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winxclubgivesmeserotonine · 2 minutes ago
from time to time i come here, reblog a bunch of winx club/eah/monster high related posts and disappear into the shadows for like 2 months
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they get offered a wardrobe full of clean clothes and nobody changes for reasons of “too scared”, “too skeptical”, “got his head stuck”, and “it’s the doctor”, but theodore my beloved does and:
There were many things in the wardrobe he longed to try on, but he felt a bit too scared to make an enormous change, so settled for green pants and shirt and a velvet waistcoat.
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rainbowloliofjustice · 4 minutes ago
Honestly I hate the "Miku made x" because it allows people to ignore that something they enjoy was created by a problematic or garbage person so they can continue pretending they don't like any problematic people.
Sometimes you just have to acknowledge that something you like was made by someone problematic. Jfc
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boyrings · 4 minutes ago
i do not think i’m a final girl but i do think i’m a scream queen
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guillaumechrist · 5 minutes ago
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hannie-dul-set · 5 minutes ago
how many more passive aggressive “reblog works or die” posts must i reblog until everyone actually does it .
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kvgehiras · 8 minutes ago
THANK YOU SO MUCH HOLYYYYY arnajndnsbd i ahve two more exams to get thru and your imagines gave me a power up 🤝🤝 i rlly like the way you write them bc it's. really easy to grasp for my overheating pea-brain. you get 6 stars . and you're so sweet you get 6 stars additionally. 12 stars. and i will go take a long nap. all the things in that fore-note you wrote count for you too, so stay safe and take care of yourself. ♡♡ TNANK YOU AGAIN
next time i come back, can i sign my asks with a ❄? ;D
HELLO AGAIN ANON!!!!!!!! WAAAAAA IM SO ORPUD OF U !!!!!!! 2 MORE !!!!! U CAN DO IT!!!!!! ND HAAHAHAHHA OVERHEATING BRAIN;;;;;; YES YES I ALSO HAVE A BRAIN LIKE THAT SO I UNDERSTAND (i didnt rlly kmow how to write for enstars in this manner but its working out now so good for me ig JDHDHDHDH) THANK U FOR THE STARS I WILL WEAR THEM LIKE A BADGE OF HONOR!!!!!! ND THANK U I WILL TAKE CARE ^^^^^^ ND YES YES NP!!!!!
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bohemianpages · 10 minutes ago
Réka love all the headers you made are incredible I’m gonna cry you’re so talented thank you so much i love you 🥺💕💕
i’m so sorry for accidentally ignoring this message, but i’m so happy you liked the headers, you sweet girl xx
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alx-albon · 11 minutes ago
Insane Mick x y/k fic like, no, really fcked up
My time has come and I am finally presenting this, whatever this is.
Thank you @watermelonseb for the inspiration mwah
Disclaimer1: y/k is not you, it’s a mythical creature that has lived many lives, for centuries in fanfictions and in my story it’s a female.
Disclaimer 2: tw bad writing, tw it’s a joke, tw constitutional monarchy mention oh and tw alcohol !!!
Disclaimer 3: it’s PG 3 or 2 idk
Disclaimer 4: this is a tribute to all the good, but mainly incredibly and beautifully BAD fan-fictions I have ever read
Y/k yawned and stretched a bit behind the bar. It was 9am on a Saturday morning and all the guests were still curing their hangover from the last Friday night and there was only one group of kids playing by the pool. Y/k really liked working in the hotel. It was a good way to earn some extra money on the side and save up for college. There was one other thing that y/k liked about this particular job even though she was not ready to admit it yet. ‘You came early’ y/k greeted a tall muscular blond boy from behind her bar. He was wearing nothing but his fancy branded swimsuit and a beaded necklace. He smiled playfully when he spotted the girl. ‘I guess so’ the handsome boy replied ‘Mr Anderson’s son is coming to his first surfing class and you know those rich people. You need to come when they say so!’ The boy smiled again, waved at y/k and left to meet the Anderson’s offspring at the beach. ‘See you later Mick’ y/k sighed. Yea... maybe she likes her summer job a bit more than she thinks.
‘Good morning, what can I get you, sir?’ y/k asked kindly seeing a mysterious gentleman in a suit approaching her bar. It is a bit too warm for a suit today, isn’t it? y/k thought to herself. It was beautiful Australian summer, and she could not believe anyone would enjoy wearing anything but a loose t-shirt and a pair of shorts. ‘Whiskey sour please’ the gentleman relied with a slight yet noticeable eastern European accent. ‘Isn’t it a bit too early for such a strong drink, sir?’ y/k laughed a bit but soon she noticed that her costumer stayed nothing by serious. ‘It is never too early for a drink. At least not where I come from.’ The mysterious gentlemen laughed which give her weird vibes. But he tipped well, y/k could not ask for more. ‘What brings you to Australia, sir?’ y/k asked. She was intrigued by this mysterious gentleman and wanted to know more. Her mom’s family comes from Russia and her beloved nan lived in Moscow and, allegedly, she was still, despite her serious age, a very prominent persona in the upper-class Russian circles. Y/k missed her deeply since it’s been a long time she and her nan could enjoy a pleasant afternoon tea in her family house. It’s been a long time since she has seen her parents either, who were currently conducting some cancer related clinical trials in South America. The man saw y/k was deep in her thoughts and replied shortly before leaving ‘Busines. I came here for busines’. ‘Well, I can only wish you it will be successful!’
The meeting with the mysterious really got her sentimental, about her family she misses dearly, and about her roots. A lot of people tell her she has some raw, untamed beauty she got through her eastern European heritage. But she couldn’t see it. She was nowhere near as beautiful as the local ladies. She was nowhere near as beautiful as Lilou, the girl she worked with in the hotel. They were not best friends, but Lilou was kind, friendly, very sociable and y/k couldn’t ask for a better company in a country she barely knows. Lilou was close with Mick, almost inseparable… Y/k sighed again, she knew that whatever happens in Australia, she will have to get back to the US as soon as summer is over. ‘I see you’re having a rather quite day at the bar hmm’ a familiar voice brought her back from the daydream. It was Mick, looking as happy and cheerful as usual, with his dazzling smile and playful eyes focused only on her. ‘It seems so yes hahaha’ the girl replied and poured him a glass of water.
She knew Mick for just a couple of weeks. But this was enough to learn how humble and joyful he is. He also came to Australia to work before he starts uni or his proper job, he didn’t tell, and y/k didn’t ask. Y/k and Mick found themselves to be good friends, yet the girl always felt a little insecure in his presence, however, Mick seemed not to be noticing it at all. Y/k hesitantly tucked the hair behind her ear and found enough courage to speak up. ‘Mick, are you coming to Lilou’s birthday party tonight? I know you and her are frie-‘ ‘Oh I don’t know… I feel exhausted these days and it’s another busy day at work tomorrow… Are you coming though?’ ‘Me?’ Y/k made a pause, why would he ask about her, he knows she is a close friend of Lilou but…. ‘Yes of course I am coming! Lilou asked me to make some special decorations, so, really, I might be the first guest to come hahaha’. ‘Then I think I need to try to make it to the party, I guess’. Mick said that, finished his drink and winked playfully ‘See you tonight!’ Y/k smiled and blushed involuntary and felt like she needs some cool water for herself now. She had a  strong feeling, she is going to enjoy the party very much.
Y/k showed up early as promised to help with the decorations. When both girls were ready the hotel’s terrace looked better than ever. The first friends were starting to show up, there were still a few hotel guests hanging around, but Lilou didn’t mind that, ‘the more the merrier’ she said. But to be completely honest, she lived to be admired and this was her night. She was wearing a low-cut mini cocktail dress that was very cleverly underlining all the best features of Lilou’s figure. Everyone’s eyes focused on her and only on her. Well, not really everyone’s…  Mick showed up a bit later than everyone else, holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers and wished aall the best to the birthday girl. Y/k couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous and tried to imagine how would it feel to get flowers from someone… someone she likes. Of course, she has been gifted gorgeous and expensive flowers from her parents for nearly every possible occasion. But how would it feel to get them from a man… ‘You are always so far far away from us hahaha’ Mick came closer. ‘Hahaha sorry’ y/k replied clearly embarrassed ‘I haven’t seen you’ ‘Well now you see me haha! Would you like to come dance later? I bet you look good on the dancefloor haha!’ Y/k almost chocked on her drink and started to stress laugh as one does. ‘Me? I bet I look embarrassing on the dancefloor, haha. I think I would need more drinks before it happens, but I will definitely join you later!’ Mick said he was happy with that and left as he joined his other surfer friends loosing it to ‘Single Ladies’.
Y/k was, no doubt, having the best night of her life. Maybe this was the third margarita, but she felt confident, she felt happy and she felt like she is not going to remember half of the night the very next morning. Which is not necessarily anything initially bad. ‘Excuse me, miss?’ Y/k felt an unexpected tapping on her shoulder. When she turned around, to her surprise, she saw the mysterious man she met earlier today at work. ‘Oh hello, sir, I did not expect to see you again, and definitely not at my colleague’s birthday party. How was your business meeting?’ ‘Well, it is still about to happen soon. Actually, I came to Australia to speak with you. Please, do you have a moment?’ Y/k has never been so confused. ‘Speak with me? Sir, I believe you must have been mistaken, I am sure we have never seen each other before.’ ‘Yes, I know that.’ The man replied ‘Please, it will take just a couple of minutes.’ The mysterious gentleman and y/k sat down at a distinct table so there was no one interrupting them. ‘My name is Daniil Kvyat, I work for you grandma and my family owns her so much respect. Actually, it’s your grandma who sent me here to speak to you’ ‘Nan? Really?’ This just didn’t make any sense to her. ‘Yes, and there is not an easy way to say that, but your life is about to change forever…’
And that is how Daniil started to explain everything. Everything! Explain how there is a lot of political and social unrest in Russia. Explain how it is close to overthrow the current regime and peacefully elect a new leader. A new leader who will unify the nation and show a better future where Russia will prosper again. And it was her grandma who was signified to be the future queen of Russia. Y/k felt dizzy, and her head was spinning. She was not sure if it was the margaritas or the nonsense she has just been listening to. Daniil continued, ‘And once your grandmother is announced as the new queen she will need a close assistant. Someone she trusts, someone who will step into her duties when her time comes. And she believes you are the perfect candidate to join her as a princess and future queen of Russia. Y/k was out of breath. This made her feel even worse. This was nonsense. ‘No, sorry, Daniil, this doesn’t make any sense and this is not true. It can’t be. If it was true she would have called me!!’ ‘She is too busy working behind the scenes and monitoring the current political situation. She thought it would be better if a trusted person came to speak to you directly.’ Y/k had tears in her eyes. It was not true, it could not be true. ‘Excuse me’ the girl stood up ‘I need to go’ and y/k rushed hastily towards her bedroom. She needs to lay down, she needs solitude only her own space can offer. ‘Y/k!’ Mick shouted when he noticed the girl was not behaving like herself ‘Where are you going?’ ‘Not now Mick, I can’t! I must go’ y/k replied, and they have never seen her that day again.
Her head was still spinning the next morning. She regretted drinking that much because of the headache and because it made her overreact. Clearly, she was overreacting. But how can you come into someone’s life to announce news like those. She called her parents after she came to her room the last night and they confirmed everything. This was happening, all of this. They told her how this was all planned long before she was born. Her family was only waiting for a perfect time. And the perfect time was finally about to come. Y/k is expected to join her nan sometime in the following weeks. She was not ready, not ready to leave her life. Not now, not when she was finally feeling like herself. But she had to do this. How she will tell her friends, how will she tell Mick… This made no sense. This was not fair. Not fair at all.
Y/k got dressed and showed up to work as if nothing has happened. The customers kept her busy and distracted. This is what she needed. She decided to spend her break on the beach to collect her thoughts and once again look at the beautiful ocean. After this summer she won’t probably see it anytime soon. She needs to collect as many memories as possible … Suddenly, she felt an abrupt pain in the stomach. She saw Mick approaching her from the other side of the beach. How could she possibly talk to him right now. ‘Y/k! I am so sorry, I have been looking for you everywhere!’ ‘Hi!’ the girl replied ‘Well, now you found me’. The girl forced a smile and Mick smiled back while sitting next to her. ‘Can you tell me what happened yesterday? You left so unexpectedly… I saw you talking to that one guy. Was it your boyfriend? Did he make you upset?’ Mick’s eyes dropped down as if he didn’t really want to hear the answer. ‘Hahaha ew no! He is not- I don’t have a boyfriend but yes I chatted with him and this made me leave the party early.’ ‘Is there anything I can do?’ Mick clearly regained his spirit and his confidence. ‘Uh not really’ y/k sighed ‘You will not believe me if I told you anyway. My life is going to change soon and this is beyond my control…’ Y/k stopped for a second. ‘And I am scared, I don’t feel ready’ ‘Well’ Mick continued ‘after this summer my life is going to change forever too. Maybe telling you about it will make you feel that you are not alone in all this?’ Y/k looked at Mick with consternation. What is he possibly talking about?
And that is how Mick told her more about himself. About his family’s traditions of being racing drivers. About how he is a son of a living legend. The best of the bests. About how from next March he is going to join Formula one, the most prestigious series, and bring back his family name back to the sport. He told her that he feels overwhelmed by all that responsibility and how he will never come back to being just the surfer instructor ever again. ‘I just wanted to spend one last summer doing what I love. When it is just you and waves and nothing else matters. This will change, it has to change but I am sure that if I can do it you can overcome the big stressful step in your life too!’ Y/k smiled, this was huge, and she felt grateful knowing Mick trusts her enough to share this story with her. She felt some strange, unknown courage in herself and grabbed Mick’s had which made the boy blush. ‘Ok then, now it is time for my story...’
When she was done, it looked like Mick needed some time to process all the information and broke the silence with some awkward laughter. ‘Hahaha well no THIS is a big deal!’ ‘Yea I know hahaha’ Y/k smiled while Mick rubbed the back of her hand with his thumb. ‘If I can be a Formula one driver you can be a princess of Russia, easily!’ ‘Haha, yes easily! Well the only down side is I will probably have much less time… For my family, and my friends… Much less time to hang out with you…’ Y/k sighed but Mick looked her straight in the eyes and smiled joyfully. ‘I am sure we will make it work!’ He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. Y/k returned the smile and said ‘Well, hopefully the next time you’ll race in Russia I will be the one to give you the trophy!!’ Mick laughed ‘Yes, I am very much looking forward to that!’
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rainbluealoekitten · 14 minutes ago
i sat in the rain for an hour and then put my trainers back on in a funky way and my brain says it transed my gender oops
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dread-queen-persephone · 16 minutes ago
What were kids movie writers on from like 2007-2012? Everything had to be live action with CGI nightmare fuel characters and they were written to be too adult and too childish at the same time?
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