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#even if said friends are actively trying to murder each other
sidespart · a year ago
I’m sleep deprived but I wan like. An AU where Patton and Dee are brothers or cousins or best friends ornsomin and they’re kids. And they go to like. The monthly market in the forest clearing. Which is magic. Maybe they’re selling their dads potions or vegetables or whatever it is.
And Patton finds a witches stall with like. An even littler kid in a bird cage. And the (dragon?) witch is like ‘scram this is a fairy child it’s song could bewitch the king himself and it will cost you more then your family makes in 10 years now sho sho’
so Patton goes to Dee and is like. “There is a smol child locked up over there and that Is Wrong.” And Dee goes “There is a full grown witch over there and they will Literally Murder Us” and they stare at each other with Pattons pout getting increasingly justice-y until Dee goes FINE.
And Dee goes straight up to the dragon witch and starts spinning some yarn about the rising price of newt eyes or whatever like the little con man he is, whilst Patton sneaks behind her back tries to bust open the cage. But obvi as he finally breaks the lock he makes a noise and the witch spins round and screams and they all make a run for it but the witch grabs Dee by the hand until Patton turns round a friggin. Yeets the empty cage at her and then they’re both running and they make It to the tree line.
And they keep running for a while but it seems like no ones chasing them so they slow down and introduce themselves to the fae kid. He’s got red eyes and brown hair and butterfly wings which are a bit ripped and can’t seem to talk and Patton tells Dee what the witch said about his song being bewitching and wonders if she did something to him to stop him singing and Dee is just ‘So not ONLY did we risk life and limb to rescue this fairy but now we find out it doesn’t even work??” Which makes Patton glare at him so Dee mumbles something like “we can’t keep calling him kid, what about ‘Roman’?” Which is the same of the wise and handsome prince in one of there favourite childhood stories (and Patton explains to Roman that Dee finds apologising straightforwardly like a normal person difficult but giving him such an important name is his way of *trying* to say sorry) and Roman seems happy with the name and they take turns giving him piggy back rides back to their dads cottage deep in the forest
(Virgil Dad is just like. Patton is supposed to keep them out of trouble and Dee is supposed to get them out of any trouble they do get in to how has this gone so terribly fucking wrong.
But he does immediately go get roman a bath and some clean clothes because harbinger of doom or not he’s still a little abused kid and Virgil is like. Dad Instincts Activate. He also tries to look at ros ripped wing but when he touches it to flinches back and several glass jars on the other side of the room shatter so that ends quickly)
So the next day the three kids decided to set out to figure out how to return Roman to his real family (Virgil can’t leave the grounds of his house because convenient curse but they’re planning to go to their uncle Logan’s (not sure if he’s Virgils brother or boyfriend or just a weird forest dweller) first and get his advice before anything else anyway.
But even through Pat and Dee know every inch of the Forrest they’re hopelessly lost within hours.
And dees hand that the witch grabbed is itchy and painful and seems to be growing scales??
And roman is looking more and more distressed and sometimes one of his eyes seems to glow green.
And Patton doesn’t know how to fix any of this but they gotta try.
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mysso · 4 months ago
cancel culture is performative activism in and of itself.
putting this under a readmore w/ general tw: discourse, negativity, transphobia/racism/antisemitism mentions
what good does calling out your favorite streamer for insensitive older tweets do? it makes you feel better about "solving the problem" without actually addressing the root cause of systemic oppression. your streamer apologizes, you pat yourself on the back, and no one trends the actual issues.
we have lots of evidence that sbi (and many other mcyts) are in fact very accepting, both in the general attitude and the more specific "can you say ___ rights/black lives matter", etc. (although that is basically asking them to perform activism -- being paid to say so-and-so deserves rights doesn't necessarily reflect their actual beliefs, and several mcyts -- wilbur and quackity come to mind -- have addressed that.) the fact that these content creators are not as outwardly liberal as you might be does not mean they don't believe or contribute to these causes privately.
in this case i think techno might've just been a little tone deaf. while "don't murder people" feels like it's making light of the situation, he still linked a petition and gave it exposure. and digging up tweets from years ago to prove your streamer is racist is silly, both because everyone is stupid at 17 and because they've clearly changed since then. a lot of his older tweets 1) probably made more sense in context 2) are obviously sarcastic. like "when i grow up i want to be racist". that's satire.
phil regularly blocks people that break his boundaries without blocking all the sbi critical fans. he's not mass-blocking criticism, he blocked a couple, and twitter's blowing it out of proportion.
with tommy... that entire ksi situation was terrible for reasons a lot of other people have said better than me, so i'll link their posts here: 1 2 3 (there's obviously more but these cover it pretty well)
the general trend of calling out content creators that have ever had contact with genuinely problematic cc's is unhelpful. most of those cc's would rather stick around and help educate their friends, and it's likely that they do that behind the scenes. we are not privy to that knowledge.
even if you do end up "educating" your streamer in between the floods of hate and incoherent yelling, you've not addressed the root issue. it's treating the symptoms of societal prejudice, not the root causes. sure, it's easier to attack your streamer: they're far more likely to agree with you and apologize than a right-wing conservative who's trying to bar trans rights, but it's totally ineffective for actually changing the way the system's run. when you get your streamer to publicly apologize for a perceived slight, what you've done is
stressed them out to no end for several days
accomplished something that lets you pat yourself on the back, and
nothing for legitimate reform.
your streamer has influence over people that think similarly to you. chances are the majority of their audience already believes in queer rights and black lives matter! twitter's an echo chamber of liberals agreeing with each other and conservatives agreeing with each other and the two sides refusing to compromise. if you're on the side of twitter that tries to cancel streamers for outdated tweets and dug-up evidence, everyone that's gonna cancel with you already agrees with you -- if anything, your behavior will drive your streamer further from your perspective, because people don't learn from mobbing and screaming.
additionally: step back and check whether you're speaking over minorities. for example: i'm chinese! i'd rather you didn't weaponize asian minorities (or minorities in general) when claiming techno's racist against asians because of a couple jokes in poor taste. the majority of people that are cancelling are inflating an issue that really doesn't need it. please save your energy for trending trans rights bills and immigration laws, for example. or even legitimate blackface and h*tler jokes from today, not five years ago.
i know it's exhausting to fight against the legitimate sources of discrimination in society. but attacking content creators is not the way to fix that.
(note: i'm specifically talking about the trend i've seen of digging up old stuff that you think a streamer should apologize for today. i'm not talking about things like schlatt's recent blackface or ksi's transphobia. please keep that in mind if you wanna add on to this.)
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apollos-boyfriend · a month ago
Tumblr media
mans has the most (◠‿◠✿) energy even as everyone else is crashing and burning it’s amazing
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radioactivesupersonic · 3 years ago
Thank you so much for your metas about Lotor and especially the one about his relationship with Allura! I keep seeing people say that he never cared about her at all and that he's a greasy slimy horrible womanizer and honestly did we watch the same show? I mean say you will about his character or how good/evil he is, but he did care about her.
Tumblr media
What I come back to is that I think a lot of people kind of want to be vindicated about Oh, Lotor was nasty all along, so they’re basically taking Lotor’s breakdown as a logical extension of his character where all of the things he yelled were stuff that he completely 100% meant and not something that came completely out of left field, as his generals’ reactions attest. Look at those faces! These are people who’ve been actively helping Lotor achieve his objectives and have more consistently been “in on” the con than anybody else (especially Acxa). If you’d expect anybody to know Lotor has a lurking inner super-villain, it would be them. 
The thing is this makes no sense if we assume . Lotor’s been making exhaustive effort to work with the galra so he’s probably not trying to murder them all. He was firm on the stance that he really did want to work for good, that he meant everything he said to Allura, that she really did mean a huge amount to him. If he really didn’t care about her, he wouldn’t be determined to negotiate and stand down, not shoot at her even after she shoots at him, and then suddenly go for the kill last-minute when they mutually hit each other in emotional triggers.
Lotor’s breakdown, however, makes perfect sense if you assume it’s overwhelmingly a product of paranoia and a product of hurt. Lotor feels betrayed, he feels upset, and I think it’s a big deal that compared to all of his plans which take a lot of details and factors into account, he has a huge number of glaring oversights in his... “plans” for the future as he... “outlines” them in s6e7. None the least of which being that if he intends to build an empire using the loyalty of the colony Alteans besides Romelle, it’s pretty clear that they, uh, have not been whipping themselves into an army, and no matter how much they respect Lotor, if he barges up to them with a superweapon that out of it and tries to press them to attack the universe, it’s not gonna go over well.
It’s pretty clear that even if Lotor had every intention to, he’s in no place to follow through on any of it. Especially because he keeps wildly changing the details and upping the ante.
This isn’t the revelation of a “true, evil Lotor”, this is basically the Lotor that we’ve known the entire time hitting a threshold where his paranoia and anxiety and sense of feeling betrayed by people hit critical mass and he basically just decided (helped by however much quintessence was in his system at the time) that “Well all right, I don’t need you, Allura, I don’t need my friends, I don’t need ANYONE, clearly the only way to be safe is to get rid of EVERYONE that’s ever hurt me, I’ve got ultimate power I don’t have to take this from anyone anymore!”
At first I thought that it’s likely Lotor didn’t realize how much the quintessence was affecting him since we specifically show Allura realizing its effects because she’s able to listen to her team- but honestly in the state he was in, it’s pretty likely Lotor would’ve taken anything to numb the pain. He’s been spending most of his life fighting to not feel scared and alone and hurt and at a point where everything he tried to build completely blew up beyond any point of salvage he can see... he’s not gonna want to come down off of that.
Lotor’s going to double down on whatever seems like it can keep him going. We’ve already seen that when Lotor feels cornered, his own safety and survival and tactically sound decisions come secondhand to “whatever it takes to proceed”.
Tumblr media
Only this time Lotor’s not playing chicken with a sun, he’s playing chicken with the quintessence field. And it’s a game he loses, because unlike s4e6, he’s not able to effectively read how much more he can take based on it hurting too much.
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vespaaurinkos · a year ago
ur crush: so who IS your crush? you: *looks into camera like you're on the office*
Tumblr media
y’all would not believe how oblivious this girl is, like she’s amazing smart and shit, but she’s ? so ?? dumb???
I mean I haven’t even been subtle ok, like, the first time we met, I was highkey trying to figure out if she was queer? cuz cute girl???? and like at our activities fair I was trying to sneakily sign-up for GSA, and she sees me signing up and just like nonchalantly goes: ‘oh you guys have a gsa? sign me the fuck up!” and i’m over here panicking, like ‘ohhhhhh.... so... what’s your interest in gsa?” and she just goes “oh i’m pan’ and i, useless lesbian that i am, shout out for the entire gym to hear, “OH ME GAY, I’M GAY” and she just smiles??? and keeps moving???? and my friends are just smirking at me, and I’m *this* close to committing murder?
And don’t even get me started on the spanish trip! like, not only were we roommates, but we spent the entire week doing weird coupley tourist shit??? Like we took photos of each other in the sunset??? and slept on each other during long bus rides??? and bought matching sword letter-openers??? and like we went to this bar with the group to watch a football match she wanted to see, and I was just smiling like an idiot at her the whole time, AND SEH NOTICED AND JUST FUCKING GIGGLED???? AND WE WENT CAVING AND WE WERE HOLDING HANDS, AND SHE SAID THAT IF IT HAD BEEN A SMALLER GROUP IT COULD HAVE BEEN ROMANTIC??? LIKE DOES SHE NOT KNOW HOW MUCH GAY PANIC I GO THROUGH EVERY FUCKING TIME SHE OPENS HER GORGEOUS MOUTH???? 
like my album from that trip is 90% just pictures of her (and our other friend who was with us, whose shenanigans are a story for another time) laughing and drawing and being FUCKING BEAUTIFUL?????
and THEN
winter break came and went and these new kids showed up, and me and my other friend saw them and we just all went: “queer? QUEER!” and bonded and invited them to lunch with us, and we were talking about oblivious crushes, and I RETOLD THE STORY OF HOW SHE AND I MET IN VIVID  DETAIL AND SHE GOES: “ananya! you have a crush on someone and you didn’t tell me???” and my other friends are just laughing, and even the new kids (who had spent a total of 20 minutes with us at that point) COULD TELL THAT IT WAS HER, ADN SHE WAS JUST LIKE ‘what? why are y’all laughing?” (and i have never wanted to kill my friends more). BUT THE WORST PART! she thought i had a crush on one of the new kids, and SHE TRIED TO SET ME UP WITH HIM FOR A SOLID WEEK IT WAS TORTUROUS.
Plus, when I was about to leave for a fine-arts trip and she was like ‘wait i’m not going to see you for a solid 2 weeks, i need a HUG’ and we just kinda stood in the courtyard hugging for like ??? 10 mins???? and I’M SO FUCKING GAY
in conclusion: i am a proud morosexual pls send help for my soul
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llamagoddessofficial · a year ago
What if the boys were criminals and Mc was like a news reporter?
She’s the kind of reporter who’ll pay someone in the mob to give her a tip on where a deal is taking place, take her camera, scale multiple chainlink fences, sneak past securities and stake out in highly dangerous areas where armed mobsters are definitely going to be… with nothing to defend herself with but a can of pepper spray and a small pen knife.
Under the cut because I got overenthusiastic.
Red: Sans’ personal hitman. The paperwork and planning and delicate negotiation that comes with being a boss… it bores Red to no end. He wants to be out there on the front lines, doing the deals, taking the goods, firing the bullets, breaking the skulls. It isn’t glamorous and it isn’t safe but God it’s fun to a guy like him. He meets Mc snooping somewhere dark, somewhere dirty, somewhere she shouldn’t be. He almost intimidates her… until he sees her cute little face and her furious, hands-on-hips posture. He flirts until her guard’s down a bit, and when he asks to see her cameras and she quips that she’s “not flashing him anything”, he’s left starstruck. She knows he’s in the mafia and he knows she’s a journalist but that doesn’t stop him trying to get her number.
He’s both alarmed and intrigued that meeting a hitman didn’t scare her away from her ‘mission’- she’s going to get photographic evidence of every mafia member she can performing illegal activities so that the newspapers can publish it and the police have to do something instead of sweeping it under the rug. His mess of admiration, concern and romantic feelings means he offers to give her tips if she promises to keep her nose out of the dangerous stuff…
“No. Keep your tips if that’s the catch- I’m not going to turn away. Not when everyone else does.”
He just has to make do with protecting her for now. … And maybe trying to get a date.
Skull: When the mob wants to intimidate someone, when they want to make sure a deal doesn’t go south by having a scary face nearby, when Sans wants to make a deal with a rival boss and he needs a guard to keep said boss in check, or even when a job that needs doing is… unpleasant… Skull will be there. Torture and murder are familiar friends. He’s used because he’s scary, because he’s feared, because he’s ugly, because he’s terrifying…
… Except apparently not. Because this very small lady that a guy from a different mafia called a favour in to kill (for ‘getting in the way too often’) is unafraid. Well, a little afraid… but not of him. Skull followed her into a bar and when a dirty guy started to hit on her, she elected to hide behind Skull- a pretty, small, sweet-smelling human hiding behind him sets of every protective possessive instinct he didn’t know he had and he absolutely wails on the guy until he’s a pulp. He walks her home and from then on he’s her guard dog.
Sans: The head don, the big guy, the boss. And he’s in charge of some shady things. He created his mafia originally to serve as a makeshift police force, discouraging thieves and murderers through a rising fierce reputation as the predominantly human police turned a blind eye and sometimes even assisted in the crimes against monsters… but soon it became more than that. He started to do things purely out of spite against humans; feeding drugs and weapons into their side of the city, turning people against each other. And when he hears about a tiny human journalist stirring up a fuss by outing some of his men to the public, he isn’t happy. Red tries to intercede- “she ain’t targetin’ us, it’s any soldier from any mafia, w-we could get her to help us…”- but Sans won’t hear it. Skull initially refuses to kidnap her and bring her to him, but when Sans threatens to have her killed by someone else instead, Skull obliges.
It doesn’t go to plan. She isn’t afraid of him when she’s brought to him; she won’t answer any of his questions and when he grabs her face she bites him and calls him ‘shorty’. He’s infuriated, and has her sent away- but has tabs kept on her at all times by Skull and Red.
Purely because she’s a threat. Yes. Absolutely. Nothing to do with how pretty she was. Nothing to do with the fact that he can’t stop thinking about her silky hair or her soft face. Or how he kind of enjoyed being yelled at after so long being a feared boss. 
Nope. Nothing to do with that.
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ladyloveandjustice · 2 years ago
Summer 2018 Anime I watched ranked from weakest to strongest
I watched six anime during the Summer 2018 anime season and I’ve now written full length reviews for each of them! So here my personal rankings of what I watched from weakest to strongest. Each anime title links to my in-depth review of said series, so feel free to click! For all the reviews at once, please see my anime overview tag here.
I wouldn’t call any of the anime on this list bad, nor would I give any a blanket anti-recommendation for any of them. It’s just some of these series were weaker than others in my opinion and there’s ups and downs and things to warn for. Hope you enjoy and find it useful!
Banana Fish (episodes 1-12)
Tumblr media
Eiji meets a seventeen-year-old gangster named Ash Lynx on a trip to New York and is quickly pulled into a world of violence and conspiracies.
When we judge this series as an adaptation, its definitely the weakest thing I watched, because the modern update of this 80s manga is almost entirely superficial and that can be quite jarring. We’re supposed to believe this is set today, but the narrative is extremely 80s and some of the conversations the characters have don’t make much sense in a modern setting. Though the story is something that’s fascinating and valuable taken in the context of its place in the history of shoujo manga, removing it from that context doesn’t do it any favors.
There’s charm to both the characters and the sweetness of the romantic relationship between Ash and Eiji, but a lot of the content is both endlessly and melodramatically tragic and also potentially triggering. Definitely be prepared for a TON of rape, csa, abuse, violence and murder if you watch this. 
Phantom in the Twilight
Tumblr media
Bailieu Ton arrives in London expecting an exciting college life, but instead ends up on a quest to rescue her best friend who has been kidnapped by demons. She finds allies in a gang of supernatural young men who were acquainted with her magically powerful great-grandmother.
While the plot is mediocre and the animation even moreso, this series shows its value in being an otome story that has a truly awesome leading lady. Ton is dynamic, self-possessed, has a strong friendship with another girl and she kicks a TON of ass. She has a fun relationship with her squad of boy-toys and is always on equal footing with them and the few times any of them try to act controlling they are called out hard.. So if you want a reverse-harem story/paranormal romance that features a more active heroine and jettisons the more toxic tropes that pervade the genre, this is a good choice, even if the narrative itself is nothing to write home about.
My Hero Academia (episodes 52-63)
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya continues his quest to become the greatest superhero and takes his hero provisional license exams.
This is probably among the weakest arcs MHA has had so far, though it still has its fair share of entertaining and worthwhile moments, not to mention one truly excellent episode. The characters introduced at the very end of the season have potential too. Mostly it was an enjoyable enough watch, but definitely didn’t live up to the high-stakes thrills of the arc before it.
Cell at Work!
Tumblr media
Anthropomorphized cells do their best to keep the body they inhabit alive and well. 
This is an extremely cute edutainment show. It’s nothing mindblowing, and the narration can be a bit much, but if you want an adorable, fun time that teaches you a little something about the human body, this is a good choice. Also I want to marry NK Cell.
Planet With
Tumblr media
Soya Kuroi is an amnesiac boy living with with a weird cat monster and a cheerful but mysterious girl dressed like a maid and his life gets even stranger when he’s told to jump in a giant robot and  fight the local superheroes.
These 12 episodes contained more plot and climatic moments than a lot of anime has in 50 episodes and despite the breakneck pace and huge amount of events packed in, it was extremely cohesive and solid story throughout. The characters were lovable and varied, there was a loft of thematic heft to the series exploration of pacifism and freedom vs justice and security, it was goofy and weird while also being emotional heartbreaking at times...I definitely recommend this show. It’s the full Wacky Space Mecha Anime experience in a compact package. Also, it has cool ladies.
Revue Starlight
Tumblr media
Karen Aijou is doing her best at her Takarazuka theatre school, only for everything to change when her childhood friend Hikari suddenly transfers in. She follows Hikari down a mysterious elevator and discovers her friend is engaged in a bizarre swordfight competition to become the “Top Star”, preceeded over by a talking giraffe.
If you love Takarazuka, theatre, sword fights,lesbians, weird metaphors, Revolutionary Girl Utena and other Ikuhara work or all of the above, I definitely recommend this show.. The series surreally and smartly explores Takarazuka, show biz and adolescence with lots of creative, beautifully animated musical fight scenes and contains a lot of twists and turns along the way. While I think it could have stood to be a bit longer, more in-depth and bit stronger with its characters, it’s definitely a series that’s fun to analyze and I’ve enjoyed a lot of the discussion that’s come out of it (see some linked in my review). Strap in for a wild ride and enjoy one of the Top Stars of the season.
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rosesgonerogue · a year ago
How to be a Dad 101
Chapter Twenty-Three - Beach Day
Jasonette July Day Twenty-Eight
Planning a wedding turned out to be a lot like juggling. Marinette felt like she was constantly balancing at least three things while trying to keep at least twelve other people happy at any given point. On top of that, she had to keep her emotions under control as well, because they simply hadn’t scheduled in time for an emotional breakdown.
Even though she’d made a killing as MDC, she didn’t really become a large spender. She knew mentally that Bruce was funding the majority of the wedding, and all of this had to be significantly cheaper than his own wedding had been, but Marinette still balked at the price of it all – it was absurd! And she had to find some way to please everyone – her family and friends, who were some of the most opinionated people in Paris, as well as the Wayne family, not to mention a majority of the Justice League. No big deal. Even with weeding the guest list down to the people they felt they absolutely had to invite, it was quickly turning into a larger social event than either of them had ever bargained for. A part of her half wished that she and her team hadn’t defeated Hawkmoth all those years ago so she had an excuse to escape wedding planning, even if it was only briefly.
There was no relief. Her family or the Waynes were constantly kidnapping Marinette’s children under the guise of helping. That left her and Jason alone to make decisions about the impending wedding. Whoever had been elected as the wedding planner that day would spend the entire time badgering them about flower arrangements, or tablecloths, or silverware. Whenever Marinette would ask Jason his opinion he would just stare at her adoringly and insist that he only cared that she was there, which was sweet but largely unhelpful.
Meanwhile, all of this got in the way of making the clothes for the wedding. It would be shameful if word got out that MDC had her wedding party wearing anything other than her own clothes at her wedding. Besides, the wedding clothes were the only thing she was allowed to even think about making, Chloe had seen to that.
It took a while, but Marinette finally began delegating. After several headaches from trying to deal with it all, Marinette assigned Sabine and Selina to find some seating arrangement where the guests probably wouldn’t murder each other. Babs was in charge of making sure that every Justice League member that they invited would keep their identities under wraps, and Adrien was in charge of the same for the Miraculous team. Tikki and Plagg mat have been the only kwami still active, but some of her friends got a little talkative whenever they were near alcohol. Tim and Bruce were put I charge of anything that Marinette was to afraid to know the price of, with strict instructions not to speak a word of how much they spent to anyone.
And so it went. Several hundred headaches and heart attacks later, Marinette’s wedding day dawned. She found herself waking with a jolt, feeling like she was dancing somewhere between a dream and a nightmare. Nothing about this was how she’d imagined her wedding, but at the same time it was everything she’d never known she needed.
Her hotel room was already buzzing with activity. Her parents were running around frantically trying to prepare everything and getting nothing accomplished at the same time. The twins were doing an excellent job at getting underfoot and just making a giant mess in general. It didn’t stop there, though, that would be too easy. More and more people began passing through to add to the chaos, and Jason had to be wrestled away from the door on more than one occasion.
“At least let me say good morning to the kids,” he whined from the other side of the closed door.
“You’ll see them at the wedding, you have things to do,” Sabine said.
Meanwhile Chloe was lecturing everyone else like a drill sergeant. “There will be at least one thing that goes wrong at this wedding. Your job is to find out that Marinette doesn’t find out about it until everything is over. You are not allowed to tell the bride anything other than how beautiful she looks or how happy you are for her. Got it?”
Sighing, Marinette moved into the bathroom and started to get ready – at least as ready as she was allowed to be alone. There was a professional makeup artist coming in fifteen minutes, and a professional hairstylist coming in twenty. Her mother had made sure she had eaten, which left her to wash her face and brush her teeth. She could only hope that her role as the star of the world’s worst circus would be finished soon.
It turned out to be a good thing that Sabine had forced Marinette to eat breakfast earlier in the day, because there were no such opportunities for a long time following that. Once the makeup and hair people were there it was nothing but a frenzy of activity until they were actually at the wedding venue, and Jules was hopping around with one shoe. She had no idea what had happened to the other one, but everyone else seemed to be trying to hide it from her, so Marinette pretended not to see it, deciding that this fell under the list of things the bride shouldn’t know about.
Marinette had never pictured herself having a beach wedding, but she’d also never pictured dealing with two, almost three-year-old twins at her wedding either. Luckily there was plenty to keep them quiet and entertained, which was a large part of the motivation to have the wedding there. There were enough concerned people to keep them from doing anything dangerous, so Marinette finally allowed herself to relax.
It hadn’t fully sank in that today was her wedding day until she saw the twins in their wedding clothes, Mila carrying her flower girl basket, and Jules carrying the pillow with the rings – although they’d attached both rings with some Velcro. They weren’t taking any chances. Marinette felt tears prick her eyes as it really hit her – the twins had a dad. She was going to have a husband in just a few minutes.
She didn’t remember what song was playing as everyone walked down the aisle before her. She didn’t remember what flowers were in her bouquet, or how many people were at the ceremony. Ultimately, she didn’t feel like those things mattered all that much. What she did remember was the feeling of her hand on her father’s arm, and the way he had to wipe his tears as he led her down the aisle. She remembered the warmth in her chest as all of the most important people in her life smiled at her encouragingly, and she remembered the look in Jason’s eyes as he stared at her, unable to look at anything else. But most of all, she remembered how sweet it was to say “I do.”
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Note: This chapter is late because I was a bridesmaid for a friend on the hottest day of the year, so I wasn't feeling a super fluffy picturesque wedding. So this happened. A special thanks to whichever Jasonette July admin decided to have three catch up days. I don’t know if I’ll get the last two prompts done in time or not, but you at least gave me hope. 
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nekojitachan · a year ago
19 + 97 andreil
Summer Camp AU and Time Travel for Andreil
Eh? REALLY? You sure???
So it surprised everyone when Andrew spends his summers working at camps for kids. I mean, it makes more sense when they find out it’s for troubled kids and it’s in part run by Bee (this is a no Exy AU, but Bee adopted Andrew somewhere in the middle of his run of foster homes), but most people don’t associate Andrew with kids at first.
Except Andrew’s great with kids. He doesn’t let them get away with murder, but he listens to them, he’s great at understanding them and calming them down, and they like how he never yells or gets angry.
Plus, he’s been helping out at the camp for so long, he knows everything – knows the routines, knows where the stuff is, knows what to do and how to improvise if something breaks or runs out. So he’s more than a little annoyed when one of the new guys that summer, a Neil Josten, is clueless when he was recommended to help with the arts and crafts.
Andrew’s summer went downhill ever since he walked in on the guy covered in glue and sparkles, along with group Tadpole… but the kids were laughing so hard at the mess that Wymack merely shrugged when he complained about it.
(He’s done his best to not think about how the blue glitter had made Josten’s pale blue eyes even more intense.)
The goop experiment hadn’t gone any better, group Badger had bragged about whose had turned out the worst, for once actually getting along with each other, that Matt appeared ready to cry with joy.
After that, the kids lived for Josten’s effed up classes, while Andrew had to put up with the idiot getting lost in the woods all the time. For someone who was supposed to spend his summers working at camps around the country, Josten couldn’t tell a pine tree from a crabapple tree.
Suspicious much?
Worried about the kids, Andrew started to pay close attention to the redheaded young man, to follow him around and ask questions about his past. Josten would smile (nothing attractive about that at all, Andrew would insist to himself) and say something about traveling a lot or about his mother raising him, only to somehow change the subject after within a minute or two. The other camp counselors (Matt, Dan, Renee and Allison) would engage him in various activities, which was how Andrew found out that he was a fast runner and a surprisingly accurate shot, but he seemed to reserve most of his talking for when he was with Andrew.
Slowly over the summer, they exchanged bits of truth about themselves as they spent nights on the dock by the lake, as Andrew revealed some of his past in the foster system and how he finally found a home with Bee, and how Neil had a rough childhood because of his father until his mother left with him and how some friends were trying to help him remain away from the man.
It got to the point that Andrew wasn’t looking forward to the end of summer, to going back to university.
As he tried to work up the courage to ask Neil about his plans for after the summer (take some art classes, maybe?), there was a strong odor of heated metal in the air and the sound of something tearing, which made Neil jump to his feet and look around. As Andrew stood up as well, someone approached from the other end of the dock – someone tall.
At first Neil was tense as if afraid, and then he relaxed and called out a name – Kevin. The stranger turned out to be someone with black hair, green eyes and an odd tattoo on his left cheek, who eyed Andrew warily until Neil said it was ‘okay’.
‘Kevin’ was quiet for a moment and then spoke in a rush to Neil, told him that ‘they’ had just realized they’d messed up when they’d sent him and so had come to fix things, that he had to come along so they could get it right that time. He held out his hand in a clear sign that he expected Neil to go along with him.
Except… Neil gazed at Andrew for a few seconds before he shook his head and said that he didn’t think there’d been a mistake and that he was where he should be, and that Kevin should leave before they noticed anything. Kevin stared at him for a moment before he reached out to give Neil a hug and murmur something against the top of his head, then walked away.
A few seconds later, there was the odd odor and tearing sound again.
More than a little confused, Andrew lit a cigarette while gazing expectantly at Neil, who smiled as he motioned for them both to sit down again. Once they were settled, he began to tell a story set in the future of a young man with a very powerful yet cruel father, whose mother and friends did what they could to save him.
Even sending him back in time.
Hmm, so I figure that Nathaniel/Abram waylaid the poor real Neil Josten somewhere along the way when he ended up in Andrew’s time, and that guy just toddled off somewhere (or ended up tied on the back of the truck headed somewhere far away w/ no belongings).
Ah well, I did what I could with this?
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red-hawx · 3 years ago
So I've been seeing too much b*rchie since their k*ss (and even more since THE bughead scene, for some reason) and it's been bugging me. Also I'm listening to The Wonder Years and they get me riled up.
So where to start. Oh yes Archie chose Veronica, multiple times. In the closet in at Cheryl's, to Pop's in 1x13 ("chocolate"), to when he kisses her and they get back together after Christmas. Also Archie said "I love you" to who? I'll give you a hint, not Betty. Oh and when did that happen? After varchie fucked for the two millionth time, but of course Archie gets around, it's like the number one recognizable thing about his character (Grundy (eww but still happened), Val, Veronica) but no he wants Betty, they're OBVIOUSLY soulmates. "But they kissed!!" you may cry in anguish, yes well Jughead and Betty fucked. Also they've kissed multiple times in much more relaxed organic circumstances. What I mean is that they kissed cuz they actually liked each other unlike a certain crackship who kissed while being manipulated by an active, Betty-obsessed, serial killer right after having both broken up with their actual true loves. Just look at Betty after her kiss with Jughead and her kiss with Archie. Post-Jughead: smile followed by epiphany leading to a break in the case. Post Archie: look of horror followed by a terribly unsatisfactory ending(?) to a story arc. Honestly it's kinda meta; Betty and Jughead kiss after Jughead comes to console her about her sister/parents and reassure her that she's not crazy (her worst fear), and the scene is flooded with light and it's in Betty's bedroom a place of solace for nearly all teenagers. Side note why didn't Betty ask Archie for help with her sister/family/the case? Because to her he isn't that important; ask anyone who goes through unrequited love: it sucks, you get over it, and then it get's SO much better, and they don't really matter all that much anymore. That's why. He's on the back burner; she doesn't really NEED him. And before u snarkily try to tell me she didn't choose Jug for help with the Blackhood you're right. The Hood threatened to kill Jughead if she went to him, Veronica too but not Archie. Cuz even Betty's stalker understands that Jug and Betty together is unstoppable, Archie and Betty stopped the BH thanks to a well timed shot from the sheriff. The writers literally structure the scenes to convey that b*rchie is garbage.
I've also come along some bullshit about how b*archie is endgame cuz "Jughead is a gang delinquent with no future and Archie's the hero who can give Betty a home/family/life." Miss me with that bullshit bitch boi. Jughead is the delinquent? No, no that would be the dude who illegally bought a gun, vandalized a random building and when the residents of the community weren't cool with it he held aforementioned gun to their heads. The dude who took a vastly dangerous drug to impress some dude. Anyone saying this is is bad as the elitist school/sheriff/mayor. They thought Jug murdered Jason Blossom cuz he was low income and played with matches as a kid. They're the guys who worked with the actual criminals to frame the Serpents and try to evict them. Let's go back in time to season 1 and compare and contrast. Jughead while dealing with an alcoholic father and no mother, has to deal with bullying and his best friend ditching him for a cougar, but still finds time to be compassionate and solve the murder of someone who presumably also bullied him. And once he does his father goes to jail and he gets no recognition and he's ok with it. Archie puts on a jacket, punches some ice, and is deemed a hero. The majority of his arc is dealing with girls and playing frankly mediocre songs, but I digress. If u think Jug joining a gang is delinquent you would be dead wrong. Jug joined to find community and support, of which he had none, with similar people. He is leading them in a better direction (stopped them from setting off a FUCKING PIPE BOMB). And don't you DARE tell me Jughead doesn't have prospects for the future, genius writer, incredible investigator, also apparent race car driver. This is ofc under the terrible assumption that Betty freaking cooper needs ANYONE to provide her with anything. Also b*archie isn't endgame cuz Kevin said so in the pilot. It's the freaking pilot, RAS OBVIOUSLY had a different show planned, and once he saw bughead he realized what the REAL endgame was. And don't even get me started on the comics where Betty desperately (and kinda pathetically) pines over Archie (with very little reward), and Archie who in turn only cares about Veronica; guess some things really are comic accurate. Except of course where Betty realizes Archie isn't for her and moves on to someone better. Then there's the argument that Betty and Jug aren't compatible, first off opposites attract; second off they both share a love of literature, writing, and investigating. Jug knows her fav book by her fav author, while Archie can barely concentrate on her internship experience with Toni Morrison when something black and shiny walks in.
Finally there's the frankly ridiculous argument of "Betty had the chance to tell Jug about Archie in 1x13 but didn't cuz she still has feelings!" No. She know Jughead is threatened by Archie, just look at the fucking show of course he's insecure; he'll when Archie broke up with him for Betty he probably thought she left him FOR Archie. She most likely was prepared to tell him after they reconciled (hence the pause while straddling him) and then chose to wait after fucking. Also a similar argument is that Jug got together with Toni; Jug got his heart broken for no reason by his true love by his "best friend" (who we have established causes him some self esteem issues), got beat the fuck up which is arguably suicidal, and was offered some comfort after getting knocked to the head more than a few times. He then realized it was a mistake in the morning. It's the exact same situation as the b*archie kiss.
So those are my thoughts. I probably missed some points so if anyone sees this feel free to add on. TL;DR Betty and Jughead are soulmates/meant for each other/ endgame and b*archie is a ridiculous crackship. Sorry this is so long tho.
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