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So during quarantine I've picked Minecraft back up and I'd like you to imagine LAMP playing: Patton wants to have EVERY animal as a pet, and gets sad whenever Logan kills one because "It's required for in-game survival, Patton". Roman wants to go on all of the adventures (and probably gets blown up multiple times). And Virgil just wants to get to the end to vibe with the Ender Dragon - cube anon

those four playing would be literally hilarious.

roman: okay what the heckity heck ect. is that thing!

logan: those are endermen. they do not like to be looked at.

patton: aww, it makes them anxious! look theyre even holding a cube!

roman: not to mention that gloomy aesthetic! matches our emo nightmare perfectly, wouldnt you say? *accidentally looks at an enderman for too long* wait where’d it gAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 

virgil: yeah i do tend to have that effect on people

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The only criticism I have for Eloped is that somewhere there’s a line “I love inflicting pain on you” or such which was kind of yikes to read but that said, ELOPED IS SO SO GOOD it’s written so realistically and like I can tell u put so much effort into it like you’ve researched this! I love it so much! Also it’s so long and I love that and IT DOESNT EVEN DRAG ITS JUST PERFECTLY PACED. And like unexpectedly realistic a la the skinny dipping and it not working out in the cold (1/2)

Just things most don’t pay attention to or take into account when writing fics which is so !!! I love it so much! You’re a wonderful writer and I can’t wait to see more of your work 💕💕 (2/2)

So sorry if that line made you uncomfortable 💙 I understand. It’s not the kind of talk for everybody.

Thank you for your kind words 🥺 it was an intense month and a half of planning and writing and editing, I’m not gonna lie, so I’m very happy that I was able to convey all of it into the writing. And I love long, detailed stories, so what can I do? :) Thank you!!!

eloped. | story masterpost

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