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Secretly Rich WWX, Wangxian

Modern setting where Lan Wangji, part of the rich Lan family, begins dating low income Wei Wuxian much to his uncle’s dismay, wwx is loud and messy and nothing like the refined upper class and much less the refined and behaved ways of the Lans, he talks to lwj about this but lwj is stubborn and resolute on his relationship with wwx.

In an effort to show how serious he is on wwx, lwj takes wwx as his +1 on an important dinner where all major rich families will attend, lqr only hopes it teaches lwj how out of place wwx is from them.

However both get the shock of their lives when wwx not only dances between the refined ways of the high class while also being his charming self, he knows the foods, drinks and can hold his own with any conversation thrown his way

It gets all cleared out when they Jiangs arrive and this is the only time wwx really throws protocol to the trash when he screams Shijie! And runs straight to Jiang Yanli’s arms, and she welcomes him gladly!!! Along with a pat to the head from Jiang Fengmian and a punch on the shoulder by Jiang Cheng which everyone knows is the young heir’s way of affection.

Turns out wwx was adopted into the Jiang hosehold and was raised as a spoiled upper class boy, the spoiling mostly done by Yanli and JF, however there was always friction with Yu Ziyuan so the moment he hit 18, wwx decided he didn’t want to burden his adopted family anymore and took on his own path, the Jiangs still paid for his college and still sent him money afterwards but wwx didn’t want to take more from them so he lives only by his own salary and keeps the card with all the Jiang money intact so really he has saved up enough… he plans to use it all on Yanli’s wedding or on the future ceremony whenever jf wishes to retire and pass the company to jc

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morgan stark would 100% be worthy of lifting mjolnir. thor comes to visit pepper one day, post-endgame, to check in on her, and when it’s time to leave they head outside. and ‘lo behold, morgan is playing with the hammer, wielding it around pretending to be the mighty thor. what’s more, it is actually obeying her commands — it’s raining, well drizzling more like, everywhere except directly above her. pepper is speechless and thor is ecstatic that he has found a tiny little midgardian worthy of mjolnir. he can’t wait to tell valkyrie about it, and is already thinking about ways to convince pepper into letting him train morgan to be midgard’s fiercest warrior/defender.

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Did you get the kids any graduation gifts?

I got them both new laptops for school.

Individually I got Micheal a guitar and Cleo got an actual tiara (she won’t take it off oh god what have I done).

Churro got a new collar for graduating obedience school.

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Fox's X-Men Movieverse Quicksilver pulls a Barry Allen and runs so fast he phases out of the XMverse and into the MCU. He can take Pietro's place, meet his new sister, good new life! Or accidentally cause a multiverse collapse. Either way.

I don’t speak DC.

And though I love Pietro more than Peter I do think they are the same and Pietro has the same powers at Peter and I will ignore Feige’s kill order on Pietro.

The more I think about endgame and the multiverse, I think that time is the world tree and they inhabit only one branch despite thinking they are the center of everything. The trunk of the world tree of time is far weirder and the one in which there are mutants as well as xmen and all the goddamned weirdness of the comics*.

I am all for Steve messing up in taking the stones back, getting in a fist fight with Ring Waithe Red Skull, stealing Nat and then getting his dumb ass lost in the true multiverse.

Red Skull:


Originally posted by sweet-kotomiyabii

Steve Rogers:


Which means Steve and Nat have some very messed up adventures. They mean well but Steve can’t stop being Steve for more than five minutes.

70s Peggy totally caught his dumb ass sneaking around the base and he tried not to tell her everything but failed miserably. Peggy laughed and sympathised with Nat. Nat shrugged ready to roll with whatever her idiot best friend wants to do.

*Quantum Leap intro plays in the background*

Which all leads to Steve running into a version of Pietro in a collapsing universe.

Steve: Can we keep him?

Natasha: Steve, no.

Pietro: ???

Steve: Too late.

Pietro: What the—

Steve messes with Nat’s device and seconds later Nat and Pietro land on the platform. Pietro is still screaming. Scott drops another taco.

The twins having a screaming match both accusing the other of being dead. Every other avenger backs away quietly.

Nat tells everyone Steve is alive and she’s going to find a way to track him and murder the idiot with a peanut butter sandwich.

*spencer’s nazi wankfest not included

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