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“What did I get myself into?” Ailee question. She had been trying to find something interesting to do on her free time and this event that was going on seem like a good idea. Looking at the listed of people she sigh, who is this person? She felt so out of luck, because she doesn’t really know who this partner of her was. Lucky for her, her contact with people was wide so eventually she got a hold of the others number. 

Text ` Hi, yeah hello. I don’t know you and I know you don’t know me. But yeah lets skip all this chit chat and meet up in front of the love rain bakery? Yeah okay. My name Ailee. I’ll be waiting. Oh we are partners for this event that the city is having thats why. SO HURRY HURRY!

While she had been texting the other, she was already heading down to the bakery herself. The news of the event starting came late to her so she was in no rush. This was just going to be something fun for her and nothing more. 

Looking at the first hint she begin to read it to herself. Those who seek fantasy, adventure or even romance would frequent this place. Although noise and ruckus are forever forbidden in the space.  The riddle pretty much got her stuck, she hardly knew the city itself. So how was she suppose to solve it? Looking around she waited for the other to appear. Who knows maybe he won’t be interested in this race as well.

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The plan he had come up with with the tiny woman in one of the side halls had gone defunct the moment that her powers had seemed to inexplicably disappear. What timing. Adrian had wondered if there was some sort of NOVA presence. This sort of crime didn’t seem like their MO, however. The power loss reminded him of some of the reports he had read about the Riots and the inhibitors proprietary of NOVA, but they didn’t tend to endanger humans. There were too many variables. The would-be assailants were also human, it seemed, so it couldn’t be a frame job. Adrian wouldn’t put it past NOVA to come up with something like that, but the pieces didn’t fit. Had whomever was running this crime found a way to replicate the inhibitors? Was it just in the bank itself? Adrian didn’t know, but he didn’t have time to ruminate on it.

The suit he had stolen after stowing the incapacitated gunman well enough that it wouldn’t be found had enabled him, like he hoped, to avoid being corralled into the vault where all the other hostages were being taken. The mask hid his identity enough that he could get past the other guards and make it to the second floor, where he was surprised—and relieved, to catch sight of none other than who he knew to be the Winter Soldier. While he was in New York, Adrian had followed the trial, so he recognized the redhead and the archer who split up from him as Black Widow and Hawkeye. Natasha Romanoff had testified at Barnes’ trial. They were capable, and so was he.

Of course, he wasn’t stupid. He had spent his whole life trying to ensure that he would never be stupid. So he didn’t just approach the lone former Soviet assassin dressed as the enemy. Instead, he pressed to the wall before removing the mask and chancing calling out from behind cover, “I assume you’ve come to help the hostages? I can help. I know where they are and how many gunmen are downstairs. I managed to steal one of their suits, so I can hear their communications, too.” It was true. There was a little communicator embedded in the mask. “They sent a group upstairs because they’re expecting you. Or at least someone.” He took a breath before adding, “I’m Adrian Veidt. Former codename Ozymandias.” Even if that wasn’t familiar to Barnes—though Adrian was about as well-known as Tony Stark and now Bruce Wayne—it might at least give some indication that he wasn’t just some random civilian with a savior complex.

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It seemed there was a number of people at the docks tonight. Red Hood. Black Canary. But Slade hadn’t expected to see a familiar flash of white. Hair that matched his own, and eye that mirrored his. He knew his daughter was in the city, but they had spent so long avoiding one another throughout their lives that it was almost jarring to run into her.

“Business at the docks tonight,” he asked as he kept his eye out for other gunmen. “Or did you feel the call to dispense some justice when the shots were reported?” Behind the mask, he smirked a little, cocking his head.

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