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T’Challa Breaks the Internet
Fandom(s): Black Panther, MCU
Rating: Not rated (mainly gen w/hints of smutty goodness with the possibility of future smut, because y’all know me)
Relationship(s): Shuri & T’Challa. T’Challa x reader
Summary: Have you ever wondered what our Lord and savior, the Black Panther, King of Wakanda, T'Challa, would do, how would he react if he found out about the stories we write or the art we make? Now's your chance!
Warning(s): Humor, quirky humor. Basically, this fic gives tribute to the good and the bad fics of the Black Panther fandom, the fics you can tell were written from a black perspective or the non-black population. 
WinterPanther, EverPanther (why is Everett Ross/T’Challa a thing, idk), TaserPanther, and more, they all get a time to be razzed and cross examined. If you get offended, well, it’s just more funny for me.
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Fanart and T’Chucky (WinterPanther)
The sound of your stifled chuckles should have first clued him in.
To be fair to himself, though, he was immersed in paperwork and had only glanced up briefly to see what amused you so. You are sitting cross legged in a chair across the room, fist propped underneath your chin and your right hand carefully balancing a tablet in your hold so that it wouldn’t fall, eyes fastened to the screen.
“What is so funny?”
Shuri’s ‘innocent’ expression all but screams of mischief, her lips pulled down at the corners as she tried to maintain a serious appearance, which is suspicious in and of itself. “Nothing.”
Then it’s definitely something.
Weary but feeling that the paperwork needed to be done today, soon, he glanced back down at his work. Just as he did so, however, the duo were giggling again and whispering now too. T’Challa spent fifteen minutes re-reading the same sentence over and over again before he couldn’t contain his curiosity any longer.
“I want to laugh as well.” he complained. “Tell me!”
T’Challa was not whining, he really isn’t. Kings did not whine.
Looking up from the tablet, you snorted. “Okay, okay, I’ll tell you.”
“No! He won’t see the funny side, Y/N!” Shuri tried to snatch the tablet away but you leaned out of reaching distance.
Face screwing up into a frown, he scoffed at his sister. Sucking on his teeth, he cut his eyes at her and buffed his nails on his silk black shirt. “What are you talking about? I have a sense of humor!”
Shuri muttered something distinctly unflattering underneath her breath and you lightly nudged her, wordlessly telling her to stop. “Right, of course…” Even her words are unenthusiastic.
T’Challa lets her tone roll off his shoulders because you’re soon half sitting in his lap, one arm thrown behind the back of the chair, and offering the tablet. Before the query could pass his lips, wondering what he is to be looking at exactly, you’ve tapped the screen so that it lights up and he’s gazing at a very detailed picture of...himself? In the Black Panther suit.
“Fanart.” Your voice stated overhead. “You became very popular after the...debacle with Tony Stark and the other Avengers.”
Zemo had been a crafty adversary, releasing the footage of the airport battle, the Winter Soldier murdering the Starks, and also the two-on-one fight between Barnes, Rogers, and Stark; the Stark heir spent many months secluded from public eye afterwards, not that T’Challa could blame him. Nonetheless, it had fallen squarely on his shoulders to entertain the U.N. and wrangle Thaddeus Ross into a lower position of authority; not an easy feat, especially because the man was slippery as a snake.
“Mm,” he made a noncommittal noise and clicked on the ‘visit’ button. Google opened a new tab, taking him to the creator’s page on DeviantArt. “This, saifuddindayana, he or she, is very talented.”
“You, you like it?”
He shrugged. “Who doesn’t like being adored by fans?” T’Challa smirked.
Shuri let out a ‘Ha!’ “Y/N is babying you. Google T’Chucky or WinterPanther.” He hesitated and she pounced on it. “Are you scared?”
“I am not scared!”
“T’Challa, you really shouldn’t--”
He Googled the terms and immediately wished he could rewind time.
“Is that Sgt. Barnes and I?” The detail of the art is intricate, beautiful and obscene. T’Challa felt his skin become heated with embarrassment when he saw several pictures of a...sexual nature. He was grateful that his skin tone is dark enough to hide the blush. “Who is, why are they,” his eyes darted around the room, not focusing on any one thing. “We tried to kill each other!”
“Apparently after attempted murder, the only thing is up. Romantic walks at night and candle lit dinners.” You tease. T’Challa’s horrified expression tickles your funny bone and you can’t help but laugh, even as you leaned forward to kiss his brow.
“Most cases, the fanfic authors just jump straight to the sex.” Shuri added, ruining the touching moment.
Fan...fiction? “People are writing stories ?!”
You sighed. “Shuri…”
It took several minutes, with some pleading, bargaining and placating kisses, before T’Challa calmed down. His eyes flicker to yours, to the wall, to Shuri, who’s quietly snickering at more fanart or fanfics, and then back to you.
“I don’t understand.”
“Personally, I don’t understand why anyone ships Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter together,” his brow furrowed in confusion, unsure what you meant about ‘ships’, but also wondering what a children’s series had to do with anything. “But the human mind does like the illicit and forbidden. What’s more steamy and exciting than a romance between the fierce Winter Soldier and the enigmatic Black Panther?”
“My relationship with you.” T’Challa stated simply.
“See!” Pointing her finger at her brother in an ‘Aha!’ manner, she glanced at you. “I told you that he wouldn’t get the funny side.”
“He’s new to this. Give him a chance.” Making a ‘calm down’ motion, you turn your attention back to your lover because that was certainly an ‘Awww!’ moment. “And honey, I know you love me. I love you too, but--”
“No. No, ‘but’. I know that look in your eye, Y/N, and you will not convince me to change my mind.” He crossed his arms and glanced away. That was that, subject closed.
Except that it wasn’t.
“I promise that if you don’t like one fanfic that I read, or at least a chapter, or you don’t laugh at it, we’ll drop this and never speak of it again.” You bargain. He glowered. You raised an eyebrow. He huffed. You smiled and took the tablet back, typing quickly.
Once you found a fic, something less scandalizing and not porn (which would for sure have him run for the hills), you cleared your throat and when you spoke next, you changed your voice so that it mimicked the traumatized super soldier’s drawl. “‘ Alright, I'll say it. I'm sorry for all the....fighting. I feel bad for hurting you.’”.
Shuri seemed to have the same idea, as she participated too, becoming something of a narrator, “He felt his hands get clammy and his heart beat to pick up. It was always nerve-racking for him to apologize in such a quiet setting. Thankfully, T'challa sensed this and put his hand over Bucky's. This slowed Bucky's heartbeat but caused butterflies to flutter in his stomach.”
Switching the pitch of your voice so that it’s more soft, understanding, you continue on reading, "it's okay, Bucky. I'm sorry for fighting you at probably every chance I got. I hope we're okay after this."
Again, Shuri interjected, reading her line. “T'challa gave him a small smile which Bucky returned.”
‘Oh, this is a fun part.’ Lips twitching with amusement, you struggled not to laugh, even as you used your ‘Bucky’ voice again. "‘If I knew you were so cute, I wouldn't have tried anything.’"
Just because you’re in a smarmy mood, you give T’Challa the most outrageous wink and you’re rewarded when he, who’d been so quiet throughout the impromptu ‘play’, snorted, then covered his mouth, as if dismayed he’d been bested by such a cheesy gesture.
Shuri doesn’t even try to stop her laughter, even as she reads the next line. “T'challa starts giggling like a school girl which sets off Bucky's own laughter.”
The real life T’Challa still had his hand covering his mouth so you poked him in a ticklish area, and he flinched, a muffled snort coming from behind his hand, so you poked him again. “You laughed. You laughed , I win.”
Finally, he let his hand down but he was smiling. “I couldn’t NOT laugh at such...I don’t even have the words for it. Clearly this fanfic, what is the title of this story again?”
“‘A Starbucks Afternoon’ by Im__A__Brooklyn__Baby.” You tell him.
“Clearly it’s written by a teenager. Worse, a hipster teenager.�� he sniffed. “Let me read this myself, this sounds like a date...” As he took the tablet back from you, he was oblivious to the fact that Shuri and you shared a thumbs up.
Mission accomplished, bullet dodged.
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