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#evil queen
icanneverdecide · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Out here living my best life with dramatic lighting. EAH rules my life.
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leethetree0 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A mirror that tells nothing but the truth.
Actually She'll still think Marinette is the fairest even if Marinette shaves her head..
Tumblr media
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za-ra-h · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Commission of the evil queen from Between Ink and Shadows by Melissa Wright.
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one-time-i-dreamt · 7 months ago
The Evil Queen from Snow White hired me to make the poison to dip the Apple in but I kept messing up and ended up inventing new potions that helped others so she got so sick of me she scrapped the whole poisoning plan and ended up making Snow White dance for so long she got the title of Dancing Queen. Then the Evil Queen was like, fuck it, I wanna dance too and they both waltzed through the night.
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sandbees · 5 months ago
Hewwo I enjoy your writing! Keep up the amazing work! I really liked the House Of Mouse where Yuu meets the Great Seven. I was wondering what would happen if the Great Seven randomly visits NRC and requested Yuu as their tour guide or something and like all the students and staff are shocked to see them in the flesh but also seeing Yuu with them or something along the lines.
It’s just been on my mind seeing everyone’s reaction of Yuu being friends with Jafar, Queen Of Hearts, Evil queen, Ursula, Hades, Scar and Maleficent.
Also have a wonderland day! :D
Thanks! And yes, Yuu has to expect random visits from the Great Seven after they’ve grown to like them. BUT- IMAGINE IF THEY SHOW UP IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS
Crewel: Now, turn to page 154 and start mixing your-
Queen of Hearts: *Walks in* YUU! AS QUEEN, I DEMAND YOU TAKE ME ON A TOUR AROUND YOUR SCHOOL- Oh hello, Trappola, Spade.
Crewel: What-
Students: :00 ????
Ace: Oh my god... *Sinks down into the ground*
Deuce: Ah! H-Hello Queen of Hearts! *Bows*
Yuu: ....But I have cla-
Queen of Hearts: TOUR! NOW! And Spade, turn your toes correctly when speaking to royalty!
Deuce: Y-Yes!
The whole class is dumbfounded as THE Queen of Hearts drags Yuu for a tour of the school. Everyone who passes by stares in shock as Yuu casually gives the Queen of Hearts a tour of the school.
And when they do visit? Yuu makes sure to show them the dorms based on them and introduce them to the Dorm Leaders and Vice Dorm Leaders. It goes as expected.
Riddle faints as soon as he sees Yuu and the Queen of Hearts enter Heartslybul. Well, not really, but he does freak out when he sees her. Trey is much more calm, but he’s very careful of what he says. Wouldn’t want her to get the wrong idea of him, right?
The Queen of Hearts approves of both of them! She’s impressed that Riddle knows all 810 rules by memory. Trey also makes the best tarts, and he’s polite so he’s good. (“You have good tastes in choosing your Vice Leader.” - Queen of Hearts, to Riddle)
Yuu ends up talking about Leona as they take Scar to the Savannaclaw dormitory. When he asks about the Vice Dorm Leader, Yuu replies with, “Ah- I’m not exactly sure but Jack told me that there isn’t any Vice Dorm Leader. Apparently someone has to defeat the current Dorm Leader to become Dorm Leader. Then the former Dorm Leader becomes the Vice. Since no one has defeated Leona...well, there’s no Vice.”
Yuu then adds that Ruggie is like a Vice, with how much work he does for Leona.
Scar is pretty impressed, actually. Leona must be very powerful to keep his position as Dorm Leader.
He’s not at all shocked when he sees the two mentioned (+Jack and other Savannaclaw members) practicing Magishift. When they finish, they’re s h o o k to hear clapping, and the one clapping is- IS THE KING OF BEASTS?!
Leona is going to be pretty smug for the next week, since he’s been praised by one of the Great Seven (take THAT, Farena!)
Scar approves, 10/10 (Ruggie is ok, he has his own smarts that Scar is impressed by)
Ursula is very impressed with Mostro Lounge when Yuu showed her. Undersea diner with a good atmosphere, completely fits her vibe. And the cuisine 👌
Azul is dying when Floyd drags him out of his office to show him the Sea Witch and Yuu casually talking as they wait for their food. He actually dies when Yuu spots him and Floyd and calls them over.
Jade shows up moments later with their food. He then proceeds to sit down to talk. The talk goes well, Ursula praises Azul when he talks about all the contracts he’s collected over the years.
Ursula could not be more proud of her dorm - Azul is cunning and intelligent (and an octopus merman; wonderful!) with the Vice being charming and dangerous. And Floyd is amusing, and also intimidating which she thinks is perfect. Ursula could not be more happy with who runs her dorm.
Jafar is pleased with how his dorm looks aesthetically. It reminds him of the palace back at Agrabah. He also appreciates the look of the flag(?) (is it a flag? Or is it a banner?)
“It’s really pretty at night - all the lights illuminate the area nicely!” “Oh? Well, then I might request to stay the night.”
Kalim is vibrating in excitement. The Sorcerer of the Desert? Here at NRC? They have to celebrate!! Jamil sighs, but he also admits that a celebration for one of the Great Seven isn’t going overboard.
Jafar...well, he approves of Jamil. He sees himself in Jamil (a servant to a bumbling fool-) Kalim...while a bumbling fool, Jafar notices how more self aware he is than that foolish Sultan, and much more independent he is. He also appreciates Kalim’s gesture of throwing a grand party in the name of him. So, he approves of both Kalim and Jamil and show them respect.
The Evil Queen...well, she appreciates how lovely her dorm looks. Fits her aesthetic. She also adores how the dorm clothes are inspired by her usual attire - a nice touch. All the dorm members; approved. Compliment her more, p e a s a n t s.
When she talks to Vil and learns of his beliefs, she approves 10/10. Go for your goals and do everything in your power to do so! (Doesn’t mention to poison people, again everyone here literally thinks they are amazing, don’t want that image ruined). And a skin routine to keep yourself as healthy looking as can be? She may as well give it a go!
Rook...well, he’s constantly singing praises about her, so he’s alright. (The stalking when she and Yuu are going around the garden is...kind of creepy, ngl) Though she admires how dedicated he is to Vil, unlike a certain huntsman she once knew (never mention the VDC incident to her. EVER)
Well, the Dorm could be worse, Hades says, Though the aesthetic is on point.
He loves Ortho (even though he isn’t a Vice Dorm Leader). Adopted him, basically.
Poor Idia though, Hades and Ortho drag him out of his room so he can give Hades a proper tour of the dorm.
So Idia and Hades do not have a good start, but Ortho is there as the bridge. If it wasn’t for Ortho I don’t think Idia would have the courage to even try to speak to the Lord of the Underworld.
The conversation steers towards Idia’s likes. Hades doesn’t really get it, but he’s willing to learn.
Hades jokes about Idia and Ortho being his descendants or something. Idia looks at Ortho and Hades, goes back and forth. Idia.EXE has crashed, please try again later.
Well...Hades enjoys Idia and Ortho’s company. He approves of his Dorm Leader, as much as a recluse he is (secretly asks Ortho if Idia is getting enough sunlight or going out. If not, that’s fine! He’ll personally invite him out to visit the Underworld or something if that helps)
Maleficent already knows who Malleus and Lilia are, and she approves. Malleus is her grandson after all, and becoming Dorm Leader to her own dorm is a big accomplishment she is proud of.
Comes over with Yuu and asks for tea. They gladly accept. They chat and have fun times. Malleus is happy he’s invited for once.
Maleficent is pretty annoyed that Malleus isn’t invited as often as she hoped. She sympathizes with Malleus, for not being invited to things hurts.
And Lilia? Ha, Maleficent has long chats about the olden days with him. (Even a few inside jokes that only make sense if you lived through them.) She’s also proud how Lilia took care of Malleus, look how Malleus is grown, Lilia, you raised him well.
Enjoys her time at Diasomnia. She’s planning to visit more often.
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The wonderland kids during dragon games be like
The evil queen: *chilling not being imprisoned or punished or anything*
Kitty: hey raven I’m not saying I’d help you murder your mother but I’m saying I’d help you murder your mother
Tumblr media
she could’ve had her back in the mirror in seconds
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goldenxshine · 2 months ago
Emma: You are grounded!
Y/N: But what about work?
Hook: Fine. Other then work
Hook: And no TV!
Y/N: My TV is broken
Hook: Then no computer!
Y/N: I need the computer for school
Hook: Then no-
Hook: *Looks at Peter Pan and Lost Boys* No Peter Pan and Lost Boys!
Felix: WHAT?!
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