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First of all yesssssss you both have adorable cheeks so kids would also have adorable cheeks! Alright I’m gonna attempt but it might be bad so bare with me 😅 okay so Hyuck and you had a son a couple months ago and he’s a pretty quiet baby and one night when he starts to cry Hyuck goes to get him so you can sleep knowing you need it and he picks him up singing softly and of course it helps and gets him back to sleep he just wanted a little comfort but you noticed Hyuck wasn’t in bed so you came to check on them and just imagine you walk in and see your son in his arms and your son scrunches his nose just like Hyuck is doing in this picture (it’s adorable I couldn’t resist) and you feel like you’re falling in love all over again. “He really looks like you it’s adorable” you say softly and Hyuck smiles at you. “I think he looks like both of us after all look at his cheeks”

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I see you have updated things again. That’s cool. But could you please make it so that I could turn off endless scrolling like I could before? My little ‘puter does not like it and can freeze up after awhile.


Lots of love atheistgirl.

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Me, being self indulgent on You know what, I won’t hold back today, Imma gonna reblog all the Jaskier posts I like, I’m gonna let my obsession run freely. My followers will probably hate me, they are not here for this, they probably didn’t even watch the Witcher…


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Henry was in that show midsomer murders and in his first clip he’s having rough sex and like ...🥵🥵🥵

Omg I just looked up the first clip on YouTube and he’s straight up making the car rock with his thrusts i…whewww

Here’s the link btw in case y’all wanna see, starts at 7:05

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I haven’t kept a tumblr longer than a week and I’ve been on here for the past five years, I don’t plan on making one either lol but for you maybe.


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