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It’s Not Living if it’s Not With You {one-shot} 
Tumblr media
Pairing: Eddie Munson x fem reader
Word count: 1.8k
Summary: Eddie gives reader the “prom” that she never got in high school
Warnings: language, mentions of anxiety/social anxiety/panic attacks, use of alcohol
“I love you, Eddie, but I don’t want to go to prom. I don’t mind if you go, but proms are just too loud, too crowded, and just not my thing. Hence why I didn’t even go to my own—”
“I’m not asking you to go to prom with me, baby. I’m just asking you to put on a nice dress, on a Saturday evening, and let me pick you up from your house at a designated time. That’s all.” Eddie shrugs from where he sits next to you on his couch, cramming a fist full of popcorn into his mouth.
“During prom season of your senior year,” you add, turning your attention back to The Children of the Corn playing on the living room TV. “That’s not suspicious at all.”
“I can admit that it sounds odd,” Eddie agrees, scooting closer to you and wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “But I just need you to trust me. Can you do that for me?” He looks at you with large, pleading, dark doe eyes.
He always knows how to get his way - it’s the eyes. Always the eyes.
You let out a dramatic sigh, stealing the bowl of popcorn from him. “I guess,” you relent after a moment. “If we can watch The Evil Dead after this.”
That conversation two weekends ago was how you ended up here - getting “dolled up” as Eddie would refer to it - for God knows what, because your boyfriend has refused to tell you.
You spend the better part of an hour getting your hair and makeup exactly the way you want it before stepping into the black, floor-length dress that you had picked out for your own prom the year prior - before deciding that prom was just a social anxiety induced panic attack waiting to happen and that you’d much rather stay home, have Chinese take-out delivered to your doorstep, and watch cheesy rom-com movies about prom rather than actually attend prom yourself.
You didn’t think you would ever have an excuse to wear it again, but you were glad that you had decided to keep it now - for whatever it is that Eddie has planned.
You’re dabbing some perfume on your wrists and collarbones when you hear the knock on your front door. You quickly slip your heels on before going to greet your boyfriend.
Eddie’s eyes bulge as though they are going to pop out of their sockets and his mouth hangs wide open as soon as sees you walking towards him through the glass of the door. He’s wearing a tux - black and white with a tie and everything. There’s a peach colored rose pinned to the lapel of his jacket.
“Goddamn,” he exclaims as you open the door to let him inside. “You look gorgeous, princess. You look stunning. You look like something straight out of Playboy—”
“Okay, okay, you’re drooling,” you shush him as he walks through the doorway, heat on your cheeks from his compliments. “You look quite handsome yourself. I didn’t know you had a tux,” you look at him quizzically.
“Borrowed it from Steve,” he shrugs. “It doesn’t fit perfectly, but it’ll do. But that dress you’re wearing, now that fits perfectly—”
You roll your eyes and walk out of the house to hide your embarrassed smile from him.
“So, what is this about? Why am I wearing my old prom dress tonight?” You ask him as he follows you to his van.
“It’s still a surprise, but I promise, you’ll know soon enough.”
You buckle yourself into the passenger side seat, accepting that he really isn’t going to tell you until he’s good and ready to tell you.
“I do have something for you, though.” He turns in his seat, reaching behind yours for something that you can’t see. He pulls forward a small, black, velvet box and opens it up for you to see.
Inside is nestled a corsage. A vibrant peach rose, identical to Eddie’s boutonnière, surrounded by white spray roses and baby’s breath.
You’re unsure of how to react - part of you wants to cry out of happiness, because it’s beautiful and he’s so sweet, and part of you wants to cry out of the realization that he’s definitely trying to take you to prom.
“What’s wrong?” Eddie senses your hesitation. “Do you not like it? I was worried it would clash with your dress but it goes great with the black—”
“It’s beautiful, baby,” you interrupt him, sliding the corsage onto your wrist. “I love it. I’m just nervous about where you’re taking me, that’s all.”
Eddie smirks, then pulls out of your driveway. He turns up the volume to the radio, blasting Pink Floyd loud enough for every house he drives by to hear. You knew that Pink Floyd wasn’t Eddie’s most favorite, but he would listen to them for you.
“Patience, baby,” he shouts over the music. “Not much longer now.”
He drives for less than ten minutes before parking in front of a familiar house. You recognized the house as being Dustin Henderson’s - you’d driven with Eddie to pick up and drop Dustin off from Hellfire Club before. You liked the kid and considered him to be a friend yourself. He was sweet, smart, funny - but you had no idea why you were parked in front of his house in Eddie’s van while wearing a prom dress.
“Dustin Henderson’s house?” You looked over at Eddie, hoping for some clarification.
He doesn’t respond, just puts the van in park and hops out - slamming his door before running over to your side of the van. He opens your door and offers you his hand. You take it, stepping onto the concrete pavement.
Eddie keeps your hand in his, leading you towards Dustin’s house. Before the two of you were even on the porch, the front door swings open. Dustin is wearing a tux himself, his curly hair slicked back with a copious amount of gel and hairspray.
“Welcome to Chateau Henderson,” he greets you with a small bow, motioning for both of you to step inside. You giggle, still unsure of what is happening, but it’s cute nonetheless.
The inside of Dustin’s home smells delicious. There’s an aroma of some kind of food in the air that you can’t quite put your finger on, but it makes your belly growl.
Dustin starts to walk through his house, past the dining room and living room and through a small hallway, Eddie pulling you along to follow him.
Dustin stops at a door that you presumed to lead to the backyard. He gives a knowing look to Eddie; a little bit of an eyebrow wiggle with a wink.
“Enjoy,” he says to you before turning back down the hallway, leaving you and Eddie alone in front of a door.
“I know you said you didn’t want to go to prom,” Eddie starts, grabbing your hands in his and bringing them to hold near his chest.
“And I respect that,” he continues. “It’s too loud, and there’s too many people and not enough space, and it’s overwhelming and they play shitty music.”
“Also all correct.”
“But it’s prom night, and you’re too beautiful to not take to prom. You deserve to be taken to prom - a prom that you’ll love.” You’re not really sure what to say, so you wait for him to continue.
He turns the doorknob, revealing Dustin’s backyard.
The first thing that catches your eye is the lights - dozens of them. String lights and lanterns, strung across bushes and hanging from tree branches. The sun had set a while ago, but the entire yard was illuminated.
You step through the doorway onto the patio. Eddie watches as you take it all in.
There’s a small table set for two in the middle of the yard, right under a large willow tree aglow with twinkling lights. In the middle of the table is a large bouquet of flowers - deep jewel tones of fuschia, navy blue and orange. Around the flowers and plates are tea light candles.
It’s something straight out of a movie and you’re speechless.
“What do you think?” Eddie asks after a few moments of silence.
“You did all of this?” Your voice cracks - there’s tears brewing that threaten to spill over.
“With Dustin’s help, of course,” he answers. “His mom already had most of the lights and candles, I just had to get a few of the lanterns and the flowers.”
“I can’t believe you did this for me.” You turn to him. He’s looking pleased with himself, hands on his hips with a smirk on his face. “It’s perfect.”
“For us,” he corrects you teasingly. “It’s my prom too, after all.”
You put your arms around his midsection, embracing him tightly. You stand there for a few minutes, just holding him and taking in the scenery, when Dustin comes out the back door.
“Who’s ready for dinner? Cooked by yours truly.” He has a plate in each hand, each piled high with some kind of pasta that smelled heavenly.
“How exactly did Eddie talk you into doing all of this?” You ask Dustin as you and Eddie take your seats at the table.
“He threatened to withhold rides from Hellfire Club,” he shrugs. “But I would’ve done it, anyway,” he adds earnestly. He pours you each a glass of some kind of red wine that he nicked from his mom’s wine cellar before he leaving you to enjoy your meal. A moment later, soft music starts playing from the kitchen windowsill.
“You’re gonna have to do something nice to thank him properly, you know,” you say as you fork a big bite of noodles into your mouth.
“I’ll never ask him for gas money again.”
Eddie chuckles, nearly spitting out his wine. “I know, I know,” he relents. “I owe him one, that’s for sure.”
You and Eddie finish your meals in record time - Dustin’s secretly a junior chef.
Moments later, the song that starts playing grabs your attention - Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis. The song you and Eddie first slow danced to at the beginning of your relationship.
“What is it that people do at proms?” Eddie jokes. “Slow dance?”
Eddie stands before you, offering you his hand. You take it, but not before slipping your heels off so you wouldn’t twist your ankle while slow dancing.
Eddie’s hands find your waist and yours clasp around the back of his neck.
“I’m sorry that you had to miss your real prom,” you tell him, twirling his curls between two of your fingers.
“Are you kidding me?” He asks incredulously. “I’m not missing anything,” he assures you. “I wouldn’t want to go to any prom without you there. This kicks prom’s ass.”
You looked around at the lights, the lanterns, the candles, all of the flowers in Dustin’s mom’s garden - you had to agree with him.
Being here with him was a dream.
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Tumblr media
bodyguard!courtland gentry x reader
warnings! mentions of injury and trauma
“you’re late.”
“i know. i’m sorry. got tied up.” the blonde hums as the front door shuts behind you. his eyes raked over your frame to looking for any new bruise or signs of injury. “you didn’t have to wait up for me,” you say as he comes to stand in front of you.
six rolls his eyes, taking the pile of shopping bags from your hands. “it’s my job.”
“i really hope my dad pays well,” you utter under your breath. you don’t mean for him to, but six hears you. he always does. he doesn’t respond though, mind wandering to the offshore swiss bank account that is collecting his check every week. he doesn’t need the money. when he was approached by the balding politician, he was skeptical, but it was an out- a means to the end of sierra six…even if it meant being the personal bodyguard of twenty-year-old you. it wasn’t glamorous, but it allowed him to live without looking over his shoulder and it provided him with more than enough money to take care of claire and himself.
you follow him to your room, watching as he subconsciously checks all the windows and doors that he knows are locked. occupational hazard, he would say. trauma, you would argue.
“i really am sorry for keeping you up this late,” you apologize when your eyes read the time on your bedside analogue clock. half past twelve. “we obviously did some damage,” you gesture towards the shopping bags. “had a couple drinks. lost track of time.” your best friend had suggested a shopping trip. how could you turn it down? six had insisted on going, in fact, if your dad found out that six hadn’t gone, he would lose his mind. however, you convinced the bodyguard that you would only be gone until nine. nine…conveniently turned into twelve thirty.
the glare the blonde gives you is hard enough to make you want to dig an early grave. his blue eyes are intense, staring right through you. “you’re not old enough to drink.”
you brush past him into your closet to change into your usual tee shirt and spandex. “if i can sign up to die for my country, i think i can have a drink every once and awhile.”
court doesn’t argue with your point, he simply replies with, “you should’ve called me, y/n.”
when you exit the closet, you’re met with concerned eyes. “i’m okay, court. one night without you didn’t kill me.” he raises an eyebrow and you send back a begrudging look. “i promise to call next time.”
he nods, satisfied. you both know you are very capable of protecting yourself, but six took your safety seriously. the first month of his stay included you learning about situational awareness and the basics of krav maga. you were strong, more than able to overtake the average sized military aged male. six was hired, however, because the people who wanted to hurt your father were relentless and better than the military. they were men like him. machines. killers. you couldn’t handle yourself against men like him and that is what six was scared of. he cared about you just as much as he cared about claire. and vice versa.
you had taken a liking to your short-lipped, blonde shadow. after a year of him being around, he had become the closest thing you had to family. he had truly seen you at your best and at your worst. he celebrated your birthday with you, listened to you vent about celebrity drama, held you when your sister left, became a punching bag when you were angry. he was the only person who knew where your birthmark was and snuck you out when you wanted to get a new tattoo. the first one had been a crescent moon on your left shoulder. the most recent was the number six permanently etched into the smooth of your wrist. the blonde thought it was a joke and proceeded to lecture you the whole ride home when he realized it wasn’t. he said it was foolish. you thought it was touching. that was your first argument. what he failed to realize was that he was everything your family wasn’t. he was present, available, he listened, made stupid jokes, gave terrible advice, but he was always there for you.
“we’re staying in tomorrow,” six informs heading for your door. he intends to check the the grounds one more time.
“wait.” his shoes making a squeaking sound on your hardwood floors as he stops. “i got you something.”
six watches as you dig through the pile of massive shopping bags on your floor. the first thing you throw at him is a four pack of gum. “island berry lime, watermelon wave, pineapple twist, splashing mint. what happened to perfect wintergreen peppermint?” 
“discontinued,” you mutter finally finding what you were actually looking for.
six hums in surprise. “i kinda liked that one.”
“well, i hope you like this a little bit more.” your usual mischievous glint is replaced with one of adoration. six is skeptical, but takes the small black box from your hands. you rock back on your heels, nervous.
“y/n,” six says, “what is this?”
“what do you mean? it’s a watch.”
“a really expensive watch,” he shoots back. hublot, orlinski titanium, $15,000.
“whatever,” you shrug, “look at the back.”
VI ; six
the cardinal number between five and seven.
a small smile creeps onto his lips as he reads the engraving. “what is this for?”
“because i like seeing you smile and because you deserve something better then the crappy one you’re wearing right now.”
the word deserve was one that six battled with. he had never felt deserving of anything in his life. he had always thought that the people he had been sent to hunt truly deserved to die, but what about him? what did he deserve? for years he existed in a world beyond the walls of normal life where the word deserve didn’t exist. but now as a civilian, he could think about the things that he wanted and the life he wanted to live. you were apart of that life- not romantically of course, but rather as a reminder that he deserved good things.
he shakes his head trying to hide his smile and sets down the watch. “c’mere.” you raise a skeptical eyebrow and he insists, “come here.”
he opens his arms and you step into them, humming as he wraps you in his warmth. “thank you,” he utters softly. “i mean it.”
you lean back to place a soft kiss to his jaw. “you deserve it, court.”
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Tumblr media
𝐡𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐬 ⎢ jack harlow x f!reader
warnings: sad toddler ⎢ fluff
w/c: 0.9k
want to read more from me? here’s my masterlist!
disclaimer: i am not affiliated with jack harlow. nothing in this work is a reflection of jack harlow or those around them as it is a work of fiction.
Tumblr media
the temperature in the bedroom was cold; just the way you like it. the thermostat is set to the most comfortable degree, an oscillating fan blowing the cool air throughout every square inch of the space, and you half-naked under your thick comforter. the perfect way to sleep in your opinion.
well, everything was perfect before your three-year-old daughter jumped on your bed at eight in the morning.
“mommy,” she whispered, hot morning breath singeing your nose hairs, “mommy, i’m hungry,” she shook your shoulder.
“okay, i’m up,” you groaned, backing away from her and her death breath. you stepped out of bed, wobbling a bit from moving too quickly.
“okay, mommy?” willow looked up at you with her arms extended toward you waiting to be picked up, her big eyes full of worry.
“yeah baby, let’s go brush our teeth so we can eat,” you perched her on your hip, giving her a wet smooch on her cheek making her giggle.
you brushed your teeth together and went downstairs to make your daughter some french toast and fruit. you made french toast one time and now she expects it every day. willow’s a picky eater so getting her to eat is sometimes a struggle, so to see her enjoy something so much is a blessing in and of itself.
she had just finished eating, maple syrup on her cheeks from where she missed her mouth. “mommy?” she sounded sad.
“what’s wrong, ladybug?” you brushed her hair out of her face.
“when’s dada coming back?” she asked, her toddler drawl coating her words. she spoke really well for her age. paired with her height (courtesy of her dad) people often think she’s older than she is.
willow’s had separation anxiety since she was born; she liked having both of her parents with her at all times. when you would leave her with either set of grandparents, she’d cling to you and jack for dear life. she grew used to being around them quickly, which you were very grateful for.
but explaining to a toddler that her daddy has to leave for work for months at a time is challenging.
“dada had to leave for work, but he’ll be back tomorrow,” you reassured your child.
“pwomise?” her eyes watered.
“yes, baby, i promise,” you tickled her side making her squeal, “now let’s clean up.”
you’d just finished giving lo a bath and doing her hair. you could tell she was still upset about her dad being away.
“ladybug, can i tell you a secret?” you whispered. she looked at you wide-eyed, intrigued by what you had to say. she nodded her head quickly, listening attentively.
“when daddy’s away, i like to wear his clothes. you wanna try? see if it makes you feel better?” you asked. the little girl jumped from the bed and pulled you toward your and your husband’s shared closet. you both went through jack’s side of the closet, making sure not the disturb it too much.
“i want that one!” she bounced on the balls of her feet, pointing to a white button-down. 
you started to say no, the designer shirt costing well over a thousand dollars, but the look on your daughter’s face swayed your heart. you took the shirt and placed it on willow, the fabric engulfing her small frame.
oh, and did she look adorable. you pulled out your phone to snap pictures as she flung her arms around to watch the sleeves wave about. she ran out of the walk-in closet and the tail of the shirt flowed behind her like a cape. from the sheer joy expelling from the small child, one would’ve thought you’d given her a toy she’d been begging for rather than a dress shirt.
the rest of the day went on and willow’s infatuation with the shirt never wavered. she only took it off to eat because you refused to treat snack and juice stains that were sure to come from the toddler’s messy eating.
you and your daughter were cuddled up on the couch watching encanto when the sound of the garage opening caught both of your attention. only a select few know the ever-changing passcode, so it didn’t worry you. you heard a car pull in and immediately you knew who it was, but you looked at the camera in the garage just to be sure.
“ladybug, go see who’s at the door,” the girl ran to the door just as the locks turned.
“dada!” she yelled, throwing her hands up and bouncing on her toes wanting to be picked up.
jack burst out laughing seeing his daughter in nothing but a pamper and one of his dress shirts.
“hi, my ladybug!” she smiled through his laughter and picked his daughter up, planting kisses all over her face, her giggles a result of jacks beard tickling her. “i missed you so much.”
“you,” you sang, “were supposed to be back tomorrow,” you raised an eyebrow at your husband. he opened his arms to bring you into the the hug and placed a kiss on your lips.
“we wrapped up early, and i wanted to surprise my girls,” he poked at willow’s tummy, her giggles music to both of your ears.
you reached up and kissed him again, “welcome home my love,” you smiled cradling his face. before he could respond you were interrupted by a jealous three-year-old.
“mommy, i wan’ kiss too!” she pouted reaching for you. you took her from jack and kissed her everywhere, just as jack did moments before. “mwah,” she exaggerated as her lips touched yours.
jack watched the two of you play around with each other and couldn’t be more grateful.
it was good to be home.
Tumblr media
𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬 © 𝐬𝐚𝐜𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐬-𝐰𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐬. 𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐜𝐨𝐩𝐲, 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭, 𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐲 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐝-𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐲 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐬 𝐨𝐫 𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐬.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⋅ ⎯ ✈︎ tomorrow by together | s. soft sex with txt ! | w. smut smut ! | r. requested ! | wc. ~0.7k ! | g. smut, slice of life, romance, headcanon !
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Tumblr media
⋅ ⎯ ✈︎ choi yeonjun | 최연준
sex with yeonjun was never really rough
a lot of people make him out to seem like a hard dom but i see a completely different side of him
someone who cares and is gentle
yeonjun to me is someone who knows what to do with your body
yeonjun is especially soft during sex when he's feeling stressed or he's just completely overwhelmed with what's going on
he's very careful with your body, making sure he touches the right spots
he makes sure his touch is gentle
and his sweet words as his soft lips barely touch your ear
yeonjun is good at what he does and this is no exception
⋅ ⎯ ✈︎ choi soobin | 최수빈
soobin is always soft
soobin is so vanilla to me idc idc
there are times where he might be a little rough
hair pulling here and there but this time around he was gentle
he knew your body like the back of his hand
his favorite position is literally missionary idc what anyone tells me
he loves the intimacy
i wouldn't say sex with soobin is particularly soft
but he's very sweet and always wants to please you
he tends to put his needs to the side
but he always gets joy from knowing he was able to make you cum
⋅ ⎯ ✈︎ choi beomgyu | 최범규
the way i can already imagine him being soft during sex
beomgyu is a JOKER
he is always making jokes or being the reason someone laughs because that's just the kind of person he is
so who am I to think that sex would ever be serious with him?
but this time around he was different
he was in a loving mood
not that he's not always in a loving mood but today he was feeling a little bit more soft and serious
today he touched your body like a delicacy
his touch was soft and his hands wandered across your body gently
the way he would whisper the most sweet yet seductive things in your ear???
⋅ ⎯ ✈︎ kang taehyun | 강태현
not going to lie but i was definitely listening to justin bieber "love me" while writing this but anyways
i feel like taehyun is already super gentle and super loving because he's not someone who gives into love easily
tyun is good with his words but he's also good with the way he treats your body
i promise you every time you have sex with him it's just making love because he's not someone who would give himself to someone without knowing that he loves them wholeheartedly
he's always compassionate and willing to give you all of him as you give him all of you
sex is the most vulnerable moment to tyun so he's going to treat you like the only person in the world
calling you perfect, not blinded by imperfections but finding even your insecurities the most beautiful things ever
whenever he's reaching his high, his beautiful moans and the way he tells you he loves you while he fills you up
he's just husband material, he's not someone you could have a fling with
⋅ ⎯ ✈︎ huening kai | 휴닝카이
theeeee sweetest boy ever
but my intuition just tells me he's rough
so when he's being soft he's either tired or he's just so in love and wants to make love
mind you, hyuka is a LEO
HE IS A LEO so what makes you think he's not full of himself
he's literally such a brat during sex and he's very, VERY cocky
smirks everywhere istg
but anyways enough about that because this is not what we're supposed to be talking about...
when he's having soft sex i can promise you he's missionary
he loves being able to see your face and being able to call you beautiful
he loves those intimate aspects of soft sex
he's very good at soft sex when's he's a little bit more emotional or vulnerable
he's especially soft when he's feeling stressed
he'll fuck you hard but his pace is everything
slow and sensual i swear!
Tumblr media
2022 © jungwnies
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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NAIDA: I’m not overdressed, am I? VEN: You look perfect, don’t worry. NAIDA: It’d be easier not to worry if you’d tell me where we’re going. VEN: I think that would explicitly defeat the point of it being a surprise. [sound of knock on door] NAIDA: That must be Arty. I’ll go and talk to her. VEN: No, no. You go get the tadpole. I’ll talk to Arty. NAIDA: Hey, Arty. How are you? ARTRICE: Splendid as usual. NAIDA: Did you go over everything? VEN: I checked, double checked, and triple checked. NAIDA: Bed time? VEN: Check. NAIDA: No juice after seven thirty? VEN: Double check. NAIDA: You told her where the first aid kit is? VEN: Angelfish, it’s just a couple of hours. Stop worrying. NAIDA: I know, I know. Okay, well, you have our numbers, call if there’s any trouble. ARTRICE: Don’t worry, Mama. I’ve got it. NAIDA: Alright, thank you. Goodbye, Baby. VEN: Just one more thing. NAIDA: What are you doing? VEN: Sorry, just need you to put this on for a minute. NAIDA: Ven! For fin’s sake, you’re being ridiculous! VEN: Oh yes, I’m the one being ridiculous. Calm down, Love. I just need you to wear it for the car ride. It won’t be long, don’t worry.
NAIDA: I can’t see where I’m going! VEN: Just hold onto my hand. NAIDA: Ven, I’m wearing stilettos! VEN: And we both know you have amazing balance. Come on, I promise it’ll all be worth it.
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xumoonhao · 2 months ago
actually you know what life is indescribably beautiful and we will all one day experience he happiness we so rightfully deserve and we will get to live the life we always had in mind for ourselves!!!
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bookwyrminspiration · 8 months ago
Response to an ask sent by Ophelia, who has asked the actual contents not be shared as it contains personal information.
Hello, Ophelia! This is the best way I can respond to what you were talking about (making an entirely separate post), as you asked me to cut/blur out the information you shared. I didn't know if there was anything specific you'd be okay keeping in, so I've decided not to share any of it to be safe.
First: you're not bothering me. You never are. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you are welcome to share as much or as little as you want with me as often as you want. And that is a genuine offer. I'm not just saying that. And you didn't sound passive-aggressive, maybe closer to stressed and unsure of yourself, but it's okay. I don't take any offense to either. You don't need to apologize for sending me asks, as there's nothing wrong with it!
On to the rest of your ask. I've heard of that disorder before, but I will admit I don't have great knowledge on it. I'm glad that you're starting to get some answers though, even if it is stressful. But it is not your fault that you have it. I cannot emphasize this enough, but you are not to blame for childhood stress. I know how easy it is to turn things around and blame yourself and all the things you could've should've done, but you had no way of knowing. And it is not your responsibility as a child to take perfect care of yourself. You didn't know. You cannot be at fault for not knowing things.
it is so so so easy to look a situation and think well if I'd just done this one thing everything would have worked out better. I know I have. There are situations that torment me to this day that could've been completely prevented with one simple action on my part, and it kills me inside whenever I think of it, because I hurt more than just myself with my idiocy. But no matter how much I think about it, I just didn't know better at the time. And it gets easier to accept as time goes on, but there are times where all I can think about are that day and the things I didn't do and how I could've fixed everything and prevented the consequences I've been living with ever since.
It seems so obvious to blame yourself. You are your own responsibility after all, right? Not necessarily. You were a kid. You were stressed a lot. You didn't know there was anything that could be done. And that's okay. You're going to be okay. You are not to blame for having this disorder. You have the disorder, but there's no way of knowing if you could've prevented it by reaching out to someone. And thinking of it is only going to make you more regretful and frustrated with yourself if you're anything like me. This isn't to say you have to just sit there and accept something that's undoubtedly made your life harder. You're allowed to mourn and be upset, I just don't want you to berate yourself in the process, because you deserve to be treated with kindness, especially from yourself.
You said it's frustrating, so I really hope that things get better for you from here. Especially since not a lot is known about the disorder, which can make the situation feel hopeless. I hope if you want to get assessed for the other thing that you have the option to in the future. The whole process of getting diagnosed in this day and age can feel so daunted, especially when you're already functioning on less energy/motivation than everyone around you.
I'm sorry that the type of therapy shown to help isn't available where you are. Is there anything you can do personally to manage symptoms and help deal with it? Like I said, I don't know much about it, so I don't know how much I can offer support aside from just reaffirming your frustrations and offerings words. I really wish I could do more for you.
Please don't overthink the length of your asks. I truly don't mind getting long asks. And your request to have information cut out isn't stupid. We all have boundaries, so I will more than happily accommodate you in any way needed so you're not sharing information you don't want to online.
your ask wasn't dumb or a downer to read. I don't really get emotional responses to other people a lot of the time, more of an analytical "how can I help and respond to this" so if I sound detached that is not intended at all. You're not dumping your problems on me or adding stress into my life, you're sharing personal experiences with me, which I've told you you're allowed to do. I wouldn't invite you to share if I wasn't open to listening to you!
and thank you. I have been doing alright, all things considered. I only have two weeks left of school so I'm trying to just get through that so I can take a breather before my winter class. Especially since my mother has a tripped planned to see family right in the middle of it, which is inconvenient but unavoidable.
If you are rambling, I don't mind! I think I do a lot of rambling, too, so we can ramble at each other. It's not something that warrants an apology. Nothing you apologized for needed an apology. You haven't done anything wrong and you don't need to brace yourself. I'm not going to judge you or criticize you. I want the best for you and I care about you, that's all.
I hope things start to improve for you and that you can get some peace and comfort <33
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mythvoiced · 8 months ago
Make sure to bathe in trans rights juice today as a culmination to Transgender Awareness Week! 💕💖💞💓💗💝
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iamphibolous · a year ago
Boss calls me in early again so I give people free items👌
I already quit and it's not like anyone checks the cameras, and they're so short staffed no one surveys me if I just. 'forget' to scan a thing occasionally :)
I feel da power >:U
#Also I promised to a coworker I'd cover tomorrow if they needed me to cuz they hav sum stuff goin on so mb I will work tomorrow#but iz okay because listen. listen. Never working here again in my life unless they magically pay 15 an hour#I SEE THE SIGNS NO ONE EVEN PAYS SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS 15 THEYSAY '14.48' LIKE WHAT THE FUCK#I HATE THIS EVERYTHING but I have the opportunity to make some people's days and that's the best thing ever :3#I already quit so like. What are they going to do? They don't have people to work here ever that's why I was called in lol#You think they're going to call the cops over a one dollar worth of nail polish or a book that a woman with alzheimers wanted? like fr? no#and that's only if I get caught :3c Everyone trusts me so much already I've always been on the mark so like. YEAH XD#This place makes hundreds every day and I get paid 7 dollars an hour so 🖕:p#AUGH another personal post in a row U.U Iz my blog sorry just working times today significant things rn#cannot wait till I can get back to quiet walks and stuff but rn I am being having a leetle fun :) I saw a pigeon too on the way home#we don't see those much it's always grackles and I saw those too. A friend told me the brown ones are juveniles#Also a person who was the embodiment of a 'dad' told me I have a really cute voice so like that's still going on#I guess???? he was there with his son and they were very polite and that's always nice. Also a music artist was there too and they had#good taste in cheap yakisobas. I'm gonna miss the cool people I get to scan up items for U.U so nice to meet so many!!!#Ah but strangers are everywhere! I've seen quite a few on my walks though the difficulty is judging if someone wants to be talked to#because some people ya know are like. they're doing their own thing they don't want to be bothered 😬 so feels bad to be a bother#but yeah I forgot what I was talking about. My cat meowed at me and she reset everything now uhhhhh um I guess that's all#Maybe LATER I can be a person Xd I regained coherency around 9 pm today at least and that's nice.#love Bonbon she is so cute <3 Though I hate the sound of her bell I might take that off her color or get her a new one#it's gotten grating for some reason I think it might be the pitch??? shrug#another goodnight! I will b alive nuther time UwU byeeeeee (ゝω・)ノ#personal
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tiredsadpeach · a year ago
On top of this I’m having bank troubles and I’ve had an acc for literally two days lol
#I made a checking acc at like 9am yesterday and put my money in and everything was going well I even got a card with a guitar on it#and the guy was like ‘make sure to enroll in online banking and sign up for estatments so you don’t get feed’#so I was like cool! I’ll do it tonight#I tried yesterday night three times and it didn’t work#tried twice today and it didn’t work#like the guy wrote down the stuff I’m supposed to put in and they just don’t work#and the error message I’m getting is like ‘we can’t validate your information’ ?????#it tells me to try again or contact so I was like ‘okay I’m gonna try one more time and then call’#AND FUCKING THEY LIKE J U S T CLOSED#THEY GO FROM 7AM TO 7PM AND I WAITED JUST A SECOND TOO LONG#IM SO MAD AT MYSELF AND JUST HHHH#AND I HAVE TO GO TO THE DENTIST TOMORROW I FUCKING HATE THE DENTIST AFTER HAVING MY WISDOM TEETH OUT IT GETS MY ANXIETY HIGH NOW#AND I PROMISE IM GONNA HAVE A CAVITY BECAUSE IM DEPRESSED AND CANT GET MYSELF TO BRUSH#SO THATS MORE MONEY MY PARENTS HAVE TO SPEND ON ME AND THEYRE STILL PAYIJG OFF MY HOSPITAL BILL 😂😂😂😂#I am just ready to hhhh#and then Thursday I have to clean a house but that won’t be too bad because they’ll be out of town so I can go ag my own pace#it’s worse when they go out and come back because I have to rush I don’t like cleaning with people around#but also I’m hoping to start doordashing because I can just choose not to go near trauma places and I can listen to music all day and make#my own hours like I don’t expect it to be easy or anything and I know I can’t make a living off of it but I still live at home I don’t have#anything I have to pay for atm I’m just saving up or trying to because well buy stuff means dopamine and god I need it#Monkee record collection bring serotonin make me smile just looking at it#saw a tiktok of a Monkee collection and just god I wish that were me#had to end sorta positive so I don’t cry from stress because hhhhh
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spocklesbian · a year ago
now wait a fucking second. how else am I supposed to see that scene.
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sunflowergirl522 · 26 days ago
Pairing: Eddie Munson x Reader
Summary: The gang finds out Eddie has a girlfriend after he almost dies in the upside down and you come in and fix everything. A shameless fix it fic
Word Count: 1891
Tumblr media
“You’re gonna have to look after those little sheep for me okay?”
“No you’re gonna do that yourself!” Dustin cries as he looks down at the man he looked up to laying in his arms.
“Tell me you’ll look after them.”
“I’m gonna look after them.” He can barely get the words out. “But you’re gonna be right there with me, you hear me.”
“Listen I need you to tell my girlfriend I love her, she needs to know that I was still thinking about her in the end.” Dustin can barely register the sentence going into even more shock when he brings up having a girlfriend.
“Your girlfriend?” The thought of Eddie having someone back home gives Dustin a newfound strength as he stands up and carries most of Eddie's weight on his shoulder he propped his friend on. “You’re getting through this, and you’re going to tell her yourself.”
“Even if I make it to the trailer you’ll never be able to get me through the portal. Just promise me you’ll tell her, I’m sure she’s on her way back after the voicemail I left her.” He lets out a chuckle, regardless of how much pain he’s in, at how he’s imagining you leaving your grandma's house in a huff. You were always so adorable when you were angry.
Steve, Nancy, and Robin meet Dustin at Eddie’s trailer and start freaking out immediately at the state Eddie’s in. He can barely pay attention to them slowly feeling his world go dark and fear starts to grip him tightly. He doesn’t even notice when Dustin hands him off to Steve before getting something to climb back in with. He only snaps back into it when Steve slaps him across the face to wake him up.
“What the hell man!” 
“Good, you're still alive. I’m sending him through!” Steve yells to Robin and Nancy through the portal before starting to lift Eddie up. “You’re heavier than you look Munson.” The girls try to catch him but he still falls onto the mattress and groans in pain.
“Shit, careful I’m delicate.”
“This assholes definitely going to be fine.” Steve helps Nancy start to get Eddie’s jacket off once he’s through and looks at Robin and Dustin. “Go get washcloths and some cold water so we can try to keep him awake while we clean him up.”
The cold water and alcohol they pour into his bites helps to bring him away from the brink of death. It’s not too long before he’s able to stand on his own while the others clean his wounds better than just dumping stuff in them. Nancy acts as everyone's nurse as she switches between Eddie and Steve and Dustin while Robin stays by Eddie’s side to make sure he doesn’t start fading on them again.
When the door to his trailer slams open everyone's attention goes to it. They’re expecting it to be the cops or some of Jason's friends so they’re shocked when a fuming girl storms in.
“Edward Joseph Munson! What the fuck is going on?!” You freeze when you take in the scene in front of you. Your eyes widen at the injured teens spread out around the living room before locking eyes with Eddie. Yours softening as you see the state that he’s in. “Eddie? Baby what happened to you?” You're breathless as you take in his still slightly bloody torso and the wound on his neck.
“Sweetheart, what are you doing here?”
“What am I doing here?!” Your anger comes back and you start to make your way towards him. “Did you think you could leave me a message like that and I wouldn’t drive all the way home?” 
“I’m sorry, who are you?” Nancy steps in your way to prevent you from getting any closer to Eddie. That just infuriates you more, what’s this girl think she’s doing preventing you from getting to your boyfriend.
“I’m Eddie’s girlfriend. Who are you?” Her eyes go wide and her mouth opens and closes as she tries to find words.
“Girlfriend?” Steve and Robin speak at the same time and look at eachother with wide eyes. Meanwhile you just push past the girl in front of you.
“Jesus christ Eds you’re gonna need stitches.” You inspect the wounds on his sides, hands tentatively touching his skin. “You still have that sewing kit I left here?” He nods still shocked that you’re here when just moments ago he thought he’d never see you again. When you go to grab it from his room Dustin smiles and looks at Eddie.
“I like her.”
“Yeah me too.” Eddie can’t help but smile when he sees you coming back from his room already starting to rummage through the bag.
“What are you smiling at?”
“Did they already clean these?” You roll your eyes and ignore his response as you pull a chair out and sit next to him. Eddie nods down at you watching as you start to thread your needle.
“Woah what are you doing?” Robin asks, rushing closer to the two of you.
“Stitching up my boyfriend, what does it look like?” Eddie flinches as you start your work. “Don’t worry I’ve cleaned him up enough after bar fights to know what I’m doing.”
“She’s gonna be my own personal nurse once she’s done with school.” The way he stares down at you with lovestruck eyes leaves everyone silent again. 
“Hi, I’m Dustin.” He limps over to sit next to you and extends his hand.
“Hi Dustin, I’m Y/n. I’d shake your hand if I wasn’t preoccupied.” You glance at him out of the corner of your eye.
“Right, right.”
“It’s nice to meet you though, Eddie’s told me a lot about you. Says you’re like the little brother he never had.” 
You and Dustin fall into comfortable conversation while you work, the others observing and trying to get a hold of Lucas, Max, or Erica. You tell Dustin about how you were in school with Eddie and you started dating sophomore year after you asked him to teach you how to play DnD so you could play with your cousins. You had never joined Hellfire club but you would constantly sit in on their campaigns. You tell him about how he was supposed to graduate with you originally and how he failed the next year because he spent too much time visiting you instead of going to school. And then Dustin told you about how he met Eddie and all the fun times they’ve had before explaining what’s been going on and why Eddie’s so injured.
“Yeah, that explains why doofus here left me a message telling me how much he loves me and that if he doesn’t make it to take good care of his baby.”
“You have a kid?” 
“God no, he meant his guitar.”
“Baby you should’ve seen me in there, I put on the most metal show of my life! Finally got to play Master of Puppets.”
“Did you finally perfect it?” You can’t hide your excitement about it and he nods at you. “You’ll have to play it for me when you’re all healed up.” With that you finish closing up his other wound and back up from him.
“You’re not gonna kiss them better Sweetheart?”
“I’m still mad at you Edward, you had me scared half to death.”
“Edward?” Steve snickers after hearing Eddie's full name for the first time, not having been paying attention when you yelled it earlier.
“Shut it Harrington.” 
“Who are you guys again?” You turn to face the three young adults across the room from you.
“I’m Robin. This is Nancy and Steve, we're sorta friends with Eddie, mainly Dustins though.”
“Well thank you guys for taking care of him, sorry I was so rude when I first got here. I was just worried about him.”
“It’s cool.” It’s then that Lucas and Erica burst into the trailer.
“Jesus Sinclair what happened to you?”
“Max is in the hospital, they don’t know if she’s gonna make it, we need to go.” Lucas says in a rush the same time Erica answers ‘Jason.’ As everyone piles into Steve's car you hang back with Eddie and Dustin pauses and glances between the others and you guys.
“Hey, what do we do about Eddie?”
“I have an idea about that actually. Do you guys think you could drop us off wherever he stashed his van?”
They don’t see or hear from either of you for two days. After getting dropped off at the van you rushed him into it before hopping in the driver's seat and heading to your grandmas so he could shower and get some clean clothes on before resting while you figure out exactly how to go about your plan. Once eddie was rested enough up you’d drive back to Hawkins with him and tell the police a lie about how he’s been helping you take care of your ill grandma so he hasn’t even been in town to commit these murders. You’d then bring up how Jason never liked him and he knew most of the victims so it made sense for him to be the real murderer and to frame Eddie. You had only been in contact once with Dustin with him telling you that Jason died during the ‘earthquake’ and that he had attacked Lucas. So that could help play into your plan, you asked him if Lucas would be alright with hinting that Jason was the one to attack Max and haven’t spoken to him since.
“Hey, don’t be nervous, it's all going to work out okay?” You grab one of Eddie's hands as he drives into Hawkins. You could tell he was getting lost in his head.
“What if they just bring you down with me?”
“They won’t, you have an airtight alibi now so you aren’t even going down. My grandma said she’d even vouch for you being there if they need to ask her because she loves you and knows you could never do something like that.” You kiss his cheek when he pulls into the police station parking lot. “Just relax Eddie bear. Let me make it all better.” 
“Eddie!” Dustin yelled running towards him when he spots the two of you in the school's gym.
“Careful Henderson, I’m still injured.” He holds Dustin back when he goes to hug him.
“Did it work?” The younger kid looks over at you with curious eyes.
“Like a charm. Really we have Lucas to thank for that though, if he wouldn’t have been on board with the whole lying to the cops thing I don’t know if they ever would’ve eaten up the whole Jason theory the way they did. There should be a report about it on the news soon.”
“Eddie? Y/n?” Wayne drops his bag when he spots his nephew. “Thank God you’re okay.” He tears up as he pulls Eddie into a hug and you let go of his hand so he can properly hold him back knowing that he’s going to get emotional too. When the two of them part, Wayne looks over at you. “C’mere.” He pulls you into a hug too before whispering in your ear. “Thank you for taking care of my boy.”
“I always will, you know that.”
Eddie Taglist: @starbxcks​
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parkerslatte · 2 months ago
Caught Red Handed
Eddie Munson x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 2.6k
Summary: Y/N and Eddie are in a relationship but Y/N’s brother Dustin has no idea about it.
Warnings: light smut (fingering)
Tumblr media
“I’m heading out Dustin, I’ll be back later!” Y/N called her younger brother. 
“Where are you going?” Dustin asked, suddenly appearing from around the corner. 
“Just out with a few friends.” Y/N responded. 
“Who?” Dustin interrogated. 
“What are you? My father?” Y/N asked.
Dustin placed his hands on his hips, “Well someone has to be. You go out nearly every night without explanation. Robin says that you have a secret relationship that you’re not telling me about but I shut her down immediately. You tell me everything, of course you would tell me if you were in a relationship.”
Y/N gave him a tight lipped smile in response to her younger brother. He really hit the nail on the head with that one. 
“Dustin, I’m going to be fine, okay? If it gives you any peace, I’ll call you when I get to my friend's house, okay?” Y/N said. 
“Fine,” Dustin grumbled, “But be back by eleven.”
Y/N chuckled, “I’m nearly nineteen, I can be back after the Dusty. I’ll call you later, yeah?”
Y/N hastily left the house before Dustin could question her any further. She walked down the street before turning a corner to reveal the person she was actually meeting up with. 
Eddie was leaning against his van with his arms folded across his chest. Once he caught a glance of Y/N, a wide grin appeared on his face. Y/N walked a little faster and Eddie walked towards her until their bodies collided. Y/N's arms wrapped around Eddie’s shoulders while Eddie’s wrapped around her waist, lifting her from the ground slightly. 
Setting Y/N back down on the floor, Eddie leaned away from Y/N to look at her, “How are you always so beautiful?” 
Y/N’s face heated up at his complement as he brushed some of her hair behind her ear before capturing her lips with his own. 
Eddie’s hands moved from Y/N’s waist to lightly grasp her hips, pulling her closer to him. Y/N smiled into the kiss while her hands tangled themselves in his hair. Y/N pulled away after a moment to quietly whisper to him. 
“Let’s head back to yours now.” Y/N said as they walked to his van and the two of them drove off together. 
When the two arrived at Eddie’s trailer, Eddie’s lips were on hers as soon as they stepped through the threshold. He gently pushed her back to the counter top and rested his hands on either side keeping her there. 
From the looks of Eddie, he looks intimidating, mean and scary. In fact Y/N thought this when Dustin first told her that he had joined Eddie’s D&D club. She was hesitant to let him join because of the way Eddie presented himself but once she actually got to know him, he was the sweetest person Y/N had ever met. 
Thinking about Dustin, Y/N suddenly gasped, startling Eddie. 
“What? What’s wrong?” He questioned, concern lacing his tone. 
“Yeah, I just remembered that I promised I would phone Dustin when I got to my friend’s house.” Y/N said, breaking out of Eddie’s grasp and walked over to the phone. 
“That’s all I am to you, a friend?” Eddie asked, placing a hand over his heart. 
Y/N shook her head at her boyfriend before dialling her home phone. 
“If I’m just a friend would I do this?” Eddie asked before he stood close behind her while his arm wrapped around her waist, lightly pulling up her top. 
The phone continued to ring. 
“Eddie, we can get back to that in a minute, I’ve just gotta phone Dustin first.” Y/N said with a chuckle. 
Eddie however ignored her completely as he dipped his head down and began to gently pepper kisses along her jaw. Y/N, obviously enjoying it, tilted her head slightly to one side to give him more access. The phone had a couple more rings before Dustin finally picked up.
“Hey Dustin!” Y/N greeted, trying to ignore Eddie. 
“So are you at your friend’s?” He questioned.
“Yeah I just got here.” Y/N responded.
Eddie began to suck harshly on one spot on her neck causing Y/N to get out a gasp. 
“Are you okay?” Dustin questioned. 
“Hmm? Yeah I’m fine. I just stubbed my toe.” Y/N responded.
“Okay?” Dustin says, not sounding convinced, “So when will you be back tomorrow? I need you to drive me to Mike’s.”
One of Eddie’s hands began to gently pull up her skirt. Y/N tried to shuffle away but Eddie’s other arm was around her waist, preventing her from moving position. He gently caressed her thigh before he moved his hand higher and higher until he reached where she needed him most. She could already feel how wet she was. The effect that Eddie had on her body was unbelievable to her. 
Pushing her underwear to the side, Eddie moved his fingers through her folds gathering up all the wetness. Y/N’s lips were pressed together in a fine line, trying her best not to make any noise. His fingers toyed with her clit, making Y/N clench her legs together. She wanted to get off the phone call so badly but she knew that it would only make Dustin suspicious that she didn’t answer his question. 
Just as she was about to open her mouth, Eddie slipped a finger inside her making her let out a quiet moan. Luckily for Y/N, the phone was away from her mouth at that moment so Dustin wasn’t able to hear. 
“D-Don’t you have a bike?” Y/N stuttered, trying to repress her moans. 
Eddie’s fingers moved rhythmically inside her causing her to throw her head back against his shoulder and bite her lip. Eddie let out a low chuckle. 
“I do but you said you would drive me the next time because last time I rode my bike to Mike’s, it was raining.” Dustin said. 
As soon as Eddie slipped in another finger, a moan slipped past Y/N’s lips before she could stop herself. 
“What was that?” Dustin asked.
“Nothing,” Y/N answered quickly, “It was nothing, I think it was just my friend.”
“Okay, so can you drive me or not?” Dustin asks, “Me, Mike and Lucus need to get ready for Eddie’s campaign.”
At the mention of his name, Eddie picked up the pace a little, causing Y/N to nearly collapse in his arms. 
“Y-Yeah, I can drive you,” Y/N responded, “Bye Dustin.”
“Wait, Y/N-” Y/N hung up the phone before Dustin could get another word in. 
Once the phone was hung up, she finally let out the moans she had been repressing, “Eddie, please…”
“Just a friend, huh?” Eddie questioned, “How about I show you how friendly I can be?”
The sun streamed through the curtains, illuminating Eddie’s bedroom. Shifting slightly in her sleep, Y/N opened her eyes slowly, letting her eyes adjust to the dim light. She smiled as she thought back to the events of the night previous. Her legs still held a dull ache but it was worth it. 
She cuddled closer into Eddie’s chest as her hand lightly traced over the tattoos that littered his chest. Y/N looked at Eddie’s sleeping face and couldn’t believe how lucky she was. Never in her life did Y/N think she would end up in a relationship, before she met Eddie and getting to know him, no one had ever shown interest in her. Y/N never thought she would find love but now she had found the love of her life. 
“I can feel you staring.” Eddie muttered, pulling her closer.
“I can’t help myself,” Y/N mumbled against his jaw, peppering kisses along it, “You are the most handsome person in the world, Eddie Munson.”
“And you are the most beautiful girl in the world, Y/N Henderson.” Eddie muttered before connecting their lips together. 
Eddie cupped Y/N’s jaw lightly, his thumb rubbing her cheek gently. They both smiled into the kiss, completely and utterly in love with each other. Everything was complete bliss until-
“Eddie!” A very familiar voice called from outside his trailer.
Y/N and Eddie pulled away from each other and looked at each other wide eyed. 
“Why is he here?” Y/N whispered, suddenly feeling very awake.
“I don’t know,” Eddie said, “I didn’t invite him here!”
“Tell him to leave.” Y/N said.
“Why can’t we just not answer and hopefully he’ll go away.” Eddie suggested.
“My brother is very persistent, he won’t go away until he talks to you.” Y/N said. 
Eddie sighs before getting up from the bed to put clothes on, “Fine.”
“Don’t mention that I’m here, I said that I was at a friends.” Y/N said.
Eddie gave her a sly smirk while shrugging his jeans on, “I’m aware. Some friend that was.”
“Yeah yeah, you proved that last night,” Y/N said, “Now go and get my brother to leave.”
Eddie left Y/N in his room and closed the door over slightly so she was blocked from view. He opened the door to his trailer and Dustin was already standing outside with his hand ready to knock.
“Henderson,” Eddie greeted, “To what do I owe the pleasure?”
“I’ve been looking for Y/N,” Dustin said, “She said that she would be home in the morning and it’s now midday and she didn’t come home. She said that she would drive me to Mike’s.” 
From inside Eddie’s room, Y/N looked at the clock and saw that it was nearly one in the afternoon. She cursed under her breath for sleeping in that long. 
“So you came all the way here, on your bike, because your sister didn’t come back when she said she would,” Eddie said, trying to make sense of everything, “And isn’t your sister nearly nineteen? Surely you don’t need to worry where she is.”
Dustin sighed, “I guess I’m just worried, she’s been acting secretive recently and leaving the house hours on end. It’s stupid. I’ve been to everyone’s houses already looking for her.”
Y/N smiled to herself from inside Eddie’s room. She knew that Dustin cared about her but she didn’t know that he cared that much. It warmed her heart. 
“No, no, it’s not supid,” Eddie reassured the younger boy, “You’re worried about your sister, that’s a perfectly okay thing to worry about.”
“Yeah, sorry for disturbing you-”
Dustin cut himself off as he looked past Eddie to peer inside his trailer. 
“Is that my sister’s skirt?” Dusting questioned, forcing himself into the trailer. 
Eddie’s eyes widened, “What? No!”
“Yes it is!” He says, and looks around again, “And that’s her top.”
Y/N’s eyes widen as her brother’s voice gets closer and closer to Eddie’s room. Eddie keeps denying Dutin’s accusations but her brother was persistent. Eddie’s bedroom door was pushed open.
“Don’t look in there!” Eddie said, causing Dustin to turn to him so his back was to Y/N. 
Y/N looked at Eddie over Dustin’s shoulder with wide eyes. The only thing that was covering her body was a blanket. 
“Why not?” Dustin questioned.
“I have- I have things in there.” Eddie stuttered out.
“Yeah? What things?”
“Personal things?” Eddie replied, although it sounded more like a question. 
“Yeah sure.” Dustin said not convinced before turning around. 
Once his eyes fell on Y/N laying in Eddie’s bed with nothing but a blanket to cover her, he let out a shriek and turned to face Eddie. 
“Y/N what are you doing naked in Eddie’s bed?” Dustin shouted.
“Um…well, the thing is-”
“We’re in a relationship.” Eddie blurted out, saving Y/N from coming up with any sort of explanation that would only cause more embarrassment. 
“What!” Dustin shrieked, “Why wouldn’t you tell me? I am talking to you Y/N but I refuse to turn around right now.”
“We wanted to but we didn’t know how you would react.” Y/N answered her brother. 
“How I would react? How did you think I would react?” Dustin asked, his voice still loud.
“Like this.” Y/N exclaimed.
“Well I just walked in on my sister basically naked and now she tells me she is dating Eddie. The Eddie you don’t talk to unless you have to. I don’t even know what to think right now,” Dustin says in an exaggerated manner, “And why were you acting weird on the phone last night. Don’t tell me you were…”
Dustin looked to Eddie’s face to see his lips in a thin line and a guilty look present on his features. 
“Oh god, I think I’m gonna be sick.” Dustin gags before leaving the trailer.
Y/N and Eddie stay in silence for a couple moments longer before Y/N decides to break it. 
“Can you give me some clothes so I can go and talk to him?” Y/N says.
After getting dressed into Eddie’s clothes, she steps outside to speak to Dustin. He was pacing around outside. 
“Dustin.” Y/N says, grabbing her brother’s attention. 
“What?” He says, stopping in his tracks.
“You don’t mind this do you?” She asks, “Me and Eddie dating.”
“I don’t, I just can’t believe that you didn’t tell me,” He says, a sad expression on his face, “We tell each other everything. Robin was right.”
Y/N sighed, “I know. I wanted to tell you, I really did but we didn’t know how you would react. You and Eddie are good friends and I didn’t want to step in the way of that.”
“I wouldn’t have cared,” Dustin says, “I’m actually kind of glad that you’re dating him. If you ever started to date I wanted you to date Eddie or Steve.”
Y/N furrowed her eyebrows, “How so?”
“Because I know neither of them would hurt you.” Dustin confessed. 
“Aww Dusty,” Y/N says, wrapping her arms around him in a hug, “You do care.”
“Okay, okay, stop with the hugging now.” Dustin says dramatically. Y/N chuckled before pulling away. 
“So are we all good out here?” Eddie questioned, stepping out of his trailer. 
He stood next to Y/N and wrapped an arm around her shoulders as she leaned into him. She reached up and entwined her fingers with his. 
“Yeah, we’re all good,” Dustin says before focusing his attention on Eddie, “But if you ever hurt her, I’ll hurt you.”
“I don’t put it past you.” Eddie says. He knew he would never hurt Y/N so he didn’t need to worry about Dustin’s threat. 
Y/N smiled at Eddie before quickly pecking his lips and Dustin gagged.
“Just don’t do anything like that in front of me.” He says.
“What?” Y/N says innocently, “This?”
Y/N pressed her lips to Eddie’s once again however the kiss was slightly longer than the last. Dusting gagged again but Eddie didn’t care, if it meant that he got to kiss Y/N again.
“Y/N, I’m literally begging you.” Dustin says. 
Y/N and Eddie chucked and Eddie pressed a quick kiss to Y/N’s forehead as Dustin walked over to his bike. 
“I love you so much, Y/N Henderson.” Eddie mumbled against Y/N’s head. 
Y/N looked up at Eddie and smiled, “And I am so deeply in love with you, Eddie Munson.” Their lips connected once again. The kiss is full of true and pure love. Y/N’s lips parted as she deepened the kiss. 
“Hey! Stop that in front of me!”
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jaehyurb · 7 months ago
Alot of things irritate me tht i cannot put into words
#like watching this vid on critical analysis of writing and shit#and all the comments are like imma english major and i have skills my friends dont blahbalhbal#critical analysis is IMPORTANT#like we fucking know…. I analyze everything that is in my way and always have#and it just really grinds my gears when ppl just…think its something they just discovered#or like its a thing that is someones fault that they lack#LIKE SCHOOL DOES NOT TEACH U SHIT ABT CRITICAL ANALYSIS I AM SORRY#but those english classes YES EVEN AP classes dont do a good job at teaching students how to successfully analyze writings#they hold ur hand they dont let u analyze it urself and let u come to ur own conclusions#they go okay ‘whats this paragraph mean’ and timmy will say what he thinks#and then theyll go ‘nooo it means dadadada’#THATS HOW CRITICAL ANALYSIS IN HIGH SCHOOL GOES lmao of fucking course young ppls literacy is going out the window when they are being#taught these things that are supposed to be helpful in a way that is excruciating as fuck#and still having zero idea why itll be useful to them#not even that but critical analysis in high school doesnt even touch pn the fact that media… written or filmed…. can be interpreted in many#many ways and alot of times WE WILL MEVER KNOW THE AUTHORS TRUE INTENT#and it just makes me angry that people are shitty to teens about it like i promise you! they most likely DID pay attention#they just thought it was boring as fuck and useless and took nothing from it cause they make u wrote forty essays and read shitty books
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katsu28 · a month ago
changed the game
pairing: Steve Harrington x reader
summary: steve would do anything for you, but he would never tell anyone why—until today
(i suck at writing summaries but it’s basically just 4.8k words of best friends to lovers with the best soccer mom ever!) 
warnings: swearing, steve being adorable, slight violence but it’s only like one slap, fluff central
a/n: i really am a sucker for the best friends to lovers trope. enjoy!! <3
masterlist + taglist
Tumblr media
(gif found on google, credits to owner)
You burst through the doors of Family Video, looking around the store frantically for the one person you needed to find until you finally spotted him reshelving movies in the corner. He (surprisingly) didn’t see you coming, so when you popped into his line of sight, he jumped.
“Jesus Christ!” Steve yelped, all the tapes in his arms clattering to the floor. 
“Sorry,” You offered him a guilty smile, kneeling down to help him pick everything up. “Didn’t mean to startle you.” 
“Uh, no, you’re—you’re all good. I was spaced the hell out.” Steve mumbled. “What’s up?”
“You’re going to Lucas’ game tonight, right?”
“Yeah, of course. Why?” 
“Would it be okay if the boys and I hitched a ride?” You asked sheepishly. “I promised I’d drive them, but my sister called dibs on the car for her stupid date, and I—” 
“Yeah, sure! No problem.” His response was immediate (and a bit squeaky too), head nodding so fast that his hair fell into his eyes. “I can pick you up at six, swing around and grab them on the way?”
“That sounds perfect! Thank you so much, Steve, you’re a lifesaver!” You beamed at him, passing off the rest of the fallen tapes into his arms and pulling him into a quick hug. He barely had time to react before you backed away, but your perfume lingered in his space. “I gotta get to work, but thank you again. I’ll see you tonight.” 
Steve managed a weak wave goodbye before watching you retreat out the doors, mind still processing your conversation. 
“Alright, I’ll shoot. When are you gonna tell her?” Robin’s voice pulled him out of his thoughts, and he looked over to see her leaning against the front counter with her chin propped up in her hand and a shit eating grin on her face. 
“Tell her what?” He snorted, shoving the rest of the movies back on their respective shelves. Robin aimed a rather pointed look at him. “Seriously, what?” 
“Oh, you’re serious?” She raised an eyebrow. When all Steve did was give her a dumb look, she sighed. “When are you gonna tell Y/N that you’re in love with her?” 
Steve froze in his tracks, gaze whipping over to her incredulously. “What?” 
“You heard me, dingus.” 
“You’re insane.” 
“Steve, you were literally just telling me yesterday about your date with Brenda tonight, and you just agreed to play soccer mom carting around a bunch of your kid friends, all because Y/N batted her eyes and said pretty please?” 
“We’re friends, Robin. That’s what friends do.” He replied with a shrug, but even that seemed forced. “Besides, I can just call Brenda and reschedule, no big deal. She’ll understand.” 
“I’m your friend too, and you wouldn’t even give me a ride home from school after band practice last week!” 
“That was different!” 
“Yeah, you’re not completely head over heels for me!” 
“Y’know what?” Steve huffed, grabbing the movie cart and pushing it away from Robin. “I have work to do. I don’t need this.” 
“Right, because you’re so hard at work reshelving tapes!” Robin called after him, to which he flipped her off behind his back.
Once Steve finished reshelving all the rewound tapes, he glanced back over at the counter to see if Robin was still behind it, and when he saw that she was helping an old lady in the far corner of the store, he hurried over to the phone, digging the scrap of paper that Brenda had given him out of his pocket and dialing her number. He drummed his fingers on the counter as it rang, trying to come up with a way to bail on their date at the last minute without seeming like a jackass. 
“Hello?” Brenda’s sickly sweet voice poured through the receiver, and Steve cringed. 
“Hey, Brenda, it’s Steve. Harrington.” He said weakly, twirling a pen between his fingers. 
“Steve, hi!” She sounded happy to hear from him. “I’m looking forward to our date tonight!” 
“Yeah! Um, about that…I hate to do this so last minute, but I just came down with the nastiest case of food poisoning, and I think we’re probably gonna have to take a raincheck on our date.” 
“Oh no, you poor baby!” Brenda cooed. “Of course we can reschedule, no problem! Whenever you’re feeling better, just give me a call.” 
“Thank you so much, Brenda, you’re a real saint!”
“Maybe I’ll swing by your place and bring you some soup?” 
“No!” Steve blurted, then let out a forced chuckle. “No, I mean, I think food poisoning is contagious, and I’d be so bummed if you came by and I gave it to you.” 
Brenda giggled, and he could just picture her twirling her permed blond hair around her finger like she always did around him. “You’re so thoughtful, Steve.” 
“That, I am.” He sighed, squeezing his eyes shut. “I, um, I’ve gotta go…y’know—I’ll just call you sometime, yeah?” 
“Feel better soon!” 
Steve mumbled out a ‘thank you’ before hanging up, ignoring the guilt pooling in his stomach and instead focusing on how happy you’d looked when he said he could give you and the boys a ride. 
“Does your ass ever get tired of all the shit that comes out of your mouth?” Robin asked innocently, pulling him out of his thoughts. Steve just flipped her off again on his way to the back room, where he collapsed into one of the flimsy plastic chairs with a heavy sigh. 
Robin was right, he was head over heels for you (but she didn’t need to know that). After Nancy, Steve didn’t think he’d ever be able to connect with anyone ever again. But then you came along with your bright smile and witty comebacks and how much you cared about your friends, and he fell hard and he fell fast. You’d ruined him for anyone else, in the best possible way. 
He’d been going on all these dates with different people, trying to find one person who he thought he could be happy with for once, but with every date he went on, his heart wasn’t in it. 
You had Steve Harrington wrapped around your finger, and you didn’t even know it. 
He’d do anything for you, so canceling a date that he didn’t even really want to go on was the least of his worries. Steve just hoped it didn’t end up backfiring on him in the future, because that would definitely not be a good look for him. 
“You’re baking. You hate baking, why are you baking?” Your older sister, Callie, furrowed her eyebrows in confusion as soon as she walked into the kitchen, eyeing the mess of baking supplies on the counter with you in the middle of it all. 
You blew a stray piece of hair out of your face, hands too covered in sticky dough to touch anything else. “Cookies for Steve.” 
“Cookies for Steve,” She repeated, nodding slowly. “Why?” 
“Since someone,” You aimed a pointed look at her, “is taking the car tonight, he’s driving the boys and I to Lucas’ game.” 
“Is he now?” She hummed, smirking. 
See, what you didn't know was that Callie was friends with Brenda, the very same Brenda who was supposed to be going on a date with Steve tonight. Also the very same Brenda that had just called her sadly about Steve having food poisoning and canceling said date. Now hearing that he’d bailed on her to help you out, everything she’d been picking up on between you and Steve finally made sense. 
The way Steve always hung onto your every word, gazing stupidly at you when you weren’t looking. Every single time he’d gotten you something just because he thought you’d like it. How he’d show up at your house and watch god awful movies with you, and she could hear both your snorting laughters all throughout the night. 
And now this: Steve making up a bogus excuse to get out of a date all because you’d asked him for a favor. 
There was no mistaking it—Steve Harrington was in love with you. 
And you definitely felt the same way about him, because here you were, baking cookies for him like you were Betty Crocker despite your outspoken hatred for it. 
“So what’s the deal between you and Steve anyways?” Callie asked nonchalantly, reaching across the counter to snag a handful of chocolate chips and popping them in her mouth. 
“What deal?” You pulled open the oven to put the cookies inside to bake, setting a timer for ten minutes before turning back to her with furrowed brows to see that she was looking pointedly at you. “There is no deal with me and Steve, Cal, we’re friends. Friends help each other out.”  
“Right,” She dragged out the word amusedly, like she didn’t believe a word you were saying. “So you don’t like him? Like, like him like him?” 
“Me, like Steve?” You forced out a laugh, shaking your head. She nodded. “No, I don’t like him. Why are you asking?” 
“Oh, no reason.” 
“Says the one covered in flour,” Callie shot back, wrinkling her nose at you. “Don’t you have to go get ready or something?” 
One glance at the clock above the sink had you swearing like a sailor, because you now had less than an hour to clean up your mess, shower, get dressed, and let the cookies cool before Steve picked you up. 
“Can you help me clean up?” You yelped, scrambling out of your dusty apron and chucking it at Callie frantically, who dodged it with an indignant noise. 
“No, it’s your mess, you clean it!” 
You were already hurrying down the hall to your bedroom, but you managed to catch yourself on the doorway as you yelled back at her. “I’ll take your laundry duty for the next three weeks!” 
Steve watched you leap down the steps outside your front door, smiling as you waved wildly at him on your way to his car. 
“Hi, Steve!” You chirped, sliding into the passenger seat smoothly. He nodded in acknowledgement, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel casually. “Thanks again for giving us a ride, I hope I didn’t crash any plans you might’ve had.” 
“Nah, no plans. And you don’t need to keep thanking me, I’m happy to help out,” He chuckled, pushing down the nagging feeling in his gut and pulling away from the curb smoothly. “Whatcha got there?”
You cracked open the plastic container on your lap with a sheepish smile. “Cookies. Made them as a thank you, but—” 
“Oh no, I’ll take that thank you,” He said quickly, opening his mouth without taking his eyes off the road. “Gimme one!” 
Popping a cookie into his mouth with a chuckle, you wiped your fingers on the collar of his jacket, listening to him groan about how this was his favorite one and how you’d ruined it. All you did was roll your eyes playfully, cranking up the radio to drown him out, but Steve switched gears right away, singing along horribly to every song that played—especially if he didn’t know the words. 
You couldn’t help but admire him from your side of the car, your eyes taking in every slope, curve, and contour of his face. From the sharp angle of his jaw to the curve of his pink lips; the scattering of freckles across his cheeks to the lines on his face that morphed into the cutest dimples whenever he smiled—in your eyes, everything about Steve Harrington was perfect. 
Sure, he could be a little dumb sometimes, but that was another one of the things you loved about him. 
And you did admit, the whole falling-for-your-best-friend thing wasn’t your smartest move, especially since that best friend was Steve freaking Harrington, who went on dates with different girls practically every other night and had a reputation for being quite the ladies’ man. You liked to think that he’d mellowed out since his King Steve days, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t have Hawkins girls lined up out the door to get their share of him. 
You didn’t really have any right to feel the jealousy that you did every time Steve talked about how he went roller skating with Stacy from junior year trig, or went out for milkshakes with Carla from the girls’ volleyball team, but you couldn’t help it. Steve was out of your league, and there was nothing you could (or would) do about it. 
“Hey, you okay?” Steve’s voice drew you out of your thoughts, and you saw that he was looking over at you in slight concern. When he saw you refocus, he smiled softly. “There she is. I was starting to wonder if I’d have to steal another cookie myself.” 
“I, um, I’m good. I was just…thinking.” You mumbled, embarrassed at the thought of being caught thinking about Steve by Steve. 
“Thinking, huh? Care to share?” 
“Wouldn’t you like to know?” You teased, eyes glinting with amusement. 
“I would, actually. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in that mind of yours.” 
“Maybe another time, Harrington.” You giggled, offering out another cookie as a consolation prize that Steve plucked right out of your fingertips. The car slowed to a stop outside of Dustin’s house, where the curly haired boy was already waiting outside impatiently, brows furrowed in confusion at the sight of Steve’s car but hopping in nonetheless. “Hey, Dustin! Sorry we’re late.” 
“It’s fine, the game doesn’t start for another fifteen minutes,” He assured you, then turned right to Steve. “But what are you doing here? I thought you were going—” 
“We should really get going if we wanna pick up the rest of the gang and get to the game on time!” Steve interrupted forcibly, shooting Dustin a very pointed look in the rearview mirror. 
“All buckled in, Henderson?” Dustin nodded slowly. “Alright, time to go!” 
Without further ado, Steve pulled away from the curb, cranking the radio back up and leaving Dustin (and now you) confused.
The atmosphere of the car ride to pick up Mike and Will, then to the high school, was awkward to say the least. The boys were in the back whispering about something you couldn’t make out and glancing at you and Steve in the front seat, while Steve was significantly less chatty with you than he was before Dustin got into the car. As soon as the car was parked, the younger boys filed out of the backseat, barely nodding at Steve’s promise to meet back here after the game was over in case anyone got separated before hurrying off towards the gym. 
“I’m gonna say it because nobody else will, but what is wrong with those kids?” You asked incredulously, wrinkling your nose at how weird they were acting. 
Steve just chuckled nervously, falling into step with you as you made your way slowly to the gym as well. “I ask myself that everyday.” 
You noticed how Steve didn’t answer your question, but decided not to push in fear of making things more awkward than they already were now. The two of you made your way into the school in silence, passing off your tickets and finding an empty space midway up the wooden bleachers, an aisle away from the band. You caught Robin’s eye and waved at her excitedly, nudging Steve with your elbow for him to say hi too. He waved, purposely ignoring her smug gaze by focusing out on the cheerleading squad. 
“Has Robin made her move on Vickie yet?” Your voice was soft in Steve’s ear, but still made his breath catch in his chest at the fact that you were basically leaning against him to be heard in the loud gym. 
“She, uh—no, she hasn’t. Not that I know of.” He stuttered, gulping nervously. 
“I think they’d be good together.” 
“I keep telling her that, but she keeps pushing back,” Steve shrugged. “You should talk some sense into her.” 
You smiled at him, patting his shoulder. “I think I will. Maybe I’ll swing by Family Video tomorrow.” 
Right as Steve was about to respond, a shrill whistle from the referee signaled the start of the game, not leaving much room to discuss Plan Robin-gets-the-girl. 
You couldn’t help but touch Steve every time something big happened during the game, whether it was latching your arm around his during a particularly risky play, elbowing him playfully when he made a sarcastic remark about the players, or much to Steve’s dismay, smacking his shoulder roughly every time Lucas touched the ball, as if Steve wasn’t watching the exact same game you were. 
The final play of the game was by far the best, when Lucas hit a buzzer beating three to bring it all home, and you nearly knocked Steve over hugging him in excitement. He wrapped his arms around your waist, reciprocating your hug and taking it one step further by lifting you up off your feet for a few seconds. Your nose nudged against his hammering pulse point at that, which you just chalked up to the adrenaline of the game and not what it actually was—you throwing yourself into Steve’s arms without a care in the world. It made Steve’s heart hammer in his chest, so much so that he was still thinking about it as the crowd was filing out of the gym, the cool air doing wonders to sooth his flushed cheeks. 
You nudged his shoulder gently, shaking him out of his head. “So, what do you think? Think we got a shot at winning the championships this year?” 
“I’d say yeah, so long as Coach takes Sinclair off the bench and puts him in action.” 
“I bet you could put in a good word for him, King Steve,” You teased, letting out a shriek of laughter and dodging Steve’s hands when he lunged towards you in retaliation. 
“Get the hell back here, you little—” 
Steve stopped in his tracks at the sickeningly familiar, once sweet, now turned very, very angry, voice that rang out from behind him, sending his heart that was just swelling with happiness plummeting into his stomach. Squeezing his eyes shut, he turned around slowly to see none other than Brenda standing behind him, arms crossed over her chest and eyes glaring right at him whilst she snapped the pink bubble gum forcefully between her teeth. 
“Hey—hey, Brenda!” He cleared his throat awkwardly in a sad attempt to keep his voice steady. 
Shit, she looked mad. 
“That food poisoning really cleared up fast, didn’t it?” She deadpanned, and if her gaze were lasers, they’d be boring a hole right through his head right now. 
“Yeah, uh—about that, I’m really sorry,” Steve mumbled, scratching the back of his neck sheepishly. “It’s not you, it’s me.” 
“Seriously? That’s the line you’re gonna use?” Brenda scoffed, rolling her eyes. “If you didn’t want to go out with me, you should’ve just said so instead of making up some bullshit excuse!” 
“I didn’t mean to, I just—it came out! I’m sorry, okay?” He blurted, realizing a split second after that he’d definitely just made things a whole lot worse. She looked about ready to rip his face off as she stalked towards him angrily. 
“It just came out???” She shrieked, eyes blazing with fury. “You’re an asshole and a coward, Steve, you know that?” 
“A coward?” He arched an eyebrow. Asshole, yeah, he could admit that much. But coward? That one threw him for a loop.
“You heard me.” 
“How am I—y’know what, I don’t even think I wanna know,” He shook his head, holding his hands up in surrender. “I’m sorry, Brenda. Truly, I really am. It was wrong of me to lie, and I apologize.” 
“Fuck you, Steve.” She snarled. Steve saw her hand go up, but he didn’t even register that she’d slapped him until a burning pain took over the entire left side of his face. Even then, he could only stand there in stunned silence as he watched her storm away from him.
Meanwhile, you were watching the whole thing from a few feet away, going through a myriad of emotions at their interaction and ending wide eyed in shock at the sight of Brenda slapping Steve clean across the face. 
“What the hell just happened?” You nearly collided with him as you rushed forward, your fingers instantly angling his chin towards you to assess the damage. An angry red hand imprint was already beginning to blossom across his cheek. 
He squinted with a scrunched nose, feeling his face grow hot in embarrassment. “It’s nothing, I’m fine.” 
“Steve, she just bitch slapped you across the face, that’s not nothing,” You pressed, dropping your hands to prop on your hips with a frown aimed up at him. “What was she talking about?”  
Steve blew out a heaving breath, backing up a few paces. Everything was blowing up in his face right now. “I lied earlier. I did have plans tonight. I was, uh, I was supposed to be coming to the game with Brenda…on a date.” 
“Steve, really?” You gasped, bringing your hands up to cover your mouth. “Oh, this is all my fault, I shouldn’t have—” 
“No! No, Y/N, this isn’t your fault. It’s mine, I should’ve said something.” He sighed, dragging a hand through his hair. “This is on me.”
“Why didn’t you tell me you had plans? I would’ve figured something else out.” 
Steve had two options. He could either use the same line about wanting to be a good friend that he used to justify his choice to Robin earlier, or he could man up and come clean, actually tell you why he dropped plans for you. Finally confess that he was in love with you. 
But the way you were looking at him, all confused and guilty and so beautifully conflicted at the same time, he couldn’t lie to you anymore. 
“I need to tell you something,” He blurted, getting the ball rolling so he wouldn’t chicken out. You tilted your head at him curiously, your expression inviting him to get what he needed to off his chest. Steve inhaled a sharp breath first, steeling his nerves. “The reason why I lied about my date, it’s—it’s the same reason why I keep going on so many dates.” 
“I’m not following…” 
“I go out on all these dates with all these different girls to distract me from the fact that there’s one girl who owns my heart. One girl that has me so wrapped around her finger that I’d do anything for her, no matter how big or small.”
“Steve,” You said softly, your breath hitching in your chest at the way he was stepping closer to you with every word with the most serious and the most nervous look you’d ever seen grace his face. “What are you saying?” 
“I’m in love with you, Y/N, so goddamn much that it hurts. I’ve been in love with you for…god, I don’t even know how long now,” Steve was nearly nose to nose with you now, taking your hand and placing it on his chest, right above his jackhammering heart. He didn’t care how many people were watching right now; he was on a roll and there was no way he was going to stop himself. Steve didn’t think he could even if he tried. “This heart is yours, Y/N L/N. It always has been, and it always will be.” 
You didn’t even realize there were tears rolling down your cheeks until the rough pads of Steve’s thumbs swiped under your eyes gently. “You’re crying. You’re—shit, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry.”
Then he was backing away quickly, hands trembling in uncertainty at your reaction to his confession, because shit, out of all the times he’d imagined this whole thing going down, not once did he expect you to start crying. 
It was damn near impossible for you to find the words to convey the knot of feelings pooling in your gut, so you did the next best thing that you could think of to make Steve understand that you loved him too. You surged forward before he could back off completely, body crashing against his and arms winding around his neck, and you kissed him. Hard. Lovingly, but yeah, still hard. 
Steve froze again for what seemed like the hundredth time today, his brain short-circuiting at what was happening at this very moment. You. Him. You were kissing him. In the middle of the parking lot. For pretty much all of Hawkins to see. 
Holy shit. 
You were kissing him.  
Kissing you was better than Steve had ever imagined—and he’d imagined it a lot. You tasted heavenly sweet, like the strawberry chapstick you always wore and the chocolate from the cookies you’d eaten earlier, and it made him weak in the knees. His hands were traveling up and down your back, resting at your waist, pulling you closer, moving like he didn't know what to do with them but didn't want to let you get away. Yours, on the other hand, stayed firmly planted in his hair, which—despite all the products that you'd always seen strewn across his bathroom counter at home—was surprisingly soft to the touch. 
It wasn’t until you heard a series of wolf whistles from passing students that you remembered you were in the middle of the parking lot, kissing Steve right out there in the open for everyone to see. And it was that thought that had you pulling away from his addicting lips, pressing your forehead against his as you tried to catch your breath after the kiss had pulled it out of both your chests. 
The world felt like it was spinning when you pulled away from him, like you’d just gotten drunk off his kiss, and you missed it already. 
“Whoa,” He panted, chest heaving. “What was—you…what was that?” 
You gnawed on your lower lip in contemplation, pondering how to word this in the best way. “In the car earlier, you said you wanted to know what I was thinking about.” 
“I remember.” 
“I was thinking about you.” 
“Me?” His voice was soft, honey brown eyes lighting up at your words. 
“Yeah, you. And how I’m in love with you too.” 
“You are?” 
“I love you, Steve Harrington.” 
Steve couldn’t help the dopey grin that stretched across his face at your words. “That—wow, that feels really good. Just hearing you say it.” He chuckled breathlessly, thumbing at your waist. “Can I kiss you again? Please?” 
“You can kiss me whenever you want.” 
“God, that’s even better.” 
He leaned in to kiss you again and you gladly reciprocated, subconsciously bringing your hand up to cup his face as he dipped you down slowly. As soon as your palm came in soft contact with his cheek, however, Steve hissed. “Ow, shit—” 
“Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” You yelped, pulling away from him in a panic. “I forgot!” 
“No, it was worth it,” He groaned, wincing slightly as your fingers ghosted across the handprint across his cheek once more. “So worth it.” 
“We should probably get some ice on that.” You chuckled, lacing your fingers through his and tugging him towards the car, where Dustin and the rest of the boys were all waiting with crossed arms and smug ass smiles. 
“About high time you guys figured it out!” He exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air exasperatedly. “God, I thought I was gonna have to confess for you, Steve.” 
“Shut it, Henderson,” Steve rolled his eyes, but was still smiling nonetheless whilst snaking his arm around your waist. “Get your asses in the car, I’m taking everyone home now.” 
“Why, so you can spend more time sucking face with your girlfriend?” teased Lucas, mimicking kissing the air childishly. 
“I’ll make you walk, Sinclair!” Lucas pushed past Will into the backseat without another word. “That’s what I thought.”
The rest of the boys were quick to follow, none of them wanting to make the trek all the way home in the dark. You just shook your head amusedly, climbing into the passenger seat. Steve immediately took your hand as soon as he slid into the driver’s seat, resting it on the gearshift with his on top, but not before pressing a kiss to your knuckles. And when you beamed at him lovingly, he couldn’t help it. He leaned over the center console, capturing your lips in a soft kiss without giving two shits about the noises of disgust and retching coming from the boys in the backseat at his lovesick actions. 
Because, in a twist of fate that somehow worked in his favor, Steve got the girl. He finally got you, the girl he’d always wanted but never in a million years thought he’d ever be so lucky to call his. The girl that changed the game for him. 
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promptful · 3 months ago
105 Comfort Prompts
As usual, my requests and asks are open! if you do request, no smut please :)
“Hey, tell me what’s wrong?”  
“I’m here for you.”
“It’s going to be okay.” 
“Are you all right?” 
“You’ll be okay, I promise.” 
“What’s going on?” 
“Come here, let me hold you.” 
“Please, don’t cry.” 
“I have you.” 
“Take a deep breath.” 
“Tell me what you’re feeling.” 
“I’ll take care of it, don’t worry.” 
“I won’t leave.” 
“Why don’t we go on a drive?” 
“Let it out.” 
“Everybody makes mistakes.” 
“You’re all right.” 
“Shh, shh, it’s okay.” 
“Can I hold you?” 
“Do you-- can I-- do you want to be held?” 
“Do you want solutions, or comfort?” 
“I have chocolate/flowers?” 
“Do you want to watch a movie with me?” 
“Tell me what I can do for you.” 
“...Who do I need to punch?”
 “Come on, breathe with me.”
“You don’t have to be perfect.”
“You’re perfect just the way you are.”
“How can I help you?”
“Can I touch you?”
“Where does it hurt?”
“You’re allowed to be weak, you know.”
“You have this.”
“You’re never a burden.”
“You aren’t weak.”
“We’ll get through this.”
“Relax, I got you.”
“Please, just open up. I don’t want to leave you alone.” 
“They’re not going to get to you, I promise.” 
“Follow my breaths.” 
“This is stupid--I’m stupid.”
“‘M so weak.”
“I’m sorry I’m not strong enough.”
“I’m a burden, aren’t I?”
“I-- please, help.”
“I can’t breathe, I don’t know what to do-- I can’t--“
“I feel lightheaded.”
“I’m sorry. We were supposed to have fun today.”
“I’m getting your shirt wet...”
“Are you sure this is okay?”
“I should be stronger.”
“I don’t want to get out of bed today.”
“Hold me, please.”
“Why won’t you let me apologize?”
“Thank you for this.”
“I feel safe with you.”
“...You bought me chocolate/flowers?”
“Did you really drive all this way just for me? It’s two in the morning.”
“Is that my comfort movie?”
“You came all this way? For me? 
“I’m not worth the time you spent coming over here.” 
“Please, leave. I’m--” 
“...Why are you here?” 
“My problems are mine, I don’t want to be a burden on you.”  
“You’re too nice to me.”
“I’m a mess…” 
“I’m broken, don’t you understand?” 
“It’s raining. You should be inside. I’m fine.” 
"I'm sorry."
"Why can't you understand? You're too good for me!"
"I can't do this. I can't-- I can't-- I can't--"
"Just shut up! I'm not as good as you say I am!"
"Why do you care so much?"
"Am I really worth it?"
"Thank you for being here."
"I thought I'd be alone today after what happened... thank you."
"You don't know how much I appreciate you."
"Do I really mean that much to you?"
"Stop banging on my door!"
"I love you."
Your lover isn't feeling well, and even though it's probably dangerous to drive this late at night, you have to make sure they're all right.
Head between their knees, your lover has their back against the wall, and you're by their side, and trying to help them through whatever is troubling them.
Your best friend's lover broke up with them, and despite having no idea, you supply them with snacks and horrendous movies. At least they smiled at the end of it all.
Trying to keep a smile on your face through the weight of the world to not worry your lover. They figure it out anyway.
Standing in front of a mirror, hands against the counter, with tears dripping down your cheeks, struggling to get everything under control. Everything’s going well until your lover cracks the door open and asks if everything’s okay. It isn’t.
Seeing your lover break down over work/school/family, and trying to comfort them to the best of your abilities, heart breaking with every sob out of their lips. 
Struggling to sleep in you and your lover’s shared bed because they’re working in the living room/kitchen/their office and the bed feels far too cold and empty. Seeking their comfort, you curl up on their lap/beside them/around them. 
Knowing from the moment they said good morning that something was wrong, and trying to schedule your day to spend the most time with them; arms around their neck, waist, shoulders, to provide comfort.
Your lover’s back against your chest, you curled around them. Every agitated breath and erratic heartbeat pulsing through your skin, but slowly, it starts to fall over time. 
Your back against your lover’s chest, their slow heartbeat stark against your stressed one. Gently, the rise and fall of their chest lull you back to safety. 
Sitting in the car, your head against the headrest and mind spinning, but your lover’s hand firm against your thigh keeps you grounded to reality. 
Your ex is trying to embarrass you in public, but your lover steps in as a shield, eyes ablaze in a fury.
Your head against your lover's chest, tears drenching their shirt, they don't care about the wet fabric and just rub your back.
Lungs squeezed to death, you try to breathe through the overwhelming suffocation on your shoulders. Patiently, your lover holds your hands and squeezes them in time with their breaths, eyes gentle.
Your lover made a small/big mistake and they can’t get it out of their head. To everyone else, it was just a small mishap, so you spend a few minutes/an hour/the rest of the night holding and comforting them.
Done with the feeling of being an burden, you try to push away from your lover's comfort, only for them to drag you back into a firm hold.
Something horrible happened, but your lover won't answer the phone/any texts. Standing outside of your door, you threaten to start throwing rocks at their windows/slamming on their door if they don't give any proof that they're all right.
You found your lover on a cold metal bench, hair and clothing drenched, tears pooling down their cheeks. Instead of asking what's wrong, you put your jacket over their shoulders and open up an umbrella.
Your lover's burning up and for some reason keeps bursting into tears at the smallest things. You're a little bewildered, but stay near them all the same.
After an all-nighter, your lover's brain is scrambled, and they keep shedding tears when they think nobody's looking. After coaxing them into your arms, you curl into one another on the couch.
Your lover wakes up to you gasping for air, eyes wide as you just saw horrors beyond your own comprehension. They sling an arm around your waist and pull you close, face tucked against your neck. 
Underneath the blankets, you refuse to get out of bed. Despite feeling horrible about yourself, your lover refuses to leave you be and makes you breakfast, all with a gentle smile.
Your best friend's spouse cheated on them right before valentines day, so as their best friend, you spend the rest of the night trash-talking over bad rom-coms.
Your lover right beside you, comforting you as you weren't able to get the job you wanted/into the university you applied to. Their encouragement makes one more attempt seem not so bad.
Your best friend's drunk and wailing, and you're trying to both comfort them and stop them from climbing into the washing machine.
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cinefairy · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ຯ  🌴    !   ׂ⁠  want to glow up and look unrecognisable for the summer? this post has been designed perfectly just for you 𑁍 
this post has been divided into 3 parts.
SAY BYE BYE to the old you, you are no longer the things you call yourself. you’re not ugly, stupid, lazy etc. you will no longer look up at that mirror and tear your beautiful self apart, that’s all in the past.
we’re going to stop those habits completely they do nothing but bring us back and withhold us from our true power, we are so much more than the hurtful words we call ourselves :)
optional, but you can write down all the bad habits you want to get rid of, and make a promise to yourself that you will put an end to those self-destructive habits.
✧ — again you do not have to, some habits are a difficult process. you can make a promise to yourself that you won’t let those habits bring you down and you will continue thriving no matter what
self concept is the foundation of everything. its how you view yourself and how you view friendships, relationships, life..etcetera!
changing your self concept doesn’t have to be challenging and difficult it is so easy and simple
here’s an example
if you think that you are unlucky, ugly, stupid and that no one will ever love you those thoughts will reflect in your 3D. you will find yourself in circumstances because of your thoughts.
you can change all of that in a millisecond by deciding that you have the best self concept in the world, you are more kinder to yourself and start practicing being kind to yourself
instead of tearing yourself apart you start telling yourself “i am going to be kind to myself today, i find that my features perfectly suit my face”
if you want to be beautiful you have to change your inner thoughts. it all starts with mindset first, never the other way around.
self concept affirmations ➜ here
okay so you’ve done your detox, you’ve stopped entertaining those habits and you’ve finally recognised your worth and got your self concept back on track…its time to rewrite your story.
so who do you want to be? don’t be afraid and i actually recommend that you go extra as much as you can. want a totally new face? THATS TOTALLY EASY. want to have tiny ass waist? THAT IS SOO EASY TO MANIFEST. want the best pinterest summer ever? THATS SO ATTAINABLE!
write down or take a mental note of your goals <3 tick them off as you go!
okay so this is my favourite part, you are going to APPLY everything you know about the law, everything you know about how to create your dream life and JUST DO IT. you’re going to take that leap of faith and watch the results blossom right in front of your face, you’re going to be so proud of yourself this summer for persisting and seeing yourself become an unrecognisable queen.
so on that mental or physical note you’ve created you’re going to become that person..EVERYDAY! you’re going to think and feel and embody that person that you want to be. you’re going to compliment yourself in the mirror, you’re going to think beautiful thoughts, you’re going to get lost in conversations with yourself about how amazing you are. you’re going to dance and twirl in your beautiful summer dresses about how you have the best self concept and the best body..best EVERYTHING!
if i wanted to be a top A student who can balance a social life and studying amazingly i would have thoughts like..
“look how amazing i can balance a social life”
“why am i so amazing at everything i do?? its crazy how i have the most amazing friends and still have time to study and achieve my goals”
𝐓𝐎 𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐈𝐙𝐄 . . .  ۫ ִ ׂ☀️ ◟♡ ˒ ⊹ ݁ ִ  ۫
get rid of self-destructive habits
change your self concept
rewrite your life! who do you want to be?
can’t wait to see all your glowups, love you..MWAH!
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