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I really wanna do fan fusions again!!

You guys remember a while back, I did some fusions between SU characters that hadn’t fused yet on the show, right? I did those cautiously as the movie and Future hadn’t come out yet, and I didn’t want my designs to become redundant.

(Somehow those fusion drawings still get notes out of the blue and everytime I’m reminded “Oh yeah! I remember those!)

But now that the show is over, I can throw caution to the wind and make my own again, and even redo the old ones with better designs, since I’m not happy with some of them. I’ve already made some concepts for them!

Plus I’ve seen some amazing fusions by other artists here on Tumblr that I’ve been following for a while and would love to interact with!

So you guys keep your eyes peeled for those in the future! The first one will probably be posted after the next drawing I post and am currently working on.

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I think I might’ve seen a brief flash of what I might’ve looked like as an incubus while meditating recently??

I can only recall the features that caught my attention first before the image faded - an ominous figure shrouded in darkness, with a red skull mask that either extended into or was accompanied by a crown, leaning back on a throne. I was also being tended to by servants, who were on the floor beside my throne. The servants appeared to have a human form, and they were naked.

When I saw the figure on the throne, I just instinctually thought, “Oh, that’s me.” I’ve gone through the fictional characters I thought I might’ve been thinking of (Shao Khan, Higgs Monaghan, the Third and Fourth Overlord, Pontiff Sulyvahn, Martyr Logarius) and what I remembered seeing didn’t look like any of them, especially since I remember the mask being red.

If this is what I think it is, I hope that it’s a sign that I’m going down the right path to begin to recover memories over time.
*Edit: Excitement-typos.

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