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#everyone deserves worth gowns
montmartre-parapluie · 2 months ago
Another Shadow and Bone Costume Post...
@orlissa, you really shouldn't GIVE me the chance to assign gowns to characters like this. I get far too into it... @vesperass-anuna, @pia-bartolini, @jomiddlemarch, give me your dress headcanons too!
Right, where to begin!
Tumblr media
1) Woman’s Dress,” c. 1866–68, designed by Charles Frederick Worth, label Worth & Bobergh, Paris - You nailed it! This is DEFINITELY Alina.
There's a subtlety about that gold/cream that says Sun Summoner, but - in a gentle, refined way. (ALSO - although Alina may not have had a "proper" wedding ceremony in Terrible Beautiful Unsaid Things, I have a sneaking suspicion Aleksander apologises to her by having a gorgeous 'wedding anniversary' celebration ball the next year, where she wears this...)
Tumblr media
2)“Woman’s Dress,” c. 1866–68, designed by Charles Frederick Worth, made by Worth & Bobergh, Paris
Tumblr media
Genya. This is 100% GENYA. There's a cleanness, elegance and lack of fuss about this that feels very Miss Safin. She's avoiding the 'dressed like a wedding cake look' the Court demands. Plus tell me that colour wouldn't look AMAZING with her red hair. She would look like a Fae Queen, and David would 100% be heart-eying her behind her back.
Tumblr media
3)“Woman’s Evening Dress,” c. 1886–87, designed by Charles Frederick Worth
Tumblr media
I don't know what is is about this one - the perky bow on the front? that dash of deep crimson (Heartrender?) red? the gorgeous embroidered flowers with that yellow train?
Tumblr media
But this feels very "Fancy Nina" to me - possibly acting as a Grisha Ambassador to Kerch whilst spying, or something. It's got her irrepressible nature as well as her skills and subtlety there. (AND the bow on the bodice is at just the right height to ahem, "distract" Matthias...
4)“Woman’s Day Dress,” c. 1878–80, designed by Charles Frederick Worth
Tumblr media
Another Alina for me, I'm afraid! The colours with the golden flowers and that luxurious black silk are SO 'Darkling Sun Summoner Kefta' it hurts. I love it deeply.
Tumblr media
(and... you just KNOW Alina is probably wearing THIS corset beneath it, which... ahem, Aleksander probably makes this face when thinking about...)
Tumblr media
(Sorry for the unexpected Darklina thirst there, guys - oh who am I kidding, I apologise for nothing)
“Woman’s Evening Dress,” c. 1886–87, designed by Charles Frederick Worth
Tumblr media
This feels like "Deliberatively Provocative Nina", to me. The pink, the tantalising low neckline, the outrageous lace and embroidered silk and ribbons? This is all worn to provoke an uneasy 'Fjerdan Women are modest and would never dress shamelessly' lecture from Mathias that you just KNOW is going to end up in a heated make-out session - with the offending dress on the floor.
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boom-bakugou · a year ago
‘Wedding Crashers’ - Katsuki Bakugou
A/N: Sorry for my inactivity but here’s a little sorry and thank you present for me hitting 1k! I love you all sm <3
Pairings: Pro Hero!Bakugou x F!Reader
Warnings: 18+, ooc deku; but it’s more of a headcanon, semi-public sex
Summary: Your ex-boyfriend Izuku Midoriya inviting you to his wedding is a definite stab in yours and Katsuki Bakugou’s backs. But you’ll show him.
Word Count: 5k
Tumblr media
You had considered your morning to be relatively normal, breakfast not burnt, coffee just that right amount of bitter to stir you awake. But those happy moments of peaceful bliss were soon to be fleeting as your mail arrived. Sifting through the pile to what you assumed would be bank statements and bills; your fingers landed on a cream white envelope. Your name printed neatly in a cursive font that when you followed it with your eyes for too long it almost made you want to puke. Tearing it open haphazardly, you read the perfumed content inside.
‘Dear Y/N Y/LN,
We are very proud to invite you to the blah blah blah wedding of pro hero blah blah Izuku Midoriya and blah blah blah.
RSVP blah-‘
Wait what? The taste in your mouth was pitiful. Yes, you and Izuku had dated years prior and after being childhood friends, yet it didn’t end… swimmingly. But this didn’t feel like inviting a childhood friend to your happiest day, no, this felt like a backhanded swipe at your ex-girlfriend who was well known to the media to be single. Pro-Hero gossip magazines made sure of that.
Throwing the invitation onto your countertop, your eyebrows furrowed with spite. You felt weak almost, watching your ex-best friend grow up to be this bountiful hero with merch in every store that you went to. Though you had triumphed well in the hero charts yourself, nothing ever seemed to compare to him. The golden boy. You never really got over the fact that he ended things because being a single hero was more postable than one who was tied down. Until now. Mr. Big shot getting married. It really made you question your integrity,
Recuperating your thoughts, you realised your phone was buzzing on the couch next to you. Checking to see the influx of text messages, you saw Katsuki Bakugou’s name fill up your lockscreen with notifications.
Bakugou: tell me you got the stupid fuckin invite too
Bakugou: the nerve that nerd still fuckin has
Bakugou: inviting his childhood ‘friends’ after all this time
Bakugou: tch, one big publicity stunt if you ask me
You chuckle as you scroll through the messages, gladly knowing that you weren’t the only one feeling this way.
Y/N: so what’re we going to do about it?
Bakugou: what do you mean?
Y/N: well we can’t show him up at his own wedding but we can sure stir something of our own
Bakugou: well that idiot is marrying some nobody extra
Bakugou: probably to show how ‘great’ he is
Bakugou: so how about if two top pro heroes rsvp’d together?
Y/N: you mean us?
Bakugou: no, midnight and grape juice. of course us you idiot
The idea brewed in your head for a moment. Izuku had always been nice when he was younger, and Katsuki hadn’t exactly been the nicest towards him in return. You were always the mediator in those situations. However when Deku grew and grew in the hero charts he started to lose touch with reality. Not really remembering what being a hero was about besides having his face stuck on a lunch box and raking in the dough for it. It was sad. You didn’t know who he was anymore.
Y/N: fuck it, i’m in
“You know, don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a tux before.” You chuckle, arm linked around Bakugou’s as you stepped out of the chauffeured car together. You were here to make a scene. Paparazzi glistened everywhere like a moth to a candle flame. You couldn’t wait for the tabloids in all honesty.
“Shut up.” Bakugou grumbled, almost in embarrassment. But his smile didn’t show a hint of it. “Not looking too bad yourself.”
You had coordinated well. Your maroon dress flowed in the gentle summer breeze and matched perfectly to Bakugou’s equally coloured tux. You two were such a pair it was nigh impossible to not think that you two were together today. And the paparazzi made sure of that indefinitely.
You couldn’t lie about how the service was beautiful, because it was. However you didn’t need to hear the shutter clicks of a camera go off every few words they spoke. It was distracting, and you and Bakugou shared a glance each time it occurred. Stifling a giggle, you hoped no camera would pick that up. Even if they did, they’d probably pin it to ‘look at these other heroes wishing that they were the next to get married!’ they’d eat that shit uplike ambrosia.
“Can’t wait to see the reception.” You mumbled towards Bakugou, your plastic smiles never fading for the cameras. Izuku making a show of himself and his new bride.
Watching him was almost bittersweet. The happy memories of you three as children flashing behind your eyes. Now replaced with a fame hungry number one hero. Where had all the time gone?
“What’s got you so perplexed?” Katsuki asked, filtering your way through the crowd, making your way to the cars that would deliver you all to the reception.
“Just-“ You sigh, allowing the cover of other heroes to hide you from the all seeing eyes of the paparazzi. “I miss him, y’know? Miss how we used to be.”
“Tch.” Bakugou didn’t care about the scowl present on his face, your words ate him up like some sort of bacteria. “Thought you said that he was the most selfish guy you’d ever dated?”
“He was but like-” You watched Izuku’s back as he held his new partner’s hand. Waving to the cameras and not watching her, as lovely as she looked in her wedding gown. “As weird as it sounds, I sometimes miss high school.”
Bakugou’s eyes scanned your face, following your eyesight to Midoriya. Fucking extra. The thoughts swam around his head, polluting his mind. He knew Izuku’s break up with you had been a massive toll on your mental health and your ego. He made you think that you weren’t good enough for him, and Bakugou never got over that fact. How could he pass up on you for anything else?
Breaking apart from the conglomerative of wedding-goers, Bakugou lead you to one of the specially hired cars to take the guests to the reception. Despite Bakugou’s abrasive and rough nature, you couldn’t help but notice how delicately he held your hand. Not tugging you along or haphazardly grabbing you by your wrist, making you follow him. No, his fingers interlaced with yours and you felt the coarseness of his palms due to the explosive nature of his quirk.
“You can let go of my hand now, we’re in the car.”
“Yeah- whatever.”
Catching up in the car, you both realise how little time you have to actually spend with each other. Though you and Bakugou communicate 1000 times more than you do with Midoriya, heroing keeps you both busy. No times like these to goof off and be with each other. You missed it, you missed your hot-headed idiot friend.
“Hope there’s less fuckin’ paparazzi here. Think I’m gonna go blind with those extras pointing them in my face.” Bakugou rolled down the tinted window a smidge to watch as the car drove into an old looking manor hall where guests had already begun to arrive.
Flowers decorated the ground and just as you two got your hopes up, you saw a line of paparazzi at each side of the staircase leading to the double-doored entrance.
“Well, it was worth a try.” You remark to him, patting his back as you chuckled to him.
Bakugou was the first to exit, standing beside the door so he could reach for your hand to help you out while you fixed your dress. Just as the two of you began to reach for each other's arms to walk into the reception together; there was a brusque tug to your dress. Upon further inspection, a member of the shutterbugs had stood on a long section of your dress. Allowing himself to get pictures of it stretched out and flowy.
“Hey!” Bakugou didn’t waste time on pushing him off the tail end of the dress. “Try anything funny like that again with my girl and say goodbye to that shitty camera of yours!”
The man nodded, slowly letting his camera hang loose on his neck. The rest of the cameramen easily caught the scene but you both couldn’t care less. What’s a wedding without a little drama?
“Thanks Katsuki.” You note with a soft smile.
Bakugou’s hand tenderly makes its way around the small of your back until his arm is holding you close to him as you walk inside. His hand sitting in a caring way at your hip to assure that nothing could come between you both. You could not wait for the media to plaster this fake-ness on every outlet that they could! However, you liked the thought of relishing in the attention right now.
Once the dining festivities had come and gone. It was time for their first dance. Watching as he held her under the blue lighting had your heart hurting slightly. The thought that that could’ve been you. But Bakugou was right. He’s probably marrying some quirkless nobody not only to make himself look better, but being with another hero is messy. You both had media eyes on you; but… you couldn’t help but wonder how different your life would be like if Midoriya was how he used to be.
You didn’t even notice Bakugou’s eyes on you the whole time. Not wanting to waste a second of his eyesight on the show Izuku was putting on. You were a sight of your own. How could you not see that you deserved someone better? Someone like him. You always spoke about how everyone was under a facade when supporting Deku, but you never correlated that to yourself.
After a short while, others began to join in on the large dance floor. Perfectly spacious for all the famous faces and their egos. Bakugou’s hand traced down your arm until his hand clasped with yours, gently leading you to the floor yourselves.
“What’re you doing?”
“Come on, who’s to say we can’t have some fun too huh?”
Smiling at him, you followed his lead. His hand occupying your waist before pulling you in closer to his chest. Flowing with the music, you couldn’t help the cheesy smile on your face; nor the one that spread to Bakugou’s.
“Why’s no one ever tied down Mr. Ground Zero then?” Your question takes Bakugou by surprise, showing a small blip in your combined graceful swaying to the music.
“No ones good enough.” Such a Bakugou answer.
“You’re sounding like Izuku, but he probably got that from the old you.” You jested, earning an eye roll from Bakugou. “I’m being serious! Come on you can tell me.”
It takes him a moment to figure out an answer, so much so that he doesn’t focus on dancing anymore. He just stands there holding you before locking eyes again.
“Just haven’t found the right person to deal with my bullshit I guess.”
There’s a beat of silence and your eyes search his face for answers. You didn’t even realise how close you were to him. His breath fanning your face, the smell of oak and fire and burning sweetness engulfed your senses. You also didn’t realise how the two of you sank closer and closer into one another.
“Hey Kacchan, mind if I steal her from you?”
Izuku’s voice almost sends you two flying away from each other like same sides of a magnet.
“Ask her yourself she’s not mine.” You turn from Bakugou to give a friendly smile to Midoriya, allowing your hand to rest in his. “I’ll be at the bar. Free drinks and all.”
His answers are short, curt. Yet before you can ask him if he’s alright Deku spins you and begins to dance with you in his arms at the tempo of the new music track that’s playing.
“Long time no see Y/N!” His manner has always been so chipper, despite the facade of it all. Though Bakugou and you went there to purposefully to cause discourse; you don’t think you have it in you to be mean to Izuku’s face.
“Yeah, look at you! Married man now, must be scary.” You chuckle, almost nervously. It was like speaking to a stranger.
“Well I guess I’ll find out! But come on that’s been the subject of the whole day! I wanna know about you and Kacchan.” You felt like Bakugou right now, the old nickname boiling your blood as it did his. There was no doubt Izuku took influence from Bakugou and his fiery personality; but he took it in all the wrong ways. Using confidence to become cold, uncaring.
“Oh- haha, Katsuki and I aren’t-“
“Y/N. Don’t lie to me! I can see the way he’s burning holes in my tux from over here.”
Turning you to the music so you could face where Katsuki was standing, you peaked behind Midoriya’s arm to see Bakugou with an all too familiar scowl on his face. Chasing down a beverage in a crystalline glass in one easy gulp.
“If you ask me Midoriya he’s always looked at you that way.” You laugh your statement off but you meant it with malice.
“Midoriya? Feeling formal today are we Y/N?” He had completely lost touch of who he used to be. “I used to look at you like that when I saw you with other guys, I know what that look is.”
His comment stops you dead in your tracks, not allowing for him to swing you to and fro to the music.
“Actually Midoriya I don’t even remember you looking me with jealous intent other than when I was higher than you on the hero charts.” Shaking yourself free from his towering position on you, you stormed off to the patio doors, letting yourself be eaten by the oncoming darkness of night.
Crying at your ex’s wedding. Not something you’d think you’d ever do in your lifetime but here you were. Thankfully you couldn’t see any reporters or such outside so for now, it was just you and your tears. Maybe you were too harsh on him? You used to be friends right? What happened to that kid who wanted to be a hero who you looked up to? What happened to the boyfriend you had who kissed you goodnight and ignored you when your face was on the TV more than him or snapped at you when he was announced lower than you and broke up with you because ‘heroes dating are messy!’ No. Bakugou was right. He was a self-righteous bastard now.
You half expected Midoriya to come out after you but he was probably entertaining other guests. Luckily, as you turned you saw Bakugou standing outside with you, signature hands in his pockets with a dumb, sympathetic smirk on his face.
“I promise I didn’t punch that asshole at his own wedding but I can tell you he got a fuckin’ earful from me. Hope the paps got a good pic.” His tone was joking but it hadn’t cracked a smile from you yet.
“S’alright. Wouldn’t give two shits if you did.” You sniffled, collecting mascara tears on your fingers and wiping them on the decorative concrete bannisters of the balcony. “Shouldn’t’ve fucking come. This was stupid I have too much baggage for this shit.”
You turned away from him, allowing yourself to lean out on the barrier, looking into the distance on the warm night. You could hear Bakugou give a small sigh before his arms snuck around your waist, pulling your back into his chest before placing a chaste kiss on the top of your head.
“That fuckin’ idiot didn’t know what he lost and it’s my fault for influencin’ him.” The pain in his voice was evident. Did Bakugou blame himself for the hurt Midoriya caused you?
“No. That extra is so blinded by the shit everyone has to say that he’s forgotten what real life is. Doesn’t care about his stupid fans or his friends or the best most understanding girl in the whole fucking world. A girl I know does the best for everyone no matter what her own situation is.” You turn around to face him, not wanting to leave his embrace. “Y/N. No matter how much I’ve always wanted to fuckin’ win I’ve just wanted the best for you. And when that bastard did what he did to you- I- fuck. You look at him, like you’re waiting for him to just notice you; but every time I see you it’s like I’m seeing you set the stars in the sky every fuckin night. You just- you’re fuckin’ everything to me Y/N.”
It was completely silent on the balcony besides the low thump of the music from indoors, but it was deafening. But it all faded when his lips attached to yours. It was so clear. All that pining over Midoriya when he was just copying the one who actually saw you for who you were. He even copied Bakugou’s crush on you, most likely to make him jealous. But your mind had no time to think of that when all you could feel was Bakugou.
It was like you had never been kissed before, never felt the love and sensuality behind it. Soft and moist but breathy and warm. For once Bakugou didn’t wish to win a battle, he wanted unity and to be together with you. His hands danced over the delicate curves of you in your dress; taking in every inch of your perfect body. The gasp that fell from your mouth was perfect entrance for Bakugou’s tongue to mingle with yours. The sparks hot and electric between you both was like liquid lightning.
Just as your hands found home in his hair, you heard the all too familiar sound of today of a photo being taken. Bakugou is the first to break the kiss to find the intruder of your special moment. Your lips already feel blushed and bruised but your heart was nearly pounding out your chest.
“Fuckin’ print that in your gossip magazine you extra!” Bakugou couldn’t help but heartily laugh at the man as he shook with worry after catching the intimate moment. He wanted to show you off. He wasn’t ashamed that his lips had captured you to be his.
“Let’s go somewhere more private.” He whispers into your ear and you eagerly nod, grasping his one hand with your two as the both of you manouvered your way through the wedding guests until you finally found a small closet down a hallway where no one from the party had entered.
Slamming the door shut behind you, your eyes drank in Bakugou’s frame. How had you missed that small boy you once knew had now become this beefy, beautiful man? Who was looking at you with the same awe and intent? Bakugou cornered you against the door of the supply closet, latching his lips together with yours once again as if he was scared he’d never be able to taste you again.
“You’re fuckin’ perfect.” Katsuki’s lips mashed with yours as his hands slid up your dress, the coarseness of his fingers against your soft skin sending shivers down your spine.
All those years of being a hero really showed on Bakugou, he lifted you with ease as your fingers traced scars on the back of his neck; holding on for support. His hips pin you against the door and you feel his cock hardening between the fabric of your underwear and his suit pants, you can’t help the whimper escaping your lips at the friction of him.
Bakugou’s hands slip under the straps of your dress, letting them fall delicately to your sides as his lips ensnare yours. His grunts and your whimpers enough to make any passerby know what was going on in the confined space of the closet. His fingers glide beneath the dress which allowed it to fall further as Bakugou felt the weight of your breasts in his palms.
“God you’re fucking everything princess.” His fingers slide beneath the lacy fabric to thumb your nipples, perking and tugging it with his forefinger.
Breaking the kiss, his head lowers to encapsulate the bud in his mouth. Gently suckling it before rolling it feverishly between his teeth. Your hands snaking through his hair only spurring the assault on your supple flesh. Biting your lip to stop the obvious moans that were threatening to spill out of your mouth. You swore you could see stars as his tongue flicked against the pointed nub- sending your nerves wild.
“Bet that fucking extra never treated you like this baby.” He matched your height, his gaze never leaving your own as he took both of your tits out of your bra; kneading the flesh and buds of your nipples as he spoke. “Just wanted to get himself off, I know how to fuckin’ treat you right.”
“Then do it… Kacchan.” You spoke with such gusto in your breathy state, knowing that the old nickname would make him see red. And god did it send him feral.
His body pressed you further into the door, even if it felt like he couldn’t. The aching feel of his cock rubbing against your clothed core made you mewl in want of him. His fingers slid beneath the hem of your dress and made little pricking motions into your inner thighs until he traced a slit over your panties.
“Shit you’re fucking wet.” The pads of his fingers kneading against where you wanted him most, a chuckle falling his lips as your hips did their best to try and get any sort of relief.
“Katsuki please- please fuck oh my god-“ Your neck craned back as you felt your body take control. The low growl in Bakugou’s throat at the sight of you barely touched and already begging for him.
Tracing his fingers along your décolletage he stopped when he met your parted lips before roughly shoving his fingers in your mouth, pressing down the body of your tongue.
“Please please please-“ Katsuki mocked. “Please what princess? Better use your fuckin’ words or else.”
An insufferable smirk played upon his lips as he felt your cunt clench around nothing at his dirty words. Pulling his fingers from your mouth, he wiped the remnants of your spit across your tits; awaiting for your response.
“Fuck me Katsuki- please you’re all I want. God you’re all I need.” Although said in your aroused state. You meant it- and he knew that.
Not wasting any more of the precious time you two had before you were inevitably found out considering your blatant disregard for being quiet; Bakugou used his hand to tug off his belt. Nearly setting his suit pants on fire as his quirk crackled in anticipation for you.
Your body clung to Bakugou’s for support, his whole body easily keeping your pinned high between himself and the door. Once his lower half was sufficiently stripped, it was easy enough for him to rip the sides of your underwear off.
“Shut up.”
Not wanting to disagree; you did. Hips bucking against nothing as the cool air prickled at your hot cunt. Bakugou held his manhood in his hand, rubbing the head of it in your slick and providing stimulation to your clit. Your thighs tightening around his waist like a vice grip at the well needed attention.
“You’re fuckin’ soaking baby. So needy.” Bakugou mumbled against your neck, allowing himself and you to get off momentarily at the friction. You could only nod to his words which were making you more and more wet for him. He was such a tease.
“Come on princess. Tell me you want my cock. Tell me.” His voice growled as he repeated himself, leaving marks upon your nape that would surely bruise because of his harsh bites and sucklings.
“Katsuki I need you- only you. Only you.” Your repetition is barely a whisper but he heard it, and despite his rough nature Bakugou confines your lips in a kiss as he sheaths himself inside of you.
Taking a few slow thrusts to allow yourself to adapt to his size, it’s only a moment before Bakugou completely bottoms out inside of you. He watches your face shiver in pleasure which he mirrors. He clasps your hips so firmly his knuckles turn white; it didn’t even hurt as all you could focus on was him inside you. Your hands find their way to his biceps, gripping on for some tension relief and you could still feel his muscles flex even beneath his suede blazer and the shirt.
“What a good fuckin’ girl, taking my cock like this.” Bakugou’s voice is a low growl as he thrusts into you, the sounds of your clothes brushing against one another and the slaps of your skin interacting was like a sinful symphony.
The smell of caramel danced in your brain as Bakugou worked up a sweat absolutely pummeling himself into your sex. You grasped onto him as if your life depended on it, moaning into his neck as his cock slid in and out of you. You didn’t even know how much time was passing as he rutted himself into you relentlessly- yet as you both came to your highs, you could both barely move from the thrill of it all.
Steadying your breaths back to a regular pace; Bakugou slid you down from where he had pinned you against the door and let you fix yourself as he then did himself. You sorted your dress and pulled any tugs from your hair when he had pulled it before slapping Bakugou’s arm.
“You dick! You ripped my underwear!”
“Hot.” He chuckled, fixing his belt loops and stuffing the ripped panties into his pocket.
“Not funny! I’m not parading about with no underwear on!”
“We’re getting the fuck out of this extras stupid wedding. You can wear my clothes at my place.” Suitably sorted and not looking like you had just had the brains fucked out of you in a closet (despite the reddening bites and bruises that were now appearing on your neck), Bakugou held you close. Yet instead of taking the corridor to the exit, he was leading you back to the main dance hall.
“Where’re we going?” You hashly whispered to Bakugou, your thighs still wet from your slick and the cool air against your unclothed pussy making you heat up from embarrassment.
“Gots to do one thing before we go.” There’s a shit eating grin on his face, you couldn't help but wonder what on earth he was planning now.
Midoriya stood talking to other heroes all dressed in their formal attire and Bakugou (with no consideration of their conversation) roughly tapped his shoulder to get his immediate attention. His arm around your waist was so tight but being see with Bakugou like this made you feel almost proud.
“We’re just heading off.” Bakugou had replaced his smile for his usual scowl, something he had always looked at Izuku with.
“Going so soon? It’ll be a shame you guys!” Izuku’s voice was plastered in falsehood. He probably regretted trying to gloat over you two. Bakugou held out his hand for Midoriya to shake it, your brows furrowed on what was obviously a stepping stone to Bakugou’s plan.
“I know I might not be better at you right now in the hero charts.”
Uh oh.
“I’m glad you’ve finally come to recognise that Kaccha-“
“But I am better at you at something for sure.”
Bakugou used Midoriya’s hand in his to pull him closer, readying himself to whisper in his ear.
“Cause I just fucked the shit out of your ex-girlfriend and I know you never made her come as hard as I did.”
Your face burned with the heat of a million suns, but the glower on Izuku’s face was priceless. And you couldn’t help but see the flash of a camera capture the moment as Bakugou’s hand fell from his and slipped once again around your waist.
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th0tfairy · 2 months ago
Sugar Daddies
Tumblr media
Deku: adamant on being the only man in your life. Will keep pushing money in your pockets if it means you’ll never ask anyone else for it. Wants to spend every waking minute with you 🫂
Shouto: distant, but extremely possessive. Buys you an Apple Watch just to keep tabs on where you are and what you’re doing. Is really pissy about being prompt so if you’re late to dinner, he cancels the reservation and goes home alone 🥶
Bakugou: spoils you but makes you pay him back every penny’s worth of his cash. Takes you into designer fitting rooms just so you can strip for him and suck him off right there 🧥
Kirishima: generously gives you all his hard earned cash in exchange for your happiness. He wants you to make him happy, but he’s more invested in making sure the feelings genuinely mutual 💞
Kaminari: his and hers e v e r y t h i n g. If he buys you a hot pink Ferrari you know he’s getting one too. If you ask for a pair of jimmy choos, he’s already ordered another pair in his size. Goes with you to nail appointments bc he’s getting his done too 💅
Sero: low key about it. No one would be able to tell you’re being paid to stick around bc you’d honestly chill w him regardless. Goes shopping w you, holds all your bags, buys you a new purse and slips more money inside 💰
Shinsou: makes you feel taken care of in all aspects. Pays your tuition, rent, even health insurance in exchange for your presence at night. Can’t sleep alone so you have to be there to lull him to bed before he leaves to make u more money 💭
Hawks: clowns you about it. Pays off your credit card but makes you pay for everything. Makes u take him out shopping with your card, even makes u order KFC with your damn Amex. You kinda like signing your own name on the receipt even if it’s technically his money 💳
Dabi: makes sure everyone knows you’re his. Ices you out with a choker w his name on it. Forbids u from painting you nails any color besides blue and tells u to do the most outrageous shit for him in public then slips a bankroll into your cleavage and walks away 🚶‍♀️
Endeavor: very repentant about being anyone’s partner, so he gives u your space. Meals are always awkward because u can feel him burning across the table, yearning to reach out but all the money in the world couldn’t make him feel deserving of it 💔
Aizawa: surprisingly wealthy for someone who dresses like he’s homeless. Able to maintain a very affluent lifestyle for his baby in exchange of you waking him, grooming him, and letting Eri come with you on dates 👨‍👩‍👦
AFO: thee daddiest of daddies. Calls you his precious angel and treats you like one too. Dresses you in silky gowns and fuzzy slippers. Doesn’t even let u walk cause he carries you everywhere 👼
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angeloroki · 5 months ago
you're the only one — s. todoroki & a. tamaki
— character ; aged up!shoto todoroki x fem!reader, aged up!amajiki tamaki x fem!reader
— request ; Can I request sm? So shouto and tamaki ( feel free to remove any of them if you want to ) having I nightmare about there s/o cheat on them and when they wake up they are kind of upset or insecure and reader comfort them ( fem!reader plz )And don’t feel forced to do it just do it when you want to and ily take care of yourself 😘
— genre ; angst & fluff at the end
— warnings ; insecurity ?
— a/n ; well amajiki's is longer cuz i don't write much about him, i hope you'll like it anyway!
and ty for your request <3 take care of yourself too ily too muah!
Tumblr media
shoto todoroki
you turned to the other side, expecting to feel the comforting warmth of your boyfriend at your side. just before you were greeted by an icy morning cold.
reluctantly, and slightly surprised, you opened your eyes to find that, instead of seeing his still beautiful morning face, you saw only a void.
you looked at the alarm clock on your bedside table, it was far too early for him to have left.
with a sigh, you grabbed your slippers and dressing gown, and left your warm bed to find a cold you wished you hadn't met so soon.
as you left your room, you ran into shoto in your small kitchen, sipping coffee. a smile slowly came to light up your tired face.
« you're up early today. » you say by way of a greeting.
with slow steps, you place a tender kiss on his cheek. nevertheless, what made you raise your eyebrows was the fact that he was avoiding you. since when was the list of ingredients in the packet of biscuits so interesting?
he greeted you anyway, in a low, monotonous and slightly broken voice.
« what's going on ? »
alerted by his sadness, you took his face in your hands in a matter of seconds. your piercing eyes stared intently at him, ready to relieve his pain whatever it was.
his face was red from crying, and you still had traces of it on his rosy cheeks. he tried to pull away, with a gentle but strong gesture. worried, you bit your upper lip to keep from crying back. it was rare to see him in this state, being usually stoic. few things could put him in such a state.
« nothing, i just had a bad dream. »
your hand remained on his cheek, and you gently forced him to look at you. with a gentle gesture, your other free hand came to meet his, a certain warmth came to warm you despite the morning cold.
« i'm listening baby. »
a long sigh escaped his lips.
« it's not worth it, y/n, just ridiculous. »
you frowned slightly.
« shoto, I'm worried. »
a faint smile stretched his lips slightly. and without you expecting it, he laid his head on your neck. his warm breath made you shiver.
« you abandoned me from one day to the next. without a word, without any explanation. in fact, you left me for another man. and that's how i understood that i wasn't good enough for you.
i know i'm not the ideal man, i'm quite atypical and i don't always show my love for you like other boyfriends do. and sometimes i wonder how a woman as fabulous as you can be with me. »
he stopped.
« you know i'm not stupid, i see how other men look at you. »
as he spoke, you could feel his tears rolling down your chest.
« but i love you. you're the first person i've ever loved this much. you've shown me another side of life that i never got to know because of my father. you've taught me to love y/n. i can't see myself without you. »
your hand came to meet his hair, which you gently stroked. a tear of your own this time came down your face too. you were kind of relieved that it wasn't that bad, although seeing him in that state kind of freaked you out.
« shoto todoroki, listen to me. you're the perfect man for me. you're the one who smiles at me without even meaning to. you're the one who got me to like cold soba. you're the one who comes to warm me up at night in your arms. you're the one i could die for. you're the one who manages to get me to watch the same cheesy romantic movie every night. you're the one i could talk to for hours and days. you're the one person i can see myself spending the rest of my life with. »
you didn't hear him crying anymore. instead, a comforting silence enveloped you both now.
« y/n - »
« you are the man of my life. and i love you like crazy, it scares me a little sometime how much love i have for you. you have no idea. »
with that, you placed a kiss on his lips, which tasted slightly salty from his now dry tears. it was with pleasure that you felt a smile stretch against your lips. his arms came around you in a long, loving hug.
« i love you, y/n l/n todoroki. »
amajiki tamaki
you had finished work earlier so you decided to surprise your fiancé by making his favourite dish.
you hadn't seen him this morning before you left for work, which surprised you a little because he always took the time to come and say hello or give you a kiss.
and now that you think about it, it's true that he hadn't texted you all day, which he usually did too. whether it was to complain about how he embarrassed himself in front of everyoneor just to slip a sweet i love you into your notifications.
had you pissed him off ? you shook your head at yourself, you don't remember if you did. you were probably imagining things.
a few minutes later, you heard the door slam and your boyfriend drop his stuff in front of the entrance. you expected him to come up behind you to give you a long, warm kiss. well, he didn't and probably won't because you heard him lock himself in your room.
you raised an eyebrow. something was wrong.
with a quick step, and slightly apprehensive, you joined him, and came upon a tamaki curled up in a ball in your bed.
you sat down next to him, putting your hand gently on his shoulder.
« tell me what's wrong. »
« i don't know what you're talking about. »
you flinch slightly at the tone of his voice. hard and cold it was. which was a big change from his usually soft and warm voice.
the high school amajiki had grown up, matured. you were able to be by his side as he evolved, he was now a confident and strong man. although old habits die hard
« huh ? did i do something ? »
he finally met your gaze, and it didn't match his tone. full of melancholy, his eyes were bright. he had been crying.
your expression, which at first was slightly annoyed, became more and more panicked. your hands automatically came to meet his, but they refused to meet them.
« tell me what the fuck is wrong ! »
« i - i don't know if it's a good idea for us to get married. »
you swallowed hard. the words stuck in your throat, you didn't understand what had just happened.
« w-why ? » you asked silently.
« i'm not good enough for you, you deserve better. let's stop kidding ourselves. »
an unpleasant heat came over your face, it was anger rising.
how could he know that you deserved better ? didn't your unconditional love for him count for anything ?
« why- why are you saying all this now ? »
it wasn't like him. he had a tendency to doubt himself sometimes, but he had never doubted your love for each other.
« isaw that you had cheated on me. in a dream, of course. you seemed happy with this man. he was everything i wasn't. perfect. i don't want you to waste your time with me, i don't want you to make the mistake of your life by getting engaged to me... i'm just a waste of time, well i've always been anyway. you must think i'm exaggerating and being ridiculous... i probably am... »
he lowered his head as he spoke, now refusing to look you in the eye. it was as if he were eighteen again, the shy and anxious teenager who refused to make eye contact with anyone when he was embarrassed.
a slight gasp escaped your lips.
your hands finally met his, you smiled softly when he didn't try to pull away. you let the silence settle comfortably between you, letting the gestures express your thoughts.
your soft gestures that had already comforted him many times in the hardest moments as well as in the most joyful ones. the same ones that had always succeeded in making him feel loved and safe in your fusional relationship.
he relaxed little by little in your arms, letting all his doubts fly away with this tension that paralyzed his muscles.
you finally spoke up when you were in a fairly comfortable position, both in each other's arms.
« amajiki, baby. i could never be this happy with anyone else. and i mean it. you're the one i grew up with, loved, cried with, laughed with. how can you say you're a waste of time? sweetie, even if we broke up, i'd be happy to tell everyone i loved a great man like you. but i know that's never going to happen, because i'm ready to say yes to you when the time comes. »
his grip around your waist tightened slightly.
« i - »
a tear rolled down your cheek. It wasn't sad, it represented all the love you had for him.
« you don't have to say anything, just kiss me tamaki. »
with your eyes closed, you felt his lips against yours. he had a gift for giving sweet kisses too.
« let me make you the happiest of brides y/n.. »
Tumblr media
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liberty-barnes · 9 months ago
Just Breathe
Tom Holland x Female!Osterfield!Bisexual!Reader
Summary: Childbirth waits for no one, not even the Oscars.
Warnings: fluuuuuff, pregnant reader, mentions of childbirth, good press articles, BISEXUAL READER WOOOHOOO
Word Count: 1.5k words
Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes
A/N: heeeeey look @peterspideyy​ @parkersbliss​ that crazy idea i ranted to you about like six months ago finally got done! i can’t believe i did it... this feels too good to be true, is the world gonna end or something?
Tumblr media
"I don't think this is a good idea."
"Me neither."
"Please, just stay here."
You looked up to your brother and husband, frowning as you smoothed your hand over the soft black fabric of your gown.
"I am not missing the Oscars, Tom. I've still got two weeks until I'm due, it'll be fine."
You sat down on the bed and looked dejectedly at your shoes, then proceeded to throw puppy dog eyes your brother's way until Harrison had no choice but to kneel and help you put on your comfortable trainers. There's no way you're putting on your heels at 37 weeks of pregnancy.
"But what if Baby decides to come sooner? You could go into labour at any moment!"
You rolled your eyes and only raised your arms so they could help you out of bed.
"You guys are being over-dramatic. Nothing's gonna happen. We're just going to the Oscars, we'll have a good time, and hopefully, I'll leave with a little statue under my arm."
With that, you waddled out of your hotel room, ready to get into the limo.
"(Y/n)! It's so good to see you! You look radiant as always!"
You smiled at Kaitlyn, an interviewer you knew and trusted and rubbed your belly comfortingly. 
"Thank you, I feel like a whale, but Baby'll be here soon so it's worth it."
She smiled and asked you a bunch of questions about your movie and how you were feeling about being nominated for Best Actress.
"But anyway, how far along are you now?"
"I'm a little over 37 weeks, they should be coming soon. Tom and Haz were actually really apprehensive about me coming here since I'm so close to my due date."
She smiled and looked over at the two men, obviously on edge.
"Well, I wish you all the best and I sincerely hope you win."
You hugged her goodbye and posed for a few more pictures before being led inside by your husband.
"And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for..."
Everyone watched with bated breath as Brie Larson, last year's winner, got ready to announce who would take home the trophy.
"This year's winner, and taking home the Oscar for best actress in a leading role..."
Tom took your hand and you squeezed it tight, ready to applaud one of the other amazing actresses on their win.
"(Y/n) Holland, for her brilliant performance in Two Sides of the Same Coin!"
You felt like your heart was gonna beat out of your chest, run to that stage, kiss Brie, then promptly burst to flames out of sheer, unadulterated enthusiasm. Tom was hugging you and whispering how much you deserved it while your brother gently guided you to the podium. None of them would ever allow you to go up there on your own. Always one in front of you in case you trip forward and one behind you to catch you if you fall back.
Overprotective much?
As soon as you reached Brie, you hugged her tight (or as tight as you could with a human baby house separating you), taking the award while the two boys hugged her too.
"Holy Louis Tomlinson in a crop top."
The audience laughed, most of them already familiar with your strange One Direction inspired expressions.
"Wow, I didn't actually think I was gonna win this, everyone had such amazing performances. I-It's an honour, really. Two Sides of the Same Coin was a project very near and dear to my heart, so I'd like to thank the amazing Drew Barrymore, who wrote and directed the movie."
The room erupted in cheers and the woman smiled at you from her place on the front row.
"Bisexual representation is something we don't get very often, and when we do, it's always misjudged. So thank you for showing the world what bisexuality really is, and for giving me a chance to live out my dreams of kissing lots of people. This idiot tied me down too soon."
You pointed behind you at Tom, hearing his appalled squeak along with Harrison's guffaw of a laugh. 
In other news, the baby was starting to inconvenience you slightly. Baby had been going crazy since last night (not that you'd tell the boys) and the Braxton-Hicks were killing you, but it only got worse now.
"I'd also like to thank my amazing costars, Zendaya, Bella Thorne, and Owen Patrick Joyner, it was awesome to make out with you all..."
The crowd laughed while you felt something trickle down your legs.
You'll never live this down, that's for sure.
"Uh, before I finish can one of you idiots call the car and get them to come to the exit please and thank you? Now as I was saying-"
"Wait, why?"
You turned to your brother and smiled innocently.
"Oh, my water just broke."
The crowd cheered.
Tom screamed.
Harrison fell to the floor, unconscious.
You sighed.
"New plan, can anyone try to wake my brother while my hus-" 
You looked at Tom, frantically doing small back and forths between you and his best friend, unsure of what to do. 
"-While someone else calls the car because both of them are apparently useless."
"We need to get you to the hospital!"
His terrified scream could be heard all through the room, even with no mic.
"What? No! I need to finish my acceptance speech, then go back to the hotel to shower and maybe take a little nap and then go to the hospital. My water just broke, Thomas, we have time, calm your tits."
You turned back fully to the mic, facing the hysteric faces of the crowd, very entertained by the exchange.
"Now as I was saying, I want to thank the amazing team that worked on this movie, you're all amazing and it was such a good experience. I'd also like to thank my family for always being there for me and supporting me and Haz in our acting careers. Thank you to my brother, even if he's unconscious right now, he'll just watch it on Youtube later, for literally forcing me to go to the audition. And lastly, I'd like to thank my wonderful husband, who hopefully hasn't passed out yet, for always supporting me and being my biggest rock through everything. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to deliver a baby, you know, just normal Saturday night stuff."
An Oscar in hand and another... down her legs?
(Y/n) Holland sure gave the Oscars something to be entertained by on this last Saturday. The wife of fellow actor Tom Holland looked radiant in her custom-made Valentino dress, looking ready for a night of fun.
(Y/n) was nominated for this year's Best Actress in a Leading Role award, alongside Meryl Streep, Margot Robbie, Cate Blanchett, and Tessa Thompson, but the Oscar went to her from her brilliant performance in Two Sides of the Same Coin. But it was during her acceptance speech that things got... slippery.
At 37 weeks of pregnancy, the Holland baby was ready to come at any minute, but apparently, theatrics run in the family. The actress was in the middle of her speech when she felt her water break, pausing in her talking to request a car be called.
You'd think her husband, Tom, and brother Harrison Osterfield, overprotective as they are, would be fully prepared! Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for our entertainment, they were not. Harrison went unconscious after hearing the news, dropping to the floor and earning himself a minor concussion, much to his sister's amusement
@ynholland: "Don't worry, when you go into labour, I'll be with you every step of the way." Said Harrison Osterfield, then proceeded to pass out, get a minor concussion, and miss the whole delivery.😂 Good job, little bro👍
And just when you thought she couldn't get any better, she finishes her acceptance speech with: "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to deliver a baby, you know, just normal Saturday night stuff." We have no choice but to stan this iconic queen!
But for the news you've all been waiting for, Oscar Robert Holland (yes, the middle name is a homage to Robert Downey Jr. himself, we're not crying, you are!) was born just twelve hours later. Tom let know through a beautiful Instagram picture that he is in fact "perfectly healthy and loved by everyone already".
@tomholland2013: I present to you, my best creation to this date: Oscar Robert Holland. Thank you all for your prayers and kind messages, our boy is perfectly healthy and loved by everyone already❤️
But of course, Uncle Haz wouldn't stay behind.
@hazosterfield: Since I know you've all been worried sick and desperate to know how the baby is... I'm doing just fine, it's just a minor concussion :) Oh and my godson's great too.
And just to prove that the Osterfields are indeed the royal family of comedy, we leave with this wonderful picture posted to the happy mum's very own Instagram.
@ynholland: Guess I was so good they gave two Oscars instead of one ;)
-Written by Kaitlyn Storm
Tumblr media
so anyway, Two Sides of the Same Coin is a movie idea i got a while ago and should maybe try to write one of these days but oh well or something. anyway, i’m not gonna rant about it here cause it’d be too long but i hope you enjoyed this and don’t forget to like/comment/reblog if you feel like it!
-Love, Miah
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────» 
Taglists: (if your name is striked through it means for some reason tumblr wouldn’t let me tag you) 
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Disconnected (5)
Summary: Faced with a new enemy intent on causing havoc around the world, the Avengers are in need of some help. Tony volunteered a friend he said was perfect with her knowledge of explosives and technology. You were not what they expected.
Fandoms: Avengers, Marvel, MCU
Pairings: Steve Rogers x Mutant!Reader, Avengers x Mutant!Reader (platonic)
Warnings: IMPLIED SMUT. SEXUAL BEHAVIOURS (Do not read if you are under 18), angst (for plot), abandonment issues, heartbreak, mentions of anxiety, insecurities, explosives, canon level self-sacrifice, canon level violence, physical injuries
A/N: LAST CHAPTER! Thanks so much for showing love to my precious weird bean Tether. Thanks for the feedback as always and I am so happy that my first attempt at fluff somehow worked well. I know it was short but we are open for any requests for drabbles/headcanons for this fic or any of my other fics. Just in case you want to extend their stories. Ask and you shall receive!
No permission is granted to repost my work. Tumblr is the only place I post my writing. If you see it anywhere else please report it.
Tumblr media
5: Signed, Sealed, Delivered
You were sitting on the rooftop of one of the buildings in the Compound, legs dangling over the ledge and arms resting on the metal railing. The sun was starting to set low and the wind was starting to grow cold. There was a very expensive looking garden and sitting area behind you, complete with a bar and lounge chairs. Still you chose to detach the fiber glass from a section of the rooftop railing and slipped your limbs through as you sat. You were more comfortable this way, staring directly ahead with nothing obstructing your view. It had nothing to do with the fact that it overlooked the briefing session for the field agents today facilitated by a certain super soldier.
The same super soldier who had left your workshop with a look of what was unmistakably heartbreak on his face when you couldn’t answer his question.
What do you want from us?
You didn’t know. You honest to god didn’t know and you would give anything to be able to answer him. Good or bad. As long as you had an answer for him. Not this infuriatingly vague guessing game. Steve didn’t deserve this that much you knew. But goddamn it, you didn’t have an answer. Your head felt like it was going to explode trying to figure things out, instead you burst into tears. The tears fell in large drops down your cheeks, blurring the image of Steve giving orders below you. Whether it was because of sadness or frustration, you didn't know.
Why don't you know?
Tony quietly approached you, setting a mug of coffee beside you and leaning back on the barricade. He watched you, heart aching at the sight of your tears but more for the obvious anger you had at yourself. He's known you the longest and the deepest. He knew that at that moment you were struggling to understand, trying to find a logic or a pattern in something that naturally didn't have one. No matter how you tried some things in life couldn't be understood by analysis. It was unfortunate that your stability was hinged on your understanding. You would tear yourself to pieces if he let you go on.
You wiped the tears from your cheeks and Tony wanted to punch Steve in his perfect face by the way you looked at him with glassy eyes, forced a smile on your lips, and took a sip of the coffee. You frowned as the hot liquid wrapped around your tongue.
"You know you used to like my coffee," he grumbled. There was a small relief in him from seeing a slightly more genuine smile on your face at his comment.
"How long have you known?"
"Day 1. I am a genius in case you've forgotten," he scoffed. "Although it was a little worrying that he liked you when bound and gagged was your first impression, but I shouldn't judge."
You chuckled, your fingers tapping continuously on the mug and that buzzing growing in your head. A long moment of silence passed between you, both unsure of how to start the conversation you needed to have. He sighed, knowing you were less likely than he was to breach the subject.
"You really think people will leave you when you outlive your usefulness?"
You looked at him in surprise, not expecting him to use the exact same words you told Steve earlier.
"I overheard what you said," he shrugged. He thumbed the rim of his own coffee mug before asking what he actually wanted to ask. "Do you think the same about me?"
"Tony," you started, shaking your head.
"I wanna know, kid," he said softly, looking at anywhere but at you. "Tell me the truth."
You took a deep breath to steady yourself. You had to answer him. Knowing Tony, he wasn't going to let this go.
"Because I'm too much trouble to keep."
Another long heavy silence passed between you. If you couldn't see him from the corner of your eye, you would think that he had already left. Your shoulders began to droop lower. They felt so heavy today.
"I'm sorry."
Your eyes snapped to him, your face the very picture of confusion. "Why are you apologizing?"
"Because that should have been the first thing I taught you. That should have been the first thing I helped you understand, kid."
"What is?"
"That you're worth the trouble."
The tears suddenly came again, unbidden and further confusing you. The most accurate way to describe you right now was that you were short circuiting. Tony couldn't hold back, crouching beside you and pulling you into his embrace. He kissed the top of your head like he often did and ran a soothing hand up and down your back as your body shook. His attention caught sight of Steve on the grounds looking up at you both looking equally distraught. Tony shook his head, a warning not to interfere yet.
"I don't understand, Tony," you sobbed into his shoulder, your hands clutching tightly on to his arms.
"I know. That's okay. You don't have to," he shushed you, carefully keeping his voice calm for you. "Your parents were assholes. The people at that home they put you in were assholes. The world is full of them."
You cried harder, your tears staining the expensive shirt he wore. He held you tighter still as the pain, ignored and buried for years, crashed into you like a vengeful tidal wave. The abandonment, the emotional and physical abuse, the blatant disregard, the cruelty of apparent disgust at what you were.
"The world is full of assholes," Tony repeated. "But you have to believe that there are good people too. Every single person on this team would protect you in a heartbeat. Peter practically worships you. Pepper and I think of you like you're our own. You're no trouble at all to us and we're not letting you go for shit. We all love you."
"Even Steve?" your voice came small and muffled but he heard it.
"I think the good Captain loves you just a bit more than the rest of us," he chuckled, stroking your hair. He was glad you had calmed down now and when you pulled away, he saw a renewed life in your eyes.
"Do you know why I gave you the alias Tether?" he asked and you shook your head. "Because when we first met you were so disassociated from everything. You were so disconnected."
"You were worried about me."
"No, I immediately cared for you. I called you Tether with the hope that you would reform those connections. That you would someday let yourself be tied closely to other people again."
Your chest felt warm. There was a soft affection in Tony's eyes that put you at ease somehow. You trusted him. You always have. And there was no reason not to trust him now.
"Thank you, Tony," you said as you held his hand tightly in yours.
His free hand went up to ruffle your hair, smiling now too as your face looked brighter. You still didn't understand everything, but you were coming to terms with the fact that you didn't need to. There were some things in life that you just needed to blindly believe; like trust, friendship, faith in the goodness of people.
Like love.
"So you eavesdropped on me and Steve," you started stiffly, taking in more coffee.
"Don't worry. I left before all the grunting."
"Good. Good. That would have been awkward."
"It still is."
The gala at the Tower was now in full swing, everyone applauding as Tony finished his usual welcome speech. Every Avenger was here amidst the lucky people who had scored an invite. The event itself wasn't cancelled, it would risk the bombers hitting somewhere else. It was better to put an end to everything here now and your intel was proven right when the two leaders walked into the soiree. Natasha winked at you from across the room, a silent kudos for a job well done.
The rest of the civilians were kept blissfully unaware to prevent any panic, while your team had comms pieces in your ears and protective gear underneath your expensive suits and gowns.
It was almost like a choreographed dance and you were amazed at seeing the actual Avengers at work for the first time. They would mingle and laugh with the guests, a drink in their hands that was more for show, as they moved to other guests you noticed how they were meticulously sweeping the floor and providing updates to each other. Some of them slipped in and out of the room with the excuse of going to the restroom, getting another drink, or answering a phone call.
"You'll both be okay," Wanda said from beside you, noticing that your eyes were following Steve weave through the room. "What you both have is much stronger than either of you realize."
She shared an affectionate look with Vision who was standing beside her with his hand on her lower back. You haven't been with the team for long, but you realize now that you haven't really spent much time with the android. It was strange to you because of the similarities in your natures and powers. One would think that you would be quick friends.
"Vision, can I ask you a question?" you asked hesitantly. "Do you dislike me?"
Wanda looked absolutely shocked. She had grown close to you and her love for Vision was absolute. Conflict between the two of you was unacceptable for her. Vision was quick to reassure her though, his hand on her back moving in soothing circles.
"I suppose I haven't been the most welcoming to you, but rest assured it is not of dislike," he said calmly. "It's more because you make me nervous."
"Because of your powers. Sergeant Barnes may welcome your tinkering of his metal arm, but I am uncomfortable with the thought that you can easily dismantle and analyze me."
You smiled softly at him. You had never known someone to fear what you can do. Hate and disgust you were familiar with, but not fear.
"I wouldn't be so worried about that. I can analyze and dismantle you as much as I can Wanda which is barely to not at all," you laughed lightheartedly. Wanda was smiling now too, but Vision was looking puzzled.
"How so? I am an android."
"Because despite what you may think, you're more human than machine."
Wanda's heart warmed at the sentiment and she leaned in closer to her partner. She has always thought of the same and although it was a common discussion between them, it was different hearing it from someone else. Her eyes swelled with gratitude toward you. Perhaps now Vision would believe her a little more when she said it to him.
Clint's voice through the comms interrupted the moment. "Four bombs found and areas secured."
"Act normal until they're all disabled. We don't want them to get suspicious and trigger them early," Steve said. You didn't realize it until then that you missed hearing his voice. You missed how he always seemed to be around you.
"It's your show now, Tether," Tony prompted.
As casually as you could, you slipped out of the party with Wanda and Vision soon following behind. You followed the directions in your ear to get to each bomb. You had to work quick.
The first bomb was in the kitchen, only a few doors down from the party, fastened securely under one of the prep tables. The kitchen staff had been fed some excuse to get them out of the way for the brief moment you needed to work. You ducked under the table and let your hands loose, quickly picking through the components until they lay in harmless pieces on the floor beside you.
By the time you got to the fourth bomb, your heart was hammering in your chest and a thin sheen of sweat was on your face from the effort. All the bombs were similar to the ones you've analyzed and all with alien tech core. They were much bigger and with the intent for even more destruction, but they were structured the same. This helped you to disable them easier.
But something felt off.
This was their big finale. This seemed far too tame for the last chapter of their twisted story. It was too easy. You suppose you should be grateful if this were the case, but the nagging feeling that there was something else grated at you.
"Fourth bomb disabled," Wanda sighed in relief.
Tony and Steve would apprehend the leaders now, quietly to not rouse suspicion with the other guests. You were walking back to the party, Wanda fixing your slightly disheveled dress and hair,  when Sam's voice urgently rang through the comms.
"Party floor conference room. Get here now! We have a problem."
You shared a panicked look with Wanda before you broke into a sprint. The three of you burst through the door and saw the two culprits tied to chairs, unexpectedly looking smug for someone whose plans have been spoiled. Steve and Tony were in the room all looking equally grim. The rest remained at the party to keep up pretenses and as a layer of protection for the guests.
"What's going on?" you asked urgently.
"They're saying there's another bomb," Steve answered, running a hand through his hair.
"And you're not gonna be able to stop it," one of the targets snickered then turned to sneer at you. "We know about you, Tether."
Your eyes grew wide. The noise in your brain rising to a high pitched wailing. The venom in his words unnerved you and made your blood grow cold.
"We counted on you keeping busy disabling the bombs in the Tower," he smiled maliciously at you. "But the real bomb was made especially for you. There's no way in hell you can disable it if you can even find it."
Your vision was spinning. The breath caught in your chest. Your hands shook in fear. You felt like vomiting. You barely heard Steve's angry demands.
"Tell us where the bomb is!"
The prisoners chuckled darkly, purposely not answering him. Your mind was racing, trying to grasp at any clue. You needed to find that bomb, but there was too much going on in your mind that you couldn't focus on any of it. You couldn't filter through the mess.
Strong hands on your face caused you to take a sudden breath. You didn't even realize that you weren't breathing. Worried crystal blue eyes met your frantic ones and you felt your world struggle to right itself.
"Look at me, sweetheart. Focus only on me," he said pressing his forehead to yours.
You forced yourself to do as he said. The calluses on his hands on your cheeks. The faint smell of scotch on his warm breath. The hint of green in his blue eyes. The sound of his thudding heartbeat. Finally, the soft press of his lips on yours.
When he pulled away, the wretched noise in your head was gone giving way to the clarity you needed to possibly save you all. You stepped away from him suddenly and pressed urgently on your smart watch.
"He said he counted on me disabling those in the Tower," you started, walking across to the room to the large windows and wrenching open the doors leading to the balcony. "But they're here so that means it's at least close by. I shouldn't be able to disable it which can only mean one thing."
"What?" Wanda asked, fully terrified now.
"It's a toxic gas bomb. Big enough to blow the whole building and the immediate area. Maybe even further," you swallowed, your feet tapping in impatience. "Picking it apart will most likely only release the gas and trigger the explosion earlier."
"If it's not in the building then where is it?" Tony was pacing now.
A glance at the two captives confirmed your theory. They looked enraged at you figuring it out. Your body almost collapsed in relief when the sound of shifting heavy metal caught your ears. On the balcony, a large armored battle mech spray painted in a crazy variety of colors landed with a loud clang. In what would be called its hands, was the bomb.
That was a really big bomb.
"What? How could you have possibly found it?" one of the captives screeched.
You looked at them unflinching, a small smirk at the corner of your lips and that signature glint of mischief in your eyes. You didn't fail to notice that they were struggling to escape now at the sight of the bomb so near to them. Clearly they were expecting to survive the devastation of the bombing while still having a front row seat to it.
"I'm kind of a genius."
"Did you build yourself an Iron Man suit?" Tony asked chasing after you onto the balcony.
"It's more of a pilotable Transformer. It's a prototype."
"I'm impressed. Deeply scared, but impressed."
You smiled as you rushed over to the bomb and carefully assessed the parts without touching it. You circled it, went under, ordered your mech to tilt it gently here and there. Your eyes were flittering in their sockets trying to gather as much information as fast as possible. You found the timer.
2 minutes.
"What do you have, kid?" Tony said coming up behind you.
With delicate hands you picked at either side of the device and handed them to Tony who was very apprehensive about taking it. The air was tense, ripe with the danger presented by the explosive. You took a few more components out until the large transparent cylinder remained. Unfortunately, it was connected to the detonator and there was no way of disabling it killing all of you right here and now.
The clock continued to count down.
"I've removed everything I can to reduce the damage from the blast. We have less than 2 minutes before this blows."
"How do we stop it?" Steve asked urgently.
"We can't. It has to be detonated."
"We can take it to open water. Have it explode far away from people," Tony suggested.
"There's no time," you argued.
You slipped under to press your palm right on the front of the mech. A latch opened revealing a small pilot seat and two joysticks snapped into place on either side. You jumped in and fastened the seatbelts tightly around your frame. Your heart was hammering again but you knew this was the only way.
"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Steve fumed.
"I'm taking the bomb as far up as I can," you explained, your fingers flying over the controls.
"Like hell you are!"
"We don't have time for this, Steve! Secure the captives, make sure the people in the building and the area are safe. Wanda will need to create a big enough protective barrier in case this doesn't hold," you argued, deploying one of your nano tech force fields to wrap around the bomb. "That should hold in some of the impact, but it won't be enough."
"What do you mean?" Tony interrupted. Steve was too wrapped up in his worry for you to think straight.
"This mech can transform to wrap around the bomb. That and the force field should be enough to contain it, but it has to be manually triggered."
40 seconds.
There was no more time. You closed the latch, gripped the joysticks, and blasted yourself straight into the air. Steve and Tony's loud yelling of your name and a string of curses quickly faded away. Higher and higher you went while keeping an eye on the counter.
20 seconds.
The city below was growing smaller and smaller until even Stark Tower could barely be seen. You spared a thought for the rest of the team. Tony had given you something far more precious than just your life back. He had given you a family, a real one that loved and accepted you for everything you were. Quirks and all. A shimmer of red covering the area below relieved some of the tension in your shoulders. Wanda was working hard.
Your turn now.
You didn't have enough time to tell them one flaw in your spontaneous brilliant plan though. It was a one way trip.
Far below, Steve watched from the balcony as your figure became so small he could barely make you out. He was terrified. He had never felt this terrified in his long existence. He had barked the orders into the comms after you blasted off but remained where he was to keep you in his sights.
He felt helpless. For all the enhancements the serum granted, he couldn't keep you out of danger. You had taken it upon yourself to resolve a problem that in essence shouldn't even be yours. To be honest you had almost single handedly closed out this mission. He was ashamed. Worse yet was that there were things left unsaid between you. Words he had been dying to tell you. The fear that he might never get the chance almost floored him.
Fear couldn't even begin to describe when he felt the telltale shockwaves of the explosion from above. The air rippled violently around them, causing the building to jolt. The sound of screaming, sirens, and blaring alarms sounded off in the area. Steve gripped the railing to steady himself. Looking up there was no smoke or fire. Your plan had worked to contain the actual blast. The brief moment of pride for your genius was overwhelmed with cold dread. If they felt the shock that violently on the ground even under Wanda's barriers, then he didn't even want to think about how you fared.
He pleaded up at the sky as his heart alternated between painful clenching and frantic thumping. Angry tears streaked down his cheeks when the heavens still held no sign of you, his hold on the railing denting the metal. Just when all hope was lost, a small dot caught his attention. A rapidly falling speck, like a comet.
"Tony!" Steve yelled desperately.
Please be okay, sweetheart.
Tony was already jumping off the balcony in his full suit. He had seen you too and was transferring every resource in his suit onto his thrusters to get to you faster. As he grew nearer he saw your bloodied limp figure covered by your shields plummeting to certain death. He went faster until he had caught you in his arms, immediately tightening his hold around you and checking your vitals as he made his way back to the Tower. The relief he felt was unmeasurable when he detected your pulse and you groaned faintly in pain.
You were alive.
"Remind me to add a parachute."
The pull of unconsciousness was too strong to resist and you willingly surrendered yourself to the darkness.
Waking up to harsh hospital lights and the high pitched intermittent beeping of the monitors almost made you beg to be unconscious again. The pain radiating throughout your body and most of all in your head made you certain you just wanted to slip back under. Everything was coming at you at once and your heart rate began to pick up to an alarming beat.
You could make out a voice but the ringing in your ears was drowning it out. You whimpered helplessly, cried at feeling so out of control in your own body. You were so far gone in your distress that you didn't realize that a large body was coming to lay beside you on your cot until you were turned to your side and your face was pressed into a hard chest.
"Just focus on me, sweetheart."
The voice was clearer now, gentle and imploring. The familiar smell of his cologne wrapped around you, crisp and clean. The feel of the soft material of his shirt tickled your cheek. The taste of blood in your mouth from your split lip. You craned your neck up and willed your tired eyes to open, the sight of his face etched deeply with worry. The world calmed down again.
"What the hell were you thinking?"
His sudden outburst caught you off-guard, the rage burning in his eyes boring holes into you. You buried your face back into his chest on instinct, but he forced your chin up to pin your gaze in place.
"What if Tony hadn't caught you? What if the blast couldn't be contained? You could have died!"
He was shaking you now, the anger and desperation of the fear he felt swallowing the entire room. His breathing was heavy and your own heart was thudding hard again. Your own anger sparked.
"Well I'm not dead. I saved all of your asses and half of New York!"
"Couldn't you save yourself too if you're such a genius? You were freefalling to your death!"
"Well I didn't have a parachute built in yet!" you tried to explain, your arms waving angrily.
"Why the hell wasn't that the first thing you put in?"
"It was a prototype!"
"And that somehow makes it okay?" he scoffed, his hands on you tightening and pulling you closer.
"Why are we yelling?"
"Because I love you, you reckless idiot!" he huffed. "And I almost lost the chance to tell you."
"Well I love you too and I'm alive! So what the hell is the problem?"
He blinked, shocked at what you both just spilled in the heat of your emotions. It wasn't how he planned to profess his love for you and it certainly wasn't how he expected you to answer.
But still.
"You love me?" he asked, his voice much softer and tinged with worry that he might have heard wrong. His eyes were gentle now, the flames of anger extinguished and his thumb stroked your cheek slowly.
"Yes," you whispered, planting a featherlight kiss on his lips. "I love you, Steve. I'm sorry it took me a while to understand."
The smile on his face was a mixture of deep affection and relief. You were alive and you felt the same for him. Right now at that moment, he felt like the luckiest bastard alive and he couldn't be more grateful. He leaned his head closer to yours and your lips tingled in anticipation, but then he suddenly drew back.
"You're sure, right? No take backs?"
"Yes! I love you, Steve," you chuckled and waited as he leaned close again only to draw back one more time. You groaned.
"You understand that we're in a relationship now, right? Monogamous."
"I swear to god, Steve. If you don't kiss me properly right now I am going to have my mech tie a ribbon around you and deliver you right to Sharon!"
The cocky smirk on his face and the raised eyebrow was both arousing and infuriating. "So you were jealous about Sharon."
"Steven Grant Rogers, I will murder you!"
The rest of your threats were muffled when he finally crashed his lips against yours, his chuckles rumbling in his chest. Your heart actually fluttered and melted at the pure emotion in that kiss. So filled with adoration and lightheartedness was that kiss, a promise of a connection that would never break.
A playful bite to his lower lip made him hiss and tighten his hold on you. He groaned as you slipped you tongue to twine with his, your hips angling to slot better with his quickly hardening member.
"Honey, you're still injured," he said between gasping kisses.
"Injured not dead. Now take your pants off, Captain."
Steve knew right then that you would be the death of him and he was 100% okay with that.
The rest of the Avengers were coming down the hallway as they chatted, each bringing a gift of some sort for you. Vision was floating ahead of them carrying a brand new jigsaw puzzle for you, he regretted that he hadn't formed a friendship with you yet out of fear but he was planning to change that. He phased through the wall of your medical ward but almost immediately came back out and held a hand out to stop the rest from going further.
"What's wrong, Vis?" Wanda asked, worried now and thinking you had taken a turn for the worse.
"Wanda, I now understand the importance of walls," he declared.
Wanda blinked.
"And doors."
The rest of the Avengers began to understand.
"And knocking."
"Nope," Tony sharply turned back around to march away from your room. "Been there, heard that. Don't need a repeat!"
A/N: There you have it, loves! We move to a new fic series soon which I have been plotting and I fear has taken a life of it’s own. Thanks again for the love and I live for the interactions. You’re all just too sweet. Send in headcanons/drabble requests if you want to see more of this pairing.
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syndxlla · 6 months ago
Part nine of the More to Love series
Summary: Plans for the ball are in full swing, the concealment of your relationship with the knight dwindles and you make a deal with one another that leads to both of you learning a new and valuable skill
Word Count: 8.9k, NO USE OF ‘Y/N’
Warnings: SMUT (oral sex F receiving, fingering, multiple orgasms), swearing, mentions of wounds
Author’s Note: and we’re back to your regularly scheduled royalty and princesscore writings. this chapter is very chill honestly, but i still really enjoyed writing it! there’s also the introduction of THE DRESS. y’all this dress is insane you really aren’t ready i am OBSESSED with this dress.
Part eight
Tumblr media
“Are you listening, Princess?” You hadn’t even realized you had zoned out. Your cheek was bright red from resting against your palm, and your eyes had glazed over with boredom. You hoped you didn’t look too uninterested, but considering the literal Queen of Mandalore looked down at you with folded arms and one arched eyebrow, you were less than confident that you looked engrossed in the conversation.
The Queen, Lady Reeves and yourself have been inside a yellow-themed parlor all morning discussing plans for the ball. Your Knight stood patiently by the door, overseeing the entire meeting. You wore a long sleeve dress that was too hot for the summer sun, which was slowly drying out the mud and puddles from then two-day long rainstorm that no one predicted. You spent the entire day yesterday pretending to rest from the exhausting day previous, but you were really hiding your arm from everyone else. You tried to argue with Koska that a long sleeve in the middle of summer would look for more suspicious than a simple bandage on your bicep, but she disagreed to say the least. The Knight stopped limping this morning, although you were convinced he was just faking it for good measure. If others knew he was injured, it could raise suspicion that you were too. You also think he didn’t want you to worry about him. The stab wound really wasn’t that deep, but you knew it had to have hurt more than he was showing. You thought he should take a few days off to rest his leg and to really spend time with his son, but he refused to.
You look up from your emotionless stare out the window, which showed the sea in the distance. The ocean was so different here compared to what it’s like in Corellia. There are sandy beaches and the water’s warm, whereas back home, it’s often frozen over, and is lined with rocky fjords and coves. You wanted to go down to one of those beaches soon if you could. They looked relaxing and much more intruiging than a wordy meeting that you stopped listening in on Lord knows when.
“Sorry, I just… zoned out for a minute.” You clear your throat, looking up at the ginger above you. You bat your eyelashes, trying do play off innocent and truthful. She shrugged, and turned around to pull something out of Koska’s hands.
“I was saying that now that we have the food and decor arranged for the ball, we can talk about the important things.” She says as she whips around for the big reveal that you weren’t expecting: iher arms was the most extravagant, fluffy gown you had ever seen. It was a soft rose gold, the skirt was huge and round, tulle pillowing out from the bodice which had clearly been hand-beaded by nimble fingers to have five-pedaled flowers with curly vines growing out of them. There was a soft sweet-heart neckline, the lace and beading of the bodice came up past the structure to overlap where your skin would be, The sleeves were off the shoulder, which was common for Mandalorian summer gowns. The skirt had a soft hint of sparkles and real diamonds had been sewn into the centers of each flower along the gown.
You perked up as you saw the ornament, your attention being drawn from the crashing waves of the ocean to the prettiest dress you had ever seen. You think you sighed, but you weren’t really sure. Dresses have always been a part of your life, designers from all over the world would send you their best sets, and it’s rare for you to wear the same gown more than once. This isn’t the first time you had been presented with a dress that costed more than some of the houses in the kingdom, but there was something different about it. It had a special glow to it, unlike anything you had ever seen.
“Her Radiance Ahsoka brought it, it’s a wedding gift from the Woodland elves.” Koska speaks up when she sees your reaction. Both her and the Queen were amused at your childlike awe. “That’s why it has that shimmer, they used silk spinners and gold.”
“I… I can’t accept this.” You wanted to, but you were desperately trying to be humble and calm in this situation. The dresses never meant that much to you, it’s just a piece of clothing. You have always been far more into the politics that came with royalty, not the fashion, so this was a first.
“Well of course you can.” The queen chuckled, “It would be rude not to.” You wished you could tell her that wearing such an extravagance would feel in vain because you did not feel affection towards the person you’ll be wearing it for. However, you supposed she was right, it would be rude to turn down a gift from the literal elves. You stand up from where you sat, walking over the dress that took your breath away. You wondered what the Knight thought of it, and you turn around to look at him. You know that he wouldn’t show any type of reaction over this thing, especially if the Queen is watching, but you wanted to show him that you were thinking of him. You smiled, raising your eyebrows to really show how beautiful you thought the gown was, you’ll get to talk about it with him later. This is the second time Koska see’s something like this between the two of you, and she first looks at you, and the knight, raising a sharp eyebrow.
You place your hand over the fabric, running your palm over it. You did nothing to deserve this, but you were honored that it’s yours. “It’s like a faerie’s dress.” You sigh. “It’s wonderful, when can I thank her Radiance?”
“She’s out and about, she usually meditates in the gardens on sunny days, I can retrieve her, if you’d like.” Koska speaks up.
“Oh that’s alright, I’ll find her eventually.” You smile.
“Interesting that you brought up the fae…” The Queen brings up, “Allow me to ask, it is your engagement ball, is there anything specific you would like to have incorporated?” A few days ago, you would have had no answer, because a few days ago there was nothing about Mandalore worth it to you. However, things have changed. You’ve spent sleepless nights thinking about the boy in the beskar armor, and you would give anything to dance with him at that ball. You knew damn well that if you asked nicely, and maybe gave him head in return, he would do almost anything you asked. He would happily dance with you alone in the room after the events of the night, although you weren’t even sure if he knew how to dance. You did want to waltz with him, but not in that way.
So, last night you stayed up late, laying on your back with the balcony doors just cracked open to let in the smell fo fresh rain and a cool breeze into the hot room, thinking about him. You especially thought about the soft skin of his thighs and the way he shuddered when you raked your fingernails down his abdomen. But you also thought about how you could dance with him at the ball, where everyone could see. You knew that you would be dancing with far more people than Korkie, it would be many people’s last (and only) chance to dance with you before you’re married, and so you’re expected to give everyone the opportunity and attention they desired. It wasn’t your favorite thing you’d have to do, especially considering you would be dancing with a number of complete strangers and total creeps of Viziers, Grand Dukes and old viscounts who would probably whisper dirty things in your ear. And that is part of why you wanted this one thing for yourself so badly.
Dancing with a mysterious stranger wouldn’t be a problem. You wanted to share your affection towards him, and you especially wanted him to see you in your true element of balls and parties and gowns and tiaras. You knew it was risky, especially considering you can hardly control yourself around him, who knows what the crowd may be whispering as you dreamily look up at him. But after having to move and change your entire life, marry a man you resent in a kingdom that goes against everything you’ve ever believed in, you owe yourself this one thing. Just this one.
However, dancing with a literal knight would be far too suspicious and obnoxious for the biggest event in the western part of the world. And you knew that he would never remove his helmet, even if his life depended on it. It would be no easy feat to convince him to do something like that in such little time, but that’s when you got the best idea to have possibly ever cross your mind.
When you were just a little girl, your nursery caretaker would sit you on her lap when you had droopy, tired eyes, and read you a story. You can’t remember what it was called, it’s been so long since you heard it, but it was your favorite. It was the tale of the masquerade ball where the young peasant girl fell in love with the handsome magician. You were always drawn into it, because you once hoped you would fall in love with a mysterious and handsome man, too.The point of the story was that she never saw his face, as they both had on extravagant swan masks covering their eyes. If everyone had their face covered, it wouldn’t look suspicious if he did, too. You knew it would be a big thing to ask, and he may not even agree to it if the Queen approves of the short-noticed theme, but you wanted to live at least one night as the young peasant girl.
“Yes, actually.” You began to reply, “I would love for my engagement ball to be a masquerade.” You made sure to add in the ‘my’ to reinstate that it is for you. The Queen stopped to consider what you asked, and Koska looked suprised. It’s rare for anyone to ask the Queen for something like that out flat. But, she was the one who brought it up.
The Queen made you wait in suspense for her answer, and every fiber of your being wanted to turn around and wink at the knight to let him know that you asked for him, but even you, the naive princess, knew that you needed to be more careful with sharing your memories with him when others are around. “I suppose we could arrange that.” She thinks out loud, and you can’t stop the smile that stretches across your face. The Queen really only agreed because she knew it would cause more buzz and conversation around her last event as Queen. Even you could see that, but if it meant you would get a chance to share the memory with your guard, it was worth it.
“Your Majesty, forgive me, but the ball is this weekend, I fear we will not have enough time to prepare for such a change in plans…” Koska spoke up.
“Well, not if we don’t have everyone in the palace working double time,” Both yours and Koska’s faces dropped, that is not what you wanted at all. “Every servant will be required to make ten masks before the ball on Saturday. Knights are exempt, obviously.” She placed the rose gold dress back in Koska’s arms. You immediately felt guilty.
“Oh that won’t be necessary, Your Majesty, I don’t want everyone to-“
“Oh nonsense,” She interrupted, “I love the masquerade idea, it will be grand. It will be the envy of Coruscant.” Was everything a battle for her? An endless contest of who’s the best between Mandalore and Coruscant? If everyone had extra work to do on top of their usual load, you would feel absolutely terrible, but there would be no changing the Queen’s mind. “As the head of the servants, you will oversee the masks, Lady Reeves.” Your face was in shock, pale and sick. Koska shot you an annoyed glare. You tried to respond with an apologetic smile, but the Queen was speaking up again, pacing as she spoke. “Of course we need the royals to stand out from everyone else, we’ll already have our gowns but the masks will make a difference too…” She thought out loud. “Koska I would like an owl mask as per usual, there will be gems incorporated as well I trust?”
“Yes, your Majesty.” She was not amused with her new task.
“As for our little Princess,” She was referring to you, but you couldn’t even listen out of guilt. Everything you tried in Mandalore somehow backfired on you. “Her dress is lovely, but her mask must also be the most extravagant in the room, after mine, of course. It would also be best if hers and my nephew’s matched, Yes?” Koska nodded, struggling to hold the heavy dress with her small stature. “Lovely, aren’t you just full of surprises, Your Highness?” The Queen smiled at you, and you forced a polite smile. “Now, excuse me, I have a designer to meet with to get as many feathers and adornments for masks as possible.” The redhead hastily exits the room, her high guard following her, leaving just you and Koska with your knight.
“What the fuck was that about?” Koska asked afterwards.
“I didn’t mean for any of the extra work to happen, I swear.” You defensively respond.
“You just love giving me a hard time, don’t you?” She asks.
“No- that not at all what-“
“Let her be, Koska.” Your knight steps into the conversation.
“Ugh you knights are so frustrating sometimes.” She rolls her eyes. “I mean, what is going on with you two?” She asks and your heart drops to your ass. Was it that obvious there was something more there? Your knight tensed up, too. “Yeah, I can see exactly what’s going on here. Would either of you like to explain?” She asks.
The two of you stood awkwardly like children who got caught stealing sweets from the kitchen. You wondered how you were going to get out of this one. Your entire world could come crashing down right now if you didn’t play this out correctly, and a thousand outcomes of this situation simultaneously played out in your head. Would she rat you out? Would it lead to your knights expulsion? Or would she keep it to herself? She seemed to have a history with your knight, although you didn’t know what that might be. Maybe she would be on your side, but you highly doubted it.
You blame yourself for all of this. You should have put a stop to all of this long ago, but you couldn’t bring yourself to. He has you tied around your finger, and you like it. You wondered what was going on through his mind, was he as nervous as you? He had to be, if not more worried about what would happen. Someone knowing about your secret relationship would only lead to you getting a tap on your knuckles and then they would try to hide it from society to keep your reputation clean, but it would be the end of his career and safety for him. You were selfish for this, and you knew it.
“What?” Is all your stupid mouth says. As if you hadn’t just had the most sporadic and stressful thought process of your entire life. After all that, the only thing you were able to come up with was “what?”. You thought your body might be shaking, but you weren’t totally sure. You wanted to look at the knight by your side, but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. Koska must have thought the same thing as you because after you just responded with an arrogant rhetorical question, her eyebrows raised like a mother angry with her teenage son. She scoffs, and walks to the other side of the parlor to place the gown down on a sofa. When her back was turned to you, you were somehow able to muster up the courage to look at the beskar-clad figure to your left. He didn’t look any different than, well, ever. Tall and broad and stoically looking ahead as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. But you knew better. He had to have had a similar thought process to your own. He never turned to look back at you, and that’s when the guilt really set in. This could have been prevented. It should have been prevented. You fiddle with your sleeve.
Koska comes back too soon, her arms folded over her chest and the same unamused look on her stupidly perfect face. “So, one of you better start talking now, or else I’m going to get impatient and go catch up with the Queen to do your chore.” She nods to you. Why was she doing this? What did she gain out of knowing any of this? It could be to protect Korkie, although you found that seriously hard to believe. From what you can tell, Koska could care less about the Mandalorian Prince.
You sigh out of embarrassment mostly, but know that you are the one who needs to speak up. This was your mistake, and so it was your responsibility to fix it. “This is all my fault,” You have to clear your throat after beginning because of how uncomfortably your words sit in your throat. “I take full responsibility for everything. Don’t blame him for anything.” You nod. He turns his head to look at you after you say this, and you wanted nothing more than to look back at him, but Koska had your gaze trapped.
“And what exactly do you mean by ‘everything’ and ‘anything’?” The lady-in-waiting asks.
You sigh again, knowing this was going to be hard to say. “I...allowed myself to be…” You carefully considered your word choice, “i-infatuated with the wrong man.” You finally get out. That was the first time you had said it in front of him, and only the second time you had said it outloud ever, the first being to the Elven Queen last week. “I shouldn’t have let it get so out of hand, but I fell under the spell of this Knight, and I don’t even know his name. I’ve never seen his face. In many ways, he’s a complete stranger to me.” You debated saying the next thing, but it just kind of spilled out, ‘A stranger who’s plagued my thoughts and actions since the day I got here.” It was hard for you to say, but there was something so liberating about saying it.
He never took his eyes off of you the entire time you spoke, but this time you were able to look back at him. Your eyes first looking down at the floor guiltily, and then they slowly make their way up his armor and to the visor on his helmet. You just looked there for a little bit while Koska processed what you were saying. You smiled genuinely at the knight, desperately trying to show him that everything you just said was true. For a moment, you weren’t sure if she was going to say anything at all, and the room fell silent.
“Well…” She begins, you can’t hear any disappointment in her tone yet, “You’re terrible at hiding it.” She sighs. Of all the things she could have said, you did not expect that.
“What?” You say like an absolute idiot for the second time. You look back at the woman.
“Look, I’ve known him for a long time.” She shakily breathes, looking at him, “We’ve actually been through a lot together.” He was still looking at you, “And honestly, Neither of us were ever cut out for the Royal life we’ve been living for a while now.” You wondered what she meant by that. “And to be frank, I could care less about your personal life.” She said to you about you, “But since he’s a friend, and you really don’t mean very much to me, no offense,”
“None taken.”
“I suppose I’ll just keep it to myself-“
The relief that overcame your body was unmatched. You can’t stop the grin that goes from ear to ear or the sigh of relief that danced on your lips and out of your lungs. You look over at him, who still hasn’t looked away from your face, but he sighs of relief, too. You see it in the way his armor shifts.
“-Under one condition.”
“You have to start hiding it better, no more over the shoulder glances. Okay? This is me looking out for him.” She gestures to him with a nod. Was she really going to do this for you?
“No more glances, got it.” You repeat.
“There’s no telling what might happen to him if the wrong person finds out.” She clears her throat, and that statement scares you. You try not to let it take up too much of your thought. “And you have to act like nothing is different. You’re still engaged to the Prince and you’re still the future Queen-consort. I don’t give a damn about what happens behind closed doors, but when others are around you have to behave yourselves. This is me looking out for my kingdom, understood?”
“Understood.” You nod back, although you weren’t the biggest fan of that condition, you knew that was the price you had to pay to get what you wanted… well at least what you think you wanted. “You’re not going to tell the Queen?”
“If you do those things, she won’t hear a word about it.” Koska shrugs.
“And what about Korkie?”
“Stars, I cannot stand that boy. I don’t even talk to him.” She rolls her eyes and you chuckle. You’re happy you aren’t the only one who feels that way about the prince. “But I’m not going to cover or lie for you two, I’m not going to help you hide it or anything. Alright?”
“Of course.” You reply.
“Great. I have over five-hundered masks to make by Saturday, so I’ll be leaving now.” She finished and on her way out, she pushes the knight on the shoulder playfully.
The door closes.
“Stars.” You clear your throat and turn to look at him, before you can say anything, though, he’s picking you up by the waist, throwing you over his shoulder like a sack of weightless flour, and carrying you over to the second sofa that isn’t taken up by a ridiculously large dress. You giggle when he does, blushing at his enthusiasm. You’re placed on your back and he kneels between your legs.
“You’re excited.” You chuckle and he hums in response. There isn’t very much room on the sofa but he makes his place. He then grabs the hem of your dress, pulling it up over first your thighs, then up past your hips, over the corset and up to your face. He covers your eyes with the skirt and it hides the cheesiest smile on your face. light still poured in from the fabric, but you weren’t able to see anything.
You then heard the sound of metal being placed on the floor next to you, and to your pleasant surprise, his lips and pressed tightly to yours through the fabric. The kiss obviously doesn’t make any contact, but you’ve learned that with the knight, it’s the thought that always counts. You’re smiling into the kiss like a dork, and you shudder when you feel his bare hands against your bare thighs. He pulls your legs open, and then pulls away from your separated kiss.
Your first moan comes when you feel his lips against your soft thighs. He licks up and down your right thigh first, his fingertips strong and faithful against the outer part of your legs. Your breathing hitches, and you hum with pleasure when he moves to your left thigh, taking the same amount of time to kiss, nibble and suck on your pillowy skin.
Then, before you can think any more about the heat and want in between your legs, he’s pulling down your petticoat painfully slow. You bite your lip, you knew where he was headed with this, and you were more than happy to welcome it. His index and middle finger run soft lines around your cunt, massaging the swollen and wet skin around your opening that only got wetter. Your clit begged for attention, but your arms were trapped under the position of the dress skirt, and you didn’t want to risk adjusting it in a way that would make him stop. You would have to patiently wait as he teased and prodded your lips, his free hand rubbing your thigh and occasionally making its way to firmly squeeze your ass cheek. Your breathing was needy and short as he took his time to get to know your core with the tips of his fingers, which were now wet and slick and making the friction smoother.
He then gently places a light kiss on your clit. It’s so soft that you’re only able to feel it because of how sensitive and hungry you are for that type of contact. You slightly finch when his lips touch the nerve, and you’re able to feel him smile against your skin. What you would give to see his face right now…. Then, before you can think any more, he’s licking a flat stripe up from the bottom of your cunt up to your clit where he flicks three times with the tip of his tongue. You gasp at the sensation, and try to suppress a moan. He then take his time to lick each separate lip of your sex, avoiding your actual opening but teasing in such an addictive way that you were willing to be patient for him.
The knight then finally wraps his lips around your clit and sucks, pulsing with his lips and flicking back and forth quickly with the tip of his tongue. You do moan this time, a broken cry falling off of your needy lips. It was a euphoric feeling unlike anything you’ve experienced before and you loved every moment of it. His arms wrap around your upper thighs, holding you in place around his head as he moves down to lap at your pussy lips. He moans at the taste of you, diving his tongue into your folds and prodding your sensitive clit with his nose.
You whine short and quietly as he does, biting your lip and bucking your hips every now and then as he took care of your sex. He must have gone down on you for close to ten minutes straight, never coming up for fresh air and never stopping the steady pace he had. You aren’t sure how you didn’t cum immediately at the feeling of his plump lips against your clit, but you also aren’t sure how you didn’t blackout from the sheer pleasure of the feeling. It was addictive, and it only got better after he pulled away to spit on your cunt. He spits onto your folds and then brings his fingers up again to start fingering you, sliding in his pointer finger with no resistance and slowly pumping it in and out. His mouth finds its way back to your slit, sucking on it as he fingers you. The sound was filthy, it filled the parlor with wet, obscene noises accompanied by breathy moans and gentle hums. Every time he hummed against your clit, your back arched from the added pleasure. The vibrating of it was pure euphoric, and you knew you were a sopping mess in between your thighs.
His chin was wet from spit and arousal and for one quick moment he pulled his wet mouth away from your core to kiss and rub the juices of your cunt on your thighs. He nibbles a few times on either thigh, marking each with a litter of purple and red hickeys. Before adding a second finger, he pulls his hand out to gently and playfully slap your cunt. He uses his wet hand to tap your core five or six times, each tap getting harder. You moan out at the feeling, and squeeze your legs together against the feeling in a horny attempt to get more pleasure from the moment.
“Huh, would you look at that?” He asks, his voice low and hungry and full of lust. It’s the first thing he’s said in a while, and the indulgence of the oral sex cause you to nearly forget how much you loved his rough voice. “Do you like it when I slap your cunt?” You whine in response. “With your words, Princess.”
“Yes, Sir.” You whine like a bitch. He chuckles and slaps it again, harder this time. You shudder at the feeling and feel your climax coming on. You want to delay it for as long as possible, but your thighs start to shake when he puts his mouth back in you and pushed both his index and middle finger into your opening, pumping and curling and twisting his wrist to make the most wonderful combination of finger-fucking you could of have imagined.
“I’m gonna cum.” You barely get out before your spine is burning and your stomach is flexing as you cum hard and long against his tongue and on his fingers. You cry out in broken, heavenly bliss, and look for something to grasp onto as you hit your high, but you can’t find anything, which leads to your sporadic back arches. You’re panting, and he doesn’t stop kissing against your core while you cum on his tongue. You bite your lip and swear you might make it bleed a little. His grip on your thighs tightens while he pulls you against his mouth, preventing you from pulling away from the addictive exhilaration that is his kiss.
He licks you through the entire orgasm, and then some after. You think you’re being over-stimulated but you never have been before, so you aren’t really sure. Just when you think he’s going to stop, he doesn’t and he just takes his sweet old time lapping against your core and slowly pumping his fingers in and out of you. You sharply breath in, your chest heaving against the dress and you desperately want to pull your dress down to see him and breath freshly again. The way he eats you out is so methodical, like he’s done it a thousand times (which wouldn’t necessarily surprise you), like it’s the only thing he’s ever eaten or the sweetest honey to ever grace his lips.
It begins to turn you on again, the pleasure shooting into your spine and down your littered thighs and melting against your clit. You can feel the gentle rub of his fingers against your thighs, stroking your skin as he takes you in. It’s heavenly and is the only thing you can think about. Your thoughts go numb and the only important thing in the entire world is the curly-haired boy at your expense.
You mutter and whisper swears, dirty words that aren’t meant to come out of a princess’ mouth but you can’t help it when you’re seeing white hot behind your eyes. He groans a few times too before his fingers speed back up to the pace they were at before you came the first time. Your dainty hands stroke lightly on your collar-bones as the pleasure fills your soul, licking your lips and trying to hold on for as long as possible before you cum again but you can already feel your second orgasm coming on. He uses a third finger to outline your lips, coating the tip in your slick and then slowly inserting the third and final finger into your cunt, helping you chase that final hit of release. The stretch is amazing, and you were surprised you were able to take it so well. This is when you realized that he’s been training you for something much bigger. The first time he fingered you wasn’t even any penetration, the second time was two fingers, just enough to stretch you that it hurt the right amount, and now this time, three fingers that felt amazing. You remembered the size of his cock, you knew it would be a challenge to take, but he was making sure you would be able to handle it and enjoy it as much as he will.
His focus goes from licking your clit to the fingers inside. He twists his wrist to make the curl and stretch your entrance. He collects the wetness and lets it make the glide and pump smoother. You’re so drenched and needy that the fluid is running out past his fingers and dripping onto the sofa cushion, staining it with your lust. He nips so slightly at your clit and just like that, your whole world comes crashing down. The orgasm is actually mind-numbing this time, and all you can do is moan and sob and claw at your own skin. Your scratch into your shoulders and collar-bone and it’s deliciously painful. Your thighs clamp against his head and he continues to finger you long and hard through the climax, cleaning your folds up as you cum against his tongue and fingers. You’re finally able to catch your breath, painting with droopy, lustful eyes but feeling completely fulfilled. He cleans up all the juices around your entrance, collecting the cum on his tongue and happily swallowing it down like it’s his last meal. You aren’t able to see it, but he then puts his fingers into his mouth, cleaning off the three that were knuckle-deep into your cunt. He groans at the taste, and wipes his mouth before planting one last, gentle kiss to the soft, angelic skin of the mound between your legs. You're so sensitive that the light kiss makes you flinch, and he chuckles at the involuntary reaction.
He puts his helmet back on and then pulls your dress skirt down to see your face. You’re surprised by the light initially, and you blink a few times to adjust to it. Your lungs fill with crisp air and you look at your favorite sight: the helm of the knight you think you’re falling in love with. You can’t stop the smile on your face. He chuckles and then readjusts your dress to cover you up better. He takes such good care of you. You see him freeze when he sees the scratch marks on your skin, and his bare hand softly runs over the red lines, outlining the marks. You blush at him, looking up at his expressionless face with a puppy-love look.
“Everytime I think it can’t get any better, you prove me wrong.” You sigh. Every orgasm has been better than the last.
“Just you wait.” You hear the smirk under the helmet and it causes butterflies to flutter in your tummy. You sigh, still catching your breath and you just take him in, looking up at how he’s propped up above you. He has hands on either side of your head and he’s just a brudding force of metal and sex and good kissing and caring about things that you didn’t even know you needed someone to care about. You probably look like a dork just smiling up at him but you don’t even care and now your hands are free to wrap around his neck and you just wish you could see his face and kiss it all over right now.
Your fingers lock behind his neck and the positioning of his armor and the way his head is bent makes it so you can just barely feel the skin of his neck. You move your index fingers up to look for the curls at the nape of his neck. You think you could sing out when you found the prize: some strands of dark, brown, thick hair hidden under the helmet. You twirl them around your fingers and that action alone is worth a million kisses. The feeling in your heart is second to none and you wished you could stay in this still moment forever.
“Did you mean what you said?” He speaks up in reference to what you told Koska about him.
“Every word of it.” You state, genuinely meaning it as you said it. He did respond but something told you he was smiling under all that armor. He sighs, and then lets his arms go weak so he’s falling onto you. You groan at the surprise and the sheer weight of both his broad body and the heavy armor on top. The air is pushed out of your lungs but at least he’s pressed into you, your hands still toying with his curly hair. You can hear him chuckle, and you wanted to freeze time.
“Someone’s gonna see us if we stay like this.” He mutters as you tilt your head to have it rest on top of his helmet.
“Then let them.”
He doesn’t reply to what you say, and you debate if it was even the right thing to say. When you’ve gotten everything you’ve ever wanted, it’s hard to grasp the concept that someone may not want the same thing. You’re selfish for not caring about his safety and status in these types of situations. He grunts as he pushes himself back up and stands again, leaving only you on the sofa.
“How’s the arm?”
“It’s fine.” You roll your eyes, you don’t want everyone to worry so much anymore.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes.” You reply more forcefully this time, sitting up on the couch.
“Just making sure.”
“Yeah, yeah…” You sigh, and consider your next words, “I was wondering if I could ask you something.” You sit with your palms flat against the cushion, making aware of the wet spot on the fabric and smirking fondly at it.
“Anything, your Highness.” He nods.
“Well… I wondered if maybe I could teach you how to dance?” You were nervous about what his response may be.
“Oh Stars-“ He chuckles.
“I had a feeling that masquerade might have something to do with me.” He puts his hands on his hips like he’s scolding you but there’s a guilty part of you that you like about it.
“Well it isn’t just about you.”
“Are you sure about that?”
“” He already knew you so well. He chuckles at your response. “So… what’s your answer?”
“Dancing isn't my style…”
“I don’t believe that.” You tilt your head. “Come on, it’s super easy and it would mean a lot to me.” You try convincing. He sighs and considers what you’re offering. “I can give you something in return…” You bite your lip, teasing. He chuckles just once.
“What!? Really??” You stand up from excitement, you weren’t really expecting him to agree.
“But, only if you let me teach you something in return.” You nod in agreement, your hands coming to fold in your lap. You were expecting him to refer to something sexual, but his words prove you wrong, “I wanna teach you how to fight.”
“What?” Why would you ever need that?” It’s rare for royals to learn such a skill, especially princesses. You understood that it would be valuable, but you weren’t completely sure if you were up to the task.
“Well more than anything, I want to teach you how to defend yourself. So something like Keldabe doesn’t happen again.”
“Okay…” You were tentative to agree.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah.” You shrug, “If it means I get to dance with you at the ball, I would be more than happy to learn.”
“Great. Let’s start then.” He takes a step back and holds his hand out for you to take.
“What?” You place your palm in his and he pulls you up off the couch, “right now?”
“Yes, c’mere.” You were nervous and honestly your legs were still weak from cumming twice, but you follow him as he begins to talk. “I’ll just teach you a few things and then you can teach me how to dance I guess.”
“Stop being a pill.” You tease.
“Only if you stop, too.” He teases right back at you which leads to a scoff from your lips. He ignores you. “When you're defending yourself, you always wanna protect your face, okay?”
“Protect my face, got it.” You repeat. He holds his arms up in front of his helmet, his hands fisted.
“Mimic my pose.” You roll your eyes but mirror him, holding your arms to guard your face. “See, is that so hard?”
“Shut up.”
“Yes ma’am.” He sarcastically replies. “You can’t do much if you can’t see, so that’s why you gotta protect your face. If you wore a helmet you wouldn’t need to do this.”
“But I would always be wearing a helmet…”
“It’s not so bad.” He shrugs.
“Something tells me that you don’t believe that.” You drop your arms from your face to say that, which was obviously a mistake, because instead of responding to your claim (which was probably right), he's jabbing his arm out towards your face. He’s not close enough to hit you but the quick and unexpected action is enough to startle you back. You lose your balance and fall down on the ground, wincing when you hit the ground and regretting agreeing to this. Your arms wrap into a frustrated position and you frown up at him. You look up at him surprised and a little pissed, and he just starts laughing. “What was that?”
“You let your guard down.” He says between laughs. He does hold his hand out for you to help you back up, and you take it to your own dismay. He hoists you up quickly, and you have to re-establish your balance.
“You are impossible.” You put your arms back over your face, ready to try again.
“You like it.”
“Are you gonna teach me or not?” He wasn't wrong but you figured you’d have to try and beat him at his own game.
“Are you gonna let me?”
“Just go.” You roll your eyes again.
“This will also protect your ribs. Can’t do much if the wind is knocked out of you, either.” He explains. “You also want to stand wide, it’ll help you keep your balance.” He kicks your feet out to be shoulder width which breaks every rule in the book of princess manners. “And prevent… falling on the floor.”
“This isn’t exactly easy to do in a corset, you know.” You argue.
“And dancing won’t be easy in armor but here we are.” He shrugs, and you suppose he’s right. Neither of you are cut out for the tasks at hand. “When fighting someone without armor, you’re gonna want to go for their face, their eyes are vulnerable and you can do real damage on their nose.”
“Okay….” You try to remember what he was saying, making a mental note for any future situations, although you’re still skeptical. “And what about someone with armor on?” You ask, trying not to show the smirk on your face.
“Well the guy in Keldabe did everything right, he found where the weak points of my armor was and attacked them-“
“So here?” You ask before reeling back your arm and swinging it as hard as you can into his shoulder where there was only chain mail. Your fist crashes into the metal, and you immediately regret it. “Shit!” You pull your hand back and look at your bright red knuckles, shaking your hand a few times as you try to brush the shock away.
“...Yeah, right there.” On the bright side, he seemed to be surprised by it enough that he made a little groan from the contact that turned you on way more than it should have. “But now you fucked up your hand.”
“You think?” You place the angry knuckles at your mouth, trying not to be too upset about the pain shooting through your hand.
“Punching chainmail is always gonna hurt, especially if you do it wrong… like that.”
“So how do I do it right!?” You’re determined now. No one has ever put you in your place, you’ve always gotten what you wanted, and you wanted to prove to him that you could do it.
“Why are you so eager to inflict pain on me?” He asks, you can hear the teasing in his tone but you can’t blame him for feeling that way. Perhaps you did come off a little anxious.
“I don’t know… I guess I just want to prove something to you.” You sigh, still pissed off by the pain in your hand. You’re so distracted by it that you hardly notice him walking towards you. His gentle and soft bare hands take your fist away from your mouth. You’re tentative at first, but let him take it in his hand, cupping it in between his and looking down at your red skin. You frown mostly out of frustration, but the pain is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Princesses aren’t supposed to feel pain.
Before you can blink, he pulls his top hand away and takes it to lift up his helmet just above his lips. The angle makes it so you can’t see any of his face but you understand. He bends down and kisses your knuckles in the same fashion one would when greeting you, but this was so much more intimate. His lips were like satin against your skin and the butterflies in your stomach fly right back. The physical pain didn’t go away, but the anger around it did. Your heart softened and wished he would kiss your lips but he’s already pulling the beskar back over his jaw. You sigh from the gesture, he was so romantic and you don’t even think he’s trying to be. He’s just trying to be kind and patient with you and it’s doing something to your heart that you don’t know if you can handle anymore.
“So… how do you waltz?” He asks, his hand still holding onto yours. You smile and sheepishly look down at your feet. You were unsure of how to begin, but were happy he was willing to learn.
“Okay.” You smile, “Well, you first need to loosen up. Stop being so stiff.” He tilts his head like you’re speaking a foreign language. “Like this.” You press your hands down on his shoulder pauldrons, he tries to rest them but fails and you chuckle just a little. “Roll them back.” You explain and do it yourself, he attempts to follow, and actually is able to relax a little bit more this time. Knights are always so stiff, you think it will be good for him to relax every now and then. “Good, now this hand goes here…” You lift his right hand to rest on your waist and he immediately settles into it, already feeling more comfortable now that he is holding you. You place your left hand on his shoulder, pulling your bodies a little closer together. He wanted your torsos to be flush against one another, “No, we have to keep our distance so we have room to do the steps.” You explain.
“Well that’s no fun.” He sighs. You blush and giggle.
“If we get this done I promise you can hold me as long as you want.” You tilt your head trying to make a fair compromise.
“Fine.” He’ll take it.
“Great, now we hold these hands.” You take his left hand and hold it into yours. “That’s the basic position, I learned it as home position, got it?”
“Home position…?” He repeats.
“Mhm.” You nod, your faces are close and you would give anything to feel his breath against yours. “It’s important that we sort of… ‘glide’ like we bounce as we dance, it will make it prettier.” He was convinced you were always pretty no matter what you tried or did, but we guessed he would comply this time. Your voice goes quiet and soft, the mood immediately changing from teasing to harmonious. “And your feet… okay this is sort of complicated but your left foot will go forward as my right goes back-“ You keep looking down at the floor as you try to explain the steps but his gaze is on your face, hardly listening to what you're saying and only being engulfed in your face and the way you talked about doing something you loved. You were so beautiful and you didn’t even know it.
You must have been talking for a while without really listening to yourself because he was slowly pulling you into his torso and closing the space without you really noticing that you were inches closer than you were before. “-and then your left foot will slide to meet your right foot-“ the last word fades out as you slowly look back up to his face which was now up close to yours, your bodies pressed together and both of his hands on your hips, his thumb rubbing soft circles into your back. Your heart skips a beat and you forget how to breathe as you look up at him and it just felt… right.
Your hands lift from his pauldron to his helmet and you want to take it off so badly. You knew it was too fast still, and he would remove his helmet for you when he felt like he could. At least that’s what you hoped for. It should be his decision, no one else’s. But your hands are grazing the bottom of the beskar and everything feels so right. He’s so still and his breath is quiet and for just a moment you think he might let you and then-
The door knob is turning slowly and both of you are splitting away all too fast, trying to make enough space between the two of you so it didn’t look suspicious. You both scramble, trying to put yourselves back together. The still and perfect moment was entirely gone when Prince Korkie opened up the door into the parlor. You tried not to look too shocked when his stupid perfect hair and young face looked on you. The knight held his hands behind his back to hide the fact that they were bare and side-eyed the gloves on the sofa that laid by the wet stain on the cushion. He silently prayed that the Prince wouldn’t notice them.
“Ah, princess I was wondering where you were.” He looked between the two of you. He didn’t seem too suspicious, thank the stars.
“Korkie! What are you doing?” You awkwardly laugh. Your hands fold at waist level, and you fix your posture.
“Did… I walk in on something?” He asks and your whole body goes numb. You swallow and try not to pass out. The truth is yes, he did walk in on something very important to you, but here we are.
“Oh! No, we were just…” You search around the room looking for something to take the attention away from you and the knight, “Admiring the beautiful dress the Elves gave me!” You walk to the heavy, iridescent gown on the clean sofa, picking it up to show him. You smile desperately, hoping that would be enough.
“Ah yes! It is beautiful, isn’t it?” He nods, smiling. You sigh of relief when he falls for the bait. You set the dress back down.
“Can I do anything for you?” You ask,a king sure there was no attention on the knight being you.
“I… just wanted to spend a bit of time with you. My aunt informed me of the changes to the Ball. What a wonderful idea!”
“Why thank you.” You smile, taking a few steps towards him in a hopeless attempt to not seem so suspicious.
“Yes! I had just received the RSVPS from a number of the guests. Your parents, the twins of Naboo, the senator of Alderaan and Princess of Chandrila and I’m pleased to say that we’ve found no suspicion of any attack from Coruscant!” Stars, he talks a lot. You aren’t sure how he can have any more breath to talk. You were starting to decide that you liked the boys who were more reserved.
Well… one boy.
“Oh… Um, of course. That’s great news.” You nod and finish your walk towards him, suddenly hyper-aware of the fading scratches on your collar bone.
“Come with me, we should review the letters together.” You look back at the knight apologetically before walking into the hallway with the Prince. This isn’t exactly how you hoped your afternoon would go...
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Part ten
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Cat and Mouse
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | more coming soon
Tumblr media
Summary: You’re the daughter of an extremely well-known pastor. You’ve lived a quiet and sheltered life, that is until you meet and fall in lust with a gang leader they call the Grim Reaper.
Pairing: Gang Leader And Yandere!Taeyong X female reader (college student)
Genre: angst, SMUT, violence, if you squint there may be some fluff
Warnings: graphic and violent scenes described, murder, mentions of religious practices (this in no way is meant to offend followers of Christianity), blood and death mention, character death, gun and knife mention, profanity, toxic relationship, little alcohol use, drug addiction themes, stalking, manipulation, blackmail, waterboarding (torture), obsession, posessiveness, sexual assault is briefly mentioned. Breast fondling, thigh riding, corruption/innocence kink, pet names, recording of sexual acts, oral sex (male and female), car sex, unprotected sex, penetration, sir kink, breeding kink, bdsm themes (choking, restraints, knife play, intense gun play, blood play), orgasm denial, overstimulation, c*eampie. Ohmygodihopeilistedeverything
Word Count: 26.2K (I had to make up for not updating this for MONTHS)
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DISCLAIMER AND A/N: where do I start? First of all, as mentioned in part 1, Taeyong is a manipulative and evil man in this, please remember this is fiction and definitely DOESNT represent the real Taeyong. The acts of violence are graphically described, I’m talking blood and gore, please do not read if you are sensitive to these things. Also, Taeyong is yandere in this, Hes not a true and honest lover and I hope that we all understand that what he does is sickening and wrong. This is also influenced by the manhwa, Killing Stalking. With that being said, I am so sorry for taking forever to update this, but I hope you all think it was worth the wait at the end❤️
[A Week After Thanksgiving]
“Mark...I’m so sorry this happened to you.”
You held Mark’s hand as you exited the elevator in the hospital and squeezed it lightly.
Mark turned and gave you a small smile. “It’s alright, thank you for being here with me now.” His eyes were wide and adorable as they always were. He had no idea that you were the cause for his pain, that you knew exactly who hurt him and could bring him to justice, but refused to.
Taeyong wore his skull mask when he attacked Mark and refused to mention you, so Mark thought he was just the victim of a random attack..he didn’t think it was—personal.
It had a been a few months since it all happened and you were slowly becoming more comfortable with keeping the truth to yourself. After all, you loved Taeyong, you were dating now and you couldn’t bear the thought of being without him. He made you feel wanted, desired, and loved. He showed you new things, he made your life so much more exciting that it was before.
Yes, he messed up by hurting Mark, but he told you he would never do it again..just as long as you did what he said.
And so you hoped that he’d never discover you here with Mark today at the hospital. Mark had to take a few X-rays to ensure that his ribs were healing correctly. You went with him because it’s the least you could do for being the cause of all this.
The two of you now waited for the doctor to come in with the X-ray prints in his assigned hospital room. You shimmy off your coat and hang it on a hook by the door while Mark lays in the hospital bed, still in his gown.
“These gowns are kinda awkward, like If I sit up right now, you’d get a clean look at my bum.” Mark laughed, his eyes shutting tightly.
You laughed out too. “Oh, then don’t sit up please, just imagining that makes my eyes water.”
“Y/n...there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you..” Mark cleared just throat as his tone grew more serious.
Oh no. Is he going to ask you about that night? Does he know that you know who his attacker is?
You nod slowly and bite your lips.
“I feel like..we’ve known each other for a while now..and with finals coming up and everything..I know we’ll be away from each other for a while..but when all this is over..would you like to skating with me..just me?”
Your mouth falls open and your eyes widen. Was he really asking you out?
“You know..there’s that new park with the Christmas lights and cool decorations..we can grab something to eat before..or-or after, whichever works for you..” Mark swallows hard as he waits for your answer.
“Mark...that’s really..this is really sudden..I’m not sure..”
“It’s okay! Don’t worry about it.” Mark gives an awkward laugh.
“I-I appreciate it, Mark. But I’m kinda seeing someone right now.” You pout and look away from his round eyes.
Had you not known Taeyong, you probably would’ve gone with Mark. It was an adorable idea, you loved spending time with him. And while you couldn’t see him as a romantic interest for all these years, maybe a date would’ve changed your mind. But it was too late, you loved Taeyong.
“Oh? Who is it? How have I never met him?” Mark’s mouth fell, but he didn’t look upset, he looked happy for you rather.
You nodded quickly and opened your mouth to speak, but the grumbling of your stomach interrupted you. You laughed in an effort to cover up the sound, but Mark’s eyes floated down from your face and to your stomach while you clutched it.
He smiled slowly.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t eat anything before we came here.” You looked away, feeling your face become hot.
Mark chuckled. “It’s okay! I’m hungry too, there’s a Starbucks downstairs, wanna grab something for yourself and for me too?”
“Sure!” You jumped up from your chair, thankful for an excuse to leave this somewhat awkward conversation.
“I’ll be right back!”
You headed downstairs and ordered a protein pack and coffee for Mark and a muffin for yourself. You thanked the cashier and hurried back to the elevator.
It was crowded with people at first, but as you approached your floor on one of the higher levels, more and more visitors, nurses and doctors started to exit.
All except for one.
The man dressed in scrubs kept his head down, his hair tucked into a blue surgical cap and his face covered with a face mask. You stood in the corner of the elevator and watched him closely. Something about him seemed off. Why was he holding his head down? Why did he stand in the middle of the elevator with his arms crossed?
But then again, maybe he was worried about something, maybe you were over thinking.
You sighed and leaned your head onto the wall. It felt like the longest ride ever to your floor. You looked at the numbers on the elevator light up as you passed each floor.
But then, you heard the man chuckle lowly. It was a haunting sound, a familiar sound.
His crackling voice echoed in the now empty elevator. Your brows furrowed and you stood up straight. 
“Oh little mouse, what am I going to do with you?”
That voice..
Taeyong turns and walks towards you and before you can even comprehend what’s happening, he presses your body into the corner of the elevator.
You fall back, your grip on your bag with food and coffee tightening as you swallow hard.
Taeyong’s eyes are dark, filled with fire and disappointment as he stares into your eyes.
You barely recognize him in the doctor’s uniform, but you finally notice the neck tattoo he had.
How did he know you were here?
Your mouth falls open, you can’t even form coherent sentences as he towers over you and gives you an evil look like he’s ready to kill you slowly..and painfully.
“You love him, don’t you?” Taeyong spits out angrily.
“Wait..wait Tae, I can explain.” You shake your head.
“He doesn’t have anyone to go with him to his doctors appointment, it’s the least I could do.”
“I don’t give a shit if that loser doesn’t have anyone to be with, you aren’t supposed to be here! You were supposed to listen to me! How many times do I have to tell you you’re mine?” Taeyong’s voice grows louder, he slams his hand onto the wall beside your head.
“You’re the one that put him here! How can you be selfish? He doesn’t deserve any of this?!”
“And I do? I deserve to be hurt by you going behind my back to be with him? You aren’t loyal to me and that hurts, y/n.” Taeyong’s face softened a bit as he searched your eyes.
“Behind your back? You’re not my father! I don’t have to answer to you, you won’t even claim me to your friends and you expect me to be loyal to you?”
“Oh and loyalty? Taeyong, I could easily tell everyone all that you’ve done. I could tell the police, news stations, EVERYONE..”
Taeyong suddenly grips your throat, stopping you mid rant, and leans in closer. “But you won’t..will you?”
You grit your teeth, breathing heavily as he tightens his hold.
“Everything I did, I did for ungrateful brat.” He releases you, but quickly takes you by the wrist and leads you out of the elevator. He hurriedly brushes past all of the nurses in the hallway, no one suspecting him even as he drags you behind him.
He finally finds an empty room. He tosses you inside and locks the door behind him.
He takes your bag and coffee from you and places it onto a table by the window, leaving you standing there in the middle of the room with your mouth agape.
He stares out the window and begins to talk to himself.
 “I let you out of my sight for one moment and you do this to me? I thought I was clear the first time. But it seems I wasn’t. Oh little mouse, don’t you know I don’t like repeating myself?”
 He turns back to you slowly. His low eyes stare into yours as he takes his mask off, and you finally see the handsome face of your lover.
His lips are pursed and he steps closer to you.
“Taeyong..” you swallow hard, nervous by his calm demeanor. He watches you like a predator watching his prey, he’s unpredictable and like a stranded gazelle, you’re not sure what to do, where to run to.
Do you run out the door and make him even more upset? Do you press the buzzer and call for help?
You could do anything to get away from him right now, but you don’t. Why? Because you want him.
“Get on the bed..” once in front of you he pushes your chest lightly, making you stumble on the hospital bed behind you. You push yourself up on both elbows while breathing heavily, watching as he crawls over you slowly and carefully.
His breath now on your lips as you tremble under him. “How will you make this up to me, little mouse?” He tilts his head and stares at your lips, the gazes down your neck.
“Put your hands above your head..”
On impulse, you do as he says.
He still stares at you while grazing your neck lightly with his soft lips. He dips his hand into his pocket and pulls something out, but you can’t figure out what it is.
His eyes break away fro your neck and go to your hands where he tightens one zip tie around each wrist and the metal bar of the bed.
He tightens them tightly, watching as you squeal and fidget under him.
“Taeyong..I want to touch you..please.” 
Your high pitched begging and innocent expression almost gets to Taeyong, but he shakes off the feeling and stares at your chest sticking up in the air.
He pushes himself up away from you, forcing your legs further apart as he takes a kneeling position between them.
Your button down dress rides up your thighs and to your hips as a result, just barely exposing your panties to him.
Taeyong bites his lips and runs his hands up your thighs slowly while groaning. His thumbs press into the soft skin as they work their way up to the apex of your legs.
Your breath hitches and you lick your lips.
“Taeyong..touch me.”
“You’re always begging, little mouse.” Taeyong  chuckles, his hands now running up your sides and squeezing your breasts through the fabric gently.
A shakey breath leaves your lips as you wriggle under him, anxious to feel more as your panties become increasingly wet just from his touch.
He takes your lips on his into an angry kiss, biting the bottom and licking over it. 
He slowly pumps your breast through the fabric, adoring your mewls and the way your head falls back as you ache for more.
“Wearing black I see? You’re dressed appropriately for a funeral.” He chuckles through his lips now covered with your red lipstick then takes his own time unbuttoning the buttons one by one to reveal more and more of your beautiful skin.
Once all of the buttons have been undone, he separates the limp fabric covering your chest and stomach.
You hiss with the sudden exposure to the frigid air.
“Oh? And no bra? Is this how Mark likes it? Oh, what has he done to my innocent girl?”
Taeyong’s look of danger makes you move under him again. His dark eyes are so tempting, but mysterious. You just wish he’d touch you again.
“We..we never did anything, Taeyong. I promise.”
“How do I know you’re telling the truth?” Taeyong runs his cold hands up your abdomen again, this time, letting them rest around your neck, as if to choke you once more.
You fidget under him while you try to think of what to say.
“You’re squirming like there’s something inside you already maybe we should get it out.” Taeyong lets your breasts go and reaches over for something on the small table beside the bed.
He raises the shiny object to his face and smiles widely. “Let’s play doctor.”
His husky voice lets out.
He brings a scalpel to your chest with the sharp blade just barely pressing into it.
You take in a sharp breath, your chest collapsing at the feeling of the cold metal on you.
“Taeyong? It’s doctor to you.”
“Doctor..what are you doing?” You gulp.
Taeyong’s mouth tilts upward into a smirk as he watches the scalpel dance on your skin, threatening to break into it if he just applies a bit more pressure.
“How does this feel, little mouse?” He draws the scalpel along your thigh now, stopping just before your folds.
“Is it cold? Does it hurt?” Taeyong pauses before continuing, looking into your large eyes and glancing down at your swollen, parted red lips.
He then looks down to your beautiful skin and hums lowly. “Mmmmm I like the way your skin is reacting.”
Your arms and neck are littered with goose pimples, every slight tough from the knife makes you shiver, but you’re even more turned on for some reason.
“Can you feel the edge when I press it into you?”
Taeyong looks into your eyes as he presses the scalpel a little harder onto your belly.
“Y-yes, I can feel it, Doctor. Please, don’t hurt me.” You bite your lips.
Taeyong chuckles. “I’m not going to hurt you, I’m in control, just relax. I haven’t actually cut you..yet.”
He bites his lips then looks down at your hard nipples. He feels his member poke through the thin fabric of his scrubs, he knows he can’t hold back, but he’d love to have you like this for a longer time. You’re tied up and on full display just for him. Your eyes still hold that innocent look that he adored. That unknowing look that makes him so weak as he ruins you time and time again.
He circles the scalpel around your nipple. The delicate feeling makes your head spin. You can’t think of anything but him. You moan and bring your body up towards him more.
He looks down at your soaking panties and smirks. “You seem to be liking this a lot.”
He uses a finger to bring down the thin fabric covering your aching opening. You jump in response to his finger just barely grazing against it.
He then takes the scalpel and slowly cuts the fabric, your pussy now exposed to him. He licks his lips and leans down to lick your nipples.
“Yes...that feels good.”
You swear you could cum just from the feeling of his wet tongue circling around your nipple.
He sucks on it fervently as you struggle against your restraints. You can feel his hard member brush against your folds and you just want to stroke it before greeting it with your needy flower.
Taeyong then kisses your neck, his hands still pumping your breasts as he grinds down into you.
“Tell me..where it hurts..” he says in between kisses.
“Tell the doctor what you need, little mouse.”
He licks a long stripe up your neck then bites into it as you yelp.
“Please..Doctor. I need relief down there. I need you to fuck me.” You whine and struggle again.
Taeyong groans and lowers the waistband of his scrubs. He pushes two fingers deep into your opening without warning. Your legs shift on the bed as you throw your head back and moan loudly. 
“How about this?” Taeyong teases you as he slowly moves his fingers in and out, curving the top of them so they hit your sweet spot.
And while it does feel good to have something inside you, you know you need more.
“ doctor, I need you.”
Taeyong chuckles as he takes his fingers out and replaces it with his dick, pushing into you so hard, the bed creaks as it moves and hits the wall.
“Yes! Yes, that’s it.” You cry out.
He sucks your nipple again, but your silk walls closing around his aching member makes him dizzy. He anchors himself with his hands on your thighs and focuses on pushing in harder, deeper than ever before.
Your mouth falls open as he ruins you, driving you crazy with each thrust. The sounds of his low groans and his hips snapping into yours fill your ears.
Your mind goes empty, you can only think of one word.
He’s all you can think of as you begin to unravel. He soothes your nerves and needs with his cock stretching you out and you couldn’t be more relieved.
He takes your ankles into his hands and places both legs on his shoulders, burying into you at a different angle.
Your head falls back as you moan loudly, not caring about who could possibly hear you in the hallway or next room over.
He smirks as he looks down at you going insane from his movements. He then places two fingers onto your neglected clit, massaging it as he slides in and out of your quivering pussy faster.
“Oh, I’m going to..I’m going to cum.” Tears prick at the corners of your eyes. You’re so overwhelmed with pleasure.
“That’s it, little mouse, the doctor is making you feel so good.”
He sticks his tongue out and licks your breast again, covering it in spit as you begin to leak onto the sheets below you.
Your eyes shut tightly and begin to roll in the back of your head as you cum.
Taeyong continues to fuck you hard, the metal bar hitting the wall at a steady pace now as he approaches his own high. He watches your quivering pussy swallow his dick and coat it in your cum.
Your body falls weak while you come down. You can only feel over sensitivity as Taeyong continues to use your body. He watches your breasts jump with each thrust and groans, your eyes wet with tears and your wrists becoming irritated from struggling against the zip ties. Everything about you is so perfect to him.
He slides out of you quickly before stroking his member and releasing onto your belly.
He breathes heavily, locking eyes with yours while every drop escapes onto your perfect skin.
He collects the cum with the scalpel he placed to the side. You tremble and watch.
“Open your mouth.” He demands.
You open your mouth and stick your tongue out.
“Lick it, carefully, we wouldn’t want that wonderful tongue of yours getting cut, would we?” He places the scalpel with his cum onto your tongue. You lick it off slowly, praying that you don’t cut your tongue in the process.
While you do that, he traces his fingertips around and in between your folds to collect your juices, then sticks his fingers into his mouth and licks the essence off.
He leans down and kisses you, his tongue circling around yours to combine your seed with his.
You moan into his mouth as you kiss and taste each other.
When he pulls away, he looks onto you lowly and licks his lips.
He tucks his member back into his pants and gets off of the bed while wiping his mouth.
He watches you on the bed with your arms tied to it still, you look up at him questioningly. Why was he taking so long to let you loose?
He fixes his mask over his face. “You’re too good to let go..I’ll have to kill Mark for good.”
Your eyes widen and you tug harshly against the ties. “No! No, no you can’t!”
“Why not? Do you love him?”
“Taeyong! It’s not like that at all! Please trust me, he’s just my friend.” You start to cry, there’s nothing you can do, you’re tied to the bed.
“I'm doing this for us.” Taeyong takes the scalpel and puts it into his shirt pocket before heading to the door.
“No! No you can’t! There’s cameras! You won’t get away with this, Taeyong! I swear I will tell everyone the truth this time!” You tell in a last minute attempt to stop this crazy man from hurting Mark.
Taeyong chuckles. “That almost sounded like a threat..” he turns back to you and gives you a dark expression, you tremble and cower down.
“but I’ll forget about it because I love you..also, my guys will take care of everything, even getting you out of here.Just sit tight while I take care of this.”
Taeyong ignores your cries, shuts the door, and hurries to the elevator. He heads up to Mark’s floor.
Once on the floor, he walks over to the nurse at the main desk on the floor and asks for his room.
“I’m Doctor Lee, I need to follow up with a patient named Mark. Which room is he in?”
Meanwhile, you yell loudly, trying to get anyone’s attention while also trying to slither out of the ties. But unfortunately they’re too tight. The floor also appears to be relatively empty as no one seems to hear you.
After several minutes, a nurse finally runs into the room and is startled to find you naked and tied to the bed.
“Please! Please stop him! He’s gonna kill Mark!”
The nurse runs over to the bed and quickly looks for scissors to cut you loose. “What happened? Who did this to you? Are you okay?”
You’re hysterical as she cuts you loose. She can barely figure out what you’re saying. “No, please don’t worry about me! We have to find him before-“
“’am you have to breathe, you have to slow down, I am going to help-“
She’s interrupted by the sound of a loud alarm blaring through the hospital.
“Code Red! Code Red! Everyone please find an escape route or escape room immediately.” The automated message echoes through the halls then repeats again.
The nurse’s eyes widen while she helps you button your dress up.
“Code red? Shit.”
“Miss, what does that mean?!” You jump off the bed and rub your wrists.
“That means there’s someone yielding a weapon in the hospital, they may or may not have already hurt people. Come with me! We have to go to the escape room!” She takes your hand as she opens the door, but you pull it away and run off towards the stairwell.
“Ma’am!!” She yells after you but you don’t stop, you run up the stairs to Mark’s floor.
Tears continue to fall as you sniffle and run.
You can’t believe you were so stupid to let Taeyong do this..again.
You could only pray that you would reach Mark in time.
You push the door open and are finally on Mark’s floor. As you run towards it, you notice there’s a loud ruckus by his room.
You run even faster, pushing past the nurses as you get closer. But what you see stops you in your tracks.
Mark is on the hospital bed being pushed by several nurses and a doctor. They hurry to an operating room, but it seems like you were too late. 
Your hand flies over your mouth at the sight.
The same scalpel that Taeyong used on you sticks out of the brown haired boys neck. Blood gushes out and splatters the nurses uniforms. His eyes are closed and he seems to be choking, begging for air.
“I’m not getting a pulse! Move faster, we’re running out of time!!” A nurse yells as they rush past you.
Time seems to move in slow motion. You can’t think clearly, you can only feel pain. Your head spins. You hold onto the wall for support. How could he do this? How could he kill someone innocent? This was all your fault. 
You held your head in your hands and screamed loudly as you banged it onto the wall behind you.
“This is all my fault!! Oh, God! Why?!” You cry uncontrollably.
All the memories of Taeyong flooded your brain. It’s because of him. Your life turned upside down because of the devil with a sly smile and tempting touch. And you fell for it every time, like a fool, you fell into his trap.
You had to get away from him, he wasn’t going to let you go easy, you had to run.
So you bolted out of the hospital and into the snow without your coat or cell phone so he wouldn’t be able to track you.
You ran fast, the cold, harsh air stabbing your throat. Everything became a blur, you couldn’t see where you were going, but you knew that you just had to keep running.
You finally found a bus that had just approached its stop. You jumped onto it and headed to the back immediately. You sat down and held your face in your hands as you sobbed quietly, eventually drifting to sleep.
You’re woken up by a quick tap on the shoulder.
Your eyes open slowly to see the bus driver smiling at you fondly.
“Ma’am, this is the last stop.”
You sit up straight and rub your eyes. “Wh-what time is it? Where am I?”
“It’s 10 p.m, you’re at the last stop on the east side of town. Are you..alright? Shall I call for someone to help you home?”
You shake your head and look outside to see darkness. “ I’m fine, I’ll just go, thank you.”
You grab your bag and step off of the bus, walking quickly to the brightly lit downtown area. There had to be somewhere that had an available phone to call your parents from.
But then again, should you call them? What if Taeyong tapped their phones too? What if he was after them now that you were missing? He wouldn’t hurt them if they truly didn’t know where you are, right?
You hold yourself tightly and continue to walk briskly through the freezing streets.
“Miss? Do you need a coat?” A man calls out to you, but you shake your head and walk faster. The last thing you wanted was for some random man to try to “help” you.
Additionally, you didn’t know how many men worked for Taeyong. Once he told them to look for you, they could be anywhere, just waiting in the shadows to grab you up.
You found a table outside of a restaurant and sat down to take a break once you were far away from the man.
You held your head down and rubbed your eyes. 
What could you do now? You’re alone in a new town with no cellphone and you can’t just call your parents or friends.
You were too busy in thought to notice that the lights in the restaurant had been shut off now.
“Ma’am, excuse me, but we’re closed now and I have to put the chairs away- wait, don’t I know you?” The man’s voice interrupted you.
You looked up slowly and sat back in your chair. “Ah yes, I’m sorry, I was just resting..”
You wipe your eyes then rub your hands together to warm yourself, but when you look up at the man speaking to you, you instantly recognize him.
“J-Jaehyun from History 201?”
Jaehyun smiles and drops the garbage bag he’s holding.
“Y/n? How are you? It’s nice to see you.”
You nod and smile. You hoped you didn’t look at terrible as you felt. You had been crying all day, your eyes must’ve looked ridiculously swollen.
“I’m-I’m sorry, for uhhh, coming here like this.”
You looked down at the floor, and away from his handsome face.
You always had a weakness for Jaehyun. He was your partner in class last year and helped you with your final project the most. He was kind, always sparing time to help you with flashcards and study for hours into the late night at the library.
“Oh, no worries! I haven’t seen you around campus a lot this year, it’s nice to see you now! Wait, where’s your jacket? It’s freezing out here.”
“Oh..I don’t have one, I sorta ran here..actually, it’s a long story.”
“I’ll be right back, I’m gonna close up and grab you a coat, okay?” Jaehyun smiled widely then grabbed the garbage bag and turned the corner to go to the dumpster.
You immediately jumped up and started walking. 
Not again, not again. 
You couldn’t get another innocent and kind person involved with Taeyong. If he or any of his men even glimpsed Jaehyun with you, they’d beat him to a pulp.
You paced through the streets, and looked around for any restaurant that would be open late.
You felt terrible for running away from him when he was only filled with good intentions, but you had to to protect him.
About fifteen minutes into walking down a new street, you hear the honking of a car horn.
You step to the right and further away from them, but the person slows down and matches your pace. You don’t dare to look over, you only walk faster and look for possible routes to run through to get away from them.
“Hey! I told you to wait! What are you doing?”
Jaehyun yells out through the passenger window.
“Please, Jaehyun, I just can’t..I can’t be seen with you right now. It’s difficult to explain.” You held yourself and marched forward.
“Whatever is going on with you can wait! Right now, you’re about to catch pneumonia if you don’t get out of the freezing cold. Hop in! And I’m not asking this time.”
Jaehyun turns his car in front you swiftly once at a pedestrian walk way, you’re forced to stop walking. You look up at him with red, watery eyes.
“Please, y/n..I want to help you.”
You take one final glance at the area around you and see no one in sight, so you jump into the car and take off.
Jaehyun takes you to his small apartment.
You step into the living room as he locks the door behind him.
“Do you live yourself?”
Jaehyun chuckles as he takes his coat off and throws it into the coat closet.
His muscles now showing clearly in his tight white shirt.
You gulp and look away quickly.
“Yes, I live here by myself, over 15 miles away from campus..why? Well, for starters, that restaurant we were at is my family’s restaurant. It’s left in my care, so I have to be closer to it than I am to school.” Jaehyun shrugs before continuing. “And no roommates because who wants to be so far away?”
You give a small smile and look at the tiny but cozy apartment. It was much different from your house where you had floors and rooms that were endless.
No wonder why Jaehyun is so humble and giving.
“Yeah, it’s not much, but it’s enough.”
He trots past you and to the kitchen. “Take a seat, I’ll get you a glass of water.”
Jaehyun washes his hands while you sit down onto the couch in his living room. He then sits down beside you and hands you a glass.
“Do you need anything? A jacket, a blanket, change of clothes?” Jaehyun stares at you through wide eyes.
You laugh and smile widely again. “You’re too kind, Jaehyun..but some sweats and a T would be amazing right now.”
Jaehyun immediately jumps up and heads to his room. A few minutes later he hands you Nike sweatpants and a plain white T. 
“The bathroom is on the right, feel free to change in there.”
You thank him profusely before heading to the bathroom.
You cringe when you see yourself. Your hair is messy, unkempt, your eyes are swollen like they were stung by bees, and your neck donned a love bite courtesy of Taeyong.
You washed your face and did your best to fix your hair before heading out.
Once beside Jaehyun, you take a deep breath and explain everything to him.
“Jaehyun...I don’t know what to do..I hope that you will not judge me.” 
Jaehyun shakes his head. “It is not my job to judge, y/n, go on.”
“There’s a man..I love him..well, I think I love him. He makes me, unexplainable things. He makes my heart weak… but Jaehyun, he is a bad man. He’s hurt my friend, and I-I dont think I can be with him anymore..” you start to cry again. “So I ran away.”
“Shhh..shhh don’t cry, you did the right thing. It hurts now, but I believe you will be happier now that you are away from him.” Jaehyun holds you close, wrapping his arm around your shoulder and looking into your eyes deeply.
Jaehyun was right, you were away from him and running was the right thing to do. But why did it feel wrong? Why do you feel guilty? Why did you feel like the one that betrayed him?
“Would you like to tell the cops about him?” Jaehyun rubs his hand along your arm. His touch is soothing, his broad chest makes him feel at home. You slowly start to lean into him more.
“, I still love him. I can’ he’s smart, he’ll get away with it, and take me again.”
But you want to be taken, don't you, little mouse?
You close your eyes tightly in an attempt to drown out his voice.
“That’s alright then, y/n. We don’t have to tell anyone.”
Jaehyun whispers.
Tell him what I did, tell him how good I made you feel just today. Your legs around me as I fucked you hard into that flimsy hospital mattress. Your essence dripping down your shaking thighs, the way you called my name...
You breathed slowly. Don’t think of him, don’t think of him.
“I’m so scared, Jaehyun, I don’t know what to do. What if he hurts someone else that I love?” You sob into his chest.
“Don’t be scared, y/n. I’m here now, he won’t find you in this little, dingy apartment, okay? And you can stay here as long as you’d like, don’t worry.”
You nod. “I-I don’t have my phone because that’s what he uses to track me. Jaehyun, he’s a dangerous man, you must not tell ANYONE that I am here.”
Jaehyun’s brows furrowed. What kind of man would track his lover? He didn’t like the sound of him, but he was happy to know that you were out of that crazy man’s grasp and with him now where you’d be safe.
“I understand, y/n. I won’t tell anyone, not even your parents.”
You smile and thank him once more.
“You can sleep on the bed, I’ll take the couch.” He says before standing up from beside you.
[One Week Later] 
It’s been a few days since you ran away. You stayed inside Jaehyun’s apartment quietly, not even opening the window to look out at the sunshine and snow.
Jaehyun would visit you during the day whenever he had time. He just wanted to make sure you were safe.
But then he’d leave and head to work or school to prepare for exams.
You prepared for exams on an old laptop that he found at a thrift store for you. You would draft up emails to all of your professors, letting them know that you wouldn’t be able to attend class because you were mourning the death of your close friend, Mark.
Jaehyun would then send the emails once he was on campus so that if Taeyong and his men decided to hack into your account and search for you IP address, they would be met with the college IP address and not Jaehyun’s.
It was an elaborate, but tiring plan, but so far it seemed to work. 
Jaehyun also visited the post office to drop off a letter for your parents. You hoped it would get to them for it explained that you were alright and safe far away from the college. You stated that you needed to take some time away to grieve your loss and you hoped that they would try to be okay with that.
Knowing your parents, you knew they would have a fit at you running away and leaving your cell phone behind. But they had no choice but to accept it, for your safety and for theirs.
The news of Mark’s death hit everyone hard. You saw your college mates mourn and host a vigil on the news and cried once again. They said that the murderer snuck into the hospital in scrubs and a face mask, but all security footage for that day had mysteriously been “lost.” They had no face on camera, and no one to give a description of who the assailant might be...other than you, of course.
You could never forgive yourself for what you did to him. How could you have been so naive?
Now, Mark was dead and his family and friends were experiencing immense pain. 
You silently cried yourself to sleep that day, praying to God for forgiveness.
Taeyong, on the other hand, wasn’t begging for forgiveness. No, Mark’s murder was nothing to him. He was going to take you away from him, and that couldn’t happen, so he got rid of him just like any other enemy that threatened his peace and tranquillity. Instead, Taeyong went about  threatening anyone and everyone in an effort to find you.
Taeyong was furious when Taeil tracked your phone only to find it still at the hospital. You had vanished out of his sight for the first time since he met you, and that was unacceptable.
He slowly started to feel himself go psychotic. He couldn’t focus on other tasks, jobs were incomplete as everything came to a standstill because of his preoccupation with finding you.
“She’ll be back, she has to come back.” Taeyong paces about his office.
“Don’t you think you’ve taken this a little too far?” Johnny sits in the leather chair across from Taeyong’s desk and purses his lips.
“ I don’t think I’ve taken it too far, Johnny, but you know what I do think? I think you and the rest of these guys are fucking lazy! You’re supposed to be the best of the best and you can’t find a fucking college girl? How far could she have gotten, she doesn’t even have a car!”
Taeyong slams his hand onto the desk.
Johnny sighs. “We’re doing the best we can, we’re looking for the spoiled brat 24/7. There’s only so many places we can check, wherever she is, whatever hole she’s in..we’ll find it. But I must ask, what if she doesn’t want to be found, Taeyong? If she’s gone through this much trouble, are you sure she loves you?”
“Shut up!” Taeyong throws his sands of time stature to the ground, leaving sand and broken glass everywhere.
Johnny remains unfazed in his seat, for Taeyong did have these tantrums every now and then.
Taeyong walks over and stares at the broken pieces before bending down to pick one up.
“What about her piece of shit father?” He asks, still staring at the three-edged glass in his hand.
“He knows nothing… we traced all his emails and text messages, but nothing. It seems she’s run away from her parents too. Maybe she’s just tired of this privileged life.” Johnny shrugs.
“I don’t believe his lying ass, and you shouldn’t either. Has he agreed to meet with me yet?”
“He won’t meet with you, Taeyong, he's pissed enough to know that you’ve gotten to his daughter. He doesn’t even care that we’ve slowed down our deliveries.”
“Hmmm I guess I’ll have to get nasty with him..” Taeyong’s dark eyes widen as he smirks.
Johnny raises his arms. “Taeyong, when’s the last time you slept? You look like a raccoon. I’ll call over our favorite girl, you know the flexible one. God, I love when she takes us both, that college girl of yours could never do the things she does.”
Taeyong steps towards Johnny, still gazing at the glass with a wild expression.
“Get a good fuck and sleep well after, what do you say?” Johnny lifts the corner of his mouth into a smile.
Taeyong leans down and into Johnny’s face. Johnny's brows furrowed as he leans backward and away from him.
But Taeyong holds the back of his head with one hand and presses the edge of the glass into his neck with the other. 
Johnny groans as it just barely pierced his skin. “Taeyong, what the f-?”
“I don’t want anyone but that “spoiled brat,” and if I don’t get her, I’ll kill all of you myself. I’ll start with you the next time you get a coffee or bagel from Gordo’s, let someone else taste it’d be a shame for it to have just one extra...and deadly ingredient.” Taeyong presses the glass in harder as Johnny hisses.
His eyes widen, Taeyongs grip on the back of his head tightening, his nails digging into his scalp.
“I love her and she loves me..but you wouldn’t know anything about love, would you, Johnny? If you did, you’d know that lovers have to fight sometimes. Not everything is all roses and fucking flowers. She wants me to fight for her, and that’s what I intend on doing. So stop opening your mouth and get moving, I don’t want my dick sucked tonight.”
“You’ve lost your mind.” Johnny lets out once Taeyong releases him.
“And that’s the bad part, Johnny, I haven’t lost it yet. I’m just getting started.”
Johnny huffs and heads for the door.
“Oh, and Johnny boy, send Taeil in.”
[One Day Later]
Your parents eat their dinner after a long day of work combined with worry for your safety. Your dad tried to keep your mother calm and collected, but she struggled to swallow each bite.
“I-I just don’t understand..” she puts her fork down and holds her head in her hands.
“She’s fine, honey. We should just trust her and continue the search. The church has done a wonderful job with helping us look for her. But thank God we received a letter.” Your father continues to chew.
“It’s not enough, how do we even know she wrote that? And that Taeyong guy, why does he keep asking to speak with you about her? What does he know?”
Your father slams his fork down and looks at your mother. He takes her hand and places it onto the table while looking sternly into her eyes.
“Don’ ever call that name in this house. He’s a fool and he will never get close to our family.”
“He already has! Him and his men have stalked me for days! I don’t know what they plan to do to us, I’m scared.”
“Don’t worry about them, they’d be foolish to lay a hand on you.” Your father looks into your mother's eyes deeply.
“What have you done? Why are they after us?”
“I haven’t done anything except serve the good Lord.”
He looks onto the table.
She pulls her hand away. “Do you think I was born yesterday? I know all about your dealings with him..” she looks up at the gold walls and fancy paintings around the dining area.
“Do you think I believe all this came from the church? You must think I’m those idiots that you preach to, believing nonsense.” She scoffs.
Your father gasps. “How could you say that? The church..our religion, it isn’t nonsense! I thought you changed from that sinful girl I met so long ago, I thought you were better than this..”
“And I thought you were better than to get involved with a gang leader! But look at you! Desperate for more than we NEED! How is this a Christian life? Look at the example we set for our child, we’ve taught her this lavish lifestyle that we can’t even say we’ve earned honestly like good people, where is our humility?!”
“We’ve set an amazing example! Do you remember where you were before you met me, on the streets scouring for your next fix! Imagine raising your child while in that state, without me!”
She sits and gives him a harsh look before opening her mouth to respond. “You’re full of sh-“
But a loud, compilation of multiple sounds fills the house. Your parents cover their ears.
“What the hell is that?!” Your mom jumps up and looks around. It seems all of the televisions in the mansion have turned themselves on.
“What in God’s name?” As your father listens closely, he recognizes something from audio of whatever is being played on one of the televisions.
I want us to cum..together. I want you to get so full of my cum..Do you want me to fill you up?
He hears the man say.. then a high pitched moan follows.
No. This can’t be happening. It couldn’t be your sweet voice.
Your father jumps up and runs to the closest television screen, the one in the living room.
Your mother follows behind. “What is going on? Was there a power surge or something? Why are they all-“
She stops talking as she is stunned by what is being played on the screen at full volume. The noise is almost unbearable.
The video of you being taken from the back by Taeyong plays on the large screen. Your hair messy, mouth open as mewls and moans spew out, your naked body being pummeled into by the demon as he grips your waist and pulls you onto him. You look into the camera and at yourself before letting out a loud whimper.
Yes...sir, oh God, Taeyong..please I’m gonna..
Your father turns away and stares at the floor intently, trying to drown out your cries and the sounds of skin slapping on skin in the video.
“Oh God! Turn it off!!” Your mother yells.
Your father then looks around the room for the TV remote, finally finding it on the couch.
He firmly presses the power button, but nothing happens. He runs up to the TV and presses the power button on its base, but still nothing happens.
“No..this can’t be happening.” He mutters, his eyes widen.
A new video then starts to play, displaying you naked and kneeling on the ground below Taeyong. Your father recognizes his tattoos as he rubs his thumb along your round lips.
Stick your tongue out, little mouse.
Ah yes..just like that..
Taeyong groans as you lick his tip leaking with precum.
“Unplug the damn thing!”
Your mother yells again as she turns away and covers her ears.
Your father finally reaches behind the TV and tears the cord out of the socket.
Your parents breathe a sigh of relief as the video stops playing.
However, they would now have to unplug each and every TV in the house that blasted a sexual video of you.
“What is this? Is he doing this to blackmail us?” Your mother starts crying.
“I’m going to kill that bastard…”
“He’s ruined our daughter! Oh, could we not see the signs?” She runs off to her bedroom with her ears still covered. The house is filled with the music of your moans and Taeyongs grunts. All the videos of you and him that he had taken played throughout.
Your father’s face is haunting, he looks dark, strange, his eyes shaking as he thinks of what to do next.
[Two Days Later]
Your mother enters the hair salon as she usually does on a Tuesday afternoon.
She greets the stylists and goes to the back room where her hair is to be washed before the cut.
After waiting for about 10 minutes, a stylist enters the room and places a black robe around her, tying it in the back.
“How are you today?” The male voice says smoothly.
“I’m alright.” Her eyes are still a bit red from crying, she was really worried for you, especially after seeing the videos that Taeyong had taken. She’s too preoccupied with her thoughts to look up at the man.
“Lean back for me. Close your eyes, just relax.”
The man takes her head and leans it against the wash bin as she moves to get comfortable.
“I can tell you’re going through a lot right now.”
“Yes...I am.” She nods slightly and closes her eyes.
The man hums then places a small amount of shampoo onto her hair before wetting it with the hose.
He massages her scalp with slow and tenuous movements, pressing his tips into her scalp while making circular motions.
His thumbs place pressure onto the back of her neck, carefully kneading into it and loosening a knot.
“That feels good...I don’t think I’ve had you before..” your mother lets out, she’s holding back an embarrassing moan, for his fingers just feel so incredibly good.
Her mouth falls open.
“Of course you’ve had me before..”
“I would definitely remember these hands.”
The man chuckles. “Oh? I hope your daughter remembers them.”
Her eyes open quickly. “What did you say?”
She tries to sit up in the chair, but the man grabs her by the hair and forces her back down.
“Relax,’s just me, Taeyong...I’m not gonna hurt you if you do what I ask.”
He continues to massage her scalp and hums a low tune. Your mother's eyes grow, she looks above her and sees the red haired man with crazy eyes. She reaches back to grab at his arms, scratching his skin as she squirms in her chair.
“Let me go! Let me go! Help! Someone help me!”
She yells for help, but the terrified stylists in the salon's main lobby sit in silence. Johnny has already locked the doors to the salon and holds two pistols in his hands, ready to aim at anyone that makes the slightest move.
“No one can help you, my love, only you can help yourself.” Taeyong smiles then grabs her arms and places them across her chest.
“I’m gonna ask you once..” he walks around the chair and bends down over her, gazing into her teary eyes.
“Where is she?”
“I could ask you the same question! What have you done to her?”
“Everything I did to her you’ve already seen on your TV. I know you’re hiding her from me. Where. Is. She?”
“Fuck you! You’ll never see her again! Even if I did know where she is, you’d have to walk over my dead body to get to her!” She spits out but Taeyong only laughs. He looked crazy, his red hair disheveled and eyes dark, his skin was extremely pale like he hadn’t gone outside for a while.
“Sweetheart, that’s no problem for me, but I’d rather not have to watch her mourn your death.”
Taeyong walks behind her and turns the hose on again, but this time he grabs a towel from the counter behind him.
He forces your mother’s head back, nearly breaking her neck in the process. She grunts and breathes through gritted teeth before grabbing at his arms again.
He throws the towel over her face and pours water onto it. Your mother starts to choke, she can’t breathe as water soaks through the towel, flooding her mouth and drowning her slowly. Her nostrils flare as they attempt to take in oxygen, but only take in water as well.
She flails about in the chair, her legs stomping and her nails leaving deep scratch marks into Taeyongs skin.
Taeyong hisses but laughs as she struggles to breathe.
“You’re a tough one. But all you have to do is tell me where she is..”
A muffled scream escapes.
“What was that?” He turns the hose off and lifts up the part of the towel covering her mouth.
She takes in a deep breath and coughs up water.
“Please! Please stop! I don’t know where she is!”
Taeyong replaces the towel and begins to waterboard her again.
“Hmmmm do you expect me to believe that?” Taeyong growls out. He’s growing impatient.
Another muffled sound escaped her after a few seconds.
Taeyong lifts the towel. “Ready to talk now?”
“Yes! Yes..” she chokes.
“I think her father knows..where she is, he told me that a member of the church saw her..please you can’t hurt her! She’s not a piece of shit like my husband is. She’s kind and a good person, please I beg you to not take out your frustrations on her.” She sobs.
Taeyong lifts the towel off completely.
“I won’t hurt her..I love her. I’m just a little..upset is all.” Taeyong speaks softly. 
“And your husband..well he’s been ignoring me..that doesn’t make me happy..”
She stares and shakes like a cold, wet dog.
“Call your husband..” he hands her phone back to her.
She hesitantly dials him up. Her mind is filled with regrets for giving in, how could she put your life at risk? How could she tell the truth about your father getting info from a man that saw you in the city on the east side? The man said he had seen you come off of the bus and offered you a coat, but you quickly refused and walked away. That’s when he saw you meet up with a guy at a restaurant not too far away.
Your father had already figured out who you were with after he visited the area himself. He’d seen Jaehyun close the restaurant, he followed him home and the next day he followed him to the library on campus.
He had an insider watch closely over Jaehyun’s shoulder as he signed into your email account.
The truth was known to him, but he wouldn’t tell anyone or seek you out himself. He thought it’d be best if it remained a mystery. Even to his own wife.
“Hello?” Her husband answers.
She sniffles. “He’s have to tell him where she is..or he’ll kill me!”
“No, oh God, no...where are you?!” He asks but before she can respond, Taeyong grabs the phone away from her and presses the ‘FaceTime’ button.
Once he answers, Taeyong smiles widely and places the phone in front of your mother. He rests his chin on her shoulder as she cries.
“Hey there, pastor, long time no see.”
“ maniacal asshole, leave my wife out of this!”
“But why? You’ve been ignoring me so I decided to spend some time with her. I must say she’s a lot nicer than you. She reminds me of your daughter too..”
He looks at the side of her face before kissing her cheek softly. “I miss her so much.”
“She told me that a little birdy told you where y/n is..let’s not waste anymore time. Tell me now!”
“I can’t do that, I can’t put her at risk!”
“Are you sure you want to keep saying no to me?” Taeyong grabs a pair of trimming scissors behind him and holds it to her neck, pressing the tip in to show obvious indentation.
Your mother cries out loudly. “Just do it!”
He shakes his head and bites his lip. “I’m sorry, honey, but I can’t give our daughter to him.”
His wife’s eyes widened. “You-you can’t be’re gonna let him kill me?”
He starts to tear up. “To protect our daughter...I have to.”
Taeyong chuckles. “Well, would you look at that..the crazy bastard doesn’t care about you.”
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” The pastor shakes his head as it lowers.
“But I know what he does care”
Taeyong lifts the scissors out of your mother’s neck and places it onto the counter.
“See..I knew he wouldn’t care if I threatened your life, mom..I knew he wouldn’t care if I posted those videos of me fucking his daughter all over that grand house of his..but I do know he’d care if he loses his church..”
Taeyong takes his chin in his hand.
“What would happen if during one of your wonderful sermons..I put those videos of me and your daughter on the big screens.. Ah yes that online streaming service you have that reaches millions..oh, how disastrous would that be? All those families tuning in to porn’d be ruined, wouldn’t you pastor?”
“How could your daughter be with me, a gang leader?”
Your father looks back at the screen furrowing his eyebrows and tilting his head. “These threats won’t work, you wouldn’t dare.”
“Oh, but let’s not stop there, pastor. Imagine what chaos would ensue if those emails between us just so happened to leak...a pastor..conducting the drug business in his own town?”
“Just tell him where she is, God damn it! He’ll ruin us!” Your mother yells.
“Everything would be stripped away from starts with the church, then harassment from the media as they call you a hypocrite…I’ve wanted to let the people know who you truly are for the longest time..I’ve spared you, but now, I have nothing to lose. I’ll fuck up your life, pastor.”
Taeyong grins an evil smile that the pastor just wants to smack from his face.
The pastor closes his eyes and sighs. He just couldn’t let the world know the true criminal he was and furthermore, he knew Taeyong would eventually catch up to you. What was the point of holding back?
Then, he thought of a plan, something that would catch Taeyong off guard. Taeyong’s weakness was that he believed he always had the upper hand in every situation, he’d never suspect what the pastor was about to do to him.
“Fine..but I won’t tell you where she is, I’ll bring her to you..tomorrow, meet me at the corner of 5th and Herst, in the alleyway. I’ll have her there for you.”
Taeyong smiles. “Perfect. Until then, your wife and I will keep each other company, maybe we’ll watch some movies and enjoy popcorn or something.”
“Taeyong, no, I need her.”
Taeyong chuckles. “Are you sure about that? Just a few minutes ago you didn’t care that I had a pair of scissors in her neck..”
“Yes but..”
“End of discussion,father, I’ll see you at 9 tomorrow night. And don’t even think about bailing on me, because for each minute you’re late, I’ll remove a finger or toe from your beautiful wife.” Taeyong ends the FaceTime call.
[The Next Day 9:30 PM]
Somehow, you were able to burn the onions.
You turned away for just a split second, then turned back to see your once white onions become black.
“Damn it.”
That’s when you hear the door open. You were cooking dinner for you and Jaehyun. It was a late dinner, yes, but Jaehyun had to close the restaurant. 
“What’s this?”
Jaehyun laughed as he entered the kitchen and saw you tossing black onions into the sink.
“Uhhh..I’m cooking..well trying to cook spaghetti and’s not as easy as Gordon Ramsey makes it seem.”
You pout.
“Oh, you didn’t have to..” Jaehyun places his bag down and steps beside you in the kitchen.
“I know..but it’s the least I can do, you've welcomed me into your place and kept me safe, and for that, I’m forever thankful.”
“It’s nothing, really, I’m just helping you get away from what sounds like a crazy man.”
Jaehyun places his hand on top of yours.
You turn and look up into his gorgeous brown eyes.
He steps closer, his steamy breath tingling your forehead. You look at his lips and lick your own, you always had a small crush on him and now he was right in front of you, making your heart shiver and your mind cloudy.
He leans forward while still looking into your eyes 
“The pasta is sticking to the bottom of the pan.” He whispers, almost seductively.
Your eyes widen as you step back and turn to the pot with the pasta.
“Oh! You’re right, oh no!”
Jaehyun laughs out.
“Hey!” You smile, feeling your face become hot from embarrassment.
“You’re cute.” Jaehyun takes his bag out of the kitchen and goes to his room.
“Thanks but I just wish I could cook!” You yell out to him.
He changes into a white t-shirt and pajama pants and walks back into the kitchen after a few minutes.
He watches from the entry way as you pour olive oil,  a bit too much olive oil, onto the pasta. He smiles to himself.
“Being cute is enough, I like having you here.”
“Really?” You raise your eyebrows, then look back at him with an innocent expression.
“Yeah..” he nods and steps close to you once again.
“I-Jaehyun..I’ve always..” your words stumble out of your mouth as his close proximity makes you hot again.
He towers over you, licking his lips and crossing his arms. “Always what?”
You shake your head. You thought of Taeyong and how a part of you still loved him. Jaehyun was nice to you, you couldn’t ruin the friendship you had.
“N-Never mind.” You look away.
Jaehyun tilts your head back to his while holding your chin.
“Say it...please.”
You search his eyes, you’re enamored by him, completely taken aback by his touch and warmth.
You begged for God to forgive you for having sinful thoughts when you looked at him, you wanted to lay kisses onto his collarbones and run your fingers through his hair. You wanted him to kiss your lips for a long time as he wraps your legs around his waist and touches you..everywhere.
He leaned down, watching your lips part.
You were so close..but then..his phone rang.
He closed his eyes and sighed before stepping back. “I’m sorry, I’ll be right back, I think it’s my lab partner.”
You nod then turn back to your bubbling spaghetti sauce.
“I don't know what you’re talking about, I don’t know where she is!” You hear Jaehyun’s voice raise from his bedroom.
Your brows furrow. Who found his phone number? Who found him and possible found you? You hadn’t left his apartment since getting there.
You walk over to him and stand in the doorway, watching as Jaehyun angrily addresses the person on the phone.
“You’ve got the wrong number!” He hangs up and turns to you.
“Who was that?” You ask quietly, as if the person on the phone can still hear you.
“Someone that claims to be your father..”
His phone rang again. 
Your eyes widened as you stared at his phone screen. “Ask him..what time was I born.”
If it’s him, you needed to talk to him, you needed to tell him that you’re okay.
Only you, your father and your mother knew the time you were born.
3:33 A.M
Your father always praised it as a holy time. “You’re an angel” he’d always say.
Jaehyun answered the stranger and asked the questions like you asked him to. “If you’re her father, what time was she born?”
He put the phone on mute then turned to you.
“he said 3:33 AM..”
Your eyes grew as you reached for his phone. “It’s him!”
You unmute it. “Dad?”
“Yes, dear, oh my God, thank God you're okay.” You can hear him start to sob.
“Dad, it’s okay, I’m okay.” 
“I knew my prayers would not be in vain..” he cries.
“I need you to come back, sweetheart. We’ve got him, and we are gonna put him away for good, but we need your help.”
“Dad..what are you talking about?”
You look up at Jaehyun, his arms crossed and his brows knitted.
“That crazy man! He’s been after you since you ran away, but I got him! I tricked him into meeting up with me. He thought I would turn you in to him, but instead I had the cops ambush him. They arrested him, he’s being brought to the station right now, thank God.”
Your head begins to spin, your eyes start to blur as water fills them. “W-what do you mean ‘they arrested him?’”
How did they find out that Taeyong was the one to kill Mark? And why did you feel a sudden sense of despair now that he was arrested? He deserved it, right?
“Taeyong kidnapped and assaulted you, that’s what I told the cops, y/n. I told them that you ran away to get away from him. You have to come in as soon as possible to give a statement.”
“No..n-no, dad I can't do isn’t true”
Silence falls over the phone. “What do you mean?”
You start to sob as you thought of Taeyong and all of your moments with him.
“I-I love him. I can’t deny it, my heart hurts just knowing he might be put away.”
Even after all he did, you still felt something for him.
“Are you stupid? This man is a monster! I saw the things he did to you in those videos!” Your father spits out into the phone.
“Yes! And I let him do those things, I enjoyed it! I can't lie to you or to the police!”
“You leave me no choice! If you don’t come back, I’ll come and get you myself! And I’ll have Jaehyun arrested for kidnapping too!”
You gasp. “ can’t do that..” sniffling, you look up at Jaehyun.
“He has nothing to do with this.”
“Then come home and make a statement! This is the only way out..for BOTH of us, we have to take him down!” Your father yells over the phone loud enough for Jaehyun to hear.
You hang up the phone and hand it back to Jaehyun.
He shakes his head slowly as he takes it. “Y/ don’t have to go back.”
You wipe your eyes. “I’m sorry, Jaehyun, I’m so sorry for all of this. I have to go back and make things right’ll end up like….” Mark. You didn’t finish your sentence because Jaehyun still didn’t know that you knew who killed Mark.
“End up like who? You know what, it doesn’t matter.. Y/n, just stay with me, you’ll be okay..” the sorrowful look in his eyes eats away at your heart.
He reaches out for your hand, but you pull it away.
“Jaehyun.. I’ll be okay, I’ll see you on campus.”
Jaehyun sighs and looks away.
“I’ll need a hoodie.” 
You grabbed one of Jaehyun’s hoodies and headed out of his apartment and to the closest bus station. Jaehyun walked you to it, and even waited for the next bus to arrive before he left.
As it approached, he felt his heart beat heavily in his chest. He was worried for you, but donned a small smile when you turned back to him to say bye.
You took his face in your hands and placed a light kiss on his cheek. He frowned as you pulled back and looked into his eyes.
“Goodnight, Jaehyun..I’ll see you soon.”
While on the bus, you thought of everything that happened. How worried and upset Taeyong must be about you running away. But he killed Mark, he killed an innocent person and your heart aches for your loss.
So why did you worry about Taeyong’s current state in jail?
Once at the bus stop, your mother gave you a big hug and held your face in her hands. “I’m so sorry to make you do this, honey, but I’m so happy you’re back home.”
You smiled softly, attempting to hide your worry as you looked into your mother’s drained face. She looked like she hadn’t rested or eaten well.
“I’m happy I’m home too.” 
Your father nodded and hugged you too, but didn’t say anything, even during your ride to the police station.
When you entered the station, an officer took you into a room where they would ask you important questions.
“Please let me go in with her, she’s probably traumatized!” Your father begged as they took you away.
“Sir..we can’t let anyone else in, she isn’t a minor, so there’s no reason for her to be accompanied by a parent. We will provide her with whatever she asks for and give her as much time as she needs to tell us what happened.” The detective spoke to your parents as they waited in the lobby.
Your heart ran wild, your hands shook and grew sweaty as you stood only in what seemed to be a slowly collapsing box. You felt like you couldn’t breathe as the clicking sound of the door shutting behind you echoed in the room.
It was just you and the detective now.
“I’m going to turn on the light in the other room beside us..Once it is on, you will be able to see the room through this one-way mirror. I need you to identify the man in front of us..but do not worry, we can see him, but he can’t see or hear us. I ask that you answer honestly, but do take your time. We need as much info as possible. Understood?”
You nodded and swallowed hard. “Y-yes.”
She flicks the light switch and your heart drops almost immediately.
Taeyong sits in the center of the room, his wrists bound together with handcuffs. He looks tired, pale, like he hadn’t slept since you left.
The bags under his eyes donned a dark, almost black shade, and made him look even more dangerous than he did before.
Your mouth fell open. He looked like a sad puppy for the first time, he didn’t look like someone that could possibly kill an innocent person. He didn’t look like a gang leader at all, no, he looked like an innocent boy.
You wanted to run to him, hug him and apologize for leaving him. You wanted to see him happy again.
You start to twiddle your thumbs. “I-I can’t do this.”
You turn to the detective, but she places her hand on top of yours and nods slowly. “ can. Don’t worry, survivors like you often have this exact moment of uncertainty. But it is important that you take your time. Let’s start with a basic question. Do you recognize this man?”
“What is his name?”
“Taeyong..his name is Taeyong.” You slowly start to speak more.
“How long have you known the suspect?”
“Suspect..” you whisper. “I’ve known him since July of this year..but…”
“What is it?” She turns to you, still holding the voice recording device in her hand.
“Why..why is he a suspect? What did he do?” You sounded ridiculous to the woman, but she didn’t notice that your eyes had not moved from watching Taeyong. You were falling for him over and over again silently. If it weren’t for the glass in between the two of you, you would’ve taken him into your arms and kissed him like there was no tomorrow, for you had missed him as well.
Taeyong could sense your presence even though he couldn’t see you. He was pissed that he had been set up by your father, a part of him knew that his guys could get him out in time, but he still hated the fact that he was made to look like a fool.
He knew he would kill your father as soon as he could instruct an assassin to do so, but that still wouldn’t solve his ache for you. He was overjoyed when your father finally agreed to bring you to him, he even made reservations at the finest restaurant in town to celebrate your reunion. He would kiss your lips all night long and lay beside you until the sun came out. He would never let you out of his sight again. But sadly, tonight nothing went as planned.
And to hear his father accuse him of engaging in non consensual activities made him furious.
“’re the one that claims he assaulted this not correct?”
So he wasn’t being arrested and charged with Mark’s murder, they had nothing on him for that. He was being falsely accused of a crime against you.
Taeyong stands up and walks over to the mirror. His hands still in his cuffs as he places them flat against the mirror. He searches for your face, knowing he won’t be able to see it even if he tries harder, but hoping that you’ll see his face filled with regret and pain.
“Y/n…” he calls out to you softly.
You can’t hear him, but you can see your name fall from his sweet lips.
You place your hands onto the glass to match his, tears falling from your eyes.
How can you accuse your love of a false crime? Especially when he looked so weakened, so low and desperate?
“ he didn’t kidnap or rape me, it was all consensual…” you state firmly, your eyes still locked with Taeyongs.
“Are you saying that this man, Taeyong, has never touched you without your consent? It’s okay you can be honest with me, he can’t see you.”
You shake your head. “I allowed him to love me..each and every time...because I love him..we love each other.”
“Ma’am, do you wish to press charges against Taeyong?”
“No, no I don’t, I want to be with him.”
The detective sighs and clicks the stop button on her recorder.
“Okay, if that’s the case, then we will have to set him free.”
You step out into the lobby as your parents stand up to greet you. You wipe tears away. “I couldn’t do it..I couldn’t lie.”
Your father’s face falls. “W-what are you saying?”
“She has decided to not press charges, you guys are all set to leave, the suspect is a free man, so I’d suggest leaving before he does.”
“You can’t be serious! She’s being manipulated by him! That’s emotional abuse!” Your father yells.
“Please, you have to understand, our daughter is not like this. He’s turned her into someone else..he’s violently seducing her.” Your mother begs.
“I understand, but there is nothing we can do. If she says she does not want to press charges, then we are only wasting our time here. Our station could be in deep trouble if we keep the suspect any longer just for your daughter to change her mind.”
Your mother looks away.
“Pastor..” the detective turns to your father, “please, come with me.”
You and your mother step aside while the two talk. 
“You of all people know how powerful Taeyong could you get us into this mess?! He has information on all of us and we arrested him before he could use it against us, but now he’s free and aware of our plan! You were supposed to have her plead a case so strong, it would put him away for life! Do you know how much danger you’ve put me and the other sergeants in? This business that he runs affects ALL of us.”
The detective speaks angrily to your father.
The police were just as involved in Taeyongs drug movements as he was. They’d take a profit from the business made in the city, they were the ones that planted it on criminals that needed to be put away.. they also provided it to CEOs and big white collar men so that they wouldn’t be arrested for possession.
But the police had been upset for quite some time at how Taeyong controlled everything, they thought it should be one of their own, not some street kid that had killers everywhere, ready to strike.
“There’s no telling what he’ll do now.” The detective cursed.
“We still have the videos..” your father looked to the floor.
“Videos? What videos? The ones of them having sex like normal adults? Yeah, those are gone anyway, you know that hacker of his works fast.” The detective rolls her eyes.
“I’m sorry..but don’t worry, we still have another chance..”
The pastor had devised a backup plan in case this one fell through. He’d send you out of the country to another school and under a different identity. Then he’d tell everyone that you had been murdered by Taeyong, and would conjure up evidence against him.
You were in the car, heading back home when your parents started to argue.
“This is ridiculous!” Your dad yelled.
“Don’t blame this on her! You’re the one that got involved with this guy!”
“She has the power to end all of this!”
He retorted.
You sat in the backseat and looked out the window, thinking of Taeyong and whether or not you should’ve lied.
“But that’s alright, we’ll send her away to that one catholic school in Italy! She’ll be able to repent and beg for God’s forgiveness!”
Your father let out.
You turned to him.
“You heard’re going away, you’ll be finishing your studies elsewhere so you can be away from this monster and return back to Christianity. Don’t think you’re off the hook after what we saw in those videos. The sins you committed..I can only pray for mercy.”
“No! You can’t do that!” Your voice rose.
Your mother turned to you. “Your father is being a bit dramatic right now, but it’s true. It’s for your own safety.”
“Mom..don’t send me away..” you panted.
She reached out and laid her hand on your thighs. “Sweetheart, it will be okay, we will visit you whenever we can, and you’ll get to travel! It will be so exciting to leave this town behind.” She gave a small smile before turning back around. 
Your father calms down slowly. “Y/n..” he takes a deep breath. “I don’t want to be so harsh on you, but..”
“What..who is that?” Your mother squints and looks out onto the front yard of your house. 
Multiple men stand along the front of your house, dressed in black and those same glowing masks that you could never forget. They were haunting enough, but as they stood still with large weapons and motorcycles beside them, you felt a chill run down your spine.
“No…” your father says with wide eyes.
“It’s him.”
The car slowly comes to hault.
Your dad locks the doors. 
“Stay inside.”
“What are we gonna do now? The cops aren’t gonna come, are they?” Your mother rubs her temple.
When you look through the front glass you see him at the center, leaning onto his motorcycle.
“How the hell did they get through the front gate?”
“Don’t be an idiot, you know they have their ways.” Your mother turns to him.
But all you can do is watch Taeyong. The way he sits coolly on the bike, leaning his head back as he runs his fingers through his crimson hair.
He removes his mask and places it beside him on the seat.
He’s alluring, beautiful. The night sky only adds to his sexy and mysterious aura. 
“I want to go to him.” You whisper. “He’s here for me.”
“Are you insane?” Your dad turns to you.
“No, but you’ll send me off to another country whether or not I want to..I can’t do that.”
“Y/n..sweetie,no..” your mother starts but you quickly unlock the door and jump out of the car, running out of it and to Taeyong without care or worry.
You have no thoughts, just desire. You want to be beside him, you want to feel him again.
You hug him tightly.
“Little mouse..” he whispers into your ear while looking over your shoulder and onto the dumbstruck face of your father in the driver's seat.
He hugs you tightly and rubs your back. 
“Taeyong..I’m sorry, I was scared.”
“I know..but I’ll never hurt you, you know that.” He leans back and grips your throat while looking into your eyes. He gives you a wicked smile as he rubs his thumb along your bottom lip.
He then leans down and kisses you hard, forcing his tongue into your mouth.
Your teeth clink against each other as your heads turn.
You pull yourself closer to him, not caring about your parents or anyone else watching the two of you. You feel amazing, your craving is finally satisfied as his tongue licks your lips.
He pulls away and looks into your eyes. “We have a lot to talk about don’t we..”
Your father jumps out of the car and walks up to the two of you.
“This is enough! Stop terrorizing us! Give us our little girl!” He cries out.
Taeyong’s eyes flicker up to him as every one of his guys points their gun at your father in unison, stopping him in his tracks.
“You’ve got some nerve, pastor…” his mouth lifts into a smile.
“But I’ll make a deal with you.. I won’t tell anyone or the media about tonight or your involvement in drug crimes..”
Your mouth falls open, what did Taeyong mean?
“Just as long as you leave us alone AND pay all of us double the amount for each delivery.”
Your father stumbles over his words, his eyes racing from the men that point guns at him then to your face.
“Please..anyone, anyone but her.” He begs.
Taeyong chuckles. “, I want her. She’s not just “anyone.”
He looks down into your eyes.
Your father sighs and accepts defeat, as he sees how enchanted you are by him. There is no going back, you've been completely corrupted by him.
“Fine. But please don’t hurt her.” He steps back.
“Goodnight, pastor..” Taeyong waves and smiles wickedly.
You jump onto Taeyong’s bike and head off to his apartment.
Once in his place, Taeyong takes you to his living room.
He instructs you to stand in the center while he takes his leather jacket off and plops down onto the couch.
“Taeyong..I’m sorry.”
You play with your fingers behind your back and bite your lips. He looked amazing in his black button up and black jeans. Three buttons were open to reveal his toned chest.
“I know you are...but that’s not enough..where were you?” He tilts his head and spreads his arms out along the top of the couch.
“I..I was with a family member on the east side. Please Taeyong, I was scared I didn’t know what to do! Please forgive me.”
“What do you do in church when you beg for forgiveness, little mouse?”
“I...pray, I get on my knees and pray.” You nod.
“Then what should you be doing right now?”
You instantly fell to your knees on the hard, cold floor. You whimper at the harsh pain you felt. 
You put your hands together. “Please..please don’t hurt anymore people.”
Taeyong’s cat eyes lock with yours as your heart races. “Little mouse...I was in so much pain when you left me. I’m upset so I need you to answer me honestly, where. were. You?”
You begin to tremble. “Taeyong, I’m here now, isn’t that enough? My aunt decided to help me deal with the loss of M-“
Taeyong’s eyes widened. “Mark? I got rid of him for you! For us! What is there to mourn?”
“Taeyong, he was my friend, nothing more, I need you to trust me if we are going to make this work.”
You licked your lips as you spoke through furrowed brows.
“I trust you trust me to protect us? To protect what we have?” Taeyong leans forward.
You nod quickly. “Yes.”
He stares into your eyes for a moment then leans back into the chair. “Prove it, crawl to me.”
Your mouth opens to protest but the glint of danger in Taeyong’s eyes stops you. You just need to do what he says in order to get what you want. The aching in between your legs had no plan to go away until you were satisfied by him.
You crawled over slowly then kneeled once you got to his bent legs.
You sat up straight, the heels of your foot under your bum, and looked up at him through your lashes.
He was so handsome, you wanted to climb up onto his lap and make love to him.
He waved a finger. “Take your sweatshirt off..”
Taeyong had noticed that you wore a men’s hoodie, and he wasn’t too happy about it, but he ignored his suspicions.
“Who does this belong to?” He took it from you as you lifted it over your head, your breasts falling victim to the crisp air in the apartment.
“It’s my..cousin’s!” You answered quickly.
Taeyong threw it to the side and looked back at you. “I hate when you lie to me, sweetheart.”
“I’m not lying! I promise!”
Taeyong keeps eye contact with you as he reaches into his waistband and pulls out his gun.
He takes the safety off and places it right in front of you.
You shy away from the intimidating weapon and whimper.
“If you’re telling the truth, lick it like it’s me, little mouse.”
You’re hesitant but raise your head back up. You stick your tongue out to lick the underside of the gun first, your eyes brimming with tears.
“Don’t cry, love, I won’t hurt you..even though I could pull this trigger right now and end it all..” 
Taeyong watches your eyes widen.
“I could end the pain that I’ve experienced because you threw me away.”
You shake your head. “I didn’t throw you away, I love you!”
“Keep going..don't stop until I tell you to, or I’ll be even more upset. What did you say we needed to make this work? Hmmm trust..that was the word. So trust me..”
Taeyong sighed
You continue to lick it, the cold metal leaving a bitter taste on your tongue.
“Use those pretty lips.” Taeyong feels himself harden in his pants as he watches you below him blow the gun like it’s him.
You flatten your tongue along the round tip of the barrel then sink down onto it completely. Your cheeks hollowing as you imagine that it is Taeyong’s tempting member in your mouth.
“’re beautiful..” Taeyong pushes the gun in and out of your mouth, watching as your spit coats the metal.
Your eyes are locked with his as he begins to palm himself through his jeans. He pushes the gun in deeper and faster  to hit the back of your throat. You gag as tears run down your cheeks.
He can’t take it anymore. He removes the gun from your mouth and places it down onto the couch behind him.
He quickly zips his pants down, allowing his cock to spring free. You lick your lips and replace the gun with his cock, enjoying the salty taste of his precum and moaning onto him. You move your head up and down rapidly, using your tongue and the plush inside of your hollowing cheeks to bring him to the edge. He groans and throws his head back.
He holds the back of your head and bucks his hips into you. You gag, his rough movements making your throat feel raw. Your jaw becomes locked. But he goes even faster then holds you down against him as he cums in your mouth. The feeling of him finally using you to orgasm is beyond satisfactory. Your underwear is soaked.
Taeyong pants and leans back into the couch. “Tuck it back in for me, little mouse.”
Taeyong flinches at the feeling of your cold, soft fingers on his limp cock.
You zip his pants up and wait for more instructions.
Through low eyes he motions for you to go to him. You stand up straight and wipe your mouth and cheeks.
“Take off your pants, sweetheart.”
You immediately draw your pants and underwear down in one quick sweep, your heart beats fast. You want to feel him so badly.
Taeyong bites his lips while looking into your completely naked body. “You’re gorgeous and you’re all mine..”
He holds your waist and brings you down onto his lap.
“Do you want to ride me like a good girl?” Taeyong’s husky voice enters your ear, his fingers dip in between your thighs, tapping against your dripping folds.
You hiss and breathe heavily.
“Yes, what?” Taeyong holds your neck and looks into your eyes.
“Yes, sir.”
“Good girl..” he pats his thigh.
You give a puzzled expression. “I-“
“It’s easy, just move like you did on the stool..” Taeyong smirks.
“Okay.” You nod and place your hands on his shoulders.
He grips your waist again and presses you firmly onto his thigh, pushing your body forward and backward while looking into your eyes.
You let out a whimper as the rough fabric presses onto your flower.
Your soaking heat coats his jeans. You move faster and faster. Taeyong watches your face twist as you experience a strange mix of pain and pleasure.
He presses his tongue flat against your nipple. You grip his shoulder harder and moan out his name.
He circles his tongue around the swollen bud then pulls away.
“How do you feel, little mouse?” He flexes his thigh under your open legs, making you yelp and fall forward at the unexpected friction against your aching pussy.
“It good, sir.” You struggle to get out, your hips rocking back and forth. You find that one spot that makes you weak and continue to ride against it. Your clit feels incredibly stimulated by the rough material. You feel raw, but sexy under Taeyong’s gaze.
“Sir..I’m going to..” you gasp.
Taeyong licks the other nipple while his hand massages your breast, pumping it while pressing his fingertips into the soft skin.
Your body shakes onto him, you throw your head back and moan loudly as you come undone on his thigh.
The combination of his swift tongue on your nipple and his clenching thighs on you sent you overboard. You saw stars.
Taeyong smirked then grabbed your ass to force you to keep moving on his thighs. You trembled and cried out as overstimulation set in.
“I’ve missed you, little mouse, I’ve missed the way you taste.” He whispers against your chest then lifts you up and places you onto the couch beside him.
You’re on your back still recovering from your orgasm when he crawls over you slowly. He holds your ankles kissing along your right leg as he slowly places it over the couch. He then lays down and faces your leaking and exposed pussy.
“Mmm so pretty.” His warm breath makes you flinch.
He picks up his gun and teases your entrance with it, sliding the metal in between your folds as you cry out.
You try to pull yourself up on the couch, but he pulls you down by the waist. Your knees clink together.
He presses the gun into you harder, rubbing it up and down, just barely touching your clit. He spreads your legs open again, his fingers digging into your thigh.
He bites his lips as he uses the round tip to part your folds and tease your entrance, swirling around the juices that escaped earlier.
“Fuck..I wanna taste you..”
He licks the gun clean of your juices as he watches you below him with dark eyes, you lick your lips and moan.
“Ahhh you’re so needy, little mouse. Should I fuck you with my gun or my mouth next?”
He rubs your clit with the gun as he bites his lips and waits for your answer.
“Keep going, sir. I like it.”
Taeyong leans back down and kisses your clit. “Why not both?”
He places one finger into your throbbing pussy slowly circling it around. You whimper and arch your back as it feels good to have something finally inside you. He then places another finger inside to stretch you out. He slides them in and out easily while using his thumb to press onto your clit. His fingertips tap onto your g spot teasingly.
“Oh my god!” Your arch your back even more then massage your breasts. The sight of you below him like this makes him weak. Your skin sweaty and hair disheveled, your lips swollen and red from you biting them. You’ve been corrupted by him yet again.
“That’s it, sweetheart.” He removes his fingers and replaces them with his gun, carefully sliding it in and out as you adjust to the cold metal not inside you.
“Fuck.” Taeyong curses. Something about your pussy welcoming his gun makes him dizzy. The danger of it all is unbelievably hot to him.
“How does it feel?”
“It feels..strange, but good, sir, please keep going.” You prop yourself up on your elbows and  look down at the black object sliding easily into you. You let out a moan.
“So good, s-sir.” 
Taeyong pushes your legs further apart .
 You begin to ride it yourself, your eyes floating from the wet gun and to Taeyong’s veiny hands and muscular arms decorated by tattoos. His red hair is parted to the side but a strand fell into his forehead during all the action.
His lips are red and plump, just begging to be kissed by you.
Your velvety walls begin to clench as you move up and down onto the object faster. Taeyong watches your fucked out expression while you chase your high. Your breasts bounce fervently as you move your body faster. Endless whimpers leave your lips.
“Are you going to cum?” Taeyong leans back down over your opening and lifts up the skin above your clit.
He flattens his tongue against your clit then circles the tip of it around it.
He pushes his tongue in firmly, licking upwards at unpredictable paces ll while never letting your eyes contact go.
You throw your head back as your eyes roll in the back of your head. 
“I’m…Taeyong!” your body shakes, the knot in your stomach finally being relieved, you can’t finish your sentence. Taeyong’s tongue drives you crazy, you can’t think straight. Your body felt like it had been transported to another real mmt as his tongue still massages your clit.
You fall back into the couch, your movements stopping.
Taeyong takes his gun out and licks up your cum while closing his eyes and savoring the taste.
He places the gun beside him then leans down to kiss you so you can taste yourself.
“I love you...but I’ll just have to punish you for running away.” He kisses your forehead as your eyes open.
That itch for Taeyong had been satisfied, but now you had to deal with the consequences of your actions.
“I have something to show you.” He whispers while taking a strand of hair out of your face.
He takes you to the guest room where he has placed a large, wooden cross onto the wall.
At the ends are straps for one's arms and legs, your eyes grow.
He takes your hand and brings you closer to the large cross while smiling. He turns to face you.
“Did you think I’d let you off this easy? Tsk tsk” Taeyong smirks. He quickly lifts you up and places your legs around his waist. He then lifts your arms up one by one and attaches them to the cross. He backs away and allows your naked body to dangle.
“Taeyong..please! I said I was sorry!”
“And this will prove to me that you truly are…I had trouble sleeping because I was so worried about, I must return the favor.” He says as he brings both feet together and buckles your ankles to the cross as well.
He steps back and marvels at the beautiful sight of you on the cross.
He smiles. “Y/’re my savior, you’re all that I need, you’re my religion, and I would do anything for you.”
“Taeyong..please, my arms hurt.” You cry out.
“Shhh don’t beg, my love.”
He turns and grabs the remote for the TV right across from you.
He presses the “on” button and you immediately see a video of Taeyong taking you from behind. 
“I’ve made a special movie for will play our most special moments over and over tonight. This will ensure that you will never forget what it’s like to be with me again.”
“Taeyong, I never forgot about you..” you say softly in a final attempt to be let down.
“Then why did you stay away for so long?” Taeyong growls out, his eyes are wild, like he is holding back a deep anger.
Your mouth falls open into silence.
“My love..I hope you can appreciate this gift.” Taeyong then exits the room, leaving you alone with the bright and loud TV playing compilation videos of you and Taeyong having sex, along with disturbing videos of murders being carried out by his gang.
You cry silently and close your eyes tightly, but you can’t drown out the sound. Your arms and legs hurt from being strained for so long, you’re not sure how much more you can take after just an hour.
“Taeyong!” You call out but there’s no answer.
You stay suspended on the cross and cry throughout the entire night.
You struggled against the restraints from time to time, until you couldn’t even feel your arms. You closed your eyes tightly and looked up, down, to the side..anywhere but forward where the TV was. And somehow, you were able to close your eyes and fall asleep to the sound of your moans and Taeyongs deep voice in the video. But soon you were woken once again by a violent and disturbing video of torture or murder.
The next morning, Taeyong came into the room and untied you. He shut the TV off and carried your strained and numb body to the shower.
“Taeyong..” you whispered softly, your tired eyes opening slowly as you drifted in and out of consciousness.
“Yes, little mouse, I’m here..” He kissed your cheek, then trailed his soft, warm lips down your jaw and neck.
He helped you shower then took you to his bed.
He then covered your body with a blanket and sat on the edge of the bed beside you. He bed smelled like a field of flowers, the plush and bouncy pillow below your head felt especially heavenly.
“Did you do all those things to those people?” You mutter out with your eyes closed.
“Yes..they were bad people, they deserved their punishment, just like you deserved yours..”
Your eyes open wide.
“But lucky for you, you’ve begged for forgiveness and gained it from me.”
Taeyong gave you a small smile. “You should rest now.”
He was about to leave but you called out to him.
“ you trust me?”
The last thing you wanted was for Taeyong to do some digging to find out who you really spent time with during those two weeks. If he found out you were lying and found out about Jaehyun, that would be the last straw. He’d lose it. He would kill the both of you, and maybe your parents too.
You wanted reassurance that he would let it go once and for all, that you could move on and be like you were before.
Taeyong looked back at you and gave a questioning look as he raised an eyebrow.
But he didn’t say anything. He leaned down and placed his lips on yours. Your eyes closed and you finally found some strength in your arms and wrapped one around him, your fingers lightly scratching his back as his lips caressed yours.
His fingers press into your scalp while he listens to you moan.
“Should I trust you?” He says before kissing your neck.
You whimper as he presses his chest onto yours, his pelvis resting against you. You widen your legs a little, your breath leaving you as soon as you feel his hard member poke against the blanket.
He continues to kiss your lips, the way his tongue leaves gentle licks along your bottom lip and the way his hands move on your scalp puts you in a trance.
You reach down into his boxers and take his hard member into your hand, cupping it and moving it up and down slowly.
A groan leaves his lips and enters your mouth, you continue to stroke his member. 
He then kisses your neck. “Oh, little mouse, you’re too good and making me feel this way.” He growls and bucks into your hand.
You feel a growing moisture in between your legs.
“You should trust me..I’m yours.” You whisper against his ears as you rub the precum in his tip with your thumb.
“I want to feel you..please.”
Taeyong kisses your collarbone and sucks hard. “Say it.”
“Want to feel you inside me..” 
A whimper escapes your throat. You’re so pent up, you feel you might burst.
Taeyong lifts himself from you and throws the blanket beside you, revealing your naked body and drenched entrance.
“What do you want me to do?” Taeyong smirks, his forehead glistening with sweat. He removes your hand and replaces it with his own, positioning his cock right in front of your needy opening.
“Taeyong…” you gasp as you watch the toned figure above you and run your hand down his abs.
He nearly cums as he watches his name fall from your innocent lips. Your eyes widen and you lick your lips while your chest rises up and down rapidly.
He watches you stare at his cock as he pleasures it himself.
“Fuck me..”
Taeyong chuckles then rubs his tip in between your folds. You moan at the feeling of something finally against your throbbing hole.
He doesn’t waste any more time as he pushes into you, thrusting your body upwards against the bed.
You feel every vein of his wonderful cock as he runs it against your silky walls. You clench without control and whimper as he pushes in harder.
“Are you going to cum so soon, little mouse?” Taeyong tilts his head as he watches your jaw tense. He holds onto your knees, pushing them further apart making you cry out.
Your legs wrap around his waist. Your hands shake and grip his back as if to hold onto your sanity.
He presses his thumb onto your clit. “Answer me, sweetheart.”
Taeyong continues to move his thumb sensually in circles onto your body. He looks into your pure eyes.
Time moves in slow motion as your body trembles.
 You cry out his name one final time and dig your fingers into his back.
Taeyong cums soon after, groaning and releasing onto your breasts as they move up and down rapidly.
He treasures the sight of your entire body shining with sweat and now his cum on your beautiful chest.
He leans down and kisses your nipples before flattening his tongue onto each one slowly.
“Oh..Taeyong..” you moan and close your eyes, your hands running through his scalp.
You cum again a few minutes after. That day, you and Taeyong made love and love again on his bed, your bodies entangled with each other while you change positions. Your tongues never grew tired, your hands covered all areas of skin, your neck covered in love bites. and your bodies sunk into the cloud-like bed once it was all over.
But as you laid down beside Taeyong, you couldn’t help but think about how Taeyong never answered your question.
He never said if he trusted you.
[Three Days Later]
Taeyong dropped you off and picked you up from all of your classes. He didn’t let you see or speak to your parents. But they didn’t reach out to you either. You wondered why they gave up so easily, but then you remembered your father's words. He only wanted to protect himself and his money. It hurt knowing that he was this way all while being involved in illegal activities with Taeyong.
You finally realized that it was your father that caused the break in, you felt betrayed by the man you were raised by.
You started to question your faith, but you still visited the church and prayed. You prayed for your family’s health and safety, you prayed for Mark’s safe arrival in heaven and for your forgiveness. Each time you thought of him, you teared up.
You also prayed for Jaehyun’s safety. You hoped that you wouldn’t run into him on campus, for you knew that he would ask too many questions.
The fact that Taeyong could possibly have his guys watch you on campus to see who you interacted with made you nervous.
No one was safe around you until you gained Taeyong’s trust.
And when you asked for it, Taeyon would only give you a small smile and caress your cheek with his thumb. He’d say you were “cute” or start to kiss you.
But last night he said “soon..I will.”  
You weren’t sure what he meant by that but his words haunted you even as you walked to class.
You looked onto the sidewalk and gripped your backpack, you were about to cross the street at a stoplight when you felt a tap on your shoulder.
“Hey, stranger.” 
You turned to see a dimpled, brown haired boy.
Jaehyun. Oh no. 
You looked around nervously. “Jaehyun! Hey, how are you?”
He smiled widely. “I’m alright, how are you? How have you been doing?” He stepped towards you with a look of concern.
“I’m fine! I’m sorry about what happened, I-I blew things out of proportion.” You smiled back, but your eyes still looked anxious.
Jaehyun looked around, then looked back at you.
“What-who are you looking for?”
“Huh? I’m sorry, what?”
“You keep looking around like someone is watching you, is everything okay?” He whispered.
“Oh! Haha, yeah everything is fine, I was just looking for my friend, we’re supposed to walk to class together!”
“Oh, I see. Well, I’d love to study or even have dinner with you if you have time today..”
“I’d love to, but I already have plans…” you looked out across the street and pretended to wave to someone.
“Oh! She’s over there, I’d love to talk more, but I have to go, I’ll catch you l-“
You start to walk away, but Jaehyun takes your hand and tugs you back slightly.
He stares at your wrist. You hadn’t noticed that when you waved, your sleeve had fallen down slightly, revealing the subtle markings left from the straps Taeyong used to tie you to the cross a few nights ago.
Jaehyun’s eyes grew. “Y/n..what is this? Are you in trouble?”
You tugged your hand away and rubbed your wrist. “It-it’s nothing! I just had a, um, an allergic reaction to this bracelet my mom bought me!”
Jaehyun tilts his head. “Y/ can talk to me.”
“I’m fine, trust me..I’ll see you later, okay? I really have to go..” you spring away as Jaehyun opens his mouth to protest.
While in class, you struggle to focus on your studies. You thought about Taeyong, and how you could love someone that killed people. Those videos replayed throughout your mind, but so did the memories of Taeyong’s bright smile and laugh. You can’t push away the feelings you have when you look at him, falling into him every time as he magically makes you forget all that he’s done. Is this love? It felt like it, but something still felt wrong.
“Miss y/l/ to join us?”
Professor Li interrupted your thoughts.
You nodded. “I’m sorry, what was the question?”
“In 2 Samuel 11, David displeased the Lord by doing what?” The professor's deep voice echoed in the silent classroom of about 50 people.
Your mouth falls open. You hadn’t read that section and had no clue what the answer was. 
He stepped closer to your desk with his book in hand. “Stuttering? No, David did not do that..”
He looks down on you intimidatingly. You sunk down into your chair as your face felt hot.
“Miss y/l/n, I don’t understand how you can take so much time away from class only to fall’ve had plenty of time at home to read, isn’t that right?”
“Y-yes, Professor.”
“Then why haven’t you read this? Do you expect knowledge and information to just jump into the tiny brain of yours? You have to read so you can absorb it all, make it bigger.”
“You’re right, I’m s-“
“Don’t apologize, just open the book and read the words, or do I need to send you back to English 101?”
A few snickers erupted in the class. Your vision became blurry as you teared up.
“No, professor, I will read it tonight.” Your voice barely above a whisper. 
“Did we all hear that class? Miss y/l/n has decided to actually do the readings for class, let’s give her a round of applause..” Everyone clapped for you and some students started to laugh out more as the professor rolled his eyes and walked back to the board.
You grabbed your backpack and quickly headed for the door when class ended.
“Miss y/l/n..I need you to stay after class for a few minutes..”
You sighed and stepped to the side to allow other students to leave his class.
Once the room was empty, the professor called you over to his desk.
“Are you okay?” The 50-something year old looked into your eyes over his glasses.
“I’m fine..” you played with your thumbs in front of your skirt.
“Do you have...personal.. stuff going on at home?”
Professor Li was always jealous of your father. He hated how much power he had and made it known to you every time he had you in class, but today he really embarrassed you and you just wanted to run home and cry.
“I understand if you don’t want to talk about it, I’m sure being the child of a pastor is no easy task…” he stands up and stretches.
“But remember to always have faith, to always believe in the good Lord, and to serve him well..”
You nodded. Of course you knew all of this, but why did he make you nervous with each step he took towards you?
“With that being said..I suggest you spend less time with these sinful boys and more time with your head in the books.”
“I’m sorry? I’m not following..” your brows furrow.
He chuckled and looked to the side as he stood in front of you and leaned back on the desk.
“Come on, y/n..these little skirts that you wear even during the winter time..the knee highs..where is your modesty?”
He eyed you up and down and even had the audacity to bite his lips as he stared at a loose button in your top.
You scoff. “Shouldn’t you be worried about your wandering eyes and sexualization of me?”
He stood up straight and looked onto you sternly. “What did you say to me?”
“I’ve done nothing for you to accuse me of ditching class to engage in sexual activities..” you firmly let out.
He laughs then grabs your waist, you jump and try to push him away but he pulls you onto him firmly.
“Let go! You creep!” You shove him away.
That familiar voice echoed in the room.
The professor immediately lets go and looks frightened.
You turn to see Taeyong.
Taeyong doesn’t look at you, he glares at the man that touched you and walks over slowly.
“Hey, little mouse, I was worried about you..” he says coolly, but the look on his face is hauntingly unreadable. You feel your stomach grow sick as he gets closer, the crazy glint in his eyes becoming more and more visible.
He looks at you and takes your face in his hand. He wipes a tear that has fallen down your cheek with his thumb.
“I saw everyone leave class...except for you.” His eyes shift from your face and onto Professor Li’s.
The professor swallows hard, his skin crawling with unease as Taeyong’s aura is dark and nerve racking. He had no idea who this man was but the tattoos, red hair, and piercings told him enough.
“...why is that, professor?” 
“Miss y/l/n is falling behind on her studies, but now I see what, or rather, who she’s been preoccupied with..” the professor eyes Taeyong up and down and looks at him with disgust.
Taeyong smiles wickedly. “I’ll be sure to take care of what’s keeping her from succeeding, Professor..maybe you should take care of those...lingering hands..”
He turns to look up at the crucifix above the professor's desk.
“I'm sure the lord is not too happy about that move you just pulled.” He still has that crazy smile on his face as he takes your hand.
The professors mouth fell open.
“We should leave..” Taeyong did everything in his power to hold back his desire to bash this man’s head on the desk.
You both walked away, but not before the professor let out one final remark.
“Lust..It was a sin of lust that David committed.”
You continued walking as the professor let out a chuckle.
Taeyong drove you back to his place in silence.
“Are you upset with me?” You turn and ask him while in the passenger seat of his brand new sports car.
“No, of course not, I know it was out of your control.”
You didn’t know what to be more worried about. The fact that Taeyong waited only a few minutes for you to disappear from his sight before he searched for you, or the fact that he let your professor off so easily. It was unlike him.
“Will you hurt him?” You ask.
Taeyong hums for a moment and tilts his head. “Maybe..maybe not, what would you like me to do?”
“I-I don’t know, he was so mean to me..” you shocked yourself. Your immediate response should’ve been “don’t hurt him.” But instead, you actually contemplated whether or not he should receive some sort of punishment. Was Taeyong changing you?
“Well, little mouse, I’m sure everything will work out in the end...don’t worry about him, he’ll never place a finger on you again.” He turns to you, there’s a wild look in his eyes that you can’t describe.
You approach the apartment complex and Taeyong parks into a spot designated to him. You click open your seatbelt, but Taeyong holds your hand.
“Hey..” he calls out to you softly and looks down to your lips.
Taeyong is captivated by your eyes, deep and so round. 
He clicks his seatbelt open too and leans over to kiss you, turning his head as his warm tongue brushed against your bottom lip for entrance.
You close your eyes and deepen the kiss, your arms going up and around his neck to pull him closer. Your thighs tighten together as you feel a wet sensation building in between them. Taeyong has this effect on you, every time, he so easily turns you into a begging and needy mess.
Taeyong grips your thigh and pulls it away, leaving you subject to the cold air in the car.
You moan into his mouth as you feel his digits press onto your slit, gliding up and down slowly.
He chuckles. “Ahh such a good girl…” Taeyong kisses your neck as he pushes one finger in, your body shifting in the seat to get a better feeling of his wonderful fingers inside you. The image of Taeyongs veiny, tattooed arm disappearing into your skirt makes you moan with more volume.
“That’s it, little mouse, tell me how good your pussy feels..” He pushes another finger into you then rubs your bud with his thumb.
You bite your lips as his fingers pump in and out of you while pressing onto your sweet spot. But Taeyong taps against it teasingly, barely pressing into it.
“Harder...please.” You breathily exclaim.
“ have to tell me how good it feels..”
He says against your neck then bites it.
“Ahh!” You yelp. “It feels good, s-so good.”
He watches your mouth fall open through low eyes, your pussy becoming increasingly wet as he continues to explore your walls with his long fingers. 
He takes your hand and places it onto the tent in his pants. “Do you feel that?”
“Yes..” you bite your lips.
He bucks into your hand as you palm it. “Do you want it? Tell me badly you want it..” a smile falls onto his lips as he whispers against your jaw.
“I want it, Taeyong, I want you..fuck me please.” 
Your hips move on their on onto his hand, you can’t hold back any longer and clench just at the thought of Taeyong fucking you hard in his brand new car.
But Taeyong pulls his fingers out, a pop echoing in the car. He licks his fingers slowly and closes his eyes.
“As you wish, sweetheart.”
You whimper at the sudden emptiness.
“Take your panties off for me, but leave your pretty skirt on..”
You immediately drag your underwear down your legs and leave it on the floor, then turn to Taeyong and wait for his next instruction.
“Get in the back..” he demands and turns the dash cam on his windshield around to record the inside of the vehicle instead.
You go to open the door but Taeyong stops you.
“No, no...through here..crawl back there.”
He smirks as he taps the center console.
You crawl over it, your hands resting firmly against the back seat as your abs flex to bring the rest of your body to the back.
But Taeyong chuckles and wraps his arm under your stomach. He grips you tightly, holding you in place as you whimper.
“T-Taeyong?” You breathe heavily while in this weird position, your ass up and head down as your knees rest on the arm rest.
“Yes, little mouse, I just want to admire you from this angle for a moment.” You hear a low chuckle escape Taeyong. He flips up the frilly end of your skirt.
Your bare ass and dripping pussy is now on display for him and the camera.
He uses his other hand and swats your opening. Your legs become weak.
The high pitched noise you make makes Taeyong grow even more.
He slides his fingers in between your folds, coating them with your slick once again.
“I love your body, sweet girl, but your pussy is my favorite’s so wet, I wish you could see it right now.” His deep, husky voice is laced with lust.
He spreads his index and middle finger to separate and expose your silky hole, but does so at an awfully slow pace. You moan and move against his fingers, hoping to gain more friction.
But Taeyong withdraws his fingers and slaps your ass.
“You’re being impatient, little mouse..”
“I’m-I’m sorry, please..I need you..” you beg.
Taeyong hums as he watches your essence run down your thighs and even to your pink knee highs.
Your arms begin to hurt from holding your body up.
Taeyong continues to play with your flower, pushing his fingers in and out while you’re at this new angle.
As you get closer, clenching around him as your legs tremble, he moves his fingers faster, creating a sinful sound with your body as your high pitched moans grow louder.
Taeyong takes his fingers out slowly just as you’re about to cum. He bites his lips as he watches your smooth skin become even more wet, essence running out of you like a flood.
He can’t take it anymore, he has to fuck you so he takes his arm from under you.
“You may go back now.”
He leaves the car and joins you in the backseat.
He immediately moves to the center of it and brings you over his waist.
You kneel over him and unbutton your shirt. Taeyongs eyes are glued to your dainty fingers revealing your chest to him.
“Taeyong… I want you so badly.” You moan out then lick your lips. 
He looks delectable under you, his ruby red hair pushed back and his eyes low.
He unbuckles his belt and pulls his aching member out.
“Do you want my cock, little mouse?”
He leans his head back onto the head rest while he watches you unhook your bra in the back.
“Then you should take it, right?” He looks down and taps his dick against your thigh.
You nod and kneel directly over his delicious cock. You lower yourself onto him slowly, your hands gripping his shoulders as you cry out from the satisfaction of him finally being inside, filling you up completely.
“Good girl..” Taeyong whispers. He leans back and watches you bounce on him, your breasts jumping and your eyes shutting tightly.
You swivel your hips as his cock slides in and out of you, grinding into your tight, plush pussy.
Taeyong runs his hands along your thighs, pushing your skirt up your stomach so he can finally see you take his cock and cover it in shining slick.
The car is filled with grunts and moans as you ride him, you finally find the perfect spot, his dick curves into you and presses against it.
“Oh!! Taeyong, I’m going to..” you throw your head back, the bundle of knots slowly start to unravel. You move even faster.
“Mmmm..yes, sweetheart, I know..” Taeyong says smoothly before gripping your waist with both hands and picking you up off of him.
“Taeyong! No..please!” You cry out, once again you are so close, only to be shunned away from your release.
He turns you around and lowers you back onto him. He slams into you as he brings a hand to your neck. He presses his thumb and fingers into the side of it as you whimper.
Your legs spread more as Taeyong’s dick curves into you at a different but still satisfactory angle.
He squeezes his hand around your throat and buried himself into you deeper, using your body more like a sex doll as the camera records.
He thinks about how fucked out you looked right now, your mouth open, practically drooling and your hair messy. Your hands grabbing at your breasts and playing with your nipples. He knows he’ll watch this video later and enjoy watching you lose your innocence in the back of his car, he’ll enjoy the sight of each whimper falling from your pretty mouth and your skirt riding up as you kneel over him in cute knee highs.
He then uses his other hand and rubs his fingertips into your clit. 
You gasp as your eyes open. You clench around him without control now.
His hips snap into you harder and his hand tightens around your neck. “I'm going to cum in you, sweetheart, going to fill you so well with my cum. Is that what you want?” He growls in your ear. He can just imagine how beautiful you’d looked with swollen breasts during a pregnancy, the glow of your skin and full cheeks as you carry his babies. Somehow, you’d be even prettier.
He draws circles into your clit even harder, your pussy becoming consumed by him as he combines it with his tip rubbing against your sweet spot with every push.
“Ahh! Taeyong!” You scream his name out. “Yes! Yes!”
“I’m going to push it so deep into your fertile pussy, breed you and make you mine forever, would you like that?”
“Yes! Yes, Taeyong, I want you” your head falls back over his shoulders releasing onto him as his dirty words echo in your mind.
Your body shakes as he releases into you as well, keeping his promise and cumming into your depths as he holds you fast against him.
His fingers push into your mouth. You close your eyes and suck them clean as your movement onto his cock slows.
He slides out of your opening a few more times, making sure that not one bit of his cum escapes you.
He kisses your neck. “You did so well, little mouse. I’m so happy you’re mine.”
[A Few Days Later]
You studied in the library with Jaehyun, focusing on your papers and last minute research before you went home—to Taeyong’s place to sleep. There was barely anyone on your floor in the library, so you figured no one could watch you and Jaehyun there.
Living with Taeyong was definitely different from living with your family, but you didn’t mind it. Taeyong usually stayed out late, but when he did come home, he’d cuddle you and make sure that you’re okay.
 You’d watch movies together and enjoy take out every now and then. Other than feeling like you were being watched 24/7, life with Taeyong wasn’t that bad.
“Do you need me to read over your paper?” Jaehyun leaned over to you. 
You look up from your laptop and stop typing.
“Hmmm that’s a good idea. Thank you! And I’ll read over yours.”
Jaehyun smiles as you switch laptops.
“Jaehyun? What is this?” You’re confused as you only see a blank page on his laptop.
“Oh, I’m sorry about that..just scroll down.”
He watches you scroll down the page.
But there’s only one sentence in the middle of it.
Y/n, will you see a movie with me after finals?
You smile widely and look up at him.
He blushes. “Keep scrolling.”
Pros of dating me: Hand holder Top tier hugs Tall Dimples Good cook Can and will make you laugh Cons of dating me: I might pass gas if I laugh too hard  None :)
You giggle after reading the last sentence. You wished so badly that you could date Jaehyun. He was caring, sweet, a devout Christian, and yes, unbelievably handsome. But the timing was bad. You loved Taeyong, you couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.
And so, your smile faded as reality set in.
You clear your throat. “Jaehyun..I wish I’re an amazing guy, but..”
“Was it the passing gas part?” Jaehyun’s brows furrow.
“No!” You chuckle. “No, it’s not that at all.its just..I’m seeing someone right now..”
“Oh.” He nods slowly, the corners of his mouth slowly fall and his dimples no longer show.
“I’m sorry, Jaehyun.”
He smiles brightly again. “It’s okay! I thought I’d ask, I really like spending time with you, but I completely understand..let’s focus on finals then.”
You nod.
[The Next Day]
Taeyong picks you up from class, but doesn’t take you home.
“Where are we going?” You look at the side of Taeyong’s face, he looks especially striking with the light from the red stop sign on his face, his strong cheekbones peeking through. His eyes are intense, but your attention goes from his hands gripping the steering wheel to his biceps flexing as he turns the car, and from his thighs in his black skinny jeans then to his button down silk shirt with three loose buttons.
 You bite your lips as your mind runs wild with thoughts of him on you.
“We’re going to do something very fun tonight. Think of it as a...couple game! In the end, we’ll be closer than we’ve ever been.” Taeyong says excitedly.
“That sounds fun.” You smile. 
But you slowly came to the realization that this would be an interesting night as you approached a gloomy and daunting warehouse.
“Taeyong..what is this?” You ask as he puts the vehicle in park.
“Come on. You’ll understand once we get inside.”
It’s just the two of you inside the dark box. Taeyong pulls a chain that makes bright led lights turn on above you. When you look around you large cases  and tables all around. It didn’t feel like you were about to play a game there.
You hear a muffled scream and shuffling.
“What was that?” Your eyes grow as you recognize the sound of a man in distress.
“Ah..yes, our contestant..”
Taeyong takes your hand and leads you to the corner of the room.
You stumble behind him as he walks fast. 
You see a camera on a tripod, and as you get closer, you see that it is set a few feet in front of a man tied to a chair with a black bag over his face.
His body is completely tied to the chair with rope wrapping around his midsection and legs.
His hands are bound together on rest on his lap.
The man screeches as he hears the two of you step closer to him.
“Taeyong?! What have you done?” You turn to him and begin to panic. You prayed that it wasn’t Jaehyun.
“I have a surprise for you, little mouse.”
You always dreaded Taeyong’s surprises.
He goes behind the man and tears the bag off.
A breath leaves your body when you recognize the man, even with bruised eyes and a bloody, swollen lip. A rag is over his mouth to quiet him.
“Ta da! You didn’t think I’d let this bastard get away with what he did to you, right?”
Your mouth falls open. “ don’t want this.”
You watch Professor Li’s eyes widen once he recognizes you. He cries harder and louder, his shrieks so bone chilling, you cringe.
Taeyong laughs out. “Of course you do!”
He bends down and places his head into the crook of the professor’s shoulder.
“He treated yourself like shit, then touched you inappropriately...don’t you want him to suffer?”
Taeyong smiles wickedly.
“N-no..I..I don’t know.” Once again you found yourself questioning everything you had learned. Does everyone deserve forgiveness? 
“You do know, little mouse. That fury in your veins, that tingling in your body that makes you want to choke this bastard till he can no longer breathe...embrace it. Don’t hold back.”
You look away.
Taeyong begins to grow impatient. “He’s an asshole, what if he goes after another girl in his class? Don’t you wonder how many women he’s fucked just so he can give them a passing grade?”
You close your eyes tightly and feel tears fall on your cheek.
Taeyong stands up straight and walks over to you.
He cups your face.
“Little mouse, you always ask me if I trust you...if you do this for me, if you prove that you will kill anyone that touches you because they’re not me..then I will trust you.”
Your eyes open. You can’t explain this need to please Taeyong, but when you look into his mahogany eyes, you feel a fire start in your chest.
You nod slowly. “I—I want you to trust me, Taeyong, but I don’t know if I can do this.”
Taeyong smiles slyly. “I know you can’t, that’s why we’ll do it together.”
He takes your hand and leads you over to a table with all sorts of weapons laid out.
Professor Li squirms in his seat and cries out so hard, he begins to cough.
He begs for this to end, to be released. You think about Taeyong’s words. 
Taeyong picks up a large and intimidating hedge shears.
He hands it to you.
“I’m going to hold his dirty hands up, I want you to open and close this like they’re scissors. We are cutting the evil away from this world.” Taeyong smiles softly.
The professor is a tyrant and uses his status to lure girls in. He’s disgusting and the world would be a better place without him. You said this to yourself over and over, trying to convince yourself that what you’re about to do is justifiable.
You stand to one side of him while Taeyong stands across from you and on his other side.
The professor still tries to get out of the chair, but he’s bound so tightly, his efforts are in vain.
Taeyong grabs his elbows, straightening out his tied  arms up and in front of him. You open the trimmers and position them around his wrists.
Taeyong’s smile grows. “Just like that, sweetheart. Now, snip snip.”
You look at his trembling hands in front of you, ignoring his tears and snot nose as the memories of him gripping your waist and pulling him onto you flood in. You remembered the intense discomfort, the slight panic before Taeyong saved you. You knew you didn’t want anyone else to experience it.
You pressed the handles together and SHRING. 
His bound hands fly to the floor, blood splatters across your face as well as Taeyong’s.
Taeyong laughs loudly as the old man screams out in pain. Blood gushes from his exposed tendons and tissue. You nearly throw up at the sight and drop the shears.
You back away and look in horror as you finally see clearly what you have done.
“T-Taeyong..” you pant.
“You did so well, little mouse..” Taeyong steps towards you and holds your hands.
The professor passes out from blood loss,his head hangs low.
“I-I killed him?” You sob.
“ did, now he can’t hurt anyone else.”
“But Taeyong..I..” your hands shake. Taeyong pulls them to his face and kisses them.
“’s okay, I trust you, all that matters is you and me now.”
You nod slowly. 
Taeyong pulls you closer to him. He holds your face in his hands and kisses you deeply. You’re both covered in blood, but it feels so good to hold each other.
Your heart rumbles and your eyes close, you enjoy the touch of Taeyongs heavenly fingers on the small of your back.
Taeyong is so turned on by you finally proving your loyalty to him. You killed someone even while looking like an innocent angel. It was beautiful, you are beautiful.
Taeyong is electrifying, each kiss sends sparks throughout your veins. The adrenaline still pumps through you as you collapse into him and groan. His lips taste like the sweetest cherry, but he smells like blackberries. 
You can’t take it anymore, you need him on you, rubbing his hands all over you as you make love. You pull your shirt over your head and look into his eyes.
“Fuck me..”
Taeyong smirks and rubs his bloody hands over your chest slowly, pushing your breasts together and pinching your nipples.
You moan out into the empty warehouse as he watches your smooth skin become nasty with blood. Your neck smeared with splattered markings.
Taeyong pushes you into the wall, spinning you around so his chest is on your back.
He gets on his knees and pulls your skirt down at a painfully slow rate.
“Taeyong..please.” You cry out as you step out of it.
He only gets out a low and husky laugh as he places his hands onto your butt cheeks and massages them.
He separates them carefully while staring at your essence dripping from your folds.
He licks his lips then licks onto the slit slowly.
You whimper and push your butt out to him more. He grabs your ankles and licks again, only this time, pushing the tip of his tongue in harder to brush it against your clit.
You yelp while grabbing your breasts and playing with your nipples.
“You’re so hot, sweetheart.”
Taeyong lays his tongue out flat again, going in deeper and flexing his tongue.
On instinct, you grind against his face, praying that he goes a little faster because you’re so close from his teasing, you could cry.
“Taeyong!! Please don’t stop!” You gasp and move faster.
He flips you around by placing his hands on your waist.
“Use me, little mouse.”
He sticks his tongue out then buries his face in between your legs once more, only this time, he maintains eye contact with you. His devilish eyes watching your shining, blood covered breasts and the way you bite your lips.
He moves slowly, but you grab his hair and grind down onto his mouth. He flexes his tongue and pushes it in as deep as possible.
“Ahh! Taeyong..fuck..” 
Hearing you curse is all he needs to hear, his boner straining and flinching against his tight jeans.
You move your hips faster and ride his face as he watches you above him, you can only feel that feeling in your stomach, that release that you’re so close to while looking into his low eyes.
Your clit brushes against his nose over and over, he hums to send vibrations through your core.
Your pussy clenches and your grip on his hair tightened, but Taeyong continues to explore every part of you with his tantalizing tongue.
“Taeyong..fuck..oh my god.” Your hips stop moving and your body weakens, but Taeyong quickly stands and takes your hand.
He takes you with him to the table and brushes off all of the weapons that were on it before.
He presses you down onto the table with his chest on your back again then zips his pants and lets his cock loose. He doesn’t give you time to adjust as he slides his needy cock into your soaking flower.
He brings your ass to his hips and groans. 
“ nasty girl.” His hoarse voice enters your ear.
He snaps into you harder, lewd sounds of his cock gliding into your wet pussy fill the room.
He presses his hand into the small of your back. 
You whimper. “Harder, Taeyong..” 
“Oh? Greedy, now aren’t we?” 
Taeyong brings your ass back onto him so hard, you feel the breath leave your body. You cry out his name as he does it again.
His cock fills you up perfectly, grinding against your velvety walls even as they tremble.
Taeyong pulls out then flips you over.
He wants to see just how well you take him because it just feels so good.
He groans as you spread your legs across the table for him to see your drenched pussy aching for him.
You run your hands down your body and lick your lips. “Please..Taeyong...I’m so wet for you..”
Taeyong holds you by the crook of your knees and pushes into you again, watching as your right opening somehow molds itself around his cock, coating it in your delicious juices.
You bite your lips to hold back a moan while you watch Taeyong bury himself into you. He would’ve sucked your gorgeous tits like he always does but this time he just wants to watch himself fuck into you, he wants to see you become filled with nothing but him.
He grips your legs hard and moves faster, his movement blurring as he chases after his high.
The added stimulation of his new speed makes you clench uncontrollably. You throw your head back and welcome another orgasm just as Taeyong welcomes his. This time, he doesn’t pull out, he thrusts into you one final time and coats your walls with strings of cum.
Your groans and moans mesh with each other and fill the room.
Taeyong pulls out of you and taps his cock against your clit. You moan and flinch at the overwhelming stimulation.
He leans down and kisses your lips as he teases your sensitive opening.
You whine and move your hips against his cock. It is only somewhat limp and even though you’ve just cum, you still want more.
You press onto his chest lightly to stop the kiss. You look into his eyes.
He chuckles. “What? Do you still want more?”
“Yes..” you bite your lips and look at him with wide, innocent eyes, making his heart shutter.
He sits on a chair adjacent to the table and right beside the professor’s dead body.
“Come here, little mouse.” He pats his lap. 
You lower yourself onto him and slowly rock back and forth until you feel him grow inside you.
Ecstasy floods throughout your bodies all night as you make love. You pay no attention to the dead man in the room or your bodies covered in blood. 
You even forgot about the camera with the beeping red light.
[Two Days Later]
Taeyong had just dropped you off at class when he decided to sneak into your parents house. He knew your father would be home and in his office and he also knew that with some bribing, his security guards would easily let him in without notifying him.
Your father plopped himself into his seat, placing his glass of whiskey beside his notepad on the desk, never realizing the figure in the corner of the room.
Taeyong watches as your father opened up his laptop to see nothing but a black screen.
“What the-“ he mumbles and looks over his glasses onto his keyboard. “God damn technology..”
Taeyong clicks the small clicker in his hand to play the video on your father's laptop.
You father squints and looks closely He jumps once the video starts playing.
‘Just like that sweetheart, now snip snip’
He recognizes the voice in the video.
His eyes enlarge.
“What in the-“ 
He tries to pause the video but he can’t, only Taeyong has control.
“Oh..God.” He sits back in his chair when he sees you. his beloved daughter, cute the hands off of a man.
He continues watching as his eyes brim with tears.
He sees the man pass out then you tearing your shirt off. He turns away from the screen and sobs.
“My poor daughter.”
“You should be proud of her..”
Taeyong steps out from the corner.
Your father jumps in his seat and grabs his letter opener. “Who’s there?”
“It’s your son-in-law, I knew you’d be thrilled to see me.”
Your father sits back in his chair and looks at Taeyong through eyes of pure hatred.
“what have you done to her?”
“I’ve only allowed her to be her true self. You should be so worried.” Taeyong sits down across from him.
“Yeah..she killed someone, but hey, if you knew the guy, you’d probably kill him too.” He shrugs.
“I will bring you down, Taeyong. And I’ll get my daughter back. You have turned her into a monster like you!”
Taeyong shakes his head. “Oh, you fool, don’t you see that’s why I’m here? To let you know that that can’t and will never happen. Why? Well, if I go down, your daughter goes down too.”
Your father brows furrow.
“Who yielded the weapon, pastor?”
He stays silent and grits his teeth
“Oh, but here’s a better question, where IS the weapon?”
Your father sighs. “I hope you endure nothing but pain and suffering when she finally leaves you!” He grumbles out.
“Ah, is it buried somewhere on this 32 acre land you’ve got here?” Taeyong places a finger or his chin and begins to laugh.
“Ah, yes that’s right, it’s buried here somewhere, in the lawn of the man that knew about the crime because he just watched the video. Was the killer’s father the one that hid it to protect her? Oh no!” Taeyong fakes surprise. 
“Do You follow me? It’s a chain reaction, father. I go down, your baby goes down, then you go down as an accessory to the crime.”
Taeyong stands up and brushes his jacket off. “It’s a pity that whatever you and that detective has planned for me will never work. That pathetic attempt you made at getting me locked up for life showed me everything I need to see, and now, I won’t hold back…”
He leans forward and places both hands on the desk. “I am the grim reaper, after all.”
“Fuck you, you can’t threaten me!”
Taeyong laughs and leaves the room.
[A Week Later] 
With finals over you rarely saw your friends, you didn’t even message Jaehyun because you suspected that your messages were being tracked.
You couldn’t take the risk.
Jaehyun, on the other hand, grew worried for you. He asked your friends but no one claimed they had seen or even spoke to you. Just like him, they always got your voicemail when they called.
He went to your father and begged to see you, but that’s when he learned that you no longer stayed there.
When he asked where you were, your father hesitantly told him about Taeyong’s apartment complex because he wouldn’t stop pushing.
He warned him and even told him that Taeyong was a gang leader, but Jaehyun wouldn’t listen. He wanted to save you. The marks on your wrist made him worried and he knew you needed help before it was too late.
He went to the complex and snuck around, hoping not to be seen by anyone. He waited in his car to see if you’d leave at some point. Once he spotted you, he would call out to you and have you jump in his car. He’d speed off with you to get away from this place.
The upper-class and bougie complex was really quiet. It didn’t seem like many people lived there, but there was an eerie aura that Jaehyun couldn’t ignore.
He waited all night for you in his car, but never saw you. He didn’t see anything to be exact. Well, not until a red-haired man and several other guys in black left. They drove off on their motorcycles with the red haired guy leading in front.
Jaehyun quickly unbuckled his seat belt and jumped out of his car he snuck in through a door that hadn’t been shut all the way. He got onto the elevator and took it to the top floor where Taeyong’s supposed penthouse was.
Once he got to the door with the apartment number, he rang the doorbell and looked around nervously.
You looked at the screen that showed you a real-time video of your doorstep and nearly screamed when you saw Jaehyun. You quickly opened the door.
“Jaehyun! You can’t be here! You have to leave!”
You shook your head.
“I just wanted to know if you were okay! I haven’t heard from you in days-“
“Yes! Yes I’m fine but you have to leave!”
“No, you’re not fine. You’ve been kidnapped by a gang leader. Come with me and we’ll go far away! You’ll be safe.”
You gave him a look of confusion. “What? I don’t need to be saved, Jaehyun. I like it here, and I haven’t been kidnapped, who told you that?”
“I don’t need anyone to tell me, y/n! The fact that you’ve been locked up here all night and have your phones turned off tells me that he’s controlling you! He’s taken over your life and you need to get out from under his grasp.” Jaehyun’s eyes search yours, quietly pleading for you to take his hand and run away with him.
“ have no idea what you’re talking about…” you sigh. “We love each other, okay?”
“But y/n..”
“Just leave! I don’t want to be with you!” You shut your eyes tightly. Jaehyun has been so kind to you, but you felt conflicted with his words. Was he just a product of your old life that you needed to leave behind? Or did he have a point?
He steps back and nods.
“I’m..I’m sorry”
“Jaehyun..” you start to apologize but he walks away swiftly, holding his head low.
You shut the door and lean against it as his words played in your mind.
Jaehyun turned the corner and was about to head for the elevator when he saw another man walking towards it. The man dressed in all black like the other men he saw downstairs. Jaehyun holds his head down and takes the stairs instead.
Jaehyun jogs down the stairs, and about 7 flights down, he bumps into a group of intimidating men.
They smoke cigarettes in between their tattooed fingers and all turn to him.
“Uh..excuse me..”
Jaehyun moves through a small space created for him to pass through, but his heart races. These men looked like gang members, he wondered if he could get out without being noticed.
He runs down the stairs even faster, he gets to the bottom floor, turning the corner to leave. He’s met with the tall man with a broad chest. He collides into him full speed, but the man doesn’t budge. Jaehyun falls back.
“Jaehyun...leaving so soon?” The man says lowly.
Jaehyun looks up slowly, then attempts to bolt in the other direction, but the man wraps his arms around him and pulls him back. He places a towel coated in chloroform over his mouth.
Jaehyun’s vision becomes blurry, he eventually passes out and stops struggling against the man.
[The Next Night]
You lay your head on Taeyong’s lap while you watch a movie together. Your mind is preoccupied, however, you think about what Jaehyun said. Was Taeyong too controlling?
“What are you thinking about?” His deep voice lets out.
“I trust you to be honest with me, little mouse.” Taeyong massages your scalp.
“Of course…” you answer softly and close your eyes, his long fingers feel good.
“So tell me..who is Jaehyun?” 
Your eyes open and you pick yourself up from his lap.
He grips your chin inbetween his thumb and index finger. “I’ll give you one chance to answer me honestly.”
“He-He’s just a friend..we had a class together and studied together sometimes..” you try to play it off coolly but deep down you panic. How did Taeyong know about him?
“So why did I find this on his dresser?”
Taeyong reaches beside him and dangles your gold cross necklace in your face. You forgot that you had left it at his place.
“I-I must’ve lost it in class.”
“That’s not what Jaehyun says..” Taeyong’s eyes grow angry, he gritts his teeth as he lets your chin go.
“J-Jaehyun? Where is he?” 
“Is this who you ran off to? Is this your “cousin?”
Taeyong stands up from the couch.
“No! No, Taeyong, please believe me. I didn’t stay with him!”
“But he says you did, and I found your necklace earlier today, so are you lying to me?!” 
Your mouth is agape, you weren’t sure what to say, do you tell Taeyong the truth or lie again? Either way he’d be upset.
He huffs. “I can’t believe this..” he pulls out his phone and dials someone up.
“Bring him in!” 
“Okay. Yes I stayed with him, but we didn’t do anything! He was just helping me! I swear!” You cry uncontrollably.
The door clicks open and someone throws Jaehyun inside. His throat is red and bruised with what looks to be a chain pattern.
His hands are tied but he yells as he falls on the floor in the center of the room.
“Do you love him?” Taeyong tilts his head and watches your face, waiting for any slight indication that you are attached to him.
“N-no I dont, I promise he means nothing to me, just let him go!”
You sob.
Jaehyun looks hurt by your words but says nothing, he looks up at Taeyong.
“He means nothing to you? So if I kill him, will it hurt you, make you sad?” Taeyong pouts.
“Taeyong! Please don’t do this again.” You reach out to him, but he steps back.
“Why are you crying so much if you don’t love him?” 
You don’t have an answer.
Taeyong is disappointed, he trusted you, he thought you only loved him, but your actions told him otherwise.
“He’s very pretty, I can see why you fucked him..”
“No! I didn’t, we never-“ you start.
“She’s telling the truth. We never did anything because she only thought about you.” Jaehyun finally lets out.
Taeyong nods. “That’s nice to hear, but I don’t like that you are pretty, Jaehyun. I’ll let you live, but I think we should rough you up a little..”
Taeyong looks up at Johnny and nods. Johnny and Jungwoo each take Jaehyun’s arm and hoist him up. They hold him still as Taeyong flicks his Swedish blade open.
“You came here for her, didn’t you?”
Jaehyun grunts, he breathes heavily through his nostrils.
“Well, I’m going to give you something that will remind you of me every day..when you look in the mirror, you’ll remember how badly you fucked up.”
Taeyong smiles.
“Taeyong, please!” You beg one final time c but he ignored you.
“Y/n, it’s okay, I should’ve listened to you from the first time you said no. I shouldn’t have come here, this isn’t your fault!” Jaehyun cries out.
Taeyong places the sharp blade into Jaehyuns forehead. Jaehyun’s screams make you cover your ears.
Taeyong’s wild eyes watch the sharp tip ruin the beautiful, soft skin of his forehead. Blood gushes out and runs all over Jaehyun’s face as Taeyong carves an X into it.
“No!!!” Jaehyun pulls and tries time and time to move his head but the three men on him keep him still.
“Oh God! Taeyong!” You can’t help but sob heavily. You couldn’t believe this was happening again.
Taeyong throws the blade to the side and smiles as he adores his artwork.
The men let go of Jaehyun and let him fall to the floor.
You crawl to him and hold his face in your hands. Taeyong’s smile drops. You couldn’t possibly be touching and comforting another man.
“And so the truth comes out…” he growls.
“Jaehyun, I am so sorry.” You wipe tears from his eyes and hold him as he cries. Your hands shake as you look at the deep carving inflicted by Taeyong.
“It's okay, it’s not your fault.” Jaehyun’s voice is raspy and hoarse after all his screaming.
“Little mouse...if you wish to leave me...then go, just leave. I can’t take this heartbreak anymore. You’ve lied to me too many times.”
Taeyong sits down on the couch. He sighs and looks away.
“I’m sorry, Taeyong, but I really can’t do this anymore. You hurt anyone that gets close to me..”
“Because I love you..but I guess you do not love me too. I expect loyalty from you at the very least.”
“Taeyong, I-“
“Get out of my sight!” His voice raises. 
You look at Taeyong then back at Jaehyun, he needed to get to a hospital immediately.
You quickly stood up and helped Jaehyun.
“I’m sorry..” you say one final time before taking Jaehyun’s hand and running out the apartment. You felt an uncertainty and a rush as you ran down the stairs. You were free from Taeyong but a part of you didn’t want that.
You pushed the exit door open. Jaehyun pointed out his car. “Over there.” 
You grabbed his key from his hoodie pocket and helped him into his car. He was drifting in and out of consciousness so you would have to drive.
Meanwhile, Johnny watches from the window.
Taeyong stares at the floor while feeling heartbreak and disappointment.
“They’re about to leave, Taeyong, should we proceed?”
Taeyong sighs and thinks for a moment. Should he let you go and move on? Could he be without you forever?
“’X’ marks the spot..” he says and a clicking sound echos into the apartment as a bullet is loaded into the barrel of Johnny’s sniper gun.
You help Jaehyun into the passenger seat and begin to walk around to the driver's side, but a sharp sound rings out into the night then a crash follows.
A bullet flies into the windshield and hits Jaehyun, causing his head to explode into a million pieces in the car. His brains and blood splatter all windows of the car.
Your mouth falls open, your eyes water, you become dizzy. The only thing you can do is stumble and walk backwards and away from the car.
No no no no, this can’t be happening.
You fall to your knees and let out a loud wail into the night as Taeyong heads for the elevator.
Your head falls into your hands as you sob. Another innocent person is killed..because of you.
You feel Taeyong’s cold fingers grip your shoulder. Your face still in your hands while you cry uncontrollably. He’s done it again.
“I told you I’d never let you go, little mouse. You can run and hide, but you’ll always fall into my trap.”
And It’s then that you realize, you truly are stuck with Taeyong—forever.
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nikkixostan · 10 months ago
warnings: language, angst, just ugh i love this one sfm
summary: A Goddess and a God are reunited, both tense and nervous around each other. How do they react when they are reunited after years of tragedy and heartbreak.
Tumblr media
Loki knew what Thor meant when he said that he wasn’t gonna like the next part of the plan. In order to defeat their somewhat related sister, Hela they needed a stronger force. And that force was the Goddess Y/N.
Being born from a witch and a God, Y/N’s powers were a force to be reckon with. She moved mountains with a lift of her finger, and could manipulate soldiers into going against their own leader. She knew how to use her powers for good, and during her reign she has helped many planets earn freedom. So Thor knew she would be the secret to revenge and a glorious win.
“Brother-” Loki started to speak, wanting to change the plan.
“Shut up.” Thor said to him, knowing his brother was trying to run away from the Goddess.
“But the last time-”
“Yeah the last time you were both idiots and it's been a while, so either you get over yourself or the land of our people die. Your pick brother.” Thor was now stern and becoming angry with his brother.
Loki had kept his mouth shut in the air craft and remembered the memories he had with the Goddess.
He remembered their early years with each other.
Laughter filled Friga’s garden, the two pre-teens were running around laughing that they had just pranked Thor with Loki turning into a snake and scaring him.
“You got him so good Loki.” Y/N said in between laughs, holding onto her stomach from the risen pain.
“God I love doing that.” Loki said grabbing Y/N’s hand and running away from an angry Thor.
Then his favorite night with the Goddess. It was Thor’s birthday ball, and all realms were invited.
“You look wow.” Loki said seeing the goddess before him. Dressed in a long black ball skin tight gown.
“Mother knew I wanted to match with you and not your brother. I insisted on this dress, much to my fathers disapproval.” 
“Well you are the only gorgeous maiden in the entire realm.”
That night Loki and Y/N never separated from each other, but the ball as a whole. They ran off to the library and sat on the balcony looking at the galaxies the sky had to show. In awe with what was above, they were both more in awe that they had fallen for the person saying beside them. That was the night they had shared their first kiss with one another.
Then Loki remembered the last time he had saw what was once the love of his life.
“Loki. You’re insane. Trying to take out Earth and overrule it. If you wanted to rule something, this was your home. Asgard was always going to be your brothers, this was gonna be ours.”
“You’re just like everyone else in the universe. You know that. Pitying me, adopting me, never letting me become who I want to be.”
“Loki, we both know pity is the last thing I give you. If you want to become a monster go ahead. But you are not dragging me into it.
That was the last time Loki had saw you. But it wasn’t the last time he heard about you. When he had faked his death, he learned that you mourned so much that you had declined food, visitors, and even his brother Thor. He knew you were heartbroken, because he knew your love for him never ran out. And as much as it killed you, it killed him ten times worse.
When Thor had landed the quintet he had instructed that Bruce and Valkyrie go to the towns, while him and his brother visited the Goddess and sort some things out before seeking revenge.
Thor had informed that he would go first and then bring in Loki for the reunion.
“My lady, Thor.” 
Y/N had perked up to that voice, seeing her childhood friend there she was astonished to the visit. 
“Thor, what do I owe this pleasure. Susie can you go to the bakery and bring our guest some treats.” Y/N had asked one of the women who was in the foyer with her to do the task.
“It’s more of a favor.” He asked.
“Well what can I do for the God of Thunder.” 
“We need you to help us defeat our sister. She took over Asgard and we have nothing. No army, no plan, just an idea that needs a Goddess to help defeat another.” Loki said walking in, nerves plastered on his face. Unknowing what was about to come out of her mouth.
The Goddess had went pale, seeing the man she had once loved, who was once dead, is know standing ten feet away from asking her to use her powers again in order for him to gain something.
“I was gonna tell you about him afterwards.” Thor said motioning to his brother.
“Thor I will help you, in the name of Asgard and for memory of your parents. But him and I need to talk, before anything else continues. Please accustom to my home. Which has always been both of yours. If you need anything while I’m gone just let Susie know.”
Thor nodded, Y/N had began to walk from the foyer and up the stairs that led to the library. Loki knew where she was leading him, they’ve ran away there many times before. She had opened the door, and went straight to the window. Thoughts running through her head she felt like she couldn’t breathe.
“Y/N/N please breathe. I sense your thoughts and anxiousness.”
“You have no right to tell me that, to roam my thoughts. You were dead for so long, and I told myself it was just another trick but Thor came here to tell me he saw it and you were gone. You have no right.”
“Your right. I have no right. Nothing. I’ve screwed up more times than I can count. But one thing I hoped was that one day when it was all over I could come here and be with you.”
Y/N had now turned away from the window to look at the God.
“Thor and my people know you’ve turned down any and every man in the realms. Why?”
“I told Friga that though we weren’t supposed to be with one another you were the only man I ever wanted. I promised myself that day it was only going to be you. But you broke my heart, you said I have you pity. That my love was out of pity. I never fell in love with the Pronce of Asgard. I fell in love with Loki.” Tears were streaming down Y/N’s face. Not caring what she looked like she allowed the tears to fall. From the stress, the anger, the depression, and overall the heartbreak. She had moved to the couch to allow herself to relax for a minute.
“You deserve better.”
“And so did you.”
Tension had filled the air. Loki knew what he did and how he was in the wrong once again. If he could go back in time he would’ve never done New York and had asked you to marry him instead. Loki moved to the couch, he sat near you. Close but far enough to make sure you couldn’t kill him with a dagger.
“It wasn’t my idea to come here. My people are in need. The people I called parents are gone. Thor and you are both upset with me. Please just help my people, they don’t deserve this.”
“Your parents loved you. Thor shows his love through gestures. But I show mine through actions. I said I would hell your people. There was no doubt about that.”
“Thank you.” He said. Y/N had felt the sorrow and genuine through that statement.
The two had sat there on the couch. Looking out the window, just trying to comprehend and see the next actions.
“My mother called me an idiot before she died. Said I was the Goddess of manipulation and power, have beauty that could make anyone fall in love with, however I was hung up on the God of Mischief.” Y/N had now turned to face Loki to begin small talk.
“If it was up to your parents you would already be married to Thor. God did your father hate me when we got caught in the guest bedroom. He kicked me out of my own palace, and yet we still had snuck out of our corridors to meet each other again that night.” Loki had now a grin surfacing as he recalled that memory.
“He said Y/N if I see that boy one more time in your room I’m sending you away. And I would always say he’s the God of mischief he’ll find me someday.”
The pair was now so deep in small talk, it had felt like minutes had gone by, but it was hours.
“Tomorrow, I’ll gather my men. You and Thor head in first make it seem as if she’s already won. Once she has the confidence we can attack, I may not be able to manipulate her or her men, but I can work with what I’m faced with tomorrow.”
“Why didn’t you manipulate me that night?” Loki said, he knew she had the power to do so, so why not protect her love.
“I made the promise with you that I would never use my powers against you. But that day I did. I was weak, heartbroken, I couldn’t control your mind.”
Loki had tended up, regretting his past more than ever now.
“I wish I could go back. Change everything. Propose, rule with you, maybe my sister from hell wouldn’t be trying to take over Asgard.”
“We wouldn’t be here with all of our knowledge if that was the case. You deserved to show your worth, just the way you planned was a little more out going than what my plan was.”
“And your plan was?”
“To kill Thor or marry the God of mischief.” Y/N said looking down in her lap, scared of what Loki what was thinking or how he was gonna respond.
But all that was heard was a laugh and a voice saying, “I’ve waited to long for this.”
A hand had grabbed the chin of Y/N and pulled her into Loki’s mouth. Passion, need, and eagerness. The two had gone through so much with our each other, but both knew from here on out they would never go through anything alone ever again.
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modernpaw · 5 months ago
It's a Beautiful Day for a Wedding (Part 1)
Charlie Barber x Female Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: When your ex-husband shows up at your cousin's wedding, old wounds can't help but resurface. Lucky for you, a certain theater director is also in attendance.
CW: Divorce, painful breakup, implied past infidelity, AFAB reader,
Words: 1.3k
It's a beautiful day for a wedding, you think. The sky is a brilliant shade of blue, and the sun is just warm enough to be considered pleasant. You stare out of the window of your cousin's childhood bedroom, looking down at all the guests milling about in the sprawling green below.
Today is your cousin's wedding, and although there are seven years between you, she's chosen you to be her matron of honor.
"Okay, I'm ready!" she announces as she comes out of the bathroom. You turn around to look at her and immediately let out a gasp. She looks absolutely stunning.
"Oh my god," you whisper. "You look—"
"Hideous?" she volunteers with a grin.
You chuckle and nod your head. "Yes, very hideous. The poor groom is going to be so traumatized."
You two have always been close, likely on account of her having lost her mother at a young age and there being no other children in the family, but while most family ties eventually weaken, yours have only gotten stronger. In fact, even though you moved away to New York for work, you two have kept in touch.
The door opens and the rest of her bridesmaids stream in. As they fawn over the bride, you try not to remember that time in your life when you were in the same position.
How many years has it been since your own wedding?
Fortunately, the wedding coordinator clears her throat, interrupting your thoughts. She gently ushers everyone out the door, instructing them to take their places on the lawn. It's almost time for the ceremony to begin.
You go over to the bride to give her a hug. "I love you, babe" you whisper in her ear.
As you pull away, she takes your hand for a moment. "I'm sorry he's here," she says softly.
You swallow the lump in your throat. She's referring to your ex-husband, of course. The same man who divorced you two years ago and said he made a mistake marrying you, the same man who quickly jumped into a new relationship with a much younger woman at work (yes, at work, where up until a year ago, you also happened to be employed at).
Unfortunately, he's also the same man who's stayed great friends with your cousin's soon-to-be husband.
"Don't be silly," you say, putting a hand over hers. "Steve has every right to be here, and, you know, we're good."
Lie. You hate the fact that he's here. And while you two aren't on hostile terms, "good" doesn't really cover it either. In fact, his is the last face you want to see right now. But your cousin doesn't need to know that. Actually, nobody does, and you intend to keep it that way.
Everybody's always talking about how your divorce is still the smoothest sailing separation they've ever heard of, like you went on a cruise or something, and you can kind of understand why. After all, you went out of your way to make it as pain-free as possible for all parties, except maybe for yourself.
That's the beauty of working in public relations. You're so used to handling other people's image crises that when it was time for you to handle your own, putting a positive spin on the matter had been laughably easy.
Nobody knows, not even your cousin, how bad it had been for you. Nobody knows how difficult it had been to pretend to be cool about it all because—guess what—even after all the things that happened, you still didn't want anybody, most especially your loved ones, to think any less of him. Nobody knows how you wanted to turn in your resignation as soon as you heard about them dating, but waited at least a year after to make sure people wouldn't make a big deal out of it.
One entire year of smiling, still doing your best work, being pleasant to him and his new girlfriend.
It was worth the sacrifice though.
You moved on. Not only did you start your own company, you also relocated to a different neighborhood, one that seems to love you as much as you love it. You now have a favorite pizza place, a local theater group you support, a bakery you frequent. You've been slowly rediscovering yourself as a person.
But then, just three months after your divorce date eclipsed its one-year mark, he sprang it on you. Said that he still has feelings for you. Said that he's confused.
You fell for it, too.
For several months, you tried to make it work, gave the two of you another chance. Until you learned that he's actually still with her, that he still has feelings for her, that he's just as confused as ever. And that's when you realized that he was never going to give you the love you know you deserve.
Hell, it was like going through the breakup all over again.
Your cousin sighs in relief, and you smile back, squeezing her hand affectionately. This is her day, you tell yourself firmly. However awful it might be to see your ex-husband again, you know it's all worth it.
As the orchestra begins to play Pachelbel's Canon in D, members of the wedding party start making their way down the aisle. You try not to fidget as you wait your turn. As the matron of honor, you're the last to walk before the bride herself. You check to make sure that your smile is still plastered on your face. Playing happy has become almost second nature to you now.
At least, your gown looks amazing, you think. In fact, everyone's dresses do, and that's because your cousin, a brilliant fashion designer, made sure that each gown suits the style every woman in her party is comfortable with. God, your cousin is an amazing person. You're so glad she's marrying someone who adores her wholeheartedly.
The wedding coordinator calls your attention as your turn comes up. "Ready?" she asks with a smile.
You nod, smiling back, You know how this works.
Walk slowly. Smile pleasantly at everyone. Keep the bouquet up.
You spot your ex-husband almost immediately on the right.
Walk slowly. Smile pleasantly at everyone. Keep the bouquet up.
Somehow, you manage not to lock eyes with him, only recognizing his person by the color of his coat and the buckle on his belt. Even more miraculously, your smile stays put.
Walk slowly. Smile pleasantly at everyone. Keep the bouquet up.
You then turn your gaze to the left. The view there must be better.
Walk slowly. Smile pleasantly at everyone. Keep the bouquet up.
That's when you nearly trip. While you've accounted for nearly every possible scenario in this wedding, including the prospect of seeing your ex-husband's girlfriend, the one thing that you didn't expect, the one person you didn't expect, was Charlie Barber, director and owner of the local theater group in your neighborhood.
Also. The man you've been fantasizing about for the last month and a half.
To be fair, he looks just as surprised to see you. Pleasantly surprised, you hope. He gives you a small wave. Caught off guard, you break character and raise a hand to give him a small wave back.
You reach the end of the aisle and take your place by the other bridesmaids. At the opposite end stands your cousin, along with her father, waiting to make her entrance.
The orchestra plays the last few notes of Canon in D before transitioning to a song that, at first, you don't recognize. It's light and playful and feels perfectly like two people in love. That's when you realize that you've heard it before. It's from one of Charlie's plays!
Is that why he's here?
Your eyes land back on Charlie, and to your surprise, he's looking right back at you. You try not to make a big deal out of it, especially since he's not the only one looking at you right now. Even without turning your head, you can tell that your ex-husband is also staring at you.
It's a beautiful day for a wedding, you tell yourself again, almost like a mantra. You just hope you survive it long enough to appreciate it!
Read Part 2 here
Tagging: @cornmousequeen, @fizzywoohoo, @paper-n-ashes@morby
If you would like to be tagged in future adcu stories or only those for specific adcu characters (which I cannot promise will actually happen), let me know! :) Otherwise, thank you for reading!
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xonepeacelovex · 5 months ago
stray kids imagines as taylor swift's songs from taylor's version album ft. hyuncam | part 1
part 2
bang chan
the way i loved you
Tumblr media
you and chan are in a long term relationship
you met him in college when you two were partnered up in a business project
he’s the ideal man you’ve ever dreamed of
and luckily for you, he became your boyfriend
yet every relationship comes to this point
you are staring at your boyfriend while he’s charming everyone in this family dinner
when your uncle asked chan when will he pop the question
he smiles knowingly
you heard it and it made you coughed out the liquid you are drinking
chan rushed to your side and soothed your back
he brought you to your childhood treehouse
away from everyone
he made you sit down in one of the swings
“you heard your uncle’s question, didn’t you?”
you nodded, avoiding his eyes
“why? are you not yet ready?”
his voice full of worry
and you just stare at him
afraid that your answer will change everything more
since he accepted the job in his father’s company
he changed
when he’s with you, it feels different
his mind on something else
he became obsessed with work
and the time you spent with each other became less and less
he’s focus on building his future
both of your future
following every step his father planned for him
which scares you the most
because chan is someone who’ll do what he loves
and he didn’t love his work
you can see in his eyes how it empties him
still he’s thinking about you
included you in every part of his plan
yet you don’t think you are part of any of that
cause he didn’t even ask if you want that kind of life
the life he’s preparing both of you
“will you marry me?”
“sorry chan”
lee know/lee minho forever and always
Tumblr media
you huffed loudly, annoyed
“wait,” minho following you
you stopped in your tracks, glaring at the man
“so now you suddenly see me,” scoffing
he stayed silent
he has the audacity to still give you silence
after following him everywhere
after all the calls and texts that are left unanswered 
after shutting his door in your face
after giving you the coldest look and denying you in public
the silence embraced you and your bedroom
but not your mind
every night you question your self-worth
the very thing you spent years building
you are glad that you stopped being stupid
stop being a fool for him
“i got scared”
“that’s your best, really?”
“next time, come up with a great excuse”
“what? am i still the bad guy? or do you need someone who will follow you like a dog? cause i’m sorry to break the news. i’m not that someone”
“use your forever and always scheme to someone else”
seo changbin love story
Tumblr media
changbin, your greatest enemy
the man you are soon to be married with
is quietly enjoying the annoyed face you have
“romeo and juliet is a love story”
“how many times do i have to tell you it’s not? it’s a tragedy”
“keep quiet. you are lowering the i.q. of the whole university”
that’s harsh, you know
but the smirk on changbin’s face kept you going
“i can’t believe i have to marry you”
“why? you still believe a prince will come and rescue you?”
“i hope so”
the very reason why you hate changbin is because he knows everything about you
and he knows a lot of your secret
including your secret boyfriend
he knows you know he knows
and that bothered you greatly
why not throw you under the bus
like what he always does
now it feels like he’s protecting you
or not, you really don’t know
he seems okay with this arranged marriage
no objection from him when they announce the news
that’s why you are bothered why he’s not saying anything about your boyfriend
doesn’t he hate you that much
on the day of the wedding
he sneaked into your room
you are already dressed in your wedding gown
and he’s not yet in his suit
“what are you doing here?”
“run now”
“i said run now”
you look at him, confused
why is changbin doing this?
the look in his eyes tells a thousand words
answers to your unsaid questions
“i’m not your romeo. i don’t want your love story to end in a tragedy.”
hwang hyunjin you belong with me
Tumblr media
you promised one thing to yourself
to never fall in love with your bestfried, hyunjin
yes, it's impossible not to
he's everything everyone ever wanted
the very reason why you broke your promise to yourself
you can’t help it
your story is basically the standard plot of best friends to lovers
if he loves you like how you loves him
which is not the case
it’s already silly enough that you feel this way for your bestfriend
yet even sillier that you're the one giving advice to his relationship
with someone who despises you
that you also think doesn't deserve hyunjin
but who are you to judge who doesn't deserve him or who does
they make hyunjin feel like he's on top of the world
ah yeah
then the next thing you know he's crying at your door
you are already at your door, waiting with arms open
doing your best friend duties
making him feel he has someone to listen to him
someone who loves him and will never hurt him
if only he can see
"is there something wrong with me?"
"no. why would you say that?"
"then why do i always find myself crying, knocking at your door?"
"because i'm your bestfriend and your neighbor?"
he smiles and falls into your arms
patting his back, ice cream and movie are already prepared
that someone for him is not you
you know that
you look at him like he's your everything
while he's looking at you like he'll lose nothing
A/N: My laptop’s battery is 2% already so I will continue this some other time. I’ll continue this later.
Copyright © 2021 xonepeacelovex All rights reserved.
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oddaodd · 11 months ago
What No One Would Ever Know
Author’s note: this is based on an ask I got from a lovely anon who said they would love to read a Tommy imagine with a wife who nobody dares to cross, so here it is! ❤️
I hope you enjoy it and have the loveliest of days! 🥰
warnings: none that I can think of. 
Anyone in Birmingham knew not to cross her, not only because she was Tommys wife, but also because of the reputation she had managed to build around her. She took shit from no one. She wasn’t afraid to threaten cat callers or even to shoot whomever dared to try and threaten her. And everybody  knew that if they wanted to get on Tommy’s good side they should wait till y/n was in the room, or  to talk to her before talking to Tommy. Even little Finn knew it.
“Y/n! Y/n!” Yelled Finn as he ran into y/n’s office with a terrified and guilty look on his face. Closing the door with a weak thud he leaned back on the wooden doors to catch his breath.
Y/n turned her attention from the papers she was working on to the little boy panting for air in front of her office doors and in a matter of seconds she was kneeling in front of him
“What’s wrong Finn? Are you hurt?” She asked urgently looking for any signs of damage. “Is someone else hurt??” She continued as she found none.
Finn shook his head no  “I was playing with a gun and I blew the cars windows off” he confessed in a rush, almost swallowing a few Words.
“What were you doing playing with a gun?” She reprimanded “you could’ve gotten hurt!”
“I was playing to be like Tommy” he said guiltily looking at the ground.
“Remember what he told you that other time? You should never play to be him”
“ I don’t want him to get mad” he cried and went to hug y/n. Y/n sighed and hugged him back. “Can you talk to him? He never gets mad when you talk to him”
Y/n couldn’t stop the smile that played on her lips at Finns reasoning “of course”
As time passed and the Shelby empire grew so did everyone’s respect for her because everyone knew of how she had helped her husband make things better for the business and the city as a whole.  Every one looked at her as she walked. Either with fear or sheer admiration. Muttering soft “good morning Ms. Shelby” as she passed by.  She always looked like a movie star, wearing the finest gowns and shoes money could buy and good taste could choose. Her drinks were always on the house and those fortunate enough to to get to know her knew that some of the respect she commanded was earned with kindness.
Much like Tommy, she cared for people who were worth caring for. She was the one who made sure children were being treated right in all the orphanages she and her husband funded. Tommy adored how she commanded respect in any room she walked in and found himself falling in love more and more with each day that passed.
One night they were getting ready for a charity event she had organized to open a new school. While giving her makeup a few finishing touches, she noticed Tommy looking at her through the mirror of her vanity. His stare velvety as rose petals, the kind of stare she had noticed he only used on her. Putting her eyeliner brush down she turned to look at him with a smile.
“What?” She asked in an almost teasing manner.
Tommy matched her smile and walked over to her “Just wondering what I did to deserve you Ms. Shelby”
Y/n pretended to ponder for a minute standing up from the chair  “perhaps you sold your soul”
A small chuckle escaped Tommy’s lips at her words as he walked even closer to her, his hands going to her waist and her arms immediately going to his shoulders. She looked at him with adoration. The kind of adoration he had noticed was reserved only for him.
“Perhaps I did”
“Then I must have done it too” she whispered standing on her tiptoes and pressing her lips to his, melting into a passionate kiss. And even after many years of being there for each other, every kiss they shared brought Sparks to the souls they claimed to have sold.
No one would ever know what they were like behind closed doors. No one could ever imagine the sort of intimacy they only shared with each other when they were alone and no one but them would ever know what made them as close as two souls could ever be.
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heroineimages · 6 months ago
Villainess Showcase: the Unstoppable Melissa Foddebrat
Tumblr media
So I’ve been meaning for a few years to offer a writeup on Tapastic’s amazing comic Beware the Villainess. As my longtime readers know, I love a well-written villainess as much as a well-written heroine, and the Lady Melissa Foddebrat is one of my absolute favorites. The story is an official translation of a Korean comic, available on Tapas (with Ink, btw, so it costs money to read). It offers amazing art, a unique story, and an excellent villainess. Discussion below the cut!
(tl,dr/spoiler-free: Melissa has amazing presence and presentation as a villainess. She's not afraid to get in the faces of entitled jerks, her fashion is magnificent, she maintains people's loyalty without resorting to fear or gaslighting, she knows how to project an intimidating demeanor, and she defies the story world’s expectations all over the freaking place. I definitely recommend!)
All screencaps taken from the comic. Story credits:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The basic premise is that the title character is a Korean girl who’s found herself reincarnated as Lady Melissa, the villainess in a romance novel called All the Men that Loved Her. In the novel the heroine, Yuri Elizabeth, is a sweet, gentle fairy-tale princess being pursued by four undeserving men: the handsome crown-prince, the strong-silent-type sniper, the ruggedly handsome werewolf, and the billionaire merchant. Having read the novel, Melissa knows that (1) the story and its heroes are going to disproportionately screw the villainess over, (2) all four of Yuri’s love-interests are slimy, toxic creeps being portrayed as heroes by a misogynist author, and (3) the heroine and villainess both deserve better.
Tumblr media
Rather than just letting the story play out, Melissa opts to use her status as villainess to protect both herself and Yuri Elizabeth. All four of the alleged heroes in All the Men that Loved Her represent toxic male archetypes that frequently get portrayed as benign and even lovable in popular fiction. Melissa deserves to be a feminist icon for her drive to combat an entire story world’s worth of gross misogyny.
Tumblr media
All of the romantic interests view Yuri as a possession, and none have any sense of consequences for their actions. The handsome crown prince---who is also Melissa’s fiance---is a womanizing cad who cheats on her in kind of a Zeus/Hera relationship dynamic. The sniper is Melissa’s brother who clandestinely follows Yuri around to ‘protect her,’ when he’s actually just a creepy stalker. The werewolf is courageous and ruggedly handsome but is also reckless and stupid with little respect for human life. And the suave, handsome billionaire is a possessive sadist who wants to lock Yuri away and keep her for himself. I love that Melissa makes it her mission to take the bastards down a few pegs.
Tumblr media
Nextly, the fashion in Beware the Villainess is absolutely phenomenal. I’ve read dozens, if not hundreds, of webcomics over the years, and I can’t think of any that consistently compare to Melissa’s magnificent wardrobe. She gets striking daily wear, elegant ball gowns, and dapper riding suits---definitely a perk of being a nobleman’s daughter.
Tumblr media
And it’s consistently this excellent! I don’t think Melissa owns a single boring outfit. Though hardly the only thing that makes Melissa such a dashing and charismatic villainess, her excellent fashion is definitely an important part of her overall presentation.
Tumblr media
I appreciate as well that Melissa maintains people’s loyalty without intimidation or gaslighting. In fact, she genuinely treats people of lower station as human beings. When the sniper and werewolf get in a fight, for example, Melissa revels in the pandemonium at first, but once she realizes that their fight puts innocent bystanders in danger, she stands up to both of them and puts an end to their stupid dogfight.
Tumblr media
Similarly, Melissa also befriends her werewolf butler Nine and the heroine Yuri by treating them both as people. Nine is an outcast from his clan and was starving and homeless before Melissa took him in. While her reasons for rescuing Nine off the streets were ultimately kind of self-serving, Melissa is the first to treat him like a person, and she maintains his loyalty by giving him a home and job and showing him his value. Yuri, meanwhile, gets treated as a prize to be won by her four suitors. But by treating Yuri as a friend, Melissa demonstrates to her that she has value beyond being a mere object of others’ affection. Ultimately, this completely turns Yuri off toward her suitors. While I think one can argue that Melissa’s goals aren’t wholly selfless, I feel like she gives every indication she values her friends and servants as individuals.
Tumblr media
To her enemies, however, Melissa is a scary monster. Though early on she struggles against the story’s plot and the heroes’ plot-armor, Melissa gradually discovers how to use the story world to her advantage, outwit the male protagonists, and scare the shit out of minor characters.
Tumblr media
And I think that’s why Melissa’s enemies and even the story itself are terrified of her: she consistently defies everyone’s expectations of her. Where her past self was dismissed as a bratty noble and the story’s women are expected to be demure, pretty objects, Melissa has only this to say in response:
Tumblr media
I adore her character for so many reasons.
Tumblr media
She’s defiant,
Tumblr media
darkly funny,
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
fearless against some very powerful adversaries,
Tumblr media
and even heroic at times.
Tumblr media
In fact, I don’t think since Avatar Korra have I seen a character who so consistently flouts the expectations both of her readers and of the world she inhabits. Melissa’s characterization is magnificent, and I applaud the writers and artists for their magnificent work.
Thanks as always for reading, folks! Take care and stay awesome!
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shadyteacup · 5 months ago
Hello there <3
I hope I’m not bothering you with this request.. May I have a Dazai x Fem!Reader where the reader is getting “joke” comments on her slight overweightedness and like.. it hurts? And Dazai tries his best to comfort his s/o who breaks down in front of him, does his best to show that nothing related to appearance could change his undying love?
The usual comfort/fluff genre, I’d be really so glad but if you can’t/you feel uncomfortable, it’s totally alright, I adore your works ❤️
Hi there, love! I just want you to know that you deserve all the happiness in the world, and that you are beautiful ♡ it took me some time to love myself, but now that I do, I'm unstoppable. Love your body, it's beautiful, no matter what others might say. Give yourself love, because you're worth it!
Tumblr media
||Dazai Osamu x fem! Reader|| Tw: slight nsfw (kissing), strong language.
You're Perfect for Me
Tumblr media
"Dazai, who's this?" , a tall, beautiful woman asks as she leans against the wall, sipping her champagne.
"This is Y/N! She's my beautiful s/o."
Dazai pecks your cheek and pulls you closer by the waist.
"Oi, Dazai! I've got some people that want to meet you!"
Kunikida called from across the hall.
Dazai excused himself.
The A.D.A was hosting a party for saving the city, yet again. Everyone related to the members, along with people of influence across the globe were invited. The party was being held in a spacious hall, elegant lighting and decor adorning the place.
The woman in front of you was an agent of the government. Since the A.D.A had worked along with the Special Division for Unusual Powers, every agent of theirs was also invited.
"So you're Dazai's woman. I have to say, I was expecting someone.. lankier, considering Dazai's slender form."
She spoke with a smile on her face. It all seemed so innocent, but you could easily pick up on the jab.
You laughed it off.
"Iko! There you are! I've been searching for you."
Another beautiful woman walked over to the two of you.
"And who might this be?", she asked, smiling politely at you.
"That's Dazai's woman. Y/N, meet Ichigo."
You both shook hands.
"Well, you're certainly on the healthy side! Good for you! You must never need sweaters, right?"
"What do you mean?"
"Oh, you know what I mean. You have a natural layer of protection. You don't need sweaters for the cold."
She said it with a smile, but her words stabbed your heart. You couldn't handle it anymore.
"Excuse me for a second."
You hurriedly walked over to an empty balcony, observing the night sky.
A couple walked in, both a bit tipsy.
"Ah! Hello there! I didn't see you here."
One of them said when they spotted you.
"Kinda hard to miss her, dear. Let's go."
The other said, dragging his boyfriend out.
Your throat felt tight and your eyes stung from the tears that wanted to be set free. Your whole life, you have worked hard to get what you wanted. You still strive to study hard, work hard, and become successful. But nobody seems to acknowledge that. All they see is your overweight body. You didn't mean for it to be like this. You didn't choose your body. You were born with it. So why does everyone comment on it? Why can't they appreciate what you have achieved?
A sob found it's way out of you, and you gripped the railing.
Were you really nothing more than your body? Was there nothing more to you?
You heard footsteps behind you. You tried to stop crying and quickly rubbed your tears away.
"Y/N?", Dazai's voice sounded from the entrance of the balcony.
When you didn't respond, he walked in, and stood next to you.
"I was wondering where you'd gone. What's on your mind?"
He asked, gazing at the moon, failing to notice your tear streaked expression.
"I think.. I think we should break up."
Your broken whisper made Dazai look over at you.
He noticed your dried tears and the redness around your eyes.
"I'm so sorry. Is it something I said? Or did? Please don't cry."
He cupped your cheek. You moved back, avoiding his touch. His heart sank at that.
"No, it's not you. It's just... you deserve better."
You said, looking away from him.
"You're kidding, aren't you?"
Dazai said.
You shook your head.
"No. I'm serious."
Dazai held your hands in his, forcing you to look at him.
"Y/N, you're the best thing that has happened to me. I love you. I don't deserve you. You're the most precious person to exist, and I'd die protecting you. Please, you have to understand, you're the most amazing person. You gave me, a killer, another chance at a happy life."
Your tears were streaming down your face as you tried to get away from him.
"Are you crazy? You're not a killer, Dazai. You might have done some bad things, but you're a good hearted soul. You're so handsome, so charming. You can have any girl you want. So why me? Why would you go for a fat, pathetic woman like me?!"
"Whoa, hold on! Who the fuck thinks you're pathetic? You're fucking awesome, Y/N."
"But I'm not sexy! I'm not like other girls! I'm just chubby, and unattractive and undeserving."
"So what if you're chubby?! You're sexy! You attract me! I can't keep my eyes off you, damnit, I want to take you right here right now! When I saw you in this gown tonight I couldn't wait to ravish you. I wanted to surprise you, but let me tell you, ever since I saw you in this dress, I've been planning to take you home and fuck you senseless. Because that's how mad you drive me. I love you, Y/N. You're the only person that can understand me. I can't live without you. Please don't leave me..."
You gaped at him. He really did love you. He wasn't doing you a favor by being with you. He's with you because he really loves you.
"Are.. are you sure you want me?"
Dazai grabbed your face in his hands and kissed you. He deepened the kiss. The feeling of his tongue against your own was driving you crazy. He pressed you against the railing, not giving you a chance to breathe.
He finally pulled back, panting at you.
"That proof enough?"
Through the daze, you nodded.
"Don't worry. I'll prove it to you as soon as we get home."
Tonight was going to be a long night for the two of you.
Tumblr media
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leviiattacks · 7 months ago
Two Faced | Chapter Nine
Tumblr media
↳ levi ackerman, the very person who was about to kindly behead you by a surprising turn of events manages to become your loving husband? you would be elated if this was true love, but it’s all thanks to a mysterious magic spell that your life is spared, for now at least.
pairing :: duke!levi x duchess!reader genre :: royal au ??? (at this point idek) angst, fluff, slice of life etc ?? word count :: 3.8k author note :: omg hiiii it’s been a while and today’s my birthday so i’m feeling pretty happy :-) i’ve been busy with exams and what not so this chapter would have been longer but oh well it’s still over the usual word count of 2ishk!! → next part found here !!
Instead of taking your frustration out on anyone else you take it out on your ODM gear. Anger is best used up resourcefully and you find practice goes by quicker when you imagine the look of horror Levi will have on his face when he sees just how much you've improved in recent weeks.
You sustain a number of bruises, scratches and scars the more daring you get but you take them as accolades indicating your dedication. Erwin occasionally encourages you in his office and informs you of how your commitment shows how you prioritise the safety of your people.
He's incorrect. The people of Paradis are not your people. You hold no relation or similarity to them aside from the fact you all happen to be human. Your people are the people of the Negri Republic.
You think of them every training session, tell yourself you're fortunate to be alive and if it were any other citizen of the Republic they would be working ten times as hard. They would grind their bones to dust just to prove their worth. Stepping above everyone else and working for a place in the top three.
So that's exactly what you do. You work yourself till you're sure you don't have possession of your own body, the spirits of the dead haunt you now that you've been left in the harrowing silence of lost life.
Guilt catches up to you. It nips at your skin and forms goosebumps all over your arms the one time you and the cadets happen to be allowed out to venture into town.
The people of Negri will never be able to bask in such a privilege.
Yet here you are, the only survivor of the attack, basking in that freedom .
You believe you hold no licence to deserve it.
Tumblr media
It's another Friday, your shirt is soaked in sweat and you cringe internally as you peel it away from your skin now safe within the confines of the shower rooms.
Another lonesome night for you. Mikasa has fallen asleep long ago and you've just retired from another late night training session.
The air bites at you and you jolt jerking your hand away when the water you come into contact with is ice cold.
You should have remembered warm water is closed off after ten but it completely slipped your mind.
Sniffing at your skin you wince at the earthy scent mixed in with your perspiration.
You can't not shower but the prospect of having to endure the cold water isn't appealing in the slightest.
Fine, you'll get up early and hope to shower before breakfast when warm water is available. If you dare to become ill at this pivotal moment you're back to square one. If Levi has no use for you, you're once again as good as dead.
Groaning you unwind and restart. Pulling your undergarments back on you stare at your sodden clothing. Wearing your damp uniform just to sneak back into your dorm isn't at all appealing and you curse yourself for forgetting to bring your night gown.
No one else is awake anymore and if they are they should be all the way at the other end of the base, you're sure you'll be able to slip away into the shadows and make it to your room within two minutes.
It's a risk but you'll take it, there's no way you're wearing those clothes again. If you make it to your room you can change into your nightwear and sleep. It'll be uncomfortable due to not showering but you'll make do with it.
Pushing your head out into the hallway it's dark and you sigh in relief, your ears are attentive waiting on any sounds but when you hear nothing you assume it's safe to make a move.
But, that's where you're wrong.
One foot out into the hallway you've already been caught red handed.
"Looks like I was forced to married an oaf who just so happens to have a thing for voyeurism." The cynicism is dripping in none other than Levi Ackerman's voice but you don't shrink away despite your vulnerability.
Like a cat you can hear Levi almost silently saunter up to you from behind and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up straight.
Expecting him to berate you you're surprised when he doesn't sound as scornful as he did a few seconds prior.
"Would you like to use the shower in my quarters? The water's warm."
Tumblr media
You'd be an idiot to reject the offer and as much as you hate the feeling of unease you feel around Levi you'll put up with it if it means you're able to rub soap against your skin and smell clean whilst you sleep.
You're standing in his shower staring at all of the varieties of body wash he has lined up against the wall. As expected of him his bathroom is meticulously spotless without any dirt in sight.
A little whine escapes your mouth when the hot water hits you for the first time. You sigh feeling satiated as well as satisfied.
Feeling a little lightheaded you rub the pleasant scent onto your skin eagerly. After a long days worth of training you feel rewarded and fulfilled just by being able to indulge in the luxury of warm water.
Suddenly your eyes shift they expand, turning from relaxed to completely appalled. Memories of your home town flood into your mind all at once, memories you don't even recall owning. Flashes of what looks to be fiery red hair, then segments of bloodcurdling screams follow in pursuit.
The soap has slipped out of your hand colliding with the floor and the rather loud noise that follows is enough to have Levi knocking on the door of the bathroom.
Hurrying to finish up you try to act as if what happened didn't just happen but to your discontent you only end up feeling more distressed.
Those aren't your memories you don't recall who they belong to. Have they perhaps been triggered by something?
Looking around the bathroom you come to find that you forgot you hadn't brought your night clothes with you,, again. Hands making their way to rest onto your forehead you groan audibly.
Again your thought process is cut off by Levi's knocking "Hey, did you pass out or something?" and with urgency you finish before he knocks the door down from impatience.
Poking your head out you avoid his gaze.
"What is it runt?" Levi's unimpressed voice asks once again reminding you of his presence.
"I forgot to bring my clothes."
A moment of silence follows your sentence and you're convinced he'll tell you to deal with the problem yourself when he tells you to return inside. But, a few minutes pass and he cracks the door open to shove one of his button ups at you alongside a pair of loose-fitting pants.
Quietly thanking him you take the clothing from him, they're good enough to cover most of the areas you'd like sheltered from prying eyes.
After you're done dressing yourself you practice your breathing in the mirror and for the most part you think you're alright until your mind drifts back to the unexplained fiery red hair.
Finally getting a hold of yourself in spite of all the unanswered questions you escape into his room and make a dash for the door hoping he's occupied elsewhere or has drifted off to sleep allowing you to flee.
Gritting the top and bottom row of your teeth against each other you scowl before masking it away and turning to face Levi.
"You're working hard for Paradis I see."
Meeting his eyes for the first time in a long time you're riled up, the heat in your chest rises and it finally reaches the summit when you sense you're shaking in maddening annoyance.
"I do not work hard for Paradis. I have not forgot the way you massacred my people."
He shrugs his shoulders calmly. "If you say so, and if you must know. I did not order the hit. I did my job, that is all."
He seems almost amused seeing your expression twist around trying to decipher if he is of reliability or not.
"You're a murderer. What is so humorous?" The blunt delivery of your question is sufficient enough to bring an end to Levi's fleeting grin. His face automatically drops and his brows knit together.
Levi is left stunned and speechless. For the first time in his life he doesn’t know what to say because you're correct.
Giving his regretful expression one last disappointed look you storm off. You need to sleep if there's any chance of you waking up tomorrow.
Little do you know that two pairs of eyes watch you leave Levi's quarters that night.
One of those pairs does not belong to Levi.
Tumblr media
Training is about pace but with the pent up steaming fury that resides inside of you you're sure you can move up the ranks much earlier than you previously estimated.
Positions, rank and status are what you need to obtain for Levi's plan to happen with no disruptions, if you're no good as a soldier there's no reason to continue persevering through the scrupulous hours of hard work and exercise.
There are points at which you struggle, it's difficult moving on alone knowing that you've been left completely unaccompanied and to your own devices but you make it work. You always have.
The feeling of loneliness is something you should have long got used to within the walls of the palace but after experiencing love and affection for the first time in years it's easier said than done to let it all go.
But you do.
You have to let go of your feelings for Levi to move forward.
All the faith and hope you truly have are placed in Sasha and Mikasa. You trust them with your life and one night after training as you look into your own eyes in the fogged up mirror of the shower rooms you come to the conclusion that you do not trust Levi Ackerman with your life and if you do not trust him with your life what is there to love about him?
The incessant name calling? The relentless pestering? The persistent hot and cold behaviour?
The man who sits at the other side of the hall eating his dinner is not Lev. The look in his eyes is completely different, the way he holds cups is different so is the way they make jokes and most importantly the way they act and you've now come to terms with that. No more allowing him to push you around whenever he pleases, no more succumbing to his touch.
The only orders you'll follow are the ones which permit for you to keep your life. That is all that matters. Nothing will ever matter if you die a meaningless death.
You came to the conclusion not too long ago that forming a clear distinction between Lev and Levi would be pivotal in progressing. After the mess caused by Jean in the hallway and your rude remark it's obvious you should. For the record you do stand by what you said. Levi Ackerman is a bitter hag, but you decide it's for the better that you bottle your emotions and your ever increasing feelings of animosity. You won't allow for them to interfere with your task. You've come here to save your life and that's it.
Lazily you poke at the meat on your plate not feeling particularly hungry today, there isn't much reason to be. Most of the training you've now become used to and you no longer feel exhausted after the training sessions. Instead you feel rather accomplished, you never saw yourself as much of a fighter but you think you've finally got the hang of it now.
Your progress has come as a shock to everyone around you and the cadets who were so quick to make judgement on the first day now come to you for advice. Whenever they approach with awkward smiles you can't help but feel bitter but you never refuse to aid them because what kind of person would that make you?
You haven't realized but all you've done today at dinner is sit and repeatedly jab your chicken with your fork, you nudge it left then bump it right. Eating is the last topic of interest on your mind right now. Recently all you've been able to think about are the people of your Republic. You were never able to ask what happened to your nation, what happened to your people. Illegitimate daughter or not it was still your kingdom and you keep mulling over the possibility of asking Levi about it.
You would have asked long ago but you think he won't give you an answer. After all there is no real reason for him to tell you what he did.
"MAIL!!" Marco's yell is enough to break you out of your deep thoughts all the cadets get to their feet running up to the front and practically submerging him after he's just come dashing in with this week's packages and parcels.
Connie's the first to retrieve his package. His mother is always reminding him in her letters and parcels of how proud she is of him, how she hopes he's eating well and is healthy. Your heart tingles for him. Maternal love is a lovely blessing and you wish you had it yourself but that doesn't stop you from feeling pleased on his behalf.
Everyone receives letters from home without fail, Everyone apart from you, Reiner, Bertholdt and Annie. You've taken a keen note of that detail. The higher ups tend to never receive any mail unless it's from the military. They could have family who are dead or alive but it'll most probably remain a mystery to you.  Maybe there will come a time where all the cadet's families will stop writing too. The reasons as to why may be ambiguous but you can only hope their families remain healthy despite the dangerous terrain of Paradis.
"You never get any mail why is that Y/N?" Armin one of the younger cadets pokes his head over your shoulder, his blonde hair falls over his eyes and his innocent voice is unaware of how dark the true answer to his question is.
You shrug your shoulders forcing yourself to cut some of the chicken you have yet to touch.
"Mother and Father raised me to be independent they were never the caring type." You say shoving a piece of chicken into your mouth, you can't leave the plate unmoved.
He hums in response buying the explanation but Annie clearly doesn't, she's glaring right at you as she swirls her spoon in her soup rather aggressively. She's been looking at you with increasing intensity these past few days but you don't address it. You aren't able to tell if that's her normal resting face, all you really know for certain is that her Hawk like gaze only flicks away when you make eye contact with her.
"How about you Annie you never get any- " Just as Armin begins his sentence Annie's smoldering gaze meets his and it's enough to stop him.
You and Annie most definitely aren't amicable but you know how annoying the intrusive questions can get when you have no real answer to provide people with so you choose to step in and alleviate the growing tension.
"Annie isn't one to dabble in small talk, I'm sure she'll open up with time." Annie grunts and gets to her feet, she shoots you an Armin a subterranean glare demanding you understand she isn't going to carry on being interrogated. She isn't even thankful for your intermission.
"Did I anger her?" Armin is so aware and in touch with others feelings because you honestly can't tell how she feels. Maybe she thinks she's superior to you, maybe she's frustrated like Armin suggests or maybe that's her natural demeanor.
"I'm not sure, she seems to just be this way." You won't get his hopes up high by falsifying an explanation, you'll just provide him with your honest opinion.
Bertholdt looks as if he's about to join your conversation but Reiner places a firm palm onto his shoulder before whispering a word of warning into his ear. Bertholdt indicates his agreement by looking away and making conversation with Connie who is sitting across them enthusiastically pointing at the letter his mother has sent him this time around.
Behind you Jean shuffles out of his seat he approaches your table and places a candle onto the wooden surface. "One for you." He announces, and then he places one more next to Mikasa's plate "And, one for you Mikasa."
The both of you exchange looks Mikasa is as plain faced as usual but she murmurs a thank you and both you and Jean know she isn't just saying that she does mean it she's just not that great at expressing it. You move over and give him some space to sit down with you both.
"Oh my, are these those special editions from the city square?" You rotate the candle in your hand looking at it before gently inhaling some of it. Vanilla, Jasmine and hints of coffee flood your system and you sigh dreamily.
"It's so lovely, my you didn't have to?"
"I wanted to, besides what was I to do with that many candles? Mother got over excessive and sent far too many and I know you liked that sort of stuff. I remember seeing your maid carrying some essential oils and fragrances when I met you in the city."
He's spoken a bit too much and you give him an alarmed look, it's slipped his mind to not mention he's encountered you before but much to your dismay Reiner's inquisitive ears have already heard what's been said.
"Kirstein and you, what have you got going on?" Reiner's back at it forming false conspiracy theories in his head you can tell that much just by looking at him.
You huff and shake your head, "I believe he's got me mixed up with someone else I've never even met him before arriving here."
As soon as you've spoke you've realize your mistake when Connie turns to face the both of you, his eyebrow is cocked up in confusion and he keeps his eyes on you contemplating if he should reveal what he knows.
Begging him with your eyes isn't enough because he just has to open his big mouth and join in.
"Did you and Jean not say you knew each other? I remember it, on the first day you said something like it was a small world if you ran into him again."
Reiner's amused by this all and is fascinated wondering what the reason is for you to bluff like this.
Sucking your bottom lip in not expecting this disruption during dinner you don't know how to save yourself.
"He said you have a maid, would that make you a noble? Only the rich can afford such commodities." Krista cuts in and it's only then you notice everyone crowding around you.
Everyone looking at you makes you uncomfortable and you can't formulate a sentence in your mind that can substitute as a makeshift excuse. Jean has to notice the consequences of his actions because you're playing with your hands under the table evaluating the possible outcomes as his thigh rocks back and forth shaking the floorboards with tension.
Just say the truth.
"My husband, he's a noble so I suppose yes that would make me one too."
The cadets are open mouthed in complete surprise. There are a number of reasons for why this could be the case. Firstly you're married, secondly you're a noble, thirdly as of now only two nobles that have been made known to the cadets, those two are Duke Ackerman and Viscount Kirstein they're probably speculating if the two know who your husband is.
"Someone married you of all the women in this city? And that person's a noble?" At that you don't know how to feel. The added insult to injury upsets you but you don't make it visible.
"Enough." Erwin's firm tone is enough to settle everyone down and the rumour mill stops temporarily.
Levi doesn't do as much as look at you whilst the situation plays out. He continues nonchalantly looking through some letters the military have sent over to the base. It's for the best he doesn't draw attention to himself right now.
Then everything plays out the same way it did the day those cadet's talked badly about your performance, everything plays out the same way as when you lived in your father's palace. Every one swamping you, engulfing you and you find it hard to breathe. Throat constricting your unease only heightens. Giggles and mumbles then whispers of "So she bribed her way up here?" and "Count on a noble to cheat the system."
"I saw her leave Captain Ackerman's quarters a few days back."
That's enough to push you out the room, you don't even realize what you're doing until your legs have carried you out and you can hear heavy footsteps follow after you. It's silent whilst you plot a route towards the training grounds but whoever is behind you is still following behind you loyally. You're too worn out to check in on who it is.
"Y/N, we need to discuss this." You recognize the voice to be Jean's,  it's unusual that he's bothered to follow you outside.
Brows furrowed and shadows cast over your face you can't help but visibly present your emotions. Moving to take a seat on a staircase you hunch yourself forward breathing in and out shallowly, get a grip, slow your breathing. At this point both you and Jean have ventured so far into the base that there's no way anyone will be able to find you both for a while.
Normally you would burst into tears if something like this were to happen but you can't make yourself feel anything apart from simmering dissatisfaction. Whether it's directed at Jean, at yourself, at Connie, you don't really know the specifics.
You're able to harden your exterior this time, Levi is going to kill you there's no use in you being here if your identity is discovered, you've ultimately failed the one task you've been given.
"Ease yourself. Mikasa said she'd handle it I trust her, you trust her."
"We'll dig ourselves out of this mess, I assure you." Jean is droning on and slowly the sound of his voice fades away as you stare at the white wall behind him. He's explaining his viewpoint but he clearly doesn't understand you at all. Of course he isn't informed enough to understand. why you're panicked. You don't blame him.
"Just leave me alone for a second I'd like to think without anyone else present."
Jean sighs deeply but respects your request. He walks away from you although he clearly doesn't wish to do so.
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Edge of London: Part 4
Summary: A friend of Billy’s from the poor side of town, Y/n had never met his family until she was forced to bring him home after he got high. A spark is ignited between her and his brother, Sean, but she is hesitant to let it grow as she will never be enough for a man who runs the city.
Sean Wallace x Reader
Word Count: 2.3k
Warnings: Language
A/n: I loved writing this and I honestly didn’t think I would. I also watched Slaughterhouse Rulez while writing it. So, it was an all around great time. I don’t know when the next part will be out but hopefully soon.
Part One / Part Two / Part Three 
Tumblr media
The clicking of a sewing machine filled a house at the end of the lane on the East End of London. The sound was quite familiar to those who passed by, times were changing but the East End always was a straggler. People did what they could to get by and, somehow, that made their lives content. Some fixed cars like their fathers had, others worked in factors as they believed it was their birthright. Women chased after children or hung laundry or cleaned houses. Everybody did what had to be done to keep the lights on and the heat going. 
That was their normal.
Slowly, Mrs. Y/l/n eased the pressure off the pedal of the machine, watching carefully as the needle still slowly stitched away. She gently guided the fabric, a deep green, past the needle until she took her foot complete off the petal. With nimble fingers, she lifted the needle up and dragged the fabric away, allowing the thread to follow. The woman hummed as she rummaged through a drawer beside her until she pulled out a golden pair of shears. The metal clicked together as the thread was severed, allowing the fabric to be properly looked at. 
Pushing herself out of her chair, Mrs. Y/l/n held the material away from her to admire. Before her was a gown fit for a queen with lace and glitter and gold. She smiled at her work before carefully folding the gown up and placing it on a chair in the corner of the room. With satisfaction, the woman turned on her heels and ventured through the quiet house in search of the person the dress was made for. 
Mrs. Y/l/n wandered through the whole house, eyes scanning each and every room. She popped her head into the kitchen to find it empty, the table near the window vacant. The parlor was quiet as she walked through it but not lifeless for she could hear the mouse that had taken residence under the bookcase. The two bedrooms were clean and quiet just like the rest of her home, which she couldn’t be more happy for. Walking past the bathroom, Mrs. Y/l/n couldn’t but sigh, shaking her head at the disaster her daughter had left in the small room. With the house searched and no one found, the woman let out a huff as she marched out into the garden.
“Oh, there you are,” she whispered to herself when her eyes landed on her daughter who was tending to their small garden. Y/n wasn’t the best gardner, but she found peace in tending to the small plants. And what started out as her childhood flower garden, had turned into a beautiful vegetable garden who’s products often graced their table. “Thought you’d be inside reading,” the woman spoke as she came to stand next to her daughter. 
Y/n turned, a smile plastered on her face, to her mother. “Too nice of a day for that,” she shrugged even though dark clouds had pulled themselves like a curtain over the blue sky.
Her mother nodded, watching Y/n pull weeds. “I finished your dress. It looks lovely. Perhaps after lunch, once you’ve cleaned up a bit, you can try it on,” she suggested with a smile. It was Y/n’s turn to nod as she pulled off her soiled gloves and handed her mother a basket of tomatoes.
“I’ll have to do that.” The girl pushed herself off the ground and brushed the dirt off her knees. 
“What’s wrong, dear?” Mrs. Y/l/n asked with a frown, careful eyes scanning over her daughter’s form. “Are you not excited for the gala?”
Y/n shrugged as she walked towards the house. “I don’t know.” It was no satisfactory answer, but it was the only one she knew. At one point in time, Y/n was excited that Sean had asked her to the gala, but that time had long passed. “I guess.”
Mrs. Y/l/n shook her head as they entered the house. “You either are or aren’t, Y/n/n. There is no in between,” she scolded with a light smile.
Y/n shrugged, mulling over her mother’s words. In truth, she wanted to be excited. She wanted it to be like the balls in Jane Austen novels, like ones queens threw when they got bored, ones where people fell in love. She wanted a fairy tale, but reality had hit her far before that could be imaginable. Y/n knew she was no Cinderella and her prince would not be waiting for her at some ball or gala. And most certainly, she knew that Sean Wallace could never be her prince, not when he was the king of London
Taking a seat at the kitchen table, Y/n slouched in her chair as her mother made them lunch. “Spit it out,” her mother glared at her as she pulled a roast out of the fridge. 
With a sigh, Y/n sat up straighter. “Why would he ask me, mum? He probably has dinner with dukes and lords and aristocrats. Why would he want to take a girl like me to a gala?”
There it was, out in the open, her biggest insecurity. Never once had she been ashamed of where she came from. She loved the East End and the people in it, but not everyone loved it as she did. 
“A girl like you? What is that supposed to me, love?” Mrs. Y/l/n inquired, looking for a knife sharp enough to cut the roast. “You may not have been born with the title ‘lady’ or ‘duchess’ and you may not be an aristocrat, but that doesn’t make you less than. Without any of those titles, everyone is on the same level. Those people are no better than you just because they have money or a title. Do you hear me?”
Y/n nodded, mumbling a small, “Yes.”
The woman nodded. “Good. And hear this, you are beautiful and smart and kind and amazing. And I’m not just saying that because I’m your mother.” She pointed the knife at her in warning. Y/n liked to argue with her mother anytime she’d compliment her in some way. It was never due to her hating being complimented, but more because she thought her mother was just trying to be nice and do as mothers do. “He asked you because he is interested in you. He wants to get to know you and this is just how he’s gone about doing it, alright?”
“What if-”
“No, you are not going to do that! Give the boy a chance, will you? He’s Billy’s brother and I think he at least deserves one chance.”
Y/n groaned, “But he’s going to show up in an insanely expensive suit and rub elbows with people who make more money than we will in our lives. Why does he want to waste his time on me, mum? A girl who is barely above the poverty line.”
Mrs. Y/l/n rolled her eyes, “Oh, hush up, would you? Have you not been listening to a word I’ve said?” With a huff, she stopped what she was doing and came to sit in the empty seat next to Y/n. “I’m not going to reiterate my points because I know you won’t listen, but I want you to know that you are more than this. You are more than the East End, more than the money we have in the bank. And you forget, dear, that money can’t buy happiness. Your father and I loved each other, were happy together, no matter how much money we had. Love and happiness are worth more than diamonds and gold, my dear. And, therefore, riches mean nothing to happy people.”
A slight blush crept across the girl’s cheeks. Thinking back on her childhood, she was always happy as she had no clue why money held any value. And she also happened to be raised in a home full of love, where people meant more than any material good. “Can I see the dress?” she asked with a smile, deciding her mother had fended off her insecurities well enough.
An office door opened and closed with a click as a body slid into the room at the top of a skyscraper in the center of London. The office was neat, very minimalistic as no personality could be seen. That was often how offices in the building looked. Neat, clean, and orderly. The people who worked in them often could be described that way. They earned large paychecks and could afford for their meals to be cooked for them, a maid to make their bed and do their dishes, and someone to drive them around. They had no need to give away their personality as their money often did the talking for them.
“What do you want, Sean?” Billy asked as he approached his brother who was sitting behind his desk, scrolling through his email. He had been enjoying a nap at home before he got a text from his brother to come to the office.
Tearing his eyes away from the screen, Sean glanced up at his brother. “No ‘how are you, Sean?’ ‘good afternoon, Sean’?” His brother rolled his eyes as he fell into one of the chairs in front of the mahogany desk. “I wanted your opinion on my suit for the gala.”
Raising his brow, Billy couldn’t help the laugh that escaped his lips. Never had his brother asked him to do such a thing. Sean had more confidence than was good for him and he often never thought about others. So, therefore, he never wanted anyone’s opinion on anything he did. Expect his father, but that was a given. “You wanted my opinion?” he questioned. “On your suit?” The man across from him nodded, only causing him to sigh.
“It’s a simple task, Billy. Not like I’m asking you to do paperwork or some shit.” Sean pushed his chair away from the desk and stood to search for the package his suit had been folded into. He picked the box up from where it sat next to a filing cabinet and handed it to his brother. “Tell me what you think,” he asked, his posh London accent coming out strong. 
Reluctantly, Billy took the box and opened it. His eyes landed on a dark grey material, it was smooth, silky almost, with what had to be a green undertone. A dark green tie was laid on top of the suit, causing a smile to tug at his lips, thinking of the fabric Y/n had picked out when they had gone shopping together a few days prior. 
“Do you like it?” Sean asked, a little impatient. 
Billy nodded as he placed the lid back on the box. “For someone with no fashion sense,  it’s a rather lovely suit. Why’d you pick this color?”
The man shrugged as he sank back into his chair. “I don’t know. I saw it at the shop and the tailor thought it would look nice on me. Why?” he couldn’t help but question.
“No reason.”
“Where should I pick Y/n up at?” Sean asked, deciding to change the subject. He needed the information anyway since he had no clue where the woman lived. 
Billy let them fall into silence as he stared out the window. Of course, he knew exactly where Y/n lived. He spent many nights on her couch either trying to come down off his high or avoid his dealer. But that didn’t mean Sean needed to know. Billy knew for a fact that Y/n was nervous about the gala only because she didn’t want his brother to pity her because of her financial situation. Billy couldn’t tell if his brother would or not, but he wanted to prevent his friend from dying of nerves. 
“Well, Billy?” Sean looked at his brother, irritation set in his eyes as he waited for a response.
The brunette sighed. “You know Y/n doesn’t come from the type of money we do, right?” He waited for a nod before he continued. “I’ll give you the address, but I want you to know something.”
“Just get on with it, Billy,” he brother groaned. 
“She’s very self conscious of where she comes from and doesn’t want your pity.”
“She’s not going to get any.”
Billy raised a brow. “And she doesn’t need to see you throw your money around, okay? She’s never been to something like this or around people that go to these things. Just go easy on her and try not to overwhelm her.”
His brother nodded, feeling guilty for the fact that they had to have such a conversation. He wondered if he was often overbearing about his wealth most of the time. Sean won’t be surprised if he was, no one had ever told him not to be. “I will, I will. I do want her to like me, you know? And you’ll be there, so if I can’t tell she’s overwhelmed, I assume you will be able to.”
“Yeah, I will and I’ll know, but I better not have to. I do want you both to be happy, but her happiness means more to me, so you better try your fucking harderst to make her happy, you hear me?”
“Yeah, yeah. I got it,” his brother mumbled, not too fazed by his brother’s words. “So, you’ll give me her address then?”
Pushing himself up, Billy nodded as he stretched his legs and headed to the door. “Don’t worry too much, I’ll text it to you. Oh, make sure to not leave your car unattended for too long while you’re there. There are a couple boys that live across the street that like breaking things and cars are their main target,” he informed his brother, remembering the time his car fell victim to the two.
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blackacre13 · 4 months ago
please, please do a Hades/Persephone Lou and Debbie version
Oh my god. Thank you for letting my mythology freak flag fly🥺👀 (I hope this is inspired by or you get a chance to read my dorky underlying Debbie Ocean/Icarus theme in TIJLLT)
Because you wrote Hades/Persephone and then Lou/Debbie, that’s exactly how I paired it!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The fair maiden. A lovely girl. Demeter’s daughter. Zeus’s daughter. She should have been happy, she knew. She was loved and worshipped by many, including gods and goddesses. Farmers left sacrifices, and prayers, and strained whispers to her mother for crops aplenty and a better livelihood. And women who wished to be a mother like her own would do next to anything to experience a motherhood like that of Demeter.
But while she was well intentioned and loved no one more than Deborah, Demeter was only seen as overbearing and overprotective in Debbie’s eyes. And it wasn’t even worth getting her started on her father, Zeus. Talk about a short temper armed with lightning. And perhaps it was because Zeus was protective and so easy to judge and protect his own that Demeter had done this, but it didn’t make Debbie feel any better about it. This was her life too, after all, and she had experienced so little of it.
Demeter had forbidden Deborah from seeing any men romantically. And while Debbie understood her mother’s wishes, and would have abided by her rules even though she was disappointed, Demeter had gone one step further and had always kept all men away from Debbie. It might have been out of love but it was an obsessive love that wrapped tight around her like a vine pulling tighter and tighter, compressing her more every day. She felt that she might explode.
But what her mother didn’t know was that while Debbie respected her mother’s wishes and stayed away from all men, she often found herself wondering about women. Appreciating the rippling muscles and piercing eyes of Artemis. Mouth gaping open at the sheer beauty of Aphrodite. Deborah wondered if she felt about women the way she felt about men and it seemed that she did, not that she had the chance to even compare the feelings. Demeter had cut her daughter’s world in half.
Louise, goddess of the Underworld, spent her life in the shadows, living in the dark, ruling amongst the dead. It was a quiet life. And a dark life in more ways than one. Louise had trouble trusting everyone; perhaps that was part of the reasons she had grown accustomed to living alone. Well, amongst the unliving anyway. Her life was rooted in trickery and lies. Her own brothers having casted her out into the underworld to rule while they divided sea and sky between them. Presenting her with the false idea that this was a fair agreement and a fair choice between them when they had already agreed to put two against one and choose her destiny for her. A perpetual destiny that would keep her underground.
The woman had grown hardened over the years. Hair as golden as Helios’ sun now shone silvery white. Pale as the moon from a world of darkness and no light cracking through both mentally and physically. She used to be beautiful. Ethereal. But now she didn’t care. She knew she’d grown weary and tired looking. And she was exhausted. Eternity was a long time to be alone and ruling was more bitter than sweet when it came to being the heavy hand in eternal damnation.
But there was one ray of hope. Lou couldn’t remember the first time it had struck her, but she had ventured into the realm beyond hers to observe what she was missing and she had seen her. The most beautiful woman she’d ever laid eyes on. Deborah. It was safe to say that Louise was a bit obsessed. Debbie was all the things she wasn’t. Youthful and beautiful. So full of life. Lou yearned to be more like her. To learn from her. To kiss her. To make Debbie hers. Someone to share her kingdom with. But how could she present someone so magnificent and full of light a world of sheer darkness?
Lou attempted to do the chivalrous thing. Knowing better than to risk her brother’s wrath, she sought out Demeter to ask for permission for Deborah’s hand and ended up practically begging the woman.
“You don’t know how alone I am,” Lou whispered, her voice breaking. “All those souls. Empty and broken and in pain. And all I can do is watch over them. I’m being punished. A little more every day. Because of Poseidon. Because of your Zeus. All I ask is for someone to share my life with. To show me life again. To love.”
Demeter had lashed out. Full of fury and rage that put Zeus to shame and it broke Louise’s heart. She knew Debbie could help her. Fix her. Show her what love was and what it meant and that she could be happy and deserved to be happy. All Lou had done wrong was pulled the shortest straw, and the fates had never even given her the chance to pull the right one. If she couldn’t have the sky or the sea, perhaps she deserved Debbie. And if Zeus and Poseidon had once taken what they thought they were owed and threw Lou to rot, then perhaps she would go about things the wrong way and take what she wanted to be hers: Debbie. She plucked a narcissus flower and rolled it around in her hands before tucking it behind her ear, stormy gray eyes flashing.
Debbie was bored out of her skull. The other women were out in the field frolicking and picking flowers while she lay in the grass with her eyes closed, dreaming of a different life. She drifted in and out, piercing blue eyes coming into her mind and fading out. Golden hair. Porcelain skin. She shot up and looked around. They were features she’d never seen on anyone she knew. Not in this life. She couldn’t even tell if it was a god or goddess or some earthly being. Maybe something else entirely. The brunette tossed a look over to the other women and sighed, but something stopped her in her tracks. She slowly rose from her position, spotting a narcissus that stood out amongst the simpler, smaller buds that were scattered around. Innocent. White like the porcelain skin she’d seen. Yellow as gold as the hair she’d seen and then suddenly she was falling, a scream ripped through her throat as the ground fell out from under her, black swirling through the air.
She was falling and falling, the earth’s core around her, and suddenly something was grabbing her, lifting her up, but she couldn’t see what. Only black horses swirling around her before she swooped further down, now supported. The earth closing and the mouth to the underworld kingdom opening and swallowing her whole.
Deborah turned to her left, realizing that it was a woman who had caught her. She could tell she had been striking once, and her features were will beautiful and powerful, but she seemed morose and distraught. Silver grey hair flapped behind them and dull gray eyes met Debbie’s chocolate ones looking hopeful and sad and angry all at once. It was her. It had to be her. The woman she’d heard of and her father and uncle had warned her about: Louise, Goddess of the Underworld. Then suddenly, everything went black.
Lou waited with baited breath until Debbie’s eyes fluttered open. Suddenly, Lou was completely self-conscious. Without thinking, she had tucked them both into her bed after her fatal kidnapping, pretty sure that Deborah had fainted from the excitement and chaos. Black silk wrapped around them both, the younger woman on her back as her eyes tried to scan the room without moving. Her hands, brazen and smooth, tried to feel around the bed to find something familiar. Lou wasn’t sure if she should speak. If she should explain. She could only imagine the chaos that was starting to roll across the other realms. She knew Zeus would know the wiser. Perhaps Helios too. It was Demeter she worried about though. After all, it was Demeter who had forbade this, not bothering to think of the happiness of Louise, or even her own daughter.
“You’re her,” Debbie whispered, sitting up suddenly.
Lou’s heart flipped at the sound of Deborah’s voice, warmth blossoming in her belly that she’d never felt.
“Lou,” she offered with a soft smile. “Just Lou.”
“Is that short for Lucifer?” Debbie chuckled, her face growing dark.
“What kind of Roman shit is that?” Lou laughed, a genuine laugh. “Or is it biblical?”
Lou waved it off. “Hades is my given name, yes,” she nodded. “But I don’t know what you’ve heard. This isn’t those tales of hell that I’m sure Demeter spins. I don’t tempt people to be evil. I don’t make deals with them. I’m no devil or demon. I merely rule a kingdom. That happens to be of the undead. Lost souls, if you will.”
“Am I a lost soul?” Debbie wondered aloud.
“You and I may be lost, but I haven’t the faintest idea whether beings like us have souls,” Lou murmured. “I didn’t even choose to be here.”
“I thought there’d be fire and chains,” Debbie admitted, sheepishly. She wrapped the sheets around her tighter and Lou wondered if she felt unsafe. Itched to give her anything she wanted or needed to protect her.
“I’m just a keeper,” Lou shrugged. “There’s fire some places. Peace in others. Delight in some. Elysium. Islands of the Blessed. And this here is where I escape to.”
“You’re not at all what I thought,” Debbie breathed, turning to fully face Lou. The fabric of her gown slid down her shoulder some and Lou had to stifle a gasp.
“I should hope not,” Lou murmured. Before she could help herself, her fingers were reaching towards Debbie as she swept a curl away from her face and tucked it behind her ear. Debbie shivered at the contact, but she didn’t look scared.
“Why did you take me?” Debbie asked, leaning closer into Lou. She breathed in her scent and Lou felt dizzy.
“I wanted you as mine,” Lou admitted. “But you weren’t mine to have. So I selfishly decided that you were mine to take. Is that awful?”
“I don’t know yet,” Debbie offered with a sad smile. “It might be awful, but it might also be wonderful. I think I’ve dreamed of you before. In another life perhaps.”
“I don’t even know if you like…”
“Ethereal beings?” Deborah rolled her eyes.
“Women,” Lou spoke simply. “But I wondered if you were like me. I know your mother had made men forbidden for you and I thought perhaps you would turn your focus away from men to seek out a different sort of companion.”
“I think I’ve always been intrigued by them,” Debbie admitted. “And I’m fascinated by you.”
“How so?”
“I have felt so alone and miserable for so long. Like I belong everywhere and nowhere,” Debbie whispered. “I just want someone to share things with.”
“Me too,” Lou breathed, her eyes brimming with tears. “I just want to share my kingdom with someone. With you.”
Debbie knows she should be far more reluctant than she is and far more angry that Lou has literally taken her world out from under her and flown her away into her own, but in a dark twist of fate, she finally feels like this is where she belongs. Her only regrets are her mother. She knows the earth is weeping and it is because Demeter is weeping for her.
And while she has taken Lou has friend and companion, even knowing that Lou wants her as her wife, they still have not crossed some boundaries, though Debbie knows they are both tempted. There’s just the matter that they have forever to get to know each other. And even forever seems to tick slower in this realm. But she is spellbound by Lou. Finally loving when she wakes up in the morning to Lou’s gentle hand rousing her awake or her cool lips to her forehead to start their days. To fall further for each other. The only thing that looms now is the threat of Zeus to restore Debbie to her mother if it can be proven that Debbie is only there with Lou against her will, but otherwise she will marry Lou. Will be Lou’s. And this is exactly what Debbie wants. She just wants time to be there’s without Zeus and Helios and Demeter hot on their heels as they explore each other.
“Lou?” Debbie whispered one night as she played with her silver hair. Braiding and unbraiding it, soft as the silk sheets beneath them. “Will you tell me something? Honestly?”
“Always, love,” Lou whispered back.
“If I decided not to stay,” Debbie started. She felt Lou freeze in front of her, her shoulders going rigid. “If I told you I didn’t want to stay and my father had you let me go, would you force me to stay? Try to trick me into it? Would there—would there even be a way to do that?”
Lou gently pushed Debbie away and sat back, pulling Debbie against her side as she thought. “I told you the first night you were here that I knew you were not mine to have,” Lou breathed. “And I think that’s still true. I just hope that now, I’m something you want.”
“And if I wasn’t?”
“Before I took you, I had a plan, yes,” Lou admitted, suddenly sheepish. “A cruel plan. You see, pomegranate seeds will make anyone, even the strongest willed, miss life in the underworld. Had you eaten even a few, you would miss the underworld and its wonders even if you didn’t miss me. I thought you would be sad here. Crying every day. But I wouldn’t do that to you now, no. I couldn’t.”
“I wouldn’t need pomegranate seeds to want to stay,” Debbie whispered. “I want you.”
“But Debbie, your mother,” Lou sighed.
“You’re wrong,” Deborah whispered, pulling Lou close to her by the fabric on her chest. “I belong to you. I’m yours to have.”
“I took you…” Lou pinched the bridge of her nose. “I belong down here. I’m selfish and cruel and if the earth shows anything, I don’t think of how anything will affect anyone else. I just take what I want and forget the rest. People are starving. Crops are dying. Your mother weeps every day.”
“I dreamed of you,” Debbie sobbed. “You didn’t take me away from life. You gave me one. And I want you. I think I—I know—I know I love you.”
“You love me?” Lou breathed. “No one has ever…”
“I love you,” the younger woman smiled, laughing to herself as tears rolled.
“You’d want that?” Lou whispered. “To be my wife, my queen…”
“I want you, Lou,” Debbie breathed. “And everything that comes with you.”
“I love you,” Lou sniffed. “We’ll find a way to make Demeter as happy as you’ve made me, I swear it. I just—“
“Kiss me,” Debbie laughed. “Touch me. Show me I’m all yours.”
“Of course,” Lou whispered, leaning in, her cool lips turning warm as they met against Debbie’s. Silver hair shimmering into gold. Grey eyes speckling slowly into blue. Greyed skin turning creamy white. As limbs tangled in each other. Fabric coming loose and being pulled between them. Panting against each other. Whispers of names and I love you and promises as tears. “Anything, for you, my beautiful, beautiful Queen. My Debbie.”
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harringtown · 8 months ago
with her, all the singing came easy
Tumblr media
a/n: the entire concept of this super cool exhibit coming to hawkins is obviously a no-go but lets have some suspension of reality for fics sake!!! and to everyone, you are worthy of love regardless of what you look like. you deserve to take up space, and u always have <3
requested by anonymous
pairing: Steve Harrington x fem!reader
summary: hiiiiii idk if you’re doing requests, but would you mind writing something about Steve falling for a fat reader? Perhaps Tommy and carol used to bully her so she doesn’t quite believe it at first? But just something really sweet and body-positive? Thanks!
word count: 2.4k
warnings: references to fatphobia, but mostly just floof and softness!!!
The first thing Steve notices is your smile.
Technically, he’s seen it before, grew up alongside it - the curse of a small town - but he doesn’t notice it, really notice it, notice you, until today. He's four hours into an agonizing attempt at studying - community college is kicking his ass, but at least he chose his path - when he hears a voice coming from the stacks, the speaker's frustration filtering all the way to where he's tucked into a desk in the corner.
Curiosity piqued, and a procrastination method located, Steve pushes away from his textbooks and goes exploring, peeking around the shelves to catch sight of a girl, stretched on tip toes and struggling to tug a book off the top shelf.
It’s been over a year since he saw you, since the caps were thrown and the gowns were discarded and the field was left empty, and though he’s grown up alongside you, something about this, something about you, something draws him in, nails him in place.
The names Tommy and his crew called you batter around Steve's skull, guilt and shame coiling like vipers in his gut—he may not have participated, but he didn't stop it, either, and that's just as bad as spitting venom himself. They were shitty, immature, rude comments about your body, a body that isn't found on a magazine cover—a beautiful body, nonetheless.
Your fingers graze the spine of the book you’re reaching for, and you totter on your toes, dropping back down with a huff of frustration.
Steve can't imagine you want his help, can't imagine you want anything to do with him. Still, the purse to your lips and the furrow of your brow is, quite possibly, the cutest thing Steve has ever seen, and he's stepping forward before he's decided to move.
He sidles up beside you, easily reaching the book you've been struggling over, pulling it off the shelf and holding it out with an easy smile.
“You know,” he says, leaning into the sturdy shelves, cocking a brow, trying to settle back into the confident coat of the boy he used to be, “they do have stools.”
Your gaze flies to his, expression indecipherable, and take the book from his hands.
“I know,” you say, and Steve expects more, but it doesn’t come. His confidence falters, but he shoves it back into place.
“So, you’re just suffering to suffer, then?”
He’s expecting a smile, but instead, you stiffen, turn to ice, sic him with a venomous glare that makes him flinch. Rerouting, he looks to the book in your hand, reading the title upside down. Things Fall Apart. Steve is suddenly grateful for his social downslide, his abundance of free time over the last year, and his best friend Robin’s love of literature.
The old Steve wouldn’t be caught dead with a book, but this one spends most of his time out of his own head.
“Have you read it before?” He asks, jerking a chin at the cover.
“Of course,” you say quickly. You frown. “Have you?” Your surprise, slick with suspicion, is icy against Steve’s skin, and he has to force himself not to flinch.
This is what he deserves, and he knows it. He knows who he was, he knows who his friends used to be, and he knows how they treated you, and he knows you probably hate him because of it.
But he’s looking at you, and he’s wondering why he never did before, wondering how he missed you when you’ve been standing right in front of him this whole time.
“There is no story that is not true…The world has no end, and what is good among one people is an abomination with others,” Steve quotes, one side of his mouth curving up.
You seem surprised — surprise being the default for both of you during this conversation, it seems — but almost impressed, too, and Steve lets out a breath.
A beat later, a shy smile plays on your lips, and it plucks the air from Steve’s lungs.
“I actually haven’t read it. I just really didn’t think you had,” you say.
“Didn’t think I knew where the library was in this town?”
“Didn’t know you could read,” you say, but your tone is half as venomous and guarded as it was three minutes ago. Steve grins despite himself, and then you’re smiling, too, despite your hesitance, despite Steve not deserving it.
“I’m full of surprises,” Steve says, and he thinks maybe you are, too. He thinks maybe he wants to figure them out, too.
It’s been a long time since Steve Harrington had a crush, and he’s even less prepared to deal with it now than he was back in high school. After a few conversations at the library — strategic, as Steve has basically lived there since first seeing you, hoping to see more — he gathers the nerve to ask you out, though he’s still too cowardly to do it in person.
Robin serves as moral support and motivation, punching in the phone number and forcibly lifting the phone to Steve's ear. Still, somehow, someway, he gets the words out, and though your hesitance and surprise are clear even through the phone, you agree.
And the good luck ends there.
The date starts with a movie, and the darkness and stationary safety make the first few hours a success, but when you exit the theater, and Steve suggests grabbing a bite at the diner, you whirl to face him, and your face is alight with anger.
“There it is,” you snap, nostrils flaring. Steve is a statue, shocked, confused, mouth gaping like a fish’s, and he’s almost grateful when you keep talking, even though you’re laying into him, because he doesn’t know what to say. “The big joke. Watch the fat girl eat, right?”
Steve is stunned, still silent, and words slip through his fingers like sand, and all he wants to say is no, no, of course not, how could you think that, but knows how, he knows why. He knows what your past looks like, and where he’s hand a hand in it, and he’s ashamed, and he’s sorry, and he was wrong not to stop it, but it’s too late.
“Wasn’t high school enough? I mean, Tommy and Carol made lunch a fucking battlefield, but I thought-” You shake your head, and your eyes rip Steve into pieces. “I thought it was over. I thought you were different. But you’re still playing that game-” You shake your head again, turning away, and Steve says your name, stilling you in your escape long enough for him to speak.
“Wait. Wait-just…” He rakes a hand through his hair. “I know that they were horrible to you, and I never stopped it. I should have stopped it, and I’m sorry.” His expression softens. “You didn’t deserve it. You didn’t deserve any of it.”
You don’t seem all that convinced, but you’re not actively running away, either, and Steve takes it as a success.
“And I didn’t-” Steve licks his lips. “-I didn’t ask you out for some…game. I asked you out because I like you.”
You roll your eyes, unbelieving, and Steve steps closer, gaze flitting up and down. You’re no longer defiant, now curious, doubtful, a little afraid.
“Why?” You ask.
“Why? You’re the smartest person I’ve ever met, and you make me laugh, and you’re way nicer than I deserve, than anybody deserves, and you’re beautiful-”
“Don’t-” You snap.
“You are,” he says. He steps closer, only a foot away from you. “And I’m sorry if I or anybody else ever made you feel different.” He reaches a hand up, and when you don’t pull back, he lets it settle on your cheek. “I don’t deserve a second chance, and I get that, but…” One side of his mouth quirks up, a small, hesitant smile. “But if you’re willing to give one, I promise to make it worth your while.”
Something gives in your expression, like a door unlocking, and though Steve can see you don't totally believe it, he thinks you might, just a little bit. Maybe just enough. And if he can get you there, he can help you the rest of the way. Convince you to see yourself the way he does.
“If you think you can trust me,” he adds, and when you smile, he knows he has you.
“I think I can give it a shot,” you say.
Hawkins isn't known for its entertainment, and while the movie theater and Main Street shops are usually the only game in town, a traveling exhibition moves into town a month after you and Steve start dating—officially dating, seeing as you teeter around it for a good month beforehand.
It’s set up in the old Hawkins Museum, replacing the factoids the town has memorized and putting up Renaissance pieces. How Hawkins managed to land such an exhibition, no one knew, but the town was ecstatic over the prospect of something different to do.
Steve is no different, but he has ulterior motives.
Three weeks have softened your hesitation and insecurity, at least toward Steve. Still, its hard not to notice the way you start to pull your hand from his in public, as if scared of judgment, hard not to notice the way you pause when a server asks what you want when you're out to eat together. He knows this isn't something he can just love away, so he tries another method. He tries to show you what he sees.
“I didn’t realize you were a Renaissance fan,” you say, cocking a brow at Steve. He flashes you a smile, slipping an arm around your shoulders, your pressure against his side a comfort.
He doesn't think he'll get used to it—touching you, the way he feels when he does, when he takes your hand, and you squeeze, when his fingers brush your soft skin.
“I’m a fan of beautiful things,” he says pointedly. He winks, and your cheeks flush. “Obviously.”
You roll your eyes, but there's no cruelty in it, just amusement and a little bit of embarrassment and contentment.
“You’re a cheeseball,” you say, and he gives you a squeeze, letting you go but slipping his hand into yours.
“Right now, I’m a tour guide,” he says, stepping in front of you, walking backward and keeping his hand in yours. “Technically, I’m just repeating all the stuff Robin helped me learn, but…” He shrugs, and you grin, looking pleased.
You’re dressed nice for the exhibit — better than nice, but Steve is trying to be gentlemanly and respectful and mature and all that — but wear his maroon jacket over your sweater, and it gives him a thrill to see you in it. It feels like a claim — in a non-possessive way, he swears — and like a victory, too.
You’d made an offhand comment about jackets once, walking hand in hand down the sidewalk, your gaze flicking to a couple across the street, to the sweatshirt the girl wears that is clearly not her own.
"Wearing your boyfriend's clothes is skinny girl privilege," you'd said, the tone joking, but Steve could feel the hurt beneath it, the insecurity, the doubt. And so, the very next day, he spent an hour digging through his closet to prove you wrong, to find what he was looking for.
It’s a little dorky, but Steve has always liked the idea of his girlfriend wearing his clothes. Like someone wants him enough to keep part of him with them. He never got the chance to, before. Nancy wore his jacket home once, but she quickly delivered it cleaned and folded back to him, which, if he’s honest, should have been an indication.
And the girl before that said it clashed with her shirt, which also should have been an indication.
And he’s never felt the way he does about you for someone else.  
He found an old maroon zip-up hoodie that fell to the back of the closet and never surfaced, and, once he’s convinced its the one, he wears it for almost a straight week, and once it smells properly of him — which is the point, he’s pretty sure. And you’re wearing it.
"I like this," he says, running his thumb down the arm. "You steal this from your boyfriend or something?"
The smile that pulls on your lips nearly takes Steve’s breath away, and he pulls you close, hands on your waist, catching your mouth in his. You hesitate only a moment before relaxing against him, smiling through the kiss.
“I thought we were here to look at the art,” you murmur, though you don’t seem all that invested in the sentiment. “And I’m pretty sure making out in an art exhibit is frowned upon.”
“Touching the art is frowned upon too,” he says, flashing you a wicked grin, “but I already broke that one, so what’s another?”
You pull back, laughing, the sound as beautiful as a symphony.
“As much fun as that sounds,” you say, “and it does sound fun, I’m kind of intrigued by this tour guide concept. You have flashcards tucked in those pockets?”
“No, I’m just-” He starts, and you interrupt, “If you say ‘No, I’m just happy to see you,’ I’ll walk out the door.”
Steve shuts his mouth, and you laugh again, taking his hand. You jerk a chin toward the museum doors, and say, “Let’s see what you’ve got, Romeo.”
And for as much as you tease him in the beginning, it falls away the moment he starts talking.
He’s prepared for this.
“Did you know women with fuller figures were thought to be super powerful and beautiful during the Renaissance period?” He asks, jerking a chin at the painting on the wall. A curved woman, long blonde hair streaming over one shoulder, a mirror behind her. And another, draped across a settee, rounded and elegant, limbs adorned with jewels. “Up to the seventeenth century, full bodies meant stability. Success.” One side of his mouth quirks up in a lopsided grin. “Sensuality.”
He goes on through the exhibit, pulling you alongside, beauty beside beauty, and though it doesn’t change anything you’ve been told or felt, he sees the smile on your face, and the way you relax against him, and he thinks maybe he’s gotten you one step closer to seeing yourself as he does.
You are a masterpiece on two feet, and he might have been blind to it before, but he isn’t anymore, and he’s holding on tight.
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tinyboxxtink · 5 months ago
“Paper Rings”
Aww shit ya’ll, ya girl did it again! 
I was able to pop out a one shot combining an entry for @storiesofsvu bingo, and prompts from two people! Whaaaaaat?!
Sometimes I even impress myself. I’m totally kidding it just happened this way unintentionally but yay!
“Paper Rings” By Taylor Swift
Marrying one person but running away with someone else
Friends confessing love to each other! Granted it was a slow burn request but I can still cover that too!
Also just a side note: I’m very sorry Carisi fans this is a total dirty move on him but I had to. I still love him!
Also not ENTIRELY sure my babes wanna be tagged but I’m going for it:
It was your wedding day, and you were a bundle of nerves.  But it wasn’t the typical “giddy butterflies” nervous, it was a pit in your stomach, “What am I doing?” kind of panic. Sure, you did love Sonny Carisi; he was a perfectly fine, upstanding man. He made you dinner every night, took care of you while you were sick, decent in bed, loved your family, etc. He checked all the boxes on paper. The only problem? 
His mentor.
Rafael Barba had been Sonny’s mentor for as long as you had been dating him, maybe even before. You two hadn’t actually been dating that long when Sonny popped the question spontaneously on a ski trip you were on. It was romantic, but a little fast. Maybe that’s why you were feeling this way. Maybe that’s why you were pacing your dressing room and making a hole in the carpet with your stilettos.
But you knew it wasn’t. 
It started out innocent; you’d go to work functions with Sonny and Rafael would be there, obviously. You’d smile and nod to his co-workers as he bragged about you, carry on polite conversations, this and that. But one very particular night you’d realized you’d left your phone at Rafael’s apartment, and didn’t want to wake Sonny to go get it. So you had gone yourself. And you had commented on a piece of art he had while he had run to get your phone. 
And that led to more conversation, which led to trading numbers, and having more conversations via text. And those texts became more and more frequent until it had gotten to the point that when your phone would buzz with a text, you’d hope it was Rafael and not your fiancé.
A huge problem.
But, you were with Sonny. And Sonny had never been anything but sweet to you, he didn’t deserve to be dumped. And anyway Rafael had never expressed anything more than friendly conversation with you. Except on nights when it was in the middle of the night, and he was tipsy, and he’d tell you how pretty and smart you were. But obviously it was because he was drunk and horny, it wasn’t like he’d really meant it. Even if you wished he did. And so here you were; getting ready to stand up in front of all your friends and family and God, and making vows you really weren’t sure you should be making. 
“But it will be fine,” You told yourself as a white ball of taffeta stared back at you in the mirror. “I’ll be married to Sonny, and he’ll make a good husband, and Rafael and I will be friends,” 
And that was that.
You needed to go find your bridesmaids, they were waiting in another room while you had been getting dressed. You opened the door and literally bumped into someone who was in the doorway.
“Oh! I’m so sorry…” You started to apologize to the person only to recognize that it was Rafael.
“No no, my fault, I was going to knock 10 minutes ago but I’ve just been standing here,” He sheepishly replied while rubbing the back of his neck.
“....Why?” You raised an eyebrow.
“Because…” He shrugged while he looked at the floor. “Well, because…”
“Because…?” You waved your hand as you waited for him to continue.
“Because you shouldn’t be marrying Sonny,” He finally blurted out still refusing to look at you.
You just stood there, mouth half open. You stood there in silence so long Rafael was forced to look at you to make sure you hadn’t run away or passed out.
“Are you gonna say something?” He was getting more annoyed now than anything. 
“Why not?” You finally spoke.
“Because,” He looked at you very seriously; The time you had taken to answer him had given him time to get over his nerves.
“Because why?” You were pretty sure you knew the answer, but you wanted to hear him say it.
“Because you should be marrying me,” He finally took your hands in his.
 “Y/N I’ve tried just being your friend, telling myself that you’re Sonny’s girl and that it’s horrible to even think about being with you, but I can’t anymore. And I know this is going to break Sonny’s heart, and perhaps even make the entire squad hate me, but I’ve decided it’s worth it to be with you,” He finished his speech by getting down on one knee and pulled out a “ring” he’d made with your wedding program. 
I like shiny things, but I'd marry you with paper rings
Uh huh, that's right
Darling, you're the one I want, and
I hate accidents, except when we went from friends to this
Uh huh, that's right
“...Please say you feel the same way,” he whispered, looking up at you with the biggest puppy dog eyes.
You took another short pause and pinched yourself to make sure this was actually happening and not the result of you passing out from your corset being too tight in the bodice of your wedding gown. Amazingly, it hurt. 
This was actually happening. 
You took your engagement ring from Sonny and placed it on a table next to you before slipping on the paper ring Rafael had offered. You looked into his beautiful green eyes with the biggest smile as you asked:
“...What took you so long?” 
He jumped up off his knees and spun you around, before pulling you into a long and passionate kiss. You’d worry about the impending doom of having to explain this to everyone in the chapel later. Right now, in this one perfect moment, you were with the man you wanted all along.
Darling, you're the one I want, and Paper rings and picture frames and dirty dreams Oh, you're the one I want
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Never Enough Draco x reader
Tumblr media
A/N: For @vivianweasley​ 400 follower writing challenge. This is probably one of my favourite pieces of writing to date and I hope you enjoy it!!!! (this is SUPER cheesy but I love it)
Prompt: Never enough (song) From the greatest showman. Lyrics from the song are italicised. 
No Voldemort, Fake dating AU (final year at Hogwarts) 
As you twirled around the ballroom in Draco's arms you felt glorious. Your beautiful silky dress fanned out around you as you spun across the floors together light as a feather. Hearts hammering to the beat of the music. The glowing chandeliers above you lit up Draco's face in a fetching way, you couldn't help be entranced. Beautiful is probably the wrong word for it but it's all that came to mind. As the music started to come to a climax he pulled you close to him before twirling you out holding tightly to your hand. You felt as if it was only the two of you in the room, the other dancers around you melted away, just you, him and the music. Maybe if you shut your eyes and ignored reality you could be frozen in this moment forever. 
I'm trying to hold my breath Let it stay this way Can't let this moment end   
But as the music fell away Draco took your hand and led you from the dancefloor. Your best friend smiled at you. 
"Thank you for doing this Y/N" he smiled. "I finally get a break from everyone trying to marry me off to their daughters." He joked. You smiled softly and tried maintain the fantasy you had created while you were dancing but reality crashed through reminding you how fake it all was. You mustered a grin.
"You know it's mutually beneficial, it has my parents off my back about finding an eligible boyfriend."
You set off a dream in me Getting louder now Can you hear it echoing? 
The longer the fake dating went on the harder it got for you. All you could think about was him. Every time he held your hand, sat with you and kissed you on the cheek you fell harder. You ached for his affection. It was a drug to you, you were happier than you had ever been until the little voices in your head started up. Your greatest wish had become for him to love you back. 
Take my hand Will you share this with me? 'Cause darling, without you 
You needed to tell him about how you felt as it killed you inside but if you did you could go from best friends to strangers. You looked into the mirror in myrtle's bathroom and sighed. She peeked out at you from her cubicle her pale glow illuminating the bathroom. 
"What's wrong? you're alive unlike poor myrtle" she muttered sadly from where she sat on the U bend. 
"Do you know Draco Malfoy?" you said. 
"Oh yes" she smirked. "He's the hot slytherin isn't he". You choked on a chuckle. 
"uhm yes he is," you muttered a red blush flooding your face as you fought off the urge to giggle at her. 
"He is my best friend, we're fake dating and I have fallen in love with him." You muttered this quietly as another wave melancholy washed over you.  
You looked into the mirror. Your eyes were full of tears and your face blotchy from crying. You gripped the sink in front of you. Myrtle floated towards you. 
"If your this torn up you should tell him how you feel" She smirked. "Worst case is he rejects you and you lose all your friends." She muttered this all chirpily which was rather ironic towards what she was saying. A small sob escaped you. 
 "That's the thing myrtle he doesn't love me. He deserves more. I'm not good enough."
All the shine of a thousand spotlights All the stars we steal from the night sky Will never be enough Never be enough  
Life seemed to become so gluey. You were stuck in a spiral of despair. You needed to know where you stood with him. Some of your friends assumed he liked you. You knew he liked you as a friend but the fake dating was confusing the situation. You wished, hoped and prayed that he loved you back. You had to attend another party with Draco, Narcissa's huge Christmas ball.    
You had selected a gorgeous silver, shimmering, silky gown, all you could think of when selecting the dress was Draco. You knew he would love it, silver was a Slytherin colour. You knew not to place your worth in people's opinions of you but good advice doesn't always work in practice. The night of the ball dawned. You where staying the night at Malfoy Manor alongside your parents. The ornate silver edged mirror reflected your face perfectly. Your makeup was simple and flawless, your hair sat perfectly and your dress fit you wonderfully. Everything on the outside was perfect. Your mind however was a warzone. A knock on the door sounded starting you out of your mind. 
"Y/N It's me" Draco called. Drat, he had arrived to escort you already. No more time for procrastination. You fixed your face into an aloof smile and slipped out the door to Draco. 
As you descended the main stairs everyone's eyes seemed to be on you. The perfect couple. He took you hand and led you through the crowds. His grey eyes found your face and his gaze softened.
"Y/N you look beautiful." He softly whispered this to you before leading you off to the edge of the room. A true smile graced your face. He let go off your hand and wandered off to get drinks.
Tears started to prick your eyes, Draco had alluded to getting a proper girlfriend and eventually fiancée as this was your final year at school. You couldn't pretend forever but you wanted to keep him. You could barely see Draco coming back because of your tears. You had been strong for too long and could no longer keep it in. The orange glow of the ballroom was fuzzy and you could barely see his silhouette. He grasped your hand and led you out of the ballroom. Once on the patio outside he let go of you. You wiped your tears away even though they kept flowing. His platinum blond hair gleamed in the moonlight. 
 "What's wrong Y/N" He looked at you concerned. "You've been upset for a while." You took a shuddering breath. 
"Draco I really like you and I can't keep up the fake dating" It all rushed out in one shuddery tear filled breath. 
He reached out and brushed your hair away from were it was sticking to your cheeks. He smiled at you softly. "Y/N you were the girl I was thinking about asking out." You took a breath in again after realising you had been holding it. You wiped the tears from your eyes and spoke. 
"What- I don't get it-."  Draco closed the space between you and pressed his soft lips to yours. He cupped your cheek before quickly breaking the kiss and grabbing a handkerchief to wipe away the mascara that was running rivulets down your cheeks. You smiled at him in under the moonlight slightly delirious. This evening had suddenly become perfect. Draco looked at you pensively.
"Why didn't you realise I loved you, I tried to be kind and nurturing and loving." he muttered rambling on forgetting his point. You smiled at him. 
"Draco the "fake dating" thing was pretty misleading, and you know I can be a little clueless in love." You smiled up at him. 
"Just kiss me again idiot." He smirked and closed the gap between you. Your arms snaked around his neck and his settled at your waist. You kissed under the stars until you were breathless. 
For me 
Laying in bed that night you could barely believe what just happened you had thought destiny had it in for you. You had thought love would never really befall you like it just did. You smiled into the darkness and knew his love would be enough for you for the rest of your days. 
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