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#everything hurts

see the thing with death is how utterly brutal it is with just. Stopping someone.

and for the twins like… age is always gonna be such a stark reminder to vex. bc while loss like this is usually completely unquantifiable, the whole point of age is to be quantifiable: it’s a number, it can be counted. each year that passes is a year that vex lived and vax didn’t, a year he never got to experience, an age he never managed to reach, a year longer that she’s been alive in a world without him

and every new milestone in her life, from the simplest passing of another year to big family events – children, personal achievements, new experiences, anything – is always gonna be tempered by the dual knowledge that not only will vax never have it, but he will never even know that she did

so. i guess i meant to say ur welcome?

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Why can’t I get over you? I always come so close. I’m so close to getting over you. Then something reminds me of the reason I was blocking all this out anyways. Reminds me of how you left so easily. How you lied so seemlessly. How for some reason I can’t make my head forget. I want to. I want to forget you exist. I want to forget you ever happened to me. I want my life back.

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I read somewhere that the reason oda was holding on to dazai’s face was because he didn’t want to see/feel the process of his death because he can see 5 seconds into the future with his ability and dazai’s ability allows that to be nullified when oda touches him and I have not known peace since

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user gabby boqie sustained a mild wrist injury from practising the wap tiktok dance. might go on ltir

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