaxing around your core, dipping his tongue within you for just a moment before dragging the tip out towards him as if motioning for you to inch up just the slightest. Pushing your nerves down, you obliged.
With your thighs pressed against the sides of his head, you rolled your hips subtly above him. The groan he produced was booming — he was in heaven. The sweet flavor of your juices dancing along his taste buds and smearing all over his chin with each roll of your hips was too much. His cock was aching to be touched.
Hands gripped your thighs fiercely, craving to be further engulfed by them. When you refused, Jimmy pulled his face away from your core. A whine emitted from your throat in response and your gaze flew to meet the man’s eyes beneath you, holding a sense of betrayal in your own. “Want you to crush me, baby doll,” he mumbled, moving back up and nuzzling his nose right up your clit, “harder this time, sweetheart…”
The minute you began rolling your hips with more force, you were seeing stars. It felt so unbelievably good; Jimmy had eaten you out plenty of times before this, but this was unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. His tongue was swirling against your velvet walls in sync with your thrusts, his nose rubbing your clit with each roll of your hips, his hot breath hitting your core as his breathing heavied — it was all so much.
Jimmy’s hand left your thigh, flying to his crotch to finally pay some mind to the throbbing cock beneath his pants. Popping the button, his member was out in seconds and his hand began to stroke it, precum oozing out onto his exposed lower abdomen and making a mess in his thick bush of pubes.
As your orgasm neared, you clenched around the tongue within you, thighs tightening up around Jimmy’s head. A hand flew from the wall to his dirty blonde locks, and the other fell to the mattress, keeping your balance as you leaned back just a bit. You were full on grinding his face, chasing after the high that seemed to be just around the corner.
Jimmy’s hand sped up on his cock. With how light-headed he was becoming and how sexy the image of you riding his tongue was, he didn’t need much stimulation before he was also on the edge of release. And like clockwork, the two of you were a moaning mess of pants and cum.
Jimmy licked up all your juices before you crashed onto the mattress beside him. Your hands were resting on your stomach as you finally caught your breath, sweat prickling on your chest.
“You’ve never tasted so damn sweet before,” he mumbled as he turned on his side to look at you, “may I have another taste, puddin’?”
You couldn’t say no.
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beautyvintage · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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whiiiiplaaaaash · 21 hours ago
Peter Maximoff BTS.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He is so fuckin cute 🥺
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mossybank · 2 days ago
Affection with austin sommers headcanons?🥺
Austin Sommer's love languages
Tumblr media
The little things Austin does to show he loves you and how he likes to be shown love back.
Austin Sommers x GN!Reader
Tumblr media
One of Austin's main love languages is definitely gift giving
It's just that he has so much extra money laying around from all those award winning musicals and plays he's written thanks to the muse then what better is he to do with it than spend it on you!
His gifts tend to be on the lavish side, he can never just get you a box of chocolates, there's always a twist
Those chocolates better be covered in gold leaf and infused with expensive wines or filled with the fanciest of fruity fillings or they simply aren't good enough for you
Another form of his gift giving is buying clothes for you, specifically matching outfits— why let you borrow his clothes when you can both wear the same jacket together and let everyone know you're a thing
That being said, that doesn't mean he won't let you borrow his clothes, he absolutely loves seeing you in his cardigans, though with the thoughts that image fills his head with I wouldn't expect to be keeping it on for very long if you catch my drift ;)
He loves to write songs for you and has definitely had some characters in his works inspired by you and he makes sure to tell you every time exactly what piece of you went into them, speaking with such adoration as he elaborates on his favourite traits of yours
He absolutely loves quality time too, even if the two of you aren't doing anything just being in your presence lightens his mood
He loves to have you near him as he writes, cuddling up to him with your head on his shoulder, eyes following his hand as it flows out a masterpiece
Adores taking you out to restaurants, though admittedly this one is more of a outside of cape cod thing, given the diet he has to be on whilst using the muse (and there only really being one place to go)
In terms of receiving, Austin absolutely loves you committing small acts of service as a way to show your love
Just the little things that show you're watching him and making sure he's taking care of himself as he throws himself into his writing for the winter, often forgetting to do anything outside of it
Honestly, just run him a bath, find someone for him to eat, anything like that will make him absolutely melt
He wouldn't let you come along to eat the person though, just let you find them through Facebook market place or whatever, I honestly think he'd try encourage his s/o not to take the muse, even if he thinks they're talented enough to survive it— it's just so easy to lose yourself to it and get over immersed in your work, then you get dependant on it and can't find inspiration without it, and he just doesn't want that for you
When you run him a bath however, you're absolutely more than welcome to join him! The feeling of him laying with his back against your chest, bubbles covering the two of you who are dimly lit by candles as he sips on a glass of wine is his favourite way to spend the night
Tumblr media
Tags — @amourtentiaa @kitwalker64 @kitwalker02 @sallyscigarettes @divineruler @tatestripedsweater @tatesimper @undeadcortez @evanmybeloved @lycanlupins @americxn @milly-louise @spidergirlmcu @mxlti-fand0m-imaginess @kaisclownmask @whiiiiplaaaaash @xmaximoffic @peterskindacool @divinerulerluvr @auricgold @copy-of-a-cheeto @lazyemokid @michaellangdonscockslut @skrsgrd-my-boi @darlingsalem @depressedvamp @fictional-men-that-i-stan @latertate-r @kitsommers @tfw-tajaaa @corn3liiia @quickiesgirl @de4ds0up @ladyfogg @tubble-wubble @evilcr0ne
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deadpoolsmask · 2 days ago
21 with peter m x gn!reader pls <3
tysm for requesting hun <33 sorry if this isn’t what you wanted, i can rewrite it if you’d like?
prompt: “come back to bed”
warnings: mention of night terrors
despite being the most unique person you’d ever met, peter maximoff could be like everyone else in many ways. sure, he was a mutant and apart of the x-men, but he was still a person. this meant he too had reckless nights.
however, for peter, these reckless nights were more often than not. even if you were sleeping next to him, he’d still find it difficult at times. although, peter did find it easier to sleep when you were with him.
but this was one of those nights when he just couldn’t get back to sleep.
when-if he was lucky enough to actually get some rest in the first place-he slept, he usually got night terrors.
peter had been getting them since he joined the x-men. sure, he loved saving the world and shit, but it came with severe consequences. he’d usually get flashbacks to fighting apocalypse.
peter completely regretted never telling erik that he was his son-that was another huge thing that kept him up at night.
peter removed his arms from around you, trying his hardest not wake you up, and stood from the bed. stumbling slightly in his tiredness, peter walked over to the desk and sat down with his back pressing right against the back of the chair and his head tilted to the ceiling.
taking small breaths in, he tried to calm himself down so he could have you in his arms once more.
you calmed peter maximoff down, and that wasn’t a secret.
but he couldn’t risk waking you up. not for something as stupid as this. you looked too peaceful when you were sleeping, he’d hate to have to wake you.
his hasty mind had so many thoughts at once and it got too much. it varied from telling his dad the truth to when he nearly died on a mission. it was too much. peters head sank to his hands.
but your tired voice brought him back to reality, only one thought on his mind, “come back to bed.”
his gaze wandered over to you, eyes settling on your features. the only light in the room was from the moonlight that drizzled in from the window. your expression held a mixture of fatigue and concern.
“did i wake you up?” his sleepy voice was laced with worry
“not at all.” you patted the spot next to you, inviting him to lay down with you
lifting up from the chair, peter walked back over to the bed where you opened your arms for him. he climbed in, resting his head on your chest, taking in your warmth. your hands ran through his hair soothingly as his arms snaked their way around your waist, pulling you closer to him.
“are you okay, sweetheart?” you kissed his forehead and he nodded.
now he was in your arms, and his eyelids got heavier and heavier.
muttering an ‘i love you’, he let his tiredness take over him.
you kissed his forehead once more.
“i love you too.” you hummed before joining him in falling asleep.
peter maximoff was forever grateful he had you to fall asleep with every night. (and vice versa)
i really hated how this turned out so i’m very sorry
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undeadcortez · a day ago
Tumblr media
screaming crying pissing throwing up
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peterssilverjacket · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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jadoue1999 · 17 hours ago
Unraveling the Maximoffs
This little oneshot is an idea that popped into my head and I decided to just see where it would take me. This is my first oneshot to be entirely focused on Peter and his twin, Wendy. There is no crossover this time.
Please let me know if you liked it!
Warnings: None! A bit of angst, but with a happy ending.
Words: 4058
Tumblr media
Being an X-Man was an unpredictable job. It wasn’t all the time that they’d face a world threatening danger, it was unfortunately mutants that lost control that comprised most of their missions. Some were easy to deal with, just a scared child that didn’t understand what was happening to them and a simple talk down was enough. When it was, most of the time, discovered that the mutant had nowhere to go, they were offered a place at Charles’ school and offered guidance. But then, there were the really sad missions, where they hadn’t arrived in time and the government had taken the matter into their own hands. Those were always hard on the team’s morals.
Thankfully, it wasn’t always bad. Sometimes, they spent weeks without missions. So, they spent their time training and teaching their classes. As for himself, Peter was appointed to teach both music and P.E. classes. He already loved playing guitar and had taught the basics to his sisters, doing the same to his students wasn’t all that complicated. The speedster was patient and could adapt to any situation easily. So, he was able to react quickly to a student getting frustrated and lashing out. He then made it his mission to turn his P.E. class into a way for them to blow off some steam. It was a private school for God’s sake, it’s not like they had to go through the same boring strict classes he had to go through. Peter organized games and little ‘missions’ where he would, most of the time, be the bad guy and the students had to find a way to stop him from capturing whoever had been decided to be the victims. Obviously, he went easy on them. Peter might not be the most logical person, but he wasn’t stupid.
After another full day of teaching and training, the speedster returned to his room, ready to just bury himself in his blankets and sleep. As he changed into his pyjamas, his eyes wandered to his dresser, where many pictures were displayed. He brushed his fingers over one showing him, his mom and sisters and sighed.
“Hey, Wends,” he mentally called out to his sister. “Today was a nice day, the kids were a little crazy, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Jean joined us today, she’s the super awesome telepath I told you about. Vivian got so excited to have her around, she practically grew a jungle in seconds,” he chuckled to himself before pausing to see if his sister would answer. “She’s… uh, she’s the girl that can make plants grow.” He cleared his throat when his rambling was met with silence. “I miss you, sis. It’s been so long, it’s weird not having you around.” Still no answer, as usual. Peter sighed. “Our birthday’s coming up soon, it’s the big thirty, will you visit?” The bond stayed as silent as ever, and Peter decided that it was enough suffering for one night. “Or maybe I could? Just… just tell me if you change your mind.”
The speedster laid in his bed and closed his eyes, letting sleep take over him.
“I sensed another one,” said Charles, one day, draining the nice atmosphere of an otherwise perfectly peaceful afternoon.
“Young?” asked Scott.
The professor shook his head. “A woman, late twenties, or early thirties. I couldn’t reach her mind, but I was able to sense the chaos she’s causing.”
Peter perked his head up at that remark but stayed silent. He hoped it wasn’t what he thought, anything but that. He had woken up this morning to a dull aching in his chest, but he had marked it up as some sort of bad sleep thing. Of course, he hadn’t been that lucky.
“Is it far?” asked Jean.
“Europe,” answered Charles. “Romania to be more precise.”
His blood froze in his veins at the mention of his homeland, and the aching in his chest only grew bigger. Charles ordered them to suit up and meet back at the jet. He gave them fifteen minutes, but Peter was ready in less than one. He spent the rest of the time worriedly biting his nails at the fact that they would be going home. A home he hadn’t told anyone about.
“Romania, uh?” remarked Scott as he arrived in the room and sat next to him. “Never had any mutants in need of help there before.”
“Uh-uh,” Peter answered, anxiously fidgeting as Hank started the jet.
They rode for hours, and Peter didn’t miss the worried glances both Jean and the professor sent him, but he ignored them. They had probably sensed his distress, but he was thankful that they couldn’t read his mind. He wasn’t ready to tell them about his past and about Wendy; but depending on how everything would go, he might not have a choice. As the ground neared, Peter could feel his sister, he could feel her pain. He couldn’t believe he let her get this bad, how did he not feel it before?
The jet landed quietly, next to the village Peter hadn’t visited in so long. On their twenty-fifth birthday, he’d come to see if his sister wanted to spend the day together, but he’d never been able to even find her. So, he didn’t bother the next year, but he always told her that she only had to reach out.
“Are you alright, Jean?” came Ororo’s worried voice.
Peter turned to see the redhead clutching her forehead and squeezing her eyes in pain. She proceeded to shake her head at the question. “There’s this strange energy here. It’s the woman, there’s no doubt about it.”
The speedster breathed deeply and continued forward, the more they advanced in the very familiar path, the more things seemed… unreal. The ground slumped and buildings started to fall apart. So far, they hadn’t seen anyone in the village, which only enhanced the feeling of uneasiness inside him. Everyone had fled, but it still felt weird to see these usually busy streets empty. As they were passing a pile of rubble that must have been a home at some point, Peter heard a sniffle. The speedster froze in his tracks and sped to the ruins. There was a little boy, barely five, he had brown hair and brown eyes with a small mole under his left eyes.
The moment he spotted them; his eyes widened. “Unde e mama mea? Îmi doresc mama!”
The child ran to him, continuing to ask for his mother. Peter knelt at his level and listened to him. At that stage, there was nothing he could do, he just had to wait for him to calm down so he could get a word in.
“What is he saying?” asked Scott.
“I do not know,” replied Kurt. “I do not speak Romanian.”
Peter bit his lips and kept his eyes on the child. “I do. He’s asking about his mother.”
Even though he couldn’t see their reaction, he could only imagine how perplexed they were.
“You do?” questioned Charles. “Since when?”
The speedster ignored the telepath, since the little boy had finally calmed down. It was only logical that he hadn’t learned English yet, so with a sigh, Peter decided to start unveiling his past he had wanted to keep to himself so much. “Numele meu este Pietro. Cum te numești?” My name is Pietro. What is your name?
The boy seemed surprised that he spoke Romanian, but he answered, nonetheless. “Matei.”
“Buna, Matei,” he smiled. “Îți voi găsi familia.” I’ll find your family
He took the child in his arms and sped off without a second thought. The village was situated next to Wundagore mountain, and he had a feeling that the villagers had taken refuge there. It was the safe spot he had been told about years ago. Sure enough, there was a big group of people gathered at the north side of the mountain. Peter put the child on the ground and made sure he was alright just as a couple gasped.
The parents took their son in their arms and thanked him. Peter looked at the people surrounding him. They seemed unsure about him, and he couldn’t blame them; it’s not like mutants had the best reputation after all.
“Pietro,” he heard someone calling his name.
The speedster turned around to see Mrs. Gilca, she had taken care of him and Wendy before they immigrated to the US. She was in her late sixties and still recognized him when he had visited five years ago. She had actually been the one to confirm that his sister was in the village and that she seemed alright if not a little lonely.
“Bună dnă Gilca,” he greeted. Hi Mrs. Gilca
The old woman gave him a relieved, but scared smile. “Sora ta-” Your sister
“Știu.” I know
Peter ran back to his team, who seemed clueless about the next move. Which was strange, Scott usually knew what to do, and if not, someone else would speak their mind.
“What do we do now?” he asked after a few seconds of silence.
“Dude, seriously?” scoffed Scott. “You reveal that you speak a whole other language, and you expect us to just let it go like that?”
 He was about to answer, but a wave of red made the ground shake. The speedster turned to the place the power surge had come from.
“We have to hurry; it’ll only get worse.”
“How do you know this?” questioned Charles. Though his tone let him know that perhaps the telepath had an idea of what was happening.
“I… I used to live here,” he replied reluctantly. He hadn’t wanted to talk about his past, he didn’t want them to know about Wendy and she didn’t want people to know about her either, especially Erik. So, he had respected her wishes. But right now, he had to be honest, because if his connection with her was right, she was losing control.
“So, you know who we’ll find then?” Jean had to know, even if she wasn’t sure.
Peter nodded. “My sister. She ran away five years ago, and- and her powers have always been unstable- linked to her emotions. And I don’t know what triggered her loss of control, but I have to help her. She’ll destroy herself if she doesn’t calm down.”
Leaving no time for questions, especially from a wide eyed Ororo, he walked forward. Wendy’s location wasn’t that far, he knew that, but the distance meant nothing when reality was falling apart. They passed the orphanage three times, and the little fountain he remembered playing tag with Wanda before they moved showed up twice. His teammates were confused, but he was all too focused on getting to his twin to explain. He could always explain later.
The closer they got, the more the town he had known disappeared to make way for glitching buildings and empty lots where there definitely had been houses before. Funnily enough, the street of his childhood home was the most normal looking. He stopped in front of the small cabin and closed his eyes, trying to contact Wendy. She was aware of his presence, but perhaps not enough to answer.
A shout pulled him out of his thoughts, and he turned to see Charles’ wheelchair stuck in the ground. Scott went to help him, but his leg sank in the ground up to the knee.
“Don’t move,” he warned, familiar with his sister’s powers. “Right now, the ground is nothing more than quicksand. Kurt, teleport them away from there please.”
As the mutant got the professor and Scott out of their predicament, Peter turned in time to see Jean opening the door to his old house. He barely had the time to shout a warning before the redhead disappeared, only to reappear exiting a house to his far left.
Peter ran at her side. “Are you okay?”
The girl nodded, a little shaken. “It was… weird, I’ve never felt anything similar. It was like…”
“Like you were being erased and rewritten at the same time?”
Jean seemed confused. “Yes… How’d you know?”
He raised an eyebrow at her. “She’s my sister, it’s not my first rodeo.”
Peter helped his teammate to her feet and walked back to the rest of the X-Men. As they started talking about strategies that would never work since all of them involved reaching Wendy, he stared at the wooden door. He took a step forward, only to be blocked by his teammates.
The speedster squared up his shoulders. “Let me through,” he said dryly.
“Peter, you can’t, whatever’s happening-” started Scott but the speedster shook his head.
“I know what’s happening,” his voice was getting thicker, his buried accent showing itself after so many years of being gone. “Let me through.”
Peter had always been great at adapting, he learned faster, reacted faster. That applied to when they had arrived in America at barely four years old and had to learn English as quickly as possible so as to not get discriminated against. Wendy had always kept a little of their original accent, despite her best efforts, yet another thing that caused her to feel let out and eventually run away and back to their childhood home. The X-Men parted, and he didn’t miss their worried eyes on him. However, he didn’t let that stop him, he had a job to do.
He had to save his sister.
Chaos was strong in the air, the signature presence of his twin he’d always been able to feel, no matter where she was. The deceptively simple wood door of their childhood home stayed closed when he tried turning the knob. Peter shot a look at his team before sighing, there truly was no going back now.
“Wanda?” he told the door, knowing his sister would hear him. He decided to use their real names because that’s why she was here. She was tired of the pretending. “Este Pietro, fratele tău. Mă puteți auzi?” It’s Pietro, your brother. Can you hear me?
He could feel her suffering, how reality was slipping through her fingers, but he could also feel how relieved she was at hearing his voice. Peter smiled at that and closed his eyes.
“Deschide ușa, Wanda. Nu te voi rani.” Open the door, Wanda. I will not hurt you. Despite his promise, his sister didn’t let him through. She seemed to fear whatever would happen to her if she lost focus for even a second. “Te rog, soră.” Please, sister.
Peter could feel his twin deciding to open the door, but of course, her powers did anything but that. Instead, the doors quite literally disintegrated, leaving him to see Wendy in the middle of their old living room. The brunette wasn’t even touching the floor, scarlet tears were running down her cheeks and waves of red emanated from her body.
It wasn’t the first time that he’d seen Wendy in such a state, there was a few years before she ran away where nightmares were a daily occurrence. Their mom had tried to console her, but most of the time, she would try exiting her room only to find herself back in her room. No one could reach Wendy, nobody except him. It would sometimes take hours to climb the staircase that separated their bedrooms, her panic making it impossible to take one step forward without suddenly being two steps backwards. Sometimes, the door to her room would be gone, sometimes it would lead outside. Where anyone would have given up, Peter persevered until he reached his sister. The state in which he found her depended on the day, sometimes he’d be able to wake her up in minutes and come out of it undamaged, sometimes it would take hours and he’d be sent into a spiral of his worst fears. Nevertheless, he still stayed until the fabric of reality settled down and Wendy would finally wake up. She’d apologize over and over again despite him telling her that it was alright, that he would do this every time she’d need him. Wendy continued to have those nightmares, and her distress and fear of hurting people only grew with time. And then one day, she just left. She didn’t answer neither his calls nor his mental messages; their bond was still there, but it was muted.
He’d worried about her, every day. Peter didn’t like the thought of his sister being alone, so he’d talked to her every day. For nearly five years, he told her his day, of students that reminded him of her, anything that could possibly make her feel loved and make her understand that he would accept her no matter what. The speedster never got an answer, but right now, he could feel Wendy and her pain. He could feel her self doubts and suffering she had kept buried for years, it was blowing up and destroying everything around them.
He approached slowly, “Wanda.”
The brunette’s breath hitched, and she turned her head toward him. “Pietro,” she sobbed. “I can’t control it, don’t come any closer.”
“No,” Peter argued. “I’m here to help you, and I’m not leaving until you’re safe.”
He walked closer to his sister and grabbed her outstretched hand without hesitation. Touching Wendy during one of her episodes, like everything else with her powers, was always a risk. In the past, he’d been thrown back, burned, and stuck in place for hours, but his sister had been asleep. Perhaps that was why he felt no pain when he pulled her into his arms.
“Let go,” he murmured in her ear. “Please, let go.”
“I can’t,” she sobbed. Her hands were clawing at his shirt in blind panic. “It’s too strong, I can’t- I can’t stop it. I- I don’t, I don’t want to hurt you. It hurts, it hurts so much.”
“Shhh, it’s okay,” reassured Peter, running his fingers in her curly hair. The speedster looked around them, trying to find something to distract his sister. Their living room was in shambles from being a victim to Wendy’s powers. But he could still see the old radio they listened to a hundred times when they were young. “Why here?”
He knew why, of course, but it was important for Wendy to think about anything else than the destruction she couldn’t control. The brunette tried to settle her breathing and squeezed her eyes shut before answering. “It wasn’t that bad, at first. But it’s only getting worse, I keep being haunted by our life here, the food mama used to cook and how we did those stupid dances to any songs that played on the radio and- and-”
Wendy broke into tears and buried her face in his chest. Peter could hear the roof starting to creak and the walls cracking; there wasn’t much time left. He had to act now. The speedster pulled his sister away from him and looked at her in the eyes with a smile on his lips. “Dance with me.”
“What?” she choked out between two sobs.
“Dance with me,” he repeated. “A proper waltz this time. Sure, it might be stupid, but wasn’t that silly dance exactly what you were looking for?”
He took a step back and bowed, imitating the princes and princesses’ courtship they had seen in movies. Peter quickly glanced at his team, who seemed too taken aback to do anything but stare in bewilderment. Wendy dried her tears and gave him a soft smile as she bowed as well. They each took a step forward and linked hands. His twin’s magic responded to her emotions and soft music started playing. Their dancing wasn’t the most elegant, but that wasn’t the goal; his goal was only to stop Wendy’s mind from racing.
Thankfully, it seemed to work. The more his sister focused on her dancing and on following the beat of the music, the less destruction happened around them. The walls slowly reappeared, as did their numerous decorations she had probably conjured during her stay. Peter twirled her, which made the brunette giggle. Her eyes went back to the deep brown he was used to, and she slowly lowered back onto the floor. At last, he tipped her down and kissed her on the forehead. With a laugh, everything settled back to what it was, and the music stopped. An unfortunate side effect of dealing with fixing the fabric of reality was that it was exhausting, literally. That was why the moment their dance ended, both him and Wendy collapsed to the ground, out of breath and drained of their energy.
Peter squeezed his sister’s hand affectionately. “Welcome back, Wends.”
He and his sister rested their backs against the wall, and he held her as she started sobbing. “I hurt so many people. I can’t be trusted; I could have killed you-”
“It’s okay,” he reassured her, holding her tightly in his arms. “I’ll always be there for you, that’s the deal, isn’t it? That’s my job as the eldest.”
“You’re barely 10 minutes older,” protested Wendy.
The speedster chuckled. “Still older than you.” He looked around their childhood house and looked back at his twin. “Come back to the mansion with me?”
Wendy stared at him for a second, their bond showing her fear and reluctance. “Peter...”
“You could stay in your room all day,” he interrupted, anxiety shooting through him. “Or in mine, I got place for a second bed. Erik drops in once in a while, but he doesn’t know about us yet and I don’t mind keeping it that way. You don’t have to join the X-Men- but you’re totally free to join if you want to! There’s no pressure, but I think it might be better if we stick together. Not that I don’t trust you, of course, but it’s always easier to have people around-”
Wendy smiled softly at his rambling before interrupting. “Okay.”
His heart flipped in excitement in his chest at her answer. “Really?”
She nodded. “Yeah, really.”
Peter pulled her into a hug just as the front door opened and revealed the worried faces of his team. They pooled around them, all with varying degrees of uncertainty on their faces. Peter decided to try to lighten the mood with some humor.
“Hey guys, meet my twin sister; Wendy.”
“You’re a twin?” exclaimed Ororo in surprise. Peter could see the rest of her thinking, how she realized that it meant that Wendy was Erik’s child as well.
“Oh my god,” said Charles. “Two of you.”
The speedster chuckled at his comment before slowly getting to his feet. His body was sore and protested his every move, begging for sleep but he didn’t let that stop him. He offered his hand to his sister and pulled her to her feet as well. Wendy was even more exhausted than he was, he doubted she would be able to walk back to the jet. He also knew from experience that his speed would be unreliable for the next few hours. But hey, at least Wendy was safe.
The team was good enough to help them get back to the jet, where Hank was waiting for them. The scientist seemed confused by their newest member, but Peter was just too damn tired to explain. He sat Wendy next to his usual seat and he held her as the others got in the plane as well. The ride back to the mansion was silent, and Peter could see his sister starting to fall asleep, but she did her best to fight it off.
He rubbed her shoulder affectionately. “It’s okay, Wends. You can sleep, I’ll watch over you.”
The moment he finished his sentence, his sister was already asleep. He smiled softly, happy to have her back at his side after so long. The X-Men were all staring at them, particularly Charles and Ororo. Peter put a finger over his lips, telling them that their questions would be answered later. He looked back at his sister, promising himself that she would fit in and feel safe. He knew that she could be happy, with his help and the rest of the X-Men.
A few weeks later, he and Wendy happily celebrated their thirtieth birthday together.
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mentally-ill-simp · 22 hours ago
I'm on like season 3 of AHS and already I wanna give every single one of Evan Peters characters a free therapy session and a god damn hug cause like boi what the fuck
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deadpoolsmask · 2 days ago
warnings: mentions of fake scary shit? idk if that counts but it’s like fake chainsaws and props
-the first halloween you two spent as a couple, peter definitely bugged you into going with him
-it didn’t take much convincing
-every halloween following that, it had become one of your many traditions to go to a halloween festival
-there was one pretty local to peters house, and that was the one you first ever went to so it was close to your hearts
-you’d always wear matching costumes
-this year you guys went as lorraine and ed warren
-peter is definitely the kind of person who gets scared really easily and does a really loud and high pitched squeal/scream but then tries to play it off cool like nothing ever happened
-“AH FUCK” *walks with his head up looking at the ceiling pretending like he didn’t just embarrass himself in front of a dozen people*
-hed pull you closer to him whenever he got scared
-despite peter being scared shitless himself, he’d tease you if you jumped/showed any sign of remote fear
-“aww are you scared, baby?”
“peter you literally screamed like a little girl moments ago-“
-his cute hyperactive little arse would race around the place (quite literally) and pull you around with him
-not like you were complaining. he was adorable.
-peter would point to random masked scarers and scarecrows or just completely random props and go “hey, that look like -enter person he was making fun of at the time-” (it was mainly scott or logan)
-he loved but also hated the mazes. if you let go of him at all-even if it was for a millisecond to get something out your eye-he would pull you even closer and walk around hugging you to his chest
-peter scared you constantly. hed speed away and speed back, making you jump by doing the ‘ARGH’ thing when ppl like touch your shoulders really unexpectedly (idk how to explain it someone help)
-the darker it got, the more fun it was
-the later into the night it was, the scarier things were. there would be more attractions and workers dressed up. it was awesome.
-there were smoke machines around the place and it was s o c o o l
-it definitely added to the eery effect of everything
-there was this haunted house which was the main part of the whole thing. it opened pretty late because anyone under the age of 15 wasn’t allowed in (because of the gore and major scare and all that stuff) and they waited for the families to go home
-people would literally come visit from out of town just to go in that haunted house for one night of the year
-yeah, it was a big event
-while you and peter were queuing, he draped his arms around your shoulders with you standing in front of him, pulling you against his warm chest
-lots of people complimented your costumes in the queue (and the rest of the day, but mainly in that queue since there were a lot of people and everyone had time to actually admire the little details)
-when you guys finally got to the front, a worker dressed as michael myers and a worker dressed as carrie ‘greeted’ you with a fake chainsaw (which was actually a metal detector and it was pretty cool)
-you entered and, only a few steps in, a mannequin with no head jumped out of a coffin which was hidden in the shadows of a dark wall (the mannequin was attached to the back so it just entered the coffin again after the scare, if that makes sense)
-you heard peters strangled scream in the back of his throat, since he had pulled you so close you were practically one person
-one hallway had a fake floorboard made it look like the floor was falling (it was a screen) so everyone pretty much raced through it
-at the end of that hallway had a big door that filled the wall. peter pushed you slightly behind him as he opened it, making sure he was acting as a human shield as if there was gunfire behind the door or something-which was really cute
-the door led into a plain hallway which was pitch black. the door slammed shut as red lights filled the dull room and a group of ‘zombies’ emerged from the sides and chased your group to the next doors
-because it’s peter, you two reached the end of the hallway before the scarers even had the chance to make an appearance, which you found really funny for some reason
-the next room had a projector on the ceiling that made an illusion on the floor. the walls were all a screen so the whole room was a complete mind-fuck
-the next place had fake chainsaws and axes on the walls which pretended to fall down
-peter moved you so you were in front of him and he can guide you through
-the next place was a maze. you held peters hand, knowing he hates the mazes when they’re indoors
-however, to get back at him for earlier, you did scare the shit out of him
-and he screamed
-really loud…
-when you guys got out, he grabbed you by the waist and kissed you randomly outside the house
-but that’s the thing with peter-he always gave unexpected kisses
-but here’s another thing about peter. he can’t stay still. he has to be moving. especially when he’s as excited as he is right now.
-he pulled you over to another walkthrough and the whole time he was imitating the scarers and making you laugh
-ngl, it confused the scarers a lot. they weren’t used to people laughing DURING the scares. usually, people laughed at themselves after they got scared
-throughout the night, peter was making you laugh at the most random times
-after you went to the last attraction, you guys shared a pumpkin pie and strawberry milkshake (it was called like bloodshake or smth bc they’re always dramatic at these places)
-the last thing you did was go to the pumpkin patch
-you pretended to instantly ‘regret’ it when he takes forever judging every single pumpkin every single year
-side rant but you two were experienced at this. they lowered the prices at the end of the night. it was like the leftover sweets in shops after halloween. it was like a clearance sale. actually, it was exactly a clearance sale.
-they always had good stock too, so even peter’s picky ass would be satisfied with the pumpkins there
-if they didnt have any good ones, peter would just steal them (fortunately, they always had the perfect pumpkins everytime youve been so far)
-the journey back was always the best. peter would blast the classic halloween songs.
-when you guys got home, you’d carve the pumpkins while your favourite halloween films played in the back
-peter would definitely throw pumpkin pulp at you
-after a pumpkin throwing contest you guys would get in the shower together (get your minds out of the gutter smh) and get the pumpkin out of each other’s hair
-eventually, you’d both cuddle in bed after trying to scare the shit out of each other one last time
-needless to say, halloweens with peter maximoff were the best.
in honour of my favourite season :) also this is based of a farm/festival i go to pretty much every year and it’s so cool there honestly i wish i could take every single one of you with me. there’s mazes and so many jumpscares it’s literally my heaven.
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arsenicbruise · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Edward watching Bella sleep in twilight (2008)
Tumblr media
Tate watching violet sleep in " home invasion“ ahs murder house (2011)
Tumblr media
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