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#every day i get emails

ppl trying to get me to do work today like nobody is around to answer these emails you wanna send. our boss ain’t around. I’m not doing shit today

I’m trying to finish this urianger smut stop blowing up my phone!

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Sometimes I feel like my Julia Hoffman sim who didn’t eat or sleep once in her short life then died fully dressed in a swimming pool.



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how to tell if your lab hates you OR how to read too much into an email OR circe is insecure when sleepy

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everything happens so much

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u want me to talk up my own corporate achievements in actual words when I’m out here nearly nonverbal for the day/week

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can i take a break from existing just a real short one

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looking for the “every day i get emails” marriage story meme?? please. ??? ive been looking for it for weeks and i just looked it up here on tumblr and all i got were adam driver photosets which triggered a fight or flight response in me ggjsjss help

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Every day I get tagged in Ray Ban Sunglasses Official Charity Event posts 😞

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Fucked up that today I had an exam and tomorrow I still have to go to class

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i cant believe i made dinner just yesterday and now i have to do it again. shocked and offended.

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If I had a dollar for every time I wrote “I have attached…” in an email when I have, in fact, attached jack squat, I would have enough money to pay someone to stand behind me and say “Did you remember to actually attach the file?”

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“I hope this email finds you well”

How this email finds me

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Every time I receive an email it is inevitable that the words “shut up” will leave me in a hiss.

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*cries for half an hour over semi serious perspective alerting revelations that i only just registered* ok im normal now haha *draws benrey and gordos feetman kissing*

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“Safety is our top priority!”

Stay closed then

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