is-the-fox-video-cute · 4 months ago
may I ask why you're avoiding everythingfox? I'm just a lil curious /gen
Everythingfox uncritically posts a lot of videos showing problematic, unethical, and sometimes downright cruel/dangerous content. They frequently post things such as exotic pets and animals being put into stressful/dangerous situations for the sake of a ‘cute’ video. When people have tried to explain to them the problem with the stuff they post they don’t care as they’re only interesting in getting views/notes. 
They also frequently steal content without crediting the original creator
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foxpost-generator · a month ago
I keep seeing things about how the blog everythingfox is bad. But I'm not sure why. Do you know?
I suspect: "it's complicated". As with so many of these things, especially on tumblr, the given reasons are of uncertain significance, and uncertain veracity.
What I've heard are claims of:
-Posting content without credit/references. If that's the case, not great, but also that's so common at this point it's almost a norm of how this kind of blogging works. As an artist I of course find uncredited art very distasteful, but I don't know if that's what everythingfox posts. Sharing memes or photos that aren't art and aren't related to someones's livelyhood feels like such a low level problem that I'm not really going to engage with it, however I also do my best to credit.
-Posting content in which foxes are not being treated well, eg, foxes kept as pets, maybe other things. This is related to the Is The Animal Video Cute kind of blogs. I'm very mixed on this. A really significant amount of fox media of all kinds is problematic. Should foxes be kept as pets? Probably not, but some are rescues. Running a fox blog will almost inevitably include a large amount of not ideal content, it's very good to try to be ethical, and the Is The Video Cute blogs are probably doing a good service by informing people. But also, most blogs including everythingfox and I don't own or encounter foxes, so they are not themselves mistreating a fox, even if it makes the content less cute or less ethical to produce. So maybe this comes down something like "does this content encourage unethical treatment of animals", to which the answer is probably no, as very few people could legally or practically own a fox. Except of course, if anyone finds it IS relevant to them: don't feed wild foxes, and only keep wild animals as pets if they are a rescue and if after doing significant research you find you are able to do the hard work of caring for them.
I'm sure lots of my posting falls into this category: it would be better for wildlife if people never interacted with them, however it's complicated and very hard to say what is a genuine rescue animal, etc, so I just try to keep it reasonable.
-Finally, the part that I find least convincing: apparently everythingfox has been called out for their content and ignored it. It is possible there are specific valid examples. However, there are too many problems with this idea for me to credit it more broadly. First, big blogs get a lot of notes so they have absolutely no way to know if someone has tried to communicate with them: my blog is much smaller and I get thousands of notes a day. That's exacerbated by secondly: tumblr is garbage software. Most forms of communication here are broken, I don't recieve asks, replies, reblogs, or messages properly. So often someone won't know if they have been called out for something. Finally, if somone does recieve a Call Out, whether or not the premise is valid, these often come across as a person you don't know telling you to die for reasons they may or may not articulate. Maybe there have been well made points, based on well supported notions of poor treatment of animals, clearly and reasonably delivered, that somehow made it through tumblr's awful systems. Most of the time however, I suspect at least one of these problems will get in the way.
It's very good for people to try to be as ethical as they can. It's good to help others do that, and the Is The Post Cute kind of blogs are probably doing a good job. However this entire paradigm (tumblr, twitter, etc) of blogging is a mess, everythingfox probably doesn't own a fox and probably isn't directly influencing fox owners. Their content could probably be better. I try not to engage in Is This Person Bad (*on these issues specifically) because this is the disaster site and everything is has multiple sides.
Anyway, I thought I should reply since I was asked. I know I've said it but I must make it clear again: there is probably stuff I don't know. This is the general vibe from the fair bit of discourse I've seen.
(*I'm a big fan of Callout Culture, except to note that it barely exists. When racist conservatives, predatory men in the film industry, authors of popular children's stories who decide to become vile bigots, etc, complain of Callout Culture, what they are upset about is finally recieving a tiny amount of the much greater social justice they have earned. It's important that these are better documented issues with more clearly harmful outcomes perpetrated by specifically identified people/organisations and, crucially, their actions and the response to them are not conducted entirely on a barely functional website)
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taikeero-lecoredier · 2 months ago
Huh, weird how both blogs everythingfox and is-the-cat-video-cute seems to have vanished ?
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aquaticreator · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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mascotas-perros · a year ago
Esta obra no me pertenece 
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ustat-melike · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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disastergay · 6 months ago
damn, can’t trust any blog with ‘fox’ in the url
@/everythingfox posts copaganda, @/snooty-fox-fashion reposts art without permission AND ignored @/sergle’s request to take the reposts down until they were called out for it
this timeline sucks :/
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featheredcritter · a year ago
Tumblr media
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kiki-mp3 · 3 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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meow-kitt · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Luna 🥰🐾
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everythingfox · 2 days ago
“Scientists know that rats like to have their bellies tickled, so they used that as basis for testing happiness in rats. They found out that the ears of rats undergoing tickling became droopier and pinker - subtle signs of being relaxed and happy“
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fish-fucker-soot · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Holy shit I no longer have to deal with those stupid ads that show up
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manuelamateiart · 2 years ago
Magic Fox - Joy
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marijuanadrugsmusicartv2 · 11 months ago
So @everythingfox posted this video & typed the lyrics beneath it. I thought it needed to be done. I tried to put my video beneath it in the reblog but could not. So, here you all go.
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thehumming6ird · a year ago
Tumblr media
When you look out of your window and the neighbour’s cat perfectly sums up 2020...
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blight-of-clouds · a year ago
EverythingFox never even posts foxes
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punkrockinunicorn · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
What did he do to them
@justbadpuns @everythingfox
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reusablepics · a year ago
Tumblr media
"Foxy Face" artwork by ReusablePics.art licenced under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 and free for reuse.
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kidneys-and-custard · 2 years ago
Sometimes when I feel sad I look at @everythingfox’s selfie and remind myself of when everyone freaked out about how that blog is not run by a fox
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fluffy-the-beowolf · a year ago
Lil friend
Tumblr media
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