#even tho i know it will prob be either winter or spring season if im lucky
spooki-ghoztzz · 3 months ago
ok im back here again 😇 could you do some sort of hugging headcanons with vincent and maybe a few other characters of your choice (if youd like)? i just feel like this man gives some of the best hugs dont even ☹️
( oml hug hcs are the best fucking thing- i’m being lazy and just using separators <3)
* Vincent A.
Oml his hugs are so soft yet cold- only cause he keeps the Love Bus cold during the summer/spring. He’s warmer during the winter tho or any cold seasons!
He probably smells like a grill or something..i dunno he seems like that type of dude to grill during the summer!
Also,tiny hc that Vincent is a bit on the chubbier side so..he’s prob hella comfy to hug.
..Now i just wanna hug him and play with his hair </3
Tumblr media
* William J. Afton.
William doesn’t like hugs as much as others,yeah he knows it’s a form of affection but he prefers kissing or just cuddling. (it’s almost the same as cuddling but like he cares-
He’s small and easy to just grab and hug but trust me he’ll smack at your arm till you put him down or he’ll give him.
To be honest,he’s skinny and cold. He’s not the best to cuddle but the other thing is he smells..strange? It’s hard to describe how he’d smell but it wouldn’t be too gross. (cuz i hc he actually bathes-)
But tbh if he’s tired enough he’d give in and nuzzle into you,happy you care for him.
Tumblr media
* (Post Death/Shadow) Sunny Schmidt/Afton.
She loves hugs and cuddling! Her main way of showing love is hugs,ect since she can’t say stuff verbally through her broken english and it gets the point across.
She wouldn’t mind random hugs at all,she adores them especially if she’s cooking or cleaning.
She smells like ash but it’s comforting. She only smells this way due to her death and such but she’s happy it can comfort you in some form,she also feels soft like a actual rabbit! She’s also cold due to her being a shadow but she makes up for that with her fur.
She’d also enjoy just holding you and Michael close as you two talk or watch a movie. It’s a way for you three to bond.
Tumblr media
* Gino Valentino + Heidi Valentino.
These two are big on hugs! It’s one of the ways they can show affection in a short amount of time while they run the resturant.
Both of them are so comfy to hug- Gino and Heidi sometimes even sandwich you in a little group hug every once in a while. Heidi’s warm as hell while i feel like Gino can depend if he’s been in the kitchen or not but half the time he’s warm.
Okay,not to sound weird but they’d just smell like pizza or tomato sauce. It isn’t a bad smell either tbh it would probably smell good.
This is more of a cuddle hc but cuddling the two of them is the best thing in the world,you also would feel safe between the two. Both Gino and Heidi even give you tiny kisses on your face as they ramble on how about how amazing you are <3
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stressed-crow · a year ago
i didnt exactly get tagged, but @lieberts​ said the “whoever wants to do it” thing (like 4 moths ago but i just found it in my likes) so here i goooo
also i tag @krchov​ @cowardlylearningtobebrave​ @feathereddamsel​ @gruntie​ and @luwucifer-s​ but like, only very vaguely. feel free not to~
Rules: Post your first twenty songs in a playlist on shuffle
Mama (My Chemical Romance)
Stigma (BTS)
Man Who Sold The World (Nirvana)
End of Spring (ONEWE)
Love Maze (BTS)
I’m so afraid (Holland)
Dear my friend (agustd)
O-O-H Child (The Five Stairsteps)
Go Go (BTS)
Time is Running out (The Muse)
Movement (Hozier)
Les Passants (Zaz)
The Witching Hour (ODJBOX)
Feelings (Hayley Kiyoko)
0X1=LOVESONG (txt)
YAYAYA (Stray Kids)
Empire (Of Mice and Men)
Problems (Mother Mother)
Question (Stray Kids)
Kill Your Heroes (AWOLNATION)
(i do not take any criticism on my music taste, least of all a costructive one)
2. Rules: MAKE A NEW POST, bold what applies to you and tag whoever you want to get to know better.
I’m an I-need-to-pull-the-driver-seat-all-the-way-in kind of a person // i wear glasses or contacts // i have blonde hair // i prefer loose clothing to tight clothing  // i have one or more piercings // i have at least one tattoo  // i have blue eyes // i have dyed or highlighted my hair // i have gotten plastic surgery // i have or had braces // i sunburn easily // i have freckles // i paint my nails // i wear makeup // i don’t often smile // i am pleased with how I look // I prefer nike to adidas // i wear baseball hats backward
i play a sport // i can play an instrument  // i am artistic  // i know more than one language // i have won a trophy in some sort of competition // i can cook or bake without a recipe // i know how to swim // i enjoy writing // i can do origami // i prefer movies to tv shows // i can execute a perfect somersault // i enjoy singing // i could survive in the wild on my own (if it was like... chill wildreness. i mean i can get a fire going and shit like that i cant fistfight a bear or whatever) // i have read a new book series this year // i enjoy spending time with friends // i travel during school or work breaks // i can do a handstand
i am in a relationship // i have a crush // i have a best friend i have known for ten years // my parents are together // i have dated my best friend // i am adopted // my crush has confessed to me // i have a long-distance relationship // i am an only child // i give advice to my friends // i have made an online friend // i met up with someone i have met online
i have heard the ocean in a conch shell // i have watched the sunrise // i enjoy rainy days // i have slept under the stars // i meditate outside // the sound of chirping calms me // i enjoy the smell of the beach // i know what snow tastes like // i listen to music to fall asleep // i enjoy thunderstorms // i enjoy cloud watching // i have attended a bonfire // i pay close attention to colors // i find mystery in the ocean (i dont like it tho the sea scares me) // i enjoy hiking on nature paths // autumn is my favourite season
i can fall asleep in a moving vehicle // i am the mom friend // i live by a certain quote // i like the smell of sharpies // i am involved in extracurricular activities // i enjoy mexican food // i can drive a stick-shift  // i believe in true love // i make up scenarios to fall asleep // i sing in the shower // i wish i lived in a video game // i have a canopy above my bed // i am multiracial // i am a redhead // i own at least one dog // i have a cat ---------
sage green or baby blue | moon or stars | paperback or hardback | piercings or tattoos (i want a new one... both piercing and tattoo) | drawing or writing | saturn or jupiter | line without a hook or mr. loverman (what does this mean??) | ancient greece or ancient egypt | prague (yo i live here thats wild) or amsterdam | dark academia or light academia | indie aesthetic or cottagecore | stargazing or late night drives | strawberries or watermelons | rings or necklaces | extrovert or introvert | dragons or griffins | ocean or mountain | silver or gold | dawn or dusk | creative or free spirit | early bird or night owl | cook or bake | dagger or sword ---------
indoor plants or gardens // cloud-watching or star-gazing // water or fire // paperback or hardcover // running or hiking // sleeping with socks or without socks // fruit or vegetables // hanging plants or succulents // dark wood or light wood // handwritten or typed // instagram or pinterest (i dont do either) // braids or pigtails // books or movies // oceans or meadows // forests or fields // sweet or salty // ice cream or chocolate // hoodies or sweaters // long hair or short hair // piercings or tattoos (new!! both!!) // summer or winter (both suck) // boots or sneakers // cars or motorcycles // curls or straight hair // castles or cottages // sunny days or storms // reptiles or birds // disney or nickelodeon (am european) // strawberries or watermelon (im using this opportunity to pick the other one yes) // essays or posters // phones or laptops // glass or stone // dark or light // photos or paintings // circuses or theaters // reading or writing // dogs or cats // poetry or novels // monsters or ghosts // thrift shops or libraries // fiction or non-fiction
5. Post one picture from my camera roll (no new downloads) to sum up my personality! u get two bcs they are v good
Tumblr media Tumblr media
RULES: Answer 30 questions and tag others
Name/Nickname: lucy 
Gender: female 
Star Sign: leo
Height: 170 cm 
Time: 22:04 
Birthday: july 1  IS WHAT I WROTE INITIALLY bcs i cant fucking read and thought it just said “date” lol anyway its 11th of August
Favorite Bands: bts, stray kids :)
Favorite Solo Artists: sunmi, taemin :) and hozier i cant betray him 
Song stuck in my head: la la la la vie en rose
Last Movie: def some horror movie but i forget which lol
Last Show: probably the untamed lmaooo did not even finnish it 
When did I create this blog: december 2013 apparently 
What do I post: kpop babey 
Last thing googled: i gotta fact check lots of shit for work so probs smting sports related (but make no mistake i dont know a single thing abt sports) 
Other blogs: what for i dump everything here
Do I get asks: no
Why I chose my url: self-explanatory
Following: 100
Followers: ???
Average hours of sleep: about 8 hours 
Instruments: none 
What am I wearing: pink pajama shorts with kitties, black shirt torn beyond decent wearability and this dark green... jacket,,, hoodie...thing.
Dream job: village witch 
Dream trip: me @ japan: 
Tumblr media
(i was supposed to go study there starting winter 2020 :) im abt to lose my fucking mind :) so yeah you get a dead meme for this) also new zealand, iceland, and going back to sweden sometime
Favorite food: pizza bithc its versatile, also cereal coz im a child
Nationality: czech (rip) 
Favorite song: black swan (bts), levanter (skz), take me to church (hozier), noir (sunmi) (those are from the top of my head current favs theres way more but here u go)
Last book read: MIMOZEMŠŤANÉ V ČECHÁCH (= aliens in czechia) by idk, some married couple thats probs wanted whatever xfiles had but low budget, its pure nonsense, best read of this year, dont regret a single second
 Top three fictional universes I’d like to live in: magnus archives bich i dont give a fuck; middle earth to blaze it with hobbits; i wanna be one of those lil shaky-head-tree-things in mononokehime
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joshuakiryusmom · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
All I need is to simply call out your name And look I can’t help but loving you the same “What’s that face?” As we sit in this empty room You turned to me with that playful smile you do Today as well, I have fallen here for you
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