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hyde-your-heart · 2 days ago
mad scientist reminder: there are no laws forbidding you from drinking that delicious glowing green potion!
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theirmajestyfang · 2 days ago
The statement “all trans people want to steal away your children and turn them trans too” is a statistical error. The average trans person neither wants to nor is able to turn cis people trans. I, an evil sorcerer who transes at least eighteen genders a day with my Dark Magic, am an outlier and should not be counted.
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kairenn-n · 3 months ago
yes, babe, you're sick and twisted, will you come back to bed- what? yes, of course you're evil and irredeemable. now can you please cuddle with me
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sexyalchemist · 6 months ago
hey besties friendly reminder to drink water, feed your lab rats, turn off your evil nuclear generator, change out of your dirty lab coat, go for a walk and take care of yourself <3
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magicalgirlpropaganda · 2 months ago
Hate it when cis people ask unnecessary and invasive questions like "are your experiments ethical?" And "where is that screamimg coming from?"
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cadaver-creative · 7 months ago
ok but can we all agree that the best villain troupe is just this:
Tumblr media
[image id: drawing of a wild looking person on a baby leash, the word villain above them. another person is holding the leash, the word henchmen above them. both words are written in black and, apart from the black outline of the people, the image is white.]
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wizardpotions · 4 months ago
i know what girls want, its pointy hats and unethical spells beyond your comprehension.
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maliciousmoonsault · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
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myster-e-mizmix · a year ago
purplegreen, the color of magic, evil and scientists
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theirmajestyfang · 9 months ago
To any villains that may need to hear it:
Your villain song slaps
Your evil lair is gaudy and fantastic
Your evil outfit is menacing and strikes fear into the hearts of your enemies
The heroes are disgusted by your amoral and strange conduct
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crookedshovel · a year ago
*develops a crush on you. but like. evilly, of course.*
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sexyalchemist · 3 months ago
actually wizards and scientists aren’t enemies, they kiss on the lips all the time when ur not looking
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magicalgirlpropaganda · 2 months ago
Reblog if u volunteer to be injected with bioluminescent liquid. I don't know what it does but there's only one way to find out
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cadaver-creative · 9 months ago
hnc (human non-conforming)
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wizardpotions · 6 months ago
I'm evil and I'm going to shoot lightning at you until you die. Hope this helps!
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artvmvs · a year ago
my daily routine consists of me waking up and gradually committing all 7 deadly sins throughout the day. then i sleep
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