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So, I was looking John’s blog in the part of the “my new flatmate” and this is what he said about a fortune cookie near the end of the post.


“There is nothing new under the sun. It has all been done before”.

And I remembered all the Everett Ross x Stephen Strange fanfics where Stephen travels through the multiverse and discover that in many universes he and Everett are predetermined to be together. Like soulmates who seek each other without knowing why. Like, John and Sherlock have already been together in other places and in other contexts and no matter what, they belong to each other.

And that’s so beautiful.

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This is my current writing requests/writing list. Will be updated as work is complete.

Managed to subdue the fic-demon for now, so my Coming Soon list will remain the one story idea (and not included in this list).

Once I complete my request list (Mirror is the last one for this current batch), I will go out of order on my own ideas. And once my personal list is down to 2 ideas, my Coming Soon idea will be moved over and requests will open again!

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Vanity Fair and GQ did their MF career/character recaps so here’s one (sorta)

  1. Phil Rask, FBI Agent, Financial Crimes unit [Start Up]
  2. Mike Priddle, Financier [Ghost Stories]
  3. John H. Watson, M.D., Captain (Ret.) British Army Doctor [BBC’s Sherlock]
  4. Everett K. Ross, CIA Agent, (Ret.) US Air Force Pilot [MCU]
  5. Charlie, Librarian, Cataplexy sufferer [Ode To Joy]
  6. Bilbo Baggins, Hobbit of the Shire, hired burglar [The Hobbit]
  7. Andy, father of 1, virus-infected [Cargo]
  8. Thomas, Mossad Operative Handler [The Operative]
  9. Steve Fulcher, Detective Superintendent [ITV’s A Confession]
  10. Richard “Ricky C” Cunningham, Da West Staines Massiv [Ali G Indahouse]

Other notable roles: John (Love Actually), Rembrandt (Nightwatching), Tim Canterbury (The Office), Lester Nygaard (Fargo), Arthur Dent (Hitchhiker’s), Paul Maddens (Nativity), Paul Worsley (Breeders), Oliver Chamberlain (The World’s End), Iain Mackelpie (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot). Couldn’t find gifs to fit the walking theme might figure out something else for them 🤔

it’s kind of sad when people say he acts the same in every role and they’ve maybe only seen him in 3 things. i mean look at the range of things he’s been in: a biography, black comedy, fantasy adventure, horror, mockumentary, mystery-drama, romcom, sci-fi, spy thriller, superhero action, true crime, and even a zombie flick. mindblowing.

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Christine: Alright, and before we begin, I would like to introduce the newest member of the ‘Fuck Stephen Strange’ club, where we talk about how hot Stephen is and how much we want to bone him!!! Welcome Steve Rogers!

Tony: Hello

Mordo: Hi!

Everett Ross: I haven’t even met him but damn those eyes

Kaecilius: I’m a part of a crack ship!

Cloak of Levitation: *floats*

Steve, sweating: I may have misunderstood-

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Prompt from TheSkyWriter on AO3 - You know the ritual combat where a challenger of royal blood or the leader of a tribe can pose a challenge to fight to yielding or death to become the next king? Can I see the same happen to become a royal consort of the king? T'Challa’s just announced his engagement to Everett but Everett is challenged by an obsessed Wakandan to ritual combat to become T'Challa’s consort during a routine Council meeting, and T'Challa, and the royal family including the Council are worried for Everett’s fate because the challenger is a skilled and formidable fighter but Everett stuns and frightened them all by quietly accepting the challenge to ritual combat, and when the challenge takes place he gets some injuries b/c his challenger is a skilled fighter like previously mentioned but Everett surprises them all and kicks the shit out of the challenger and shows what a BAMF ex-CIA agent he really is??

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M'baku loved messing with him. Never in front of you. In front of you he pretended to be a serious adult, to play a powerful figure, to turn on the charm and flash that pretty smile at you when he knew you were looking. Everett knew better though. The man laughed at his own jokes more than anyone else. He knew why he did this, why he wanted to humiliate him whenever he could, but acted nice in front of you: he liked you. He also knows you’ve been dating Everett for a while, though M'baku wasn’t worried. Neither was Evetett. You’d known about his feelings to you from the moment you met, when he started bragging about the army he had, how gifted they were, and strong, trying to impress you. It was cute, watching them act all love struck, but you had a boyfriend. Nothing would ever change your feelings about him.

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Writing progress!!!

Wanted to update on where I’m at:

Broken Glass Chapter 8 - 1/3 done!

Death of Love Chapter 3 - Started!

Mirror Chapter 1 - ¼ done!

Family Man Chapter 1 - Done!

Let Nature Take Her Course Prologue - Done!

Against The Odds Chapter 1 - Done!

I will only post the completed chapters of the new work once Broken Glass and Death of Love are complete. But I have stuff ready for the on deck circle!

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