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#even tho her character or storyline is no more developped than sam's was
tolkienmercury · a year ago
Reasons I didn't like the finale that have nothing to do with destiel so wincesties can stop saying its the only reason I didn't like it.........and yes a lot of them are about Dean
They reduced Deans entire complex character to just being a brother and loving pie and cars
Dean was brutally murdered and left suffering and in pain while being terrified. And as someone whose comfort character is Dean.....that was traumatizing and disgusting to watch.
Dean died on a hunt their dad failed to finish so he really did die being "daddy's blunt little instrument."
Dean's entire character development was just thrown in the trash. He spent 15 years learning self love and self worth and learning he was more than just a hunter. He had a purpose that wasn't just looking out for other people. He was given storylines that had nothing to do with Sam or their toxic codependency so he could grow out of it and be a big boy all on his own without his brothers help........ only for it to end with him and Sam and no one else. It ended with them being toxic and very much codependent.
Sam was left alone for another 40 years being miserable and sad, and even tho he had a family, it wasn't enough for him. He wss miserable his entire life before he died. That is no way to live.
No one went to Dean's funeral besides his brother and his dog. Jody? Donna? Garth? Claire, Kaia, Alex, Patience?? None of them were there. What about the AU people that Jack brought back? They couldn't go to his funeral as a thank you for saving the world?
Eileen wasn't even MENTIONED so that was just disrespectful to her and Shoshanna.
Jared's old man wig
The fact that John Winchester was confirmed to be in heaven even tho he physically and mentally abused his children and forced them to grow up by themselves most of the time and thus creating a bunch of neglect trauma. Hence the toxic codependency.
They should have talked about Rufus more. I miss that old fart.
Cas was only brought up 2 times the entire episode. He sacrificed himself time and time again for the boys and his son and has been a main character for like 8 years now and yet he was left with being mentioned only 2 times and we didn't even get to see him. They treated him as if he wasn't an important part of the Winchesters' lives for the past 12 years.
It was confirmed that Cas was alive and well and in heaven with his family he built over the years but we didn't get to see it.
Original Charlie was supposed to be in the finale and she wasn't either.
It needed more Dean and Miracle. Seriously.
The pacing was weird and off and felt like they rushed it just to get it over with. Like you're ending a show that has been on for 15 years that has a large fanbase....maybe you shouldn't rush the ending. Just some food for thought.
Those are just some of the reasons I didn't like it. So stop saying the only reason I hated it was because Dean and Cas weren't shown together.
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Hi! If you had to make a top-5 of Dean's worst qualities/character traits, what would they be and why?
1) his misogyny. I don't think this needs an explanation
2) his hypocrisy and double standards, because it's annoying, it's frustrating and it just makes his character anything but enjoyable
"it's okay for me to repeatedly work with a demon, but when sam and cas do it, they're punished for it"
"it's okay for me to whine and moan about the cost of the job and take a year off and settle down when you're getting tortured in the cage, but when you do the same thing because you think I'm dead and presumably in heaven and because that's what we agreed on, I'm gonna guilt trip the hell out of you until you're ready to die to get my approval"
"how dare you assume that I'm dead after watching me explode in front of your eyes and not look for me. I'm never gonna stop shaming you for this, even tho I'm doing the same thing to cas, with the slight difference that I know exactly where he is and last time I saw him, he was alive. mom is dead because I say she is, you're delusional if you think she's still alive"
"you're drinking demon blood and using your powers to save people and stop the apocalypse? I'm gonna throw you in the panic room to die. it's okay tho because at least you die human- wait a sec, just lemme take this demonic mark from a knight of hell that will turn me into an unstoppable killing machine. but don't you dare take it off me sam!!!! I like my cool murder tattoo"
"sucks to be you sam, but your childhood friend, who killed her mother to save your life, had to die, because she killed people in order to save her son's life, so that automatically means that she'll kill again. but my vamp bff, who used to kill people, gets to live because I say so"
"sam, you should confess to being tricked into unknowingly breaking the last seal and letting lucifer out. wait, who was it that broke the first seal? I'm having memory gaps"
"I'm gonna throw myself a pity party for directly getting kevin killed by not telling him about the angel I put inside you, but don't you dare say a word about charlie because you got her killed, even tho she was a fully grown adult who made her own choices. anyway you should be dead instead of her"
"if you ever mention the woman and kid I violated by having their memories erased without their consent, I'll break your nose. I, however, am allowed to use the woman you love as a means to distract you so I can save my vamp bff and to use jess to guilt you into agreeing to use kevin for the trials and to make jokes about the women you've been with dying because your trauma is so funny to me!!!"
"how dare you not tell me every single thing about yourself, I have a right to know things that have nothing to do with me and that I shouldn't act entitled to. anyway you don't need to know about you dying and me selling my soul to bring you back or about dad telling me that I might have to kill you or about you having been soulless for a year or about me murdering your childhood friend or about me stuffing an angel inside you or about me sending your son to his death"
3) his obsession with keeping sam alive no matter what (unless he personally decides otherwise). because it's unhealthy, it's selfish and it always ends up hurting sam one way or another
in s2, he sold his soul for sam and left him with an endless guilt trip
in 8x23, he stopped him from closing the gates of hell, even tho sam was willing to die and even tho dean spent the entire season pushing everyone, especially kevin, towards that goal (but as soon as he found out that he'd lose sam he decided to call it off). while in this case saving him didn't specifically harm sam, it was still a shitty thing to do
in 9x01 he tricked him into letting an angel possess him and sam spent months having another being using his body without his knowledge and consent, getting his memory wiped over and over again and being gaslighted about it. and as if that wasn't already enough, he then had to watch his own hands being used to kill his friend
4) his bigotry, his black and white views about humanity and his "if you're not 100% human, you're automatically trash, unless I decide othewise" attitude, because it's tiring, it's boring, it's gotten old and he should've been over it after s2 (but that would mean giving him some real character development and that can't happen)
5) his controlling behaviour. sam and cas literally can't do anything without his say-so, even tho one of them is a grown-ass adult and the other one is a billions-years-old celestial being, and if they do and something goes wrong, he'll never let them forget about it (in later seasons, this happens far more often with cas than with sam, since sam pretty much stopped being an autonomous human being after s8 and especially after the moc storyline)
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nikadd · 11 months ago
i’ve said this in the tags of the previous spn post i reblogged but i just wanna highlight how the writers kept aborting sam’s storylines before they really got to the part where it became a Storyline. with dean, those things were more noticeable, e.g. demon!dean, bc it’s the A plot. with sam, unless you were really paying attention to every single subplot (as i like to do bc i like seeing things begin and grow into something else, which is probably stupid of me to do so on this specific show but still) you wouldn’t be able to really tell what his story was supposed to be. it’s not about him losing his THEE main character status, but losing his A main character status, bc at some point his story mostly hung on his screen time, rather than anything else.
this is going to be off the top of my head and i’ve only seen the show once, but here are some thoughts on his storylines and what i think killed them. if i don’t remember something, honestly i think it says more about the validity of my argument, because i have a pretty good memory on plot-related things, and if it’s insignificant enough for me to forget... yeah. this is not going to be whether i liked certain storylines, but whether i think they were strong enough to really be called a storyline. also, i’ll be mostly talking abt sam vs dean, as 1) a good portion of cas’s story is an extension of dean’s story and 2) this is just the lens i’m using for this. i’ll try not to blame specific writers/actors for this, just the story as a whole:
seasons 6-7: even though these seasons are considered to be comparably the worst out of them, i think they balanced sam’s story considerably well in regards to his subplots. soulless!sam, working with the campbells, lying to dean, being suspicious of cas, dealing with the fall out of getting his soul back, loss of memories, gaining back his memories, ptsd, lucifer hallucinations... there was a lot going on with sam, and these things did make sense in the cause and effect fashion.
season 8: the whole amelia thing... confused me, but i once read this really good meta that said that amelia never actually existed and it was all a part of his hallucinations which i think i’ve kinda accepted. a good chunk of this season is dealing with kevin, which is technically for both dean and sam, but bc i think in the future kevin was going to be more of a sam’s responsibility i’m going to start counting kevin as sam’s plot. then there’s also mistrusting of benny (same as mistrusting cas in s6? sam mistrusting dean’s significant others? hmm), which is really an extension of dean’s plot, but i’ll take it, as sam made active choices on his part about the whole thing. then as the season comes to an end, besides what’s happening with cas, it really does have a major arc for sam, seemingly capitalizing on the last two seasons, though i wish there was a stronger thread of them throughout the season.
season 9: this was the first season i watched live AND i had not seen the end of s7 and entirety of s8 by that point, so i didn’t know how sam ended up in the hospital, but i was willing to go along with it. the whole gadreel plot was pretty interesting (and i do hate kevin’s death), but i can see how gadreel was more of a dean plot than a sam plot, as sam was largely unaware of what was going on until later. at the same time, i think this made sam dean’s plotline in this cas via gadreel, so you can really go either way with that. by the end of s9, the whole thing is switched, and dean is sam’s plotline bc of the mark of cain. around the end of s9 is when i think is the start of losing sam as a character, because such a large portion of this season was about dean.
season 10: i swear to gd idk what sam’s plot is in this season besides curing dean in the first few episodes. i just read through the ep summaries on wikipedia and i cannot tell you what he’s doing there really besides research. this season introduces rowena who is going to be a part of sam’s arc in the future seasons, but she’s mostly all about crowley in this season, and honestly? i like that they gave her some time to develop as a character before making her a part of either sam or dean’s story.
season 11: just my imagination was a pretty good episode that gave us a glimpse into sam as a character!! i liked that whole thing!! but immediately after we are getting sam seeing lucifer again. (also ik that jared actually expressed his dislike of having sam work with lucifer due to, well, their history, and i fully agree that it should have been dealt with very differently. but oh well. the only character whose faults they like to ignore more than lucifer’s is john winchester, and ain’t that saying something.) then lucifer becomes more of a castiel issue, which automatically makes it a dean issue. i wish they kept lucifer more of a sam issue and i wanted sam to kill lucifer :) bc he deserved it :)
season 12: here we have a significant sam storyline where he is working with the BMOL, by extension from mary. the significance of it directly corresponds to him having to lie to dean about what is going on, because as soon as dean is involved, it just automatically transfers the plot line to him. the relationship with mary ends up also being more of a dean thing, even though they clearly have very different relationships with their mother. also eileen is killed this season for no reason (aight i said im not gonna blame specific writers but we all know who did that silly number), as if they literally want to kill sam’s plots. edit: forgot about this, but the ep with the culty family who had a psychic daughter??? whom sam tried to save?? and i bet he doesn’t actually know that ketch killed her later??? okay yeah they kind of pulled a good one with that, even if heartbreaking. AND THEN they had sam work for bmol...... okay yeah you see how that was a sabotage of sam’s story.
season 13: i wanna say that jack was definitely a large part of sam’s story this season and i’m glad for it. besides benny and cas, sam was always the one to say that a supernatural creature is not a monster, and i liked that they brought this part of sam toward the light (re: magda in s12.... wait. see: edit in s12). dean’s plot with jack extended to his relationship with cas, and you really don’t have to be a heller to see that. also, this is when we really get into sam/rowena and witch!sam. also, we get some sam/gabriel interaction, as gabriel has always been more of a sam thing than a dean thing, i’ve appreciated it. then the whole lucifer thing... anyways. they should have had sam kill him. honestly? they should have somehow made sam michael’s vessel to really go galaxy brain on that.
season 14: sam being the leader of the new hunter network is a SEXY idea and what should have remained for the rest of the show but fuck if this show hates having nice things. also, i liked both the sam & charlie and sam & cas collabs, bc even tho they were both always more of a dean thing, i enjoy those characters having one-on-one plots with sam as well. also this season continues sam caring for jack with both sergei and lily sunder connections, furthering the witch!sam plot, but still not enough to really put it forward.
season 15: the season starts with sam’s connection to chuck, and i genuinely enjoyed that storyline, and i wish they made the whole thing last for longer, maybe even into the finale. (i think there are so many plots on this show that they like to Have but then Not Do much with them.) then obv they have sam/rowena arc continue, with him making her the queen of hell (pls look at this post i’ve made abt it before bc i think the whole thing is actually Hilarious) and then furthering witch!sam storyline with resurrecting eileen. (in some way samwena and saileen are actually extensions of each other and maybe could have been samwenaleen but yk. a girl could dream. maybe throw gabe into that as well).... after that... there’s nothing really. i mean, sam goes out to meet with the surviving hunters, but it’s just that. and i don’t even count 15x19 and 15x20 really because 19 was more of a joint story with dean and 20 was well. that. i think i would have accepted the ending if they actually built to it.
in the end of the day, i think sam had a few stories that were either aborted by poor writing or by transferring much of the burden to dean. i think having so much lucifer in the middle of it all without Really addressing sam’s feelings about it was probably the biggest clue that the writers didn’t Really care about his story as much. leading the hunters, rowena, eileen, witchcraft, jack (i will argue that jack had a significant relationship with all of his dads) were all good parts of it, but severely underutilized, and it makes me sad. i just edited the s12 part about magda, and i think that part was especially upsetting, as they gave us a glance into sam’s savior nature and then took it out. anyways i hope this made sense, and if anyone wants to add anything in reblogs/tags, feel free, i’ll read everything.
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wigglebox · 2 years ago
tbh i feel like the odd one out cause saileen endgame makes No sense to me lol. i loveee eileen and im glad shes back, but like. two episodes of cute interactions a few seasons ago feels weird for an endgame ship. i hope she gets a good storyline tho! i feel like im crazy for reading so much into samwitch now i guess but im losing my mind over getting witch!sam finally!!! i just hope everyone ends up happy!
That’s okay! I’ve seen a couple people with that sentiment around here, but more on Twitter. This is kind of how I’m seeing it, and forgive me for using your ask to kind of speak to a more general audience – and I will also admit I have a Saileen lense on. 
I also implore anyone else to add their thoughts to this if you want. I know I didn’t cover everything. 
This is VERY long. 
Also, in this case, we’re talking about two female characters and their relation to a male who is a lead character. I also want to make the disclaimer that I do not look at Rowena and Eileen as only being around for a relationship, but as their own characters. 
The first thing I want everyone to do is to perish the episode count from their mind because it doesn’t matter the number of episodes that they’re in. What matters is the substance and the characters. So, when I get to Eileen, I will go over her episodes. 
I’m going to talk about Rowena first. I love her, I still love her, and it’s my personal speculation that she will become Queen of Hell. 
I do not call what Rowena did “fridged”. What Rowena did was decide that it was time for what was prophecized to her to come true. She decided that. She told Sam that she believed in magic and prophecies. She was okay with her choice, and she was still alive when she fell in the pit. 
They both knew how she was going to die at some point, and Sam was going to be that reason.
‘Funeralia’ 13x19
Rowena: I’m not afraid and as much as I enjoy our little talks…you can’t stop me.Sam: Actually, we can.Rowena: And what makes you think that?Dean: Because every version of your death, your real, permanent death… Sam’s the one that kills you.Rowena: I see.Sam: Yep, but it’s not gonna happen tonight.
That’s not fridging. 
To me, and I guess to people on google too, fridging is supposed to push someone’s story forward. Jess pushed Sam, Mary pushed John – but Rowena’s death didn’t push Sam’s story anywhere action-wise (unless it was straight into depression aggain). 
Did her death cause pain? Yes. Was she a love interest? No. I’m sorry but she wasn’t. It would have been neat if she was, but she was never framed as one. I’m not attempting to invalidate Sam/Rowena at all because damn, for a while there I was rooting for it and his pain over her death was pretty hard (I’ll get back to this in a minute), but the fact remains that Rowena was sexy, flirty, and very unattached to everything. I mean, in the end, she was attached to the boys but still had her own place, did her own thing, and helped when asked. She does love, we do know that, but privately with a high guard. 
At this point I’m going to link to this thread where @occamshipper goes into it a little more. 
She was more of a mentor than a lover, to me and to others. They started as hostile towards each other, and they grew into friends. Was there a little hint of an extra amount of love, adoration, and respect than normal friends? Yes, I also believe that, but I mostly believe that if Sam/Rowena were going to happen, if she didn’t die, they’d have to spend a lot of time this season skewing their relationship to a more romantic one. 
I think another thing that attracted people to this ship was that there was a very obvious trope to latch onto: Enemies to Lovers.
Now, to Rowena’s death. Sam, three episodes later, is still in mourning and is very sad over it, but I also feel like there are multiple layers here (that there has to be meta out there but I just don’t have any on hand). 
The big thing this season, along with love, is what’s real and fake and free will. A platitude that Dean resorted to when trying to “comfort” Sam in 15x03 was “You didn’t have a choice”. Sam didn’t like that. He also didn’t like the conversation at the end of 15x04. 
He’s suffering from more than just Rowena’s death, he’s also mourning the loss of agency, and that they know now there was a loss of agency thanks to God but there are still casualties because they don’t have a choice. They both had the knowledge of that prophecy, and the God bullshit, and they still couldn’t choose anything else but a violent death. 
Loss of a mentor, loss of a friend, loss of someone who may have been slightly elevated higher than a friend (that depends on your view), and the loss of someone who had accepted their fate and didn’t believe she would have a  choice and was at peace with it. Sam and Dean are not at peace with that sentiment at all. 
Another hint we knew she was at peace with her fate is that she trusted Sam a lot in the end, so much so she allowed him access to her space, her apartment, where her things were, without injuring him. He was slated to kill her, and she believed that, but she still allowed them into her life, and proved her trust in the end. 
So, Sam’s grief is nuanced. But yes, he was very upset at her death, and he had to feel the knife go in her and watch her walk to the pit. And it came at a bad time in his life as well. 
But, I don’t believe Rowena’s death was to serve Sam’s pain. He wasn’t doing anything with that pain. He was still emo in 15x06 when he came across Rowena’s journals – her death pushed him to do nothing but be sad. 
To me, no, not fridging. Not a love interest, and the episodes they had together just developed a relationship that you could ship, but you could also just keep as friends. 
Rowena was a mentor, however, I don’t believe she died so Sam could use some magic. I believe she died because she’s going to be Queen of Hell. And technically, she was actually alive when she fell.
I’m going to talk about her episodes and her instant pull with Sam and how it was very much intentional. I’m avoiding Dean/Cas parallels until the end because I am of the very strong opinion that while they share parallels the relationships are very much their OWN thing and Sam and Eileen can exist outside Dean/Cas.
Let’s talk about Eileen’s 3 1/8 episodes and relationships and her introduction to Sam. I want to stress that all this happens after ‘Baby’ 11x04, where there’s this exchange:
DEAN: Piper? That’s awesome. Heather. One-night wonders, man. Shoot, we’re lucky we still get that at all.
SAM: Really? You don’t – ever want something more?
DEAN: I’m sorry, have you met us? We’re batting a whopping zero in domestic life, man. Goose eggs.
SAM: You don’t ever think about something? Not marriage or whatever. But … Something? You know, with a hunter? Somebody who understands the life?
And then, you know, Dean deflects like the animal he is. 
‘Into the Mystic. 11x11′ 
One of the most amazing things is just how normal their meeting is in 11x11 (make a wish! haha). It’s normal, and honestly? Despite the serious circumstances, it’s adorable as fuck. They are both there for a very serious matter, and it definitely NOT ‘love at first sight’, but just a normal encounter where Sam tried a small sign, and she corrected him before he could go away.
It was a cute moment because it extends past when said moment would ideally end, and the subject changes from the hunt/job to Sam already talking about some of his past (slight oversharing!). It’s a cute exchange. I really don’t even know how to explain it any better than that. It was a small exchange. 
It was a spark. You’ll hear me say that a lot. Mostly on his end. She’s still pretty much in job mode. 
SAM: Sorry, Uh…[Sam reads her name tag] Marlene, Special Agent Butler, FBI. Do you know anything about what happened with Arthur last night?
EILEEN: Sorry. I wasn’t working last night.
SAM: Oh. Um… Were you working the night Harold Miller died? [Eileen shakes her head no] All right. Thanks. [Sam tries to sign the word ‘thanks’]
EILEEN: It’s – [Marlene show Sam the correct way]
SAM: Right, of course. Uh, sorry. I only know a little. I took some back in college, but that was a while ago.
EILEEN: Most people don’t know any. I appreciate the trying. I should probably, uh, get back.
SAM: Yes. Uh, thank you.
[Sam walks back to Dean]
DEAN [looking towards Eileen] Witness?
SAM: No. Okay – So, apparently, not a ghost.
Tangent time: This is what I think also trips some people up – 
Dean and Cas had a long long journey. Sam and Rowena had a number of episodes together. Everything is tropey. Sam and Rowena’s whole dynamic was Enemies to Friends or Lovers depending on who you ask. 
There’s really no trope to Sam and Eileen, especially first meeting. Just an awkward boi. It’s not ‘love at first sight’. It’s not an intense meeting scene, it’s not in the midst of any action. It’s just – there. And that’s pretty refreshing in the face of overwhelming sadness this show dishes out. 
But, I think the lack of trope and kind of a rulebook to follow especially with all the spelled out heterosexual stuff out there in tv and movieland, a meeting like this can be seen as casual, not a spark of something. But, watch this episode again. That chemistry is there. 
And this is where I’m coming from when I say it’s not the amount of episodes that matters it’s what they consist of.
Their encounters are fun and by fun I mean she almost murders him, but you know, fun! 
This is going to quickly turn into an Eileen character deep dive but I’m not going to apologize. 
In 11x11, Into the Mystic, she shares a parallel with Sam and Dean which is a Supernatural killed her family and now she’s hunting it down. She’s smart, competent, and knows what she’s doing. 
Also there’s this cute little exchange with Mildred, who, by the way, has a poignant conversation with Dean later:
[Mildred signs to Eileen ‘I got dibs on the other guy. You can have the tall one’]
[Mildred giggles as she signs ‘I’m not much of a mountain climber anymore’ and laughs]
[Eileen signs ‘Are you sure you don’t want both?’]
But we’ll get to that conversation in a second. 
Sam and Eileen constantly have scenes together, and Dean and Lucifer!Cas do as well. Eileen gives her backstory, Sam tells her revenge doesn’t bring back her parents. They both share the same ‘family’ thing where all they are is really just photos (in Sam’s case, all his mom ever was, was photos and happy family life was just photos). 
They share a heavy connection in that sense. I mean fuck she even says it’d be nice to follow in her mom’s footsteps when this was over and become a lawyer. 
Like, they really set this up hard. It’s her own story, it’s her own background, but they share a likeness. 
So here’s that little bit from Mildren to Dean
MILDRED: Nah. Nah, I had my fun. You want to know the secret to living a long and happy life?
DEAN: Actually, yes, I do.
MILDRED: [Placing her hand on Dean’s chest and patting it] Follow your heart. You do that, all the rest just figures itself out.
So yeah *Marge Simpson voice* I just think that’s neat! 
So anyway, the banshee comes for Dean but we’re not gonna meta that because this isn’t about him.
Eileen kills the thing, tells Sam it feels like just another kill, and informs him that no she shan’t be going to law school, and this is her life and all that jazz. AND THEN WE GET THIS DORKY ASS EXCHANGE:
SAM Feel free to drop a line if you ever need anything… Or even if you just want to hang out.
EILEEN [smiling] You can’t call me, though.
SAM [smiles, laughs] Okay.
EILEEN I mean, you could call, but I won’t answer.
Literally ? ?? ? ? ? ? Honestly, anything that gets him to smile. And by now, she’s gotten to know him better and basically by this point in the episode I literally remember myself screaming “are you KIDDING me she’s ADORABLE” but in a way like she’ll def. kick my ass. 
Tumblr media
Again I stress, there was no OMG YES MARRY ME NOW vibes after one (1) episode, but if you go back and rewatch it you’ll see that spark. They literally went through the episode as it being a possibility to be followed up on, maybe, someday. She’s a hunter, descending from MoL, and they will cross paths. 
Then we get Sam, post-hunt:
SAM You were right, by the way. Getting back on the job, it… It helped.
Then Sam adds a brochure from the retirement home to a box full of pictures of people he loves (also pictures of his family, call backs tooooooo earlier). 
I remember my dash cooing at both of them this episode because it wasn’t like usual exchanges we have. It was goofy, cute, and just the VERY beginnings of some affectionate feelings (the amount you can get by just meeting someone for the first time). But, when you leave the episode you can tell she’s made a small little mark in the back of Sam’s mind that won’t go away. 
“The British Invasion” 12x17
I told you this post was going to be long. 
You think I’m lying when I say I’m going to go through everything? No. Because right now the question is “why Eileen”, so I’m demonstrating. 
It’s been over a year since we’ve seen her at this point, but it honestly feels like this is def. not the first time in over a year since Sam has spoken with her. It’s nice because Facetime is the way they can communicate since a phone is out of the question which means they gotta look at each other which – idk again it’s cute fuck off. Also THIS post that kinda calls Eileen out for getting all made up for a fucking Facetime call made me laugh. 
So yeah, she texts Sam in real time some security shot photos and sure, could have given his number a short time ago, maybe just before the call OOOOOOOOOR. They really just have been talking over the course of the year. Nothing too fancy, but that slow little build that we don’t see but we see the aftermath. 
So yeah you get a conversation about Kelly Kline and then get this disgusting exchange, which again just signals to me that even after a year Sam still got one of those little fucking soft spots in his heart (and furthers my suspicious they do talk. Not on the regular but here and there and stuff. A smol crush if you will. Remember, they have a pretty equal past in terms of relatability and she’s a hunter who gets it. ‘It’ being ‘The Life’.)
Dean: Well, go get ‘em, Eileen.
Eileen: That’s the plan.
Dean gives Eileen the ‘thumbs up’ and Sam shifts the monitor back towards him.
Eileen: Bye, Sam.
Sam [smiling]: Bye.
Dean [smirking]: That’s cute.
Sam: Come on.
Tumblr media
So yadda yadda Tea Time MoL and stuff and blahblah
Then we get to a nice scene once AGAIN demonstrating Eileen’s badassery, and her explaining how she tracked and hunted down a demon in relation to Kelly Kline. Good vibes, we got beer and happy lighting and smiles and laughs. She isn’t a stranger at all. This isn’t really like OMG ROMANCE but they are just present and there and it also really helps to continue Eileen as a very strong character in her own right and not boner fodder for the male lead. 
This is just before the badassery story starts but yeah idk I just like it 
Tumblr media
Also love this little self-satisfied smile this is really just me crushing hard on her myself tbh. This is after a lil’ toast with Sam after she said she got Kelly’s number before killing the guy:
Tumblr media
So we get this stuff too. 
Sam: Right. I’m Sam. This is Eileen Leahy.
Renny: Ah, the banshee girl.
Eileen looks surprised.
Renny: We have a file. From what Mick tells me, neither of you have any formal training. Fascinating. I was top of my class at Kendricks…
Eileen: No one cares
Sam smirks.
Tumblr media
It’s moments like these that remind us that Sam really does like Eileen like is amused by her, respects her, and yes I’m going to say has a lil’ bit of a crush on her. Just a bit. He’s always smiling around her, and how often do we see smiles? Smirks? Little escapes of laughter. Like come oN – come on. It’s very clear, even over the course of an episode and a half and a complete year apart that there is room for Eileen in Sam’s heart and mind. 
Then the thing with Kelly and Dagon happen and Eileen accidentally kills Renny, sealing her fate with Tea Time MoL – I will say I loved Mick in the end because he refused to kill her. Anddddd Sam is pretty much begging Mick not to kill Eileen and it makes me Emo ™. 
Sam: Mick, Mick, listen to me. Mick, look, I know you guys have this Men of Letters Code you blindly answer to, but… look, you don’t have to do that, Mick. You’re better than that. You only have to answer to yourself. You only have to do what you know is right. You only have to answer to your own code.
Tumblr media
So Mick lets them go, working against his own code of conduct drilled into his brain. 
And then, a few scenes later, we get this comfort scene which we’ve seen over the years, but in terms of Eileen, since we’re talking about her character, it’s the first time we’ve seen her emotionally vulnerable like this. In 11x11 she was partially there when relaying her history but it wasn’t like this. She first wants to say yes, she’s fine, because she’s probably used to just constantly saying “yes, I’m fine” in order to get through things. But, this time she can’t say it and switches track almost instantly because she feels comfortable opening up with these two. NOT strangers – and again I’ll say, they have communicated over the year and a half we didn’t see her. D: 
And uh idk I’m a sucker FOR COMFORT GESTURES. And like ???? Again, it’s weirdly sweet. He didn’t have to sign. It’s nice he did but she would have understood him if he didn’t but he still did and I’m like – crying. Mark another line in the “respect” column. 
Once again, I say I am Emo TM: 
Dean: You okay?
Eileen [nodding yes, but then shaking her head]: No. He wasn’t a monster. He was – I – 
Sam: Hey… [signing and speaking] It was a mistake.
Tumblr media
So, he says later on in the last scene that she’s going back to Ireland for some chill time. Considering Dean didn’t know that, I find it sweet and comforting that Sam still checks up on her and not as an obligation, but as a friend and someone who again AGAIN has a soft spot. This isn’t pity, this is genuine care.
So I’ll round that out by saying: There’s that spark, and the spark was still there, now emerging as some small embers that got stalled by the events of the episode, but they are still very much there. 
“There’s Something About Mary” 12x21
I want to point out that this episode was co-produced by Meredith Glynn, who wrote 15x06. 
Oof, this episode. I’ll state right now I don’t hate bucklemming episodes, and her death made sense in the narrative (wronged Tea Time MoL and a target was out for all hunters) but man – using an invisible dog when the target is Deaf is pretty fucking horrible. 
Anyway. I cried. 
Naturally, we’re going to be looking at Sam’s reactions in here and it’s not overt like WE’RE GONNA D E S T R O Y E V E R Y T H I N G but you can tell he’s upset, and while it doesn’t push him into a revenge arc, it does help push him into some action, at least in anger. 
Now, my putting in the dialogue and a screenshot won’t really do any justice, and I know people like to avoid these episodes but I suggest a rewatch regardless:
SAM: Um, when? What the hell happened? Oh, no. No - Yeah, thanks for letting me know. Bye.
DEAN: Who?
SAM: Eileen.
DEAN: How?
SAM: She was, uh, mauled by a wild animal in a wooded area that doesn’t have animals that do that, in South Carolina.
DEAN: But I thought she was in Ireland. Sam…
SAM: Dean, that’s the second Hunter death we’ve heard about in two weeks.
Tumblr media
I would ask you just at least watch this little bit because his reaction is very much of someone trying to keep his reaction under control – and Dean notices and is even about to say something but Sam changes the subject to the overall problem. It’s a small exchange, but it’s pretty clear that it’s like “Once again, someone I care about even a little bit is taken away.” 
So then we go to the morgue and like – again. Reaction. Dean’s also watching him because, obviously, he knows. Excuse the cobbling together of screencaps.
Specifically also, this little bit at the end of this dialogue:
SAM: Dean, monsters and demons don’t team up. Seven Hunters are gone. We can’t grab a signal from Mom’s phone. Cass has Kelly Kline who knows where. Mick has slipped off the grid. Ketch is lying to us… I wanna punch something in the face.
It’s just all starting to get overwhelming and they were aware of the other thing and it is insinuated that Eileen’s death kinda just tipped him over a little. But he’s maintaining control, which is good. Also part of me is wondering if he’s afraid of demonstrating an overreaction. There’s no overt romantic relationship going on, but again, there were embers that were just beginning and it was cute as fuck and it was happy (even if 12x17 ended on a sad note). A full-blown punch-fest post Eileen’s death would reveal one of two things:
Emotions he wasn’t aware of himself
Emotions he was aware of but was trying to hide because he felt it was inappropriate to feel something too intense too fast. (He’s a GENTLEMAN, EXCUSE ME). 
So more stuff – Lucifer lalala, Crowley lalala (liar), Tea Time MoL lala – 
Then we get to the fact that Eileen sent a letter a week prior asking to stay with the guys because she was scared the Tea Drinking Assholes were going to come get her, tapped her phone, everything. 
I don’t even like, need to explain the reaction. Here are just some caps. 
This is some guilt, and they both have guilt but this is some guilt. Also this is the last time technically he hears from her which hurts even more. He was confused about why she wasn’t in Ireland anymore and seemed annoyed and angry when the question was brought up, and now this was his answer. 
This actually goes along with some meta stuff I wrote just after the episode, and why this always had this underlying romance potential. Am I happy with fridging? No, but it’s also a pattern with Sam and it sucks but, it’s the manner of helplessness and having people he cares about taken away from him without a choice or without being able to do anything with it. This is when I would put Rowena in there, in the column of women who do care about him and he cares about them (just not as romantically as others):
Jess - pinned to a ceiling and burned. Not much he could do there despite him thinking he could go back in annnd… do what exactly?
Madison - well that’s just painful so let’s not talk about it too much but there was really nothing else he could do to his knowledge. 
Sarah - Can I just state, for the record, how much I loved 1x19 and their dynamic? Anyway – he had to literally watch as she basically asphyxiated. He couldn’t do anything about, both of them unable to find the hex bag until after. 
Eileen - As highlighted in 12x21, she sent them a letter they didn’t see until it was too late. He was helpless and couldn’t do anything about it. 
Rowena - Didn’t have a choice. By his hand again, but she knew it was coming and accepted it, which somehow makes it all even worse huh. (Obviously comes after Eileen already died so).
Two people I’m NOT including: 
Amelia - Didn’t die, but I’m also not convinced it was that much of a romance anyway, more akin to the Lisa theme of “just trying to move on but failing”. 
Ruby - Also doesn’t count. Was a villain and manipulated the fuck out of him. 
So, this letter in his hand and that look on his face is just painful.  It’s one of those situations where you’re probably going: What if I just spoke with her a little more often, what if we checked the mail sooner, what if the postal service was a little faster –
A lot of “what ifs” but you can’t go back in time and fix it and now this fantastic hunter who was marked by psychopaths, and this person that Sam literally had an instant spark with, is gone. 
That fucking sucks. 
(Something else I want to add: Glynn co-produced 12x21 and wrote 15x06, and the shot of Eileen on the morgue table vs Eileen in the tub with the water was interesting to me. Anyway). 
Later on, they have a gun pointed to Toni and Sam doesn’t ask “Have you been killing the hunters”, he asks specifically about Eileen. Top of mind. 
So now we’re onto -
‘Golden Time’ 15x06
There are metas on metas on this, so right off the bat, I’m going to link some:
This exchange by @tinkdw and @drsilverfish on Sam and friendships and relationships 
This post by myself, @occamshipper and @7faerielights on how if Dean and Cas basically had an episode like 15x06 instead of Sam and Eileen, we’d be screaming canon canon canon canon canon! 
This post where Meredith talks a little more about the episode, including Eileen. 
The initial meta I wrote right after the episode.
Right, so, I don’t have to go super in-depth with this since it’s being talked about a lot. BUT – I wanted to point some things out:
- They spent an entire episode (when the episode focused on them, and not Cas) focusing on getting Eileen back. It was Sam’s motivator and cause for action. Then, the whole scene of her coming back to life was 1) Long 2) Intimate and 3) Poignant. What’s my point? Point is they didn’t go through all that effort just to have her killed off permanently. Now, I can’t vouch for the future, but I do know she isn’t going to be killed off permanently, meaning if it appears she dies in the future, she will not remain that way. There was too much put on this episode for them to basically turn around and say: None of it mattered. More specifically: Bucklemming won’t be killing her in 15x08. 
- Compare and see the contrast to Jess. And I’m bringing up Jess because Sam brought her up in 15x04, just recently, as something he still has problems getting over (like I highlighted in my post right after the episode, Jess was a relationship started on a Demon introducing them, Sam was being watched, everything was still being planned out and schemed behind his back. Jess was an unfortunate casualty of all of that). 
When comparing the scenes, it’s actually pretty amazing: Fire vs Water, Death vs Rebirth, Helplessness vs Taking Action. Even so much as Eileen facing UP and Jess facing DOWN. It’s the direct opposite of where we first started with Sam at the very beginning of the show, and so far this season has had a lot of nostalgic callbacks. 
- Eileen’s role this episode, and in her other one, wasn’t to feed into Sam’s own storyline. They run together, but she doesn’t exist for him. In this episode, it’s Sam who worked for her, essentially. She worked with him to bring herself back into the narrative, and she kicked ass while doing it, working in tandem. If ever their narratives tilt to serve the other, then in this case, Sam’s narrative tilted to serve Eileen’s instead of the other way around which is what we often see with Het. pairings in TV shows and movies (and with fridging! :D) 
- A lot of people were talking about this specific parallel with Destiel, a small thing, where those who have some pining in them see a person who they care a lot about appearing before them – but I also want to compare it to the end of ‘Bloody Mary’ 1x05 where after Sam deals with secrets, and guilt, and lotsa guilt, he sees Jess as they drive off. So you got a double parallel there. What’s that called in geometry? Is there a term? IDK. 
- Last, that whole scene of Eileen coming back was something else. Here’s a gifset if you need to remember it. It was intimate. A lot of people when they hear “intimate” they assume “intimate with each other” aka “sex, making out, glued together in some other way”, but intimacy isn’t always that. In this case, this is what made it so: Quiet, privacy, soft physical interaction before falling into a deeper one, and a mutual understanding that they now had something between them that was larger than before. GIFSET FOR MEMORY. I also just want to include this cap because I can.
Tumblr media
The initial touch to make sure “yes, real” along with the embrace was also poignant in being pushed up against Dean’s statement at the end of “I don’t know what’s God and what’s not”. Dean is still struggling with real and fake because he hasn’t been able to have the same experience as Sam who got to see everything unfold under his watch and his own thoughts and actions. He got to touch something real, make something that wasn’t there, there. He made something real happen. 
Dean hasn’t gotten there yet, as highlighted by that bathroom shot right next to Dean alone, at the map table (perspective from the stairs by the door too, that’s sad), with an empty chair near him, looking grumpy as fuck. He hasn’t gotten to real yet. He hasn’t found his “real” anchor, which is Cas let’s be honest with ourselves. Sam literally got to see his manifest before him. 
Tumblr media
I could honestly just hug Meredith for not going over the top. I feel like, in other shows and movies, if this scene were to happen and the female character comes out with no clothing on and wrapped in a towel and It’s In The Moment, there’s like a make-out session or a declaration of love – and we didn’t get that. And I’m so happy we didn’t get that. The embers that were left to die have been rekindled with fresh flames and now we’re seeing them grow. 
This all leads me to:
Some Dean/Cas Parallels
I am going to admit to you right now, this is a weak spot for me, grabbing parallels out of my memory. Usually, they are only triggered by seeing a post or just as I’m settling down for the night and my brain beats me over the head with it as I slip into unconsciousness. 
So, I’m going to only focus really on this episode. I know they were there in season 11 and 12, but I don’t have the knowledge to really remember. 
If anyone can reblog with their own knowledge on parallels, that would be fantastic! 
Let’s focus, instead, on this episode, and what my monkey brain picked up on:
- Eileen is coming up from Hell, and Sam assisted her, literally bringing her back out of Hell | ‘Lazarus Rising’ 04x01 for Dean/Cas. 
- This thematic parallel of slow intimacy. You watch the scene when Eileen returns and go “Oh! That’s soft! And intimate!”. We’ve had those scenes plenty with Dean and Cas over the last 11 years to the point I don’t even think I can list them all. It wasn’t always to the same caliber, meaning sometimes there was just more emotionally charged things going on, frustration or anger or adoration, but both sides here have shared intimate scenes (including in 11x11 with Sam and Eileen and would have been with Dean and Cas has Lucifer NOT been there). 
- The slow burn in general. It’s not going to be the same amount of slow-burn a Dean and Cas because that has gone on for a while, but Sam and Eileen are clearing going to take their time here. 
- The thing I linked above where you see the person you love in some way or form appears before you. 
- Again pointing back to the ‘Real vs Fake’ thing. Dean’s problem for the last 6 episodes is this existential doom he keeps trying to wrestle with (and not in the sexy way). Sam gets to touch someone who wasn’t tangible in previous scenes, and knows she is now real and he had something to do with it, he got to see the process and participated it in it. There was no “poof! she’s here!”. 
How that’s a parallel is that Cas left in 15x03 and we’ve all been saying that Dean is struggling with real vs fake, yes, but one of the real vs fake things he’s struggling with is that he doesn’t know if Cas is ‘real or fake’ in the sense of “did everything over the last decade just not matter and now everything that I’ve felt build over that time is useless garbage and it was one of the things I was holding on to”. Here’s a little gifset to make it more painful.
- Whatever tropes Sam/Eileen do fall onto, Dean and Cas have already fucking hoarded them all so it’s always going to seem like a parallel. Sam and Eileen aren’t overly tropey, instead, kind of existing in this mellow space.
But, with every parallel, there is an equal point of them being their own thing, and not tied to another pairing, which is exactly how it should be. 
These relationships can bounce against each other with parallels, but they aren’t a duplicate or stacking on top of each other. They are very much their own thing, and each has their own way of going about things.
Sam and Eileen had an instant connection meanwhile Cas threatened to throw Dean back into Hell. 
Cas didn’t stay dead. 
Dean and Cas are actually more physical with each other. 
And just time. One has had more time and the other has not. 
So, in the end, Eileen has always been geared to being Sam’s love interest BUT not in a cheesy, stupid, macho dumb way. She is her own character with her own story. 
Rowena is very much the same. Neither of them existed as boner fodder. 
But, when it comes to WHY DIDN’T THEY MAKE SAM/ROWENA A THING - it’s because it was never meant to be. Rowena was flirty, liked Sam in the end and he liked her and they had a connection but it was never set up like Eileen was. I’m sorry (I liked the ship though!). 
Not saying she only existed to pass down knowledge to Main Male Character And Now She’s Useless – again you know my theory that she died for a reason, and I feel like yes she will be Queen of Hell. 
I know a lot of people were banking on Sam/Rowena this season, and hell I was even pushing for it, not because Rowena is defaulted to love interest but because she had a lot of time with Sam. 
But, and hopefully, I pointed this out, the amount of episodes doesn’t matter. What matters is what they contain, how the characters behave with each other, and so on and so forth. (Side note, we are BLESSED with such talented actors).
Eileen has had barely over 3 episodes (only 3 if you don’t want to count 12x21, and I won’t blame you), but those episodes were packed with all sorts of signals, clues, hints, and small sparks that lit the fire that now has room to grow. 
I hope I convinced you to give it a shot, anon. 
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challengerblue · a year ago
i was tagged by @shawgroves​ (thank you!)
rules: pick 5 shows, then answer the following questions. don’t cheat. tag some people.
dare me
person of interest
the office
warehouse 13
who is your favorite character in 2?
sameen shaw always!! a survivor & a hero even when everyone said she wasn’t capable of it. outlived everyone who tried to fuck w/ her. wears the hell out of a tank top
who is your least favorite character in 1?
kurtz die in prison challenge. fuck everyone who let this dude near teenage girls
what is your favorite episode of 4?
“beach games” or “stress relief” probably? tho the jim/pam weddding ep gets me tearing up
what is your favorite season of 5?
season 3 as a whole, but season 2 had some gr8 eps. i.e. the hg eps.
who is your favorite couple in 3?
wesley/turbo was wonderful. sam/mona could’ve developed so well,,, fuck netflix for that cancellation, i was robbed
who is your favorite couple in 2?
root & shaw always!! the best couples are the ones where both characters are complex & terrifying in their own right. tbqh. also reese/carter was really soft & every scene they had together choked me out
what is your favorite episode of 1?
“parallel trenches” because it was so interesting & well-made, showing the same day from 3 different perspectives, and the different colouration between the 3. but also “fog of war” really fed the beth/addy goblin in me
what is your favorite episode of 5?
“reset” is probably the one i’ve re-watched the most, if not just for the hg/myka of it all. that scene where myka’s trying to talk her down from destroying the world, and holds the barrel of that gun to her head? fuck dude
what is your favorite season of 2?
season 3, there’s not a single ep of this season that i didn’t like, unlike the rest. so good
how long have you watched 1?
since it started airing in december
how did you become interested in 3?
netflix does that annoying thing where it auto-starts the ad without being asked. was on their home page, & it actually looked decent. so. i started. & then couldn’t stop for 2 days
who is your favorite actor in 4?
not really interested in actors... john krasinski maybe? he was good in “a quiet place” too lol. or rashida jones
which do you prefer, 1, 2, or 5?
currently dare me, but poi is that one show i always turn back to when i lose interest in other stuff
which show have you seen more episodes of, 1 or 3?
both have 10 eps
if you could be anyone from 4, who would you be?
god none of them, i’d rather die than work in sales. maybe oscar lol
would a crossover between 3 and 4 work?
the cast of the office would all be dead/zombified in daybreak, and the cast of daybreak are too young to work in an office. so. whoomp.
pair two characters in 1 who would make an unlikely but strangely okay couple?
riri and michael could be cute? he’d treat her right
overall, which show has the better storyline, 3 or 5?
daybreak has a more interesting concept to me personally. but w13 was probably a little more original than teen post-apocalyptic dystopia
which has better theme music, 2 or 4?
lol poi definitely. for this song alone in “if-then-else” (x)
tagging (if you’re interested!): @addysbeth, @yennciri, @asleepinawell, @beth-cassidy, @florencespughs, @maplecroft
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realchemistry · a year ago
Sooooo, I watched this, and here are some thoughts.
I love Friday Night Lights, so that’s obviously a big reason why I wanted to watch this. I was reading stuff after watching it, and I remembered I had heard about Parenthood before it started when Lauren replaced Maura Tierney. I can’t even imagine how different the show would’ve been, but let’s get to it.
First of all, amazing show. I absolutely adored most of it, I loved the characters, I loved the stories, I loved the people. I loved how it progressively got more FNL, filming wise, as the seasons went on. I’ll break it down by character/couples/siblings:
Julia and Joel: they are the most amazing couple EVER. Erica and Sam had the most amazing chemistry and their little family was my favorite from the get-go. I loved that their marriage was different from the others, as far as they traditionally worked, and how that informed their characters and stories. Sydney’s absolutely lovely, and if people hated her back in the day, their loss. I was absolutely crushed when the pregnancy and adoption didn’t happen, and absolutely thrilled when Victor came around. But TPTB were so cruel with their breakup story, you have no idea how much I hated it. There was that episode where everyone learned that Crosby had cheated on Jasmine and Joel said he’d never cheat on Julia, so when she cheated on him, that was devastating to me. I was also surprised that the show was framing it as “Joel walked away and now Julia can’t forgive him” at a certain point cause I never saw the situation like that so that was really confusing to me. I’ve seen some interviews since, so I get what they meant by it, but I still don’t agree with it. I was just super happy that they got back together and had a big happy ending to their story. 
Adam and Kristina: they were such dorks at times and amazing parents and just good. I loved their dynamic, I was so moved by the cancer story because it felt like TPTB didn’t shy away from telling that as realistically as they possibly could, and it was a lot to take in at times. The scene where they tell everyone that Kristina has cancer was heartbreaking. I loved that they showed that journey and then had Kristina move on without forgetting everything about it. I wish there had been more time to explore Adam’s true passion, work-wise, because I think a lot of adults could relate to just doing something for a living for the sake of getting paid, and it would’ve been nice to see him explore in detail if being a headmaster was what he wanted to do, and how he fit there. 
Crosby and Jasmine: he was such a mess at times, and I kinda enjoyed that but the cheating sure hurt a lot. It was also the fact that Jasmine and Jabbar were so loveable from the beginning, I was just astounded that he’d do anything that’d put that family at risk. I was also pissed at Jasmine for not telling him about the pregnancy and all the hate that brought from her family at the beginning. I was just glad that they got to be reunited. I wish Jasmine had had more to do in the late seasons, IDK if it was due to the actress having other stuff (I’m pretty sure she was hiding a RL pregnancy in the last season), but she was terribly underused.
Sarah and Hank (and Mark): I’m always gonna love Lauren no matter what, and I thought Sarah had such an amazing arc. It wasn’t always entirely convincing as far as jumping careers/boyfriends, but Sarah really grew a lot as a person, and as a mother. I guess people were invested in the different romantic possibilities, and, I mean, Jason’s charming as hell, so I get that, but the moment Mark said he wanted kids, to me, felt like there was no going back, even tho they got back together after. Seth was never really gonna be, it just wasn’t. Hank was an unexpected surprise, his character grew too, and I thought his relationship with Max was adorable and beautiful, so I was kinda happy for Sarah cause they seemed like a good fit.
Zeek and Millie: what lovely parents and grandparents! Like with Jasmine, I wish Millie had had more to do, but I adored the role each played in their family’s lives, and how they portrayed their relationship. I was so sad when they moved and Zeek got sick. I loved that the end had the whole family honoring his wishes, though, and Millie going to France.
Haddie and Alex (and Lauren): Michael B. Jordan as Alex is one of the highlights of my life, basically. I adored Haddie from the first episode, and I was delighted to see her have a relationship completely different than the one she had with Steve. The fact that Michael was playing Alex just took it to another level because he’s an amazing actor like that, and it brought so many good things for Sarah to play. I swear, Alex’s “breakup scene” with Kristina was one of the scenes that made me cry the most. I get that Michael was blowing up and probably had other stuff, but I wish he’d come back at some point because he truly felt like part of the family. I wish we’d seen more of Lauren too, and just Haddie in general in the latter seasons. I loved Haddie’s relationship with Amber and with Max so much, so I wish we’d had more of that, but I also appreciated a show telling a story where a character goes to college and actually goes there, you know?
Amber (and Ryan) and Drew (and Amy): I enjoyed Amber’s and Drew’s journey much like Sarah’s. I thought she had quite a lot to do, and it all felt like it happened at the right time. Her beginning was a bit rocky, but she got to evolve as far as the relationship with her parents and with her boyfriends go. I didn’t love the Steve part, at all. Ryan, on the other hand, I mean, Matt Lauria can do no wrong, and they were lovely together, but not in an endgame kinda way, so I was really glad when they parted ways. I have to say tho, the whole sex in the hospital part, just to create the pregnancy storyline, that was lame, like, terribly so. I love that Mae was a huge FNL fan and she was living the life while working with former FNL actors. Drew had a little less, but he also got to shine quite a bit, and the fact that the character was much more quiet than most of the rest helped make those moments stand out. I’m really glad that this show told the story of an abortion, I was so glad for it and the girl who plays Amy got to shine as well.
Sydney and Victor: these two, I swear, I loved them so fucking much. Like, Syd was just adorable and the episode where she left the house, I was laughing-crying, it was so lovely! And then Victor came along and I just loved him too, so, so much!!!
Max: he’s like, I don’t know where to start! His story was incredible, the actor was so amazing cause, in paper, he could’ve gone one-note and get away with it, but he did so much more than that. Some of the most emotional moments for me where Max-related because every little bit of development he had felt like such an achievement. I adored his friendship with Hank, it was so beautiful to see that develop (ha!) and how, like Hank said, they both learned so much from each other.
I think it was the interactions between the different characters that made the show strong, and everyone had A Moment. The first three seasons were the best at that, at having characters collide and relate in different and interesting ways. Like, Crosby being there when Kristina gave birth, whenever Amber had to babysit her cousins, Joel helping Crosby with the house and bonding with Jasmine about not being a Braverman, and such. The show fell a little when the characters were more confined to their own bubble later on, and there was a bit of too much of the same dynamics, or at least it felt that way to me. Like, I think The Luncheonette was a box that the writers couldn’t navigate properly, it didn’t allow for Crosby and Adam to do much without the other, and was partly to blame for the lack of Jasmine too.
Overall, I absolutely loved a lot of what the show had to offer, and while I’m late, I’m glad I’ve finally gotten around to watching it and knowing the Braverman family.
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jimmyjaabs · 2 years ago
glee opinions because i feel like it
- rachel is super annoying
- i liked blaine as a character, especially pre mckinley blaine, and i feel like if he was written better he could have been a great character
- brittana and klaine didnt need so much drama, like i get it when theyre in high school but s4 onwards its just unnecessary and forced
- kitty was a really shitty person for all the stuff she did to marley and even tho she got a lil bit of character development shes still not a good person
- even though the new york storyline was iffy, i dont understand why they all kept leaving nyada
- WHY DID THEY MAKE KURT AND SANTANA BIPHOBIC (tbh the whole show is biphobic but i hate the lil throwaway lines they both have)
- the tina and blaine storyline was BAD
- sam deserved better
- mike deserved more than the one episode storyline he got
- at first i loved sue as a character, like how she was a terrible person but still kinda had a moral compass, but then she was a biphobe, a transphobe, a fatphobe and a racist (and how she isnt punished for it)
- they should have developed unique's storyline more and done more with her character as the writing for her was sometimes really lazy and ignorant
theres so much more but i cba to type it
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broken-lycan · 2 years ago
Ok, for the ask game, do Merlin and Supernatural, please
thank you so much!! :D
Who I will protect at all costs: Aithusa (maybe also Merlin but he can protect himself)Who deserves better: Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, Gwaine, Hunith, Lancelot, Aithusa, Elyan… the list could go on. Who was killed off too early:  I was gonna say Arthur cause he should have come back to live at some point during the series. but no. well tbh probably Lancelot. what he did made sense but it was super sad.Who I used to hate but now I love: I dont know if I can properly answer this cause I started watching Merlin in september last year. so I haven´t been around long enough I guess (and havent had enough rewatches). one character that I´ve changed my opinion on a little is Uther. when I watched it the first time I just hated him. now I kinda understand him a little more. I still hate him but I tolerate him. oh! I just remembered I (for some reason) didn´t like Morgause but now I´m starting to like her a little. I hate what she does to Morgana (that she eggs her on on her path to evil) but other than that she´s cool. she has her own agenda, motivations, she knows what she wants and is loyal to those she cares about. and she killed cenred. he had it coming.Who I used to love but now I hate: I dont think there is anyone tbh. I mean I dont like the way Morgana is towards the end (same with Mordred)Who needs to be killed off asap: Agravaine? or Kilgarrah. but kilgarrah was actually useful a few times. other than that he fucked up a lot. I mean if it weren´t for him (and Gaius) Merlin would have told Morgana about his magic and thus avoided her turning away entirely and later plotting to kill Arthur. she would have probably stil tried to kill Uther but thats fine.Who is unfairly hated: I really dont know. maybe Morgana and Mordred. but I get where that comes from. what they did is shitty and can´t be forgiven but I think it´s partially the writer´s fault cause they just… didn´t write those characters arcs well.Who is unfairly loved: not sure. I dont like Gwen in the later seasons. I think from the time she becomes queen cause she changes a lot then and her friendship with merlin is not shown anymore and she loses her kindness.Who needs to sort out their priorities: idk Arthur maybe?Who needs a hug: MerlinWho needs to get out of their current relationship: is anyone even in a relationship by the end? I mean for Gwen the issue has solved itself cause Arthur´s dead (same goes for Merlin if you see it as merthur).Who the writers love: Merlin definitely. But also Arthur. and the dynamic of the knights (and in combination with merlin), its another thing that wasnt too well done in the series. just like with gwen their friendship with merlin kinda died when they became knights. fanfic writers portray that a lot better.Who needs a better storyline: Morgana, but also Mordred. by the end it was just waay to rushed and too extreme. tho while rewatching I realised that by the end of season 3 where Morgana and Morgause took over Camelot, Morgana was already very cruel. which felt massively out of character. I enjoy evil characters if they make sense. and morgana had a lot of potential. she had reasons, a motive. but the writers fucked up.Who has an amazing redemption arc: it´s not a redemption arc but I like Arthur´s development from “respectless prat of a prince who is used to getting everything he wants” to “just and fair king who cares about all his subjects (and by the end even those with magic)”Who is hot af: MorganaWho belongs in jail: UtherWho needs to be revived from the dead: Arthur of course! I mean its about time isnt it? (and Gwaine)
Supernatural: (note that the last thing I watched was season 10)
Who I will protect at all costs: Charlie and Jodie Mills!Who deserves better: Dean and Sam. and Cas.Who was killed off too early: Bobby and Charlie (I´m still bitter about her death). and I heard Crowley died permanently so him too.Who I used to hate but now I love:  Rowena cause she started out as a villain and was mean to Crowley which can´t be forgiven. But from what I´ve heard and seen she gets better and actually helps them now. Who I used to love but now I hate: can´t think of anyone. i started mildy disliking john and now I full-on hate him.Who needs to be killed off asap: John? from what I´ve seen he´s not around anymore but apparently he got a redemption arc and was portrayed as good person?? doesnt make sense.Who is unfairly hated: I think there are ppl who hate Lucifer? I don´t get why. I´m not a big fan of him but I like him more than JohnWho is unfairly loved: idkWho needs to sort out their priorities: crowley xD from what I remember where I left off he was quite a mess.Who needs a hug: pretty much everyone. if I´d have to chose I´d say Dean tho.Who needs a better storyline: I demand better stories for those “back from dead” versions of Charlie and Bobby (again I havent watched those eps yet but what I´ve heard is just weird).Who has an amazing redemption arc: crowley!Who is hot af: rowena is veery prettyWho belongs in jail: John Winchester. tho he would better off burning in hell for all eternity.Who needs to be revived from the dead:  bobby! someone needs to give dean and sam a big hug and tell them they´re doing well.
from this ask game
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Welp. Promo for Season 14. All your interesting ideas? Too deep. Too imaginative. Dabb will never go there with Dean. He will cheap out. I truly believe Dabb finds the character Dean boring. Every chance he has had to really go there and let Jensen off his leash-he never does. I’ve read on another blog that it’s because of Jensen’s acting range, that he simply can’t carry it off but I don’t believe that for a minute. I’m very curious as to how MichaelDean will play out tho. 1/2-3?
He and Daniel Loflin wrote some decent episodes. Dabb strikes me as a writer of the superficial. A lot of times he goes for the obviouspredictable. Read the list of episodes he’s written since Season Eight and see how many you liked. The shame is that some of them are really good. So he’s more than capable. I think he buys into his own hype. Whenever he says something is going to be really cool, we’ll love it? Well... I just don’t trust him with Dean (or for that matter Sam) anymore.            
Hey lovely!
I am so sorry for the uttelry late reply. Just not on here much anymore or at least since SPN has gone on hiatus. So apologies if you have been waiting for a reply for days.
I think Dabb is in general more interested in all characters other than the Winchesters and that is one of the problems I have with his style of showrunning. Sidelining the main characters, the ones who “made this show” just doesn’t work for me, because you take away the emotional core of the show. SPN is a show built around the relationship of two brother, their story, naturally there are people that have broadened their horizon and that have come in and that are important for them, but Dabb and the way he has been juggling storylines is just dissatisfying on so many levels I don’t even know where to start. And yeah, I feel Dean has drawn the shortest stick during Dabb’s run, which is a shame because not only is Dean the POV character and narrator of the show, he is also it’s heart, the show simply wouldn’t work without Dean - and that is also why Dean will not be gone for long, because the show doesn’t work without a narrator and character through whom you watch and “feel” the show, which is Dean most of the time. Interestingly enough however, despite the fact that Dean is so important to the whole of SPN the character in itself is treated poorest under Dabb - but of course there could be tons of people arguing the opposite. It’s a question of taste and for me Dabb has destroyed pretty much everything that made SPN such a great show - though I will give him the benefit of the doubt with the Michael!Dean stuff, but to be perfectly honest my expectations and hopes are low and still I expected I will still feel let down.
As for Jensen’s acting range. WTF?! Has that person ever watched SPN and Jensen’s performance? If someone is able to deliver layered and nuanced play it is him and I am certain he could do so much more with Michael then they will go for in the end, because Jensen is a damn good actor.
Dabb has developed to be and to choose the most boring and obvious routes, yes. Though I feel that has been different in the past. I actually have loved a lot of his episodes prior him becoming showrunner. I mean, Reichenbach, The Prisoner, those are GREAT episodes - it often times feels now what he does now and wrote back then can’t possibly come from the same person. But then again I always feel about Dabb similarly as I felt about Sera Gamble (whose showrunning I much prefer to Dabb’s even though I disliked her style a great deal as well): Both of them have written some of my favourite episodes but they simply aren’t made to be showrunners. These things are two different animals altogether and just because you’re good in one department doesn’t mean you can deliver in the other.
And actually yes, I have to agree, I think Dabb takes himself to serious and has bought into the hype around him - and that’s never a good thing for anyone... So yeah, I am watching the beginning of S14 solely to see what Jensen is doing with Michael!Dean, but at the moment I doubt anything beyond that will excite me to actually watch the whole season (maybe I’ll always just watch the Winchester / Dean bits lol) - not after the disasters that were S12 and S13... But we’ll see maybe Dabb can unsink this ship with the new season, would take a whole lot of wood though to fix that gaping hole in it.. ;P
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saturnine-cas · 3 years ago
On how Castiel is fundamental to SPN, and why I’m pissed about it.
Beware: I’m a bitter Cas girl, I don’t ship Destiel (no hate tho). Also: this is long.
I’ve been thinking lately about why I am so pissed about Castiel’s position on SPN. I read a lot of bitter Cas fans’ posts, we are all pissed about it for several reasons, but until now I really didn’t understand what my own personal issue was.
The thing is, generally speaking, I’m not too fussy about storylines and characters being OOC. Yeah, even if it’s about Castiel. I have a pretty disenchanted view of SPN, I completely understand all that BTS stuff that is part of running a show such as contracts, time off for the ones who work the most hours, I even include a bit of shippy fan service in the things I don’t really mind, despite not shipping the two main ships of the show.
I also care relatively about characters being OOC, 1- because they have a shitton of writers and directors who work mostly independently for episode to episode so I don’t expect consistency, 2- because I have a strong opinion on the kind of character Castiel is, which is more about who he IS, than what he does, and until they permanently delete his core characteristics, which are that he cares and tries to do the right thing, I’m gonna keep loving him even if they make him do stuff I don’t really like to further the plot.
Back to my own, personal issue: it’s not that Castiel is not important on SPN, on the contrary! I think Castiel is a fundamental part of at least 80% of what is going on on screen right now but he (and us as Cas fans) never reap the emotional payoff, and this imbalance is ultimately what I’m pissed about.
Let’s take a look at season 13, and how the main events/characters have been influenced by Cas:
Jack. I never disliked Jack and I don’t dislike him even right now, but I do dislike how Castiel has been the most important reason for why we have him on screen right now, as he is, but they interacted for barely an episode out of 9. Castiel has been SO important for him as a character: he defended him and his mother (turns out there was no brainwashing, tbh honest I never felt it was proper brainwashing from a sentient, evil creature, more like he was a being in need of protection who got attached to Castiel). It’s clear his goodness comes not only from Kelly, but also from Castiel; they made it absolutely clear by having him calling him father just out of the womb, and by borrowing from Cas his most endearing qualities: the innocence, the emotional honesty, the awkwardness. Jack’s character and arc are absolutely linked to Cas, again not for what he does (which now is connected to Sam and the brothers), but for who he IS, and yet there’s no emotional payoff for their relationship: Castiel doesn’t know he came out of the womb calling for his father. Castiel doesn’t hear Jack calling him family. May I also add, without the Castiel-Jack bond, we would not have the AU (which he visited first), no trapped Mary (another fundamental part of the brothers relationship in S13) and seeing the events of the last episode, no set up for Wayward Sisters. Hardly an irrelevant character for the story, if you ask me.
Dean. Almost all of what we have seen of Dean in season 13 is Castiel-related. At the beginning of the season I was convinced that there was NO WAY Dean’s grief would have been so explicitly about Cas, and boy was I wrong. Dean’s grief was absolutely about Cas, as Tombstone shows. His death literally made him lose all sense of hope; he literally, visually, could not function emotionally towards anyone in the show, not towards Jack, not even towards Sam. We got lots of great scenes for Dean and the brothers’ character development out of it, and it was all because of Castiel’s death. Emotional scenes that further the understanding towards where Sam and Dean’s relationship is between them and between them and Mary. And yet, after all the grief and pain, what do we get when Cas comes back? An “understated hug” (I swear I saw Jensen make more emotional hugs when asked about creating/recreating the moment in photo ops); Sam literally saying “i don’t even know what to say” (really, wtf); and then, we’re all off playing cowboys. All the grief, forgotten. Big win for the guys, when they literally did nothing to win - a fucking scratch-ticket win. It’s good to have you back Cas, I missed so much your aloof movie descriptions I spiraled into a ragey alcoholic funk. Ok, then.
Another one that may be less relevant to the main storyline, but of which Dean as a character greatly benefitted: Billie. Who killed Billie to save the Winchesters? Castiel. Who suffered the cosmic consequences of killing her? Castiel. Why is Billie the new Death? Because of Castiel. So we get a great scene between Billie, who’s Death because of Cas, and Dean, whose entire mindset is influenced by losing Cas, but hey, why talk about Cas, aside from a quick remark on what happened. He’s just the reason why we’re here talking at all!! (I am getting progressively more bitter the more I write, don’t worry I am almost done…)
So actually yes, I completely get what Dabb says, that Castiel has a big part on the show but the focus is on the Winchesters, the heroes of the show. Because hey! It’s true! If it wasn’t that in the rush to get everything back to the bros, he forgets that if a character story arc sets up the dynamics between the other characters just to be pushed aside with half-assed means, it’s not just Castiel’s character that suffers for it. Dean results narcissistic. Sam, doesn’t sound like he gives a shit of Cas. Surely can’t seem to be able to distinguish him from a demon impersonating him. Yes, SalmonDean fanatics appreciate when they are assholes, and yes, many avid Destiel shippers are content with the relationship progressing through set design, but I for one am not happy not only because of Cas but also about how the bros come across, and damn it I’m gonna say it.
And what I’d like to say to Dabb and his team of writers is this: when Castiel is not a plot device, but THE plot device, I want a fucking payoff. I do NOT like that the only relationship Cas has that has been given some screentime without cowboy theatrics and that actually involves a back and forth that advances where the characters are right now emotionally in the show is the one with Lucifer.
Why is it that the most emotional rewarding moment for me, as a Cas fan, in the last 9 episodes, has been when Castiel, dead and alone, says to his own image that he doesn’t need to be saved, he’s already saved, and he will fight to get out for millennia if he must? Wasn’t “found family” supposed to be one of the core concepts of the show? So where is the found family of Castiel, The Plot Device of the current storylines, when he needs them?
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thesharondefenseleague · 4 years ago
So about the whole why are people surprised bout Starton even tho its canon in comics. And where does the accusation of the no homo come from. So for the suprise its simple MCU changes around canon things and this includes couples. Non comic compliant mcu couples arent uncommon. So it was never a sure thing for many people. Before the second avengers movie there were two people in the team in confirmed relationships. Tony and Thor both those couples had pt.1
Some kinda build up to their relationship where you had alot focus on on the interactions of the two romantic leads. And focus on both characters. You might not like the couples and in Jane and Thor's case you could argue that in terms of the narrative they fell for each other too quick. But even then alot of that movie was about estabishing Jane and Thor seperately and together. Same for Tony and Pepper in Ironman. So that kinda set the norm for how these couples come about. Pt.2
So when the kiss happened with out you really knowing much bout Sharon nor did you get to see the romance really building up the same way you did for TonyPepper and ThorJane. Alot of people were suprised by the kiss. True there were other couples before that kiss where you didnt see much development of the romance like for BruceNat where it seems like suddenly theres romance. Or Clint and Laura where she came outa nowhere. But those two couples often have similar complaints. Pt.3
So what about the no homo? So heres a thing when some is willing to sacrifice everything for someone else make each other their top priority and would seemingly pick each other over everything else its often seen as romantic. Now this is frustrating because this is totally possible to do platonically. I say this as someone who does see Stucky as more romantic. But usually in alot of media these things are shown as something you wouldnt do unless it was for romantic love. Pt.4
As a result since people interpret that as the most romantic gestures, Cap and Bucky end up with the most romantic sorta build up. So based on how they were doing couples before Stucky looked more like a plausible option. So when the Sharon kiss happened people were confused since they thought Stucky had way more romantic promise. And then u get the if bucky were a girl this would have been canon arguments or the Sharon is a no homo theory. Thats my theory on why this happened anyway. Pt.6
The thing is, outside of Tumblr, you show people anything Stucky, they won’t get it. It’s not a homophobia thing. It’s not because of their gender. It’s because they don’t see it, no matter how hardcore the fan. They don’t have to like the Staron kiss to still look at anything Stucky and go “why would you do this?” I’ve seen it. It’s not a general mindset. This is a fandom mindset. See the two white, cis, straight, conventionally attractive white men and you must ship them.
And Clint/Laura came out of nowhere because someone finally decided to give Clint character development, looked at where his MCU character aligned with the comics (the Ultimates verse, AKA Earth-1610, versus the main Marvel verse of Earth-616), and went with that. And they decided instead of brutally murdering Laura for a later storyline that started running itself into the ground when they had nothing but turning everyone into mopey bastards who watch everyone they love die to give her a chance to be the loving wife. I don’t know about anyone else, but the second I saw Laura’s name on the cast list, I immediately knew who she was and panicked that she’d be killed off in a similar way. I can’t defend BruceNat from this argument, but Clint/Laura I can and I will.
Now, Sharon is a background hero in the MCU. She does the job and follows her heart and mind, like she does in the comics, but the problem with her character is she’s put in the background in a Cap movie, when in the comics she’s the third-most prominent character in the Cap series (behind Steve and Sam). The writers kept on biting off way more than they could chew, so they kept the kiss versus bringing the character into the spotlight more over characters who had no place in the movie to begin with (Peter, Scott, T’Challa, Clint, Wanda, somewhat Bucky because he’s not in Civil War but it’s a Cap movie). This is, and always will be, a reflection on the writer, directors, and producers who were way in over their head and made promises they couldn’t deliver. The development of Steve and Sharon’s relationship was the only thing properly delivered, but they expedited the relationship so they could focus on every other messy thing they had going on. Staron needed more development, yes, but that doesn’t mean the romance should have been taken away from her because the writers didn’t know how to properly balance the movie.
-Mod R
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dream--walker · 4 years ago
readmore cause i just wrapped up mass effect andromeda and here are my very short messy thoughts on it
helluva game
liked it more than inquisition that’s for sure
for the fact that they decided to move the whole plot to a whole new galaxy/cluster, they could’ve done even more re: world building
the amount of unanswered questions just means more games... sigh i get it, but i really wanted to know more abt jardaan/scourge/kett etc.. well fine not so much the kett, they’re ethically jarring but p boring as far as big baddies go, but the devs can blame themselves for this, like, i don’t think you can go better cooler more massive villain than reapers tbh
the angara are awesome tho
i was actually totes ok with the gameplay! first mass effect game where i’m actually tempted to up the difficulty in a future playthrough
the questing was ok, at the end of this i can say that the sidequest amount was... appropriate. i didn’t mind it
fighting wise it was hella. the moment  found out the game had a black widow sniper rifle i was set for life
haven’t tried multiplayer, might tho
also this is the first bioware game that tears me apart re: chars and romances
i ended up going for jaal but i want to also vetra and reyes and possibly also peebee and maybe even liam??? man i don’t know there are so many adorable characters
the banter on the ship is AMAZING the banter while traveling is AMAZING the ship logs are AMAZING the non quest emails are AMAZING like, all the mini interactions between characters are fucking perfect ok, i love the shit out of the writing for this game, i love the fact that ryder never really goes full commander shepard levels of professional and unyielding but at the same time??? the epilogue of ryder wanting to walk out of the party? no one wants to party w their boss around?????? how she looked back at her crew??? with a smile??? i fucking started crying man, that’s the shit i live for
on that note the movie quest -  so. worth. it.
what else... storyline progression all ok, i ended up loving sam even more than i did the concept of him, love the idea of ai/human integration ok i just love ai period (like, i’m gonna get the new s8 form samsung just cause it’ll have its own ai named bixby like bruh, i live for this shit) sams attempts at jokes were hilarious!!!
i am very dissappointed in your sibling ryder role in the game tho like... i get it, but when the game was still in development, devs said sibling ryder will be up to their own shit while u do the pathfinding and i kind got the idea that that meant yknow... they got their own ship, and exploring too, or idk, protecting the new colonies or honestly literally anything besides being in a fucking coma half of the game and then being a plot/villain tool for the last part of it like uuuuggghhhhh
but honestly i like it. sure its not perfect, but like... they bit off more than they could chew with inquisition. this.... required some extra chewing but still, by all means, still a nice game and i can see it continuing the mass effect legacy quite nicely
as always the characters and voice acting and char development and your char development is the fucking crowning achievement of this game tho 
“everyone wants a spiky girlfriend” omg ryder
“your affections can also be quite loud. hahaha, you’re blushing!” jaal omg u sly little fucker yes i am also blushing behind the screen (bruh angara are like electric eels? they? can make electrical currents? with their bodies? think of the kinkssss???? the possibilities?? i might or might not be looking for some fanfic now pls writers, provide me with that kink coughcough)
reyes going “i liked the way you looked at me” and jaal calling you darling after you lock in with him and the way liam writes his emails and gil and poker and his poker tells datapad and the teams comments on the pyjack pet and just man
my heart for this game and the beautiful set of characters it has
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helianthus21 · 4 years ago
I did a bit of liveblogging-in-one-post today, so it got quite long.. I tagged it as “long post” so it doesn’t bother you on your dash;)
Sammmyyyy:( Somebody give this man a hug
“We already have the best Winchester” - Hmm I’m getting whiplash from how many times one of them has been called “the best”. S1 it was “John is the best hunter ever” and we knew it was a friggin’ lie. It took him over twenty years to even get face to face with YED while it took Sam and Dean a few months to stop a fucking Apocalypse!:P I think we’ve already established that Bobby was the best hunter^^ Moving on>>
(Also I’m kind of waiting for the BMoL to capture Cas somehow (and maybe Crowley?) and other supernatural beings to experiment on them so we have a) the supernatural beings teaming up against a common enemy and b) Sam and Dean working from the inside to get them out. This storyline does make for a lot of angst, since in this scenario, the gap between Mary and her sons would get even wider and the blood-vs-found family would reach its peak.. also Cas would get hurt but if he gets cuddles after, it would be worth it:P)
Sam is a fast reader wow
Yeah that’s very healthy Dean. Alcohol and Violence as coping mechanisms. You’d better take Jody up on her offer. Or call Cas. But I do like it that/if Sam and Dean have finally reached a point where they are on the same page and Dean doesn’t feel like he has to put up a front for his little brother. You talk to each other boys!
Honestly tho how much time has passed? Months since the Ramiel thing? Where the hell is Cas through all of that??
ahhh good she’s texting Sam as well:)
“I messed up” - Sorry, Mary, but you’re working with the guys who tortured and mindraped your son. That’s just not gonna cut it
“This is bigger than us” - that.. kinda sounds like John to be honest.. ‘Stow your crap, your feelings aren’t as important as this’…
Mary had her life-without-monsters ripped away from her when Amara whisked her away from Heaven.. I get why she wants this for herself, for her boys. Resurrecting her was most definitely not what anyone involved 'needed'.. But maybe they can make it work.. after all this
this scene totally reminds me of Crowley showing Cas his new hell
Sam YES!
fuck off Mick
“Lucy, I’m home” -really, Dean. Lucy?? Think before you say something sweetie, please (He’s such a motherhen tho)
“Went out. Back later.” That’s.. very informative of you, Sam. *Sigh*
Ohh Deeeaaaan. *shakes head at him, judging* Don’t let the psycho BMoL get in your home
Vampires=Terrorists..??? Tread lightly here BMoL *insert gif of Ruby saying “Don’t be a racist” here*
Don’t think about Benny don’t think about Benny don’t think about Benny
Took him long enough when all his Children were dying:P Seems I was right and he had a prolonged nap, forgot the time…:P
“We used to date”- Nobody asked nobody cares
RUFUS MENTION!:) (I bet Rufus couldn’t stand the guy:P)
Another way I’m different from Dean - I couldn’t work with the guy if I didn’t absolutely have to.. Especially since on a hunt you kind of have to rely on each other and trust.. nah I’d be too preoccupied with sending him ‘I can’t stand you’-vibes via glares and silent treatment..
Leave her alone! Did she do anything?? Deaan, I’m disappointed that there wasn’t a nostalgic flashback to Benny here..
Anyone else been cheering for the vamps?:P
That fancy BMoL guy there looks like a vampire himself..
SAAAAM:( I’ll say it again - somebody give the poor guy a hug
“I stole it. From Ramiel” - Did Sam put two and two together here? I bet he did. He’s smart. So he probably knows Mary risked getting them all killed when she could’ve easily prevented a fight with YED2 by giving the Colt back. His face kills me here:(
Woohoo Alpha Vamp!
So he only cares for his American Children? That’s playing favorites. Bad Alpha!
God look at Sam, he’s so broken. He’s only holding it together for the hunt. That Mary-and-the-Colt thing really got to him, that’s why I don’t believe the BMoL truly won him over. If he is, I’m gonna riot. Sam making poor decisions behind TFW’s back for what he believes is right is sooo 8(?) seasons ago. Give him the character development he’s earned!!
Nooo I liked the Alpha Vamp!:( Honestly, he wasn’t the villain here. 
This is like the time when Sam was trying to find a cure for the MoC and Dean secretly almost-got-killed-by-Rowena-then-went-for-a-drink-with-Crowley. Only it gets revealed earlier.. baby steps:P
Hmm.. the family reconciliation went a little too easy for me.. But that’s not the end of it, I know^^
“We have ways in dealing with hunters who go rogue. They aren’t pleasant” - “Good”   Sam, Mary, you’re scaring me here a little bit..
Gotta say I’d hoped for more with the Alpha Vamp.. Solid episode, but didn’t knock my socks off. Maybe I’m just too spoilt by Perez and Yockey by now though:P
ANYWAY next week Cas is back!:D
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