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#excuse me that’s my emotional support Nesta Archeron

Nesta just wants to be left alone

I can really relate to Nesta in the sense of sometimes acting so cold or closed off or even saying outright bitchy things just because you don’t want to talk to someone or don’t have the emotional energy to be around others. It’s an easy way to get people to leave you alone or back off.

She’s made it so clear on so many occasions that she just wants her own life, she needs time, etc… I think that when Feyre rolls up all happy and sunny and life is great with her mate, Nesta just tries to say literally anything that will get Feyre to leave so that she can be alone again.

Because of this I kind of understand Sarah’s statement that Nesta has to “face her past behaviour” and I don’t think it means some big omg I am awful I must apologize to the IC. I think that it’d be so unrealistic to imagine that Nesta isn’t completely aware of what she’s doing. I bet she gets home sometimes and is like why did I say that?? But in the moment it’s just like *say literally anything that will make them STOP talking to me, stop trying to fix me please just let me be alone* and I think that her healing internally will mean that these defence mechanisms slowly subside.

Admitting to things that one has said or done when in a bad mental space isn’t weak, but I also firmly believe that it isn’t something she needs to apologize for. (and it’s truly my belief that we have never seen the character of Nesta in a healthy head space because girl has had a ROUGH go of it. At least Feyre had some moments in between that made life seem worth it but Nesta has really just been handed one devistating blow after another)

In summation, I give you Nesta:


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