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#event: all hallows' eve

Midorima x Reader

Word Count: 2686

Submission for @knb-kreations‘s All Hallows’ Eve event!

Prompt: black cat

»»————— ☼ —————««

Midorima hated Halloween.

Why would anyone celebrate the day that is especially infamous for terrible misfortune and ominous superstitions?

Scratch that—why in god’s name does October have to exist?

He swore that every step he took provoked different unsettling breezes that whispered various taunts of a series of unfortunate events for Cancers like him.

He even tried to convince Captain Miyaji to bail out of practice for the month out of fear for his “safety and wellbeing,” promising to practice in the sanctuary of his own backyard to compensate.

“What the fuck are you on about?” the said Captain glowered, his patience visibly thinning on his face. “If this is about your horoscopes again, I’m not hearing about that shit again. Winter Cup is around the corner, and you still think you’ll get special treatment just because you’re one of the Generation of Miracles?”

“Sh-shin-chan, I think this is the time for you to run—

“Takao. This is none of your—”

5 extra laps around the campus.


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Lester Furnival and Evelyn Mercer from Charles Williams’ All Hallows Eve. Underrated 1940s fantasy book about ghosts and creepy magic in world war two era London. Charles Williams was in the Inklings writing group with JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis

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A child finds a video tape in his candy bag on Halloween night and the babysitter begrudgingly allows them to watch some. The tape features people being murdered by bizarre people and creatures; she sends them to bed and then watches the rest alone.

The imagery was decent throughout because most of the particularly gory moments are only shown in momentary flashes and are later repeated in montages which exploits them effectively. The cinematography was also good with a lot of the classic horror tropes and a few new elements. The portmanteau style allowed for there to be a little variety in the villains and the type of horror being displayed.

All three of the short films that make up the overall narrative were basically the same but with a few adjustments to the environment; the first was a kidnap film, the second a home invasion flick, and the third was a chase in an isolated region. This explores a few different elements from horror in a relatively short time but the main plot is basically the same, a supernatural evil is stalking a young woman and slowly going for the kill. Not to mention that all the endings were very similar.

After the framing device of the babysitter has been introduced the film appears to be about to go into a found footage style using the video tape but thankfully it comes up with a vague magical explanation for that and just goes for regular camera techniques and styles. There are a couple of interesting techniques which are effective and creepy; one of the best was the part where Art the Clown looks out through the TV.

This film isn’t quite as good as its successor Terrifier (2016) because Art wasn’t used as effectively as he could have been, only getting cameos in the first two stories. Also there is no explanation for what he was doing in the first two or why and because the story was in chunks it meant that four separate protagonists had to be tediously introduced and there’s only so many ways to go about that.

4/10 -It’s below average, but only just!-

-The short films on the tape are apparently short films made by the director years earlier and repurposed for the film.

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‘ey folks, tonight on this most Hallowed of Eves, give a mummy a kiss, hug a skeleton, and maybe play some basketball with a vampire

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