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#even if he doesn’t act like it lol
heroes-among-us-all · 3 years ago
Can you make any headcannons for how Class 1-A and Monoma (cause I love that cocky little shit) would react to someone having a Incubus/Succubus Quirk? (Basically taking on the traits and abilities of the sex demon).
I assume you wanted both the girls and boys from class 1-A, but I wasn’t able to do every single one just ‘cause I didn’t have inspiration for some of them, and it was also really long. I did throw in some other characters as well though, to sate my own thirst lmao. 
Midoriya: This little cinnamon roll would probably be flustered as hell when he finds out how your Quirk works. He’s so innocent to most things that he can’t help but get all timid and blushy whenever he’s around you. You honestly think it’s super cute so you end up teasing him with your powers every now and then, which basically turns him into a helpless pile of goo.
Bakugou: He pretends like he’s not fazed, but he’s actually having some real dirty thoughts. Bakugou’s never had any experience in the love/physical department (even though he likes to act cocky), so knowing how your Quirk works honestly makes him feel embarrassed. He also hates thinking that he could fall victim to your Quirk and just be utterly helpless—because he knows you would have him wrapped around your finger. Blushes pretty often around you, and tries to avoid eye-contact when he’s extra flustered. 
Todoroki: At first he’s just like “what?” but then he’s like “…oh.” He understands that having a power that can seduce others could actually be really strong and may catch people off-guard in battle, but it does make him a little uncomfortable to think about. Todoroki’s mind ends up wandering more than he would like, and he finds himself imagining what sort of things you would do…with him. Kind of just feels ashamed, and tries to force the thoughts to the back of his mind, but his expression will slip up every now and then whenever he’s around you.
Iida: Straight up thinks it’s indecent as hell, and just can’t wrap his head around how someone would go about using a power like that. Sure, he obviously understands what you do with it, but like…it’s so inappropriate?? Class Prez does not approve, and he hates the tight knot he gets in his stomach whenever he brushes shoulders with you. Just thinking about you using your Quirk on someone (him) gets him all rattled and he’ll just start moving in that robotic manner with a big blush on his cheeks.
Kaminari: It’s literally the sexiest thing in the world?? Like omg are you an angel?? (no you’re more of a demon actually lol) He’s pretty well-established as a big perv, so knowing that you have a sexual Quirk like that just really turns him on. He’s always flirting with you hardcore, even though he usually ends up making a fool out of himself, but he just can’t resist. He’ll try to act slick and all, but he doesn’t actually have any relationship experience, and will get pretty flustered around you if you ever seductively brush your hand by his cheek or lick your lips. Let’s just say he’s definitely spent his fair share of time in bed imagining what it would be like if you used your Quirk on him. 
Kirishima: It’s not a really manly thing to do, but he does have dirty thoughts about you when he first finds out what your Quirk is. Honestly, he feels guilty imagining such things, but he just can’t help looking at you and seeing how damn hot you are and then knowing the things you’re capable of. He doesn’t care if he gets paired up to spar against you and loses—he wants to be able to experience your powers firsthand.
Tokoyami: Bird exe. has stopped working. No but like, he gets so flustered over your Quirk that he honestly just doesn’t know how to deal. Tokoyami’s a bit more reclusive than most, but he’s definitely spent more time admiring you from afar than he would like to admit. He’s not good with intimacy and the like, so imagining you to do those kind of…things is a little rattling for him. He will usually be pretty good at remaining composed around you, but his feathers sometimes fluff up and you might notice a small blush flaring up from underneath.
Monoma: He loves it, honestly. Not only is it hot, but he thinks it’s actually a really cool, useful Quirk that can take down even the best of people (including himself). His own Quirk revolves around making use of other people, so he likes to think you guys are sort of similar in some way. Monoma will act cocky and smirk around you, as if he’s unfazed, but he starts blushing like crazy whenever you do anything that hints at seduction. Of course, he’ll just be laughing like a madman, as usual, outright denying that he’s affected by your charms. He’s in for one hell of a ride when you do use your Quirk on him.
Shinsou: Probably won’t be much affected by your Quirk, as long as he can make you talk. He doesn’t like using his Brainwashing powers in general, but he’ll do it if he ever needs to fight you off. That being said, he might not want to. Shinsou hardly ever shows his emotions, but the second he found out what kind of Quirk you had he started acting awkwardly around you. If he really wanted to, he could always brainwash you into forcibly using your Quirk on him (aka doing dirty stuff with him), but he wants you to do it willingly. He just hopes that he can remember exactly what happened once it’s over. 
Uraraka: Her rosy cheeks will be even more pronounced whenever she’s around you. She’s so innocent and precious, just the thought of what your Quirk entails makes her entire body burn. Sometimes, when she gets extra flustered around you, she accidentally makes herself float, and it’s the cutest thing in the world. 
Yaoyorozu: Much like Iida, she thinks it’s “indecent”, but doesn’t dismiss the strength and potential of your powers. Obviously, you can’t choose what type of Quirk you’re born with, but thinking about the sexual nature of yours just makes her feel kind of…warm? She’s usually straight-laced and composed, but is actually very easily flustered and sometimes loses her cool whenever she’s around you. One time you ran your finger across her neck and she literally squealed. 
Jirou: Acts cool and aloof, but is pretty timid on the inside. She doesn’t really have a dirty mind or anything, but sometimes it wandered too far and she ended up thinking about what kind of stuff you might do to people. She can be a bit hard to read at times, but she’ll blush whenever she’s around you every now and then. She definitely doesn’t want to have you fight you at any point because she thinks she would just die of shame if you used your Quirk on her.
Tsuyu: Probably isn’t too much affected, since she doesn’t have a dirty mind at all. She’s definitely given your Quirk some thought though, and might have made a really direct comment about it at some point. Hasn’t imagined having you use your powers against herself specifically, but would probably not be able to keep a straight face it the two of you got too close. 
Hatsume: She thinks it’s neat! Honestly, there’s not much that gets her embarrassed since she practically has no shame, but she’d like to examine your body (wink wink) and see what sort of stunts you’re capable of. She also wants to try and design some sort of equipment for you to use, and see what other kind of inventions you synchronize with. If you used your Quirk on her, she’d honestly be pretty into it, and might even ask you do it again (this girl seriously has no shame it’s amazing). 
Toga: Has a pretty dirty mind—it’s usually more sinister and violent than sexual, but anything goes, really. Much like Hatsume, there’s really not much that gets her embarrassed, and she’ll probably just be really flirty and excited whenever she’s around you. Definitely wants you to use your Quirk on her and see how it feels, hopes to make it become a regular thing if it’s as enjoyable as she imagines it to be. 
Dabi: He lives for this shit, honestly. The second he found out what your Quirk was like, he found himself even more drawn to you. Not only are you gorgeous, but your powers are sexy as hell, too. Will definitely be extra flirty around you, hoping to make the seduction a two-way street. Under normal circumstances, he would never be submissive or purposefully let someone overpower him, but with your Quirk being the way it is, he honestly wouldn’t mind at all.
Shigaraki: Gets flustered as hell around you, and probably ends up being grumpier than usual as a result. He’s not used to touching others, so knowing that you have a Quirk that pretty much revolves around intimate contact makes his chest feel really tight. Honestly, Shigaraki doesn’t like the way your Quirk works, because it means that you have to do dirty things with people other than him, and he gets all possessive and jealous even imagining it. If you were to use it on him, it’s another story—he won’t willingly allow you to overpower him, but if it happens, he might as well try to enjoy its effects. 
Chisaki: Probably the only person who is very much opposed to it. He hates being vulnerable, and the fact that you can seduce him with your powers leaves an unpleasant taste in his mouth. He’s never wanted anyone touching him in the first place, even if he’s incredibly attracted to you, so it’s a conflicting feeling. If anyone were to do anything physical with him, it would definitely have to be you, and nobody else. Still, he will refuse to allow himself to submit and be manipulated by your Quirk—you’ll have to use it well if you want to one-up him. Even if he does fall victim to your powers, he’ll be very bitter about ending up in such a situation. At the very least, he might have some nice memories to revisit when he’s on his own. 
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sheabutterbitch · 3 years ago
What's been your tea with this Kanye West stuff?
I think Kanye’s contrarian mentality has always been present throughout his career. Being the opposition and going against the grain boosts his ego and he feels that is what solidifies himself as an artist. He feels all great thinkers and artists were doubted or hated by many, and if you’re not doubted then you can’t be aligned with the likes of Socrates or Steve Jobs and whoever else Ye looks up to.I don’t think Kanye has changed at all, he’s been fairly consistent with this, it’s the social and political climate in which Kanye exists that has changed. Saying “George Bush hates black people” on live television was less about being pro-black and more about his own masturbatory oppositional stance that he loves to take. The same anger coming at Kanye now, was aimed at him then, too. The sources of that anger have changed, that’s it. Now that movements like Black Lives Matter are on the forefront, being pro-Black would be expected of him as a black artist. He’s going against that by endorsing Donald Trump, he doesn’t even give a fuck about the alt right or even Trump lol this is just what he does.I’m just choosing to ignore it like it’s really not going to go anywhere, people are going to listen to his album because he’s acting a damn fool and then he’ll get his money and get out of debt and make more shitty clothes blah blah blah.
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wellfine · a month ago
I just read your "Franky doesn't swear until he does" comic and I Need to know: what are your straw hat crew swearing headcanons?
LMAO I feel like we've come full-circle because I made that stuff in response to a thread of Straw Hat swearing headcanons I made on Twitter!
Here's a link to the Twitter thread, but I'll repost it here anyway:
- Luffy: He swears when it occurs to him which isn't that often so it always takes ppl out. Is totally unfazed by swearing. Probably went thru a phase of swearing to "look tough" around the age he hung out with Shanks - Zoro: Swears a normal amount - Nami: Has kind of a foul mouth which she keeps trying to curb because she wants to maintain her "cute and harmless" public persona for fun and profit but it gets utterly shattered whenever she finds out how much damage the SHs have caused. So much so the marines have it on file - Usopp: Is largely unfazed by swearing BUT doesn't do it that often because Kaya used to tell him off for it so now he has a "mind your profamity" kneejerk reaction. The type to say "flippin", "freakin", "heck" etc and get mildly teased for it - Sanji: have you met him? He swears like someone with something to compensate for. Uses swearing like cigarettes and suits to look tough and grown up but just sounds like the barely-adult he is. - Chopper: Inverse of Usopp, tries to act like he can swear like Kureha but is shocked by others swearing LOL - Robin: She rarely swears because her typical manner of speaking is more psychologically damaging anyway but when she does it's always like... toe-curlingly explicit - Franky: (hitting you with a newspaper) NO! SWEARIN'! IN! KOKORO'S! HOUSE! 100% he says things like "sugar" instead of shit, some of them can get really long and funny. Doesn't even like to blaspheme. Bit of a stickler for the others, too, at least in the presence of momly-figures. Nami blew his wig off first time he properly met her. Mostly I just think it's funny for the big crime boss of the Franky Family to be like AHT AHT!!! watch yer language there are ladies present kiwi and mozu: yeah there's two fuckin ladies here He lets choppy swear when something goes wrong as a big-boy treat, though. whisper it - Brook: It does not occur to him to swear and when he's prompted he can rattle off a bunch of funny, old-timey insults that aren't used any more and their meanings. But when pressed he'd say he only wants to utter nice things when there are people here to hear him, now. - Jinbe: You never hear him swear so you just assume he doesn’t because he’s too Honourable or whatever ... but when he does, you know it’s BIG. Like you-just-messed-up big, or this-is-bad big, or he’s-REALLY-in-pain-big. But occasionally he just lets one slip bc of Luffy LOL
From the replies:
- Vivi: I think she probably feels like there are more diplomatic ways to get her point across!! I don’t think she likes to use argumentative language at all so I don’t think she swears at other people. I bet Nami has caught her streaking it up blue when she thought she was alone tho LOL If anything I think Vivi encouraged the crew to swear less. Based on her childhood she already had a pocketful of curses ready to bust out when needed, she didn’t need any pirate influence there LOL
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spatziline · 2 years ago
So I read your explanation of why you like Bakugo and his changes. But I feel his changes are honestly kinda limited yeah he can be less of a jerk but he still treats people like their crap, like he is above them and I just feel you never tell someone to kill themselves, even if Izuku let it go, it probably still really hurt, a childhood friend saying your life is worthless so try again right now and hope for a quirk.. Yeah he has changed but he has a long way to go before he is truly redeemable
His ultimate goal is to be #1, he’s working to be stronger than All Might and he truly believes he’s gonna accomplish’s already a fact to him (overconfidence is not bad! But maybe I’m just saying that cuz I’m overconfident af and my ego is too big lol) and he shows this to everyone in a very Bakugou way (sometimes not the right way). This Bakugou way though doesn’t make everyone feel like crap, it makes them feel motivated to get stronger and keep fighting.
He respects all his classmates, and by that I mean he sees them as true and strong opponents lol (example: Uraraka) tbh for a moment I thought he was gonna act like all the jerks in the crowd who thought Uraraka was fragile and that he was being mean to her,(mantheymademesomadiwaslikeshutthefupeople) but he didn’t! That made me like him even more.
About the bullying thing, I was a victim of bullying, damn someone even tried to kill me, it was crazy! Huh....I mean, it hurt a lot lol but I found the strength to keep moving forward. I guess the only thing I can say is that, yeah what they did was wrong...very wrong, but people can grow up and change if they want to. Believe it or not, some people who treated me like trash when we were younger are now my friends, even the person who tried to get rid of me lol.
Yeah I agree, he has a really loooooong FREAKING TRULY LONG way to go, but the important thing to ME, MYSELF AND I right now is that he’ll get there, hopefully in a well written way. I mean, that’s what makes this character interesting.
Tumblr media
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chelsanitys · 3 years ago
do you like tessa? not to be rude, just truly curious. or do u solely think she’s too... cold, i guess the word is? i’ve been a fan for years (but i just got a tumblr so i’m behind on here) & though i get she is very professional & has her head screwed on tight (sry if that’s a weird reference, only thing i could think of. lol), i do feel like we see her affection towards scott in a few ways again, hope i’m not coming off rude. just wondering what your opinion is. i love seeing others outtakes!
when i make robot jokes about tessa, i don’t really mean them lol. i think she acts cold sometimes BECAUSE she’s super sensitive and feels too much and hates feeling so vulnerable and exposed to people. not to get too freshman psych about it, but its not that she doesn’t feel enough - it’s that she feels too much and tries to protect that
scott knows how to give a good soundbyte, but tessa clearly gets super emotional about him sometimes even if she doesnt express it in the same tom hanks rom com way he does. like i enjoy any time he gets mildly self-deprecating and her voice gets all soft as she tries to reassure him - like when he asks her if she could see him letting her down and she’s like “no, never, you couldn’t”; or when they talk about the worlds mishap and he tells her she’s not supposed to pull him up after a fall and she’s like, “i didn’t, i didn’t do anything”; or at worlds 2017 after scott is making fun of his fall and the interviewer calls him fantastic anyway and tessa is like, “he is, he always is.” or we can throw it back to vancouver after they win gold when her voice breaks in a press conference and she’s clearly about to cry when she talks about him being her best friend and how she couldn’t ask for a better partner
tl;dr i love when this robot malfunctions
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kodzuskook · 2 years ago
beautiful | jeff wittek
description: the reader confronts jeff about her insecurities. /// angst + fluff
requested?: yes; [ @ivanna6062 “I'm obsessed with Jeff and your fics!! Can we get a plus size reader w/ If you could change one thing about your body, what would you change?” “Nothing I'm beautiful.” makes the reader think about her relationship w Jeff and Why can't you hold me in the street?” a bit of angst but ends with fluff”]
author’s note: i changed the order of plot a bit.
you frowned at the comments on david’s most recent vlog. there was a bit in the video with jeff sitting on the couch, your head in his lap while you played on your phone. an average day in the life of jeff and y/n; the new vlogsquad couple.
 she’s so fat, why’s jeff with her??
 is jeff really dating that pig of a girl?
 what the fuck? jeff deserves better.
 you closed your phone, the words hitting too close to your every insecurity. jeff was attractive. there’s no doubt in that. he was too attractive for someone like you.
 you sat in your bed, your destructive mind going wild as you clicked through different vlogs that you knew had a cameo of you in them. your fingers scrolled with ease to the comment section, fueling your insecurities with the mean words written by people behind screens.
 lol look how jeff won’t even touch his “girlfriend”
 jeff looks miserable
 look at jeff and his girlfriend lmaoooo he’s acting like he doesn’t even know her
 you were so immersed in every bad thing said about you that the sound of your bedroom opening and closing wasn’t heard by you.
 your head shot up, your eyes finding jeff’s. you watched as his eyes softened and filled with worry. yours filled with confusion and fake happiness, hoping your expression hid your hurt and pain.
 you didn’t deserve jeff.
 “princess, are you cryin’?”
 your fingers went to feel your cheeks. wet. you wiped away your tears quickly, “no, i’m fine. it’s probably allergies or something.”
 jeff frowned, walking up to you, “princess, you don’t have allergies.”
 you shut your eyes at your idiocy. jeff cupped his hands around your face, “y/n, what’s wrong?”
 your mind went back to the comments that were on your phone.
 he won’t even touch her
 “do you not like me?” you blurted out, “are you ashamed of me?”
 jeff furrowed his brows, “baby, what? of course, i’m not ashamed of you. i like you, a lot. why? did someone say somethin’?”
 “i was just thinking of how you never touch me in public.” you pulled his hands from your face, “jeff, you’re dating me. yet in public you act as if you don’t want anyone to know. why? why, jeff? why don’t you hold me in the streets? am i not good enough for you?”
 jeff’s eyes showed complete sadness, “y/n, what are you talking about?”
 your eyes drifted to your phone on the bed, jeff’s following. suddenly, jeff realized where this was coming from.
 his hands went back up to your cheeks, pulling you to face him. he looked you in the eyes, “y/n l/n, i like you. so much. you’re beautiful inside and out. i’m not ashamed of you. every day, i wake up with a sense of pride ‘cause you’re my girl. no one else’s.” he took a breath, his accent getting stronger with every word, “i didn’t wanna rush ya, ya know? i didn’t wanna make you feel uncomfortable in public. god, y/n, if only you knew how much i want to you hold you in public.”
 you opened your mouth, but jeff cut you off already knowing what you were gonna say, “all of you. you’re perfect. you’re amazin’. fuck, y/n, your body is absolutely breathtakin’. fuck anyone else who has somethin’ else to say. you’re mine and i couldn’t be happier. who fuckin’ cares if you don’t look like a damn barbie? i’m here with you. not with them.”
 your lips perked up slightly before falling down, “but why?”
 “‘cause you’re so much more than ev’ryone else. you don’t try to be someone else, either.” he looked into your eyes, “i’m datin’ you ‘cause i fell in love with you, beautiful. not them.”
erin set up the camera, deciding last minute for you and jeff to do a quick q&a for her and carly’s channel.
 “a lot of people have asked questions about you two and your relationship.” carly smiled, “it’s all that everyone’s talking about.”
 you laughed as jeff pulled you into him. jeff smiled at the camera as erin sat down in her spot.
 the two girls quickly did their intro while you and jeff messed around on the side. jeff flicked your neck. you squirmed away, swatting jeff on the side. he grabbed your hands and stared you down, his eyes shining bright.
 “guys?” you and jeff looked up at carly, “it’s your turn to introduce yourselves.”
 “my name’s jeff,” jeff shook his head lightly, closing his eyes as he awaited your laughs.
 unsurprisingly, you, erin and carly began laughing loudly at the reference. jeff rolled his eyes jokingly at your shaking figure, “yeah, yeah, we get it. ha ha.”
 you put your hand up to your mouth, a little giggle escaping your lips. you turned to the camera, “hi, i’m y/n.”
 erin looked at you, “and?”
 you cocked your head, “and..” you looked over at carly who was gesturing secretively at jeff, “oh! and i’m jeff’s girlfriend.”
 jeff nodded with a huge smile, humming in agreement.
 the questions came rolling, jeff made sure to check up on how you were holding up when carly scrolled past a questions regarding your weight.
 erin pointed to a question, “if you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?”
 everyone answered the question starting from erin to carly to jeff and to you.
 you looked over at jeff, a smile on your face as you thought back to four days ago, “nothing.” you smiled, “i’m beautiful the way i am and i can’t believe it took me this long to realize it.”
 the girls cheered at your answer, “yay! self love!”
 jeff smiled and leaned in for a kiss, “i love you.”
 “i love you, too.”
 five days ago, if asked, you would have said your weight. but now, you had a strong support to remind you of your beauty constantly. you had jeff wittek. and when you have jeff wittek by your side, nothing can hurt you.
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aja154ever · 3 years ago
Bungo Stray Dogs Dead Apple Comeback Screening
21 July 2018
Marunouchi Piccadilly, Tokyo
Tumblr media
- Miyano Mamoru, Dazai Osamu’s voice actor, referred to as Mamo here
- Uemura Yuuto, Nakajima Atsushi’s voice actor, as Yuuto-kun
Tumblr media
Bullet points from the event, under the cut for spoilers!
Mamo starts by commenting that Yuuto-kun’s clothes should be more worn-out, in reference to Atsushi’s in the movie visual.
Mamo was glad that Atsushi, who was going on and on about “If we save Dazai-san, he’ll definitely do something”, was eventually able to grow up and succeed at the end of the movie. Mamo was mockingly mimicking Atsushi’s lines teasing Yuuto-kun, which made Yuuto-kun and well, everyone laugh a lot
They had separate dressing rooms backstage but they happened to bump into each other in front of the room, where Mamo got surprised that Yuuto-kun was holding a cup of Starbucks coffee. “Oh, Yuuto has grown up as well! He can now buy coffee!” Yuuto-kun just goes, “Eeehhh?? That’s my growth for two years??”
Backstage also, Yuuto-kun showed Mamo a picture of them two years ago, in the same place when BSD’s first episode was screened. Mamo mimics Yuuto-kun again: (Smiling enthusiastically + heavy, excited breathing) “Miyano-san, Miyano-san! *shows his phone screen* ... It’s a picture!” And Mamo coldly replies, “Yes, I know (that it’s a picture).” He was teasing that Yuuto-kun was too nervous that the words he actually wanted to say didn’t come out properly! Yuuto-kun said that he was just happy that they were able to come back to the same place for BSD after 2 years.
Before their voice recording for the movie, Mamo had to talk to Director Igarashi to ask a lot of things about Dazai, which lasted for 30 mins! He said there were a lot of things he didn’t understand and that he wanted to make sure of Dazai’s intentions and calculations so he kept on asking the Director in detail.
Yuuto-kun shares that his stage greeting in Taiwan was his first time going overseas for his job. He was surprised that even though they had a language interpreter during the event, the fans’ reactions and answers came quickly even before. They were especially ecstatic when he mentioned about Kunikida and shares that the Dazai and Kunikida duo was actually popular.
Mamo then comments that, “Kunikida is indeed interesting, and even the person behind him!” And Mamo goes on to talk about an interesting story about Hosoya Yoshimasa, Kunikida’s voice actor, which doesn’t have any connection about BSD at all lol but everyone is just fond of bullying Hosoyan anyway so he stands up and mimics him. They met by coincidence in a cafe some time, and Hosoyan was so surprised that he went, “Eh? Eh? Eh? M-Miyano-san? Miyano-san?? Eh? Y-you’re here? Eh? Y-you drink coffee here??” And Mamo replies to him, “Hey! We’re gonna stand out and be found out so stop acting like that!” (This is really very funny if you know how Hosoyan normally acts, and Mamo really likes acting him out. A lot of voice actors are actually fond of Hosoyan’s interesting personality. You can also see this in the Uemura Agency episodes with Mamo and Kamiyan)
When asked which scene of the other that they wanted the audience to particularly watch again with the DVD release, Mamo answers that it is the scene of Atsushi, Akutagawa, and Kyouka as he really liked the young ones’ growth. (Mamo praised Aku so that’s indirect acknowledgment as Dazai yey) He also mentions the “A boy will always draw out the tiger’s claws in order to live!” scene to which he changes the line to, “Even a boy will polish his nails when they grow long!”
As for Yuuto-kun, he replies with the Dazai and Chuuya scene, amazed at their trust with Chuuya using Corruption even without being sure that Dazai is still there. Mamo also praises the duo’s trust. Yuuto-kun adds that the scene when Dazai nullified Corruption, with the “I’m so touched I could cry” got him thrilled (Yuuto-kun actually made a shiver body gesture) and breathing hard. He turns to the audience, to which the fans nod in agreement. “Hey, don’t nod!” Mamo cries out.
Yuuto-kun also wants to particularly watch the beautiful opening again, which contained written descriptions as the introduction to the characters.
When the first visual came out, Mamo had hopes that Dazai would be the main character and the story would be about Dazai and Chuuya. And so when they first learned about the final turnout, he was like, “Eehh? It’s different at all! It’s all about Atsushi! Aahh, so boring... TCH!” (Ofc he’s joking and I can’t help but see Dazai in him as he sulked lol)
Tumblr media
Mamo wasn’t actually able to personally see Atsushi’s growth, as they weren’t together during the recording of Atsushi’s battle scene. But he then thinks that after all, maybe that is okay. It’s like he’s letting him on his own now, that he is fine by himself, as if he can send him out without worries. This applies to Mamo as a senpai to Yuuto-kun, and likewise Dazai to Atsushi. Mamo calls himself big brother and as he feels at ease now, he says “Goodbye!” to which Yuuto-kun panics, “Eeehhh??”
Lastly, they thanked the fans for loving and supporting BSD and it is thanks to that that BSD will get a season 3! Mamo jokes that this time, he’ll make sure to be the main character, and take the center stage!
Tumblr media
The DVD box cover image was revealed featuring Atsushi and the White trio
The BEAST and Fifteen novels will be published and released by Kadokawa Beans
And ofc, SEASON 3!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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chocolvte · 2 months ago
nct reaction: the dreamies as your younger brothers
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
listen to metronome by weki meki
req — i have a request if youre interested; could you do dream as younger brothers? thanks a bunch <3
Tumblr media
「 mark 」
he follows you around EVERYWHERE but it’s honestly cuter than it is annoying
whenever he makes or does anything cool you’re the first person he tells about it
he gets so excited to show you stuff
and he also always tells you everything that’s going on because he needs his older sibling’s advice and thoughts ALWAYS
invites you to every hang out
and consistently brags about you to everybody that he knows
「 renjun 」
he loves you to death, but jun literally never talks about you
like ever
because you’re his special person and he really would prefer that you and his weird friends stay separate (he’s kidding a little bit)
the absolute highlights of his day are the times he gets to talk to you
he misses you so much it hurts
but he would never ever tell you that smh
「 jeno 」
prob the least annoying younger brother out of all seven of them
you don’t really TALK talk that much, but you hang out all the time
par example: you often come with him to practice just to sit in the corner on your phone to control the music he’s dancing to
growing up, he’d always come into your room and just stand there for a while and then leave at random intervals
he likes being around you without feeling like someone needs to say something important
「 haechan 」
not only is he always stuck to you like glue, he’s beyond annoying about it
always wants to show you something or bug you about your opinion or he wants you to sing with him or do this dance he just learned
it’s always something
he also always says it’s your responsibility as the older one to pay for food when you go out together
he’s ridiculous but he’s also very sweet in the sense that he hugs you all the time and he always wants you by his side
「 jaemin 」
he’s the type to act like the older brother even when he’s not
a lot of people think he’s the older one
which makes you upset which makes him laugh, poke your cheek and call you cute
he’s a very good listener. he’s always listening to you talk about work and school and how irritating the person you’re dating is being
of course, he does have his moments where it shows that he’s the little one
whenever he’s frustrated or sad, you’re the first person he calls to complain about it because he knows you won’t judge him
「 chenle 」
he’s just such a sweet person. he does his absolute best to be a good little brother without bothering you too much
but even when he does cling to your side and beg you for things, you can never find it in you to get mad about it
he’s too cute
and he knows all of the things you like, so he’s good at bribing you into spending time with him
as if you needed to be bribed lol
「 jisung 」
he acts very open around you, but he doesn’t act very young either
complains about work and life in general to you all the time
he always tries to endure everything silently, so it’s always a relief to be able to call you and let all of his frustration and sadness out
and you always send him presents (like coffee or flowers when he’s on tour) while he’s working which makes him so happy
also all of the other members are low key crushing on you. and they always tease jisung by saying they’re going to steal you away from him but he’s not worried
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sallyface-imagineblog · 2 years ago
what about the gang (and travis if possible) if their s/o moved away?
Their S/O moved away (+Travis)
It would be very hard for him to deal with that, especially if they’re moving away for a long time, because he is used to seeing them everyday, it’s like a routine to him
It’d be even worse if you’re moving forever; he knows that it’s not your fault, but that’s a very familiar feeling for him, being abandoned because he did something wrong
Would text and call you everyday for the first few months, and will miss you greatly. He sometimes starts talking to you like you were there next to him in his room, but realizes that you’re not at mid sentence
If you want your relationship to continue, you have to come back or he could move in with you when he is older and soon, because he can’t take the long distance relationships
He is ok with that, he understands that there is nothing he can do about it, but is sad never the less
He unlike Larry is able to have a long distance relationship, even if his S/O doesn’t contact often (which they do actually, they both face time and text a lot), Sal thinks that it’s even better honestly
He is afraid more than everything that you’ll get tired of each other, so he wouldn’t mind if you moved away for a short period of time
Two or three days go by pretty well for him, but then he notices that it’s very lonely without you, feels like he has nothing to do
Please come back, or the boy will be even more depressed
She might cry and even argue with you a little about whether you should leave or stay, comes off as a little selfish letting her feelings take over 
Thinks that there is actually some way for you not to go, and you’re just making up excuses
But when the eventual anger and shock wear off, she comes to apologize and says that she’ll miss you greatly
She will write you actual letters every month. Of course she’ll still text you everyday and call you twice a week, but once a month she’ll send a big letter telling you how’s it been 
If your new home is not that far away, she’ll make sure to visit you on her bike, even if she has to ride all day
Oh my god he is trying to hold the tears so hard when you tell him the news, actually looks like he is in shock, just starring at you; you never thought that he could react like that
He tries to find all possible reasons for you to stay even if they are small, he hust can’t imagine being without his S/O, they’re his emotional support and comfort
He will text you and send photos of him and the gang everyday, just doing the regular stuff like ghost hunting lol
Skype is a must at least once in two days, long conversations that last 2-3 hours or just starring at eachother
He is acting like he doesn’t care (in his usual maner), being all cold and indifferent on the outside, saying something like “well there is nothing you can do about it, so what’s the point in crying” or something
The first thing he does when he gets home though is falling on top of his bed and crying pathetically
The only person he loves is moving away from him, and he doesn’t even know if if they’ll ever be back. Seems like he can’t be even a little happy
Travis has no real friends, so the world is ending for him literally (he might break down in front of Sal and confide in him later)
Actually tells you that he loves you a lot and misses you when texting, but won’t say it aloud without calling you a fool 
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hoe-imaginess · 3 years ago
How would All Might/Toshinori Yagi and Aizawa as sugar daddies (headcanons please)
oh hell ye
All Might
•He’s a very generous sugar daddy. Gives more money than he receives any sugar, just because he’s that kind of guy
•Honestly he’s an emotional support sugar daddy as well. He just wants to be there for his sugar baby. He became their sugar daddy in the first place just because he wanted to help them, see them prosper, make sure they had a comfortable living
•He’s the one who buys his sugar baby a nice new apartment somewhere and sends them groceries every week. So supportive and nurturing 
•BUT his conditions are: get good grades in school and/or keep up with work. Then they’ll get their sugar money. He’s not going to just give it to them, ya feel? All Might is charitable, but not gullible 
•He doesn’t even need to be in a relationship with the s/o (romantically or physically) but they should at least be someone he likes, and believes in, and is maybe somewhat fond of. Basically, they don’t have to be dating him. It would be nice, but if he finds someone he likes and wants to support, and who may return the fondness, that’s enough for him 
•His sugar baby texts him every once in a while about what they need, and while he’s not always going to answer their requests right away, it’ll be in the back of his mind. He’ll finish fighting a villain and then rush off somewhere immediately after, and civilians are like wow! What a hero! Rushing off to save the day again! But really, he’s just running to his sugar baby’s apartment because they said one of their pipes was broken
•All Might keeps his sugar baby on the low. You’ll see him quietly responding to texts all day, but not give a clear answer if someone asks who he’s talking to. He doesn’t want people to think he’s… a dirty old man lol
•He doesn’t get to go in public a lot with his sugar baby, only when he’s in *Toshinori form*. But on the days he’s not busy with hero work and he can afford to relax, he definitely treats them to nice dinners. Or at least, comes over to their place for a homecooked meal
•He’s soooooo nervous when he first gets sugar from his sugar baby. Like, you’d think he was the sugar baby with how anxious and uncertain he was about finally having sex with them
•Who doesn’t want to have sex with All Might though?? His sugar baby was probably trying to get him to stay the night for weeeeeks until he finally agreed. They’d play it off as “You do so much for me, this is the least I can do for you…” and bam he’s getting his dick sucked immediately 
•And All Might loses ittttt. He loves blowjobs so much. He has the best orgasms ever. He feels so indebted for the good head that his sugar baby is getting even more money 
•Sensual sex is nice as some sugar in return for his money, but he’s so busy he won’t always have time for all out sex. So yeah a quickie blowjob is the best form of payment. Or an actual quickie
•But he’s such a giver in bed that it’s like extra payment on top of the money 
•Also… send him NUDES. If his sugar baby isn’t sending him nudes, what’s the point?
•He is such a bad sugar daddy ok. He’s not a penny-pincher, but even if he has a lot of money, he’s not going to just give it away to someone for sexual favors. He doesn’t understand. That is not logical 
•He still lives in his small compact apartment even if he’s rich, so he doesn’t act or live like a sugar daddy. Which means he doesn’t think his sugar baby needs to live all that grandly either. They can keep their ass wherever they’re living currently (he may or may not help with their rent depending on his mood that month)
•Aizawa makes his sugar baby work for the money. They’re not getting it easily. He’ll sometimes give them a little money just because that’s what sugar daddies do, but otherwise, they don’t get anything unless he thinks they deserve it. He’ll make them run his errands lol
•He doesn’t care whether or not he’s dating his sugar baby, and definitely doesn’t care if they hang out with other guys (sleeping with them or flirting with them is a different story). But he would rather not see them out on the town having fun with some guy and using his money to do it. He doesn’t need to be best friends with his sugar baby, but he at least expects them to have some respect for their relationship, no matter how blurred it is
•If his sugar baby wants to spend time with him he’s like ‘ok fine but you gotta come to U.A and sit there and be quiet while I do work’. It sucks, but it’s something
•So he doesn’t really keep it discreet, but he won’t ever tell anyone directly that he has a sugar baby. He just introduces them as a colleague or acquaintance
•Mic finds out though, and will never let Aizawa live it down
•Nap and quiet time is also a good way to hang out with Aizawa. If his sugar baby comes over and just naps with him, lets him be, doesn’t bother him—that’s a plus. He’ll be pleased enough to let them take some money when they leave 
•Aizawa hates the idea of giving his sugar baby money for sleeping with him, so he never does. In which case, if they won’t give him any sugar without money, that’s a bit of a problem. But I feel Aizawa’s relationship with a sugar baby is more loose and relaxed, sex-involved without being sex-dependent
•Like, he’d get a blowjob after a long day and just appreciate it as that: a blowjob. His sugar baby doesn’t expect money, and Aizawa doesn’t feel like they’re doing it just to please him. They just have an open sex life with each other. It’s nice
•Passionate/intimate sex with his sugar baby is not always on the agenda, but it does happen occasionally. Aizawa would prefer not to put too much feeling into a relationship that’s not exactly stable (none of his relationships will be tbh) but a long session of slow, deep, intimate sex is nice after a stressful week at work 
•His sugar baby should send nudes too, but not expect an answer. He won’t react when he’s in public. He’s pretty stoic. But he’ll think it’s sort of amusing and kinky. He kinda likes it
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thecardsimagine · a year ago
Muriel, Julian, and Nadia with an mc who would always keep emotions secret, to the point where its worrying, then one day they just ask out of the blue how mc is truly doing and they burst into sobs? I need that good angst thank u 💗💖
We’ll see how angsty this becomes lol, it’s just not my best trope even if I am feeling more like writing it at the moment too. Thanks for the request!
≿————-————- ❈ ————-————-≾ 
Muriel certainly doesn’t know how to handle the sudden outburst of emotions. It’s just too sudden and too intense for him to immediately act upon it. He’ll awkwardly gesture around them, trying to decide if they need a hug or a shoulder pat and if he should be saying something or they’d rather need to be left alone. Of course, he asks them what is wrong, but they might not be able to speak a coherent sentence, so Muriel is very helpless on how to comfort them. He didn’t know something was working them up so much to this point because they never communicated it with him. Even if he is not trying to justify his unhelpfulness with this, undeniably, it’s terrifying for him, and it makes him feel so weak and angry with himself that he has gotten no better in caring for them, even if they know each other for a while now
Setting down whatever he was doing, he approaches them with a hug and attention, asking if they are hurt, if they need something, and what is wrong. Luckily, he can keep his calm. Otherwise, it would drive him insane to wait for an answer, not sure if they need medical attention. After all, he just asked them a simple question, but it turned them completely unresponsive. Still, Julian can wait for them, even with the tension, making sure to sit them down so they won’t hurt themselves with falling if their condition worsens, waiting for just a simple explanation to their behavior. They… didn’t tell him how they felt before, and he didn’t notice. He feels like an absolute disgrace that despite everything, they were able to keep a smile, and he couldn’t even help them. It’s not like they are blaming him, but Julian blames himself enough for two people. He wants to assure them, let them know that everything will be okay and they can work it out, yet, he doesn’t even know the reasons or their tears still
She is by their side instantly. She can tell just from the hiccup and the glassy eyes that something big is coming, and she doesn’t wait for the breakdown to comfort them, hushing them softly. It’s not like she knows what is wrong, but she knows something is going terribly downhill, and comforting them is her most important action at that moment. They don’t need to tell her all the details, she can feel it just from the intense shudders and the continuous waves of sobs and cries that they need her. In her head are a million ways of how to comfort them, but she cannot find the right one that seems to fit the problem perfectly. So all Nadia knows how to do is stay with them, hoping they will calm down and give her a chance to find a solution. There is nothing she wants more desperately than to be able to comfort them. But even if she has a million ways at her disposal, she doesn’t always have the right one at hand, which she regrets deeply, wishing she could make it easier for the MC
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flippyspoon · 3 years ago
I’m in desperate need of some fluffy Harringrove headcanons. Do you happen to have any?
A high school thing:
(this isn’t so much a headcanon as a tiny fic lol)-They’ve just started fooling around when Valentine’s Day hits and Billy keeps dropping hints that there will be no Valentines Day nonsense, thinking that Steve would be the type to go nuts for Valentines Day (which is 100% accurate). So..Steve does nothing. He doesn’t seem upset about it or anything either (even though he is). Billy spends the whole day watching all the “normal” couples be gooey and lovey dovey and Steve is acting like it’s just another day??? Maybe he was wrong and Steve’s not actually into him?? Maybe he will lose Steve if he doesn’t give in to this romance stuff?? They don’t act so different from a couple anyway- they hang out, they fool around, sometimes there’s sweet affection, maybe they’re a couple and maybe Billy is actually really happy and maybe if he doesn’t cop to it he’ll lose Steve??? So after school Billy goes to the drugstore and flips out a little trying to find something last minute ANYTHING. He grabs a beat up heartshaped box of chocolates and a cheesy card. In the car he takes out a pen and writes “I love you. - Billy” really fast in a messy scribble before he can think about it and he drives to Harrington’s…after sitting staring in his car for a long time. At Steve’s he paces around by the pool chain smoking for ages until Steve finally comes out. 
“Uh…what the hell are you doing out here.”
Billy is breathing hard, standing next to a pile of cigarette butts. He shoves the box of chocolates at the card at Steve. “Here!”
Steve’s shocked. “Uh…I…I thought you didn’t want to do anything for Val-”
Steve opens the card, stares blankly at it as Billy starts to lose his shit.
Steve says, “Hey… Me too, idiot.” He grins.
Then smooches.
A living in Hawkins for a while before moving to L.A. thing:
-Billy is working too jobs because he’s very eager to save up cash to move to L.A. and Steve is working for his dad. Billy is still living at home but he spends the bulk of his time at Steve’s house- he may as well be living there. Steve always gets home first and Steve’s parents are often home (they’re living in deliberate ignorant bliss). Billy trudges up the stairs and collapses on Steve’s bed. There’s a TV in there- Steve usually has Knight Rider or something like that one. Steve rubs Billy’s feet (he would). 
“Billy, do you want pasta or chicken?”
“I’ll take that as a pasta.” 
And then sometimes despite the work day or because he worked fewer hours Billy’s THIRSTY and bounds up the stairs and starts stripping in the hall and interrupts Steve mid-sentence with his mouth, tackling him on the bed.
A Living in L.A thing:
-Steve is assistant managing at a restaurant, he’s as preppy as ever (he’s about to move into blazers with t-shirts). Billy works at a bar on Sunset which had a huge Metal scene going in the 80′s, he’s having the time of his life (he could do other things later- they’re still young lol). Lifers at the bar know Billy is gay- they’d have to-  he talks about his boyfriend constantly, happy L.A. Billy talks about Steve Harrington like he hung the fucking moon so his bar friends are psyched to finally meet him… At first they’re baffled. It’s a kind of goofy but cute guy in a goddamn polo shirt with fluffy hair and NOT in a hot Bon Jovi way but then again Billy’s got a fucking tattoo with the guy’s name on it, must be love. Well…at least  Steve has a stud in his ear? (because he does) Steve is the one square yuppie asshole they unquestionably accept at the place.
Also Steve is like “I’m not a yuppie?? I have a boyfriend and I work in a restaurant.” Oh Steve.
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hoe-imaginess · 2 years ago
can i have headcanons for bakugou, kirishima, and todoroki when theyre pining after a kickass upperclassman ty
•Going after an upperclassman is totally a challenge for him, which he loves
•Also he probably likes older people too idk why, seems like it would turn him on? Get him going in a competitive, ‘you may be older but I’m still better than you’ way 
•Depends on how the upperclassman reacts to him, but let’s assume they’re a little hard to get, and that makes Bakugo even more eager to make his move(s)
•He gets even more annoyingly and angrily spirited when he thinks the upperclassman will notice, because that’s the only way Bakugo knows how to draw attention to himself lol 
•Also gets 1000x more competitive during festivals or any school activities that are gonna be televised
•Honestly might even smirk at the camera hoping the upperclassman sees
•Consider an upperclassman vs lower training session and Bakugo gets paired with his crush wowww lots of tension and showing off. He’s not going easy on them (if they beat his ass it’s even hotter in his opinion even though he’s still mad about it)
•He’s so nice about it?? Why is his pining stage so cute and kind and innocent and pure?
•Kirishima’s always giving them compliments, like even if they only see each other fleetingly in the hallway or something he’ll shout after them “YOU LOOK REALLY NICE TODAY _______-SAN!” 
•He literally drools over how cool they are. He won’t stfu about it and everyone in 1-A kinda hates him for it but they can’t be mad at him because he’s so enthusiastic about his oblivious crush 
•He could be daydreaming and you know who he’s daydreaming about without even asking lmao 
•Yet when he’s in an actual situation where he can have a face-to-face convo with his crush he completely blanks
•Would probably end up admitting he thinks they’re really cool and pretty/cute and attempt to ask them out
•Which is a pretty nice attempt ok he’s the right mix of courteous confident and cutey shy
•A huge mess because he doesn’t really think about romance at all but when he does, he doesn’t expect it to be because of an upperclassman
•He may even be a little... intimidated? Like, this person is older and probably more experienced regardless of their quirk, soooo why is he catching feelings for someone that might make him a little insecure?
•He’s just a first year like yeah he’s pretty famous and strong but is that enough to catch the upperclassman’s eye? Do they notice him!? Do they know who he is?
•Really what he wants to know is do they know him as Shouto and not just that one first year who’s supposed to be Endeavor’s son let’s be honest
•He doesn’t really know how to act because of that. He doesn’t even really know why he’s overthinking stuff like that or even worrying what this upperclassman thinks of him. He just knows he gets a little *feeling* when he sees them, and either avoids them like the plague to also avoid his confusing feelings, or studies them too hard and probably ends up getting caught lol
•Yeah a lot of his pining is getting caught staring at them like an idiot ngl 
•Would be funny if they confront him about it one day (albeit nicely) because he’s not gonna have a clueeee how to explain himself
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sinfulwonders · a year ago
Yesss one of my favorite ships ever. 
Who asks the other on dates: Hajime asks, and then asks again when Nagito goes into a small self deprecating spiral about the whole thing. So Hajime turns it around on him. “How could Hajime ever stand to ask out someone as insignificant as trash like me?” “Well then I guess I’m taking out the trash! C’mon Nagito!”
Who is the bigger cuddler: Once he gets into it and becomes comfortable enough to touch Hajime and not freak out, Nagito is more cuddly. But it takes time for sure.
Who initiates holding hands more often: Hajime. While Nagito is more cuddly, Hajime likes smaller displays of affection like hand holding and kisses on the cheek and stuff like that. He likes for Nagito to know that he’s loved.
Who remembers anniversaries: Hajime is a precious clueless bastard, so Nagito is more likely to remember.
Who is more possessive: Oooh. Okay so like both of them in very different ways. I can see Nagito being very passive aggressively possessive “Oh don’t mind me Hajime, I’m too lowly for your attention anyway”, while Hajime is like more outwardly possessive.
Who gets more jealous: Again, I’d really say both. Nagito continuing with his passive aggressive cryptic streak while Hajime just gets angry and frustrated.
Who is more protective: Hajime is very protective of Nagito once they get together. “Yeah he’s crazy, but only I can say that Soda, damn.”
Who is more likely to cheat: I don’t see either of them cheating on the other, but I suppose if I have to pick then Hajime. Just because Nagito seems the type to hold commitment and devotion to a partner to the absolute highest standard, even if he’s unhappy in that relationship.
Who initiates sexy times the most: Nagito is always super alluring to Hajime, so he gets Hajime in the mood without even really having to do anything lol.
Who dislikes PDA the most: Nagito, only because he doesn’t think Hajime should be seen with the likes of him. Hajime is slowly trying to help Nagito out of that mindset, though!
Who kills the spider: God they’re both wimps. Hajime tries to act tough, but he’s so not. I think Nagito would eventually release the spider outside without killing it.
Who asks the the other to marry them: Hajime. It’d take a long time, though, for Nagito to actually say yes, due to his fear of the consequences of his luck.
Who buys the other flowers or gifts: Hajime loves to give Nagito gifts to show his love. He loves the way Nagito treasures every little thing he gets him like it’s the most precious thing in the world.
Who would bring up possibly having kids: Probably neither honestly. I don’t see Nagito ever wanting a kid because he fears causing their death (because luck cycles), and I don’t see Hajime wanting to even touch that conversation with a ten foot pole.
Who is more nervous to meet the parents: I think both of their parents are dead, but if they were alive I think they’d both be pretty nervous. Hajime would be worried about being his awkward self and meeting the people that made Nagito like wow terrifying. And Nagito would definitely do his usual self-deprecating spiral because omg Hajime’s parents wow what great Hope. :P
Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry: Hajime would. Even if angry, he wouldn’t want Nagito to sleep anywhere else than the bed due to his frailty.
Who tries to make up first after arguments: Hajime as well. He’s the more straightforward and confrontational of the two.
Who tells the other they love them more often: Hajime wants Nagito to be very aware that yes he does love him and no he isn’t going to spontaneously combust because of it. Nagito is also pretty verbally affectionate with Hajime, which honestly, makes him a blushy mess.
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serowotonin · 5 months ago
✰︎ |! hq boys having a foreigner friend
++ hinata, kageyama, lev, kuroo, bokuto, atsumu, osamu, suna
Tumblr media
HINATA thinks ur the coolest❗️no srsly. the way he goes on abt how you’re from another country makes it seem like he’s going on bout some alien from a whole other planet🤪 rlly wants to visit ur country too,, at least just once in his life.
KAGEYAMA thinks ur pretty cool too. but won’t be as enthusiastic abt it as hinata is🤧 will just occasionally ask you questions when the topic comes up,, like he’d ask “how is ____ in your country y/n?” or if you’re at a festival or any other cultural event,, itd be “do you have any festivals like this too?”
LEV isnt full japanese either so calls you his “other half” 💀💀 nah he does it jokingly but is genuinely curious bout ur country n stuff cuz even tho he’s only half japanese.. he was raised there so he’s practically japanese. he likes that he’s not the only foreign looking person tho😼😼
KUROO is the type to ask you how to say different things in your language. mainly curses or insults so he could call yaku a short idiot without him realizing sksndk. would also ask if there are any hot girls from your country😳 to which you’d say “hot girls are everywhere kuroo😒”
BOKUTO genuinely doesn’t realize your from another country🤡 jkjk lol,, he knows and he’s actually quite curious and will ask you to tell him bout the culture/places/etc if u guys got nothing to talk bout or the topic just comes up.
ATSUMU would be that friend who asks you to teach him to curse in your language😎 but ofc u end up making him say dumb shit like “i still wear diapers” or “im rlly stupid, i’ve been tricked into saying this” or IDK yeah. and he goes shouting it in osamu’s face thinking he’s calling him a turd 😭 lmaoo
OSAMU is def the friend who steals a bite out of every single lunch u have. multiple bites if its food from ur country u cooked from home or smth🤧 mainly cuz its not smth he eats often but he enjoys the taste,,,, enough to take so much without even realizing🤭
SUNA acts like he doesn’t know your from another country. 🧍“oh right ur not japanese..” but in a teasing way<3 other than that he practically doesn’t care:/ sometimes tho,, he might ask if you prefer ur country or japan.. just outta “curiosity” yk
Tumblr media
note. lol i just randomly wrote this at 1AM when i should’ve been sleeping but meh:3 dunno if i got their characterizations right but meh to that too sdkjsl
taglist. @lilikags​ @luna-in-luv​ ( lmk if u wanna be added ! )
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junkoandthediamonds · a month ago
Tbh I hate when ppl act like Tim is just like. a shitty fighter like cmon he isn’t even the worst in the batfam. Just bc he isn’t literal god tier at hand to hand doesn’t mean he isn’t good at fighting lol
Tim has his strengths and weaknesses just like anyone else! Like, he's not incredibly OP or anything but he knows how to fight, and fight well. His advantage is people underestimating him based on his size, and utilizing strategy rather than brute force. But in general anyone who's a non-powered vigilante is going to be incredibly skilled, none of them are 'bad' at fighting, they literally just wouldn't survive longterm in the field if they were. (that's also not to say that those who have been killed in the field are necessarily unskilled, but like... you know what I mean)
I really love the way Batman talks about Tim's skills during this part of World Without Grown-Ups, especially for talking about earlier in his Robin days (when he obv has less experience/skill than later) because this is a Tim who is good at what he does but is also still a kid who has things to learn
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(JLA: World Without Grown-Ups #1)
Then especially as he goes through the 2000s (when DC said 'basically everyone he loves will die at least for a little while <3') there's multiple examples about how Tim is motivated by those losses and his sense of duty and everything, which contributes to him honing his skills while still being a work in progress because, ya know he's still just a teenager. I like here when Bruce points out him knowing his limits, too, because I think that's a big part of all this:
Tumblr media
(Robin #136)
Tim is skilled, but Tim's also usually aware of when he's pushing himself/where his strengths and weaknesses are. Obviously thats not consistent with every writer, but I think it's present in a lot of his content, especially during his time as Robin. While that's not necessarily the first thing many people would think about as a 'fighting skill' i think it's incredibly relevant.
Tumblr media
(Robin #148)
Having that level of awareness itself is a strength, knowing when to pick your battles and what you can reasonably do lets you approach things smarter and more efficiently.
During Red Robin (and at the tail end of his Robin run) he's not in as good a mental state and so some of that self-awareness isn't as present, but I don't even think that's necessarily out of character but rather is more of a response to extreme stress and trauma etc. And when he's being less aware of his limits he's also starting to push his strategic abilities to like... crazy places (which is when it gets more into ooc territory. Thinks about the Captain Boomerang thing in the last issue of Red Robin)
I know this is turning into me just showing examples of Bruce talking about Tim & his skills but especially considering he's who primarily trained & worked with Tim I think it's very relevant, so I'm gonna post some more:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Bruce Wayne: The Road Home Red Robin)
Again, an emphasis on his skill with strategy and awareness, and using things like that to his advantage in a fight and in his general mission as a vigilante. But then also some talk about inner-turmoil that can shake things up and challenge him along the way as some of his set-backs at this point because of everything he's gone through. As Tim gets more skilled in his actual fighting ability, he's also getting more burdened as he grows up and goes through shit, which I think is an interesting trade-off!
And then even though it's New 52 era which that Tim isn't really Tim the same way, I do like bringing up again the focus on his strategic skills when Bruce is having that one talk with Damian.
Tumblr media
(Batman & Robin Eternal #22)
In general, Tim's skilled but he had to work for it, and he's not perfect but he's very much so capable. His fighting skills are good but his strategic skills are where he excels, and it's using a combination of those abilities that lets him be as efficient as he is. But he's certainly not like... bad at fighting, by any means. This got a little off-topic but still. I just think he's neat 🤷‍♂️
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squisherific · 2 years ago
Omg your post is soo true! I always wanted a moment like that in the original series. Just a moment where Gray is truly honest/open about his feelings, all deredere and no tsun. Like I loved Gray being a blushy tsun in the original, but I also wanted Mashima to show him being openly affectionate towards Juvia after his feelings were officially confirmed.
Exactly, anon! Blushy, tsun Gray is amazing, but openly in love Gray is SO SATISFYING. It’s not like we’re asking to be spammed with openly in love Gray, because that would be OOC at this point if we got it all the time. But we did need to see it more for sure. 
So, that’s why this moment felt so good. Because we should have gotten this at the end of the original, at the very least. That would have been the perfect time for it. I think Mashima just really likes the tsun and fangirl dynamic so much, because that humor is his fav part of gruvia. And I guess that’s why he chose to end things with the humorous, tsun dynamic instead of something like this. He wanted to highlight gruvia in the dynamic he personally likes the most.
In fact, I’d say Mashima usually hit us with extremes for gruvia. Either it was super angsty, heavily romantic stuff, or super silly, tsun x fangirly stuff. But I think deredere Gray also works here, without feeling OOC, because he’s in his safe space, which is in his own head lol. He still doesn’t know how to act around Juvia, because as was supposedly said in this chapter, none of these characters are experienced with romance. 
So, Gray is still embarrassed and nervous when it comes to Juvia’s PDA. As we see in this sequel chapter, he LIKES Juvia’s PDA (loves it even), because that’s what he’s affectionately thinking of. And, while he’s admitted to himself (and to Juvia, in his tsun tsun way) how he feels about her, he still is shy about taking his relationship with Juvia to the next level, because he literally isn’t sure how to do that lol. A perfect example of this was that hot springs comic Mashima drew on twitter where naked Gray hugged naked Juvia to himself because she was crying, but then froze her (while being a blushy tsun again) because she went in for a kiss, and then he got the hell out of there lol. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And again, it’s just Mashima really liking their humor. So when he has to choose between sweet deredere or punchline, guess which one he will go for 9 times out of 10? lmao 
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cptshellhead · 2 years ago
me @ luther bc he’s such a fucking Dumb Boy who makes Dumb decisions with his toxic & fragile masculinity:
Tumblr media
me @ klaus because he’s trying his best and really cares even if he acts like he doesn’t:
Tumblr media
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voorheehees · a year ago
The Collector NSFW Alphabet
                                                 ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)
A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)
He takes a moment to catch his breath, then rolls over. The most you’ll get is a semi-gentle cheek stroke or a swift kiss on the top on your head
B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
He doesn’t really have a favorite part of his body, although if he had to choose, it would probably be his arms. They’re toned, bone-crushing even, and it would be a lie to say he’s not at least a little proud. 
Oh his partner, it’s a strong tie between their thighs and neck. (Also tiddies if his partner is a girl tee hee).
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person)
Here’s a little secret: Asa is quite the neat freak. Therefore, he doesn’t want it getting on his sheets AT ALL. That’s just a mess he doesn’t want to have to deal with. So most likely, he will opt to cum inside his partner or on their stomach/back.
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
He has a nasty habit of watching you when you’re changing. Not even that, he has a nasty habit of watching you in general. Even while you complete mundane, day-to-day tasks, he’ll steal a glance or two. 
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
He has a basic idea, he knows what goes where, but experience? Nah. However, that doesn’t stop him from acting like he’s an all knowing, dominant sex guru (a bit of a know it all, the arrogant bastard).
F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual)
He absolutely loves to hit it from the back, but missionary works too. 
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Serious, come on. 
I think it’s rare for this guy to be goofy even outside of the bedroom. To him, sex is no casual matter. 
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)
He keeps himself well trimmed and neat, but he grows hair like a beast so it’s a very tedious and annoying task for him.
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
Unfortunately, he’s not the most romantic guy. He may try his best if he really cares, but it’s very unrealistic to hope for anything sweet from him.
You know that sex scene with Michael Shannon in The Shape of Water? Yeah, pretty much like that. 
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)
He doesn’t do it often, it’s more of a biological need than an enjoyable act. He feels a bit strange, or even wrong indulging in self pleasure. When he does, it’s quick and to the point, he wants to finish as quick as possible. 
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Lingerie, blindfolds, and handcuffs (all on his partner)
Also eye contact? idk if that’s really a kink tho akdalsfl
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)
Bedroom periodt. Boring ass vanilla ass Asa ass thinks anywhere else is ridiculous and impractical. Once in while, if he’s in a good mood, you could talk him into doing it in the kitchen or his office. 
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Oof lot’s of things. But the biggest are when you act like a homemaker. Cleaning the house, making him dinner when he gets home, rubbing his shoulders after a grueling day of work, all of it sends him. In addition, he loses it when you act innocent.
N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Nothing turns him off faster than degrading. It angers him, even. 
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
To be honest, he prefers to give. He likes having you under his control, a writhing mess of his doing. 
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Again, it depends on his mood. Most of the time, it’s rough. But every once in a while, he can be gentle. But that is a  r a r e  occasion. 
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
He prefers quickies, honestly. He doesn’t have a lot of time on his hands so they’re just more convenient for him. 
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
He’s open to experimentation if you make him think it’s his idea. He has to feel like he’s the boss and that he’s the one with brilliant ideas for the bedroom. 
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
He can last a good amount of time, but can only go about one round.
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
No way. He wouldn’t even know what the things were until you introduced them to him. He would be hesitant at first, possibly even outright refusing. But as with most everything else, you can definitely get him to break eventually. 
U = Unfair (How much they like to tease)
It really depends on his mood (and on how tired he is). After a long day, he’ll just want to finish and be done. But when he has time, he loves to draw the act out as long as possible, and teasing usually plays a big part in that.
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
He’s relatively pretty quiet, although he can get reasonably loud as he gets closer to finishing. 
W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Asa isn’t really capable of love, so any sexual act with him will definitely be driven solely by lust and the shocking fact that he hasn’t killed you. 
X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
He’s pretty modestly sized, maybe a bit above average in the girth department.
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
The limit does not exist.
Unless he’s a lil sleepy or cranky uwu
Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
He K.O.’s like it’s freaking WWE smackdown
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dreaming-of-haikyuu · 2 years ago
Can I please get a scenario of Oikawa trying really hard to court his crush who doesn’t seem to reciprocate to his normal flirting and pretty boy techniques? It’s not like she’s mean about it but rather she just doesn’t get it :) thank youuu honey❤️❤️❤️
Thanks for requesting! I had fun writing this, even though it’s kind of cheesy lol :)
Oikawa always got what he wanted with girls. One smile and their heart would skip a beat. One act of kindness and they’d immediately fall head over heels for him; somehow, Y/N was the only person who refused to surrender to his charms.
Instead, he was the one who fell for her first. She had a heart of gold, always looking out for others even when they didn’t ask her to. He remembered the first time they met. His wallet had slipped out of his pocket on the way home. She picked it up and checked the ID, recognizing him as a student from the same school. She spotted him from afar and began chasing after him. When she finally caught up, her hair was disheveled and she was out of breath. Her smile was stunning. A little awkward but she had the prettiest pink lips. They seemed soft, and he wanted to claim them as his own the moment he laid eyes on her.
But Y/N was different from the other girls he toyed with. She was oblivious to his affection, brushing it off as something friends would do. He had began to search for her between breaks, asking her to study after practices, and even invited her to watch a movie with him. His assertive tactics was proved useless. Finally, he reached his breaking point, wanting more than the status of just friends.
“I like you,” he confessed, halting suddenly. The pair was on their way home. She had after school activities that ended about the same time as his practice. They lived near each other, so it was convenient. It was also how they first met: after school just when the sun was setting beyond the horizon.
You stared blankly at Oikawa, trying to figure out what he meant.
“Yeah, me too. You’re a good friend.”
You knew better than to fall for Oikawa at sight. He was naturally flirtatious, always surrounded by girls. He made your heart flutter whenever he moved a bit closer to you, and it was undeniable that it was due to his charming nature. But you with Oikawa as romantic partners? Now that is a new concept. You had always avoided this possibility because you didn’t have to get hurt by unattainable hopes. Surely he didn’t mean he wanted to something more than just friends.
“No I like you, Y/N,” he said softly, taking a step forward. He takes your hand and pressed it against his chest. The rapid beating of his heart was evident. You look up, confused and in shock.
You didn’t know what to say. The gaze in his eyes was brimming with sincerity. It was the first you’ve ever received such an unexpected confession.
“Oikawa,” you said after a moment of silence, “please don’t joke around or else I’m really going to fall for you.”
“Please do,” he replied. Oikawa leaned closer to your ear. Your heart skipped a beat for the first time in a while. It wasn’t for his smile or his acts of kindness. It was for him. “I want you to fall in love with me like I’ve done for you.”
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