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#everyone needs a penny in their lives

If I had a death note I’d simply write billionaires’ names down and have them donate their entire net worth to charity before dying, RIP to Light Yagami but I’m different

#can you IMAGINE#like i’d specify all their deaths as being from illness too & space them out quite a bit and use the full 3 month window#so no one could really pin it on any one person they’d just be like ‘wow it’s super weird that jeff bezos and bill gates both died of cancer#right after donating every last penny they had to a whole bunch of different charities and relief funds’#and if you think about it no one loses#the billionaires get remembered as being way more generous than they actually were; people who need help will be able to get it#a bunch of corporations would just fucking collapse; AND there’d be less crime and hunger and illness in the world#because i’d focus on homeless charities; medical research and relief funds#and then eventually when the billionaires were gone i’d start on multi-millionaires and corrupt businessmen#and at that point anyone with a surplus of cash would panic and try to get rid of as much of it as possible#to avoid suddenly being hit with a mysterious compulsion to liquidate their assets followed by dying of a terminal disease#eventually no one is living in poverty; no one is controlled by their financial circumstances and everyone is happier#probably money would cease to have value altogether as gradually people would start to worry about catching the attention of robin hood#(as i assume the media would nickname me)#and then we would return to a barter system and people would just be able to fucking LIVE#thank you for coming to my ted talk. and if there’s a shinigami hovering behind me.....don’t be shy get me a death note <3#personal
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