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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
#everyone is welcome
darthspideys · 6 hours ago
not to gatekeep but I’ve had the hots for simu liu since Kims Convience <3
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tomnooklesbian · 23 hours ago
...... there’s almost 100 of you following me.... please what... what are u all doing here
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nsfwsebbie · a day ago
I think I might be asexual and probably aro too, but like, I'm not completely sure???? also the idea of coming out scares the shit out of me lol
i wish i could help you but i’m not sure how i can help bb!! maybe look into it? talk to someone?
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namek-ismyprovince · 2 days ago
you know despite the fact dragon ball evolution was like.
dragon ball evolution
its still one of the few american films ive seen that has a mostly-asian cast and that makes me feel many emotions but mostly confused yet oddly proud
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malicious-code-103 · 3 days ago
Guys the only thing im still saying on this subject is that it is okay to like a series and find it entertaining without personally condoning everything in it and what the creators have done
Simply be critical and it is alright to like whatever you want 💕
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exemplarybehaviour · 4 days ago
@pretty-rage-machine commmented:
never spent time in spain - is mandar "send" there also?
sorry-- i tried to reply via comment but tumblr killed this effort. :/
i’m.... hesitant to tell you anything without a disclaimer because I’m a non-native speaker who technically learned latin american spanish in school and then only got good at in spain........... so in the US usually people are like “wow, is one of your parents spanish?” and in spain they’re usually like, “oh, that word you keep saying.......... did you learn it in Mexico?!”
but! in spain i mostly heard mandar being used as “to command/to control.” (as in: a remote control for a TV is un mando.) for “to send” i’d probably say “enviar” (ex- le envié un postal a mi tía). i low key forget mandar could also be like “te mandaré un cartel.” so..... i assume that iberian spanish uses mandar/enviar like i’ve described but AGAIN! not a native speaker. 
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clock-corpse · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
“Sakuya, we really need to talk about how you handle...Marisa.”
Tumblr media
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She sticks her tongue out.
Tumblr media
“She breaks into our mansion, and you proceed to serve her tea, make light conversation, and even go out of your way to retrieve a book for her. One of MY books!”
Tumblr media
“Hm? Oh yes. I definitely did do that.”
Tumblr media
“Then why, are you doing it? If you know you’re not supposed to?!”
Tumblr media
“Is a working woman not allowed to have friends? Maybe you’d understand more if you made an effort to actually have some.”
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fcmilyloved · 5 days ago
@naturesloopholed​ said:  VENT AWAY! I MUST KNOW MORE!
in regards to my tags: #an elijah edit on tiktok just inspired great rage in me for elijah dying in the end of TO#i mean the edit itself was good#but it had the Scene#and listen i can explain why his ending is massive bullshit (and lazy writing) but until then i will scream 
so this is for anyone interested in reading why the fuck elijah should not have died in the end of the originals fgishdfguih coming from a writing perspective and also from an elijah fan. also dear god do not let this into the tags pleaSE FOR THE LOVE OF MY SANITY
basically it’s lazy writing. elijah’s character arc right from season one should have been realising that hey, he can live his life for himself too. and we were getting hints of that through seasons 2-3, and even in the start of season 4.
season 2 started to show him that no matter what he did, he couldn’t help klaus if klaus didn’t want to be helped, and klaus proved that by killing gia just to punish elijah. season 3 showed elijah pissed as hell with klaus, and not so easily moving past it (and i headcanon that he didn’t move past it. he just shoved it down) plus when finn came back and elijah realised the utter hell that finn went through and even called it a ‘betrayal’ (eg, they betrayed finn). now that really should have been the start of some deep inner thinking of elijah, but the show really just brushed past that. in season 4, rebekah asks elijah what he’s going to do now his mission is over and he has no clue. later, he says to hayley that they can have a life together. their own place. (with jean shorts and flipflops)
BUT THEN, later in s4 things start to go to shit. elijah gets his memories erased (which is another headcanon for why that’s a load of shit) which is lazy writing to not have to deal with his mind getting shattered. S5 for elijah is basically ‘let’s make this character depressed enough to kill himself’ and no one can change my mind. 
So my ideal ending would have no deaths BUT if I’m keeping to the general plot of S5 and how they had to die to kill the hollow (which 100% counteracts what it says in s4 if a host dies the hollow just body jumps), then it would have been just klaus making that sacrifice, which is an end to his character development that would show how he DID change to make that sacrifice for his daughter. He wouldn’t have let Elijah die with him, because he’d know that his brother has a whole life to live for himself. Elijah would promise to look after Hope (which would be a way of ‘redeeming’ himself in his own eyes for ‘his’ actions against Hayley which actually wasn’t his fault but he beleives it is anywaaaay) and he’d be there for the rest of his siblings too, so in his eyes he still sees himself with a mission (look after hope & his siblings) so he doesn’t feel like his only option is fucking killing himself, while having the chance to live life for himself too.
But at some point along the way, the Originals became the Klaus Mikaelson Show. Which don’t get me wrong, I like Klaus! But literally from some point on, the characters only existed for Klaus’s story. After the Red Door (which kinda disappeared quickly) Elijah never really got his own plot for himself. S3 TRIED with the Strix, and Aya and Tristan - but like nearly all of those scenes got deleted. S4 had his mind being shattered, which is an interesting plot idea but they also literally did NOTHING with that. erasing his memories was a cop out to just avoid dealing with the aftermath of that. S5′s erased memory plot really had nothing to do with Elijah, and more for making Elijah into the ‘bad brother’ to make Klaus look better.
And that’s not even touching on the other characters. Rebekah never had a plot for herself, it was either about Marcel or Klaus. Freya never had a plot for herself post s2. Kol is literally all about Davina. Weirdly, it’s like Finn is the only Mikaelson other than Klaus who had his own plot but even then, it went no where.
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kalu-chan · 5 days ago
I keep wondering just what happened in Mobius pre-game. Like in the Causality Link there's a lot of references to "The Girl" who apparently died?
And the Hunter/Prey thingy??
The thief circle???
Tbh I already said it once but. I still think the game may have run out of time (and then Overdose maybe wanted to stick to the original i guess). There seems to be so much going on with the NPCs and then just. Only randomized standard dialogue.
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