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#excerpt from a story i'll never write

i know my favourite poem is the name of my beloved, etched on to my heart like the coronaries after all were tangled this way, i know my favourite poem is the way my beloved looks at me,the lashes curled like the waves of the sea , when the sun is dawning, i know my favourite poem is the folds of my beloved’s smile , i have said this before and i will say it again, your smile tastes like a revolution i have won, a poem about tenderness is how you slide your arm under the pillow, to savour the cold side, a poem about your eyes is how they smile, when you are happy, like i will not have to look at your smile if i look at your eyes , because i know the way they smile, ,because if i look at my beloved’s smile, the world slows down , in admiration, and so does my heart, and i would want this repeated over and over to me self , to be completely mesmerised at my favourite poem, i can write many lines about my beloved,as many as the number of stars in the sky, and my beloved is the sky, that I can never write enough about, like the stars can never fill the entire sky.

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Even after all these broken bones,

I still loved your world.

Even after killing me everyday,

It didn’t love me back.

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“Oh hey honey, I didn’t expect you home this-

Oh god! What happened, are you hurt?

You’re-you’re covered in blood

Honey, what’s going on?

W-why a-are you holding a knife?”

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Dialogue Prompt #nth

A: You look like shit

B:You mean shit that saved your life

A:No, shit that gave me a problem that I shouldn’t have had in the first place

B:shit that you love though


B: *whimpers*

A: No, I didn’t mean that. You know you’re the only shit I care about in this world.

B: I wuv you

A: yeah yeah

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<div> —  <b><i>from the heart that tugs the warmest.</i></b> </div><span><p>I know you probably won’t read this message, but if you ever find this one day, know that I love you always and that I’ll always be cheering for you even from a distance. </p><p>If you ever find yourself thinking about me, I’ll always be here.</p></span>
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“There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you." 

"Oh is that so?” He replied with a smirk.

“Yes, indeed. I love to think of different ways I could kill you and take over your entire kingdom.” His grip on me tightened. 

“There will be no need for that once I make you my queen.”  

His breath fanned against my cheek before he pulled me close.

“That is… If you can survive.”

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Dialogue Prompt #nth

“Maybe the cosmos are cruel. Or maybe it’s just us, blaming things we can’t control to entities that can’t scream back”

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The smell of you

Lingers in my bedsheets

Like black clouds

After a storm.

I roll around

Hoping you’d be there by my side

But I was alone

In this bed

That suddenly feels so big.

Earlier you kisses me

Until I was lost for breath

But now

I’m all curled up

Wondering why the nights feel so long

Without you by my side.

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seems as if the good always ends

while the bad seems to tend to you when the good is ending

so you hold your pen tightly and hope to erase all of the hurt,

how could that be when you was my rose

when you left, you left a few thorns and can’t help my wandering and hopeful heart but to brush my trembling fingers over the thorns and hope to get just a bit of the rose filled love back into my soul.


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I don’t know what to do

I feel so stuck and lonely

I feel like no one understands me

I hate feeling like this

You make my worst side appear

How could you betray me?

I guess you never truly loved me

Like I love you

Here I am alone

While you’re out there having fun with you’re friends

At the end of the day I’m always alone

Even when I’m with you I feel so lonly

I don’t know what to do anymore

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To be abandoned

At the edge of the earth

Be left adrift

To be crowned in blue branches

To be forgotten in red dirt

Without looking at what left us

Unbearable pain that breaks with silence

Destructive and captivating

Asking that we forget what happened

Asking that we forget who we were

And that we turn into water

And plants and fire and air and sun and moon

And everything nature takes care of from afar

Everything that once dreamed

And that grows with scars on its crust

With blind hope before the winters

Never long enough to make fade them away

Never short enough for them to remember who they were

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<div> —  <i>the only thing i’ll ever truly feel is my love for you, for i cannot escape it.</i>//<a href="" target="_blank">t.c</a> </div><span><p>the story changed when i told you i loved you, <br> before it was one filled with promise,<br> the uncertainty of love. </p><p>it started as a whisper, <br> a prayer on the tip of your tongue. <br> for i never knew it would turn into this from a love so true. </p><p>tell me how can you love a tragedy?<br> without heartbreak?<br> without being lead to ruin?</p><p>these letters are from a burning heart my love, <br> i welcomed ruin by loving you. <br> it felt like it was written in my blood, <br> deep to the bone, <br> right through to my beating heart. </p><p>i know i was meant to love you, <br> for me there would be no one else. </p><p>and if heaven punishes me for loving you <br> i’d gladly go to hell and burn for you <br> because your all i crave, </p><p>all i need is your love, <br> i never needed anything else.</p></span>
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