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#exam notes


some of the notes i’ve been taking for my psych class. i love the prof for this class but i’ve gotten so behind on lectures after having so many other midterms in a row.

I’m holding on until my reading week which is in two weeks! i’m learning that it’s ok to get behind on work if i have time to make it up later. my exams right now are a priority and i shouldn’t feel bad about pushing other work off momentarily.

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October 26th, 2020

Mathematics 1 exam day!

I think my exam went fairly well! I know I messed something up in one of the questions, because I got some weird answers. Unfortunately I did not have enough time to redo that question.

I thought my best option was to write below my “solution” that I knew my answers are most likely wrong and I’m hoping that that’ll help my grade a bit.

I feel like I’ve passed it, so let’s hope it turns out that way! ❤

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24/10/20 & 25/10/20

day 2: explain your studyblr URL! 

sau is my nickname & this is my studyblr so i was a bit basic in terms of my studyblr URL :). today i had to deep clean the entire house so i barely got anything done! instead i attached pictures of when i visited my hometown - maastricht, the netherlands to make up for doing nothing.

day 3: why did you create your studyblr?

honestly, i created it so that i could motivate myself into studying more bc a-levels are much more difficult in comparison to gcse’s. so i thought having a studyblr where i would post everyday would force me to do some form of daily revision. however, it is not smooth sailing though!!

song of the day

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Hi, I’m Nettie, I am a high school student who is obsessed with stationery (even though I am broke and have barely any 😣)

With exams coming up, I thought I’d start a studygram to motivate myself to study for exams! I hope you will support me on my journey!

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read a chapter from “a course in phonetics” for my linguistics and phonetics exam.// studied one of the chapters from communication sciences.
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19/10/2020 Monday 6 :00 pm


My first term exam started today. I had Key Issues in Journalism which was okayish. Well, I can’t say I did really good in that exam, but I’m not entirely sad. I just woke up after a two hour nap because I didn’t sleep yesterday.

I don’t have any idea for tomorrow’s exam that is Media Perspectives. I have to listen to 18 recordings and time is very less. Tbh, I’m seriously freaking out for the coming three exams. I don’t know how it’s going to be. I’m just going to try to complete atleast ten recordings.

( and also yesterday was my birthday. Obviously I didn’t celebrate it because I spent my entire day infront of my laptop, studying for the first exam.😕)

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studied the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system.//revised from my speech and language pathology notes.//downloaded some of the recorded classes to listen to certain concepts again.

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…remember me when you see the moon, when you see your scars, when you visit our favourite library or coffee shop, when you’re holding the books i gave you, when you’re gazing at the clouds, when you smile at yourself. Remember me. Remember me in all the things I love.

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