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Day 39 of 100 days of productivity


May 30th, 2020

I have to take some photos of my notes because I don’t have anything to post. The problem is, most of my notes are digital or -do not exist yet- because I haven’t finished preparing the material for my exams.

Also, don’t you just love when they keep changing the dates of the exams? As if them being online wasn’t stressful enough.

So one week I’m freaking out because of all the medical terms I have to memorize only to find out that that one exam just got postponed and now i have less than a week to learn economy.



Exams suck. Exams are stressful. University being chaotic is stressful af.

Apparently my literature and linguistics degree became a medicine/marketing/economy degree too.

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30/05/2020 - Staying consistent with studying is hard and knowing I only have 3 weeks until my exams both makes me happy and scares me hugely as I’m not prepared and I don’t think I will be fully ready for them. I’ve found studying only at home difficult and my focus during the online classes is nothing compared to my focus during normal face to face classes. The material level has also jumped so much from my first level exams to now and everything takes so much longer to understand. 

So I took Friday evening off and a big part of Saturday too. Went out, got a coffee since it’s finally possible and met a friend albeit from a distance. And now it’s time to get back to it, 3 weeks to go!

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I’m currently studying organization theory, and I love the books my professor gave us because the first chapter called

“Why study organizations theory?”

Starts with the words

“Before you answers ‘Why indeed?’ and walk away”

And I find it so freaking funny, because that’s so true! 😅

By the way the book I’m talking about is “Organization theory modern, symbolic and postmodern perspectives” by Mary Jo Hatch

ig: nerdingrainbowsparrow

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Saturday 05.30. 

First exams online in 3 days. Omg wish me luck. 

So far I managed to study everything for Tuesday 🌱 

Cardiology is on Friday and I still have to do ECG + understanding the whole pharmacology chapter which drives me nuts… 

Whatever you’re doing I wish you the best ! 

🎵 Currently listening to : Clarinet Quintet in B minor - J. Brahms 

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Омайгад Омайгад омайгад!!!

Все закончилось! Сегодня я сдала последний государственный экзамен и остался только диплом! Чувство свободы, облегчение, некая гордость.

7 лет! 7 гребанных лет учёбы. Один диплом(подставка под кофе) после колледжа получен,а теперь и диплом высшего образования!

Я дожила до этого, причём без седых волос(не уверена).

Какой огромный путь.. Тернистый, бесючий, доводящий до слез, но, все же, такой увлекательный!

В общем, этот этап жизни подходит к концу и как же это круто! 💕😄

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I have gotten mildly tipsy on the night that I finish my final exams, which means according to my parents I have fulfilled the minimum requirements of being a student. My status of Ex-Student is now pending approval.

I shall proof-read this in the morning, good luck to everyone still taking their exams. God I love my parents.

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Quarantine Exam/ Deadline Season: A PSA

Even though there’s been a movement toward representation of Real Studying, I want to add my own two, lockdown- themed, cents. I’ve just finished my last online exam of the year- I was so, so stressed about it, and so thankful that it’s over. Whilst I don’t want working yourself overboard and completely freaking out normalised, I feel like it’s so pervasive, and needs to be acknowledged. If you are freaking out about an exam, or an assignment, beyond all rationality and reason right now, you are not alone. If you’ve got that horrible, tummy- tightening, sick-y feeling, you are not alone. It’s not desirable, but it happens! Here’s the affirmation I wanted three days ago, before sitting my last assignment. 

1) Things will work out, no matter what the result. You can only give your best- even if it doesn’t *feel* like your best. 

2) Do not feel guilty for bringing yourself away from your work. You need free time to think straight- it’s counterproductive to continue to sit there if you can’t concentrate. 

3) Make your workload tolerable! Peep the remainder of a pint in the picture above. Particularly *now*, it’s so important to make work as tolerable as can be- for example, I finished off a three hour revision session with a nice IPA, because I deserved it! So, if you’re a candle kid, rock it. If you love your pillows and blankets, chuck on a bit of music and prop yourself up in bed for some extra- lax goodness. If you’re a beer gal like me, rock a little drink at your desk! End the idea that studying has to be rock- hard, endlessly uncomfortable turmoil. Cushy, soft productivity is just as valid. 

4) Take it day- by- day. Every single one of my Study Days this deadline/ exam season, I set myself up a manageable to- do list. This usually consisted of one or two readings, and an exam question to plan for at the end. By doing this, you’re setting yourself up for success: on a day when you’re feeling pretty eh, the to do list isn’t overwhelming- and on you’re super productive, eight- hour- slog- type days, there’s ample room to go above and beyond! 

5) It’s been said over and over again, but: you are worth so, so much more than these scores- even more so than usual! A pandemic couldn’t stop you from trying, you bloody superhuman. 

I sincerely hope that you’re doing okay, that you’re looking after yourself the very best that you can. But if you fall short, please don’t worry. I did, too! Particularly right now, your level best is so much more than enough. Wishing you all the very best, no matter what it is you’re doing! 

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AYE I’ve been gone for weeks now and honestly that’s all 100% on me and my laziness.

I’d been too unmotivated for a month or sth and could literally not do anything.

But! The past week I’ve basically set up a whole plan to prep for IIT-JEE and honestly I’ve got a lot to do and that too in very less time.

By a lot I mean they syllabus of 11th and 12th grade in like 7 months (less than 7 months because we’ll be having our school examinations as well which are pretttyyyy important)

Along with that I need to focus on finishing all the assignments and homework from school because those carry marks and I need my 12th grade marks to be as close to perfect as possible to make up for my 11th grade marks (honestly that’s just so that I can regain my sense of self worth)

A knee ways

I’m gonna try updating here more often because idk it gives me something to look back at and see my progress(?)

Ooh and I changed the placing of my study table because I like the sunlight and also because even my brother’s gonna be taking an exam next year so he’s gonna be studying too so he’s getting a table to study on so we needed to make some space to let that in.

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29.05.2020// Yesterday we finished revising the whole pathology program for the second time and today me and the girl I’m studying with started quizzing eachother (still via telephone).

This morning we did diabetes and gout.

This evening I’ll do some yoga and in the weekend I’ll probably go for a walk with my mom, since now in Italy we can ;)

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