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#evan peters
Would u ever write some reader insert with any of Evan's characters from AHS? 馃憖


i-i mean yeah sure send in sum requests!

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Our Baby

Kit Walker X Reader


Originally posted by extraordinaryxmen

Warnings; Angst, miscarriage

There was so much blood.

Why was there so much blood?

It was hard for you to think straight as you cleaned yourself up, moving robotically as you tried to stay from thinking about how you were cleaning up the dead remnants of the baby you’ve been carrying for over two months now.

You scrubbed the bathroom floor relentlessly, even once all the blood had been picked up, and changed your dress, immediatley putting the old one and the underpants you had been wearing into the wash, gently placing the tiny body of your unborn baby into a small shoebox and leaving it on you and Kit’s shared bed. You weren’t ready to think about how you were going to tell him this. He had wanted a family since before you were even married and it had taken so long for you to finally get pregnant. He had been so happy when you told him…

You choked on a sob, not holding back as you collapsed on your bedroom floor in hysterics. Would Kit leave you? What if you just couldn’t have children? He was going to be so heartbroken…


It was around seven thirty when you heard the dreaded sound of Kit’s pick up truck pulling into the driveway. You had deemed yourself calm enough to pass through the rest of the evening as if nothing had happened, but when Kit walked through the door, calling to you with a sweet “I’m home!” you felt your gut twist all over again and you stared down at the contents in the pot you were stirring, willing the tears in your eyes to go away.

Kit seemed to notice something was wrong immediatley as he froze, taking in the sight of your form hunched over the stovetop and clenching the counter with white knuckles as if your legs were ready to give out. “Y/N?” You couldn’t help but smile sadly knowing Kit said your name to alert you of his presence as he approached you from behind as to not scare you. Considerate gestures like that had been what made it easier for your parents to let you go early. He took a gentle but firm hold on both your forearms and pried your clenched hands from the counter.

In that moment of Kit pulling you against his chest, you felt yourself break, a heavy sob wrenching your body and forcing Kit to hold you tight so you didn’t fall. He shushed you gently as he guided you to your living room couch, letting you collapse onto him as soon as you both sat down.

This wasn’t how you wanted it to go. You weren’t ready to talk about this, for him to tell you he needed some space. Sure you knew you couldn’t keep it a secret forever but a few days would’ve been nice for you to calm down and find a better way to tell him.

Kit soothingly combed his calloused fingers through your hair with one hand, not bothering to pull the other one out of the death grip you had it trapped in. And for awhile that was it, he gave up on trying to shush you opting to just let you cry while he brushed the pads of fingers along your scalp. He didn’t mention the fact that you were staining his white shirt with your tears and slobber, instead pressing your face closer to his abdomen when he felt you trying to hold back. But of course Kit wouldn’t just let you have such a breakdown and then act like nothing happened, so when you finally stood from the couch, wiping your face and mumbling something about dinner, he was quick to grab onto your upper arm and yank you back down beside him.

You felt yourself shutting down, as for the first time since he’s come home, he tried to engage eye contact with you. You kept your gaze down, even when he tilted your chin up with his thumb and index finger you refused to look at him. “Y/N, look at me. Please.”

It defintley wasn’t the sternness in his voice, as his tone held none, but rather the fact that he said please. That you could hear the desperation and fear rolling off his tongue in waves and that’s what got you to finally lock your gaze with his, feeling your heart sink further at the reassuring smile he gave you, stroking the backs of his rough knuckles over your cheek quickly as a silent thank you.

“Talk to me.” He said softly, lifting a hand to brush some hair off your face before resting it in your lap where your own two were clasped.

His figure became blurry as tears filled your vision and you shook your head rapidly, teeth clamping down onto your bottom lip. “I-I can’t d-do it!” You sobbed lowering your head so you didn’t have to look at his worried expression.

But he didn’t give up there “Can’t do what, sweetheart?” It was then that you knew he wasn’t going to let up until you told him, taking a deep breath you lifted your eyes to meet Kit’s gaze one more time. Your voice was shaky and thick with emotion “I lost it.” You said weakly, heartbreaking as Kit caught on right away. You could tell he was trying to suppress the horrible thoughts though, instead taking both your hands in his.

“Lost what? What did you lose, baby?” His breaths were short now and you heard the panic in his tone. Nodding slowly you confirmed his fears, he dropped your hands as his beautiful, glossy eyes broke, a million tears pouring down his own pale cheeks. “I-I’m sorry. ” you whispered crying harder when he released your hands, but he merely shook his head pulling you into a tight hug.

“I lost the baby.” You mumbled into his shoulder having to say the truth out loud for both of you, if only to make it sound more real. Kit let out a loud cry when you said that, burying his head into your neck.

“I lost our baby.”

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roanaoke was also lame for barely including evan peters!! maybe they knew in advance that he would have several mentally-stressful roles in the next season, so they didn’t really give him much work to do in roanoke, but if that’s the excuse, that’s kinda lame.

Roanoke definitely suffered from the lack of his presence, but it was because he was filming X-Men at the same time, not because of his upcoming role in the following season.

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I had a dream last night that Kai Anderson was teaching his cult members how to tap dance and I was pregnant with his baby. Now I’ve woken up with major Kai Anderson feels and I think I’m going to have to rewatch AHS: Cult again!

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