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#even bald!

me making jiub carry vendiri instead and her canonically being born after the oblivion crisis emphasizes more that jiub lives in the Nataviverse™. lord knows im not making natavi face even more emotional turmoil in such a short amount of time.

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hello…so  I did a thing! I’m sure it has been done before but it sounded like a lot of fun so I thought why not have everyone try it out!!

I don’t have a fancy title for it but this gorl here on the left used to be my #1 fav sim like 2 years ago? and I knew she needed a MAJOR update! I did this once yesterday and I had so much fun doing it so yeah!!


REVISITED ( just thought of it yo)

⁘ Take a sim you could never forget from a while ago 
⁘ Give makeover with all your new shiny cc and favorite skins
⁘ Don’t change the eye, hair, skin color! Then its just a new sim 😤
⁘ Tell us what & why you used to style your sims that way!
⁘ What changed? 🙊

So this is Wendi Lemon! I made her for a BC a while ago but I fell in love with her (didn’t get chosen I think anyway) back then for me my sims HAD to have like sharp almond-y eyes and big lips and a tiny nose….IDK EITHER and I still have some of those old habits 🤓 I think what changed was me wanting more realistic characteristics and more definition and stuff 🙄👉👈

I tag: @rigel-sims, @silkenvoids, @viiavi, @barlybale, @fataleromeo, @desira-sims, @rplusu, @kermitcoffeeandthesims, @insimnia, @unholydevils​, @evoxyr​, @hcneybeez​, @lunchsims​, @amydelight​, @nouveausims​, @cashmeresouls​, @marceltorak​, @ridgeport@despicablesims​, @sunlight-reversal​, @oliveandoak  and YOU (if ya want?)

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