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Chapter 60:  The Good Thing About Associates

The best plans involved as few people as possible, preferably himself and the person he was using. He’d found that the fewer people who knew about the plan, the easier it was to make it work for himself and himself alone. He didn’t like to “need” people. Needing others was an idea born of society. All he needed was his magic, and in this case, he needed to make sure the other person who would be key in breaking Regina’s heart wasn’t doing it for him, but rather for himself.

“Not so fast…” he called after Jefferson the night after his spat with Regina. The boy had been out and about, gallivanting in some other realm filled with dead and diseased humans and other nightmarish creatures. Now that he was back, he wasn’t about to be honest and send him on this mission without allowing the boy to get something in return. He wouldn’t allow this to count as a favor, or for the boy to think that he was essential to his plan. Oh, deep down he knew he was, but that was the thing about knowing one’s importance, it had a tendency to bolster the ego. Jefferson didn’t need that, and he most certainly didn’t need Jefferson to think that he needed him. They already owed each other so many favors he could barely keep up. This one had to be done carefully. “I have another job for you…two actually.”

The boy paused on the stairs and then with a sigh dragged his feet back up into the tower. He almost felt bad for the poor lad, he had no idea what Jefferson did on these trips or if it was a trick of the hat, but whenever he came back he was always exhausted. He knew he’d been about to go below, crash into the bed that he used, and sleep for days. But this wasn’t a time for sleep. This was the time to plot.

“I’d like you to return to Oz.”

“For the shoes? You think enough time has passed?”

“I worry over what might happen if too much time goes by.” He knew, his future wasn’t to use those shoes, he’d nearly made peace with that, but there was still a part of him that wanted to try and possess them. Besides, there were other reasons for sending Jefferson to Oz and calling him back.

“I’ll get on it in the morning, shouldn’t take me too long to dig around and locate them,” he shrugged before turning to leave again.

“Ah!” he cried, making the boy pause again with an irritated sigh. He turned, looking tired and irate at being held up…perhaps now he’d know how he felt every time Jefferson insisted on spending the night or occupying the same room he did. “I’d like you to have care about when you return.”

“‘Have care about when I return’?” he mocked. “Can you just tell me what you want me to do?”

“Alright. I want you to return…in the middle of a lesson with Regina.”

“Aren’t you always the one promising death and pestilence and famine if I interrupt your business?”

“Perhaps but this time around I’d like to have you offer her a deal. It involves a certain…talent that you possess and I don’t.”

“You want me to take her somewhere.”

“No, I’d like you to offer to bring someone here for her. I’d like you to dangle the hope of having Doctor Victor Frankenstein from the World Without Color come here…and raise that dead lover of hers.”

Despite his exhaustion Jefferson’s eyes suddenly widened. “That?!” he exclaimed. “That’s the plan you’ve been working on?! That’s the reason you wanted me to take you to that land, to see that Doctor?!”

“Are you capable?” he questioned, ignoring his outburst.

“You know I’m capable I just don’t understand why there’s been so much back and forth! I could have brought him here before now and saved myself the trip!”

“Jefferson…” he sighed, putting his hands behind his back and stepping forward. “Despite what you may think, this castle…it’s not an inn. And some situations are far too delicate to cut corners. Regina must be the one to ask for this. I can’t do it on her behalf and nor can you. And with her jumping in and out of this castle nearly as frequently as you do…it has to look as though I’ve had nothing to do with it. My hands must appear clean in all this, and you! You must make the Doctor sound appealing so that she asks for you to bring him.”

“Yeah, right, I got it I know what to do, I’m a good salesman, but…”

“But?” he questioned. He’d been halfway to his wheel when he’d come upon that awful word. He didn’t like “buts” in his deals.

“What if he refuses to do it?”

“He won’t,” he assured him, sitting back down at his wheel so he could spin gold. He had found in the past, on those few occasions when Jefferson was wary of a task, it helped to remind him of the payment he would receive. And since spinning was so calming, he was hoping it might help him not murder the boy for his questions and steer the conversation back to what he really needed to discuss with him, and that was the matter of payment. “The deal with the Doctor has already been struck, and I think you’ll find he’s waiting for your arrival. I’ve already convinced him. Upon your return, it’ll be your job to convince, Regina.”

“I assume my wage will be the same as it always is?” he questioned finally.

“And more if you play your cards right!” he declared, spinning himself on the stool so he faced his companion once more.

“More? In what way?”

“Oh, I’m sorry…I thought you knew what to do!” he taunted.

Jefferson opened his mouth, but then closed it again as his eyes wandered in his sockets as if searching for something. Obviously, he wanted him to tell him what he had in his mind, but at the same time he didn’t want to admit he didn’t know what he was talked about as he’d stated. Rumpelstiltskin merely smiled. It was a low blow, but when it came to Jefferson, sometimes he couldn’t resist the temptation to remove some of that smugness he held onto so dearly. Finally, he sighed and shrugged in defeat.

“I don’t know what to say, and I’m exhausted. Can you just tell me what you are thinking, Mister Gold, Sir?” he questioned, batting his eyes like the small child he knew he was trying to make him feel he was. He refrained from laughing as he rose to his full height. It was just one of the many reasons he didn’t like having the boy stay here. He knew their relationship was well defined, Jefferson was a Realm Jumper, he paid him to find objects of great importance, and in return, he turned a blind eye when the boy all but lived in his castle. But there were times that he worried Jefferson thought it was more. That was why what he was about to suggest made so much sense. It should work for Jefferson, but it should also spare him more of these fatherly conversations. He had a son. He wasn’t in the market for a new one.

“Well, I’m the mastermind in this little project, dearie, but if you do make the sale appropriately, Regina will never know it! Which means you could potentially claim a little fee from her on your own.”

“More money! I wouldn’t turn that down.”

He let loose a giggle at the simplicity of his thinking as he sat back down at his wheel and began to spin once more. “You need to think a little bigger, dearie! Broaden your horizons. Regina is the Queen of a very large Kingdom, one that does not permit Realm Jumpers to use their magic unlike…say…my Kingdom.”

“You think I should ask for what? A change in the law?”

“No!” he hissed, rising to his feet again and dancing closer to him with every single syllable. “No, no, no! That would open the entire Kingdom up to your kind, that’s the last thing you want for business if you want to be the sole authority on the subject,” he explained as he circled, roping him in further. “No, what you want…is a royal pardon.”

“A royal pardon…like forgiveness.”

“Exactly!” he shrieked, moving back to step in front of him. “You want permittance to practice your craft and jump from realm to realm so that you are not so limited within her Kingdom. That hat of yours only takes you realm to realm. Aren’t you tired of only ever hopping place to place, then beginning that long, long, long…long trek home each and every time?” he questioned. He knew the answer to that was “no”, not recently because he hadn’t been “home” in so long. Not being able to jump to any place he wanted in this realm was the reason he stayed at the castle so often! But everyone, even Jefferson, dreamed of having a home. And it was clear the moment Jefferson began to smile that he had missed that aspect as well no matter how much he might have claimed not to in the past.

“It would be nice. Wouldn’t help me in King George’s Kingdom, but hers is certainly closer to home than yours is.”

“Indeed,” he muttered, sitting back down at his wheel. And it would certainly benefit him. He might actually get his solitude back once more and not have to go in search of breakfast only to wander into his Great Room and find Jefferson waiting there for him.

“So, is this what you do all day?” Jefferson questioned, suddenly appearing at his side, leaning against the bookshelf by his wheel with his arms crossed over his chest and that smug look of interest on his face again. So much for beating that out of him. “When you’re not with Regina, that is? You sit up here in your little tower and scheme; just think about deals others could make.”

“Mmm…mostly,” he answered as he began to spin the great wheel and work the wool in his hand into thread. There was something poetic about it, about individual fibers that had nothing to do with one another coming together, spinning into a tight, neat piece of workable thread. He supposed that Jefferson was right. Even when he wasn’t spinning fiber into thread, he was almost always certainly spinning something or someone into something useful. And he always would, until the day that curse was cast and he was back with Baelfire again.

“And they come from everywhere? Just to have you take advantage of them?”

“All over.”

“Regina’s Kingdom?”


“Maurice’s Kingdom?”


“The village in your own?”

“Oh, nearly all of them. Everyone always needs something…or so they think. And if they can’t, they can always be convinced.”

“Even the guy in the house at the bottom of the mountain? What did he need?”

The house at the bottom of the mountain?


“The house, you know, the one at the bottom of the mountain? Sweet old man, offers me tea when I see him.” He stopped his wheel as a shiver threatened to give away his confusion. There were no houses on this mountain. There were no homes at all beyond the village and certainly no houses at the bottom of his mountain. Who would have been brave and stupid enough to construct one so close to his domain? But the way Jefferson said it, without a hint of doubt…

“There is no house at the bottom of the mountain.”

“Of course, there is. Maybe you didn’t hear me. Sweet old man lives there. I’ve been inside when he offers me tea. Obsessed with sweeping, I assume he made a deal for a broom that never breaks. Or perhaps to keep his robe red.”

A red robe.

He felt himself resist a shudder again and knew suddenly that it wasn’t out of confusion as he’d initially thought. No, it was something far more sinister, something far deeper and more magical that gave him that feeling of…fear. He hadn’t felt fear before, not since taking up the mantle of the Dark One. And he wasn’t about to start now. It was Nimue, she was the Dark One that fear was born of. It was the images she had in her mind of a boy in a red robe following Merlin around like a helpless puppy; images of a man in a red robe that was eerily similar hunting her down, stealing away a box that contained what he knew to be a hat-the same hat he’d seen in memories from Zoso…protected by none other than an old man in a red robe.

The house at the bottom of the mountain…it would take a lot of magic to hide from him, to not even be sensed. The Apprentice, he could do it. But he wasn’t the only one. There were maybe half a dozen other sorcerers in this realm who could muster the magic to do it properly. Whether it was one of them or the Apprentice, he didn’t take kindly to knowing any of them were practically camped out on his front lawn, and he hadn’t a clue! But still…he had to know. If the Apprentice was there, if the hat was there…he could think of one way to be sure. It had to be magic that wasn’t his own, magic the Apprentice couldn’t plan on, and fortunately he knew exactly where to send Jefferson to get it.

“There’s one last thing I’d like from Oz; while you’re there, of course.”

Jefferson’s brows furrowed, he could only assume it was in confusion for how quickly the conversation had shifted. Frayed as his nerves felt at the moment he dared the boy to ask him about it. Finally, Jefferson shrugged. “Okay, sure. What do you need?”

“Several times, you’ve mentioned a bauble the Wizard possesses, or possessed as it were, which allowed him to see people, situations.”

“Oh yeah, that. It’s in the Wizard’s Chambers, at least it was the last time you sent me there. Easy grab so long as the guards are looking the other way and the witch isn’t in town.”

“Excellent,” he snarled. “While you’re there…grab it.”

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Chapter 58:  A Push in the Right Wrong Direction

It was an odd thing, months ago when he’d first realized that he was going to have to deal with Regina and the trauma that she had surrounding Daniel he’d wanted nothing but that part of her life to be worthless so he didn’t have to deal with it. Now that he had a plan in place for handling it, the amount of time it was taking to get to that moment was a bigger frustration than his original discovery.

Perhaps the one good thing that Cora had done for Regina was groom her to be pliant. After years of being forced to play a role she didn’t want to play, he found that she was still remarkably good at it. The only difference was that instead of being asked to play the role of a daughter devoted to finding a King to marry, now she was playing the role of a Queen who wanted to learn sorcery for power. She responded to his anger in the tower that night in a productive way. Questioning if Daniel still held her back forced her to prove that it didn’t, and now, whenever he looked in the mirror to check on her, he saw her practicing.

One day he’d had the very bright idea to push her forward. He let her come over and just happened to leave the letter he’d once written to Cora about Zelena out in plain sight. He’d watched as she’d found it, read it, smiled, thinking it was about her, and then folded it up and shoved it in her pocket for safekeeping. He pretended he’d noticed nothing. The truth was he was never going to send that letter to Cora, not after what had happened with Zelena, but if it could do some good in some way, then that was how he was going to use it. At that very lesson she finally learned how to make fire. It was small and pitiful, but it was something.

“Teach me more…teach me something new.”

“As you wish.”

It was a sign that with proper motivation Regina could accomplish anything. In the month that followed she was unusually devoted. In fact, he watched as she became more than devoted, she became driven. A small taste of the magic she was capable of was all it had taken to flip the switch, and he’d been thrilled to watch her master skills that he once thought that she might never accomplish…but not perfectly. Oh she could immobilize and move objects, making them appear and disappear at will now, and finally, she had a desire for what the magic she did could do for her, as evidenced in the questions she was asking about its uses, but a fireball, a true flaming ball of fire still eluded her. She just didn’t have the anger for it. She had the craving to learn the other things, things that would impress and scare her husband away from stalking her bed at night, things that would earn her fear and respect among the guards that she was growing for herself, and things that he knew were earning her quite an interesting reputation among the household servants, but true anger…she just couldn’t bring it to life and possess it.

And he was growing tired of waiting for her to possess it. He was growing tired of waiting for her to be in a place where she might be in need of the Doctor’s “talents”. He was growing tired of listening to Jefferson’s never-ending reports of failure on the Doctor’s part! It was obvious to him that the plan he’d had in mind before wasn’t good enough, not to do the job he needed to have done. The one he possessed now, however, was genius. It had taken a while, but he’d finally come up with a plan that could work! In fact, the more he thought of it, this plan would work better than his previous plan. But Regina in this state, as he took her through her drills lesson after lesson, watched her immobilize creatures twice, three, four times her size…she wasn’t ready for it to be enacted.

But if the Doctor was successful soon, the plan he saw in his head might not work, and he’d have to resort to the one he’d initially worked out. He didn’t want that. Not anymore. This needed to be handled delicately and soon!

And so the night before a lesson with Regina, he watched her alone in her bedroom at the palace. She summoned water, her hairbrush, a spellbook, and finally she tried and failed to spark a fireball in the palm of her hand. It was time to give her a push, he decided, and see if that might spark what was necessary. And wasn’t it just his luck that it was the one-year anniversary of Daniel’s death? If that didn’t urge her on and open up that anger that he knew she had to have, then he didn’t know what would.

It was time for her to take a heart.

Not a human heart. She was still too weak for anything like that just yet, an animal would be better. And so as he put her through her drills in the woods that afternoon he summoned to her a rare black unicorn. It wasn’t a friendly beast and reared up at the danger it perceived. Regina backed away, her hands close to her belly as if she was afraid of it. But he stayed right where he was demonstrating what it meant to have no fear. He’d already had her immobilize sheep and people, horses and entire carriages. This should be simple for her.

“Now, show me what you’ve learned. Immobilize it!”

Regina took a timid step forward, then threw out her hands. He felt a wave of magic bloom in the surrounding area, it was unfocused magic but still strong.

“There. I did it!” she smiled proudly as the horse continued to stand unmoving on two feet, a bluish wave moving over its body. Certainly, she had done it. She’d frozen the horse, as well as everything else in the area, but they could deal with that later. Focus wasn’t the point of this little lesson. That was what came next, and it made him giggle uncontrollably for this was where her test began. Unlike her sister, he had the feeling that in time she would pass.

“Excellent work, my apprentice. Now there’s just one last tiny, tiny, teeny, little detail. Take its heart.”

The smile on her face left quick as lightning. This was bound to be a touchy subject for her, he was well aware. But that was the point. It was time she got past this, time she get over Daniel and began to focus what she felt for the past, and how she might use it in the future.

“Like what my mother did to-”

“Oh, your true love. Indeed!” he exclaimed with a less than caring tone. “Then, you already know how it’s done!” He didn’t want to seem caring, he didn’t want to sound as though he was familiar with what anniversary was coming up for her. He wanted it to sound like it was normal. If she could do this without all the cock and bull he was about to give her, that was best! Less work for him and for Jefferson as well. If not…well, he was far more prepared for this to fail than she’d ever know.

Regina didn’t want to do this. She loved horses, and that was why he’d chosen such a rare one to start with. But after a moment, at the urging of her teacher, she did inch forward slightly, looking at the exposed chest of the beast before her.

“Gentle,” he instructed as she raised her hand. “If you do it right, no harm will befall it. Unless, of course, you will it.”

And that was where she faltered, daring to look up into its eyes instead of right at its chest. He could hear her breath grow high and sharp, her own heart pounded, and suddenly she withdrew her hand and turned her back on the creature.

“I can’t. It’s innocent!”

“Nothing is innocent!” he stressed. Not Regina, not this horse, not even her precious Daniel. Still, he wasn’t done pushing. He reached out himself and removed the heart before her eyes. Or at least attempted to before she turned away. Her spell broke as he pulled it forth, the horse gave a great whinny and put its feet back on the ground, but it didn’t rear up again as it had before simply because he didn’t have time for that and willed it not to. Regina turned around just in time to watch him convince the beast to lie down in the dirt at their feet. “Now, it belongs to me. You see, when you take a heart, it becomes enchanted. Stronger than a normal heart. You’re not hurting the beast; you’re controlling it. Now, show me you know what to do with that power.”

He tossed the glowing red heart to her, and she caught it with little problem.

“Kill it.”


“You’ve seen it done, now do it yourself. Show me you can take the next step in your training. Crush it.”

In her own defense, she faired better than he thought she would have. By this point, he had expected her to outright refuse and resort to name-calling as she stumbled off. But instead, she listened. And he watched eagerly as his next plans were written. Holding the glowing heart at arm’s length, she turned toward the beast and began to squeeze so that he could hear the delicate muscle begin to crack and break beneath her fingers.

But then she stopped.

The second the beast moved to put its head on the ground and let out of cry of pain or sorrow, he wasn’t sure which, she stopped. There were tears in her eyes as she shook her head, and the horse slowly started to rise to its feet again. There was that weakness he’d been seeing in her, the vulnerability that needed crushed far more than the heart did.

“Dearie, dearie, dearie. And I had such high hopes…”

“And I didn’t sign up to kill unicorns!”

“Magic is power!” he shouted back at her. “Until you can take power, you’re not learning anything. Do you want me to teach you or not?”

“Yes!” she insisted.

“Then, there’s one simple question for you to ponder.”

She shrugged. “I’ll tell you anything.”

Rumple let loose a loud high pitched laugh. This wasn’t a test for him. It was for her. “I don’t need the answer…you do. What’s holding you back?”

Regina opened and closed her mouth. It looked like she was the one who had her heart torn out. “This old argument again?” she cried. “I thought we were past all this!”

“Oh, we’ll never be past it, dearie. Not until you have your answer! Until you can answer that question, it’ll be back to potions for you, something a bit less…stunning.”

Afterward, back in his tower, he wasn’t surprised to look through that cauldron and see her place the heart back in the unicorn. Just as he wasn’t surprised to see her transport herself to her family’s mausoleum and mourn the body of her beloved Daniel. It was a year, in a few days it would be time to recharge the preservation spell. By then, he intended for everything to be ready for her next visit. Today he’d push, next time, he’d break her.

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“Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?”

The Evil Queen sits upon her throne in this gorgeous piece of art from the final film.

For now, we will end our journey through the magical art of Walt Disney’s first classic animation, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. I have plenty more concept and animation art to share in the future - from tomorrow we move onto 1940′s Pinocchio.

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On-book Summary: “When the twins’ grandmother gives them a treasured fairy-tale book, they have no idea they’re about to enter a land beyond all imagining: the Land of Stories, where fairy tales are real.”

Who should read it? Young readers, those who want a lighter fantasy read between Witcher books. People who need a bit of encouraging and/or a bit of an escape. The perfect balance between modern and fantasy worlds. 

Why I read it: I found out about the book series over the summer between my sophomore and junior years of high school because I was binging Glee. I loved the character development. The two main characters, Alex and Connor Bailey, are highly relatable and easy to love. The side-characters bring great comic relief and the best “moral lessons” tend to come from them.  

 Possible Spoilers Through Favorite Passages

Keep reading

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Killian is the clearly example of that character on a show that started being a dumbass but then in the end we all fall for him ‘cause deep down he’s a sweetheart


I’d die for him.

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