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#evie rambles
angelicbabydolll · 4 months ago
Can we normalise ‘I’m willing to work on that’ instead of ‘that’s just how I am’
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uwuwriting · 9 months ago
yuta going feral when getou comes to the school and makes you scared and uncomfy when he talks about killing all the non-sorcerers, i repeat, yuta going feral when getou comes to the school -
Back to the ask. If someone dared make you uncomfortable it’s game over for them. RIP Getou your fine ass will be missed. The moment he notices you trembling or looking at Getou with a petrified look, he is gently pushing you behind him, palm flat on the small of your back as he is pressing you close to him. If you clutch his shirt he will whisper to you that everything will be fine, that he will protect you and keep you safe no matter what. Offers his hand for you to hold but if you prefer him smushing you to his back then that’s fine by him. If Getou remotely tries to make a move towards you or even looks at you, Yuuta’s gaze immediately darkens and he steps into Getou’s line of sight. He won’t let this lunatic scare you half to death. You might have to wrap your arms around his waist to keep him from pouncing on Getou or maybe snake your hands to his chest and hold him back. Since he still has Rika she will become agitated cuz whenever Yuuta is distraught she is too; plus she likes you. If he is aloud he will go apeshit but your well being and comfort comes first so if you’re not feeling 100% ready to leave his side, he isn’t going to do anything. 
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catgirlbunny · 6 months ago
We don't talk enough about how Splatoon and Pikmin are both canonically set on a post apocalyptic Earth.
Like, humanity wipes itself out or dies off and what's left is either some tiny lil plant dudes and their many predators, or sea life that has evolved to take a more humanoid form.
But what if both are true?
In Pikmin 3, the map of the Earth is based on Pangaea Ultima- which is a projection of what the continents will look like in however many millions of years time, but Splatoon is definitely closer in the future than that, based on plenty of in game lore.
So what if it's the same world? One where far, far further in the future, when everything resembling the sea creatures in Splatoon have either gone extinct or evolved, Pikmin start to emerge and the whole microscopic ecosystem of the Pikmin series takes shape.
There's no real evidence to support this theory but there's no real evidence debunking it either so it's my nice little headcanon.
And who knows? Maybe when Nintendo finally releases Pikmin 4, one of the treasures we have to collect will look familiar to fans of Splatoon? Maybe it's one of the fake Zapfish plushies, or a Splat Bomb, or who knows what?
Just a little thought :)
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find-y0ur-j0y · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I clearly have a type: privileged men who see the error of their ways. I’m looking at you Ryan Hudson and Steve Harrington 😂
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ct-tech · a month ago
Tumblr media
umm so i guess in my mini exam/moving hiatus i hit 100 followers???? 😭😭😭
seriously thank you all so incredibly much!! i cannot find the words to express my gratitude but perhaps i will in my first ff hmmm?
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house-of-secrets · 2 months ago
I was working on the latest chapter of Tears of Gold and also had a Try Guys "without a recipe" video playing in the background. I was so focused on my chapter that when I heard the soundtrack playing I thought that my House of Anubis video had unpaused, but it was just a cooking montage. You've got to love royalty free music 😂💜🌺
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kkulfm-writing · 2 months ago
As of today I'm going to post my content on main instead of this sideblog. For the time being I'll also reblog them here so you don't have to follow me on @kkulfm to keep up, but now you know!
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ssaevie · 7 months ago
Someone tell me if I sound ridiculous and/or morbid but in Avengers Endgame when Nat and Clint are going to get the soul stone, why didn’t they just bring, you know, a FLY or a BEETLE and sacrificed it’s soul rather than NATASHA’S!?!?
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eviegreene · 29 days ago
i’m slowly trying to integrate myself back into this tumblr society while also updating my blog
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rhink-is-my-kink · 5 months ago
My new blog: @luxeavenger
I’m kinda going through some mental stuff now, so I’m probably going to be significantly less active here for a while, so if you wanna talk, I’m over there.
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uwuwriting · 6 months ago
Gojo is a hoe nothing new but what if what if he ACTUALLY FELL IN LOVE
I hate him and I love him. He pushes my buttons but also sir step on me. But yeah he could fall in love although I think that it would be someone who knew him since a young age, someone who knew the him before Getou’s betrayal. He doesn’t realize that he loves you right away, he will be knee deep in love with you but this man will just chalk it up to a stupid crush.  It all comes to a boiling point when he ends up hurting you during an argument. He hated seeing you cry and the fact that he is the reason why you are crying, broke his heart. It took him a week to muster up the courage and talk to you like a normal human being and tbh his little speech/ confession was adorable. 
We don’t support cheater Gojo on this blog only loyal have-you-seen-my-amazing-wife? Gojo allowed 
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zeeviee · a month ago
arson jokes are overrated. the internet has progressed past the arson jokes and it’s time to get creative. we need newer, better crimes to joke about. i propose public beheading
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find-y0ur-j0y · 7 months ago
Ray Manchester is becoming more and more trash each episode, which lets face it isn’t that big of a surprise.
The Danger Force kids though are just getting better and better! I love each of their dynamics.
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ct-tech · a month ago
current mood; 2:09 am, drunkenly eating a cinnamon bun in bed as i think about unrequited love
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kkulfm · 2 months ago
Content tag game
Tagged by the lovely @hauntedlilies 💖
1. what fandoms have you written for (but do not currently)?
a lot! i'll spare you the full list but it's mostly anime and indie games
2. what fandoms are you currently writing for?
just bts at the moment
3. how long have you been writing?
uhhh taking a few long-ish breaks into account, i think it'll add up to somewhere between 10-15 years? but i started off very young. as in, it's barely an exaggeration to say i started writing stories ever since i could, well, write lmao (...i had a very encouraging mum)
4. on which platforms do you post your stories?
tumblr and ao3
5. what is your favourite genre to write?
in a shocking turn of events that surprises absolutely no one; scifi and historical au's 🥰🥰🥰
6. are you a pantser or a planner?
i work best with an outline to go on, but deviate as necessary. so it's a bit of both, though i definitely lean harder to the planner side; if i don't have a plan (no matter how badly i keep to it), i don't finish
7. one shot or multi-chapter?
they each have their own appeal but for new projects i definitely try to stick with one shots. one multi-chapter wip is more than enough!
8. what is the perfect chapter length in your opinion?
gonna plagiarise m's answer here; when the chapter is finished.
9. what is your longest published story? is it complete?
to measure time in light-years is ~67k (excluding the bonuses), and im about halfway ._.
10. which story did you enjoy working on the most?
ohhh i really loved writing dizzy with you for a number of reasons!! the era, the slang, the heartache, just to name a few ;;
at first i went back-and-forth on the plot, but after giving into vmin (the setting was intended for namjoon yall 😭) and getting rid of an unnecessarily complicated plot-twist, the outline became super clear! there were a lot of vivid images in my head of scenes and dialogue, and once i started writing i only deviated from the outline once (to add the horse track scene towards the end). i wouldn't say it was easy but in a way, it was very relaxing to write
11. favourite request you’ve written and why?
tbh i haven't done any requests in years. i used to have a lot of fun with prompt lists tho, maybe i should start that up again 🤔
12. are there recurring themes in your stories?
i have a thing for conveying the deepening intimacy between characters by making the switch between their family or given name (you can take the writer out of the regency, but you can't take the regency out of the writer. given names are intimate af)
13. current number of wips?
narrowing it down to the ones im sort-of working on, there's four.
14. three things you have noticed about your own writing?
repetition is something i really need to improve on
for historical au's, it's fun to try and blend my own style with something that feels era-appropriate and not to toot my own horn, but i feel like ive gotten better at it since coming into this fandom
filler words the bane of my existence!!
15. a quote you like from a published story.
a bit of a throw-back, this is from andante cantabile. the first dancing scene between jimin and the reader, the scene that almost made me chuck the entire plot in the bin and ditch poor yoongi to write a mutual pining/childhood friends to lovers fic instead 😩
When you returned to Park’s side, he was quick to see how his remark had affected you. A rueful smile tugged at his lips and he squeezed your hand as you circled around each other. “Don’t pay me any mind,” he said. “Clearly I have turned into an old man already, sentimental about my wasted youth.” That made you laugh. “Don't even say that! You are younger than me,” you pointed out. “What does that make me then?” “An elderly spinster,” he grinned, relishing your affronted gasp.
16. a quote from an unpublished story.
a first draft from the jungkook/reader regency!au;
Your brother's eyes fell meaningfully on friends Park and Jeon, who made their rounds greeting acquaintances and prospective dance partners. Park Jimin was a charming fellow, though notoriously flippant. Quick to capture hearts, slow to break them. His five thousand pounds per year tempted young ladies as much as his handsome face did, leaving a trail of lovelorn maidens behind every summer. So you did what any sensible girl would do; keep a polite distance. Your relationship with Jeon Jungkook was simpler, yet more complicated. Proud and aloof, thinking himself above others just because he was set to inherit a viscountship from his uncle. Any sensible girl would keep a polite distance.
i love/hate this part because 1) im really looking forward to the character development of both jk and the reader and 2) jimin continues his proud tradition of trying to seduce me into yeeting all original plans through the window and make him the LI 😫
(seriously! he brought the pain of 'dizzy with you' all onto himself!!)
17. a space for you to say something to your readers.
for someone who claims to 'write', i am awful at expressing just how much i appreciate you all. im not good at taking a compliment gracefully so i feel like my thanks always comes out a bit stilted and awkward—but i hope you all know that i love you, and am incredibly thankful for the support.
this is only a tiny blog i'm running here, but you all give me the encouragement to keep posting my content, you make me feel connected to a bigger world out there
and maybe that sounds a little cheesy, but as someone who has been stuck at home with chronic health issues for well over two years now, i cannot understate how much i value that connection. so thank you ♡
tagging: a few writer moots, including some i haven't talked to in a while (i hope you're all doing well and thriving💜) @bangtanmademedoit, @joonscypher, @jungkooksbroski, @coepiteamare, @yeojaa
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house-of-secrets · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Hey Y'all, here are the headcanons I came up with for Piper! Thank you @marauders-on-gallifrey for the ask ❤️🌺
She is the main breadwinner for her family with her parents acting as her agents and counting on her future career to support the family.
Piper is a total introvert but has a small group of friends that she is super close with. She is always willing to go to bat for them whether that be against professors or slimy music industry talent scouts looking to take advantage.
Piper ends up making it big her second year of university, and is able to use her fame and fortune to get her and Patricia out from their parent’s control.
She marries her childhood sweetheart, a boy who saw her for her, and not just her talent. They have three lovely children named Lila, Patrick (after her twin, the boy's godmother) and Benjamin.
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ssaevie · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Me remembering I have to go back into school tomorrow
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eviegreene · 4 months ago
i use to go by two nicknames; either beth or evie. both were given to me at really young ages and just carried with me all these years because my full name is long. now, though, i’m only going to be going by evie on here! i will still answer to beth - but this makes it less confusing and more convenient for my tags <3 thank you, love you, beautiful people!
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