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#excerpt from a story i'll never write

Fight or Flee

How it worries me

That no matter the choice

I always run away from things.

My mind wants more

But will never stay the course

For flight is my god

And I’m a mere subservient whore.

I go the path

That can lead me away

But mother flight has strict rules

No matter how much I pray. 

She clings like a parasite

Embedded within my skin

I dig further and farther

To know where she began.

There is no point 

To try to rid of her scent

She runs through my blood

Even in my pale skin.

I can only numb her touch

And the pain she brings

With a little bit of water

And pills prescribed to me. 

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Recalling Far And Distant Galaxies (4/8/20)

Mismatched pools

Of icy blue

Surrounding an ebony abyss.

So easy to get lost in,

Your own

Private nebulas.

Soul-piercing, yet comforting.

The last time I saw them,

I couldn’t see the stars,

We couldn’t glance at space,

But who needs the beauty

Of the universe,

When the most

Exquisite thing

I could ever see

Was staring into my soul.

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Ugh, I just had to write 5-10 sentences using 1920s slang for homework. I’m sharing it not bc it’s good but bc it’s funny lol

1920s “Hooch” Run

“Get a wiggle on Frank, ya know the Yanks ‘cross the border don’t tolerate no late deliveries of their hooch” Robert called out to the man trailing behind him.

“I know it’s just… well level with me Robert, don’t making these runs give ya the heebie-jeebies?” Robert frowned at the shake in his partner’s voice. Why out of all the men in that joint had he had to have picked a piker?

“You said ya were in Frank. You said ya needed this dough for that dame of yours. Now pipe down will ya?” Robert growled at the younger man. At this Frank lowered his head and ran to catch up, the wooden crate he carried producing a faint clinking noise. Robert merely rolled his eyes as he continued toward the pier, 'Least the sap’s a pushover’.

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Chuck Akot, piccoli p a r l a m e n t i
I love you as one single grain that gushes the earth rooting in my chest. I love you in this hour, in this day, soul to soul, as time elapses twinning us together, like the splendor of the sky and sea. I love you in those little parliaments, my fantan, my sevens, how do you assemble me? What happens now when you write my name in the sand? When you gaze at me ephemerally, when you are within me, when the pink lotus is growing in your womb, is this a common sharing of fate?
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Chuck Akot, temperamenti s u c c u l e n t i
Of everything I have seen, luscious temperaments: you are my carnal apple. I am happy that everything resonates, aggrandizing, speaking in alphabets to a language encrypt largely and boldly to swallow us together. I search you in those words. I choose your savage heart over indifference.
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Chuck Akot, uomo e donna
The real sentiments, its clear genuineness comes flooding naturally, and knowing that this heart becomes an excerpt from the sweet imaginings when we meet in the interior, and the secret ploy to convince you that we are together in this, that we are two beings: body of a man and woman.
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bnha au!

tsukishima is a student hero with an icy quirk.

kuroo is a talented third-year student with fire quirk, who notices tsukishima’s mind and strength at a sports festival.

it is because of the interest in the person of tsukki, kuroo advises him to train at the agency in nekoma, where they become partners.


k u r o t s u k k i

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“I like to think that only half of the population have soulmates from birth and the others earn to have a soulmate and maybe sometimes, a few people with enough courage and will, are rewarded with the person they truly desire.

Those few people are the ones the universe favor just a little bit more than the others. The universe can read their hearts like an open book.

I might not personally know her but I know she’s a romanticist.”

- excerpt from my journal.

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It sucks so much that I met you again at a time where we’re both fresh out of relationships. 
Unlike myself though, 
it seems like you’re still not over your ex. 
You still love her. 
Grieving her in your own way, and that’s ok. 
It just sucks for me because I’ve done a lot of self sabotaging due to my trauma and that’s not your fault, 
I just wish I hadn’t, because you’re barely interested anymore. 
I have a lot of shit I need to work on. 
I just wish we were meant to be because I swear we are, in another lifetime, if not now. 
I like you and the more I hide it the worse it gets.

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I like the artsy instagram girl that puts honey in her tea, the one who dreams of flower fields and wood houses with big windows.

The one I can run in a beach with, holding their hand and falling so effortlessly in love with them.

The one who wants to make breakfast together in the morning and bake cookies with me for no reason at 2 pm

The kind of girl I can stay up until 3 am talking to, without even thinking about how tired I am. The girl who is so excited to hear from me after work. Someone I can support, who will support me right back. Someone who will catch me when I fall.

I’m looking for a girl, that reminds me of a fairy. While looking so soft, and so hardcore. Someone with a soft heart, that I can do crazy shit with. Someone to adventure with. Someone to scream to songs with in the car while just driving to the grocery store, or our favorite coffee shop. The girl I can kiss, in the middle of the street, and just smile admiring her as she happily wanders her favorite shop.

This year, I hope love finds me, and I hope it’s her

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