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#everybody hates chris

Sacred knowledge, no Mason

That fear will have a nigga changin’, super saiyan

If your life’s a movie, I’m Wes Craven

You think this a game, then I’m playing

Put a round in your lid like the first playstation

Smell me? The white girl I’m chasin’

Is you. I’m on the hunt like Jason

With the thing that’ll make Islamists try bacon

Hope you “Ain’t too proud to beg”, The Temptations

To make a pool of blood that you’re placed in

Faced down, layin’, is heavy weighin’

But for now, no restaurant, but I’m waitin’

For a nigga to act funny like the Wayans

Because I’ll make Everybody Love Chris & Hate Raymond

I know Nathan, but if you bust grapes,

Expect a raisin, aim at your face

Blaze him, make the grace of Satan

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I remember Everybody Hates Chris did one episode on racial profiling and people were like “how did Chris Rock get away with this”. More like how did Chris Rock get away from the show. The show is very blunt about race though it’s done in a comedic sense. It is also unapologetically black. It has such a good balance of seriousness and comedy that it does not come off as preachy. It sort of is like black dark humor in some cases.

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March 17, 2020 🍀

Day 2 of isolation.

Today I woke up ate breakfast and gave Olive breakfast too. Then I started watching Cable Girls on Netflix. I started watching the first few episodes when the series barely came out but never got the chance to keep up with it so decided today would be the day to start. I did that for most of the day. I’m on season 2 episode 7 now. It’s pretty interesting if I may say so. I started cleaning and disinfecting Olive’s cage/home. She hardly uses it because I let her be and sleep on the bed with me but still thought it should be cleaned. I washed her blanket and all her toys as well. Then I watched quite some episodes of Everybody Hates Chris which I find to be funny. With that I concluded my second day. Happy St. Patricks Day!

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