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#excuse me while i make her a girlfriend for no reason
katsushimaa · 10 months ago
random couple tiktok pranks you’d do to your haikyuu boyfriend
— with Tsukishima, Bokuto, Kunimi, Kenma, Tendou and Suna
[ part 2 ]
A/N: i said i was on a break but during my break i kept watching tiktok and bc i felt lonely, i wanted to write about the haikyuu boys doing these trends with me instead 💀
©️ all rights reserved to katsushimaa. do NOT plagiarize or repost anywhere.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tell your bf “u could’ve been nicer to me today”
would straight up just laugh at you
“wdym? i thought you liked me because I’m not your typcial mr. nice guy?”
true, but since you wanted to live up to the prank, you feigned a sigh. “but you’re not usually this mean to me, kei. there’s still some boundaries.”
your response wiped the smirk off his face, making him think of what he did to you to today. as far as he knew, he did nothing out of the ordinary
seeing his smirk drop did it for you. you broke through your facade and started to burst out laughing, causing him to roll his eyes at you, a fond smile spreading on his lips
he’d make you stop laughing by pushing you to a wall, caging you in his arms as he loomed over you with a sadistic expression
“never expect me to be ‘nicer’ to you from now on, brat.”
Tumblr media
fake a fall in public to see your bf’s reaction
with no questions asked, this man would fall with you
everyone threw the two of you odd glances as you stared at each other on the floor, stifling your laughter
until Bokuto gave in and burst out laughing, leaving you no choice but to join him
“why’d you fall?” you asked in between breaths
“i’m the one who should be asking that, you limp,” he snorted before looking at you softly. “but i just didn’t want my baby to embarrassed alone, you know?”
Bokuto stood up easily, offering you a hand in which you gladly took.
with a smile, he raised your hand to his lips. “we’re in this together, aren’t we?”
you intertwined your fingers with his, your wide smile matching his own. “we are.”
Tumblr media
raise the blanket while you’re in it when your bf walks in the room
you didn’t even have to say anything, he’d just dive right in next to you
Kunimi’s arm snaked around your waist as he buried his head on your chest, breathing you in
he even tucked the other end of the blanket beneath him so the two of you were cocooned together
“nap time already?” he hummed sleepily, already ready to sleep
you could only giggle as you weaved your free hand through his soft, dark hair, causing him to hum in approval
“you were so fast,” you said, causing him to raise his head up to smile at you sleepily
“well, i’m always ready to cuddle with you.”
though you were flustered by his words, you rolled your eyes. “shut it, you’re just using me as an excuse because you’re too lazy to do your work.”
you could feel his smile as he snuggled deeper into your chest. “let’s just nap together, babe.”
Tumblr media
sit on the floor beside your bf while he plays video games
while Kenma smashes his keyboard, you rested your head on his leg after sitting on the floor
he glanced down at you briefly and his hand came flying on your head, patting it
“what are you doing?” he murmured
“just wanna be in your presence,” you closed your eyes, snuggling deeper in his leg
Kenma threw you another glance before muttering, “give me five minutes.”
with that, he took his hand off you and started aggressively pushing the keyboard and mouse button, his eyes wide with focus that you were almost frightened by him
after five minutes, you could hear his friends from his headphones yelling out victory and cheering for Kenma, but he could careless
he pulled you on top of him on the bed and brought your head to his chest, hugging you tight. you couldn’t help but smile at his comfort, and he couldn’t help but release a small smile of his own
“you could still play, you know,” you mumbled against him. “i just wanted to be close to you.”
“me, too,” he said right after pulling out his phone. you laughed as he placed it on your back, ready to play another game
well, at least you were in his arms now
Tumblr media
call your bf ‘bro’
had to do a double take after you called him bro
“what did you say, baby?” he asked, hoping he just heard you wrong
“are you deaf, bro?” you kept a straight face. “i asked if you wanted to eat later.”
Tendou felt his heart drop at his nickname, but since he’s petty, he didn’t show it
instead, he fought back. “sure, dude. you can pick the restaurant.”
he felt some sense of triumph when your eyebrows rose, but you’re his girlfriend for a reason after all
you guys were both petty
“i’m down with anything, pal.”
“do you just want to drive around to see where we want to eat, mate?”
“sounds like a plan, champ.”
Tendou looked at you for a moment before letting a smile grow on his lips. “champ? what am i, your son?”
you threw your head back in defeat. “i couldn’t think of anything else!”
the two of you meet each other’s gazes before bursting into laughter, your bodies shaking with amusement
Tendou pulled you to him, hugging you as if his life depended on it. “never call me bro again, okay?”
you swayed him as you hugged him back, his heartbeat racing when you said, “of course, you’ll always be my baby.”
Tumblr media
wake your bf up during his sleep and say, “go hide, my boyfriend’s here.”
obviously, he didn’t wake up the first try so you had to do it again
at the third time, his eyes finally opened slowly, disoriented as he looked at you
since Suna was so unfocused, you expected him to go along and hide like the other boyfriends do in the trend
unfortunately, your boyfriend was built different
“i don’t care,” he said flatly and without any warning, he grabbed your wrist and pulled you next to him, trapping you in his arms and under the blanket
“Rin,” you tried to wiggle away. “i’m not sleepy.”
“then just stay with me.”
that was enough for you to lie still, finally relaxing in his hold
after a few moments of comfortable silence, he leaned in your ear and whispered, “now stay still and quiet because my girlfriend’s here and i don’t want her to see you.”
you gasped at the way he turned the prank on you, hitting him on the chest before sitting up
“what?” he laughed as he lazily stared at you angrily looking down at him. “serves you right for waking me up in my sleep. now come here and help me continue it.”
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speencereid · 12 days ago
burning soul | cho sangwoo
( squid game )
Tumblr media
summary — in every relationship, those who are part of it have different roles. there are those who lead, those who are subordinate to them. there are those who protect and those who are protected. and there are those who are the burned soul and those who are the reason why that soul burns.
warnings — ! SMUT !, angry sex, lots of angst and fluff too. also this is long, pardon me.
authors note — how could i not write for sangwoo? say whatever you want but he’s a hot mf ;)) let me know what u think, reblogs always help ! <3 also, can you tell i love using metaphors?
! based on this request !
“Let’s go home, you’re freezing.” Y/N shook her head, trying her best not to sniff her nose so that Sangwoo wouldn’t understand that she was in fact freezing. How embarrassing could that be to leave early from their first date just because she didn’t put more clothes on?
“Please, I don’t want you to catch a cold.” he reasoned with her, grabbing his black scarf and circling it around her neck, so that she could get warmer.
But those said words were enough to make her feel warmer, and it was the first time — in a long time — that she felt a snug feeling on her chest, as if it was burning. But it wasn’t a bad feeling, it, and it made her feel like nothing else mattered in that moment; it was just her and Sangwoo. Just the two of them.
A few months have passed since their first date, and they were now inseparable. Or, as everyone was seeing it from the outside, Y/N was the one who was clearly still whipped, following him like some lost puppy while he had her wrapped around his finger. Yet, he seemed to be almost careless about the whole situation, about the relationship, about her.
Not that she would believe such thing; Sangwoo had always been kind to her, since the first time they met. He always took care of her, giving her whatever she wanted, buying her gifts almost every day, sometimes he doubled them when he came home from work late because his daily schedule was too busy — as he always said. She knew it couldn’t be an excuse, a very lame one in all honesty, but she couldn’t deny the fact that the thought crossed her mind a few times.
Especially when he came home extremely late, sometimes drunk, sometimes too tired to even reach the bedroom they both shared, or sometimes having a weird, unusual scent on his clothes, what Y/N once assumed it was a woman’s perfume. But of course, she tried to push that thought away.
Her friends insisted that their relationship seemed weird, almost like they were both hiding something. It’s useless to say that Y/N was offended by such accusations, not because of what they said about her, but because of the way they talked about Sangwoo. They even laughed at her face when she reminded them how nice he was the first time they hang out.
“Men are always like this at first. They give you everything you want until you give them what they want the most.”
She couldn’t help but blush at their words, images of the two of them in intimate situations passing by as if she was making a short film in her mind. She remembered the first time they had sex; it took her three months and four days after their first date, and two months exactly after Sangwoo asked her to be his girlfriend.
She couldn’t lie and say she wasn’t nervous; everything about him made her nervous, but he did everything he could to make her feel warm. Their first time was gentle, so personal, so natural as if they were meant to stay together in eternity. He made her feel things she never felt before, the pleasure too overwhelming to be true. And he kept looking at her the whole time, locking eyes with her smaller figure, focusing on the way her face contorted in pleasure, how her eyes rolled back and how the sound coming from her mouth kept getting louder and louder each time.
For the first time, she felt her whole being burning with love, desire, passion. What she didn’t see though was that day by day, her soul kept burning more and more, getting her close to her ruin.
Y/N huffed in annoyance, her eyes locked on the written pages in front of her, but her mind seemed not to comprehend any words she was reading. She didn’t know what time it was, but it was late, incredibly late and her boyfriend hasn’t come home yet. She tried her best not to think of him, so that she wouldn’t get too nervous or have any weird thoughts about him being in a dangerous situation, but she then realised she hasn’t seen Sangwoo for the entire day.
It was the first time since they started dating that she hasn’t seen him or talked to him, as much as she tried to reach him that day. She knew he worked much and he didn’t want to be disturbed during his work hours, but the fact that he didn’t talk to her the whole day made her upset.
Until she heard a sudden, loud knock echoing in the empty house, startling her. She knew it wasn’t Sangwoo; he never dared to make any noise when he came home, so that he wouldn’t wake her up. She got out of the bed, still unsure if answering the door was the brightest idea but deep down, she hoped to see Sangwoo’s face and the thought alone made her excited.
She quickly walked to the door, fixing her bed hair and putting on her most genuine smile before answering it. And if in that moment there was someone who told her not to open that door, she would have listened to them. So that she couldn’t find out the most horrible of the truths.
Her eyes widened when her eyes met with a young man in front of her, his police officer attire immediately catching her attention.
“Good evening, Miss” the look on his face was awkward, as if he was apologising for appearing at such late hour “Is Cho Sangwoo here?”
She shook her head, trying to voice out her thoughts in the calmest way possible.
“He’s at work, I-I think” she whispered the last part “Is there anything you need, Sir?”
He sighed in frustration at her words. “If he was at work, I wouldn’t be here at this time of the night”
She couldn’t help but panic at his tone, scared that something bad, really bad, happened to Sangwoo.
“Why are you looking for him?”
She wasn’t sure if she really wanted to know the answer, but nothing would have made her ready for what she was going to hear.
“He’s charged with financial fraud, Miss, I’m sure you know that,”
And that was another assumption about her that wasn’t true. She didn’t know anything about this financial fraud he was talking about, as if it was even possible that her boyfriend was capable of doing that.
“Please, tell him to come at the police station as soon as possible. He’s putting people in dangerous positions,” he gave her one last apologetic look, and she could see a hint of pity in his expression almost as if he understood that she was completely clueless.
She backed away from the door after closing it, her shaking legs threatening to knock her to the floor. She couldn't believe those words, didn't want to believe those words. But how could she avoid just thinking them? How could she pretend that nothing was true?
And that was where it all came back to her. All those nights spent alone, all those empty conversations left unfinished, all those unsolicited gifts without any meaning. All the warnings she had received and had never wanted to hear.
For the first time in her life, she felt betrayed. Betrayed by the person to whom she now belonged and from whom she could not detach herself even if she wanted to. Because by now her soul was too burned to be readjusted.
It had been two days since the policeman had shown up at her house, and still she hadn't been seen or heard from Sangwoo. Part of her hoped he wouldn't come back, just the image of his face haunted her, bringing back a sadness she'd never felt before, but deep down she hoped that nothing bad had happened to him, that he hadn't decided to take the quickest route to get rid of his problems. Her soul couldn't take it.
It had been two days since she had been able to eat, let alone sleep, and she stayed in bed they shared — although she couldn't remember when it was the last time they had slept together — with her gaze locked on the huge windows overlooking the night landscape.
She felt her eyes slowly closing, even that action hurt from how much she had cried. She felt the weight of exhaustion on her and finally felt she could fall asleep, closing her eyelids for good.
Until she felt soft lips leaving small, wet kisses on her cheek, making her jerk in place.
She turned quickly, her breathing labored, and her still tired eyes widened at the sight of whoever was in the bed with her.
And it wasn't just anyone, as she would have hoped. But him, Sangwoo.
“Y/N...” his voice, barely a whisper, was enough to make her explode in tears but she tried her best to keep herself composed.
“No!” she exclaimed, getting up from the bed, smacking his arm when he tried to reach her.
“Please, listen–” his voice was panicked but she was full of his bullshit.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” she screamed this time, not caring that it was night. “What the fuck are you?”
Her tone was harsh, insulting even but Sangwoo knew he deserved all of her hateful words. He hurt her, in every possible way and there were still so many other things she didn’t know. Things that would have broken her completely.
“I beg you, Y/N” he yelled, the sound of his voice only made her angrier. “I know I messed up, and there’s nothing I can do to fix it”
“Shut up!” she interrupted him, fighting the urge to slap him in the face and running away but she kept staring at him, tears falling down her face like a never-ending river.
“I don’t want to fucking hear you,” she whispered this time, but got closer to him with the most hateful look on her face. “Because whatever you’re going to say is a lie,”
He simply nodded, even if he felt harmed by her words. “All you do is lie!” she continued, her face now inches closer to his.
“Y/N...” he ignored her demand, not able to remain quiet. He really wanted to explain everything, even if he knew it would have lead to a disaster.
She grabbed his neck, and Sangwoo almost fatigued to recognise her in the angry expression she was proudly holding. As if she was going to explode at any moment.
“Nothing that you can say is gonna save you now,” she spitted out, looking directly in his eyes and even in that heated moment, she could see that they were different. Like he had witnessed something that he was never supposed to see.
Sangwoo heard her loud and clear. No words would have fixed that situation, and knowing himself he would have probably made it worse. So he kept his mouth shout.
And pressed his lips against hers.
She quickly moved away, taken aback by his sudden action and slapped him on his cheek, hard. It was the first time she has ever done that.
And then, her lips were again on his, kissing him with fierce and anger, their tongue fighting for dominance. He grabbed her face, prolonging the kiss as much as he could, but she pushed his hands away, grabbing his neck once again.
They parted away to catch some breath, their forehead pressed against each other, and he closed his eyes, licking his lips to savour her as if he couldn’t believe what just happened.
“You hurt me, Sangwoo” she whispered, her voice now hoarse and he wanted to punch himself for breaking her heart.
“I know but...” he nodded, opening his eyes to look at her saddened face “I want to make it up for you. Let me do that, please”
She looked at him with shock, not believing that even in that situation he just asked her to have sex. A make-up sex, like it was supposed to make everything better so they could act like nothing happened.
She laughed out loud, her anger still audible in her voice. “I fucking hate you,” she barked walking away from him, but she didn’t expect to be strongly pushed on the bed, her body messily falling on the mattress.
Before she could say anything, he put his mouth on her again, this time harder, even hurting her, before biting on her skin, making her moan loudly. She held his hair while he kept kissing every inch of her body, getting closer to where she needed it the most.
“Tell me to stop and I’ll do it,” he said, almost demanding and she simply looked at him. Her mind kept telling her to say no, but her burned soul was chanting yes instead.
She nodded hesitantly, but she really, really wanted it. She wanted his lips, his hands, everything about him. She wanted him inside her, all of him.
He kept kissing her, stripping her from her clothes and he moaned at the sight of her breast, quick at marking it with bites and wet kisses. She let out a gasp at the feeling, realising that she hasn’t feel his lips on her in a long time.
She wiggled her hips, signalling him to move his mouth lower, and he quickly obliged, kissing down her tummy and taking a good look at her privates, who were now dripping wet. He licked his lips, and he felt his mouth watering at the thought of her sweet taste.
So he quickly put his lips on her, earning a loud call of his name followed by a grab of his hair. He ate her out, both hungrily and angrily, not that he was mad at her of course. He was angry at himself for not doing this sooner. To be with her when he had the chance.
“Oh God,” she moaned when she felt his long fingers entering her, and he did the same when he noticed how tight she was. Then he kept assaulting her clit, and she was sure she was now in another galaxy. The pleasure was now pervading her body, her legs open wide while they were shaking uncontrollably. He chuckled against her cunt at her reaction, and the vibration were enough to make her cum hard, making her jolt on the bed while loud moans left her mouth.
He kept over stimulating her and she tried to push him away, failing miserably considering that all the strength she had in her body was now gone.
“Sangwoo!” she yelled, while he kept trusting his fingers in and out, curling in the right spot and she came again, and this time she felt her whole body go limp.
He finally seemed to understand she was now a goner, her mind completely foggy in pleasure. He even cupped her cunt with his hand only to see her reaction, and her whole body shook, making him chuckle in amusement.
She closed her eyes, trying to catch her breath, but soon opened them when she heard the sound of Sangwoo’s clothes falling on the floor, showing his now prominent erection. She gulped at the sight, and before she could grab him, he opened her legs wide, inserting between them and taking a lustful look of her naked body, as if he wanted to memorise it before he marked it.
Then he saw her hand reaching down between her legs, slowly circling at her clit, but he harshly shoved it away, slapping his dick on it instead, making her open her legs even wider at the stimulation. He then ran his length up and down, making her moan in pleasure and she was now close to come with that simple action. He watched at her fucked up expression, smirking when she came again and it was in that moment that he pushed inside her with only a trust.
A loud scream echoed in the room, and she didn’t even care that someone could hear her. He didn’t give her any time to adjust to his size, opting to pound her instead, making her body shake in pleasure.
Her eyes rolled back when he came closer to her ear, whispering dirty things that only made her wetter. The room was now filled with wet sounds of their bodies meeting, but they were barely audible; their groans and moans were louder, louder than they’ve ever been.
“I’m coming!” she screamed again, and he met her lips trying to silence her but no sounds came out of her mouth when she came. And he knew exactly what it meant. He looked down where they bodies met and noticed it was wetter than it already was, and he smirked in awe.
He then took his cock off her, slapping it against her abused cunt which made her squirt even more. She tried to stop his movements, not able to take any more pleasure.
“That’s it,” he moaned out “You say you hate me but your little cunt seems to differ,”
She wanted to talk back, only to hurt his pride but the only sounds that came from her mouth were only whines and cries. So she pushed him off her, and let him lay down instead.
He moaned in anticipation knowing that she was about to take control, as unlikely as it seemed considering that her body was still shaking. But she tried to keep herself steady, taking his cock in her hand and jerking him off teasingly, stopping every now and then only to make him lose his mind, as if he hasn’t already lost it.
“C’mon, baby” he was the one whining this time, but she decided to prolong the torture a little longer, sucking on the head before pushing herself down, taking him completely.
“Shit, shit, shit...” loud curses came out of his lips, grabbing her head and moving her up and down on him. “I’m so close...”
She kept edging him, fastening her movements and just a few seconds before he spilled inside her mouth, she stopped and he grunted in frustration.
But before he could complain any further, she sit down on his cock, taking him by surprise. She took some time, enjoying the nice feeling of him inside her and decided to roll her hips instead, driving him crazy.
“Y/N,” he urged her, grabbing her ass to trust inside her but she stopped his movements, immediately bouncing on him fast and hard.
She never felt that much pleasure before, and she didn’t know if it was the thrill of the whole situation, or just the need they both had of each other.
“Good girl, keep going,” he hit his head on the pillow, losing himself in the pleasure she kept giving him and he decided to do the same, circling her clit with precise motions, making her tighten around him.
And that was all it took for them to come at the same time, moaning their names in unison while he sit down and embraced her, caressing her back as if she was going to break.
“Sangwoo...” she sobbed his name, her tears threatening to fall down but he shushed her.
“It’s okay, everything’s okay” he whispered, comforting her while he softly stroked her hair and placed her body next to his on the bed.
And she was willing to believe him, that everything was eventually going to be okay, for the two of them. Because she was his burned soul, and he was her soul burner.
But everyone knew that soul burners are good for one thing only: igniting love to whoever showed them they were capable to take care of them, only to end up leaving them when their soul became too burnt to heal.
And Sangwoo didn’t seem to be any different.
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2pretty · 5 months ago
Language Learning Stats
*Different resources give slightly different answers, but in general, these are the results:
Elementary: 1,000 words
Intermediate: 3,000 words
Advanced: 6,000- 8,000 words
Highly educated native fluency: 25,000 words
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CEFR Levels:
A1: 550 words
A2: 1100 words
B1: 2200 words
B2: 4400 words
C1: 8800 words
C2: 17600 words
1000 words
1000 words allow you to understand about 80% of the language which surrounds you, as long as it is not too specialized.
In theory, it sounds great. JUST 1000 words and you understand that much! Unfortunately, the remaining 20% is what really matters.
Just look at this sentence:
“I went to the … to buy …. but they told me that they can’t … .’
Sure, you understand a lot of words. But does it really help?
3000 words
3000 words allow you to understand about 95% of most ordinary texts (Hazenberg and Hulstijn, 1996).
It seems like a lot. Sure, on this level, you will be able to hold a decent conversation. You will also be able to get the general ideas and concepts of most of the articles.
BUT…general comprehension is not the same as full comprehension, as it involves some guessing.
Still, there is no shortage of enthusiasts who claim that such level is high enough to start picking up new words from context. However, researchers tend to disagree and say that the “magical” number of words which allows learning from the context is….(drum roll)
5000 words
5000 words allow you to understand about 98% of most ordinary texts (Nation (1990) and Laufer (1997)).  Such a vocabulary size warrants also accurate contextual guessing  (Coady et al., 1993; Hirsh & Nation, 1992; Laufer, 1997).
It means that you can function surrounded by this language without bigger problems. Sure, you will struggle if you want to formulate your thoughts really precisely, or when you encounter specialized vocabulary.
But other than that, you will be fine.
10,000 words
10,000 words allow you to understand about 99% of most texts (Nation (1990) and Laufer (1997)).
This is the pinnacle of language learning. A counterpart of having the vocabulary of a college graduate.
With that many words, you can express yourself with amazing precision and pass for a native speaker if your accent is good enough.
Wondering what are the most common words to start learning? Here's some help:
(total is about 600 words. add in some grammar and you're off to a great start!)
EXPRESSIONS OF POLITENESS (about 50 expressions)
‘Yes’ and 'no’: yes, no, absolutely, no way, exactly.
Question words: when? where? how? how much? how many? why? what? who? which? whose?
Apologizing: excuse me, sorry to interrupt, well now, I’m afraid so, I’m afraid not.
Meeting and parting: good morning, good afternoon, good evening, hello, goodbye, cheers, see you later, pleased to meet you, nice to have met.
Interjections: please, thank you, don’t mention it, sorry, it’ll be done, I agree, congratulations, thank heavens, nonsense.
NOUNS (about 120 words)
Time: morning, afternoon, evening, night; Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday; spring, summer, autumn, winter; time, occasion, minute, half-hour, hour, day, week, month, year.
People: family, relative, mother, father, son, daughter, sister, brother, husband, wife; colleague, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend; people, person, human being, man, woman, lady, gentleman, boy, girl, child.
Objects: address, bag, book, car, clothes, key, letter (=to post), light (=lamp), money, name, newspaper, pen, pencil, picture, suitcase, thing, ticket.
Places: place, world, country, town, street, road, school, shop, house, apartment, room, ground; Britain, name of the foreign country, British town-names, foreign town-names.
Abstract: accident, beginning, change, color, damage, fun, half, help, joke, journey, language, English, name of the foreign language, letter (of alphabet), life, love, mistake, news, page, pain, part, question, reason, sort, surprise, way (=method), weather, work.
Other: hand, foot, head, eye, mouth, voice; the left, the right; the top, the bottom, the side; air, water, sun, bread, food, paper, noise.
PREPOSITIONS (about 40 words)
General: of, to, at, for, from, in, on.
Logical: about, according-to, except, like, against, with, without, by, despite, instead of.
Space: into, out of, outside, towards, away from, behind, in front of, beside, next to, between, above, on top of, below, under, underneath, near to, a long way from, through.
Time: after, ago, before, during, since, until.
DETERMINERS (about 80 words)
Articles and numbers: a, the; nos. 0–20; nos. 30–100; nos. 200–1000; last, next, 1st–12th.
Demonstrative: this, that.
Possessive: my, your, his, her, its, our, their.
Quantifiers: all, some, no, any, many, much, more, less, a few, several, whole, a little, a lot of.
Comparators: both, neither, each, every, other, another, same, different, such.
ADJECTIVES (about 80 words)
Color: black, blue, green, red, white, yellow.
Evaluative: bad, good, terrible; important, urgent, necessary; possible, impossible; right, wrong, true.
General: big, little, small, heavy; high, low; hot, cold, warm; easy, difficult; cheap, expensive; clean, dirty; beautiful, funny (=comical), funny (=odd), usual, common (=shared), nice, pretty, wonderful; boring, interesting, dangerous, safe; short, tall, long; new, old; calm, clear, dry; fast, slow; finished, free, full, light (=not dark), open, quiet, ready, strong.
Personal: afraid, alone, angry, certain, cheerful, dead, famous, glad, happy, ill, kind, married, pleased, sorry, stupid, surprised, tired, well, worried, young.
VERBS (about 100 words)
arrive, ask, be, be able to, become, begin, believe, borrow, bring, buy, can, change, check, collect, come, continue, cry, do, drop, eat, fall, feel, find, finish, forget, give, going to, have, have to, hear, help, hold, hope, hurt (oneself), hurt (someone else), keep, know, laugh, learn, leave, lend, let (=allow), lie down, like, listen, live (=be alive), live (=reside), look (at), look for, lose, love, make, may (=permission), may (=possibility), mean, meet, must, need, obtain, open, ought to, pay, play, put, read, remember, say, see, sell, send, should, show, shut, sing, sleep, speak, stand, stay, stop, suggest, take, talk, teach, think, travel, try, understand, use, used to, wait for, walk, want, watch, will, work (=operate), work (=toil), worry, would, write.
PRONOUNS (about 40 words)
Personal: I, you, he, she, it, we, they, one; myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves.
Possessive: mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours, theirs.
Demonstrative: this, that.
Universal: everyone, everybody, everything, each, both, all, one, another.
Indefinite: someone, somebody, something, some, a few, a little, more, less; anyone, anybody, anything, any, either, much, many.
Negative: no-one, nobody, nothing, none, neither.
ADVERBS (about 60 words)
Place: here, there, above, over, below, in front, behind, nearby, a long way away, inside, outside, to the right, to the left, somewhere, anywhere, everywhere, nowhere, home, upstairs, downstairs.
Time: now, soon, immediately, quickly, finally, again, once, for a long time, today, generally, sometimes, always, often, before, after, early, late, never, not yet, still, already, then (=at that time), then (=next), yesterday, tomorrow, tonight.
Quantifiers: a little, about (=approximately), almost, at least, completely, very, enough, exactly, just, not, too much, more, less.
Manner: also, especially, gradually, of course, only, otherwise, perhaps, probably, quite, so, then (=therefore), too (=also), unfortunately, very much, well.
CONJUNCTIONS (about 30 words)
Coordinating: and, but, or; as, than, like.
Time & Place: when, while, before, after, since (=time), until; where.
Manner & Logic: how, why, because, since (=because), although, if; what, who, whom, whose, which, that.
Tumblr media
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strobimilk · 26 days ago
f!reader. quirkless!au. cw: making out, some jealousy (idk if that even qualifies as a warning but well.) 3.4k+ (this got longer than i planned.) brainrot for kachuki not over so im taking u all down w me.
childhoodfriend!bakugo who’s two years your senior. you grew up in the same neighborhood as him and izuku, and you wouldn’t really have been lumped together with them if you had other children in your area the same age as you. unfortunately, they were the only children who lived close that’s closest to your age, so you had to deal with him dragging you and deku around wherever he wanted to go.
childhoodfriend!bakugo who really is more of a frenemy, with the way he lived for either making you cry or making you piss your pants, in no particular order, either by throwing bugs and worms at you, or messing up your pretty dresses, or making fun of you if you ever trip or fall.
honestly, the only reason you wouldn’t call him a straight up enemy is that while he loved giving you a hard time, he also has this weird complex about being the only one who could do it. some kids in kindergarten thought you were easy pickings after seeing him try to trip you? they’re crying to their moms the very same day, talking about an elementary school boy yelling and throwing rocks at them.
childhoodfriend!bakugo who only got worse as the years went by. going to the same elementary, middle, and high school as him was hell.
he would put rocks in your bag, read journal entries out loud, hang out with you and your girlfriends, scaring and weirding them out in the process. crushes? forget about it. the moment he catches word of whom you like, he’s telling them the most embarrassing stories about you, or some obviously fabricated shit that would make them want to stay away from you.
to weed the weak ones out, he said. you say it’s just because he doesn’t have a damn life he can focus on, so you do him the favor of setting him up with other people, hoping that if he gets into a relationship, he would finally stop bothering you.
not only does he outright laugh in your face once he found out, he drags you along come the day of the actual mixer, making everyone including you uncomfortable. he wouldn’t listen to a single word his dates tell him and would barely put effort in his responses. in the middle of it, he would make some dumb excuse to bolt, dragging you by the wrist to a nearby arcade where he can crush you in all of the games, just so he could see you fume.
you could finally breathe once he graduates high school and goes to a university two hours away. but sometimes, in the monotony of your days, you can’t help but notice how quiet it all is. how bland, how boring.
not that you’d ever admit to the reason why.
childhoodfriend!bakugo who comes back from college jacked and attractive as hell, now standing at six-foot-something, and smug as fuck about it.
he just finished his second year, going into his third. he didn’t go back home the summer after freshman year. his mother said something about summer classes. you just think he’s probably whoring himself out, making the most out of his newfound freedom. (you chalk the sour feeling you get in your gut at the thought as plain envy. you’ll have your turn once you graduate.)
this is the first time you’ve seen him since then, and it’s looking like he’s trying to make up for lost time. since summer break started, there hasn’t been a single day where he hasn’t bombarded your phone with texts, crashed your plans, and even your house. he’s taking advantage of the fact that your mother is especially fond of him despite his callous nature.
(i think he’s good for you, she once said after hearing you grumble about something dumb he did to piss you off once again, swearing to never have him over at your house again. he’s strong in the places you’re weak.
you just think he’s a huge pain and you hate him, so you tell her so. she only laughs.)
childhoodfriend!bakugo who grew out of all his clothes and most of his childish behavior, but not out of making fun of you and surprisingly enough, not out of being a little too protective of you.
your mother had said it as a joke right before leaving for a week-long business trip, “look out for her and make sure she doesn’t burn the house down, yeah?” and you were sure he took it as one, given that they laughed right after she said it.
as it turns out, he did not.
the same night of the day she left, he’s banging on your door, pushing past you once you open it and sniffing the air.
“goddamn, your mom asked you to do one thing— don’t burn the house down. and it’s already smelling like you’re on your way to doing just that,” he jabs, grinning down on you mockingly as he makes his way to the kitchen.
you try to block his way, push him back, drag him back out, anything to keep him away from the kitchen, but he just laughs mockingly at all of your attempts. curse him for getting built.
“damn,” he whistles as he peers over the pan. “is this supposed to be spam? holy shit.” he laughs, throwing his head back.
heat crawls up your neck, face, and all the way up to your ears. this is why you didn’t want him to see what you were doing, why you didn’t want him here at all. he’s a good cook, and you know he’s gonna rub it in your face that you can’t even make something as simple as a fried dish.
your brows furrow in irritation, breaths growing heavy in frustration as you try to elbow him out of the way. he doesn’t relent, leaning closer to you and fake-pouting.
“y’gonna cry? is the little princess gettin’ teary?” he mocks, inching his face closer and closer to yours. you stare him down through the accumulating tears in your eyes, at least to save the what little there is that’s left of your pride.
“don’t worry,” he taps your cheek lightly with a finger, leaning back and bringing a tupperware up to your face. “i brought you dinner.”
a frown stays on your face as you watch him unlatch the lid and present a meal to you, something that looks undoubtedly more appetizing than what you were attempting to make earlier.
he uses chopsticks to pick up a clump of rice and holds it up to your face. “open your mouth.”
you turn your head to the side, crossing your arms petulantly. no way are you just gonna give in like that. you’d rather starve.
“c’mon, princess, i slaved away in the kitchen all afternoon just to make you this,” he says, voice taking on an uncharacteristically soft tone that has your jaw dropping and head whipping around to look at him.
he takes the slight opening of your mouth as a chance to shove the bit of rice on the chopsticks in it, eliciting a noise of annoyance from you and laughter from him. he holds up a piece of tofu, and you don’t see the point of resisting further when you already have a piece of the dish he prepared in your mouth, so you begrudgingly let him feed you.
“s’good, right?” he asks.
“no. tastes like shit.” you say through a mouthful.
he only grins. “mhm, sure.”
he makes sure to be extra annoying the following days, hounding you and hogging all of your time by either staying home with you or tagging along to wherever you’re heading if you had plans. the only time of day you’re free of him is when it’s time to go to bed.
at least, until one night.
the rain’s been pouring all day, and it’s not showing any signs of letting up even at nightfall. bakugo had gone home after eating dinner at your house just a few minutes ago, and you’re just getting ready to head to bed, enjoying some alone time that you didn’t think would be a rarity on the one week your mother’s gone.
you just got out of the bathroom when the lights suddenly go out, bathing your room in pitch black. the humming of appliances stop, and the only sounds audible are the pelting of the rain against the roof and the howling of the wind. you scramble to turn on the flashlight of your phone, looking around for your bed and diving onto it. 
you’re lucky to have gotten your nightly ritual done before the power went out, it would’ve sucked to be in the middle of scrubbing your face and opening your eyes to complete darkness. you light one of the scented candles up on your bedside table before laying down on the bed, ready to end the day.
your eyes are growing heavier by the second, and just when you’re about to fall into deep sleep, your ears pick up a faint banging on your front door. you freeze for a second, clutching your blanket over your shoulders. 
a burglar? no, burglars don’t knock. what if it’s a murderer? someone with ill intent who’s trying to take advantage of a girl all alone in the house, and the banging is all part of them toying with you, just something to alert you of their presence even when they know they can knock it down easily and do whatever they want with you?
your phone starts buzzing, and you almost scream in fright. you look at your lit up screen, and you’ve never been more relieved to see bakugo’s name flashing across it. normally, you wouldn’t even think of answering his call this late at night. the most you’ll do is raise a middle finger up at the screen as you watch it ring. but tonight is different. you don’t know what’s outside your door, and deep down, you know that if you ever needed help, he would be the first one to come running.
“open your door, dumbass. next time i’ll ask your mom for a damn spare key—“
“you asshole!“ you yell, interrupting him. you shoot up from your bed, shoulders sagging in relief.
“yeah, you’re kinda late to the news, aren’t ya? open, dipshit!”
“no! i meant, it’s you at the door?!” you put your fluffy slippers on, walking out of your room with a flashlight.
“yeah!! why the fuck else would i ask you to open it?!” he yells back. you end the call, striding over to open the front door to a bakugo with his arm raised and a duffel bag slung over his shoulder, seemingly about to start banging on it again.
“it’s pouring rain and the power’s out, what the hell are you doing here?!“
he only pushes past you, as he usually does, like this is his house and not yours, making a beeline to the hall that leads to the bedrooms with the help of the flashlight from his phone. “i’m sleeping here.”
“what?! why?!” you follow after him. “does mitsuki-san even know about this?”
he ignores you, pausing mid-step to type something up on his phone. he turns the screen over to you a split second later. “now she does.”
crybaby is scared cuz of the storm and the power’s out. i’m staying over. the text reads.
you swat his hand that’s holding the phone. “i’m not scared because of the storm or the blackout, dumbass. i’m not five.”
he ignores you once again, walking suspiciously closer to the door of your room. he reaches out for the knob, so you stop him. “guest room’s the next one down,” you say.
“i know.“ he turns the knob to your room anyway, pushing the door open.
“that’s my room!“ you protest, chasing after him again.
“i know.“ he says calmly, setting his duffel bag at the foot of your bed before free falling onto it.
“bakugo, get off! i don’t want your gross germs all over my bed!” you pull at his arm with all your might.
he pulls back with little to no effort, making you fall right on top of him. he palms the back of your head, pressing your face onto his pecs. “i just took a shower, the fuck are you talking about? y’smell that? fresh!”
true enough, he does smell like his shower gel. you struggle to get out of his hold, pushing him away and reaching for one of your pillows to hit him with it. no matter how good he smells, he’s still invading your privacy.
“i told you, the guest room is over there!” you pant.
he rips the pillow away from your hands in one motion, hugging it to his chest before turning his back to you. “go sleep there, then.”
you groan. “asshole!”
you push at him one last time, but he’s still as a rock, clearly adamant on sleeping on your bed. you’d be damned if you had to move out of your own room, so you begrudgingly lay down on the available space, back turned to him.
after a few moments of silence, you start thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be that bad. you can ignore that there’s someone else on your bed because he’s not moving or making noises at all. yeah, this isn’t so bad.
until he decides to be a little shit and turn to lay on his back, taking up over half of the bed and nearly pushing you off on the process.
“bakugo!“ you yell, elbowing him and fighting to stay on the bed. just as you’re about to slide off, he wraps an arm around you, turning you over so half of your body’s laying on top of his.
“what?” he asks, mischief clear on his tone.
“you’re being such a dipshit!“ you swat his chest.
“remember when we were kids? you never used to complain about sleepovers. what changed, princess?” in the dim light the candle on your bedside table, you see him lift a teasing eyebrow up, ruby eyes glinting.
“for starters,” —you push yourself off of him, climbing over on the other, more spacious side of the bed, laying down on your side, facing his back— “you weren’t such a big fuck back then, we actually fit on the bed. and izuku was also here to switch places with me so you can stop kicking me in your sleep.”
he’s turned to face you the moment you decide to move, also laying on his side. there’s the tiniest change in his expression at the mention of izuku’s name, eyes growing hard and jaw tensing. “on first name basis with everyone except me, huh?” he says almost in a whisper.
“yeah, ‘cuz izuku-san’s actually nice,” you spit.
“san?” he chuckles, but his eyes remain humorless. “is this you saying you’d rather sleep next to him tonight?”
that wasn’t what you were saying at all. and you knew bakugo all too well by now, you recognize the challenge in his eyes—this is him picking a fight. maybe it’s your frustration from all of his antics tonight, but you decide to add fuel to the fire.
“and if it is?“ you raise an eyebrow. “come to think of it, i haven’t spent time with him in a while.” you even bring out your phone as if to text him.
bakugo snatches the phone from your hand, hiding it behind his back. “you got a crush on him or something?” he asks. the question itself should sound teasing, but the edge in his voice suggests otherwise.
and you don’t know why you said what you said next. it’s none of his business, and it’s not something you dwell on and think of often. but there’s something about the look in his eyes that sends something like a thrill through your whole being. you want to push him to his breaking point, see what’s on the other side of his act.
“i mean, i guess it’s only normal to develop a crush on your first kiss, right?“
there’s a terrifying moment of stillness after that. he doesn’t speak. he stops breathing. and even the rain and the wind outside seemed to cease for a split second.
“say that again, princess? think i heard you wrong.” his voice is low, eerily calm as he rises to sit up, never once taking his intense eyes off of you.
your heart starts hammering in your chest. but it’s not out of fear at all, no. it’s excitement. 
you swallow once, shrugging as you sit up. “i mean, d-didn’t you? develop a crush on your first kiss, i mean.” your voice dies down to a near whisper at the end, failing the facade of confidence and nonchalance you were trying to put up.
his jaw tenses once again, breaking off eye contact as he looks ahead—pensive, simmering. “fuckin’ deku kissed you, huh?” he repeats, more to himself.
you don’t get a chance to explain further before he’s lifting you by the waist, situating you to straddle his thighs. the sudden movement knocks the breath off of you, and you can only press your palms flat against his chest.
“show me, then.” he says.
“how did he kiss you? you seemed so happy and proud, so show me. let’s see if it’s any good.” his eyes drop to your lips.
“w-we didn’t— it wasn’t like that— it was, it was a peck,” you finally manage to let out.
he stares at you for a moment, silent and unmoving as he thinks of what you just said. and then he’s chuckling, shaking his head and heaving out a sigh.
“that wasn’t a fucking kiss then.”
you wanted to protest, but before you can say anything else, he’s diving in and pressing his lips to yours. his palm presses against the back of your head, his own tilting so he can kiss you deeper.
his other hand pulls you closer, entire arm cinching around your waist. he bites at your bottom lip, taking advantage of your yelp of pain and claiming your mouth with his tongue. your hands subconsciously go up to wrap around his neck, hands tangling in his hair.
he’s so warm. compared to the chilly air in your room, his skin is scorching, seeping through his clothes and yours. and the longer he kisses you, the more you want to feel more of his skin, more of him.
you pull away just a little bit to gasp for air, and his kisses travel down to your jaw and the side of your neck. he’s panting, too, clearly in need of air himself. but he continues with his ministrations, as if getting a taste of you is more important than breathing.
he leaves little bites and nips at the skin of your neck, landing on one spot that rips a breathless moan out of you. he squeezes your waist, pulling away to claim your lips once again, unrelenting until you’re both gasping for air, and even then, he chases your lips when you try to pull away.
“that’s how you kiss.” he pants. “i’m your first fucking kiss, y’got that?”
you can only nod, eyes still glazed over and mind hazy. he smiles at you, soft and genuine, rubbing his thumb over your cheek. he leans in once again, and this time, his movements are softer, more languid, you could melt into it.
you stay in that position for a few minutes, in comfortable silence, with him pressing small kisses on your lips and neck from time to time.
it takes a few more seconds for all that happened to load in your brain and be clear to you. you made out with bakugo. bakugo fucking katsuki and you. making out. holy fuck.
now that your head’s a bit clearer, a part of you is embarrassed at how easily you gave in to his kisses, how you just let him stick his tongue in your mouth, how you let him touch you, like you’re not at each other’s throats on a daily basis.
in an effort to quiet down the dying screams of your pride, you thoughtlessly call out to him. “bakugo.”
“i still hate you.”
you feel him tensing, considering you’re still pretty much leaning onto him. he doesn’t respond, but his hold on you slackens before he’s pushing you off of him.
“right.” is all he says before he’s standing up, walking straight to the door and leaving you confused.
“where are you going?” you ask.
he ignores you, but you don’t miss the look in his eyes, a mixture of confusion and...hurt?
the door is closed behind him before you could ask any more questions.
part two.
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Breakable Heaven (Wanda Maximoff/ Reader)
Tumblr media
Hi everyone!
Happy reading, hope you all enjoy!
Summary: Pietro Maximoff has been your best friend from the very first day of college. 3 years later and he's only asked one thing of you... To not pursue his twin, Wanda, who you've never met. Her moving in is only the beginning of a cruel summer.
Warnings: Slight language, mentions of drinking
“Is this really necessary?”
A pillow connected pointedly with your face in response, your middle finger flying up as you glared at the offender. “Yes. It is. Now repeat what I just said back to me.”
Rolling your eyes, you were sure to maintain eye contact as you dramatically repeated the words back. “I, Y/n Y/ln, Pietro Maximoff’s most loyal companion of all time and platonic soulmate swear on my life to not make a move on his twin sister because of my everlasting dedication to our friendship.” Pietro coughed pointedly and you rolled your eyes again. “Because Pietro is the most awesome person I’ve ever met, and the best friend of all time and I would rather share a dorm room with Vision than betray him. Happy?”
For a moment Pietro just stared at you, his arms crossed in mock contemplation. “I could do without the attitude… run it again!” He declared dramatically.
You stood and grabbed the pillow that was beside you and repeatedly beat him with it. “I’m going to request a transfer and you’re going to be sharing a dorm with Vision!” You exclaimed between hits.
Pietro caught the pillow and pushed you off, laughing when you fell to the floor. “Request a transfer, I dare you.” He teased. “You’ll probably end up with Barton who will watch you while you sleep.”
Again, you flipped your friend off as you got to your feet. “He won’t. Yelena already told Nat to tell him to back off.” You grumbled.
“Having the girlfriend do your dirty work I see.” Pietro replied, ruffling your hair.
You shoved him. “Yelena isn’t my girlfriend, dumbass, she’s my best friend.” You countered with an eye roll.
“Excuse you, I’m your best friend.” He protested.
Biting back laughter, you continued. “Okay, she’s my best friend who’s not an idiot.”
There was brief moment of silence before Pietro spoke. “That’s it, I’m requesting the transfer. I’ll start putting up wanted posters for a new best friend tonight.”
Just as you were about to respond with another sarcastic remark a knock on the door echoed through your small dorm room. Both you and Pietro shared a glance before you both rushed to the door.
Pietro beat you by a few seconds, his hands on either side of the wall as he blocked you from the door, his expression serious as he looked down at you. “Every friend I’ve ever had has tried something with Wanda even when I beg them not to. They always pursue her and she's never interested enough and they end up hating me for it.” He began. “It wasn’t easy before but it’s different with you. I couldn’t bear to lose you, Y/n. You're too important to me.”
Each word you best friend said managed to tug harshly at your heartstrings. “I know, Piet.” You said sincerely, a hand on his arm. “I love you, okay? I’d never do anything to intentionally jeopardize our friendship.”
Unexpectedly, Pietro pulled you into a tight embrace, lifting you off the ground ever so slightly before letting you go. You couldn’t help but laugh as his carefree smile fell back into place. “That’s why you’re my best friend. I love you, too, pipsqueak.” He ruffled your hair, and you swatted his hand away. “I can’t wait for you to get to know her, I know you’ll both get along great.” He said excitedly as he turned and opened the door.
The bulky figure of your friend blocked the view as you watched arms wrap around him as he lifted who you assumed to be Wanda off her feet in the same bear hug you had been trapped in moments before.
The first sound you heard was her melodic laughter.
From that alone, it was safe to say that you were in for trouble based on the way your heart leapt at the mere sound. Though you reasoned it was probably just nerves from meeting your best friend’s twin first time. Maybe because she meant so much to him and you were nervous about making a good first impression.
Definitely just nerves.
After another few moments, Pietro placed Wanda back on her feet and moved to the side. Your heart lurched again at the sight before you.
You knew she was beautiful from the pictures Pietro had shown you, but pictures did her no justice. Cameras were clearly not physically capable of portraying just how breathtakingly beautiful this woman was. You quickly shook that away though. Not wanting to even have thoughts that broke your promise to Pietro. You quickly focused back on the moment. Not on her.
Your composure was neutral but inside, everything in your world felt like it had just been flipped on its head.
“Sister, this is my best friend and now our roommate, Y/n.” Pietro introduced with a wave of his hand.
You nodded slightly in Wanda’s direction, shoving your hands into the pockets of your jacket. If the sight of her left your thoughts a mess, you knew that you had to do all you could to avoid physical contact. “Nice to meet you, Wanda. I’ve heard a lot about you.” You said casually.
Wanda smiled back at you, and it took everything you had not to swoon. “And I’ve heard plenty about you. If my brother’s stories are anything to go by, I’m certainly in for some chaos living with you two.”
“Yes, you certainly are.” You agreed with a nod and chuckle, “Bonus for you, you’ll be known for having the best roommates on campus come fall. Plus, you came at the perfect time, little Maximoff.”
Wanda made a face. “I’m only twelve minutes younger than Pietro.”
“And you’re also a few months older than Y/n here.” Pietro chimed in.
“Hey, no twin teaming up on me!” You protested.
Wanda and Pietro shrugged in unison, and you rolled your eyes in response. “Better start getting used to it.” Pietro replied.
“I usually don’t say this, but he’s right.” Wanda said with a wink, and you suddenly began rethinking your life choices. “And why is it the perfect time to get here?” she added.
You shot your friend a quick glare before turning back to face Wanda. “Because you get to help us pack up the last few pieces of our dorm and move into our wonderful new apartment.” You said in an overly enthusiastic voice.
“Lucky me.” Wanda retorted flatly.
You smirked and walked back into the door to begin gathering the last few things that were scattered around the room.
Tonight would be your first night in the new apartment that you would be sharing with Pietro and Wanda. Deciding to move off campus with your best friend was an easy decision. When he told you that his twin decided to transfer and wasn’t sure where she was going to live, it was a simple enough to offer to include her. Even if you had never met. You would do anything for your best friend and if his twin was anything like him, you knew it would be a perfect fit.
Thankfully you were all able to find an affordable apartment not far from campus with three bedrooms. It was something you had been looking forward to all year. Almost as much as all of your friends were looking forward to it since they claimed both you and Pietro could throw even better parties now.
The first of which would be happening that night even if everything still needed to be settled. Your friends could be convincing to say the least.
Just as you had moved the last of the boxes to your bedroom you heard the sound of the front door connect harshly with the wall and excited voices appear in the entry way.
“The party has arrived!” You heard your friend shout as he pushed the sunglasses to the top of his head.
You were the first one out of your room, “Stark, I swear, if there is a dent in that wall you will be paying for the security deposit we’ll be losing.” You warned.
Pietro appeared at your side with his arms crossed. “Savages, all of you.” He added in support, his tone mockingly reprimanding.
Natasha shut the door behind the group as Steve analyzed the wall. “Just a little dent. I can patch it up in no time.” The blonde man offered helpfully.
“Stark will be paying for any materials you need.” You replied, punching Tony’s shoulder.
He grumbled in protest but agreed. “Where’s the newbie?” Yelena asked, wandering out of your kitchen with a handful of grapes.
“Sure, help yourself, Yelena. Make yourself comfortable.” Pietro muttered sarcastically.
Yelena shrugged, “That was always the deal at your dorm. Right, Y/n?”
Pietro looked at you expectantly and you shrugged as Yelena leaned against you and you wrapped an arm around her on reflex. “She has a point.”
“And you complain about me teaming up against you.” Pietro mumbled as he flipped you off. Both you and Yelena returned the gesture playfully.
“Back to the question we’ve all been asking. Where is the cooler twin?” Natasha repeated with a smirk. “We’re in desperate need of a replacement Maximoff.”
“I hate all of you. Why am I even friends with any of you?” Pietro deadpanned, flipping the collective group off. Everyone laughed. “Sister, your presence is being requested!”
A moment later, Wanda walked out, her eyes lingering on you for a moment longer than necessary. You liked to think you were just imaging it as the arm you had comfortably wrapped around Yelena twitched slightly, fighting the urge to fall back to your side.
Almost as if you were caught doing something you shouldn’t have been doing. It was ridiculous. You barely knew Wanda. Knew nothing about her and Yelena was one of your best friends, there was nothing to be guilty for.
Wanda was just your best friend’s sister.
The words looped like a mantra in your mind as you broke eye contact with the other woman, your gaze naturally returning to the other occupants of the room.
“Hello.” Wanda greeted shyly with an awkward wave.
Pietro made his way over to his sister to begin the introductions. “Everyone this is my sister, Wanda. The inferior Maximoff.” He emphasized as Wanda smacked his shoulder. “Wanda, these are the village idiots.” Everyone protested as he gestured broadly to the group standing before them.
“If we’re idiots that makes you idiot supreme.” You countered as you moved to stand next to Wanda. “Since your brother is the worst at introductions, allow me. We have Tony, Pepper, Natasha, Steve, Bucky, and Sam.” You said going down the line as each person replied with a quick greeting.
A cough caught your attention and you fought back a smile, knowing exactly what was coming. “Forgetting something?” the voice grumbled.
“Oh! And I guess this is Yelena.” You added with a laugh, the other woman shoving you in annoyance.
Pietro leaned down slightly to pretend to whisper in Wanda’s ear but loud enough to ensure that the rest of the room heard him. “Yelena is Y/n’s future wife.” Wanda shifted, her gaze immediately falling away from you.
“Uh… With Y/n’s track record? No thanks.” Yelena replied playfully. “Besides, we’ve tried a few times. Not for us.”
“I resent that.” You grumbled. “And are you saying my performance was anything less than extraordinary? Because I’d be more than willing to satisfy your complaints if it was.” You added with a wiggle of your eyebrows.
“Okay, okay. Enough about my little sister’s sex life.” Natasha groaned; her face scrunched in disgust. “New topic.”
Laughter filled the room, one voice in particular absent from the group and you couldn’t help but look over at Wanda, her curious eyes once again on you. You quickly looked away. “Romanoff is right, new topic and more importantly… I think we’ve been sober long enough!” Tony declared.
“Shots!” Sam added excitedly as he rushed into the kitchen, pulling along a reluctant Bucky and Steve.
The rest of the night past in a blur, the gathering was small but with this group things always managed to get out of hand. Though exhaustion did manage to kick in a few hours later. No one even noticed when you began throwing the various shots Sam and Tony kept handing you down the sink.
The distracted nature of the group increased even more when Pietro moved the couches against the wall, drunkenly declaring the start of a game you didn’t understand. You took the declaration as your best chance for some fresh air without interruption and quietly snuck out the front door and down the stairs of the complex into the cool night air.
As you wandered around the building you paused in front of a gate, the community garden hidden behind the walls of iron and vines. It was the best place for peace.
The gates opened silently as you wandered in. From the outside, the garden was so unassuming, but inside the sight was quite the view. The archways wrapped in vines; the ground littered with dozens of rose bushes, encasing you in a green oasis. In your haze of exhaustion, it might have been the most breathtaking sight you had ever seen, and you couldn’t have been more content that this haven was a part of your new home.
You settled into a bench that was off to the side of the path, your eyes closing as you relished in the moment of tranquility.
“Looks like I wasn’t the only one to sneak out.” You heard a voice say, your heart leaping into your throat once again as Wanda settled beside you, so close that even the slightest movement would leave her pressed against your side.
Suddenly the garden dulled in comparison, and you forced yourself to look at the flowers before you rather than at the work of art that was by your side. She was the most breathtaking sight. No contest.
“Just needed some fresh air.” You mumbled absently.
“Same here. Pietro tends to get carried away.” Wanda replied and you hummed in response.
The silence that settled between you was awkward and stilted but you feared that the second you let down your defenses, allowed her any closer everything you had built would come crashing down. The most important promise you made would crumble like dust in the wind.
Even if the attraction was one sided you couldn’t let it grow. You needed to stamp it out. That meant keeping her at arms distance until you figured it out.
“You know, Pietro has always spoke so highly of you. I told him he was lucky to have found a best friend in his first roommate. I didn’t really talk to mine.” Wanda recounted softly after several minutes of uncomfortable silence.
“I was the one that got lucky to be paired with him.” You admitted, your voice earnest. “He’s the best friend I’ve ever had… Even if he is annoying most of the time.” You added, your lips quirking up in a small smirk.
Wanda giggled. “You know, when he signed up for co-ed dorms, he thought something would eventually happen with his roommate.”
“Oh, trust me, I know. He tried during our orientation week. I think he realized pretty early on he wasn’t my type.” You informed her with a laugh.
Wanda laughed along with you, and you felt the nerves under your skin buzz with excitement from the sound. “Oh yeah? What is your type then?” She asked boldly, her head titled in amusement.
Suddenly you couldn’t look away, like you were prisoner to her gaze. You chose to answer with sincerely. “My type is... Someone who moves me. Who makes me question if I had really been living before, you know?” Wanda nodded, her lips curling up slightly and you hated the way your eyes were immediately drawn to the action. “What’s yours?”
For a moment she seemed to contemplate the question, as you processed the fact that she was suddenly close enough that you could see every speck of color in her emerald eyes. “Someone I look forward to… Who I know I would do anything to be with... Who I need to be with.”
You swallowed thickly, every fiber of your being telling you to move. To get closer. As close as you could. “Have you found that yet?” You eventually managed to get out.
“I think I’m waiting for it to find me.” Wanda’s voice dropped to a whisper, mere inches between you both as you fought against the magnetic force you felt pulling you closer and closer to her.
There was something so delicate about the moment. So ethereal and frail. A breakable heaven.
Her lips were almost brushing against yours, the feeling of being around her was intoxicating. There had never been a high like being in her presence and you would never be able to pull away. Not when she was right... There.
“Hey! There you are! We’ve been looking all over for you!” As if being awoken from a trance, you sprung away from Wanda to the opposite side of the bench, cursing yourself for even entertaining the idea of giving in to temptation.
You both looked up to see Pietro leaning out of the window of the apartment, his expression still encompassed in a drunken bliss. You had never been more relieved to see him so plastered. “Are you two done being lame? We’re starting a new game!” He shouted, his eyes widening when a neighbor shouted at him to shut up.
Wanda turned to look at you, her eyes sparkling with an unspoken question. “Go. I’ll be up in a few minutes.” You told her flatly. All she managed was a small nod before walking off, her figure disappearing behind the garden gates moments later. You let out a heavy breath.
All it took was one day with Wanda to know that you were in for a cruel summer.
And that is all folks! In case anyone was wondering, it is indeed inspired by Cruel Summer by the queen herself, Taylor Swift. This story is set to have 4 chapters. With most of it already written out I think I'll space it out to once a week, maybe twice depending on how my writing goes.
As always, thoughts and comments always welcome :)
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Shigaraki has a bitchy, toxic girlfriend who treats him like shit and doesn't love him. Shes also a prude at sex. Not letting him do anything he wants to. Only the occasional plain boring vanilla sex. He believes he can't find anyone better, that no one would want him, then you come along. The attraction is immediate. So he cheats on his horrible girlfriend with you. Now will you want a relationship with him. What will happen to his girlfriend. This isn't spaced how I'd like but it was the only way it would fit
Tumblr media
Shigaraki's relationship had become stale, loveless, boring. Honestly he wasn't sure there was ever love in it to begin with. From the start he had blinders on, only seeing what he wanted to. Ignoring all the signs that it was just for show. That his girlfriend was a gold digging bitch. Despite knowing the truth he still stayed. 
Looking back he knows the real reason he got together with her. Michelle, the very name brings a bitter taste to his mouth now. But at the start she showed him affection, which he had been deprived of for so long, all his life almost, and here was this girl flirting with him, touching him. A soft feminine caress was so nice. She gave him what he so desperately wanted, someone to call his. He was tired of being lonely so he played along, telling himself everything was fine, I have a girlfriend, trying to trick himself into believing it. 
The first person who showed him the slightest  amount of attention and he clung to it for dear life. He was blinded by a pretty face. He was just drawn to the thought of having someone, anyone. He was still a human being and companionship is a basic necessity.  She wasn't bad to look at either. She was an above average looking girl and he knew he couldn't be picky, not with his looks. Shigaraki thought of himself as ugly. Hideous was more like it. A monster. His skin was dry, cracked and scarred. He was broken and flawed. 
He never dreamed he would have a girl to call his. The chance of anyone wanting him was unlikely so when she came along offering a sweet smile, a soft touch, and of course sex, he latched onto it. Jumping at the chance of having a girlfriend. A warm, soft body laying next to him, in his bed, the very thought made his heart skip a beat. Shigaraki was a faithful man. He devoted himself to one person. Too bad she was only with him for what she could get out of it. In it just for clout. 
Shigaraki was a very strong, feared villain already. He was the leader of the League of Villains. In command of the PLF. Everyone knew he was AFO's successor, on his way to becoming the next Villain King. Which meant money, authority, and power. She was his girlfriend and that got her respect, and since he came with money she was able to go shopping, all she had to do was touch him or have sex with him. So she played the role.
She would sling insults at him on a daily basis. Constantly reminding him of his scars and skin condition. Saying how uncomfortable it was to kiss him. It was only when she wanted something that she would allow him to indulge in sex, as if she was granting him a huge favor. 
"You should be thankful you have a girlfriend" she would sneer. Looking at him with her lips curled up, like he was a piece of dirt on her shoe. Her words broke his heart. 
"Why are you even with me if you think I'm so hideous" he would ask. 
"You're lucky to have me, no one else would be with someone like you" was her cruel response.
She always tried to get him to put lotion on his scars, telling him "don't you want to look normal." His heart clenched every time he heard those hurtful words, knowing how she really felt, it was like a knife in his heart. He didn't need a reminder of his appearance, he was confronted with it every time he looked in the mirror. Hell he thought about it all the time, he hated himself more than anyone. 
"It's a skin condition, lotion doesn't help" he would mumble in return, hanging his head, letting his hair obscure his features, like it would somehow erase them.
"Well keep them covered. I don't want to see them, you now that's why I close my eyes when we have sex" she bite out. 
When they had sex she wouldn't ever look at him, she preferred  to do doggie style or ride him that way she didn't have to see his face. 
He was horny all the time so getting laid was a plus, even if it was only once in a while. After all if she wanted that new designer bag or to get those claws of hers done she would have to act like a real girlfriend and open her legs.
When it came to sex she was boring, only willing to do vanilla sex. Due to his large size she made him use a ton of lube and go very slow, complaining the whole time. "You're too big, not so fast" she would complain.
He wanted a fun eager girlfriend to moan his name, beg for his cock. Willing to indulge all his fantasies that he jerks off to so often, to hold them down, hear them cry and whimper. Letting him choke them as he drives his dick into them, say all the filthy things on his mind. 
Swallow his cum instead of having to let it spray it on the floor like it was something filthy. To spill his seed on their face, or fill up their tight pussy.  One time he had came on Michelle's stomach and she freaked out like it was the nastiest thing in the world, hurling and gagging as if it was killing her. The first time he tried to put his hand on her throat she freaked out. "Keep those freaky hands away from me, you could kill me," she would scold him. 
He wanted nothing more than to pound into her, being in her warm cunt felt so fucking good. For Shigaraki controlling himself was such a struggle. He longed to be rough, to let go. He wanted to spank a girl till she couldn't sit for a week, for being bad and disobeying him. Choke her while he was balls deep in her sex. Dominate her so she knows her place. Make her open her mouth so he could spit in it and laugh as she gulps it down. Shove his length up her ass while his fingers plunged into her pussy. Walk her around on a leash so it was clear she was his pet. 
He knew there wasn't a chance in hell Michelle would be willing to participate in such shameful, vile activities, she was such a prude. "You can't actually think I'd let you do that kind of perverted stuff to me, what's wrong with you" she would say, so he dropped it.
When it came time for him to get attention she flat out refused to go down on him, saying how revolting it was to put his uncircumcised dick in her mouth. Only occasionally would she lazily give him head when she wanted something bad enough, and even then it didn't last long, nor was she able to take much of him, he was a big boy after all so he never expected that. Always saying how she deserved a reward for doing him such a big favor.
She would give him a lazy hand job but his own hand did a better job at that than she did. Still the feel of a girl's touch on his cock was nice. Something he never thought he'd feel.
She always wanted him to eat her out though. Telling him that those dry chapped lips were only good for one thing. 
Tomura certainly didn't mind camping between a girl's legs and eating her out, hell he enjoyed it even if she was not that tasty. She was bitter and tart, but the way she would squirm and whimper made it easy to pretend he had a loving girlfriend who desired him.
Over time they had sex less and less. Tomura got off more by masturbating than by his own girlfriend, and even kissing had ceased. Yet he stayed anyway and took the verbal abuse and he hated himself for it. Why? Because he was that pathetic, he wanted a girl that bad.
He felt like a dog begging for a bone, a scrap of attention. He'd pay someone just to hold him. To let him touch their soft skin. Pet his hair.
One night he was so desperate for sex, or any human contact, that he begun humping Michelle in her sleep, he needed friction, contact, anything. Of course she woke up, shocked that her boyfriend was defiling her in such a way. "What the fuck is wrong with you, your so gross" then proceeding to call him such horrible names, he felt so humiliated. 
He didn't understand why he remained with her, well, that's a lie, deep down he knew. 
As long as she touched him, even briefly,  a brush of her hand, her leg brushing his as she sat close to him, laying next to him, then it was worth it. And he was ashamed of it, hated himself for it, all for the chance to be held and caressed. He was so pathetic he knew it, but he just craved touch. What he wouldn't give to feel loved, what does it even feel like? He would never know.
When he is alone he would cry, tears silently rolling down his face at the thought of never feeling real love, to have a lover who wasn't embarrassed of him, who would cuddle him, tell him he was good looking, yeah right, that's not gonna happen, he thought bitterly. But having someone who would beg for his cock and not brush him off with excuses would be a dream come true, but it would only happen in his dreams.
This was the best he would ever have. Sadness left a lump in his throat. The hurt and pain was always there, playing under the surface. He would soon find out how very wrong he was.
The thing that hurt the most though was the time he put his hair in a ponytail to get it outta his face, pinning his long bangs back. He never did this in public cause he was too self conscious, but it was just him and her so he grabbed a rubber band, clips, and tied it back.
He immediately felt her eyes on him, looking over at her she had her lips curled in a sneer, "what’s wrong" he asked confused. Her answer was like a knife in his heart. 
"Take it down, I don't wanna see that dry scarred mess of a face." 
He felt the prickly pain stab his heart. his self esteem had always been bad, he was aware of every stare, every whisper, when he would go out in public, but from the girl who is supposed to care about him, love him. He turned away before she could see the tears that threatened to spill from his eyes, he tore the tie out his hair hiding his face once again. He'd give anything for a girl to make him feel attractive and loved 
Strange thing was he didn't complain, he had no passion for her, no desire anymore. After just 6 months. At times he wanted to lay his hand on her face and watch her turn to dust.  The terrifying villain Tomura Shigaraki who could destroy a city was being bullied by his own so-called girlfriend. Sad, but true. No one would ever want him, little lone love him. He accepted that he would never have someone. Then you came along.
Tumblr media
His jaw nearly dropped when he first laid eyes on you. You took his breath away. You were gorgeous, prettier than any girl he had ever seen. He would do anything to call you his. But what chance did he have with a girl like you. You could have any guy you wanted. You wouldn't look twice at a freak like him. Or so he thought. 
He was drawn to you like a moth to a flame, craving your warmth, your essence. Your very presence brightened his day. 
After striking up a conversation with you he had come to find out you two had a lot in common. Similar childhood, both of you were damaged, and neglected. Shockingly you had killed your family as well, unable to control your power. 
Of course you shared his hatred for heroes due to your traumatic past, agreeing with him on his thoughts about society. Flattering him by calling him genius, saying you found him to be a great leader and very strong. But he wanted to hear you call him attractive, sadly you didn't. 
When you talked to him you were respectful, calling him boss and sir, a warm smile gracing your lips as you looked in his eyes, his name rolled off your tongue like honey. "Yes Sir Mister Shigaraki" your voice alone nearly made him cream in his pants. What he wouldn't give to get you alone. He couldn't help but imagine you calling him master with his cock sheathed inside you. 
Talking to you flowed so easily it just came naturally.  As you two talked he found himself getting lost in your eyes. They were so bright, vibrant, sparkling with so much life. Your lips were full and pinkish red, he longed to grab you and press his lips to yours, to see his dick between those lips.
You didn't seem repulsed by his appearance,  showing no shock or revulsion upon seeing his face, you didn't treat him like a monster. 
You were always on his mind, invading his thoughts, his dreams. He would close his eyes and picture fucking you, ramming his length down your throat, hearing you beg for him. Imagining you naked underneath him, taking every inch of him. His eyes opened as he fisted his erection moaning your name as he came, his seed spilling onto the floor.
His so called girlfriend didn't seem to care about the time he spent with you. Hell she seemed relieved by it. 
One time he overheard Michelle talking to you, she was of course downing his appearance.
"He used to wear this creepy hand on his face before we met, I never knew why till I saw his face, it's so ugly, nothing but scars and dry skin, and his lips don't even get me started" her shrill laugh echoed. 
What he heard next made his heart leap in his chest. You stood up for him, defended him, calling him attractive. 
"Wow your a real fucking bitch you know that, how do you not find that man sexy, he's strong powerful smart and hot as fuck. So he has scars that does not make him a ugly. He deserves so much better than you. If I had a man like that I'd treat him like a King" you ranted. 
Shigaraki's heart fluttered in his chest, joy spread through him.
Michelle stood there shocked for a minute before calling you a bitch and throwing a punch at you which you easily dodged. 
"You don't want a fight with me whore. I would beat your ass," you warned her. 
So when she went to attack you once more you landed a hit to her face, knocking her to the ground, giving her a black eye. 
Shigaraki continued watching, a happy smile tugging at his lips. This was a dream come true. Did he have a chance with you? He had to find out.
Later that day his bitch of a girlfriend left for a week to see friends and he quickly headed to your room, he had to see you, know if he had a chance with you. 
"Come in" you yelled as he knocked on your door. Slipping inside he made sure to close and lock the door behind him, he didn't want any interruptions. 
"Oh hi Shigaraki sir" you beamed up at him. You were sitting on your bed, back against the headboard, knees bent, feet flat on the mattress. Putting down the tablet that you were drawing on, "what do you need" you asked, a bright smile on your face. 
Approaching the bed he looked at the drawing. It was a fantasy witch woman (think sakimichan art). "Wow this is amazing" Shigaraki said. 
"Thanks, it's a hobby of mine. What do you need boss man". Tomura's attention now turned to your bare legs, your short skirt showing off your nice thighs, lacy black panties in clear view.  He couldn't help but reach out and run his fingers up your thighs. 
"I prefer you to call me Master" a wide grin formed on his lips. Eyes clouded with lust. His fingers now at the edge of your shirt. Smiling back you replied 
"OK Master Shigaraki." Your eyes seemed to sparkle.  That was all it took. He was on you in a instant. Pulling you down flat against the bed, His legs positioned between your thighs pushing them apart. Hands on either side of your head, his face hovering inches above yours. 
"Do you have any idea how hard you make me, how much I think about you. I'm gonna make you mine little kitten, gonna fuck you so hard" he growled."  
Gazing up at him you simply say "Yes Master" his lips crash against your.
He had no guilt about his feelings for you. Nor about pushing your skirt up to your waist, tearing your panties off and shoving two long fingers in your pussy. 
The surprised moan that left you sent a jolt straight to his already stiff cock. He needed to hear more of them, wanted to have you cry his name, and squirm on his dick. 
"Oh fuck your so tight" he groaned.
"I'm a virgin" you replied, voice hardly above a whisper. His manic grin spreads from ear to ear, "not for long" his raspy voice says sending pleasurable waves through your body. 
"I'll be the only cock you ever know." He promised. You didn't fight him, you were willing, very willing. He slid his fingers in and out of your warm core, curling and scissoring them. The calloused pad of his thumb rubbing rough circles over your clit making your back arch, your hand gripping the bed sheets. His invading digits were covered in your wetness.
"Shigaraki," his name left your lips in a sob.
"Tell me you want me kitten, I need to hear you say it, please" he begged his voice deep and gravely. He needed desperately to hear you admit to wanting him. Your lust filled eyes locked with his vermilion ones. 
"I want you Shigaraki, please" you sounded so hungry for him, so passionate, you really craved him just as he did you. He couldn't believe a goddess like you chose him, desired him. You sounded so erotic moaning his name like a mantra. He needed to hear how you would sound begging, crying. How hot you would look with tears rolling down that pretty face. 
The things he wanted to do to you danced through his mind, vivid images playing in his head. Would you be willing to indulge him? He was damn sure gonna try. He felt like he would go crazy if he was forced to hold back any more. Hell he didn't think he could.
Working his way down your body, stopping to worship special areas along the way. His hands squeezing your breasts, taking your nipple into his mouth, lightly biting the pert bud. He wasn't satisfied till your tits were decorated with hickeys. 
His lips trailed lower, kissing your stomach, hands kneading your thighs. Finally settling between your parted legs. His face a breathe away from your soaked sex. Thumb toying with your sensitive clit. A slew of profanities and moans fell from your lips. 
"You like that kitten" his voice husky with desire. All you could manage was a whimper. Slowly removing his fingers from you, he brought them to his mouth, licking each one clean of your juices. 
"You taste so good, I want more," he groaned. Leaning forward his tongue slipped out, licking over your puffy slit, tasting you again. 
"Damn your so wet, and all for me" tracing his name across your folds he felt your legs shake and when he flicks his tongue over your clit the cry you gave had his shaft throbbing. 
He was worried you would complain the way Michelle did. Yet when he took your hard nub between his dry lips the sob you gave as your hands tangled in his blue locks, your thighs clamping around his head as your hips bucked up, this was all the encouragement he needed. He lapped at you little jewel before slipping his tongue inside your sex, gathering more of your essence. He was already addicted to your taste. 
Finally he reluctantly pulled away, looking in your pleasure hazy eyes he wrapped his hand around your throat. He could feel your walls clench around his manhood. An encouraging moan slid past your lips. Your eyes filled with desire, you enjoyed it, he couldn’t believe how lucky he was. You had to be made just for him. A warmth spread through him, was this happiness. So he tried something else . Leaning down his face hovering just above yours. 
"Does my dirty little whore want my cock, I'm gonna stuff this greedy pussy so full of cum,  you'll be my pretty little cum dump, you'll like that won't you slut" he growls out. Heart hammering in his chest, worried about your reaction.
"Yes Shigaraki" you brokenly cried.
He had to be dreaming. It was too good to be true. His lips formed a wide deranged looking grin as his eyes darkened. He drove his thick leaking cock past your slit, hands keeping you in place. You squirmed and whined under him. Back arching off the bed as a silent cry left you. Any control he had maintained was gone. His hips surged forward pushing in further.
Looking down he watched as your small opening stretches wider and wider as he impaled you. The cute sounds you were making only served to encourage him. With a few sharp jerks he was finally buried in your tight heat. Fuck you felt so fucking good he nearly lost it. He wanted to give you time to get used to him but his restraint snapped. 
Pulling out just to plunge back into you. Your hands gripped the sheets, tears streamed down your face and a mix of moans and screams filled the room. His thrusts became furious. Pounding into your tight cunt. 
"Master call me master, tell me you want to be my fuckdoll." He was getting bolder, seeing how far you would go. 
"Yes Master. I'm your fuckdoll" 
His hips slammed into you relentlessly. Completely burying himself to the hilt in your tight pussy. You were a trembling sobbing mess under him. It was the most erotic sight he'd even seen. 
Pumping his fat length into you, his balls slapping against your ass, looking down he watched himself slide in and out, each time coated with more of your slick. You felt so incredibly tight around him. 
"Mine" he growled possessively. His pace became rougher. 
"Fuck yes, cry for me pet. You look so hot like this. It just makes me harder" he groaned continuing his assault on your aching core. 
When his orgasm hit he came so hard his entire body shook, emptying himself in your tight cunt. Flooding you with his seed. But he didn't stop. He was still rock hard as he fucked the cum into you. "Gonna stuff your slutty hole with my thick cum" he growled. Wrecking your body for hours to come.
When he came down from his sex high he pulled you close. But his heart sank as you tried to wiggle out of his grasp. 
She regrets it was his first thought. I knew no one would want me, why can't she want me. The thoughts raced through his mind, trying his hardest to not cry.
As you stood up from the bed your legs were like jelly, too weak, and they gave out, causing you to fall back down onto the mattress. You'd always heard about getting fucked so hard you can't walk but didn't think it was true. 
"Shiggy, baby, I need to pee and clean up but I can't walk" you blushed looking back at your lover who seemed to be on the verge of tears. 
"Love what's wrong" you were concerned. 
"Is that why you pulled away from me". He spoke, his voice soft, it seemed to crack with emotion. 
"Yeah, of course, what did you thi…"you started, the realization hit you. He thought you were leaving. 
"Oh Shiggy baby no'' you reassured him, laying back down next to him. Your hand moving his hair out of his handsome face, revealing all his scars. Tenderly trailing a path of warm kisses all over his forehead, under his eyes, before finally planting a deep kiss on his lips. Next thing you know he has you pinned beneath him, mouth sucking at your neck hungrily. His stiffening manhood poking your entrance once again, pre cum smearing your already cum coated pussy. 
"Shig...bathroom first please" he huffed at this, wanting to be buried inside again. Reluctantly he pulled away gathering you in his arms. He carried you to the bathroom even going as far as setting you on the toilet and taking a warm wash cloth to clean and sooth your sore sex. 
As soon as he got you back in bed he wasted no time in sliding his dick between your puffy lips, sheathing himself deep in your hot core, refusing to let you leave the bed for the next week. 
The week that Michelle was gone Shigaraki and you grew much closer, not just sexually but on a mental and emotional level. You could sit and talk for hours, engrossed in the conversation. You were actually interested in his thoughts and plans, offering input when he would ask your opinions.
You shared soft times as well. Washing his hair, giving him massages, and just cuddling while enjoying movies together. You spent the entire week practically glued to each other's side. He had more sex in that week then he had with Michelle in 6 months. Then Michelle returned, and things changed.
Tumblr media
You came into the room to see Shigaraki and there she was,  pretending to give a damn about him which meant she wanted something as usual. The sickening way she draped herself over him made your stomach turn.
Surely he wouldn't fall for it. He wanted you, right? Why did he seem to enjoy it. Did he really want her? You couldn't stand watching the scene before you so you turned around and left. 
Feeling that twinge of pain as it gripped your heart. Seeing her hang on him. Why would he let her, didn't he want you. Guess not, why, why did he stay with her. We connected, there was passion. Was I just an easy lay for him? You could already feel the tears that threatened to fall.
You went to your room and began packing, shoving your clothes into a duffel bag, tears blurring your vision, unable to remain here any longer after catching feelings for him just to see them together. How could he. I'm such an idiot you thought. 
Shigaraki knew what Michelle was up to, but he played along. He had a plan to give her what she deserves. He was a man who firmly believed in revenge. But also he didn't know if you were serious about being with him. What if you were toying with him, no you wouldn't do that. It didn't make sense, you seemed to really like him and definitely enjoyed the sex. He had heard you stand up for him. There was no way you were fake like Michelle. 
The urge to see you overwhelmed him, so pushing Michelle aside he headed towards your room his heart fluttering at the very thought of you. Arriving at your room, a happy smile affixed to his face, he threw your door open ready to take you in his arms, but what he saw made his heart sink. Tears pricked at his eyes, your stuff was mostly gone with the exception of  stuff that was boxed up ready to be taken. Did you play him too? 
Of course you did, why would a goddess like you want a scarred monster villain like him. He should have known better. The hurt and heartache took over, weighing heavily on his shattered being and he fell to his knees. No one could actually want him, love him. He should have known. Why? Why? The question repeated in his mind. I'm destined to be alone.
He thought he had found love, acceptance. The most gorgeous girl he had ever seen, he clicked with you, and the sex, fuck, it was mind boggling earth shaking amazing. You were so willing to do whatever he wanted. Happily swallowing his bitter cum as he would call you a filthy cum whore. 
The way you moaned as he drove his cock up your tight ass. You were his. The way your eyes sparkled, the joy your smile brought him. Just being next to you made his world go round. He'd do anything for you.
No, he would not let you go. Never. He refused. He'd find you and tie you to his bed if he had to. Whatever it took. The obsessive thoughts clouded his brain. He had to keep you. You were his, his women, his property. His hands clenched into fists by his side. 
Getting up he set out to find you. But just as he reached for the door it swung  open to reveal you, your eyes red from crying, matching his own tear filled eyes. 
"Am I that repulsive that you are running away from me?" His voice cracked betraying his emotions. The words slipped past his lips before he could stop them as he stalked up to you, gripping your arms in a bruising hold. 
"I saw you were that gold digging whore and I can't Shig. It hurts too much. I refuse to watch you two together. My heart won't let me. I'd kill the bitch I swear."
"You honestly think I would really pick her over you," he says, shocked. 
"Are you stupid, why on earth would I want her when I can have you" he adds, a look of disbelief on his face. 
"When I came here and saw your things gone I thought you were ashamed of me and regretted it." His voice just above a whisper.
"Tomura no, I want you, how could I not" your sweet voice was the most enchanting thing he'd ever heard. Making him happier than he thought possible.
"I saw your stuff gone and got worried you were trying to run away from me. That you were leaving me. I didn't think I was good enough for a goddess like you, you're so perfect how could you actually want me. I don't wanna live without your touch," his voice wavered, his sad eyes held yours.
"Your more than good enough Tomura. I got scared you were going back to that bitch. How could I want anyone after having you," sliding your arms around his waist you laid a soft kiss on his lips.
"You'll be mine, my obedient pet, my little sex doll" his husky voice spoke against your neck.
"Absolutely I will." Your hands carded through his long white locks. Tilting your head to give him better access. "What about Michelle" you questioned.
"Oh I have something special planned for her" he grinned. "Now let's move your stuff to my room where it belongs."
In the process of taking your belongings you ran into Michelle.
"Tomie baby can I get your card? I wanna get my hair done" she asked, going to kiss him while her hand rubbed his chest, batting her lashes at him. Shigaraki pushed her away, disgusted. 
"Get the fuck away from me your greedy bitch. We are done."
The look on her face was priceless, pure shock. "What," she stuttered.
"You heard me, don't make me repeat myself" he growled, giving her a death glare.
"You can't be serious. Do you really think someone else will  want your ugly scared dry ass you freak. You'll be alone forever, I took pity on you." She yelled pure hate in her tone.
Shigaraki's hand twitches, the urge to reach out and decay her was strong, but he had something better planned. 
"I've already found someone way better," he hooks an arm around your waist pulling you to his side. "Now I have a parting gift for all the insults, all the shifty sex, for being such a stuck up, clout chasing, prudish bitch" he gritted out. His evil grin widening. "Let's get you to the Doctor, shall we? You'll make a great Nomu. I'm sure all the male Nomus will welcome a female one, oh and don't worry you will keep your conscience, although I will have control over you" He giggled. 
Michelle tried to get away but Shigaraki grabbed her by the hair. She struggled and screamed, begging for him to let her go as he flung her over his shoulder. She fought and kicked trying to get free but it was useless. Her pleas and cries fall on deaf ears.
Shigaraki felt true happiness waking up with you clinging to him. Feelings of love and warmth radiated from you. His fingers danced over your naked flesh, his cock rose to attention, getting harder by the second, needing to feel your tight warmth encasing him. 
He carefully rolled you over, his eyes surveying your body, it was littered with evidence of his time with you. Pride wells up in him knowing he was the cause of it. His lips kissed a path across your chest. Nimble fingers plunged into your depths rousing you out of your slumber, drawing a soft sigh from you, your arms encircling his neck. 
"Good morning beautiful" he breathed. 
"Umm Shiggy" you sighed. Hips bucking up at the feeling of his evading fingers. 
"You want me my pet" he whispered in your ear, "tell me, I want to hear you say it. Beg for your me, be a good pet"
"How could I not," you replied.
His long fingers were working in and out of your dripping core, curling and spreading you open trying to prepare you for what was to come. He ached to be inside you, his bulbous tip positioned at your entrance. 
Slowly he started to push in, his mouth capturing your cries as his lips crashed against yours. Your hands gripped him, gasping at the feeling of being stretched around his fat cock, nails digging into his skin leaving scratch marks down his back.  
Sinking in further, little by little, sheathing himself completely in your needy pussy. Your walls clamp down on his throbbing shaft.  
Glancing down to where he was connected to you, he watched his member pistoning in and out of you, stretching you wide, forcing you to accept every inch of him. Your cunt clinging to his rutting manhood, 
The moans you were making were the most erotic thing he had ever heard. It made him want to draw more of those lovely sounds from your lips. Grabbing your hands, he held them over your head within one hand, his other anchored around your throat causing you to gasp as he choked you. 
"Your mine little toy, now say it" he growled, his hips snapping against you. His drooling tip kissing that special bumpy spot deep with.  
"Yours" was all you could manage to say. His brutal assault of your cunt left you withering beneath him, completely at his mercy and you loved it. Your walls twitch every time his thick length dragged over them, filling you so blissfully full. When he came his onslaught didn't stop, he remained hard stuffing you with cum several times over.
"Let my cum leak out of you. I wanna know your pussy is dripping my seed all day, staining those fleshy thighs." 
Everyone seemed happy Michelle was gone. 
"Fucking hated that fake bitch."Dabi grumbled.  
Mr. Compress countered with "Shigaraki definitely received a major upgrade with you. He hit the jackpot with this beauty." 
"Just remember she's mine,'' Shigaraki grumbled,  linking his arm around your waist pulling you close, in a possessive show of ownership. I'm the luckiest man alive he thought.  
"Oh babe. Don't worry no one could ever take me from you." You say holding his face planting loving kisses all over it and neck. Whispering loving words in his ear.
Later that day you had gone to hang out with a Toga, but Shigaraki was missing you and getting impatient so he decided to go get you and drag you back to his room. As he searched for you he heard your lovely voice and it brought a smile to his face, but what he heard next made his heart sink.
"He's so freaking annoying, he won't leave me alone, and he has one of those faces that just make you wanna hurl."
Tomura felt his whole world crumble, you were just like Michelle, of course you couldn't stand him, of course you found him ugly. His heart broke. He knew you were too good to be true. How could he delude himself into thinking he could be happy, that a girl, especially one as gorgeous as you, would want him.
He fell against the wall, unable to hold himself up, tears already falling from his eyes as your words cut like a knife.
"He keeps trying to get with me, he won't take the hint" you sounded so irritated.
"You should tell Shigaraki, he'd take care of him," Toga mentioned.
Wait, you weren't talking about him, you were talking about someone else. Shigaraki felt his heart jump in his chest, he had misunderstood. Joy overtook him. His world was bright again. But wait who the fuck was bothering you, he would kill them.
"I don't wanna bother him."
"Well this guy doesn't seem to get the message so I would tell Shigaraki"
"Tell me what" Shigaraki asked, pretending he hadn't heard the conversation as he came around the corner.
"Hi love'' you beamed, turning towards him. Wrapping your arms around him in a warm embrace, laying a sweet kiss on his lips.
He pulled you tight against him, his tongue delving into your mouth, twirling around your own.
"Who's bothering you pet, tell me. I'll gladly take care of it. You are never a bother." Stressing the word never as he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.
"Just some guy who's had a crush on me and won't get the hint."
"Where does he live? I'll pay him a visit." A sinister smirk promising vicious deeds spread over Tomura's face.
You and Shigaraki couldn't get enough of each other. 
Hands were always exploring and caressing each other's bodies. Craving each other's touch. Mouths nipping and kissing, teeth sinking into flesh leaving brands of ownership. Tongue eagerly licking paths over naked skin.
Shigaraki kept you on his lap, nuzzling his face into your neck as you sat astride his thighs. Hands under your skirt, clutching your ass, fingers digging in leaving marks behind.
The sex, fucking hell did he have a high sex drive. If he could live with you affixed on his dick he would. 
Unable to control himself he'll pound into your pussy at rapid speed your whole body rocked with each rough thrust.
His stamina was superhuman, able to go all night easily, round after round. Filling all your holes with his thick cum. By the end it was spilling out if you. Your face, and tits painted with his milky seed. You were usually unable to  walk afterwards. By the end of the night you'll be a shaking mess all holes packed with cum. Your face tits and ass covered with his potent seed. At this point he would get his phone and snap filthy pictures of you.
Finally being able to fulfill his sexual desires Shigaraki was overzealous at indulging himself, using your body however he wanted. You certainly had no complaints. You were more than willing to submit to him in every way letting him do as he pleased with you.
You didn't freak out when his hand encased your neck, if anything it made your pussy clamp down on him even more, encouraging him, making him harder, a wicked grin on his face knowing you got off to it as much as he did.
When he would shove his fingers down your throat, making you lick them clean of your own arousal you would never look at him with disgust instead you were his good girl obediently doing as you were told.
When he would have you open your mouth so he could spit it in, his saliva joining his cum that was already filling your mouth, snapping a picture before telling you to swallow the concoction of bodily fluids you obliged, swallowing it all down like your master wanted. 
You would lie there letting him lick and slobber over every inch of your writhing body. Drooling above you, leaving trails of saliva across your curvy form. 
He would worship every inch of you. Taking his time as he made sure not an inch of you was left untouched or kissed.
You didn't panic when he tied you up doing as he pleased with your defenseless body. You fully submit to him. Hearing you whimper as you tried to wiggle free was so cute, it just made him cum harder
Every time he would fuck you he seemed to get rougher and more dominating, unable to hold back, testing your limits, pushing you to endure more, training your cunt as he put it.  
Slamming his twitching length into you, causing you to whine and tremble beneath him. Shivering on his thick shaft as it stretches you beyond your limits, tears falling from your pretty eyes. Calling you his cum dump whore, his perfect little toy, his greedy slut. Telling you how he was gonna break you. 
"Your my fuck doll I'll do whatever I want my pet. Look at what a whore you are for my cock. You're gonna look so beautiful covered in my cum." 
He'll stuff your pussy and ass, packing them full of his cum, watching with glee as it leaks out. Spraying your tits and face with his seed, you just look so hot covered with his jizz.
But he'll pamper you afterwards, cleaning you off, running a hot bath for you to soak in as he washes you. Cradling you close to his chest, wanting you as close as possible. Telling you he loves and cherishes you.
Call him master, daddy, or sir, he insists on it.
He wants to fuck all your holes. You got an entrance, his cock is in it. Thrusting in your warm pussy,  are shoved up your little puckered asshole. He won't show mercy either. He'll relentlessly pound away till he gets his fill.
You never complained when he put his hand on the back of your head, ensuring you can't pull away while he forces his dick down your throat, making you gag and drool around it as you choke on him, he nearly loses it right then. He had no idea how you were able to get the whole thing in your mouth but fuck was he a lucky man. 
"Look at you taking me so well, that's my good pet making your master feel so good" he groans, his hips jerking forward, balls slapping your chin as he ruthlessly fuck your pretty face. Eyes filled with tears as you looked up at him like a pet wanting its master's praise. 
You tasted so delicious he could spend hours between your thighs, hands holding them open, face buried in your sopping pussy, tongue snaking in and out eagerly slurping up every bit of your arousal. 
Lips attacking your sensitive clit, the rough texture driving you crazy, your legs shaking, as you mumbled incoherently. Hands threading through his hair, hips bucking against his face. Unlike Michelle you seemed to highly enjoy his talented tongue and mouth. 
When he told you he wanted to milk your tits you didn't look at him with revulsion, you simply replied "but I'm not pregnant" you said confused.
"There are ways baby, here I'll show you" and that he did, his mouth latched onto your breasts, milking you like a babe. Your nipples were so sore and tender when he would finish but you didn't care. If it made him content and happy that was enough.
You didn't look at him with disgust when he pulled you to him and started humping your backside, grunting and panting in your ear. His twitching member stiffening in his pants. Eyes half lidded as he rode out his high. 
No scolding him for being so horny and needy. You simply compiled, letting him do as he pleased then asked, "do you feel better baby, we could have gone to the room you know."
"I like humping you," he replied sheepishly a blush forming on his cheeks. 
"OK, whatever makes you feel good love" you smiled, easing any insecurities he had.
He gave you a collar and leash as a present with 'Shigaraki's pet' embroidered on one. The other read Shigaraki's Toy'. They were black leather with red stitched writing. The leash itself was silver. For my perfect fuckdoll the package said. 
You didn't protest when he affixed it around your neck, locking it in place, the key went in his pocket so only he could remove it. Attaching the leash he took a step back and gave a hard tug on it, forcing you to stumble forward. 
"See if you don't behave all I gotta do is yank,'' he says, pulling the leash once more causing you to choke. "Best be a good pet"
When his cum seeps out of you, spilling onto the floor and he pushes your face in the puddle ordering you to "lick up every bit of it, clean the floor with your tongue slut." You being a good pet do as you're told, not missing a drop, making him so proud.
Everyone thought Shigaraki was extremely lucky to have you and they told him so, but he didn't need to be told, he knew. You were the best thing to happen to him.
He would look at you while you slept, wondering how he was able to have such a goddess as his girl. His hand caressing your face, taking in every detail, cherishing your beauty. 
When you wake up and smile upon seeing him it's the greatest feeling in the world. He was happy for the first time in his life. He would never let you leave. He would cling to you for dear life. You were his everything.
Being cuddled up with you was the best, his head on your breasts holding you tightly, arms wrapped around your waist, breathing in your scent, feeling content and loved. 
He would often walk up behind you while you were in a conversation with someone or on your phone, doing something that wasn't paying attention to him, and just pull you into his chest and hold you, arms clasp around your waist, demanding all your attention.
You were always affectionate with him, clinging to him, making him feel wanted and loved.  Lavishing praise on him. Assuring him that, in your eyes he was the sexiest man alive. That he ruined you for any other guys, no one would be able to please you the way he could.
Happily sitting in his lap, arms encircling his waist, unable to resist kissing him, it didn't matter if others were around you wanted to shower him with affection. When you would run your fingers through his hair he almost purred, it was so soothing.
There would be times when neither of you left his room, too caught up in the pleasure of each other to be bothered. The only thought on your minds were each other's bodies. The hunger to taste and please the other was all you knew. 
When he was between your legs, hands gripping them as he kept your thighs spread open so he could dine on your dripping pussy, it was utter ecstasy. His mouth felt so good sucking your clit, tongue licking your slit before snaking inside your warm cunt making your legs tremble. He ate you out like a starving man. Not stopping till you came on his tongue.
You were always happy to return the favor, falling to your knees and taking his pulsing erection in your mouth. He wasted no time in thrusting it down your throat, instructing you to look at him the whole time so he could enjoy seeing your tears. His hand on the back of your head, halting you from pulling away. 
"That's it pet, choke on your masters cock like a good girl" 
You know it's weird but you loved when he talked like this, you enjoyed it. Calling you his whore, cum dump, fuck toy, it made you wet and he knew it.
He makes sure you swallow every bit of his cum as it spurts down your throat. The face you make as the bitter thick fluid goes down your throat gives him twisted joy. 
Pushing you to the ground He positions his throbbing length at your entrance, pre cum smearing over your slit as he rubs his leaking tip against it. He's so hot and heavy, ready to surge forward, to have your pussy swallow his aching cock. Gripping your legs he pushes them up to your chest, giving himself better access, allowing his dick to sink deeper inside you. Your walls cling to his meaty shaft, so tight and warm, slick with arousal for him. Your hands grasp at his arms as inch by inch he buries himself to the hilt. 
"That's a good pet, taking me so well. I'm gonna fuck you till you can't stand little one" he growled, a devious smirk on his face, driving himself balls deep in your tight warmth, over and over. His tip kissing that special bumpy patch that made your eyes roll back and your toes curl. Heat spiraling out through your body.
You whimpered under the force of his unforgiving thrusts. He was stretching you so very wide around his fat length, your walls desperately trying to accommodate him as your pussy constricts around him.
"Say my name, precious toy, call me master" he demands. "Beg for me"
You struggle to get the words out under the pressure of his hand on your throat, and the roughness of his cock pounding into you. "Plea..see….ma….ter, I wan…..ou, fuck me" you plead like a good girl wanting to please him, but your mind is hazy with the pleasure he is bestowing on you and speaking is difficult, you never want him to stop.
His cock throbs as it drags over your fluttering walls that are sucking him in deeper, clamping down on him not wanting to let go. He thrusts into you making you cum again and again, soaking his dick. 
You look absolutely gorgeous like this, your head thrown back, eyes half lidded, beautiful moans emerging from your lips and your dripping cunt is so deliciously tight as it milks him.
"Drench my cock baby. Show me how much you want me, let me know how good I make you feel. Fuck I'm gonna fill this little cunt so full of my cum." He grunts, taking his member nearly all the way out before plunging back in.
True to his word he slams into you a few more times before he stills, you feel his fat length twitch as it spurts ropes of hot cum in your aching pussy, painting your pretty walls white, stuffing your sore slutty hole full. You can already feel it oozing out of your sopping cunt and spilling on the covers beneath you.
"You did so good, your such a good fuck doll for me aren't you" Shigaraki practically purrs, praising you. Leaning down to meet your lips in a desperate kiss, his tongue snaking inside your mouth, his hand squeezing your throat just enough to make you gasp into the kiss. "Mine, you belong to me kitten"
Shigaraki has to pinch himself everyday to convince himself that you're real, that you're his woman and it's not just a dream. Neither one of you are able to keep your hands off each other. Shigaraki has a constant need to hold you, and feel your body snuggled against him and you happily let him.
Sometimes even insisting that you cockwarm him which you were more than happy to obliged, sinking down on his stiff cock, your pussy molding around him, keeping him snug and warm in your sex. It can get difficult sometimes, feeling him throb inside you, wanting nothing more than bounce on his lap till you soak his thick cock.
When it came time to check on Michelle's progress. Shigaraki took you to the Doctor's lab to see how the nomu process turned out. 
"Oh Shigaraki perfect timing, I've been working day and night and she's finally complete, this way follow me" Garaki eagerly announces, heading down a narrow hall, finally stopping in front of a vat with Nomu Michelle slowly awaking. As soon as she sees you and Shigaraki she starts hitting the glass, anger and fear in her eyes.
"I can control her with this right" Shigaraki holds up what appears to be a small phone, with the push of a button Michelle instantly stops. 
"She has retained all her memories and sense of self, I see, that's perfect" Shigaraki sneered at his once bitch of a now X girlfriend. 
"She got what she deserved, and so did I" he looks at you with so much love in his eyes. "Let's go kitten, I'm hungry and horny". Linking your arm around his waist you had back to your bedroom.
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dreamysreverie · 3 months ago
Summer Bummer
Pairings: Natasha Romanoff x Reader x Wanda Maximoff 
synopsis: Just when your thought your summer could get any worse, your college roommate Wanda Maximoff (who you may or may not have a crush on her) invites you to a road trip to stay with her and her girlfriend Natasha for the summer at their beach house. 
Warnings: Smut 18+, fingering, oral sex (r receiving), break ups, a bit of cheating but not really? (not with Wandanat though gotta make that clear), top! Natasha x bottom reader x switch wanda, nipple play, tiddy sucking. 
Word count: 3.3k
A/N: welcome to the very first part of my new series! where each chapter/part will have a song inspired by Lana Del rey :) I have been wanting to write this fun series for months now and its finally here and I’m so excited! I’m just gonna post the first part and let me know what you think
Do not repost/translate my work anywhere or claim them as your own. If you see my work anywhere other than tumblr please let me know.
Tumblr media
“You’re breaking up with me?” 
“Yes. I am” you said, crossing your arms over your chest as your now ex-boyfriend scoffs at you. 
“Why the fuck are you breaking up with me?” he questioned, more so demanded. 
“You know damn well why I’m breaking up with you.” 
“No, I don’t! Please enlighten me” he said, stepping closer to you and you frowned taking a step back. 
“Uh because I caught you kissing my roommate's friend! Who told me and had evidence through a picture! I think that’s a good reason why I’m breaking up with you. And also, it seems like all you care about is playing video games, jerking off to porn, and your work which I don’t even know what type of work you do and your job doesn’t even seem real to me” you shouted which caused people who were walking around you to stare and be nosy since you were in public fighting with your boyfriend. 
“Baby, please. I’m sorry I got so caught up in my work, you know. How else am I supposed to buy you… things?” he said, his words spilling out nonsense as the last time he actually got you a gift was a cheap ring from a 2$ dollar store and he somehow got enough money to pay rent and his video games. 
You never understood that. 
You should have seen this coming. 
The signs were right in front of your face. They don’t call ‘red flags’ for no reason. 
At first, you thought him buying that plastic cheap ass ring was a cute sweet gesture of his weird way of showing love but the only way he shows love is when you give him orgasms. 
“And wait, who’s your roommate again? And which friend?” he asked dumbfounded, your eyes widened and you scoffed, shaking your head disappointed. 
“Maybe you should care a little less about your work and a little more about the girl you’re dating. Cause the last time I checked, you working doesn’t reassure you that liking a finger up your ass doesn’t make you gay.” 
“I never said go up! Babe, it was a one-time thing I wanted to try out ever since I saw it on porn--” 
“Okay, that’s all I ever need to hear from you again. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to walk away and never see you again. And don’t even bother showing up at my apartment because I’ll be away anyways. So you won’t even be able to contact me” you said, grinning at him and he looked even more confused. 
You shrugged, “It’s the summer. I have a lot of fun and exciting new things planned. And none of them involve you.” 
When you walked away, you felt even more frustrated when he didn’t even say anything. You even looked behind your shoulder hoping he would still be there staring back but no. 
And the worst thing is. 
You have absolutely nothing planned for summer. 
If only you had more friends. Then the whole crying and eating too much ice cream while watching rom coms wouldn’t be boring at all. 
You weren’t even sad. That even hurt you more because you were purposely trying to make yourself feel something for the idiot you just broke up with. But you felt nothing, the relationship was just about sex anyways. It’s not like the two of you were married (thank whoever above) you two only started dating three months ago when he thought it was a good idea to take this to the next level of commitment.
Whatever the level was. You didn’t even know. Neither of you did, which doesn’t sound great when you try explaining to your friends why you broke up with him. You just thought that what he did was sweet.  
Your door swung open and there stood Wanda Maximoff, judging by her stare she wasn’t pleased with how you were doing. 
“Get up,” Wanda said, walking inside your room without your permission and opening the curtains.
“Ahhh! not the sun!!-- well good morning to you Wanda,” you said sarcastically, groaning, covering your eyes from the sunlight beaming into your room. 
“It’s the afternoon” Wanda simply said, raising a brow at you as she watches you frown in confusion.
You were sure it was midnight. 
“Yes. Now get up, I’m not letting you waste your summer like this. You're in college, your summer is supposed to be fun and exciting, you didn’t even like James” Wanda stated, grabbing your covers and throwing them off your bed and you whined. 
“Don’t be a brat” she warned, pointing her finger at you as you shrink at her stare. 
Even though it was odd you got turned on when she talked to you like that, she was even hotter when her accent became stronger. 
“Okay. Yeah, I agree I have been wasting my summer, but what else am I gonna do?” 
“Come with me!” Wanda beamed, climbing onto your bed and you suddenly realize how close you two are. 
“Aren’t you going to see your girlfriend?” you questioned and she sighed. 
“Yes I am but you can come along! She’s wanted to meet you for a long time now ever since I mentioned you to her when we became roommates” Wanda grinned, “please come on! It will be fun!  We're staying in a beach house!” Wanda begged, you find it hard to say no to her. 
“Alright fine I’ll go. It will give me a distraction” you said, stepping out of your bed and Wanda frowned.
“A distraction from what?” Wanda asked. 
“From the breakup!” 
“You never liked the guy!.” 
The ride to the beach house surprisingly wasn’t that long. You were glad you weren’t going to be stuck inside a car for hours with this heat. 
“We’ve arrived!” Wanda cheered. 
You weren’t even paying attention to her that much as all you wanted to do was have a nice hot bath with candles lit up by you and with a book in hand. 
Just being in peace. 
But Wanda had other plans. 
“I’m so excited for you to meet my girlfriend. You will love her and Natasha will love you!” Wanda squealed, grabbing her suitcases. 
Which confused you since you didn’t travel for that long and you weren’t planning on staying for long either. 
Or so you had thought. 
“Милый! You made it!” a redhead smiled, wrapping her arms around Wanda who you assumed was her very attractive girlfriend who was Natasha. 
Sure you have seen photos but seeing Natasha in person was different. She was gorgeous. You knew it was wrong to think like that in front of your roommate who stood a few feet away from you but you couldn’t help it. They both were breathtakingly beautiful. You just wanted to be with them, for them to pin you down and let them do whatever they want to you. 
“Hey, are you with us?” Wanda snapped her fingers in front of you and you blinked at her. 
“We were talking about dinner, then hot tub, then dessert” Wanda reminded you and you frowned. 
“Why are we having dessert after a hot tub?” you asked and Wanda looked at her girlfriend then you and shrugged. 
“Oh, we are having dessert. Just while we were in the hot tub and after” Wanda explained, smiling and you still didn’t understand which she found amusing. 
“Okay, then cause I’m starving,” you said, stepping inside the house. 
What you didn’t notice was the knowing look Wanda gave Natasha as you walked away. 
The dinner went surprisingly well. You talked with Natasha and you two got along well you learned that Natasha was a boss of some sort (she didn’t exactly tell you what type of business but you knew Wanda told you one time she worked for a company with high tech or something like that) and it wasn’t awkward which you were grateful for since that would be weird for you and Wanda to deal with later on the ride back to college if things went bad. Either way, the dinner was delicious and you were feeling good and you were relieved Wanda took you on this trip to stay with her and her girlfriend because nothing could beat this. 
Now you are excited for dessert. 
And so were they. 
“Oh wow this dinner was amazing, Natasha,” you said, wiping your mouth with a napkin and the redhead smiled at you. 
“I’m very glad you enjoyed it, darling,” Natasha smiled. 
You felt your cheeks heat up at the pet name. Which wasn’t helping when you were trying to keep your secret crush on her and Wanda hidden. 
“Let’s all get changed into our swimsuits for the hot tub,” Wanda said, standing up and grabbing the dirty plates with her. 
“Thank you, Любовь моя” Natasha smiled, wiping her mouth with her napkin and when Wanda went into the kitchen she stared back at you giving you her full attention. 
“I really hope you enjoy your stay here, Wanda has told me a lot about you,” Natasha said. 
“Like what?” you asked, “good things I hope?” you wondered, laughing and she laughed with you. 
“Of course. All good things, she recently told me you went through a breakup? That must suck I’m sorry you had to go through that especially with someone as sweet as you” Natasha grinned, seeing you get taken back by her compliment. 
She was going to have real fun getting you all flustered. 
“Well-- yeah it sucked,” you said, you were at a loss for words. “But I never liked the guy” you stammered, chuckling and feeling your throat go dry as you take a sip of your wine. 
Natasha observed you, already seeing you get nervous under her gaze and compliments. Wanda did tell her you got like this whenever you got praised or complimented. She found it amusing and wanted to tease you more. 
“What are you two still doing here at the dining table? Go get changed!” Wanda urged you both, not looking impressed.
“I’m going I’m going!” you laughed, Wanda pushing you out of the room. 
You had arrived dressed in a black set of bikini. It was a relief you still managed to find a bikini considering you don’t swim that much and this one was good enough to wear and hopefully catches the eyes of the women you wish to be dominated by. 
“Look at you”  Natasha smirked, eyeing you up and down shamelessly, watching you walk into the hot tub rather carefully so you wouldn’t trip and fall in by accident and embarrass yourself. 
“Very gorgeous. Don’t you agree Wanda darling?” Natasha asked her, tilting her head to the side as Wanda eyed you and nodded. 
“Yes, I agree, beautiful. I told you she was” Wanda smiled proudly, taking a sip from her red wine and placing it back down. 
There was soft music in the background, Russian? Jazz? You really weren’t sure. Which helped calm your nerves being around them. They eyed you now and then, observing you and you liked it. You liked having their attention, you wanted more of it. More of them and somehow you were going to achieve that. 
Natasha seemed like a woman who holds power. She values control from what you have known, Wanda however seems like the typical housewife type. Not that they were married, still she gave off that vibe and how she even wasn’t afraid to boss Natasha around who even was a boss herself. You found that very attractive, you haven’t seen Wanda act like that too much over the time you have known Wanda this past year. She was kind, gentle, and was always there for you whenever you needed a cry on the shoulder or some reassurance if someone had just broken your heart or dumped you. However, you have seen her boss you around which you didn’t mind one bit. 
If it was anyone else you would flip them a finger and tell them to fuck off. 
Wanda snapped her fingers in front of you, startling you and causing you to jump. 
“I’m sorry, did I scare you? You looked like you were lost in thought I wanted to bring you back” Wanda smiled softly, caressing your cheek with her hand and you gulped at the sight of her cleavage. 
That wasn’t even bare but she was so close to you that you felt your entire body burn despite you were sitting in a hot tub. 
“N-no you didn’t. And yeah, I was lost in thought” you nervously mumbled but she heard that anyways. 
Natasha pouted, “well maybe we can help with that. Get you out of that pretty head of yours” she suggested and your heart thumped in your chest. you looked between the two wondering what’s going to happen next and you really hoped what you were thinking was going to happen. 
“Yes please,” you whispered and they both smiled. 
“Good girl” Wanda praised, seeing you smile and shy away from her gaze. 
“No no, look at me,” Wanda said, grabbing you by the chin and turning your head to face hers and you made eye contact. 
“Good. just like that” Wanda giggled, leaning into pressing her lips against yours and you gasped. 
This was the first time you have ever kissed Wanda. And it was perfect, everything you have dreamed about. 
Her kiss was tender, gentle, and soft just like her. Her lips moved with you in sync, you couldn’t stop the moan escaping your mouth as you gripped Wanda’s thigh earning a hiss from her as she kissed rougher this time. 
You didn't realize Natasha moved to watch the two of you make out, she teased at Wanda’s breasts, squeezing and rubbing them, earning a whimper from her which turned you on even more with the wetness in between your thighs at how hot that sounded. 
Natasha’s fingers came to pinch at your nipples making you gasp and arch your back into her when she started to rub and squeeze your breast feeling how hardened they already were. She smirked, slipping her hand through your bikini and her fingers went through your folds. 
"Look at how wet they are for us, Wanda” Natasha smirked, withdrawing her hand from your bikini bottoms and showing the brunette your wetness coating her fingers as she brought them to her mouth and sucked on them.
“Please, I need you both” you whimpered, Wanda’s eyes darkening with lust when she heard you beg. 
“Are you going to be a good girl for us?” Natasha asked, “cause if not. You won’t get to cum.” 
“Yes. I will be your good girl” you said, nodding quickly causing them to laugh at you. 
“My poor sweetheart, so desperate and we haven’t even started yet” Natasha mocked, grabbing you by the hand as she guided you out of the hot tub carefully making sure you don’t trip. 
The cold breeze hits you, making you shiver as Wanda holds onto your other hand as the two guides you to their bedroom in the beach house. 
As soon as all of you arrived in their room, lips smashed against yours into a heated kiss and another pair of lips attached to your neck earning a moan from you as you didn’t know what to do with your hands. Wanting to touch them, they laughed at you almost in a mocking way but they were just enjoying teasing the hell out of you. 
It was their favorite thing now. 
You were theirs to torment. 
And you loved it. 
You felt a hand go behind your back as your bikini top was being unclipped and you heard it fall to the ground. You were already so lost in their kisses you didn’t even notice to see your clothes were well gone now. They also had managed to take off their bikinis and when you stared at them they were naked and that made you go speechless at how beautiful they were. 
“So pretty. You want us to touch you, baby?” Natasha asked her voice low and husky which caused a shiver to go down your spine. 
“Yes. Touch me. Fuck me, I'm yours” you whined, and that was all it took. 
“Fuck baby girl, doing so good for us,” Natasha said, pushing you down onto the bed as Wanda climbed onto it beside you and Natasha crawled on top of you. 
“Gonna ruin this pussy of yours pretty baby” Natasha smiled. 
You whimpered when you felt her fingers rub your clit. Wanda pressed her finger against your core, you hissed feeling how cold her fingers were. Considering you just got out of the hot tub and the cold breeze was making you miss being in the hot tub. They both laughed, they looked at you like a predator about to devour its prey and that made you bite down on your lip wanting for them to consume you whole. 
“I’ve been waiting for so long,” Wanda said, already a bit breathless. “I couldn’t wait to touch you but I had to wait for Nat. Since she’s in charge here and I’m second in charge now” she grinned, grabbing you by the back of your head and guiding you to wrap your lips on one of her breasts she moaned loudly her head falling back when you sucked on them. 
“It was all worth it, wasn’t it?” Natasha said, and Wanda nodded. 
Wanda kept rubbing and teasing your pussy, enjoying how loud you’re starting to get from their touch. You bucked your hips into them and Natasha pinned you back down, pinning your hands above your head so you wouldn't be able to move. you cried out, your mouth leaving her nipple when you felt Wanda slip her finger inside your dripping wet cunt, then another not giving you enough time to catch your breath or give you a moment. Wanda pumped her fingers in and out of you at a rough pace, you were a moaning mess now, your head falling back. Natasha grinned at Wanda, the redhead began to rub faster at your clit, enjoying how desperate you were getting each second that went by. 
Another finger entered you, curling inside you, stretching you out. You found yourself lost in the overwhelming pleasure that you couldn't think. If you didn’t come on this trip, you would have never gotten to experience it. You were so glad you didn’t turn Wanda down. 
You whined when you felt fingers slip out and the two women above you laughed. You felt a pair of lips wrapped around your clit while one finger still was pumping in and out of your core. Your body tensed up, you knew you were close and they knew as well but they weren’t letting you go that easy. You whined, back arching when Natasha sucked hard on your bundle of nerves. You whimpered, your hands tangled in her beautiful red hair that you gripped on for support for your own sake. 
Wanda brought her other free hand to squeeze and rub at your breasts, while her other fucked into you. she leaned in and pressed her mouth back to yours. She loved kissing you, she was already addicted. She’s wondered what it was like to kiss those pretty lips of yours, to feel them against hers and now she can’t stop kissing you. 
“I’m so close, so close” you whined, and Wanda nodded looking at her girlfriend and wondering if they should let you cum. 
Natasha nodded, sucking harder on your clit than before and you locked eyes with Wanda. 
“Cum for us,” Wanda purred. 
 you cried out as the overwhelming pleasure came over you as you were sure you haven’t felt this much pleasure in forever only from these two women. The pleasure coursing through your bones, your body tensing then going to limb as your cries and moans filled out the room as you came down hard, Natasha hadn’t let go yet wanting to taste you.
“Good girl” Wanda praised, breathless as she left soft gentle kisses along your jaw and neck to calm you. 
Natasha moved away from your pussy, wiping her mouth as there was still cum on her chin from the mess you made and your chest heaved up and down. She grinned, eyeing Wanda then you. 
“We're not finished with you yet.” 
You smiled, you were in for a long night of pleasure and fun. Maybe your summer wasn’t going to suck after all you had these two to give you everything that you ever wanted. 
And it was perfect. 
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carolinasgirl · 6 months ago
Summary: [3.7k words] Harry is alpha of his pack and you are his human mate. Often he’s setting rules and orders to keep everyone protected and safe, but as his girlfriend and mate you have to test his patience and break his rules. And as your boyfriend and alpha, Harry has to make sure you listen.
!! WARNINGS: supernatural life mentioned throughout the entire fic, pure flithy smut, slight degradation kink, choking, spanking, oral (male receiving), breeding kink and unprotected sex. 
special gif credits to: @harrysimpact <3
Tumblr media
Summer is probably the season with the highest amount of hunters as it is the season where it is easiest to find werewolves. Summer is always the best time for pack training and to start or end pack rivalries.
Harry asked you to be his girlfriend three years ago and two years ago he realised you were his mate, thanks to his mother talking some sense into him and explaining all the obvious signs.
Being the alpha of the pack brings a lot of responsibility and Harry can be extremely stern and strict. But with you, he is the biggest softie. He finds his comfort in you, you’re his missing piece. Almost everyone in the pack teases you about how easy he goes on you. However, one undeniable feature about Harry is that he is extremely overprotective of you, especially in the summer. His eyes are always on you. What worries him, even more, is that you aren’t a werewolf and don’t have the same instincts as him or the rest of the pack. 
One rule that Harry sets every summer is the pack curfew, which is that any member of the pack has to be inside of the household between the hours of 12 AM- 6 AM unless they have a valid reason to be out or inform Harry where they are and why they are there. It’s not that he stops anyone from leaving, everyone is very much free to leave when they want, it’s just vital they inform him, especially since it’s such a dangerous time of year. He can’t afford for a member of his pack to disappear. 
Even though his pack is known for having the best training, thanks to Harry’s amazing teaching techniques, Harry is still worried about anyone facing any kind of trouble, any time past midnight is usually the time when trouble comes, meaning Harry had to set the curfew to avoid unnecessary conflict or issues.
You do have a valid reason, yet it is 1:22 AM and you are completely oblivious to the time. It is your best friend’s birthday party and you don’t even know where your phone is, so you are unaware of the time and the 23 calls from Harry and the dozens of texts. Harry didn’t mind when you told him you would be attending, you even asked if he wanted to come but he decided to stay at home, he just really insisted on you coming home by 1 AM. In his eyes that was generous as he barely lets the rest of the pack out until midnight. He even offered to pick you up, but you promised him you would be back by 1 and if you’ve decided to stay out longer you will inform him that you are okay. That is an agreement you shook on. 
Currently, you’ve lost complete track of time, you’re dancing on tabletops and taking body shots off your friend and you are so unaware of your phone ringing in your bag that sits on the opposite side of the room. You aren’t drunk, maybe slightly tipsy, but you are having an amazing time and you have completely forgotten about how Harry wanted everyone in the house by 1 AM.
Meanwhile, Harry is sitting back on the couch, his left ankle resting on his right thigh that is bobbing up and down at a rapid rate. His phone is clenched in his hand, eyes stern as his thumb speeds across the keyboard to type yet another message.
“Mate, stop being so crazy Alpha and let her live. She's a human, she’s not going to be targeted by a hunter.” Mitch speaks up from the opposite side of the room, in an attempt to try and calm him down, but it only riles him up more.
“Fuck off, Mitch, you don’t understand,” Harry mumbles, sliding his phone onto the glass coffee table, nearly breaking it with the amount of force he uses from all that built-up frustration.
He hates when people accuse him of not letting you live your life. Especially when you're a college student who is still enjoying life and finding yourself. He isn’t trying to hold you back in any way shape or form. Once again, he’s just protective and if you wanted to stay out until 4 AM he would never stop you. Just right now he’s panicked, upset, worried and frustrated that you aren’t answering when you promised you would. 
Mitch raises an eyebrow at Harry and scoffs lightly. “Why don’t I understand?” And Mitch knows he shouldn’t have asked that question when Harry's head whips towards him and his glare is enough to kill him.
“You aren’t an Alpha, ye’ don’t know what it is like to run a pack single-handed and on top of that having a human mate who is one of the biggest targets in the pack because if hunters, rivals or anyone know that if they get here, they’ve got me and that is their goal, t’get me so they can kill me,” Harry explains with aggression running through his voice, a low rumble emitting from his chest as he shoots daggers at his Mitch. He’s never spoken so fast in his life.
Harry being on high alert, due to him being so anxious, lets him easily hear the clink of your acrylic nails against the metal handle at the front door and he stands up abruptly, leaving Mitch to sit and feel sorry for him in the living room. Just as he leaves the room and enters the hallway you accidentally slam the door behind you and he hisses, rubbing his ear in pain, due to the noise being too loud for his high sense.
His eyes were glowing yellow instead of that fairy green colour they usually are. He feels the anger in his body rise when his nose scrunches up to inhale your usual scent, but the smell of men’s cologne and alcohol fills his nostrils instead.
Your eyes meet his pair of golden ones and yours instantly softened, trying to pull off the typical innocent looks that make him fall to his knees every single time, but this time he crosses his arms across his chest and holds his head high, letting out a loud huff.
“I’m sorry I’m a little late past curfew,” You mutter out an excuse, taking steps towards him and raking your fingertips down his bare chest, fingers hooking into his grey joggers, that show every single line of him. He barely ever wears casual clothes, but when he does, for some reason it has you on your knees for him. 
He lifts his head from the intense stare he has on you to glance over at the clock for a split second, he soon turns back to gaze at you again. “3 hours. 3 fuckin’ hours Y/N, I was just about t’get dressed and come pick ye’ up” He explains with an aggravated tone as he pushes your hands off him, gently. Even though he is mad at you, he is still so soft and gentle with you and you love it.
“Hey, you said I have to be back at 1, it’s only-” You look up at the clock that is hung near the doorway. “3:30...” You say softly and if guilt was a language you would be speaking it right now. “So technically I'm only 2 hours and 30 minutes late,” 
“Ye’ promised you would call me.” Harry brings his hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose and lets his eyes shut tightly. “What am I going to do with you?” He mumbles, probably a rhetorical question but you decide to answer, hoping to lift the mood.
“I’m sure you can think of something, Alpha.” you tauntingly say, playing with the strings of his jogging bottoms while looking up into his eyes with a provoking smile.
Once again, he pushes your hands away and steps away from you. “Get some water, m’going upstairs,” he informs you and you watch his head upstairs into your shared bedroom.
Great. You would’ve much rather preferred to listen to one of Harry’s lectures than deal with him being moody. The best thing for you to do right now is to follow his orders. So you just grab a water bottle out of the kitchen and bolt upstairs, to go beg for forgiveness.
“Harry,” you say softly, taking a seat on your side of the bed, facing your boyfriend who is laying back, staring at his phone, almost all of his tattoos on show. Your biggest weakness.
He hums at you in reply, not bothering to divert his eyes. “H,” you whine, letting your hand rest on his lower abdomen, fingertips drawing random shapes.
“Stop.” he tuts, gripping onto your wrist and pushing it away from him, but you don’t stop there. You lean forward, taking his phone out of his hands and murmuring his name once more. Finally, his eyes look into yours but they blaze a dark golden hue as soon as they meet yours. “Y/N, I said stop.” his chest rumbling as he grumbles out his orders to you.
Harry goes to snatch his phone back, but you quickly retract your hand back. “But, I want your attention.” you fuss, getting closer to his face with a tormenting look on your own.
His eyes flash red for a short second, as his hand comes up to grip your throat with slight pressure, slamming you back onto the bed and staring into your eyes. His fangs were poking out along with the low growls that are emitting right from the centre of his chest and it is an understatement to say you are soaking at the sight of the angry Alpha.
“You’re a little brat, I taught you better than this,” he mumbles at you, with a slight tone of annoyance.
“Then maybe-”
“Shut the fuck up!” he barks and tightens his hand around your throat, you now feeling your wetness drip down your thighs and you don’t know if you regret not wearing any underwear or if you think it will be a blessing in disguise that is soon to be discovered. “Get over my lap.”
You quickly obey his orders as he sits at the edge of the bed and you lay across his lap, biting your lip so hard in anticipation that you think you can taste your own blood seep into your mouth.
His hands grip onto the hem of your short, black, satin dress and they pull the material up to the pool at your waist. You can hear the sharp inhale that Harry takes. “No knickers on, think it’s cute, eh?”
“There were cute guys there.” Spank. You let out a large yelp at the feeling of his hand coming down on your ass cheek, the pain moulding into pleasure, taking over your body.
“Four more and each one I want ye’ to tell me why y’are being punished, got it?” You ignore him, too in your own bratty universe to even think of a sarcastic answer to reply with. That is until Harry grips onto your hair, pulling you back so you can look into his eyes. “Got it?” he repeats himself, expecting an answer this time.
Nodding in reply, you spit out a, “Yes, Alpha.” and he lets go of your hair, allowing you to fall back down onto his lap and once again you are biting your lip in anticipation, knowing your body falls apart when he is angry, you get so turned on and you can’t even help it.
When you’re deep in your thoughts of what he is going to do, his hand comes down onto your ass once again but with a little more force. “Speak, brat.” He demands when he hears nothing from you. 
“I’m being punished because I stayed out after curfew.” You breathe out, eyes closing in the pleasure that is radiating through your body. 
He hums in reply, clearly content with your answer as his hand massages the reddened area of your ass. He was going to tell you to speak up due to how quiet you are being, but he decides to cut you some slack. 
He wastes no time with letting his hand come down once more, making sure he adds a little more force. “I-I’m being punished because I teased you.” His hand comes down again and you yell out in shock.
“Who did ye’ tease?” 
“Alpha, I teased you, Alpha.”
“Good pup, two more left.” he praises you, making you let out a small whimper in reply, him knowing you have the biggest praise kink, but then you also have the biggest degrading kink so you never know what is coming from him.
Harry’s large hand grips onto your ass that is nearly covered in his handprints and now you are just waiting for the next hit and it comes quicker and harsher and you are pretty sure a couple of drops of your wetness hit the floor. “I’m being punished because I broke pack rules.” And he hums in reply. 
“One more.” As soon as he mumbles them two words, you received your final slap and this one made you yell out in such immense pleasure, you fell limp in his lap. “I’m being punished because I disobeyed you, Alpha.”
“Good girl.” He pushes you back onto your knees and watches your eyes that are threatening to spill from all the pain you received but most importantly the pleasure that took over your entire body.
The broad hands that have caused an art piece across your ass, come down to grab your tiny ones and he places them on his grey joggers as he stands tall and looks down at you. The look he flashes at you is practically sending telepathic signals to your brain, telling you to get his dick out and get to work. And that is exactly what you are about to do.
Pulling his trousers down to his ankles so he can step out of them and kick them away, you watch the way his cock springs up and hits his abdomen. You could feel yourself drooling over him and he was eating it all up. His narcissism and huge ego couldn’t handle it.
The way the vein runs up the side of his cock which is throbbing in anticipation and the way he is twitching every so often, waiting to gain some kind of friction. He is so needy he thinks he might cum just at the sight of you and the way pre-cum is spilling out of him, he thinks he might already be doing so.
“Ye’ just gonna stare at it or are you gonna le’me fuck your mouth?” He asks to which you open your mouth as wide as you can and stick out your tongue for him. Harry isn’t just long but he is thick as well and you find it difficult to keep all of him in your mouth, you find it difficult to cope with any part of him.
The back of your head is being held by Harry's hands as he slowly enters into your mouth, tongue swirling around him and lips enclosing, letting your mouth immediately hollow and your innocent eyes look into his darkened ones.
He’s done for. You do things to him that he can’t even comprehend. he feels dizzy when he pushes into that tight little throat of yours, feeling like all the weight put on his shoulders from this past couple of weeks from pack rivalries, broken rules and constant threats, has been lifted. He doesn’t even know if he has the strength to move. But, he is unintentionally pushing himself down your throat and as the tears spill out of your eyes and your heavy breaths are hitting his lower abdomen every single time he shoves the whole of him down your throat.
His grunts are filling the room along with your gags, the sound that he loves to hear and this time they are loud and he doesn’t know if he is going too fast, but when he looks down and your eyes are streaming with tears, he can’t help but speed up and wrap your hair around his hand so he can allow himself to have more of a steady pattern to his thrusts.
“God, look at ye’. Taking me like the good fuckin’ human you are, always obeying ye’ alpha.” He doesn’t even know how that sentence has come out of his mouth, even though his wolf stamina is so high and it takes a lot for him to get breathless, he is panting like he has just run a marathon. “Gonna let alpha cum down that tight little throat? Gonna let me cum all over that pretty little face.” You hum in reply to his comment and he sighs in pleasure, the vibrations running through his heavy member.
Reaching a hand down, you fondle with his balls that are less than minutes away from releasing and he nearly hunches over from the pleasure that runs through his veins. 
Harry barely ever has the time to get head from you, his schedule is so busy that he can only ever fit in a quick fuck with you right before bed and sometimes there is barely any time for that, so right now he is indulging in the feeling of your mouth on him, your throat constricting him, your wet mouth coating him. And all of that just overwhelms him, before he knows it, he is spilling into your mouth, a string of curse words releasing as he brings himself to pull out of your warm mouth and stroke himself, letting his hot spurts of cum cover your face, some landing on your tongue that is stuck out waiting for him.
“Work of art.” He breathes out, almost breathless from the thrill that his body has just gone through. You don’t even have the time to wipe the cum off your face before he is standing you up, slinging your dress on the other side of the room and throwing you on the bed. “Face down, arse up.”
Typical Harry. An ass man. Every time he slips past you in the kitchen he taps your ass. Every time you help out and bend over in pack training, he grasps your ass. Every single time you are out in public his hand is resting on your ass. And after he has just painted it red, he wants to see his masterpiece in full form while he destroys you.
He shows no mercy, ramming into you and letting you scream out his name as the tip of him taps against your cervix. So deep. So rough. So fast. He knows how you like it and the way his name leaves your lips he feels like he is committing some heavenly sin. “Not my name, pup.” He grits out, his rapid pace not altering as your mouth falls into an ‘o’ shape and your eyebrows knit together, you already feel that knot in your stomach tightening.
“Say. My. Name.” Harry grumbles, saying each word between a harsh and rough thrust.
“Alpha! Oh my God, Alpha, fuck, Alpha!” You cry out, feeling his rhythm speed up once again, making you tighten around his thick cock, resulting in the man who is ploughing into you letting out a low whimper, a wolf-like cry.
“God, M’gonna fill you up so well. Gonna fill you up with all my pups, going to knot you so fuckin’ well, just ye’ wait you bratty little girl.” He groans out, whispers of curse words following shortly after as he looks down to watch himself slip in out of you and he sees your cream coating his cock. He can’t cum yet. He keeps repeating it in his head as his fingertips dig into your hips, leaving premature bruises and his head tips back, eyes clenched shut. It’s too early for him to cum. He’s losing all feeling of his legs and his muscles are tensing in a way they have never before. God, what has happened to his stamina? Has it completely erased?
Harry doesn’t even realise he is hitting your g-spot repeatedly at an angle he accidentally shifted to when he tipped his head back. He thinks he’s done something wrong when the screams escape your lips and he feels bad for a split second for the other members of the pack who have to hear this, but as soon as he feels you squirting on his thighs, the bedspread, even his fucking chest, all guilt is forgotten and he releases inside you, each thrust spilling out another warm spurt, filling you to the brim.
His knot. Something that happens after every werewolf releases in their mate, especially alpha’s. His cock throbs and he is stiff, unable to move until he calms down, until his fangs, claws and eyes retract back to normal. The growls, the low rumbles, the constant low howls, you are such a sucker for it. His thighs and forearms are trembling and he twitches every so often, driving you crazy. 
Once he can pull out, you collapse down onto the bed, face smushing into the pillow and stomach laying against the damp sheets, while Harry rolls next to you, hairline sweaty and hands still shaking.
“Think that’s the first time you’ve had a full-body orgasm Styles.” your hand coming up to scratch his chest slowly, tracing that significant butterfly and making him emit deep purrs from the simple touch. Such a puppy. 
“It’s the first time I’ve got to fuck ye’ properly since winter,” he replies, shaking his, inhaling sharply and running both his hands through his thick hair.
“Well let’s make the most of it, I know you can fuck me for at least another 4 rounds.”
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svnarintaro · a year ago
hi! could u pls write how kuroo,bokuto,semi and oikawa would react to going to the beach with their gf and teammates and getting jealous when everyone’s staring at her in bikini?💖
kuroo, bokuto, semi and oikawa getting jealous at the beach 
a/n: i wrote this on the way home from my camping trip :( it was so much fun !
kuroo tetsuro
Tumblr media
- he is a 'look don't touch' kinda' guy
- like he is eating up how good you look in swimwear
- like it takes a lot for you to make him jealous cause i feel like he really trusts you
- he may have patience of steel with strangers looking at you but if the team of nekoma comes he is keeping an eye out
- he just gets super clingy and his hands tend to wander
- when it comes down to it he will just pick you up over his shoulder and walk away
- he is just super assertive but he will show off that you belong to him
kuroo was just plain annoyed. it takes a lot for him to get annoyed but whatever his team was doing, they were doing a wonderful job pissing him off. "tetsu~ you won't have fun if you just sit there doing nothing.." you pleaded as you tried to pry your boyfriend off his towel. you looked absolutely stunning to him, he loved how the swimsuit made you look even more perfect than you already were but the thing that made him mad was not only were strangers staring at you but his teammates were too.
"kitten can you see i'm having fun here? i'm having tons of fun hanging around the millions of sand grains up my butt crack." he joked around to try and make you happy, but lev came up behind you and asked you if you wanted to go swimming with him and yamamoto. through the process their eyes were busy taking in how your body looked, how the swimsuit showed some of your best assets. the feeling of his own teammates were checking out his girlfriend so he did what he thought was necessary, he picked you up and walked towards to the concession.
"kuroo! let me down now!" you screamed as kuroo hummed a little tune to pretend to not notice you yelling at him to put you back on the ground. "man the weather is kinda beautiful, don't you think kitten?" kuroo played around with his words and let you down when your feet finally met the ground you had a massive frown on your face. "listen kitten i am doing what any jealous boyfriend would do when they have eyes on their precious girlfriend." you were hooked on one word, "wait your jealous?!" "yeah and what about it kitten you got a problem 'bout that cause we can handle that issue right here right now."
bokuto koutaro
Tumblr media
- he doesn't really get jealous
- he gets protective
- like he will just hug you and cover your front side as he gets a towel to cover your back
- like he won't even notice which is the cutest part
- he like puffing his chest a little like a little bird when he wants you your attention
- please let his head when he wants your attention he just has the same smile he has when he spikes a ball
- he just has a pout to guilt trip people into stopping
you put on a cute bathing suit underneath some regular clothing to the annual fukurodani beach outing that bokuto would never stop talking about. you finally got a breath of fresh air when you arrived to the beach, when bokuto faw you he ran up to you and pointed out his lovely swim trunks which had flamingos on them, "me and akaashi found them at the mall and i got them to show you!" he bounced up and down with the endless amount of energy he had.
you squealed in the inside, "bokuto is just too cute' you thought as you watched him run off tot he bathroom. once you got your towel on the sand and sandals off you took off your hoodie and shorts to reveal the swimsuit you got. konoha just widened his eyes and dropped a ball as he turned to ask you you brought any snacks. bokuto was still in the bathroom, "konoha are you okay?" you asked as you tried to think of why konoha has a blush on his face. "suit. cute. you. hehe.." he tried to speak but he malfunctioned.
bokuto noticed his team mate staring so he did the only rational thing he could think of; he came up to you and hugged you. with his broad chest in your face you looked up to see his eyebrows furrowed and a pout on his face. you sighed and brought your hands to his neck, "thank you kou, you're like my hero," you laughed out a bit and smiled. bokuto's chest puffed up a little as a sign of pride and he tightened his grip and held you for while.
semi eita 
Tumblr media
- pretty boy is mad
- like pissed
- not at you but at everyone
- he is calm but i feel like he is a person fully cuddle with you to bring the message that you're taken
- jealousy is something that semi feels cause he really feels like he will lose you
- the only thing that will turn this around will be a kiss
- like on the cheek or lips take your pick
- maybe a jealous make out session if he really is mad ;)
tendou was really getting bored, he tried to play a prank on ushijima and that didn't work. shirabu was away cause he had a cold so he did the only thing he had in mind, get semi mad. you were brought along cause you were the manager of the team but you were also dating semi, so tendou skipped along the sand trying not to kick it in anyone's direction but he got to you. you were standing around the umbrella helping make some food. tendou has this little smirk as he eyed semi.
"y/n~ has anyone told you absolutely tantalizing you look in that bathing suit of yours?" tendou started his line of compliments that were bound to make semi mad. "awe thank you tendou.. um? your shorts look pretty nice to me." you smiled as you questioned his words, you knew something was up but you didn't know wether he was pranking you or someone else. "i'm serious~ semi is one lucky person to have someone who looks like yo-" then you felt arms sneak around your waist and a head resting on your shoulder.
"ouu hi hi semi semi!" tendou waved to the mad boy leaning on you. a huff escaped his mouth as semi asked if you could be excused cause he had an issue that involved you, and proceeded to drag you away from tendou and behind a large tree. "so semi wha-" that was when you felt a pair of lips pressed against yours, you could feel the jealousy seeping through him so you returned the kiss but semi wanted more, he picked up one of your legs and pressed you against the tree and grabbed the other leg. he started to nibble on the bottom lip leaving you breathless and both of your lips pink. "hey there my jealous boyfriend that i love so much~" you teased as semi pressed another kiss onto your lips and you felt him smile a little bit knowing that you were all his.
oikawa tooru
Tumblr media
- super whiney about it
- demands that you wear a jacket
- he throws a tantrum like a child
- like he will pout until he gets what he wants
- will make grabby hands at you whenever he is in your field vision
- always approach a jealous oikawa with a hug or he will be the prettiest little jerk
- he wants you to know that he loves you and wants you to love him back just as much as he loves you
all day the seijoh team was trying to calm oikawa down, he was playing volleyball like a madman and spiking the ball with all of his might. the reason was because you were talking to another boy while you were setting up the table where you brought an assortment of fruits for the team. "oikawa can you calm down a bit? even mad dog is getting a little scared.." makki quietly asked the captain who was pissed out of his mind. you were his and only his, and he hates when people let their eyes wander all over you especially when you are wearing a bathing suit like that.
when the game was over with oikawas team winning by a landslide he stomped over to you with fists closed and pout ready. you looked over to oikawa and he reached out to you, opening and closing his hands to urge you to come to him. you said thank you to the stranger that helped you and ran into oikawas arms. "hey there prince charming~" you smiled as you rubbed you hands on his back feeling the muscles that resided there. "princess... can you please wear my jacket or something?" his played with the bottom of your bathing suit. "but don't you like my bathing suit?" you asked as you looked down at yourself.
"no! it's not that it's just.." he looked around at the amount of males that were around, "i'm scared other guys will like your outfit too much.." he pouted, you shook your head at how silly his reaction was. so to tend to that you went ahead and kissed his lips, "i was seeking your approval dummy," oikawa smiled and turned a little, "i'm dummy thicc." he wiggles his eyebrows, "you're built like a cereal box honey.."
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hazofmyheart · 6 months ago
I Swear to God I Never Fall in Love
Summary | It’s complicated. Your best friend is dating her ex’s best mate, Harrison, leaving tension between you and Tom. You’re supposed to hate him. But how can you with his boyish charms and those sweet brown eyes that make your heart pound just by looking at them?
Pairing | frat!tom holland x reader
Warnings | alcohol, this is hella angsty but it ends in some soft smut 18+
WC | 19k
A/N | back at it with the super long titles again. this fic has been a long time coming and I’m super excited to finally share it! I’d love to know your thoughts? drop me an ask or reblog :) hopefully the length doesn’t deter you from giving this a chance. this one shot is brought to you by my ex’s best friend — Machine Gun Kelly & blackbear. I swear I listened to it at least 200 times while writing this. Also this is not your typical frat boy tom..he’s a bit of a softie hehe
Tumblr media
To be painfully honest, you’re fucked.
The moment you spotted the abandoned tequila bottle in the corner of the frat kitchen, you made a beeline for it, and it’s been your crutch ever since. Your head swirls with liquor-induced haze, cheeks warm, eyes glazed. You can’t be bothered to shoo off the couple turning body shots into a full on show right on the kitchen counter.
“Animals,” a familiar voice scoffs from beside you. You turn your head quickly, soon regretting your swift movements when you feel yourself start to lose balance and fall forwards.
“Easy there,” Tom chides, steadying your arms. Your legs dangle where you’re perched on the counter, and he’s stepped in between them to prevent you from falling. “I think you’ve had enough of that.”
Ignoring your protests, Tom pries the glass bottle out of your hand, setting it on the island next to the couple.
“Beat it, Foster,” he commands the younger fraternity brother who’s nearly undressed his conquest in front of the party. With a groan, the guy complies, guiding the girl off the counter and up the staircase to where the bedrooms are located.
Tom turns to lean his back against the island, eyes traveling up your body to your face as his arms fold over his chest. Warmth creeps up your neck, but you dismiss it as the effects of the tequila. Speaking of...
“I wasn’t done with that,” you slur, pointing a finger at the drained bottle. “I was having a good time.”
“By yourself?”
His brows arch in amusement when you roll your eyes, and you reluctantly redirect your finger to point into the living area where your best friend, Rose, has her tongue shoved down some blond’s throat. It isn’t until you notice the distressed look on Tom’s face that you realise what you’ve done.
“Shit.” Your hand flies to your mouth. “I’m so sorry. I-”
“Forgot?” His voice is light, but you notice the edge in his tone. How could you be so stupid?
“No,” you sigh. You rest your head in your hands. “I’m just a bit possibly a lot tipsy.”
Maybe it’s your drunken daze or maybe your eyes are deceiving you, but you swear you see a speckle of amusement flash across Tom’s face, but it quickly sours as he turns his attention back to his ex. It’s been at least two months at this point, but you’re sure it doesn’t make it hurt any less. His bitter look deepens to outright disgust, and you squint your eyes to see what you’re missing. And then it hits you.
Fucking hell, Rose.
Of all the people she could have made out with, why did she choose Harrison? There are so many people in this godforsaken suffocatingly hot frat house, and she has to choose her ex’s best mate to hook up with?
To be fair, Harrison is playing no innocent part in this. His active participation is very easily distinguished with his wandering hands and the way he’s grinding his hips into Rose. His blond tufts of hair are in disarray as her fingers card through the strands, ruffling them, pulling them, tugging him closer. Now these two are animals.
“Shit,” you murmur. “Is that...”
“Yep.” His lips pull taut as he turns back around, back against the counter facing away from them. The distress in his face pulls a frown to your features. You love your best friend, but you are not fond of her carelessness at this particular moment. Even after everything that happened between her and Tom, he still deserves the decency of not having to see her make out with Harrison of all people.
Your eyes study Tom who stands with a finger pressed to his lips in intense concentration. You follow his gaze to the floor, the lines of the hardwood flooring, stray beer caps, lime peels. As your eyes rake back up to his face, you take in his figure. You haven’t seen him since a week before he and Rose broke up, and you can tell he’s channeled any frustration about the situation into working out. His dark wash jeans fit snug over his muscular thighs, hanging low on his hips to reveal a sliver of the waistband of his calvin’s. His frat t-shirt hangs loose on his torso, but clings to his biceps and broad shoulders which only makes the lines of his waist seem slimmer.
You’d be lying if you said you never found him attractive. Hell, you had encouraged Rose to swipe right on his profile in the first place. But seeing him here with wounded pride and bleary eyes humanizes his pretty face, showing you a side of him you’ve never seen before and your heart aches for him.
When your gaze finally reaches his face, the warmth of his eyes are fixed on you. The corner of your mouth turns up in a sad smile. “I’m sorry, Tom.”
It means nothing, but you have to say it. For no other reason than Rose would never do it, you say it for her. But the sentiment is lost to the boy in front of you.
“I don’t want your sympathy, y/n,” he snaps.
Your eyes immediately go wide, and you start to shake your head. “No, that’s not what I-”
Before you can finish, he’s stormed off to another room.
See, told you. Fucked.
You slide off the counter to wobbly legs which carry you in whichever way your head feels heaviest until your hand meets a wall which you gladly use to support yourself. You search for the head of brown hair from room to room, but he darts away as soon as he meets your gaze from across the sea of people. He tactfully avoids the living area. Not that you blame him, but it leaves you dizzy beyond your tequila-tainted limits running—okay, stumbling—around in meaningless circles.
You finally cut him off when he makes a rush for the staircase, stepping in front of the stairs with unsure footing. “Stop avoiding me,” you say, putting on a serious face.
Tom seems amused, or perhaps he’s just irritated beyond belief. “Get out of my way. I’m going to bed.”
“No. You need to hear what I have to say.”
“And what could you have to say to me?” As his arms cross in front of him, his voice raises. “Unless you’re my ex girlfriend who has decided to fucking shove her tongue down my best mate’s throat, I don’t want to hear a bloody thing from you.”
He goes to step around you, but you block his way, pulling an exasperated huff from him. He might be in a foul mood, but it’s not an excuse to be a raging douchebag.
“Knock it off.” He grits his teeth, stepping close to your face. “Stop pretending to care about me and leave me the fuck alone.”
“I’ve been nothing but nice to you, Tom.” You probably should stop there, but your resolve keeps your mouth running before your mind can catch up. “You need to stop wallowing in self-pity and get over yourself. I’m not Rose. Don’t fucking take your anger out on me. I was just going to say you deserve better than that.”
For a moment Tom looks like he’s about to say something in return. His features soften, and he blinks slowly like he’s misheard you and he’s trying to piece together what you just said. But then his lips pull into a taut line, and you’re met with his elbow as he shakes off his stupor and nudges you out of the way to hurry up the stairs.
“Ass hat,” you mumble under your breath, closing your eyes as you listen to his footsteps carry out of hearing range.
After that sobering conversation, you wander around the house searching for Rose who seems to have gone missing. It isn’t until you round the corner into the kitchen do you see her and Harrison knocking back shots of clear liquor—probably vodka knowing Rose.
“Are you ready to leave yet?” you ask as you approach the two of them. “It’s two in the morning and I’ve had enough fun to last me a week.”
Rose is too riotously wasted to pick up on the sarcasm, but thankfully, Harrison isn’t always a baffling idiot. “Yeah, why don’t I drive you two home?” he offers, intertwining his fingers with Rose’s.
Some friend you are, you think. First the drunken make out session and now couple-y hand holding? If you were in Tom’s shoes, Harrison would have a black eye by now...or at the very least a broken nose.
“The night just started,” Rose whines. “And besides, I thought I saw you about to head upstairs with a cute boy.”
Your cheeks instantly start to burn when Harrison smirks, both of them clearly oblivious to who she spotted with you. She’s too drunk to explain the situation was not what it looked like, and Harrison...well, you have seen how much he cares already.
“Didn’t work out,” you lie, just wanting to go home and sleep off this miserable night.
With a compliant shrug of her shoulder, she leads Harrison towards the front door, weaving in and out of party goers still going strong, others passed out on couches, and even one person strewn across the front stairs. You’ve hardly caught up to them when Harrison closes the car door behind Rose, walking over to the driver’s side of the vehicle.
“You’re sober, right?” you ask, hesitantly opening the door to the backseat.
He scoffs. “I wouldn’t drink and drive, y/n. How little do you think of me?”
After tonight? Quite little. But you merely roll your eyes and slide onto the cool leather seats of his sleek BMW. It’s a classic frat boy car probably paid for by daddy’s money only to be wrecked and replaced over and over again with vain promises of doing better next time. Better than walking though, you concede.
He speeds off and in a few minutes you’re parked in front of your dorm building across campus. You help Rose out of the car, wishing Harrison a curt goodnight before closing the door while he tries to speak to your best friend.
“That wasn’t nice,” she slurs, but you ignore her, guiding her up the stairs to your shared room on the second floor.
As soon as you work the lock and step inside, Rose falls onto the crappy old futon situated in the middle of the room with a groan. “What have I done?”
“I’ve been wondering that same thing all night,” you mutter under your breath.
She goes quiet, and after a few moments, you catch her with furrowed brows typing away on her phone.
“Oh no you don’t.” You practically pounce on her, ripping the device out of her hand, turning over the screen to see the damage is already done. The incoherent text to Tom says delivered at the bottom, and in a few seconds read at 2:34 AM. “Dammit, Rose,” you sigh.
You’re about to chastise her more, but her slow, steady breaths are already drifting into the air. You huff, sitting down on the edge of your bed, typing out a new message.
this is y/n..I took her phone away so she won’t bother you again tonight.
You don’t wait for a response as you place her phone in your nightstand drawer and crawl under the covers and shut off the light. Though you can almost guarantee she won’t be getting a response, you hope Tom has the self-respect not to answer a drunken late night text after what you both witnessed.  
“I shouldn’t have said that.”
You sigh to keep your irritation at bay, closing your book and setting it in your lap. You look up to see Tom standing in front of the bench you’re sitting on in between your Friday afternoon classes. The clouds overhead are darkening by the minute, and it casts deep shadows on Tom’s already grave features. He looks like hell, and you have a sneaky feeling he didn’t get much sleep after last night’s escapades.
“I was a twat, and I shouldn’t have snapped the way I did,” he continues. You purse your lips before patting the space next to you. Tom obliges and takes a seat. “You were right. I was mad at Rose, and I took it out on you.”
You nod your head lightly as he speaks, eyes trained on the gravel crunching beneath your feet as you trace patterns in it with the toe of your shoe.
“I am sorry,” he mumbles, and your gaze instantly draws to his face. You feel your heart squeeze inside your chest. Those three words—one of the multitude of reasons he and Rose broke up. He could never say sorry, never take the blame or responsibility for anything. And here he is saying sorry to you, his ex’s best friend he could very well never see again and go on with his life like nothing drastic changed. For you he’s sorry?
You’re stunned but grateful and maybe a little proud that he actually apologized to you. “I forgive you,” you reply quietly. You pass him a warm smile. “I did kind of ruin your night, so I’m sorry for that. I was the one that put you in the pissy mood to begin with.”
Much to your surprise, a genuine laugh bellows from his chest. “You think you ruined my night?” He chuckles again, dry and more like a sneer this time. “I think it’s safe to say that honour goes to Haz and Rose.”
“Yeah...” Your voice trails off, unsure of what to say about it all. You don’t have an excuse for Rose’s behavior, nor do you want to be the one to provide it even if she did have a valid reason behind her disreputable actions.
You feel Tom shift on the bench next to you as a single giant raindrop falls between you two. You assume he’s about to walk off, but instead he leans in towards you more. “What are you reading?” he asks.
When you meet his soft eyes, you try to mask your confusion with a smile, but you’re sure you look more weird than normal.
“Um-” You’re about to answer when the dark sky opens up above you, single droplets suddenly turning into buckets of rain falling all around you.
You shriek, stuffing your book into your backpack so it doesn’t get ruined. The rain keeps dumping, blurs of raindrops pelting the earth, quickly turning the light wood of the bench dark from the unexpected and relentless precipitation.
“Come on.” Tom grabs your hand, pulling you from the bench with him as he starts running through the torrential downpour.
Other students are scrambling for cover under nearby awnings outside of lecture halls and office buildings, but Tom drags you towards the parking lot.
“Where are you taking me?” You can’t help but start to laugh when he turns around and his already soaked hair hangs in his face resembling a wet dog betrayed by his owner into a cruel bath. At least he doesn’t smell like one.
“To my car? I’m not waiting out this storm under some overhang.”
There’s logic in his reasoning, but your face starts to burn despite the cold droplets cascading all around you. What would people think if they saw you together? You alone with Tom after what happened at the party last night surely does not paint the best picture.
When your shoes are soggy and your clothes nearly soaked through, you reach his car, diving into the passenger seat without a second thought. You both shiver as soon as you’re out of the rain, hugging your arms tight around each of your person. Your teeth start to chatter as Tom shoves his key into the ignition, switching the heat on full blast. When you look over at him to find him just as miserable as you are, you burst out into laughter. You don’t even know why you’re laughing, but as soon as you start, you can’t stop.
“What?” he asks, giggle bubbling on his lips. When his question goads a snort out of you, he too joins in on your unprompted amusement until you both have stitches in your sides from laughing so hard.
As your chuckles die down to where you can finally breathe again, you examine your sodden clothes. There’s no way you’re about to sit in a freezing cold lecture hall in a wet sweater.
“Shit. I was actually planning on going to class today too,” you laugh sadly, pulling your clinging shirt away from your body.
Tom wiggles his way out of his backpack, tossing it into the backseat. The car is warming up now, and there’s an adorable brush of pink on his cheeks. “I can drive you to your dorm so you can change your clothes and take you back to class if you’d like.”
His offer is flattering, and after everything that happened last night, it brings a wash of relief over you that he truly doesn’t hate the idea of spending more time with you and helping you out. “I would, but my dorm is on the other side of campus. If you don’t make it to Hadley’s lectures on time, he locks the doors so late students can’t get in.”
“Damn that’s fucked up.” Tom cards his fingers through his stringy damp hair that is already drying in gentle waves. You’re mesmerized by his actions for a few moments, watching the way his slender fingers curl into the locks, tugging on the strands. You imagine how his hair must feel when it’s dry and soft and fluffy and- “Y/n?”
“Did you hear what I said?”
“Oh.” You nibble on your bottom lip. “No, I didn’t. Sorry. I must’ve zoned out.”
He chuckles lightly, fingers drumming on the steering wheel now. “Well if you want, the frat house is way closer, and we’ve got loads of t-shirts from an upcoming event. I can snag you one so you can be dry and make it to your class on time.”
You contemplate the amount of effort that would take all for an unimportant lecture, but you find yourself nodding in agreement before you can really rationalize why.
“Sweet,” Tom says, shifting the car into gear and pulling out of the lot as you toss your backpack into the backseat with Tom’s. “The house should be in much better shape than it was in last night thanks to the wonderfully thoughtful new pledges.”
You scoff, and he snickers. “Oh I’m sure they volunteered for that job.”
“You’d be surprised,” Tom shrugs. “Everyone wants to be a Delt.”
Before you can roll your eyes, the car pulls up in front of the house sporting the greek letters delta tau delta. It is still raining, albeit not as hard, as the two of you make a run for it into the house. You follow Tom inside to the front room where large cardboard boxes now litter the floor instead of empty solo cups and beer cans.
Taking his keys, Tom cuts open all the boxes, telling you to grab one that’s your size. You do as instructed, holding up the purple cotton shirt with a logo on it for a five kilometer run to raise money for type one diabetes research.
“Aw this is so nice,” you note. “When is the run?”
“It’s this weekend actually.” Tom stops rearranging the boxes. “You can come if you’d like.”
“Maybe if running was my thing I would. I’d prefer to be sleeping on my Saturday mornings instead of keeling over gasping for air.”
Tom chuckles, twirling his keys around on his finger. “Well if you change your mind, I’ll be the dashingly handsome one handing out water cups at the second mile mark.” He throws in a wink at the end, and your heart seizes in your chest.
“I’ll keep that in mind,” you mumble back, very aware of how warm the house is suddenly feeling.
Tom glances at his watch. “If you hurry we can probably get you to class on time.”
The smile on your face falters more than you’d like to acknowledge. You are actually enjoying being around Tom despite the nagging pull in your gut that is screaming Rose would hate you if she found out where you are and who you are with. “Or,” he adds, a shy grin taking over his lips. You’ve never seen him bashful before, and you have to admit you kind of like it. “I can make us some tea, and we can get warm before I take you back to your dorm.”
You glance out the window to the rain that is steadily falling and back to the boy leaning against the table you assume is where the fraternity brothers dine. You really don’t want to get wet again, and truthfully, you’re not ready to leave Tom’s pleasant company yet. “I think I like that second option more.”
“Excellent choice.” Tom rubs his hands together excitedly. “I’ll start the tea. You can change in my room which is the third one on the left when you reach the top of the stairs.”
You’re about to walk up the staircase when you turn back around. “Thank you, Tom.” It probably sounds way more genuine than it should for a cup of hot tea and a fresh t-shirt, but coming from him—after everything that happened between him and Rose—you are truly grateful for his kindness.
“It’s no problem,” he answers back. The toothy smile on his face indicates he feels the same, and a part of you hopes this can be a fresh start for you both as friends.
Friends. Could you be friends? You’re not supposed to even be friendly towards your best friend’s ex never mind willingly spend time in his company. You shake the thought off almost as soon as it comes. If Rose can snog Harrison, you can spend a brief afternoon drying off post-monsoon with Tom.
You sit in his spinning desk chair with your damp sweater draped over the back, waiting for him to bring the mugs of tea upstairs, trying not to snoop too much in the unfamiliar room. You know for certain it’s his by the pictures on his desk—the largest one being his family all bundled up with an adorable grey dog in the middle.
You remember Rose sharing the story about when she met his family for the first time. Apparently, the dog likes to jump on people when excited, and the rambunctious animal pushed her straight into the mud right before she went inside to be introduced to his parents. You had laughed so hard you had tears in your eyes when she shared her embarrassing recount of what happened after winter break last year.
A soft tap on the door stirs your attention away from the knickknacks and photos on his desk. You get up and open the door for Tom who walks in with two steaming cups.
“Here we are,” he says, setting one down on his nightstand and one on his desk for you.
Curling up in his desk chair once more, you hold the warm mug in your hands, letting it transfer some of its welcome heat to your chilly hands. You peer at Tom over the rim of the cup through wisps of steam curling into the air, watching him remove his sodden hoodie and settle on his bed.
“So,” he starts. You catch him grinning impishly. “You hate me.”
It catches you off guard; you nearly choke to death on your tea. When you’re done hacking up a lung, you manage to squeak out, “No I don’t.”
Tom arches his brows. “Yes you do.”
He takes a long sip of his tea before setting it on the nightstand, rubbing his hands together like a nervous habit.
You let out a large breath of air, placing your mug on his desk. “I only know Rose’s side of the story,” you say carefully. Of course you remember how he made her feel—all of the meaningless fights, the petty acts of revenge, the constant on again off again cycle that made you dizzy and you weren’t even a part of it. There’s always two sides to every story, and you’ve lived with Rose long enough that she is no easy person to make peace with sometimes.
You open your mouth to ask what went wrong from his view, but you decide against it. Thankfully, Tom is willing to share without you having to prompt him. “She wanted me to be someone that I’m not.”
As you study the way his mood shifts, you are conscious to speak in hushed tones as to not sound like you’re defending Rose. “Which was what exactly?”
“Someone that can do the whole love thing.”
“You never loved her?” Your voice is still quiet, but filled with shock. You can’t believe it; they had been together for nearly a year.
“No.” He shakes his head. “I don’t fall in love.”
The incredulous smile that paints his face makes you think he might not believe himself, but you’ve already had enough arguments for a couple of people hardly considered friends to fight him on it. And besides, if that’s how he feels, who are you to tell him he’s wrong? You’re certain he’ll meet someone one day that changes that for him, but until then, he has every right to believe what he wants no matter how delusional it might be.
“I still cared about her though,” he adds.
“I know you did.” You think back on all of the good memories they share. “Everything happens for a reason though, yeah?”
Tom’s eyes study the way you’re curled up in his chair, a subtle act that you miss. “I suppose you’re right,” he says with a lopsided grin.
By the time your mug is empty and you check the time on your phone, you realise hours have passed. You had spent the last two hours discussing so many things. Tom is easy to talk to and an attentive listener, the conversation flowing freely. You feel close to him already, and you’d even label him as a friend after today. It’s easy to let your guard down with him. There is no looming worry about what he might think of you. He’s off limits, and you wouldn’t dare go there, making it easy for you to feel entirely comfortable being yourself around him.
Perhaps it is chemistry or maybe he is merely charming. Regardless, a weight has lifted off your shoulders now that you have spoken openly with him. Deep down, you know Rose would never approve of you two hanging out even just as acquaintances, but you wonder if—in another life—he and Rose weren’t exes, if you and Tom might make good friends.
“Well,” you sigh, looking out the window to the darkening sky, this time from the sun slipping behind the horizon. “I better get back to my dorm.”
“Do you want me to drive you?”
“No, that’s alright. I could use the walk after sitting in this chair for so long,” you joke. “Thanks again for the tea… and t-shirt.”
“It’s no problem,” Tom says, standing from the bed to walk you to his bedroom door. “I’ll see you around?”
“Yeah.” You catch your bottom lip between your teeth as you nod. “See you around.”
The sound of your name brings you to a freezing halt, movement and breath alike. You’ve been spotted sneaking out the front door of the fraternity house by the last person you wished to see right now—your best friend.
“Rose,” you echo and then promptly mentally face-palm yourself for not being more strategic in your exit. You had not anticipated seeing anyone you are acquainted with other than a few fraternity members you share classes with. They can think what they want, but it truly matters what your roommate thinks.
“What are you doing here?” She’s standing next to Harrison, who presses a kiss to her temple and walks up the stairs past you. He doesn’t even spare a glance in your direction.
“I, um…”
Where do you start? And how do you tell her as much of the truth as you can while also leaving out the details like you were with Tom and he lent you a shirt to wear and he made you tea and you are actually quite fond of him?
A couple of guys come in the front door, passing you and Rose inquisitive glances before filing up the stairs.
“It was raining as I was going to go to class, and then I sort of ended up here.” You offer her an unconvincing smile after your incomplete explanation.
“Sort of ended up here?” Her tone is sharp, her eyes narrow. You might as well bite the bullet and tell her exactly what happened before it looks more suspicious than it already does. But then she breaks out into a smirk, and you try to mask your surprise at her lack of fury. “You met up with that guy from last night, didn’t you?”
“You didn’t even tell me! How dare you. Now you have to tell me all about it.” Rose rushes over and interlocks your arms, dragging you out the front door and down the path with her impossibly lengthy strides. “Spare no detail,” she adds once the two of you are walking down the sidewalk.
You clear your throat, debating whether to go along with it or confess the truth and risk an argument. You’re a terrible liar. And in the long run, the truth is always better anyways, right?
“Actually,” your voice quakes. “I was headed to class when it started pouring, and my clothes were soaked. Tom was nearby and offered to get me a dry shirt so I could go to class, but I ended up being too late. You know how Professor Hadley likes to lock the doors once he starts lecturing.”
By the end, you’re mumbling, afraid to look over at Rose. You can feel her eyes burning into the side of your face, but your gaze stays peeled to the ground in front of you. She slips her arm out of yours, and you brace for the worst. Rose stops walking, forcing you to do the same.
When you dare meet her near murderous expression, her brows are slanted and nose crinkled. “What’s going on between the two of you?”
At least she’s not beating around the bush. “Nothing,” you say earnestly. “We just both happened to be in the right place at the wrong time, and he was just being nice.”
You hope she doesn’t mention how your class started nearly three hours ago, and you realistically should have been back in the dorm long before now.
“Do you promise?” Her gaze has hardly softened.
“I promise, Rose. Nothing is going on between us.”
You think of Tom and how unfair of her it is to ask that question when there is clearly something going on between her and his best friend.
“Do you-” Much to your surprise, your voice cracks. “Do you not want me to speak to him?”
“Honestly,” she sighs. “No. I would rather you didn’t speak to him at all, but I can’t make you not, you know?” There’s a brief pause before she adds, “If there was something going on, would you tell me?”
You hesitate. Would you tell her if there was? Honestly, probably not. But there is truthfully nothing between you and Tom, so why worry about that now?
“Of course.” The first lie you tell Rose.
The second lie comes much sooner than anticipated.
“Who have you been texting, missy?” Rose asks. She wiggles her brows to emphasize her interest.
You’ve been staring at your phone for the past fifteen minutes debating on whether you actually need to see your backpack full of your class notes and your favourite sweater ever again. Not even twenty-four hours has passed yet since you left Tom’s room, and you have already woken up to a text from him sent at some ungodly hour of the morning. You’re reclining on your bed now with your knees tucked close to your chest, your phone propped up on the mattress next to your face.
Tom | Hey, it’s Tom. You left your backpack and sweater here. I can drop them off after the fundraiser or you can swing by later?
The last thing you want is for Rose to see him with your belongings even after your earnest explanation of what happened. You’ve typed and retyped potential messages to respond to Tom at least twenty times now.
No, just forget about it.
Backpack? What backpack?
Are you sure it’s mine…
I’ll come get it later.
You lock your phone screen as soon as you hit send to the last option.
“Just some guy I met the other day,” you answer untruthfully.
“Is he cute?”
Your mind instantly conjures the image of Tom’s fingers gliding seamlessly through his damp curls the day before. You picture his warm brown eyes, soft and sweet and full of light; his charming words falling from thin pink lips; deep-belly laughter light as a tune and just as bubbly. The wonky lines of his nose come to mind next, and you ponder if it’s from a previous sports injury or a hazing ritual gone wrong. Unbeknownst to you, a smile slides across your face.
“Look at you grinning like a schoolgirl,” Rose teases. “He must be a cutie.”
You shake your head to dismiss your own thoughts. “Maybe a little.” That much is true, though highly downplayed.
“When will I get to meet him?”
“Never. He’s not into me.”
Her jaw drops in feigned shock, hand covering her mouth. “Then at least tell me mystery boy’s name so I can know who I need to stalk on social media since you won’t let me meet him.”
Your phone dings on the bed next to you. You breathe a small sigh of relief that you wiggled your way out of answering that last question. When you slide open the message, you have to bite back a smile.
Tom | Come over whenever :)
Rose slips into the bathroom when you don’t respond, and you jump at the chance to leave without being bombarded with more questions. Better to get it over with sooner rather than later.
“Hey, Rose?” You knock softly on the bathroom door. “I’m going to go study in the library. I’ll be back in a bit.”
“Okay, boo. See you at dinner?”
“Yeah. I’ll be back for dinner.”
You grab your phone, keys, and the t-shirt Tom leant you and dash out the door, not bothering to lock the dorm room behind you. It’s Saturday morning. No one’s going to go breaking into rooms when well over half the campus population is recovering from a night of partying.
Taking a short cut across the deserted campus, you arrive at the delta tau delta house a mere fifteen minutes later. Upon walking through the front door, you’re greeted by an eerily quiet residence—even more quiet than a typical Saturday post-rager morning. They must have all gone back to bed after the fundraising event this morning.
You trudge up the stairs to find Tom’s door wide open. Without thinking, you waltz in, greeting on the tip of your tongue that abruptly dies when you see Tom standing by his desk, covered by—and only by—a thin white towel.
“Oh shit. I’m sorry.” You cover your eyes and turn to run out the door when Tom chuckles at you.
“It’s alright, darling. I lost my modesty a long time ago.”
Heat creeps up your face, settling heavy into your cheeks. Hesitantly, you lower the t-shirt you used to shield him from your line of sight, swallowing thickly when you take in his form. There’s water droplets trickling down the damp strands of his darkened hair, disappearing into the towel tucked around his waist. The white fabric rests low on his hips, leaving his toned torso on display for your ogling eyes to wander over—strong pecs, defined abs, two deep slanted lines right above his hips. You know he’s fit, but damn, you weren’t expecting him to look so...perfect?
“What’ve you got there?” His voice draws you out of your stupor and back to the present. He sports an amused grin, which only deepens the warmth of your face when you realise he’s caught you gawking.
You toss him the t-shirt in your hand from across the room, and he catches it easily despite your shoddy aim.
“You didn’t need to give this back,” Tom says.
A sheepish smile graces your lips. “It felt like I stole it.”
“You’re right,” he teases with a quirk of his eyebrow. “There’s one single runner out there that doesn’t have a t-shirt to show they ran an entire five kilometers today because of you. What do you have to say for yourself?”
“The guilt has been eating me alive.”
“Well, rest assured, I will take care of it from here. Try not to lose any more sleep over it.”
You brush a stray piece of hair out of your face as you start giggling. “I’ll do my best.”
Tom bends over, holding onto the towel as he tucks the shirt into the bottom drawer of his dresser. You cock an eyebrow at him, and he shrugs. “For next time,” he explains.
Next time? A surge of shame washes over you. You’re not doing anything wrong, but Rose’s words from the previous night burn bright in your brain. Her forgiveness is hard to come by and you don’t want to test your luck by lingering too long only to find yourself needing it once more.
You clear your throat, taking a step out of the doorframe. “Well I better go.”
Tom looks up from his phone that just buzzed on his desk, nodding his head. “Wait one second.”
He disappears into the bathroom you assume he shares with the room next to his, coming out moments later sans towel but with a loose pair of grey sweatpants on his hips instead. You take a ragged breath. It’s not doing much better for your wandering thoughts than the towel, but at least it’s covering more of his flawless skin.
You’re still standing wide-eyed like a statue when he walks straight over to you with your bag and sweater in outstretched arms. Before you can blink, he’s wrapped you in a tight hug, your face pressed against his bare skin. His skin is warm and soft against your cheek, his body firm and smelling like scented body wash. As he pulls away, flashing you a cheeky grin, it leaves you in a haze. And suddenly you understand why so many girls fawn over him.
Tom passes you your belongings, and you take them from him with a slight tremble in your fingers.
“I’ll see you around, y/n,” he says, leaning against the doorframe with his shoulder. “Try not to get caught in any more rainstorms without me.”
After your last encounter with Tom, you vow a silent promise to yourself to avoid him at all costs. It seems simple at first. The campus is so large, and you both belong in different friend groups—the only people connecting the two of you being his ex and his best friend’s blossoming romance—but it isn’t quite so easy as you had anticipated.
The following Monday, you find yourself perched on what you’ve dubbed your bench, leaning back against your returned backpack, book in hand. It’s warm today, the sun shining its bright rays over the cobblestone pathways in between lecture halls and other buildings strewn across campus. It seems like everyone had the same idea to skip class and enjoy the agreeable weather, so when a shadow appears over the pages of your book, you know from your impeccable luck it can’t be anyone but him.
“You read a lot, don’t you?”
You quickly scan the final words of the paragraph before tucking your bookmark into the novel. “Perhaps. But it’s all relative.”
“Oh,” Tom says. “Getting philosophical on me now?”
You try to roll your eyes, but you just end up snickering. As he walks around to the front of the bench, you draw your legs up to make room for him to sit, which he does.
Almost as soon as he takes a seat, your heart clenches. You can’t be caught with Tom; you have to leave. But he’s making it hard by flashing you his pearly whites and drumming on the wooden armrest with his fingers. He’s wearing a yellow t-shirt that makes his skin look like it’s glowing in the warm sunshine.
Shit, you really can’t be doing this.
You sit up abruptly, swinging your legs over the side of the bench. “I’ve got to go to class,” you say, not even looking back before shoving your book into your bag and walking off, leaving Tom with a confused expression painted on his face.
“Bye?” he calls out, but you just bite your lip and keep walking. It pains you to be rude, but you have no idea how else to convince him to stay away from you as much as it goes against every desire you have to be close to him.
When similar events unfold a mere two days later, Tom sidesteps in front of you before you can step foot off the gravel path.
“Okay.” His arms fold across his chest which only makes his biceps bulge out of his thin white t-shirt more. To complete the look, he sports an adorable frown in between his brows. “What have I done to make you upset?”
You let out an exasperated puff of air. “Nothing,” you lie. “I just have to go to class.”
Without letting him slip in another word, you shuffle past him, walking with your head down to Hadley’s lecture with your book folded in your arms. You pinch your eyes closed as soon as he’s out of sight, resting your back against the pillar outside of the social sciences building.
You hate this. You think of Rose and the look of betrayal she wore that afternoon she caught you trying to sneak out of the frat house, and then you grit your teeth. It could be so simple, but she has to make things so damn complicated with her inscrutable logic.
I would rather you didn’t speak to him at all.
Sweet, clueless Tom weighs heavy on your heart.
Gathering yourself together, you slip into the abandoned lecture hall to study for your exam which is an entire hour from now.
Once you’re done, you’re allowed to leave, so after an endless hour of pouring over test questions and bubbling in answers, you rush out of the classroom to enjoy the last little bit of sun seated on your bench finishing the last portion of the chapter you were on when Tom walked over earlier.
As soon as you step outside of the building, a firm hand grabs a hold of your arm, yanking you to the side. You go to scream, only for a finger to be shoved against your lips to prevent you from doing that very thing.
You swat his hand away. “What the fuck, Tom? I thought you were trying to kidnap me.”
“I practically had to so you would speak more than three words to me,” he snaps back. “I need you to tell me what I did wrong so I can fix it. Unless I just read the situation wrong, I thought we were getting along quite well until all of sudden you won’t even look at me.”
You know it’s true. You can hardly stand to hold his burning gaze now. And you know he deserves answers, but the prospect of having to tell him the reason why you’ve been acting weird is what has kept you from being upfront with him from the beginning.
After a couple of students file out the door, heads turning to study yours and Tom’s peculiar interaction, you sigh heavily. You grab his hand and pull along him behind you. “Come on.”
You lead him to the more secluded bench where you both plop down, you curling your legs up to your chest while he leans back, legs spread and bouncing in anticipation of the inevitably uncomfortable conversation. Tom lifts the cap off his head, running his fingers through his hair before readjusting it to where the bill is in the back and you can see his profile better. The familiarity of the wooden structure provides you with some security, but the words don’t form any easier.
“I don’t really know how to say this,” you start, staring at the space on the bench in between you.
“Just tell me,” Tom pleads. You instantly regret every moment you’ve withheld your reasoning from him at the sound of exasperation in his voice. “I promise I won’t get upset.”
You stay silent for a few beats before Tom adds, “I just thought… I don’t know. I thought we were friends, and it was really nice talking to you that day it rained. It’s been lonely since Haz is always with Rose now, and obviously I can’t talk to him about this whole fucked up situation because he’s half of the problem.” He lifts one of his shoulders. “I don't know. Like I said, maybe I read it wrong-”
“No,” you interrupt. “You didn’t.” When you finally meet his eyes, his wounded expression sends a fresh wave of guilt crashing over you. “I really enjoyed our talk too. But it’s… Rose.”
“Rose? What does she have to do with this?”
“Apparently everything,” you mumble more to yourself, but he hears you anyway.
“What do you mean?” You pass him an uneasy glance. “Just tell me please.”
“She kind of saw me when I left your room when you gave me the t-shirt, and I told her what happened, but she seemed to think there was something going on between us.” You couldn’t help but allow your eyes to drift up to his steady gaze to gauge his reaction to that, but it remains stoic. “Of course I told her there wasn’t anything going on, but she more or less said she’d rather me not speak to you.”
“You know she’s not being fair, right?” His voice is soft, but there’s notes of resentment and irritation in the mix.
“I know that,” you admit rather firmly. “You know what it’s like to fight with Rose, though. Sometimes it’s easier to stay on her good side than try to reason with her.”
Your jab draws a dark chuckle from Tom. “You’re right about that,” he sighs, shaking his head. “But at the end of the day, it’s your life, and she has no right to tell you who you can or can’t speak to. She can’t control you like that. We’ve gone our separate ways, and we’ve got nothing to say to each other anymore, so what does it matter?”
He’s right. Every word he spoke is valid and full of truth, but the mere thought of standing up to Rose is downright terrifying.
What if she doesn’t have to know, though? What if you and Tom can be friends without her ever finding out? Tom said himself that she and Harrison are spending all of their time with each other. Realistically, Rose shouldn’t ever see you with Tom so long as you manage to stay out of the frat house.
“You’re right,” you say after a considerable amount of thought. You pass him a giddy grin when you see him smile back at you. “I’d like it if we could be friends.”
“I’d like that too. Now come here.” He reaches across the bench for your wrist which he uses to pull you in right next to him, throwing an arm around your shoulders in an awkward but still butterfly-inducing hug.
“Maybe next time you can bring a book, and we can read before my class,” you suggest.
The warmth of his arm is quickly withdrawn from your shoulders. “I thought friends aren’t supposed to torture one another.”
“Perhaps you just need better friends.”
Tom gives you a crooked smile before biting down on his lower lip. “Yeah, I’m beginning to think so.”
You quickly fall into a routine of waiting for Tom on your bench every day in between classes, reading until he shows up, and the two of you dive into easy conversation before he walks you to your lecture.
Sometimes you sit with your backs resting against your bags propped up against the armrests, feet slotted next to each other in the middle of the bench. Other times you recline back with your legs strewn over his lap or vice versa. And occasionally, after he’s shown you something on his phone, you linger close with his arm resting on the back of the bench behind you. He’s so near you can see the depths of his soft eyes that leave your heart thundering in your chest.
It takes a couple of weeks before people stop staring at you both and whispering to one another. You assume they’ve waited until they could determine for certain that you and Tom are not about to hold hands or grab at each other’s faces and shove tongues down one another’s throats before moving their attention elsewhere, no longer paying the two of you any mind as you stroll side by side across campus, parting ways with a friendly hug.
It’s easy with him. Time passes so quickly and peacefully. Tom always has you laughing or is cheering you up after a particularly rough day so that he can make you laugh. Even on the occasion you finally worked up the courage to ask him how he felt about the whole your-ex-is-dating-your-best-friend situation, he ended the conversation with a joke and a genuine smile pasted to his face.
Rose still doesn’t know that you and Tom are friends—you’d dare even say close friends now. She is rarely in the dorm, always at fraternity events or hanging out in Harrison’s room. Her invitations for you to join are regularly last-minute, and you frequently decline. But today, you can’t turn the offer down because you already made a reluctant promise to Tom that you would attend one of the biggest parties of the year which just so happens to be hosted by his fraternity.
“Rose, I’m not wearing that,” you state firmly. “There’s too many sequins and not enough dress.”
“But you look so good in red,” she whines, stomping her heel-clad foot on the floor of your dorm. “I just want you to get laid so I don’t feel bad bragging about how good I’m getting it later.”
You turn around so she doesn’t see you roll your eyes, but she knows you well enough to know you’re doing just that without having to see your face. She tells you as much.
“Don’t roll your eyes at me. You and I both know you’ve been uptight recently. And since it didn’t work out with mystery boy, I am determined to help you get some so you can relax for once.”
You offer an unconvincing chuckle. You’ve been uptight because you’re trying to avoid her finding out you’ve made friends with the boy who broke her heart. According to best friend code, you’re supposed to hate the man, but you don’t. Far from that, actually. It turns out even fake-abiding by that unwritten rule is much harder than you bargained for.
“Promise me you’ll try?” Rose asks, walking back from your closet with another outfit in tow.
You let out a huff. “I will.”
“Good girl,” she coos, tapping the tip of your nose with her finger like she would a dog.
After a little bit of help from Rose, you’re dressed and ready for the party. You’ve got a healthy buzz from a few pre-drinks downed whilst getting ready, and you are more at ease with the alcohol in your system.
Harrison picks the two of you up, driving to the frat house while he and Rose hold hands in the front seat. It turns your stomach thinking about what they did right under Tom’s nose and how quickly it evolved into a relationship. As much as Tom has reassured you he doesn’t care what they do, you care. You saw the look on Tom’s face when he caught sight of them hooking up for the first time. He can dismiss it all he wants, but you are reluctant to believe he’s unbothered by their steadily advancing romance.
As if he knows he needs to prove you wrong, Tom greets the three of you upon walking into the front door with a smile pasted to his face. Either he’s secretly an incredible actor or he is truly no longer concerned about the new couple and their affairs.
“Hey you,” he sings, pulling you in for a hug as soon as you’ve passed through the door frame.
You tense instantly, conscious of Rose’s close proximity. Thankfully, if Tom notices, he refrains from mentioning it as he steps back, admiring your attire.
“You look really nice, y/n.” The sound of disgruntled girls standing nearby cuts through the booming music, clearly envious of Tom complimenting you. Tom pays them no mind, but you can’t help but feel a little smug about it.
“Thank you, Tommy. You look nice as well,” you compliment, reaching out to readjust the already perfectly set collar of his shirt.
“Would you like a drink?”
“Yes, please.”
After a red solo cup is placed into your hands, you rarely catch a moment alone with Tom for the rest of the evening. A part of you is relieved as you aren’t sure how many more of Rose’s cut-throat glares you can handle before calling it a night. The other part of you is flaming with jealousy as you watch him interact with people. You know he’s a popular guy—he’s in a fraternity and he looks like Tom for goodness sake—but the thought that he might enjoy other people’s company more than yours pricks at your mind more than you are willing to admit.
After taking another loss with your chemistry lab partner in beer pong, you seek out solitude on the front stairs of the house. The air outside is cooling quickly, though you don’t mind as it washes a sensation of crisp calmness over you. You don’t realise how tense your muscles are from being acutely aware of where Tom and Rose are located at all times, so the moment you find yourself at peace, the weight of your circumstances seems to slide off your shoulders for a fleeting moment.
“Penny for your thoughts?” a cheery voice interrupts your brooding. You reluctantly break out into a smile as soon as you sense him sit down next to you. You hadn’t even heard the front door open.
“Just thinking,” you sigh.
“I heard that could be very dangerous.” Tom leans an elbow to rest against the stair above where the two of you are sitting. “Yeah, definitely not good. You should stop that right now.”
You nudge him with your shoulder only for him to wrap his arm around you and keep you there.
“What’s on your mind, love?” he asks softly.
Slumping into his touch, you whisper back, “You have no idea how hard it is to be your friend sometimes.”
You nod your head against his broad shoulder. “Yeah.”
“I really wish you wouldn’t let her get to you like this.” At hearing this, you sit up and look him in the eyes. Their warmth has been traded in for concern, and it stirs shame in the pit of your stomach. “I hate seeing you upset.”
Tom’s words are as gentle as his touch which he traces lightly over the back of your hand resting against the brick staircase. You fixate on him drawing small circles with the pads of his fingertips before he switches to spelling out words so hastily you can’t keep track. All you are certain of is that it ends in a question mark.
With confusion in your brows, you raise your gaze back up to him. His lips are parted, and he’s studying you closely. You notice his line of sight flicker to the curve of your mouth before every so slightly leaning in. Your breath stops short as you allow your eyes to drift down to his mouth once more to catch his tongue darting out to wet his lips. When you meet his eyes again, Tom is even closer to your face. It’s like gravity, naturally drifting to each other, being pulled in by a force stronger than your will.
Just as he readjusts his position to shift nearer your person, the front door swings open. Rose.
“There you-” She takes one glance at Tom, and her expression instantly shifts from relief to disapproval.
Without so much as another word, she storms down the stairs, stepping in between you and Tom before making her way to Harrison’s car. Your head instantly hangs.
“Rose?” you hear Harrison call from inside the house.
Tom clears his throat, and you note the reluctance in his words as he calls back, “She’s out here, mate.”
When the blond appears in the doorway, he takes a quick glance between you and Tom before the latter nods his heads towards the car parked in front of the house.
“Thanks,” Harrison mutters, trotting off to join Rose.
You let out a dramatic sigh, cheeks puffing out as you brace for an uncomfortable car ride home now. You aren’t sure what she saw, but if she caught sight of what you think almost transpired, you can only imagine the intense talk you’ll have.
Just as you’re about to stand up, Tom leans in to kiss your forehead, chuckling to ease the tension, and you feel his hot breath on your hairline as his lips press gently to your skin. “Good luck,” he mumbles.
The gesture is sweet and innocent, but it leaves you tingling and jittery as you wish him goodnight before sluggishly walking over and sliding into the backseat of Harrison's car.
Silence hangs heavy in the air, the tension almost palpable until Rose finally speaks. Her tone is nothing short of knife-like. “So you’re friends now, huh?”
You aren’t expecting your mood to sink the way it does that she doesn’t even mention the interaction between you and Tom. Maybe what you think almost happened is merely you being delusional and too trapped in your circumstances. You sigh, feeling defeated. “Just friends, Rose.”
While Rose has not brought up the topic of you and Tom since the night of the party, she has certainly been more distant and more short with you since then. Despite how worried you were in the beginning as to how she might feel regarding yours and Tom’s friendship, you find your level of care dwindling rather hastily. If Tom can get over a full blown romantic relationship between her and Harrison, she can handle a mere friendship between you and Tom. So when Tom invites you over to watch a movie in his room one night two weeks later, you readily accept.
“Cool. Come by whenever you get out of class,” he says, throwing his arms around you for your usual parting hug. “I can cook us dinner as well.”
You pull away, an incredulous look on your face. “Is that a threat?”
“Ha ha very funny.” Tom pointedly rolls his eyes before holding up his middle finger to you as he walks away. “See you in a couple of hours.”
Hadley’s lecture drones on slower than normal even though you previously swore that could never be possible. Your leg bounces under your desk as you await his dismal, stirring with excited nerves for your evening with Tom. Your buzz is only amplified when you see a text from Rose as you go to pack up your belongings letting you know she and Harrison are going on a date tonight—meaning you won’t see her until the next morning or midday if you’re lucky. It works out perfectly; you don’t even need to conjure an excuse as to why you won’t be back until later as she won’t even be there to notice your absence.
There’s a clear bounce in your step as you make your way to the frat house, a wash of relief laving you when you spot the absence of Harrison’s car from its usual parking space.
When you waltz into the house, you’re greeted as you climb the staircase by a few fraternity members who have come to remember your name since you began hanging around Tom. You brush off the timing as coincidence, not wanting to consider the possibility of Tom mentioning you to his brothers in casual conversation.
“I swear that man cannot get any more boring,” you huff, collapsing on Tom’s bed as soon as you walk through the door. He’s leaning against the headboard with his phone in his hand, chuckling at your dramatic entrance.
“Well it’s a good thing I picked out the best movies to ever exist.” he responds, climbing off the bed to retrieve his laptop. You take a quick glance around the room. No tv. Looks like you’re about to watch it on his tiny laptop screen.
“Which is what exactly?”
“The Dark Knight trilogy.”
“Batman?” you groan. “You’ve got to be joking.”
As Tom settles on the bed next to you, he nudges your shoulder with his playfully. “Hey, I happen to think Batman is the single greatest superhero to ever exist.”
“You’re wrong.”
“It’s my opinion?”
“Well your opinion is wrong.”
The screen lights up when he enters his password, the first of the movies already pulled up. Are you really about to stay here for three whole movies? It’s hardly dinner time now, but you can only imagine how sluggish you’re going to feel after hours of watching Batman do his thing. Not to mention how soft Tom’s bed is and how cozy the room is with the shades drawn and the soft golden light from his lamp illuminating the room. You need to be cautious so as to not fall asleep.
“Would you like to watch something else instead?” he asks. When you turn to meet his eyes, Tom’s face is incredibly close to yours. His thigh is resting against yours as he shifts the laptop’s weight to rest on both of your legs. You never noticed until now, but his cheekbones are splattered with the cutest array of freckles.
“You get a pass this time,” you say. You face the screen so he doesn’t see you gnaw on your bottom lip. “But next time, we have to watch the Spider-man movies since he’s my favorite.”
Tom laughs lightly, settling into the pile of pillows arranged behind you both. He seems to shift even closer to you, and the musky scent of his body wash wafts in the air around you. He must have showered right before you came over. “I suppose I can live with that.”
After the first movie, Tom closes the laptop and leads you downstairs to the communal kitchen where, as promised, he cooks you dinner.
“It says here that we need butter and milk,” he reads off the side of the box of macaroni and cheese.
Your tongue pokes out of your mouth as you scan the contents of the fridge. You pull out both ingredients, setting them onto the counter. Tom opens the carton of milk, sniffs it, shrugs a shoulder, and measures out the specified amount. You eye him wearily. Netflix and chill is about to be movie night and food poisoning if he is wrong about this.
Once you’ve eaten dinner, Tom sneaks a packet of cookies out of the cabinet, dragging you back into his room hand in hand when the guy whom he stole them from walks into the kitchen whilst in the middle of the act.
“You’re a criminal,” you tease, snagging a cookie anyways.
“I’m just emulating my friends, darling.” He finishes the remark with a wink, and your eyes instinctively flicker to the bottom drawer of his dresser where the t-shirt you ‘stole’ now lies buried with the rest of Tom’s clothes. The thought that it probably smells like him passes through your mind only to be shut down when Tom waves the last cookie in front of your face. “Do you want it?”
You take it from him with a quiet “thank you,” chewing while he sets up for the second film.
“Do you-” Tom stops when you meet his gaze, a cheeky grin taking over his lips. “You’ve got chocolate on your lip, love,” he chuckles.
You fluster, immediately reaching up to wipe it off when his thumb beats you to it, brushing lightly over your bottom lip a few times, gently sweeping as his eyes hone in on his ministrations. You inhale sharply as soon as he removes the digit, face warm from the tenderness of his touch.
“There,” he whispers. “All better.”
Your mind feels blank, scrambling to come up with words other than finger or chocolate or lips.
“Do you want a blanket?” Tom asks in a hushed tone, eyes settling over the curve of your mouth again.
You wordlessly nod your head, unsure if you would even be able to string together an entire sentence. The bed dips as Tom rolls off, meandering over to the blanket folded neatly on top of his dresser. You don’t remember it being there before, and you wonder if he put it there because he knew you would be coming over.
When he climbs back onto the bed, Tom spreads both ends of the blanket over the two of you, snuggling in close as he rests the laptop where it was positioned before dinner. His warm brown eyes study you once more as he asks if you’re ready to watch the next one.
Another two hours pass without further incident, another movie under your belt as you stretch your achy limbs from sitting in the same position for too long.
“You’re not bailing on me, are you?”
You giggle as you continue to stretch your arms above your head. “Not unless you are.”
“Never, darling.”
Tom has never called you by these nicknames before, and you have to admit, it’s making you giddy every time you hear one directed at you in that honeyed accent of his. “I am getting rather sleepy, though. Just hit me with a pillow if you catch me falling asleep.”
“Alright,” he says. “But just remember you asked for it.”
Half way through the last film, you don’t recall ever reclining in such a comfortable bed. The shared heat from Tom floods your body as he lays close, your heads practically resting against each other as the last hour of the movie flickers across the screen. He makes feeble attempts to keep you awake: nudging your hand, shaking your shoulder. In the end, Tom moves the laptop to his lap as your eyelids close and you fall asleep to the sound of his soft commentary as he studies the film, his hand mindlessly resting on your wrist, patterns traced on your skin with the pad of his thumb.
Buzzing startles you awake. You go to reach for your phone on the nightstand only for your head to collide with something painfully hard. Your skull cracks against Tom’s, drawing rueful groans from both of you at your swift movements.
“Awf,” he grumbles, sleep riddled in his husky voice, accent thicker than ever. “What did I do to deserve that?”
“I’m sorry,” you mumble, hand laying over your forehead which is surely growing a knot from the sheer force of impact. “My phone was ringing, and it scared me.”
Tom merely emits a grunt of disapproval, rolling over to face away from you. It isn’t until he takes his arm with him that you notice it had been draped over your waist in the first place. You close your eyes, sleep hanging heavy as it threatens to overtake you once more when your phone buzzes again.
“For fuck’s sake.” You sit up, reaching over to the correct nightstand to see who is calling you so early. When you recognize the caller ID, you quickly decline the call, heart drumming wildly in your chest. It is Rose.
You sink back down under the blanket only for her to call again and again. Your hands swipe down over your face, exasperation and fear and confusion tugging you in all sorts of directions. You know how bad it will look answering the phone only to have to tell her you spent the night in Tom’s room, but it’s far too early to come up with a valid reason as to why you’re not sound asleep in your dorm room right now.
Reluctantly, you pick up the phone. “Hello?” you say rather groggily.
“Where the fuck are you?”
“I am, uh, on campus,” you offer, shushing Tom with a finger to your lips when he peers over his shoulder at you with an inquisitive expression.
“On campus? What are you talking about? You’re not here in the room. Where are you?”
Heat floods your body. You’re in Tom’s room, wrapped in his arms mere moments ago. How do you dig yourself out of this one?
“With a friend.”
You hear her huff at the vague response. “Well are you coming back?”
“Yeah, I am.” Tom’s mouth pulls into a frown. “I’ll be back soon.”
“Okay,” she snips. The line goes dead.
“Rose?” he asks when you drop your phone on the bed. You don’t have to answer the truly rhetorical question, merely passing him an annoyed glance. “I don’t understand why it matters where you are. You don’t see me asking where Harrison is all the time.”
“It’s different.” Your voice is indignant, not wanting to dismiss him but really not wanting to delve into the complicated and inscrutable logic behind why Rose is the way she is. At the end of the day, what you’re doing is hurting her. No matter how ridiculous she’s being, you are bringing her emotional pain that could technically be avoided.
“Hey, what did we say about thinking?” Tom jokes, engulfing you in his arms, pulling you down to lie next to him. He rests his chin on top of your head, and though you can’t be certain, you think you feel the faint sensation of him pressing a kiss to the top of your head. The last thing you want to do right now is shrug him off, but you simply can’t handle the compounding guilt.
“Can you take me back to my dorm?” you ask, chagrined, voice threatening to crack.
He sighs. “Whatever you need, y/n.”
This. You need this. You need him to keep holding you and reassuring you that everything is going to be okay. Instead, you say nothing.
When you finally find it in yourself to crawl out of his arms, Tom pulls you back down for a moment longer, squeezing you close until you have to chew on the inside of your cheek to keep from breaking down. “I’m always here for you, you know that?”
You nod your head before slinking away from his welcome, familiar touch.
The car ride to your dorm building is quiet, the soft hum of the radio playing in the background. The air is tense, and you only have yourself to blame for that. When Tom pulls up the entryway, you can’t help but ask softly, “You’re not mad, are you?”
You feel like you’ve dragged him into the middle of a war he never signed up for.
“No,” he says, taking your hand from the center console, rubbing his thumb over the back of it. His touch is warm, and it pains you to withdraw from it as you step out of the car. The longer you linger, the worse you will feel. Just as you’re about to shut the door, he calls out, “I don’t want to stay away from you.”
You peer back into the car, examining the troubled expression marring his pretty face. You watch it morph into a relieved smile once you say, “You can’t get rid of me that easily, Holland.”
Standing on the curb as he drives off, you take a deep breath of air to brace for the conversation to come. Glancing up, you catch sight of Rose peering down from your dorm room window. She clearly saw you get out of Tom’s car judging by the look of disdain on her face.
You trudge up the stairs, mind void of answers as to what to say to Rose. The only clear stream of thought your mind can focus on is Tom and how safe it felt waking up next to him and how he makes you laugh and how much it hurts each time you see him despite how much joy he adds to your life and how you don’t know if you’d be able to cut him out of your life if she asks you to do it.
As soon as you’ve walked through the door Rose bombards you, stepping in front of you before you can reach your side of the room. “Do you have feelings for him?”
There’s a moment when all you can hear is the drum of your heart in your ears. It feels like it’s being tugged mercilessly in all different directions at once, pounding to keep up with the relentless strain.
“No.” Your breath is snatched away.
As soon as the words leave your mouth, you know they’re a lie. You didn’t mean to be dishonest. You truly didn’t realise it until you had denied it then and there.
You have feelings for Tom.
An unease settles in the pit of your stomach as sweat collects on your palms. You should confess, retract the denial and set things straight, but you don’t. Maybe you are protecting yourself, or maybe you’re afraid of what she might say. Either way, you stay silent, and your silence weighs heavy in your mind and your heart which is surely trying to beat out of your chest at the moment.
“Okay,” she sighs. Your gut twists. She doesn’t believe you either.
He occupies your thoughts constantly. Ever since that last lie left your tongue, you’ve hardly spoken to anyone for fear of blurting out the truth you’ve been concealing from everyone—yourself included.
Monday is the next time you see him. You’re sitting on your bench with a book opened, but you haven’t scanned a single word. You stare aimlessly at the page, thinking of Tom.
Replaying every interaction you can remember, you make a feeble attempt to pinpoint when it all went wrong, when everything fell into the perfectly disastrous place you’re in now. The party, the car, the bench talks, the walks to class, the party, the movie night, the morning after. The problem is, there isn’t a single defining moment. It had been so gradual you hadn’t even noticed. They say the best type of attack is an ambush, so why would love be any different?
You’re lost in thought when your legs are lifted into the air and settled onto his lap, his hand falling to rest gently on your calf.
“That must be a terrible book judging by the way you look like you’re about to set fire to it with your eyes,” he retorts.
It’s like a lens has been lifted from your vision. You don’t even see him differently. He’s still Tom. The same Tom that sneaked his way into your life right under your nose. But you recognise how much has changed.
He throws his head back in laughter at the blank expression on your face, and your heart leaps beneath your ribcage. You remain quiet still, and it draws his brows together, making your heart wrench at his concern. With a start you realise that feelings might just scratch the surface of the depth of what you feel towards him.
His previous words follow like an echo.
She wanted me to be someone that I’m not.
“Are you alright, love?” he asks as you sit upright, swinging your legs off his lap.
“Never better,” you say with a skeptical smile.
As the afternoon passes, you start to take notice of little things you hadn’t before. Like how close Tom sits to you and how you never fail to have his complete, undivided attention. When people call his name as they walk by to say hello, Tom always has to do a double take or search around to see where their voice is coming. You catch on to the way his leg bounces after he tells a joke, waiting to see if you will crack a smile or fall into a fit of laughter. You also pick up on how his thigh appears to always brush up against yours.
You decide to test this latter theory, drawing your leg in closer to your person and away from him. Tom does not even seem to think twice about it nor glance down as he just naturally follows your movements until his knee comes to rest against your leg again. Like it’s natural for him to constantly be touching you.
Now you don’t know what to do.
Do you dare tell Rose how you feel and risk the inevitable fight? Do you keep silent to see if Tom brings it up to you?
Another echo.
I don’t fall in love.
Your heart sinks heavy.
He might care about you, but he doesn’t love you. So what does it matter anyways?
Perhaps if you weren’t so stubborn you would be running right now.
At the first sign of rain, you tuck your book into your bag to ensure its safety. Tom has not yet arrived at your usual meeting place, and you don’t want to abandon him if he’s on his way. Your leg bounces as you wait. The rain is picking up, the clouds churning overhead. A low rumble of thunder sounds off in the distance.
You search the walkway that Tom usually walks up from, but he’s not there. He’s never late. You consider that he might have checked the weather and decided not to make an appearance today. Sliding your phone out of your pocket, you check for any messages, but there’s nothing from him.
The rain falls harder, and you sigh. There is no use in getting drenched if Tom isn’t going to show up.
You stand from the bench and solemnly shrug your bag on your shoulder when you hear the distinct crunch of gravel from the path leading to the bench.
“Told you not to get caught in any more rainstorms without me, didn’t I?” Tom says, a wide grin on his face.
You can’t help but return the expression, even more so when the rain starts dumping. “I’ll race you.”
Tom stalks closer to you, taking your hand in his. “You won’t win.”
“I will.”
He lowers his voice daringly. It’s so low you almost don’t hear it over the sound of the falling rain. “Not a chance, love.”
And then he’s dragging you along behind him, and you have an unmistakable moment of deja vu when Tom glances back to you over his shoulder as the two of you sprint through the rain. You recall how you felt in the similar moment weeks ago—shame, worry, guilt. None of those emotions compare to how you feel now running hand in hand with Tom. You’re free; you’re laughing; you’re at peace. It’s liberating to compare how far you have come from the night of the party to where the two of you are now.
The only tainted part of this moment is knowing that Tom could never love you back. Maybe if you had been the girl he met years down the line or even the girl he came to know a month after Harrison and Rose started dating things could have been different. But you aren’t. You’re here. Now. You’re the girl who he leans on through his heartache, the girl who is his distraction, the girl he will look back on and think ‘maybe.’ You can’t possibly be the girl that makes him change his mind about love for he has been burned by it too close and too recently to have a change of heart.
If only new love could heal a broken heart.
As you approach his car, Tom lets go of your hand. “Get in the back seat,” he shouts over the rain.
The door handle is slippery, and it takes you a couple of tries before you can get a grip on it before scurrying into the car for shelter.
You slide in beside Tom with little grace. When you glance over, his chest is heaving from the sudden burst of exercise, a few raindrops trailing down the sides of his face. You maneuver out of your backpack easily, dropping it into the floorboard by your feet before turning back to Tom. His arm is strewn across the back of the bench, the rest of his body scrunched and angled towards you in the small backseat area. He’s studying you keenly.
As you curl your legs onto the cushioned bench, you lean your shoulder against the backseat, your hand resting naturally on your knee. There’s a stillness in the car, charged energy flowing between you. It almost turns tense when you lock eyes with him, and you unwillingly remember the last time you saw this look on his face—on the front stairs of the fraternity house.
Tom draws a hand to your shin, delicate touch dancing over your leggings. “I can see the raindrops on the fabric,” he murmurs softly.
His hand continues to toy with the thin material. More silence. You watch him trace patterns out of the splashes left by raindrops. With timid movements, his fingertip glides higher until it’s on your knee, outlining the shape of your hand.
You’re entranced. You can’t look up in your stupor even with how much you wish to decipher the way Tom is staring at you now for you can feel his eyes relentlessly boring into your face.
A shudder shakes you when his finger grazes over the back of your hand, familiar lines drawn, slow and calculated. Your skin feels hot. Your hand itches to move like little snakes are crawling all over, and you want to yank your hand away and yell at him to stop. But you don’t, and he doesn’t stop.
When he’s done, you finally lift your gaze. Tom, though he doesn’t say it, is wearing the same phrase he just wrote on the back of your hand all over his face.
‘Kiss me?’
Your heart clenches in protest as you slowly nod your head. His touch, his kiss, will only bring you more pain, but you want it. You want it so bad you can’t resist it any longer. You’re falling and falling, and so what if he won’t catch you? In this moment, all you can see is his sweet lips curling into a small smile and soft brown eyes melting you into their world of deceivingly sweet dark chocolate.
As your lips barely brush, he tastes just as sweet and just as bitter. You stop.
Lightning lights up the sky and thunder rolls up above. Your bated breath mixes with Tom’s in the hot air between you. Your eyes flutter closed, but you can’t move. He’s waiting for you to close the distance.
Your stomach turns with sick desire. You want him so bad it hurts, but at what cost?
I don’t fall in love. It’s definitive, etched in stone. Rose couldn’t rewrite the truth, why would you?
As your hand cups his face and then slides down to rest on his neck, you feel his pulse. It’s racing under your fingers, surely matched by yours. You sense his every breath, every minute movement he makes to urge you forward.
When the lightest brush of his nose sweeps the tip of your nose, you let out a shaky breath. Tom rests his forehead against yours and licks his lips. “I still have that t-shirt,” he whispers, voice drowning in disappointment.
It takes everything in you to pull away, eyes glued to your damp shoes as you exit the car and climb into the front seat. A few moments later, Tom mimics your movements, and soon you’re parked in front of the frat house.
You follow him up the stairs in a barrage of conflicting thoughts. Had you made a mistake in not letting him kiss you? The serpent-like thought slithers through your mind, ensnaring every other doubt daring you to hold fast to your previous decision.
Tom closes the door behind you both before making his way to his dresser, stooping down to retrieve the bright purple t-shirt you wore the last time it rained. He tosses it to you, and you nearly miss it but manage to catch it before it hits the floor.
Unfolding the shirt, you grip the soft material in your hands. Without thinking twice about it, you lift it to your nose, inhaling the scent of him. It’s dizzying and overwhelming and… right. You glance up to find Tom’s back towards you.
Maybe you’ll crash or maybe you’ll fly; it isn’t called falling in love for nothing. A blind leap of faith is the only way you will know for certain if there’s ever a chance the two of you could be something beautiful and real. And you’d be damned if you let yourself live the rest of your life wondering ‘what if.’
“Tom,” you beckon, wiling his attention away from his phone.
There’s a moment of paralyzing fear nipping at your mind. What if he doesn't want you? What if you’ve pushed him away? What if, what if, what if. There’s one ‘what if’ that outweighs the others.
With a slight tremble in your fingers, you peel your damp shirt off over your head, letting it fall to the ground next to you. You’re sure your bra is anything but cute. You hadn’t exactly planned on anyone seeing you in minimal clothing, yet here you are, baring yourself to Tom.
If it weren’t for the way he freezes in an instant and his mouth parts in bewilderment, you might have let your self-consciousness get the better of you. You study the way your precarious assumption that Tom might have already changed his mind unravel before your eyes. His warm brown orbs are all over you, their own touch, heavy and intense.
When you simply can’t stand the unbearable tension any longer, you pad your way over to him. As soon as you are within reach, Tom’s hand is cupping your warm cheek and his gaze dances over your mouth.
You swallow your pride, asking quietly, “Can I kiss you… for real this time?”
Tom lets out a breath that sounds equally out of relief and shock. “I fucking love when it rains,” Tom mumbles right before his lips crash against yours in a whirl of hope.
You part your lips and taste it all—the hope, the trust, the doubt, the worry, the longing, the close to the seemingly never ending wait. His touch is sweet and slow, not fast and devouring like you had expected. He’s kissing you like he’s savouring it all too.
It’s a melting kiss, the kind that leaves you wobbly in the knees just thinking about it ending.
With his hands on your waist, Tom stumbles backwards until his knees hit the mattress. He falls, and you fall too. You only wish it could be in a figurative sense as well as literal.
You crawl over him, straddling his body as you reconnect your lips together. It’s more needy this time, a dark curl of want spreading warmth over your body. His hands slide over your back and your stomach, tracing the shape of you as if to commit you to his memory.
In a quick motion, Tom pulls you down on the bed, switching places with you as you both giggle senselessly. Easy and natural and tender.
A brief knock sounds on the door, and Tom immediately drops to an elbow as your curl into his side when someone walks in.
“Don’t forget there’s a-” Harrison pauses. Though you can’t see him with your face buried in Tom’s chest, you’re certain he’s got an either confused or condescending look on his face. Perhaps both. You feel Tom instinctively draw you in closer with a hand splayed across your near bare back. “There’s a meeting in five minutes. Don’t be late.”
As soon as the door shuts, Tom traces shapes between your shoulder blades as you remain cuddled up close to his chest. You finally let out a deep groan of irritation after a few beats of Tom’s heart drumming beneath your fingertips, and Tom’s chest rumbles with laughter. “There’s my girl,” he says.
You readjust your head so you can look into his eyes. They’re as soft and as bright as ever.
“Will you wait for me?” Tom asks in a hushed tone as if he’d scare you off if he dared speak any louder. “It shouldn’t take more than half an hour.”
You sigh just to be dramatic. “I guess I’ve waited long enough. A little longer won’t kill me.”
“I’ll make it up to you,” he mumbles against your lips, already going back in for another kiss.
He doesn’t break away until you hear Harrison’s shrill voice calling to Tom from behind the closed door. Tom reluctantly moves away and places one last peck to your lips before sitting up on the edge of the bed. “I’ll be right back, okay?”
“Hurry back,” you tempt, sliding under the covers of his cozy bed.
Tom pauses at the door to his room, looking at you, taking in the sight of you in his bed without a shirt on. “I’d be a madman if I didn't,” he says, stealing one last glimpse before he closes the door behind him.
The waiting passes like hours and a single second rolled into one. You’re certain the giddy smile on your face hasn’t ebbed in the slightest since the door closed behind Tom.
You’re happy. You’re undeniably relieved and overjoyed regardless of the lack of the dreaded ‘what is this’ conversation. Of course there is still the lingering concern over Tom’s inability to fall in love, but who are you to push him farther than what he’s ready for? If he gives you the part of his heart he is able to, wouldn’t it be enough?
As you stare at the ceiling and ponder this, you hear footsteps and chatter outside Tom's bedroom. Erring on the side of caution, you crawl out of bed and slip the purple t-shirt on over your head in case someone you aren’t prepared to see ventures into the room.
Almost as soon as you are back under the covers, the door cracks.
“I’ll see you later, mate,” Tom’s distinct voice says. The door opens more, and Tom peers inside before opening it all the way. As soon as he steps into the room, his hand lifts to scratch the back of his neck and his gaze shifts to the floor.
The ice-cold grip of fear entangles your heart around its cruel hand.
An arsenal of questions and emotions bombard your mind at once, most of them involving regret, shame, embarrassment, wanting to flee and never look back. But then Harrison walks into the room a moment later, and all of the other emotions are masked by confusion. He appears nervous with the way his bottom lip is gnawed raw by his teeth, his hand tightly clutching a white piece of lined paper seemingly ripped out of a notebook.
“Um,” Harrison starts, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. “I have a favor to ask you.”
You look between Tom and Harrison, and with a start, realise he is speaking to you. “Me?” you ask, bewildered. You’ve hardly ever carried out an entire conversation with the man, and now he wants you to do something for him.
“Yeah.” Harrison holds up the piece of notebook paper, all crumbled from his grip. His cheeks suddenly dust a light shade of pink before he shoves his hands and the note into the front pocket of his jeans. “Rose isn’t answering my calls… We kind of got into a fight. Do you think, maybe, you could give this to her?”
You look between Harrison who is clearly embarrassed at having to ask you for help and Tom whose eyes are fixated on you. You wish for the life of you that you could read the expression on his face.
Before you can conjure an excuse to say no, Harrison pleads, “Please?” His tone is nothing short of desperate. “I really need her to read it now. I can even drive you to your dorm.”
You feel backed into a corner. It’s not that you don’t want to help Harrison, but with the looming conversation needing to take place between you and Tom, he simply could not have chosen a worse time to require your assistance.
With a small sigh, you answer quietly, “Okay.”
The relieved smile that takes over Harrison’s grave features pulls your heart into your throat. Had you really considered being so selfish as to say no to his plea?
“Thank you,” he says earnestly. “I really can’t even express how grateful I am. I know things aren’t… the best between the two of you, but she’ll listen to you. I know she will.”
Something like guilt churns your stomach even more.
All the while, Tom’s expression has remained the same. You figure you won’t be getting any answers tonight, so as you follow out the door behind Harrison, you pause to rest a hand on Tom’s shoulder for a moment. His hand covers yours, the little reassurance you needed to ensure the conversation isn’t off the table just because you’re walking out the door.
“Here,” you say, laying the note on the bed next to Rose. She is laying under the covers, a show playing on her laptop next to her, but her mind seems elsewhere. She starts when you touch the bed as if, in her daze, she hadn’t even heard you come into the room.
“What is this?” she asks after pausing her show. Tension immediately fills the room, an inevitable argument brewing already.
“It's a note.” You walk back to your side of the room and stand leaning against your desk with your back facing towards the slightly ajar door. You aren’t planning to stick around only to become a messenger between the two of them. “From Harrison.”
Her brows slant downwards, a clear look of befuddlement and perhaps freshly kindled animosity in the mix. “Where did you see him?”
You’re sick of the lies, so you lead with the rather cumbersome truth for once. “At the frat.”
Rose scoffs. “I can only imagine who you were with.” There's unmistakable notes of resentment in her tone.
When you close your eyes and take a shaky breath of restrained anger, all you see is red. You bite back what you truly want to say in replacement of something less provocative. Or so you think. “It isn’t fair, you know. You being with Harrison and having a problem with Tom and I being together.”
“Oh so you and Tom are together now?” Rose nearly shouts, climbing out of bed and tossing Harrison’s unopened note onto her desk. Her arms fold across her chest, the fresh look of betrayal building up a brick wall between the two of you once more.
“That isn’t what I meant,” you say, exasperated. You just want this fight over and done with so you can move on with your life. You wish you could say as much. “But it shouldn’t matter anyways. You don’t still love him.”
Rose flinches at the words, a fresh wave of anger washing over her features. Perhaps it is a low blow considering the reason Tom said they broke up. “And you do?” she challenges.
“Yes!” You blink back surprised tears as soon as you shout it. You trade your daring tone in for one much more soft, letting what you said sink in. “I do love him.”
Standing with your chest heaving, there is both overwhelming relief and anxiety at having finally admitted it. Even if it isn’t Tom, someone knows. Someone is aware of how you feel even if it is the last person on the planet that wishes to know the truth.
Rose goes uncharacteristically quiet, and she looks over your shoulder. There is still a bite in her tone. “I hope for your sake he feels the same.”
When you turn around, your heart drops into your stomach. Tom is standing in the doorway, carrying your phone that you must have left in his room in his hand. The expression painting his face is nothing short of startled, frazzled, and perhaps a bit somber. He steps into the room only to place your phone on the edge of your desk which is positioned right beside the door before meeting your eyes for less than a second. You wish you could read his mind, but you already know he’s heard enough of the conversation to deduce what just transpired.
You suspect he knows. The man who doesn’t fall in love knows you love him. If there is any way to scare him off, you’ve surely accomplished that in a span of a mere four words strung together.
Tears threaten to prick at your eyes when he turns and leaves, but you fight them back. You have to finish this with Rose. If anything good is to come of this, it should at least be reconciliation with your best friend.
You open your mouth to speak, but you close it not knowing what to say to make things right. Had you dug yourself a hole too deep to climb out of? Would Rose even wish to meet you halfway? Lend you an olive branch?
After a heavy silence so thick it is nearly palpable, Rose speaks up. Her voice is gentle, but still not the same way she used to speak with you. “If you truly love him, don’t let me stand in your way.”
You can hardly believe what she just said. You stare blankly back at her, attempting to decipher if she’s telling the truth and making amends or merely weaseling out of the awkward situation.
She speaks again. “I really do want you to be happy.” There’s a pause where she lets out a breath of air, sitting back down on the edge of her mattress. “I just wish it wasn’t with him.”
It’s the same story, the same excuse, but there is no explanation. “Why?” you ask. “Why is that so wrong?”
Rose glances down at her hands folded into her lap. Her voice quakes as she finally comes clean. “It would hurt too much. Seeing Tom treat you differently—the way he should have treated me—it would hurt too much. I’ve seen the way the two of you act when you’re around each other. Although briefly, it’s enough of a glimpse into the future to understand how much pain it would cause, and I tried to put it off as long as I possibly could.”
The worst part is, you get it. You would not want to be in her shoes in the same way you wouldn’t have wanted to be in Tom’s shoes when Rose and Harrison first got together.
As you process her confession, a small part of you can’t help but wonder what Rose means by the way you and Tom act around each other. Is it that obvious you have feelings for him? You don’t dare let yourself think there is a chance she could see a similar feeling stirring inside of Tom.
There is another long silence in which your gaze remains fixed on the tiled floor of the dorm room. Then you hear Rose open the crumbled piece of paper you delivered on Harrison’s behalf and lift your eyes to watch as she scans the page. She bites on her lower lip, a smile threatening to wipe away the seemingly permanent scowl glued to her face since Tom stormed his way into your life.
Finally, she says, “He really sent you to give this to me?”
You can’t help but chuckle. She can’t even try to hide the hopefulness in her tone. “Yeah, he did.” You mirror Rose’s wide smile. “The poor boy is whipped for you.”
It isn’t the same between you and Rose, and you have your doubts as to whether it will ever be quite the way it was before the catastrophic flood of drama. But you can finally breathe again. That is, until you think of Tom and how he practically ran out of the room after you dropped the “L” bomb. You only hope your friendship is sturdy enough for there to be something more than rubble left in today’s wake.
You consider what you will say to him—if you’ll hide behind more lies or confirm what he likely heard and face the consequences of the truth. You wrestle with the idea until day bleeds to night and your phone buzzes on your nightstand.
When you pick it up, the light from the phone blinds you for a moment. After blinking through watery eyes, you see the time reads 2:02 AM. You open Tom’s message.
Tom | Are you up?
A hopeful sign, at least.
Tom | I can’t sleep
Me neither
Tom | Come over?
When you walk into his room no more than twenty minutes later, Tom pauses mid-pace.
You stay in the doorway, unsure of whether this is going to be a goodbye or a reconstruction of your friendship. After running all the way to the frat, you stood outside the door to the house catching your breath, trying to decide how to approach the situation, but being here with Tom in front of you and his eyes wide and shining with what resembles jittery unease wipes away any remnants of a speech you had contrived. You’re positive that the same expression is painted across your features as well.
“Hey,” he says softly, no louder than a whisper.
“Hi,” you echo, chuckling nervously. You lean your shoulder against the doorframe as Tom cracks a small smile. The butterscotch glow of his lamp illuminates the room, leaving the boy in front of you looking far more angelic than he usually does—a feat you had previously deemed impossible. If this is goodbye, it will be even harder to let go of this image of him, reminding you of how his ineffable warmth accompanies his presence at all times like a comforting halo of light.
“Have you and Rose worked things out?” Tom shoves his hands into the front pockets of his jeans, rocking back on his heels.
“Yeah. I think we’re finally on the same page.”
His eyes seem to light up at that, and he stands a little taller. “And what page is that exactly?”
And now for the moment of truth, the one you wish you could have shared with him in a different way, on your own time, and actually to him. You inhale a shaky breath, looking at the space between the two of you. “That we can’t help who we catch feelings for,” you mutter, glancing up to meet his eyes.
Tom takes a step towards you, his smile growing wider. “Does that mean I can kiss you again...without all the worry about what anyone might think?”
Your eyes go wide, and air leaves your lungs. “You-” You truly can’t believe it. “You want to kiss me still?”
Taking another step forward, Tom nods his head lightly.
“Even after…”
A step closer; his smile crinkles the corners of his warm eyes. “Especially after,” he confirms.
He’s hardly an arm’s length away now, and your heart is beating so fast you feel as if you might fall over if you are to let go of the wall, but Tom is in front of you asking to kiss you, and your head is spinning with the reaction you least expected from Tom, and every bone in your body is screaming at you to fall into his arms, and before you know it, you’re closing the distance between you.
Every intention of being gentle is wiped away when you stumble towards him with a force much greater than you had anticipated. The air around you lights like a flame when your lips find his in blaze of kindled passion. Your body curves towards his in the intensity, your hands lacing into his hair, his fingertips dancing under the hem of your shirt. The blood in your veins runs hot, though you shiver from his needy touch.
You’re wrapped in each other, wandering hands and hungry lips finding new skin to grace. More, more, more. It’s a new type of freedom, a breath of fresh air now that what Rose might think is put out from your mind. Now all that remains is you and Tom. You and Tom and the way you feel about him.
After all this time, he’s yours.
You have no idea how long the two of you spend kissing in the middle of his room when Tom finally breaks the kiss, his forehead coming to rest against yours. Both of you air sweet laughs, caught up in the bliss of the moment. Tom licks his lips, looking deeply into your eyes.
“I swear to god I never fall in love,” he breathes. “But I think...I think I’ve fallen for you too.” Nothing could stop the smile that overtakes your face at hearing the words you’d never thought would be meant for you. Tom’s warm hand lifts to your cheek, his other remaining firmly on your waist. You nuzzle into his touch, closing your eyes to cherish this moment. Before you can reopen them, Tom’s lips are back on yours in a sweet kiss, warm and melting and tender. There is no other meaning to kiss than I love you I love you I love you. And you press your lips back in an identical spirit.
This time, it is you that pulls away. Tom mumbles with lowered lashes, “I’ve changed my mind. I have definitely fallen for you.”
As much as you want to fall blindly into his arms without further question, you can’t stop thinking about his persistent claim that he doesn’t do the love thing and how easily that notion crumbled in a blink of an eye. Worry pesters you that Tom might not truly mean what he says, and you tell him so.
“Well, there’s this girl,” Tom starts, a grin on his face so wide you can no longer view the sweet brown of his eyes. “And she likes to sit on benches and read books.”
You lift your brows. “Is that so?”
“Yeah.” He thumbs over your cheek, touch light and easy as everything always is when you’re around him. “There’s just something about her that I couldn’t help but fall for.”
“Just like that?” you ask, all breath and full of hope.
Tom nods his head. “Just like that.” A brief pause follows before he adds, a whispered promise, “Let me show you?”
Your breath is caught in your throat again, though this time for all the right reasons. The brilliance of his eyes shine down on you in a way you can’t dismiss as anything but truthful, swoon-worthy in their earnestness. Your heart swells as warmth blooms inside of you. “I’d like that very much.”
Lust filters in like love wove its way into both of your hearts when you kiss yet again, like a vine overtaking but adding blossoming beauty in its turn. If this is a reverie, you don’t ever wish to rouse.
His hands are cinched into your waist, toying with the hem of your shirt when you mumble into his mouth, “Take it off.”
Tom complies, and your shirt is discarded on the floor. His shirt is next to go followed by an awkward entanglement of him trying to slip out of his jeans but the material gets stuck on his ankle, and he stumbles over to his bed to wiggle the rest of the way out of them. You’re giggling when you crawl onto the bed on top of Tom only for him to tickle you into stitches at having laughed at him.
“Tom, stop! You’re going to make me pee,” you manage to get out between fits of laughter. Thankfully, the empty threat deters him from continuing to dig his fingers into your sides and you find yourself under his watchful, endearing gaze once more. “What?”
He grins, a contented one. “Just happy.”
“Is that all?”
His smile widens as he rocks his boxer-clad hips into yours, and you can feel his straining hard on press against you as he does. “Perhaps a bit horny too,” he laughs.
“Yeah?” You smile down at him. “What’re you thinking about?”
“You. You, you, you.” Tom can’t bear to wait any longer, so he rolls you over and presses you onto the mattress. His elbow props himself up on one side as his other arm wraps around your waist, innocently tugging at the waistband of your jeans. “I’m always thinking about you, darling. Always on my mind. Even when you’re not around.”
“And what exactly do you think about?”
His eyes light up, a faint blush forming on his sharp cheekbones. His warm hand slips over your stomach, touch as tender and soft as his honeyed words. “I’ll show you.”
Tom helps you slip out of your jeans and panties, his boxers following suit. He insists on being the one to unclasp your bra, and you pass him a feigned look of annoyance at how easily he is able to unhook it. The expression quickly melts away when he kisses you hard, his hands tracing the shape of you under his fingertips, but he pulls away when he notices you are hesitating to touch him, your hands lingering lightly on his biceps.
“I don't bite, you know. Not unless you want me to, of course,” Tom smirks, ever the flirt. The lopsided grin turns soft as does his gaze when all he gets is a smile from his quip. “Hey, it’s just me.”
Your fingers glide over the bulge of his arm muscles and up the side of his neck, fixating on tracing the sharp lines of his jaw. You feel like this is all a dream. “It just doesn’t feel real.”
Leaning down to nudge his nose against yours, Tom smiles brightly. “It’s real; I promise.” His nose grazes over the soft skin of your cheek to right below your ear. He places a firm kiss there. “Does this feel real?”
His lips travel lower, his kiss growing deep. “Does this?”
His hot breath fans across your skin, and your whole body yearns for him. Another kiss, and this time, he nibbles on the flesh of your neck afterwards. “How about this?”
You inhale sharply as he teeth teasingly graze your skin. You want him to mark you, and you tell him as much.
Right above your collarbone, Tom grants your wish, a new found spark igniting between the two of you. As soon as he finishes, you feel him against you, naked skin on naked skin as his tongue licks into your mouth and you arch into his touch. You’re needy for him, your body aching for more. With a breathless whimper of his name, Tom seems to take the hint, starting to roll his hips against yours. His hard cock presses against your bundle of nerves, and it quickly becomes hard to restrain the loud moans threatening to spill out of your mouth.
“As much as I love this,” Tom pants. “I want to be inside of you.”
You nod your head earnestly. “Yes. Want you inside of me, Tommy.”
He teases, a smirk on his lips, “All you had to do was ask, lovie.” You watch the way pleasure twists his expression as he sinks into you slowly.
“Oh, you’re so tight,” he grunts. His nimble fingers find your puffy bud and start to rub circles. “You’re so perfect. So beautiful.”
You curse under your breath as he thrusts languidly inside of you with rhythmic rolls of his hips. “You’re so deep, Tom.”
“I know, I know. Take it, baby.”
Crescent moon imprints mark his muscular back, your hands traveling over the expanse of his warm skin flushed with heat.  Your nails dig in harder when his strokes become deeper, and both of your airy sighs and moans slip between your constantly traded sloppy kisses.
The feeling of him pervades you—everywhere, all around, a consuming and fiery adoration finally let loose. You meet his thrusts as your back arches up towards him.
Tom sits up on his elbows, his hips rolling into yours. His chest shines with a thin layer of perspiration, his bottom lip caught between his teeth. “I love you,” he breathes out. His hands grab for more of you.
You moan as he lifts one of your legs over his hip. “I love you, Tom. I love you too.”
“Let go for me. I want to feel you—all of you.”
Burying his head in the crook of your neck, Tom pours out how he feels in the rhythm of his strokes, deep and passionate, until you’re falling apart with bated breath and his name on your tongue. He follows suit soon after, pulsing inside of you with a loud groan.
His hips still, but his lips continue to lave you with his sweet touch, peppering kisses over your face and neck until you’re giggling and out of breath yet again.
As soon as Tom rolls off of you onto his back and his head turns to face you, he breaks the comfortable silence that has since filled the room. “We should do that again.”
You fall asleep in his arms that night, wrapped up not only in him, but in a deep sense of peace you haven’t felt before. The two of you’s lives have become enmeshed in a way that can’t be unravelled much like the way you discover your limbs are entangled with the cool sheets bundled around your bare bodies as the sun shines into the window of the frat house the next morning—bright and warm and constant, just like love flowing between you and Tom.
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kitashinsvks · 10 months ago
he makes you insecure
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairings: Kuroo x Reader, Tendou x Reader
Warnings: none,, i think, if you spot any please tell me!
A/N: safjhhsdkfjhjhdskhfjkhsdjfhsdkfjd *breathe* online classes are draining me so much, i hope you're all well and safe!
also updates will be slow bc i’m trying to survive hell week im abt to cry-- these scenarios aren’t really he inflicted, it’s more self-inflicted but yeah you get the point-- also it’s hard to think of a plot for tendou and bokuto bc they are babies-!!
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hymi masterlist
Tumblr media
Kuroo is widely known for being smart and hot lbr here
And most often times than not, that’s girl magnet
Like Oikawa, he has girls falling for him left and right. 
…sometimes it’s the girls you know would suit him better.
It was a match between Nohebi and Nekoma. You were cheering your heart out as your boyfriend blocked the spike that attempted to surpass their defense. The Nekoma crowd went wild as the ball landed back to Nohebi’s side of the court. 
“Go, go, Kuroo! Jump, jump Kuroo!” You were screaming in excitement as he looked up and pointed to you. You smiled widely at him and sneakily blew him a kiss to which he cheekily caught and placed on his neck. Yaku saw the exchange and kicked him from his shins, telling him to keep focus and he can ogle at his s/o later. Kuroo teased the libero, saying that he was jealous he didn’t have a cute s/o. Yaku rolled his eyes. 
“It’s okay, Lev’s sister makes up for it.” Yaku said, dreamily looking over at the stands. Kuroo nodded, not really registering his words. Your cheers were still ringing in his ears, causing a small smile to appear on his face.
No one in the team knew who you were. Save for the third years and Kenma who were actually the reason why the two of you were dating. Kuroo had always wanted for you to meet with his team, but because of overlapping schedules, the two of you never really got to it. The captain was excited to finally introduce you to his team.
“Don’t you think that Lev’s sister is really pretty?“ Yaku asked, Lev nodded in acknowledgement knowing that his sister was indeed attractive. Kuroo hummed in response, listening half-heartedly to the conversation. He was drinking his water when all of a sudden Lev yelled out, causing the Nekoma crowd to become silent. 
“Alisa-nee! Kuroo-san thinks you’re really pretty!” Kuroo coughed out the water he was drinking before he snapped his head to look at the stands. 
It was as if his luck was gone, you were sitting next to Akane and Alisa. You tilted your head to the side, confused at Kuroo’s worried glance. You pretended to not see the blush that erupted from Alisa’s face as Lev yelled. The crowd was cooing, saying that Kuroo better confess after the match. 
Yaku’s eyes widened as he kicked Lev in haste, yelling that they shouldn’t be distracted during the match. The libero was scared of your reaction to Lev’s declaration, but you pretended not to hear. The freshman kept calling Kuroo his future older brother, bothering the whole team about how his captain and his sister is a match-made in heaven. 
Even from the stands, you can hear the excited rambles of the freshman. A conflicted look furrowing in your eyes as you darted your gaze from Kuroo who was smirking at Lev’s rambles and Alisa who was still blushing, fanning her hands towards her face as Akane teases her. 
You know you shouldn’t be affected, because you are his s/o. Not Alisa, not anyone. You. It’s you who he’s in a relationship with.
But of course, who wouldn’t be insecure when they think your boyfriend is compatible with someone like Alisa? She was beautiful, nice, and probably really smart too. You couldn’t help the frown that formed on your face. The way she was cheering for your boyfriend, and the way he smirks at the crowd didn’t help. 
“(Y/N), are you okay?” Akane suddenly snapped you out of your thoughts, you immediately looked at the scoreboard and saw that Nekoma was at matchpoint. You smiled and nodded in response. You stood up, alerting Akane and Alisa. 
“I have to go, my mom is asking for me. Please text me who wins.” They both looked at each other, asking if you really couldn’t stay for the last few minutes. You shook your head and gathered up your things before bidding them a goodbye. 
You couldn’t stand being in the crowd where they whispered on how Alisa and Kuroo would make a fantastic couple. You couldn’t stand being his little secret anymore. 
As soon as you went out of the gym, the buzzer went off. Signalling that the match had finally ended. From the cheers inside, you could hear Akane’s excited yelling. You knew that Nekoma won. With a small smile you said a quiet “congratulations” as you left the building. 
Amongst the cheers and the sweaty hugs that were shared, Kuroo couldn’t help but scan the crowds for the sight of you. He expected to see you smiling brightly at him when he looked over, only to see an empty space beside Yamamoto’s sister. 
His smile dropped a little, thinking you probably just went to the bathroom or something. But he felt like something was off. Kenma saw the confused look from his childhood friend before he sighed to himself and walked over to where Kuroo was standing. 
“(Y/N) left during matchpoint.” Kuroo was startled, to say the least as Kenma said that so nonchalantly. 
“What, why?” Kenma glanced over to Lev, who was waving excitedly to his sister. Kuroo was smart enough to realize what Kenma meant. His eyes widened at the realization, he wanted nothing more than to run up to you and explain. 
“Now do you get why it’s annoying to have you try to look cool all the time?” Kenma asked, irritation was in his veins. You were one of the people that Kenma actually likes and tolerates. “It’s because you get too caught up in your head that you forget you had a s/o. This is why I was skeptical when you told me you’re keeping (Y/N) as a secret.” 
“I didn’t mean to-” “And look where that got you.” Kuroo took in Kenma’s words, knowing the setter means well. But when he looked back at the place where you once stood, Kuroo knew he had to make things right. 
After the congratulatory talk from coach Nekomata, Kuroo felt a light tap on his shoulder. He turned his head back to see Alisa looking at him shyly. 
“Hey, uhm. I...” Kuroo looked at her, waiting for her to finish her words. “I appreciate you finding me pretty, but sorry to say.. I have a girlfriend.” Kuroo heaved out a sigh of relief before smiling and nodding back at her. 
“I have a s/o too.” He said loud enough for the whole team to hear. He couldn’t see all his teammate’s reactions as he ran towards the locker rooms and changed, before running outside the building, thinking of possible locations you could’ve gone. 
One he saw the bright LED light of a small cafe, he had an immediate thought that you would possibly be there. With a deep breath to himself, he pushed the door. The small bell at the top chimed in, and true enough, you were sitting down, stirring your beverage. Kuroo let out a relieved sigh before sitting in front of you, snapping you out of your thoughts. 
“You left.” You refused to meet his eyes. 
“We won.” You nodded, letting out a small congratulations. Kuroo smiled and thanked you before standing up and sitting right beside you. 
“So, you heard?” You nodded, taking a small sip through your straw. “Yeah, well. You do make a cute couple.” You said quietly, trying not to look at his teasing smile. 
“I think we look even better.” He said, placing his head on your shoulder. You purse your lips, keeping your eyes on your phone before Kuroo let out a whine, startling the people within the vicinity. 
“(Y/N)... notice me!” He said, nuzzling his face on your shoulder. You bit back a small smile at his actions before shaking your head. “Why not? Hng. My pretty s/o doesn’t want to notice me. They think I want another person when all I wanted was them.” The insecurities you felt a while ago were reducing bit by bit. You let out a smile, before you let him intertwine his fingers with yours. 
“You were so jealous.” He teased you, you rolled his eyes before digging your nails by his hand causing him to wince. “Ow! Okay, I’m sorry!”
“I mean, Alisa is really beautiful. The crowd also seemed to agree. It’s kind of hard not to be jealous when there’s someone right next to you who would be perfect for your own boyfriend.” You admitted, feeling a bit sad. You looked up to him, only to see him scrolling through his phone. 
“Tetsu- were you even listening.” “Nope.” You were almost offended at how nonchalant he was. 
“Why would I listen when what you say isn’t true? God, kitten. You know I’d never leave you.” He faced you, with a serious look in his eyes. You blushed at his words. 
Kuroo scooted closer to you, pulling you into a tight hug. As tight as the space of the small couch in the cafe would allow. “Well yeah but-”
“No buts. I love you, only you. And that’s that.” Your heart swelled with both love and guilt, the latter emotion was for ever doubting his affection towards you. You hugged him back before wrinkling your nose and pulling away.
“What’s wrong, Kitten?” 
“Tetsu, you stink.” 
Tumblr media
We all know guess monster loves you!
He also loves his manga!!
But sadly, you can’t keep up with his interest (i know u can for the sake of this--)
It was a tedious day in school, Tendou wasn’t in class because the volleyball members are excused in order to train for the semi-finals. You were waiting for the bell to ring so you can pay a visit to your boyfriend’s practice. He’s always loved it when you were able to watch him play. 
When the bell finally rang, you collected your things quickly. Running to where Tendou will be practicing with his team. You were giddy, very ecstatic to see your boyfriend. 
Once you reached the gym, your smile dropped as you saw him beaming widely and hugging a familiar person to you.
“You’re such a miracle, Yui!” Yui… That same classmate of yours that seemed to want to be closer to your boyfriend. You swallowed whatever thoughts that went in your head as you waited for him to put her down before making your appearance. Unbeknownst to you, a certain setter was watching you with careful eyes. 
With a small cough, you put on the best smile you can before running inside the gym. “Satori!” Tendou ran up to catch you in the middle, pulling you close to his chest and pecking your cheek. He pulled away before dragging you to where Yui stood. 
“Did ‘ya know, Yui-san got me the latest manga available? I didn’t get to have it because practice went long and it sold out before I could have it.” You smiled forcefully at the smug smirk that Yui gave you. 
“You could’ve just texted me to get it for you, I would’ve lined up for it.” You mumbled, intertwining your hands around his and running your fingers on his knuckles.
“Well, you complain a lot and I didn’t want to deal with that, and Yui said that it was the last one!” Tendou teased, your heart dropped at his words. 
You complain a lot.
You never really viewed yourself as high maintenance to complain a lot. And you thought Tendou knew that you mean it teasingly and would do whatever he asked of you in a heartbeat. Apparently he didn’t. 
And you didn’t notice how he let go of your hand to go and discuss the new chapter with Yui. You could only blink at the scene before you felt a short tug on your wrist. Turning towards the source, you saw Goshiki and Shirabu looking sadly at you. 
“You wanna hang out with us instead, senpai?” You looked back at your boyfriend who looked like he was having the time of his life with Yui, before you nodded in response to the first year. 
Funnily enough, the setter and future ace got along for the sake of you. It was almost comical on how much restraint Shirabu had to have towards Goshiki, but you all knew that they appreciated each other, even with their constant bickers. 
“Senpai, did something happen between you and Tendou?” The smile dropped from your face. You looked down and shook your head. The setter slapped the back of Goshiki’s head as the aforementioned whined about how his brain hurts, to which the setter responded that he did not have one to begin with. 
“You don’t have to answer that airhead, (Y/N)-san.” Shirabu assured you. You gave them a small smile before shaking your head. “It’s nothing like that...” you said softly, ignoring how the two automatically went a bit closer, wanting to hear what you’re about to say. 
“It’s dumb.” “Probably isn’t if it’s making you feel this way.” “So, Shirabu-san, you can say something nice-” “Shut up and practice your serves first.” Shirabu glared at the first year before facing you once more and giving you a nod, encouraging you to continue your statement.
“It’s just that, you saw who Yui was. And… I just don’t like the feeling of sharing Tendou.. If that makes sense.”
“Not really, but keep going.” “Shirabu-san, do you not have a filter?” “Shut up.”
“It’s just… I don’t know? It seems like they look better as a couple than Tendou and I do. I think it would’ve been better if we just stuck to being friends?” You say softly, it may seem dramatic but you’ve been overthinking this for a while now. 
You’ve noticed how the sparkle on Tendou’s eyes dim as you say you don’t get the theories he’s making, or how all you can do is listen to his rambles and say nothing because you aren’t sure if what you’re saying is right. 
“I just think he deserves to be happier. And that he should be with someone who understands him better than I ever could.” You didn’t know where these thoughts were coming from. All you knew is that it felt right getting it out of your chest. What you also didn’t know is that, when you were lost in your thoughts, you didn’t see the cheeky middle blocker usher your two companions as he took a seat in front of you.
“I think you’re getting a bit sensitive, (Y/N)-chan.” His voice made you snap your head and look around only to see Goshiki give you an encouraging thumbs up. 
“Tendou - I…” “I’m hurt that you would ever think that I want anyone else but you.” He said pouting playfully at you. 
“Look, I’m sorry. It’s just that--” “Hey, no, no. I was kidding.” He was beside you in an instant, his arm around your figure as you stared at the gym which had the noise of volleyballs being smashed into the ground. 
“Where did these thoughts even come from, my paradise?” Your heart fluttered at his nickname for you. “I guess I just felt really guilty of taking away the sparkle in your eyes whenever I didn’t understand what you were saying.” You say, leaning your head towards his shoulder, his arm around you comfortably tightening. 
“And I.. I hear you calling Yui a miracle or whatever…” He laughed at that. “You know, being a miracle is usually a fluke and a one time thing, It just came out because of how excited I got. You’re my paradise, there’s nothing better than that.” You smiled as you felt him place a soft kiss on your head. 
“I also remember you saying how I complain a lot.” “But you do-” “Satori!” “And I really wouldn’t have it any other way.” He smirked before cupping your cheeks and placing a soft peck on your lips, effectively arousing a blush on your face. 
“Where’d Yui go, anyway?” You asked after noticing that the girl was no longer in sight. 
“Aunt was looking for her.” “Aunt…?” “We’re cousins.” 
“’re what?”
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jasontodding · 3 months ago
i really have never seen anything quite like the power of fandom continuing to show up and make excuses for absolute pos male characters because they’re objectively ~~attractive.
ohhhhh poor nick goode !! so pressured by his family’s expectations !!! if you read between the lines deep down he obviously still loved ziggy !!!
like…. my god. i shipped them too in 1978, but that was before we found out that he and his entire family knowingly lived off a deal their ancestor made that continuously sacrificed people year after year from the “wrong side of town”, all in the name of keeping sunnyvale the quintessential seat of wealth and prosperity.
that abundance was built off the literal blood sacrifice of people who unwillingly lost their lives all because the greed of one bloodline. because solomon goode wanted more.
nick was 110% content to let things continue on as they were- dooming hundreds of ordinary citizens to lifetimes of bad luck and misery and tragedy, all so his own family could selfishly continue to prosper like they had for years. ziggy probably lived for years with what had happened at camp nightwing weighing on her. the paranoia, the drinking, the obsessiveness- all signs of major PTSD. you don’t let someone you love live like that. ziggy saw her sister die in front of her, sacrificing herself because cindy thought she could stop the curse and give her sister a good life- a life of freedom from the “curse” they all believed sara fier put on shadyside. he brought her back to life, he wanted her. wanted her with a kind of selfishness that let her live in a nightmare long after the ambulance drove her out of camp nightwing. because she told him it was the curse, and was probably so hurt when nothing came of it. when everyone just assumed tommy went crazy, killed his girlfriend and a bunch of others. she probably felt broken and betrayed and a thousand other things, on top of living with the memory of the flashes of knowledge she received when her blood dripped onto sarah’s hand bone- stuff she didn’t even fully understand. nick could’ve validated her. nick could’ve supported her, backed her up. but nick said absolutely nothing. nick did nothing. NICK CHOSE TO SAY AND DO NOTHING, because in reality, he knew it was all realer than real- knew that his own ancestor was the originator of the curse, that the goode family kept it going from solomon up until then and even beyond that afterwards.
in 1978, ziggy said to him, “do you believe me?”. and he looked her right in the eye, while fellow campers, innocent people were being murdered and said “yes”, knowing FULL WELL HIS FAMILY WAS THE REASON THOSE CHILDREN WERE BEING SLAUGHTERED. just because they were deemed a necessary sacrifice to continue the unceasing prosperity of sunnyvale, and had the bad luck of being from the shadyside. while she was covered in blood and begging him to believe her, he already knew what was happening and why.
maybe some part of nick faltered at the sheer violence and carnage his family wreaked over time. maybe he had times where he doubted everything that was happening- but the fact is, people died because of him and his family. cindy died. but ziggy made it. becuause ziggy was pretty, because he liked her, because he thought she was different than the other people from shadyside, the ones he and his family deemed as expendable for their own gain.
but it’s like the widow said- making a deal with the devil is a CHOICE.
nick lived in the wealth his bloodline provided him. nothing that was earned, just built off the literal blood sacrifice of others. nick CHOSE to continue that. he wasn’t asking probing questions to deena, sam, simon, kate, and josh because he wanted to get down to the truth of what really happened- BECAUSE HE ALREADY KNEW. he just wanted to know how close they were to the truth. the truth of how much blood was on his and his family’s hands.
he called deena a d*ke, would’ve ended ziggy no matter how much of a crush he had on her, just to continue the whole frickin’ thing. to keep it going. he was just as selfish and greedy as solomon was.
nick goode was evil, but he had a pretty face, right? so viewers will keep searching for a reason for even a modicum of good in him. young nick and ziggy were adorable, so people can’t accept that he CHOSE to hurt her. like ziggy would ever fucking be okay with this man getting away with it all- she may have liked nick, but she LOVED her sister.
stop doing ziggy a disservice by trying to find some sort of overly multidimensional spin on nick. i’ll admit, i had a moment after i finished all 3 movies where i was like, damn, it sucks ziggy and nick didn’t make it, they had chemistry. and then i wanted to slap my hand on my forehead, because i was completely missing the point. fear street has an unexpected beauty to it because of the love characters have for each other- deena and josh, cindy and ziggy, sara and hannah, etc. it’s unselfish and pure and stubborn and all encompassing, it drives them and those characters would do so much for the ones they love.
nick’s “love” for ziggy, if you can even call it that, was not that type of life. it was selfish, and it was based on lies. even though she had a prickly exterior, ziggy obviously cared for others- hell, sheila strung her up and burned her and she still went back and risked her life to help her. nick presented as if he was also that way, as well as an outsider in his own life, someone who didn’t fit in. and maybe nick didn’t. maybe nick really struggled deep down with the curse. but in the end, nick made choices. just like solomon made the choice to deal with the devil, nick chose to let ziggy live in self-doubt and fear. nick chose to be selfish, to protect his family’s own interests.
you can still have chemistry with people who suck, that’s the catch of life. monsters can have attractive faces too. but to try to dive deep into nick’s character like he was eternally stuck as the conflicted teenage boy who wasn’t sure if he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps, even when he held a gun to ziggy’s head… ugh.
stop making excuses for the fucked up shit male characters do. they may look good, they may have been possible love interests, but why on god’s earth would you blatantly ignore the fact that someone like nick CHOOSE to continue the cycle solomon started so many years ago??
why is it so important to find reasons to explain away nick’s abhorrent behaviour? because teen nick and ziggy were cute? you can acknowledge that but still be able to point out nick’s deceit, his selfishness.
idk man this phenomenon is… troubling to say the least.
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volleychumps · 9 months ago
« Volleyboys w/ a Jealous S/O (making them jealous in return) 
format: scenarios
genre: fluffy, kinda sad at times 
-includes: Ushijima, Daichi, Matsukawa, and Suna
Warning(s): possessive, some nsfw themes super mild 
“Well, what’s got you all bright and cheery?” 
“Not today, Satori.” 
“Damn, she pulled out your first name.” 
Tendou’s grin was relaxed as the team settle in the stands around your seated figure, your eyes watching something in the distance that made your chest tight. You didn’t need to ask where your boyfriend was, a lump in your throat as you watch the girl next to him tighten her grip on his muscle. 
“Jozenji’s manager is something else, isn’t she?” Semi whistles lowly as you don’t reply, opting to force your eyes away from the sight of Ushijima’s relaxed features. He didn’t openly show that he liked her touch-
but he didn’t pull away either. 
“Aw, cut him some slack.” Tendou yawns, Goshiki nodding frantically behind him in agreement as your shoulders sink in slight sadness. “He doesn’t see anyone but you, and you know that. It makes me feel extremely single, actually. 
“Ushjima-senpai would never cheat on someone as goregous as you, Y/N!” 
“Oh?” You tilt your head teasingly, feeling a tad better as Goshiki’s cheeks darken, realizing what he had just admitted. “You think I’m pretty, Goshiki-Kun?” 
“N-No! I mean, yes?” Goshiki stumbled over his rushed response, Shirabu rolling his eyes before leaning forward a little bit to look at you. 
“You’re considered cute. By all of us. So quiet down.” 
It was your cheeks to darken this time as Tendou laughs out loud, Semi shaking his head lightly as Taichi hits the back of his blunt teammate’s neck. 
“Wish he thought that.” Your mumble was sad and quiet, really only meant for your inner thoughts to be spoken aloud to yourself before Semi hums to himself. 
“If he realizes it or not, it’s not very good of him to just ignore his girlfriend in the stands just because the other team manager is hitting on him.”
Naturally, your head relaxed to hit Semi’s shoulder. “Thank you for understanding me.” 
“Wow, she’s playing favorites again. Will our dear Ushijima be replaced by the lesser Semi?”
“The lesser- what did you say?!” 
You laugh, smiling into Semi’s shoulder before a sudden chill runs down your back. You look back at the sight that saddened you before, and you lifted your head on instinct at the dark edge of Ushijima’s eyes as he blatantly ignored what the manager of Jozenji was saying-
a hand surprisingly tugging you back down to Semi’s shoulder gently. 
“Stay still.” Tendou’s grin was borderline mischevious, eyeing his best friend in the distance while tilting his head. “Gotta make him realize it, you know?” 
“I agree. Excuse me, Y/N-” 
You yelp when Semi’s arm easily reaches behind your back to grab your waist from the other side, tugging you into him tighter as your eyes widen before relaxing. 
“As if he’d even react-” 
You stiffen, Semi’s grip loosening easily before you turn in your seat to a frowning Ushijima. Just when did he get there? 
His broad chest raised up and down slightly through unsteady breaths as if he had rushed in getting to the stands, arms crossed tightly in a scolding manner, jaw clenched as dark eyes bore into Semi’s arm still around your waist. 
“Not very fun, is it?” Your tone was weak as your lips quivered, a swirl of embarrassment in your stomach at all the eyes on the spectacle of the childish act formulated by his teammates. 
Ushijima’s gaze softens before glancing back into the court at the fuming manager, darting back to you in another movement before he sighs heavily. The weight releases from your chest as he reaches a large palm out. 
“Come. Please.” 
You take his hand, offering a weak reassuring smile to the other teammates as your boyfriend gently tugs you out of your seat with another hardened stare to a whistling Tendou and nervously sweating Semi. When he tugs you out of the stadium, they both offer you thumbs up as you roll your eyes. Their actions, and you have to deal with the consequences. 
“Ushijima, I’m-” 
“I’m sorry.” 
You stop walking when he does outside the gym, staring at his back with surprise etched into your features. He turns, tugging you into his chest as you gape at his actions. 
“I should have realized it sooner. I’m sorry.” 
Startled, you look up as Ushijima’s large hand brushes your cheek, tilting it upwards to place a stiff kiss on your forehead. The attempt of affection he rarely showed warmed your heart as you melted into his embrace. 
“Don’t go to anyone else.” 
His grip tightened ever so slightly as you felt heat in the corner of your eyes, gripping onto the back of his jacket as the world spins around the two of you.. 
“What did that juice box ever do to you?” 
“Hm?” You glance down at the crushed box in your hand, blinking at it in confusion, not realizing how tight your fists clenched. “Oh. Everything, apparently.” 
“Where’s your lunch?” 
“Not hungry.”
Suga leaned on the other side of the tree you had your back against, quietly noting the bitter edge to your relaxed smile as he easily pokes another straw into another juice box. He offers it to you, brown eyes realizing the source of your hidden sadness right away. Your gray-haired friend was too smart for his own good. 
Yui giggled at something Daichi said at a bench not too far away, your boyfriend laughing along easily as you accepted the juice in a daze. 
“You should talk to him.” 
“I’m not crazy.” Your reply was soft, borderline defeated. The posessiveness that swirled in your stomach was something that couldn’t be tempered, but it could be hidden. “He can have female friends.” 
“Even when they make you smile like that?” 
“Suga, you might make me think you’ve fallen for me.” You retort, biting the straw as the third-year laughs, a small chuckle slipping your lips before any hint of happiness drips away again. Yui gripped Daichi’s shoulder as they shared a joke, Suga watching as you could only stifle your tremble. 
“Shall we get him back?” 
“Sure.” You roll your eyes sarcastically at the playful smile that tugs at your friend’s lips. “Let’s do it. No offense Suga, but I don’t think Daichi sees you as a threat.” 
“Well, he hasn’t given me a reason to act like a threat.” Suga’s reply was witty and quick, making you snicker into your palm before nodding once. 
“Let’s see it, then.” Your tone was doubtful and teasing as Suga clears his throat, hyping himself to get into character as your laugh doubles in volume-
unbeknowst to the attention now casted on your figure, the laugh he loved so much catching a captain’s attention in the distance as Yui’s voice suddenly drowns out. 
Suga plucks a cherry blossom from one of the branches above, tucking it behind your ear as you nod along playfully as he does so. You still when his fingers cascade through your hair to bring a lock of it to his lips, closing his eyes with a smile on his lips-
all playfulness draining. 
“You’re too pretty to not smile genuinely.” 
“Shut up.” But your voice cracked. 
“But it’s working~” 
Suga catches your chin before it can look in Daichi and Yui’s direction automatically, forcing you to look into his brown eyes. 
“Don’t look, silly.” 
“I should get back to class.” Your tone was hushed as you attempt to brush past him, Suga tripping you to catch you by the waist smoothly as you yelp, now in his arms as you blink in shock at the proximity between your faces. 
“Careful, you might fall for me.” Suga winks, brown eyes lifting to look at the figure behind you before an innocent smile graces his face-
a strong arm tugging you out of his arms, your back hitting a familiar chest. 
“This is the part where I run, right?”
“Good. Looks like we’re on the same page.” Daichi grits out, and a blush rises to your cheeks at the jealousy dripping from his tone. You feel his chest puff, and you turn, grabbing your boyfriend by the shirt before he can chase after a waving Sugawara. 
“Why would you-” 
“Let’s not get hypocritical, Dai.” You bite your lip guiltily, and Daichi stills before glancing at the now empty bench before sighing through his nose. His hand finds your waist, your back touching the tree gently as you refuse to meet his pleading gaze. 
“I like you a lot, you know?” Your tone was hushed. “But there’s so much I can put up with-” 
Daichi cuts you off, kissing you deeply as his hand tightens on your waist. You sigh into it, the safety of your boyfriend different from the touch of Suga as you find your hands threading into his hair. 
“Then tell me.” His hand reached to intertwine in your hair, the cherry blossom flitting to the ground gently. 
“Don’t let another guy touch you like you’re his.” 
“T-then you have to do the same-” 
Daichi kisses you again, rougher this time as your knees go weak at the posessiveness in his lips as his hand pushes the small of your back into him. 
“No one else matters to me. Not her, no one.You’re the only one I’ll ever touch like this, understand?” 
“Stop. Ow. You’re blinding me, stop being the light of this party.” 
You hit Hanamaki at the sound of his flat tone, Iwaizumi smirking as you huff, crossing your legs on the rather comfy couch you found solace in within the crowded party. The dark haired spiker follows the direction of your gaze as he settles in the seat next to you. 
“Just fight them.” Iwaizumi offers, and you laugh into your red cup before shaking your head slightly, tearing your gaze away to the two girls coming at your boyfriend from both sides as he plays a round of cup pong. You rolled your eyes at the squeals both emitted each time he skillfully got a white ball into a red cup. 
“I trust him.” 
“But do you trust those girls~?” Oikawa appears behind the couch, grinning down at you as his elbows rest on your head. You push him off with a roll of your eyes, Oikawa chuckling as Hanamaki nudges you. 
“At least try to enjoy this. It’s Kunimi’s birthday.” 
“Since when does Kunimi know this many people?” You retort, and Hanamaki laughs out loud, Oikawa joining him as Iwaizumi sighs, jutting a finger in his best friend’s direction. 
“Blame this asshole. Girls follow him like flies.” 
“It’s hard being so beautiful.” 
“Go use that beauty to attract the girls away from my boyfriend, will you?” You sigh, envy settling in your tone as the two girls talk him up, one even daring to walk her fingers up Matsukawa’s arm as your cup clenches in your hand. 
“Roger that. Iwa-chan, come. We’ll bark at them.” 
You can’t fight the smile that tickles your lips as Oikawa drags his friend towards the beer pong table, Iwaizumi looking less than willing as you’re left with an amused Hanamaki. 
“I know a faster way.” 
“You’re ideas are never good, don’t come near me.” Your reply was instantaneous as Hanamaki grins, holding his palm out. 
“Trust me, light of this party.” 
“What do you mean, it’s obviously Kunimi.” You respond sarcastically as you grab his hand, jutting your chin in the direction of a dejected looking Kunimi as Kindaichi and Yahaba try to coax him out of a corner. 
“The music’s good, at least.” Hanamaki winks, guiding you to the dancing hoard of people as you roll your eyes. You couldn’t fight him on that, easily beginning to sway to the music with your friend. 
“Give me your hands!” 
You laugh, finally having some fun at this party as Hanamaki twirls you, his hands finding your waist as you dance the pain in your chest away. 
“Look who’s finally the light of this party.” 
“Yeah, that’s getting old.” You retort, talking loudly over the music before Hanamaki’s eyes look behind you before his lips begin to curl up into a smirk. 
“Do you trust me?” 
“Obviously not.” 
“I’ll take it. Just don’t slap me.” 
Your eyes widen when Hanamaki slips your jacket off and the tie that was holding back your hair, spinning you around before dipping you like a professional. Oikawa catches your jacket with a whistle, causing you to blink in confusion. Iwaizumi pinches the bridge of his nose with a sigh at the situation Hanamaki created. 
If Oikawa and Iwa were here, then where was-?
“Thank me later.” Hanamaki whispers, winking at you once before twirling you again despite your confused expression. You yelp when you bump into a broad chest, beginning to stutter out an apology as you regain your balance-
a familiar voice making your eyes widen a fraction. 
“Well, look who’s having fun.” 
Matsukawa’s voice was strained, his jaw clenched as the smile that graced his lips held no kindness behind it. You felt a surge of revenge in your stomach as you smile, running a hand through your hair goregously as Matsukawa arches an eyebrow. 
“You were having fun with other girls, so Makki decided to show me a good time.” 
Matsukawa scoffs with an annoyed edge to his eyes, grabbing your hand to tug you out of the crowd, swiping your jacket from Oikawa in stride as Oikawa and Iwaizumi salute you good luck along side a successful Hanamaki. 
You yelp when he lifts you up onto a nearby counter, standing between your seated legs as he makes work of slipping your jacket around your shoulders again. 
“Princess, is there something you want to tell me?” 
You puff your cheeks out, childishly looking away as Matsukawa’s jealousy seems to simmer. He claims your lips, making you panic into it as he wraps an arm around your waist, pulling you into him on the counter. 
“Issei, there’s people-!”  
“Yeah those people-” 
His hand slid up your thigh as he kissed the underside of your jaw. 
“They need to see who you’re really taken by, don’t you think?” 
“Why ya frowning, sweetheart?” 
“I’m so happy, what do you mean?” 
“You’re a bad liar.” Osamu states, waving to you in greeting as your second-year friends who just so happened to be brothers sink when you explain that you’re here for your boyfriend. Atsumu gasps in disbelief, Osamu shaking his head in dissappointment as you motion to the captain.
“Kita, come claim the twins- they’re bothering me again.” 
“You should take a turn once in a while, L/N-san.” 
“By the way, where’s...?”
You sigh quietly through your nose, regretting coming to visit your boyfriend during his late practice. The girl who was training to become manager already bothered the two of you tons at school, always needing him for something. Whether it be homework help, volleyball plays, or even needing a few extra coins for the machines at school-
she always came to Suna. 
He sat by her with an indifferent expression, looking over some plays with her as she scooted closer to him until their legs were touching. You bit your lip, about to spin on your heel to make a hasty escape before Atsumu stops you. 
The twins shared a nod from above your head as you blink in confusion. 
“What is it?” 
You scrunch your eyebrows together in confusion as Osamu lifts your arms for you, Atsumu smirking as he slips his jacket onto your smaller form. It drapes loosely over your figure as you blush, the scent of him filling your nose as Osamu finally lets your arms down. 
“You looked cold.” 
“I will never understand the two of you-” 
“Are you still cold?” Osamu blinks, indifferent as he raises his arms out, looking at you expectantly as you blink in utter confusion, wondering what the hell was getting into your friends as the other team members begin to take notice of the strange situation. 
“I was never cold...are you?” You hesitate, and Osamu nods once as Atsumu hides his snickers into his fist. Without hesitation, the gray-haired twin glomps you stiffly, and you yelp into his chest for merely a second before your snatched back to your original position. 
“Yeah, we’re leaving.” Suna’s usual bored tone had an edge to it that made you follow after him in a confused daze, his hold on your wrist unusually tight as you groan when you’re a good distance away from the gym. Atsumu had mouthed a you’re welcome, Osamu flashing you a large thumbs up as you wondered what pissing off your boyfriend could possibly do for them besides getting you scolded. 
“Why is everyone throwing me around today-?” 
“Take it off.” 
“I can just give it back to him tomorrow-” 
Suna clicks his tongue, his bag hitting the pavement before he shoves his own jacket off, thrusting it towards you. 
“Please. Just take it off.” 
“Yes mom.” You retort, beginning to unzip the jacket Atsumu had zipped up to your neck before your voice falls to a mumble. “You could just give yours to that manager of yours...” 
Suna’s eyes narrow before his outstretched arm relaxed in its’ stubborn position. The middle blocker stares at you for a second, sighing out his annoyance before slipping Atsumu’s jacket off you, his breath warm against your face in the stark cold as his own scent envelops you. You relax into his coat, blushing at your childish comment that created this silence before his forehead hits your shoulder. 
“There’s a difference between my girlfriend and a nuisance, you know?” 
“Mm.” You reach a hand to slip in between his dark locks as the beginnings of a smile form on your lips, feeling silly as you kiss the top of his head distractedly. 
“What is it?” He mumbles, lifting his head and resting a hand on either sides of your neck. You smile brightly, surging upwards to kiss him on his cheek as Suna’s sharp eyes widen a fractin. 
“You’re mine, okay?” 
His lip curls up into a gentle smirk as he uses your neck to pull your face closer to his, his lips brushing yours as dark eyes bore into your features seriously. 
“I don’t think you’re the one who needs to stake their claim, love.” 
General works: @takemetovalhalla  @faesbae  @savemesteeb @dreebbles @yams046   @let-me-have-my-own-name  @deadontheinsidebut @lifeisntjustblackandwhite   @curiouslilbeast  @aprettyfruit   @wisepandaslimeland   @h0ngh0ngh0ng   @lmkjimin   @orangegiraffe7   @dai-tsukki-desu   @kac-chowsballs   @spikertrash   @yamaguwuchi   @lord-suneater-explosion   @holaaaf  @babyybokutoakaashi   @lexysclubhouse   @disneyloving-muggle   @kuuuuroo   @theonep1ece  @that-chick212  
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reminiscingtonight · 5 months ago
Wrong One
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Word Count: 3121
Anon asked: Hi! I don’t know if you’re taking requests, but I love your Wanda fan fictions and I was wondering if you could write a fan fiction were the reader is an Avenger and best friends with the Maximoff twins. She and Wanda start secretly dating and Pietro often covers for them. The rest of the team sees that the three of them are acting weird and start to think that Pietro and reader are dating. I thought it would be a cute idea, but feel free to ignore this if this isn’t your style❤️
Warnings: Mentions of sex but nothing too explicit; a couple sexual innuendos…?
A/N: Not me over here ignoring my other WIPs in favor of this fluff. Also I may or may not have deviated from the original prompt buttt it’s close enough. Sorry
Taglist: @mionemymind, @supersourlemon13, @olsensnpm
“Whose underwear is this?”
Those are four commonly spoken words when multiple people living within the same space do their laundry together. Four commonly spoken words when you all took turns sorting through everyone’s clothes for your own things. But those were not four common words to be spoken on a late Saturday afternoon when no one has done laundry in over two weeks.
Wanda feels her cheeks burn when she recognizes your panties hanging from the tip of the ruler being held out by Steve. The supersoldier had a puzzled look on his face, unable to deduce why such a thing would be crammed between two seat cushions of the couch.
Memories quickly flashed through her mind. Memories of the team leaving for a mission, you and Wanda being the only two left behind. Memories of the mischievous look in your eyes as you did a strip-tease for her in the living room. Memories of you grinding yourself off on her thigh before sliding to your knees and making her see stars. Needless to say, she nearly yanked your arm off dragging you back to her room after that.
In your hurries to get there, the two of you must have accidentally missed the piece of clothing.
Pietro notices his sister’s sudden stillness and instantly connects the dots. He wants to snort. Of course the two of you couldn’t keep it in your pants. Ever since the moment he walked in on you two going at it in the gym nearly four months ago, he knew you guys had no qualms about doing the deed whenever and wherever you felt like it.
In a sense he was in awe of that ability. The ability to be so confident about doing such a scandalous thing in the open like that, while still not being able to work up enough courage to tell the rest of the team that you guys were together.
Pietro wanted to watch Wanda squirm some more, but what kind of brother would he be if he didn’t help keep her secret relationship a secret? Faking a look of shock, he takes a step towards Steve. “Oh sorry, my bad. I was looking for that.”
Steve looks taken aback at Pietro’s words. “You’re telling me that you wear black lacy panties?”
The Sokovian rolls his eyes. “Don’t be weird. It’s obviously not mine mine.”
It takes a second for his words to sink in and at once a groan could be heard by Bruce, who instantly jumps up from where he was lounging on the couch.
“Oh god, really, Pietro?” A look of disgust written plainly across his face. “We watch movies on this thing.”
Pietro shrugs, giving Bruce his best ‘sorry dude’ look. 
Steve watches the exchange, confusion still present on his face. “Am I missing something?”
Bruce shakes his head, muttering an explanation to Steve as he walks past. “The underwear comes from our good boy here doing some extracurricular activities in the living room.”
“I…” Steve’s brows furrow, still having trouble keeping up with the conversation. “That still doesn’t explain why Pietro was wearing lady clothes.”
Wanda stifles a laugh behind her hands as Pietro sends her a dirty look. She can hear an annoyed Steve thinks I get off wearing feminine undergarments, you perv, ringing through her head, which only spurs on the giggles.
Thankfully Sam also takes offense to Steve’s line of thinking, but for a totally different reason. “Geez, Cap, how old are you? Bruce is saying that Pietro was knocking boots with a missus on the couch.”
“How do you lose clothing from kicking someone else’s shoes?”
“That’s not--” Sam blinks, not believing what he was hearing. “Stuffing the taco?”
“Um, again, making food doesn’t equate los--”
“The horizontal hustle.”
“Is that some sort of new dance move the kids are doing these days?”
“Sex, Steve. We’re talking about sex,” Sam finally says, throwing up his hands in defeat.
Steve’s face instantly turns red and the room bursts into laughter. “Why are there so many different ways to say that? And you,” he turns back to Pietro. “You are disgusting.”
Pietro simply shrugs again. “A guy has needs.”
“That’s no excuse for doing it on the couch! You have a room for a reason!” Sighing, Steve pinches the bridge of his nose, already regretting starting this conversation. “Just… take this and please don’t defile any more of our shared furniture.”
Pietro snatches the piece of clothing from Steve, quickly throwing a wink at his sister before speeding out of the room.
The second he was out of sight, Wanda breathed out a sigh of relief. It was getting harder to hide your relationship from everyone. It wasn’t that she was ashamed of being with you. If anything, she would love nothing more than to yell out her love for you at the top of her lungs. It was just that after her last relationship with Vision ended, the two of you decided it would probably be better to keep your relationship on the downlow and away from prying eyes. Thankfully, she had such a caring brother who was willing to cover for the two of you.
As everyone went back to whatever they were doing before Steve had asked his question, Wanda let her mind drift back off to you, waiting for the moment that she could leave the room without rousing anyone’s suspicion.
However, unbeknown to the siblings, a certain assassin sat on the kitchen stool, a smirk half-hidden behind her book. Natasha had recognized the black lace and knew exactly who it belonged to. After all, she was there with you when you bought the lingerie set.
It’s a couple days later when she makes her move.
You were in the kitchen getting some breakfast with Wanda when Natasha strolled in, a smug look on her face when she spotted you. The redhead brushes past you, eyeing you up and down. You raise an eyebrow at her, unimpressed.
Natasha simply shrugs, feigning a look of innocence. “Nothing. Just didn’t know you had a thing for guys with premature silver hair.”
You pause, your drink already pressed against your lips. You bring it down before narrowing your eyes in confusion. “I don’t…?”
Wanda looks equally as confused, although she was more intrigued than not. There was only one person with silver hair, so it wasn’t hard to deduce who the redhead was talking about.
“Does Pietro’s speed come in handy in bed? Or does he… you know,” Natasha continues, making a lewd exploding gesture, “quickly, too?”
At once, you’re choking on nothing. From across the counter you see that Wanda’s not doing much better, nearly spilling the carton of milk in her hand. She hastily puts it down, eyes tracking Natasha’s every move.
The redhead smirks, taking your reaction as a confirmation. “Okay, noted. Don’t bring up your boy before you’re properly caffeinated.”
You clear your throat, not knowing where this was coming from. “Nat, I love you to death, but I don’t know what you’re talking about. Why do you think I’m sleeping with Pietro?”
She chuckles, ignoring your complaints when she swipes your coffee from your hands. “Nice try, but Pietro claiming your underwear as his in front of the entire team isn’t as subtle as you’d think it’d be.”
Your eyes widen at that. When Pietro had dropped by your room the other day with your underwear and a grumbled out “you’re welcome” under his breath, you had assumed he grabbed it from the couch before anyone else saw it. Now you were starting to think you should have asked him why he had them. 
“Pietro and I, we’re not together,” you quickly spit out, hoping to sway Natasha’s seemingly already made up mind.
“Uh huh, sure.” She sips at your stolen coffee, a sparkle of glee in her eyes.
You wrack your mind with ideas of how to get yourself out of this mess. Once Natasha got an idea in her head, it was hard to talk her out of it. Usually it would be Steve or Tony getting the short end of the stick, but this time it was you, and you already hated it. 
You send Wanda a ‘help me’ look over Natasha’s shoulder, but the brunette simply purses her lips at you, finding this more amusing than not. She crosses her arms and leans against the fridge, watching the exchange go down. 
Suddenly realizing that the sister of the man in question was standing in the room with the two of you, Natasha turns to Wanda. “Did you know that your brother was dating your best friend?”
Wanda pulls off a faux look of surprise. “No, and I’m hurt. How could you do this to me?”
You bite down your urge to roll your eyes at her mock cry of outrage. You are the worst girlfriend ever, you think in your head. You get another amused grin as a response.
Natasha gasps, looking back at you. “Not telling me, I’d understand. But not telling Wanda? Have you no shame? What happened to the girl code?”
“That’s not-- oh my god, I’m not--” 
Thankfully, a phone goes off before you have a chance to dig yourself down deeper into this hole. 
Natasha looks down at her phone. She frowns at first, but then it quickly morphs back into devilish smirk. “Oh would you look at that, I have to go do some training things with your boyfriend. I’ll let him know you say hi!”
You’re left gaping after her, unable to say a thing before Natasha’s gone, disappearing as quickly as she appeared.
The second she’s gone you turn to your girlfriend. She’s doing her best to hold in her laughter and you groan. “You were no help.”
“Sorry, it was too funny to say anything.”
You round the counter, quickly dropping your head onto her shoulder. Wanda lets out a small giggle and wraps her arms around your waist.
“Nat thinks I’m dating your brother.”
A light kiss is pressed to the crown of your head as you feel a light chuckle rumble through her chest. “Eh, you could do worse.”
“You know that she’s definitely not going to keep that theory to herself, right?”
Wanda scrunches her nose up at you. “No she wouldn’t…” she trails off before looking back down at you, her humor quickly bleeding into a look of alarm. “Oh shit.”
You were right.
By the end of the day it seemed like Natasha had told everyone.
When you went to the gym to train, Sam wiggled his eyebrows at you and gave you a high five (that you begrudgingly accepted). 
When you went to the lab to test a new weapon Tony had made for you, Bruce had passively aggressively teased you the whole time, muttering in the background something about you ruining his favorite couch.
Even Peter, who had been visiting, didn’t hesitate to congratulate you on your “newfound relationship.” You had simply raised an eyebrow at him before he turned red, sputtered out an excuse, and ran out of the room.
And it got worse as the week went on. Whenever you were in the vicinity of the speedster one of your teammates would make a crude sexual joke or ask when the two of you were getting married. Every time it would happen you’d shoot Pietro an apologetic look. He took it in good stride, always laughing along but also making sure to respect your relationship with his sister. 
Despite the annoying comments it actually made it easier for you to sneak around with Wanda. With all the attention placed on you and her brother, they didn’t question it when you would disappear for hours at a time. Oftentimes Pietro would make himself scarce too, knowing that you wanted to spend time with his sister. And during times when the team knew that you were with Wanda, they’d just think that it was some “sisterly” bonding happening between the two of you. Every time the team cooed at Pietro (“look how well your girlfriend and sister are getting along”) the three of you would simply roll your eyes and laugh. If only they knew.
Two weeks had passed since the “underwear incident” and nothing could bring down your mood. The team was still actively haranguing you and Pietro, but none of the things they said were getting to you.
It was steadily approaching your’s and Wanda’s one year anniversary, and the two of you had made reservations at Wanda’s favorite restaurant. You were excited. Because of the whole “secret relationship” thing, it was hard for the two of you to get dressed up and to go to fancy places together without getting the attention of your team or the public. 
But today the two of you didn’t care. You spent the whole day together, only parting ways an hour before your reservation, deciding to surprise the other with your outfits. You put on your favorite navy blue dress, the one that you knew Wanda loved, before applying a layer of smoky eyeshadow and some lipstick. You glance at yourself in the mirror. Damn, you looked good. 
Slipping on a set of killer heels, you leave your room, eager to see Wanda.
But like all things, the peace surrounding you doesn’t last.
You were headed towards the living room to wait for your girlfriend when Sam caught sight of you. He instantly wolf whistles when he takes in your appearance. He nudges the other Sokovian who happened to be standing beside him. “Damn, Pietro, your girl looks smokin’. Where are you guys going tonight?”
Pietro, who was dressed in sweats and an old hoodie, opened his mouth to give an excuse before realizing he didn’t know what to say. He was most definitely not dressed to go out.
Shaking your head at Sam, you sigh. “Sam, I swear--”
A squeak escapes you when your foot slips. Your heart lurches in your chest, arms instinctively coming forward to brace yourself for the fall. However, before you could even move an inch, Pietro’s there, hands grabbing your hips to steady you.
Looking up at Pietro, you give him a soft smile. “Thanks, Piet.”
You drop your voice, prepared to whisper an excuse for Pietro to tell the others when you’re interrupted by a flash. The two of you turn, startled, to see Tony holding up a camera with a grin on his face. “Aww, y’all are just too cute!”
Your eyes narrow in annoyance and you’re about to tell them off when the clicking of heels catch your attention.
Your breath is taken away when you spot Wanda coming over to where a small gathering was starting to form around you. You felt your mouth going dry as you took her in. She was wearing a black dress with a leg slit that showed a lot of leg, her hair was falling over her shoulders in light waves, and some dark eyeliner was applied, making her green eyes pop.
As you stood like an idiot, gaping at your girlfriend, Wanda was getting closer, fuming with every step she took. Unbeknown to you, Wanda had heard the entire conversation. In the beginning Wanda had found the teasing remarks about you and her brother humorous. But the longer it went on, the more it ate away at her. It should be her that Natasha unrelentlessly teased. It should be her that Steve was giving the “protective brother” talk to. It should be her, not Pietro. That feeling of jealousy kept growing and growing until she couldn’t keep it in anymore. 
Spotting Wanda, Sam grins at her, oblivious to the stormy expression on her face. “Hey Wanda, what do you think about your future sister-in-law? A catch, right?”
“What do I think about my what?” If she clenched her jaw any harder, you’re sure that she would break it.
“I mean, Pietro and (Y/N) just seem so smitten with each other, don’t you think?” 
Her eyes travel down to where Pietro’s hands were still resting on your hips. There’s a very fake smile on the witch’s face and you can feel Pietro gulp next to you. At once he lets go, instantly fearful of what his sister’s about to do. Every step forward taken by one Maximoff, the other one moves slightly back. Eventually Wanda was by your side, close enough that your arms were brushing.
“Hmm let me see. What do I think about (Y/N)?” Wanda turns to face you and you instantly see the gleam in her eyes. You don’t have a chance to question her, because in the next moment Wanda’s got your face cupped in her hands and is pulling you in for a heated kiss.
You gasp, not expecting the action, and she takes the opportunity to slip her tongue into your mouth. Your eyes slip closed, lost in the feeling of Wanda’s lips, forgetting for a second that you’re not alone.
It’s when someone (probably Pietro) awkwardly coughs that you remember that you have an audience.
You move to jerk back, but Wanda’s hands, still holding your face, don’t let you go. She slows down the kiss, but doesn’t immediately end it. 
By the time it’s over, you’re already dizzy. Whether it was from the lack of oxygen or just because of the haze of being kissed, you couldn’t be sure. When you open your eyes, Wanda’s already looking back with a look of pure adoration. “Hi.” You shyly whisper.
“Hi.” She grins back, quickly pressing another light kiss to your lips before running her thumb along the bottom of your lip to clean up some of your smudged up lipstick. Dropping her hand from your face, she intertwines your fingers, not letting go quite yet.
“Uh, are you guys seeing what I’m seeing?”
“I think I need to bleach my eyes.”
“Is it a Sokovian thing to share girlfriends?”
“Wait, wait, wait.” Natasha exclaims. Her brows are scrunched up in confusion, eyes quickly darting between your faces and linked hands. “(Y/N), aren’t you with--”
“The only person (Y/N)’s with is me,” Wanda interrupts, eyebrow raised in a silent dare for someone else to question her. Everyone stays silent, half out of fear of retaliation, half out of pure befuddlement. Wanda smiles. “Great. Now, if you’ll excuse us, my girlfriend and I are going to go on our date now.”
Everyone’s left with confused looks on their faces as she drags you towards the elevator. Well, everyone but Pietro. There’s a smirk on his face as the elevator door begins closing. 
“Don’t forget to use protection!”
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chrissquares · 5 months ago
oooo for the prompts could you do possessive!ransom overhearing some of his friends talking about how they have a crush on his gf and he starts doing lots of pda which also leads to a soft moment between him and the reader please, thank you and i love everything you write💖
Eepppppppp this actually sounds really cute and I- akdhdnehfsjiebdeuxbs and thank you so much for liking my works💕💕
Always Yours
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Reader
Word Count: ~1K
Warnings: fluff, PDA, possessive Ransom, mention of alcohol consumption
[gif credit to @forchrisevans]
Ransom told you to head inside the bar to meet his friends first while he was parking the car; you have met them a couple times now and you were surprised they invited you to join their little gathering and being the only girlfriend there
they could be a little douche-y and rude, but it was nothing you couldn't handle, and you are mostly there just to be with Ransom anyway; and Ransom seems to be happy that you and his friends actually get along
when you walked inside and greeted his friends quickly, you told them Ransom was just parking the car outside and you excused yourself to the bathroom
“trust fund playboy really hit the jackpot, huh? such a pretty face... and that ass? pheww.... I swear to god I will be after her the second Drysdale dumps her...” Ben told everyone else at the table while his eyes follow your ass as you walked away
“how do you know he'd dump her? maybe he won't... find your own girl, you pig...” Jay said, he seemed to the closest friend to Ransom and he probably has the best heart out of all his friends
“what? c’mon... it's Ransom we are talking about here, he'd be done with her by the end of next month...” Ben added, scoffing and said it like it was a matter of fact
but little did he know that Ransom came in just in time, and he was just around the corner when he overheard whatever Ben had to say about you and him
and right at that moment, he wasnt even mad or angry, but his possessiveness just went through the roof
he knew he would never let you go, and he knew you would never leave him, but the fact that one of his so-called friends had such idea about you or thought that he had a chance with you, it made him wanna show everyone that you are his and he is yours, for each other only
“what's up losers?" Ransom greeted everyone with a smile, and a fake one to Ben, “where's my girl?
“just went to the bathroom...” Jay answered and eyeing towards the direction of the bathroom automatically
Ransom turned around and you came out just in time, meeting his handsome face with a smile of your own
“hey babe...” you smiled sweetly at your man, your body getting close to him mindlessly, sticking to him like a magnet
“thought you got lost, or one of these assholes hid you from me...” he joked on purpose once you were by his side, his hand slid to your hip and tucked you close before he dipped his head down to nip on your soft and raspberry scented lips, making sure your lip gloss or lip balm or whatever you called it smeared evenly on his lips
you giggled into the kiss, speaking softly against his lips, “they could try, but they could never take me away form you...”
what you said wasn't necessarily loud, but loud enough for people to hear, and to be honest, you dont mind if they heard because you like letting people know you are devoted to him
he smirked like he predicted exactly what you would say and he made a subtle glance over at Ben, seeing him rolled his eyes but proud of his girl for being so sweet and loyal, but most importantly, HIS
even when you sat down, Ransom had his left arm on your shoulder and he patted his thigh with his free hand motioning you to cross your legs on top on his left thigh before sneaking his hand between your crossed thighs, thumb caressing your smooth skin
and while the others were ordering drinks, you cocked your head at him subtly, knowing he was being extra affectionate for some reason (not that you mind)
he felt your eyes on him before he gazed back at you with darker eyes, moving his hand on your shoulder to cup your neck and jaw, turning your head so that he could lean in for a kiss
feeling the cool metal ring on your neck and the feel of his warm lips and tongue, the cold and warmth clashing together in perfect union
he tilted his head as his tongue pushed past your sweet lips and grazed your teeth, swirling with yours as he kissed and sucked the air out of you until he captured and nibbled on your lips once again
the kiss was soft but yet passionate because his lips were just desperate to show you his needs and wants
you could feel him smiling into the kiss and his hands, his ring, and his lips were all making your heart race and your head spin in a good way
it wasnt until the waiter spoke up, the two of you finally pulled away from one another, slightly panting
“anything for you, Mr. Drysdale? the usual scotch, neat?" the waiter asked politely, knowing Ransom for his temper but was surprised to see that he was all whipped for a girl
“just one beer for me thanks, I gotta drive and a Paloma for her... is that right, baby?”
you smiled at him and nodded, reaching up to lace your fingers with his hand on your shoulder, pulling his hand towards your lips before you turned your head to press a soft kiss on his pinky ring
“are you guys seeing this or am I just crazy?" you joked and asked Ransom's friends at the table, referring "this" to the affectionate Ransom
“Oh we are seeing a lot of this... a bit too much to be honest...” Jay said, moving his hand in front of himself gesturing the two of you, and the others chuckled, except for Ben
“What? I just wanna make sure you know you are mine...” Ransom said nonchalantly before pressing his lips against the crown of your head
you smiled and chuckled, “I'm always yours...”
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mskimkaty · 4 months ago
Overseas Trip
Tumblr media
Angst, Fluff, Smut
word count: 12K
release date: 06/19/21
details: college!au, <friends>aquatance to lovers!au
For the past 2 weeks, this trip is the only thing that had been running through your mind, all the excitement that you felt for the past few days has been gone and was thrown off the airplane's window as you took a glance back to the large windows of the airport's building. You just want to get up and ran back to your neighborhood. Indeed, you've looked forward to this trip more than anything but you also waited for the day that Doyoung, your brother's best friend, in name of Jeon Won-woo, be freed of the presence of his girlfriend, now turned to be his ex-girlfriend.
Though you saw Won-woo this morning, thinking that the four of you would go to the airport together as he promised your older brother to accompany him at the airport to drop you and Jungwoo off, news flash that he back out last minute due to personal reasons, you heard your brother and him talking in the living room that morning, hearing the words along the lines of, "It's over," and "we broke up," as you eavedrops around them, you can't believe Mina and him call it off just like that.
You pondered about it, your mother will definitely wack you in the head if you back out last minute on this trip that cost her hundreds of bucks. but the flight is buzzing with another couple's break up news, everybody is talking about Jaehyun and Jieqiong, in this damn flying vehicle that is, majority of the passengers are from your department, the two of them being one of the many famous couples from your University's Business Department.
You hear Jieqiong with her peers, all giddy and excited at the back, five rows apart from your seat, checking their handbags for their make-up kits, retouching their faces, and combing the hair into places. You have a sigh, she doesn't look sorry at all, well you don't really want to judge her or their situation per se, you've met her a few times and can say that she's a decent kind of human being, just really vain in her own self.
The chair beside you has been empty for a while now, thinking you don't have a seatmate this entire flight got your mind to relax for a moment, Chu and Yuqi are seated at the back of the airplane, far from you, and you huff out of annoyance, worst, Mark, your best friend didn't come in this damn trip. You can't believe the three of you aren't seated together, leaning your head against the chair, you closed your eyes as you waited for everyone to board. not a moment later you felt someone hover around you clearing their throat in an awkward attempt to get your attention. You almost roll your eyes in annoyance because you have to share your armrest with someone.
"Excuse me." Jeong Jaehyun stood in front of your aisle, he looked blankly at you as he glances back at your bag that was placed beside you, waiting politely for you to move it. You hurriedly reach out to grab your bag,  murmuring a small apology as he seat beside you.
There was a slight blush tinting at your cheeks as you processed the fact that Jeong Jaehyun is sitting beside you. Slightly annoyed and embarrassed at the same time. Of course, you know this guy. He was one of Doyoung's friends, heard a lot about him from your group of friends and other peers. You heard a lot of praises about him from a lot of people. He's like a fresh breath of air and very out of your league. He got scouted by one of the coaches from your University, studying for free in exchange that he plays in the name and honor of your school, you never really see him around campus, not because your schedule never did align except for one subject, you think. He's always in the field, playing or practicing.
Doyoung is your older brother, The first child between the three of you, the both of you are close but Doyoung kept the line straight between you and him, he's strict but soft at the same time towards you, and Jungwoo is the type of brother that spoils you a lot but he's your mortal enemy at the same time. You can say your brother, Doyoung, is indeed the big brother between the two of them, He's just a walking rational guy, that sets you and Jungwoo both on the ground.
Jaehyun is one of Doyoung's many close friends. You saw them hang out sometimes around your house together with your brother's other friends on special occasions but Doyoung never really let his friends hang around the house when you're in the picture, not that you mind. They're too old for you to hang out, anyways. You can say that Jaehyun is the youngest of them all. Though he's graduating this year, Doyoung already graduated college with a lot of guys in their group.
You check your ticket in case you were in the wrong seat, you can say that Jaehyun is a cool guy but not his girlfriend, and you were shocked that his usual arm candy isn't behind him like usual. Then, you remembered the rumors from the others and you realize you weren't the only one who would like to get off in this damn plane.
You mind your business as you wait for the other passengers to board the flight. Waiting patiently to take off.
Jaehyun shifts around his joke of a space they call legroom. Funny how there wasn't enough for his leg to move around, annoyed that he even keeps hearing his ex-girlfriend's laugh behind him at something he wasn't the reason for her laugh, his head still thinking back to night's conversation. Asking himself what could possibly go wrong? It's been months, and still, he's asking the same question.
there's a budding drop of sweat on his forehead that threatens to fall, he doesn't know if it's the motion sickness or the anxiety of that night's events kicking in, this strip was supposed to be special for him and Jieqiong, but that was months ago. Though he doesn't want you to see him in this state he just couldn't pretend to be okay, "You ok?" Jaehyun heard as you ask him the most oblivious question that even he can't answer.
"Just, not a fan of flying." he lied through his teeth, he glances at you, noticing how your hair was gathered up in a low bun, little strands of hair falling in all places as it frames your face, your bangs fall just above the side of your rosy cheeks, as you eye him with you chocolate hazel eyes. Jaehyun ignores the little kick in his heart, He remembers how Doyoung strongly implemented that you're off-limits around his group of friends, and he reminds himself that he's included in that circle of friends. His mind wandered back to all the time he's spent with Jieqiong, finding clues and signs on what made everything fucked up.
"Ok," you nod at yourself, and then you were reaching out to unclasp your seatbelt without looking at it, standing up to reach the bin above your head as you try to retrieve the bag that was placed in Jaehyun's seat a while ago. Jaehyun moves to stand up, and retrieving the bag and handing it to you, you thanked him before going back to your sit. Jaehyun doesn't let you know that you give him the chance to glance behind at Jieqiong's side, before moving back beside you.
You pulled out a strawberry-flavored lollipop and offered it to him, "This might help." Jaehyun Showed you his dimpled smile for the first time today, But it was the first one for him since that night. Smiling genuinely.
Jaehyun doesn't know much about you, except that he think's Mark is your boyfriend and that you both hang around all the time, you're Doyoung's little sister, You both had shared at least a subject during his third year because it's his back subject. He's heard you had a piercing in your belly button, but it wasn't confirmed. He thinks, If the most irrelevant things spread around the school like a rapid wildfire then he's not going to expect anything less from his situation.
For now, all the baggage that is packed inside the overhead bin is like all the baggage stuck inside his head. He doesn't even have the slightest idea on how to get by the next three days on this trip but Jaehyun tried relaxing his body, for once, the usual overbearing sweet scent he used to smell is replaced by the vanilla scent, hanging around the air around him as it helps him ease his tensed muscles for once since the break-up.
He just wished that everybody would be able to leave him alone, that's the least of his problem, anyways.
Your mind wanders back to the person seating next to you, all things set aside, you reason out inside your head why the boy next to you can't keep still. Jaehyun keeps biting and chewing his bottom lip, has his sweaty palms running through his knee, clad in his faded wash jeans. You were never this close to him before so you can't help but notice all the details about him, even from the smallest things, how he had the most perfect fingers you've ever seen in a guy.
"You are definitely not okay," before you could even pounder on your actions, you blurted out what was running in your head. "Sorry, I'm not one to pry into other people's business but I'm not also the type of person to turn a blind eye," you added awkwardly.
Jaehyun turns towards you, "Do you mind if we switch seats?" he suddenly asks, and you nod, he stood up, reaches for his bag inside the overhead bin as he waits for you to stand up, Jaehyun stood in front of your aisle in that crumped up space, waiting for you to move out of your seat, you were a step away from fully moving out of the chairs when the plane was hit by slight turbulence making the plane dip and you were thrown out of balance as your body slumped against Jaehyun, him being the athletic one, catches you so you don't hit the cold floor face down.
Jaehyun have you flushed against his body, you felt his solid chest in your left palm and the muscular biceps in your right arm, his arms were wrapped tightly around your waist, his palms securing your hips as he steady you in place, when you realize your position with him you pushed him slightly away from you, the cold floor seems like a better idea.
The heat was pooled around your cheeks and worse, around your core.
When the both of you are all secured by the safety belts and seated in place, Jaehyun cleared his throat for the second time that day before his reaching out to his bag for his Ipad. Deciding there's no movie that he's interested in enough to watch, he locked the device and place it back in his bag. He saw you reading the book you retrieve from your handbag before he's reaching out to one of the magazines provided by the airlines.
You can't help but read the page close to your sight, and asking "Do you guys really take those tests?" He turns towards you for a moment before he's showing you his charming smile again.
"I don't know, I really can't tell."
"But do you?"
"Do what?"
you look at him innocently, "Dying to know your sexual IQ?" there was an innocent glint in your eyes and Jaehyun remind himself that your two years younger than him,
"That was a thing?" he asks, and you laugh shrugging. "Do you want to know yours, though?" he asks smugly. "We have time, heck, a lot of it. Let's check yours."
"Well, I'm really curious, so why not."
"Fair enough."
Jaehyun can't help but notice everything about you, He can't help it with the close proximity that the both of you are having, he notices how there's a faint tint of pink in your cheeks, how you smelt of vanilla, your pink plump lips that seem to glow from the gloss you were wearing, there's this innocent glint dancing in your eyes, and Jaehyun forced himself to turn back to the magazine, flipping the page to read the first question loud enough for the both of you to hear.
"First question," he says, turning to the magazine "Do girls need permission from their parents to wax their private parts?"
you note the word girls, so you answered, "Yes."
"I'll go with No, you don't need permission to do it," he says, flipping back the page to see the answers, and then you were the one smirking this time.
"note the "girls" in it, meaning, the female in question is probably underage," you point at the word in the magazine, "Y/n ever the meticulous one," you shrugged, shooting him a lopsided smirk, Jaehyun rolled his eyes this time at your confidence but there was a lazy grin hanging on his lips as he flips back to the questions,
"Why do you even wax it in the first place, no one sees it,"
"We see it."
He looked at you before he's bursting out a big fat laugh, other passengers looked at the both of you and you hurried to put your palm around his mouth to shut him up. Jaehyun's ears are red and his cheeks are flushed. You murmured curse after curse just to shut him up but he's bent on teasing you about it.
"Next question, please." You asked politely.
"Who daydreams the most during sex?"
"Boys, definitely boys. Isn't that the reason why you keep on watching porn?" Oh, how Jaehyun loved the curious innocence in you.
"No, we watch them when we can't have actual sex, when we're with a partner then we watch them. Definitely Woman. "
"I oppose."
Jaehyun turn the page again to look at the answer, Woman before saying "I told you so,"
"The third question," he reads "Next most commonplace for couples to have sex after the bedroom?"
"Kitchen, like the guy going from the back to surprise the girl while she cooks," you trail your sentence, embarrassed that you might give away
"Your such a romantic," Jaehyun commented and you heard the slight mockery in his voice. "Hey, what's wrong with being a romantic," you punch him lightly in the arm as the both of you laugh.
"I'll go with Car."
"What?! Isn't that, like, risky? People could see you doing it," You murmured intently.
"The more reason why you do it." He says as a matter of fact,
"Gosh. People are so freaky it's kind of scary." You say.
Jaehyun raised a brow at you, "It's like you haven't had sex in a car before." He noticed how your lips parted as if your ready to argue your point with him but then your closing your lips again, turning your upper body towards him before leaning in slightly, "Never. Swear."
Jaehyun thinks otherwise, "What? You've been with your boyfriend for so long, don't tell me you haven't tried car sex ever since?" He says. You were bewildered for a moment, and then you were confused. "Boyfriend? What Boyfriend?" You asked.
"Isn't Mark Lee your boyfriend?" He asks
"Correction, He's my best friend. And no, Mark has someone back in Korea. He's too whipped for the girl." You wave your hands in front of his face.
"Okay, still, I'd bet you're going to have sex in a car, anyways." If you were Jaehyun's, he'd make sure he'd make it happen, knowing that it would be your first time having sex in a car, it would be more interesting to see how you would react with how the both of you could get caught.
You took the initiative to read the next question, "Most use sex position?"
"Missionary," you answered, Jaehyun turned his head towards yours and tips it sidewards near your head. "Of course, you would say that. I'll go with taking them from behind or girls going top."
"You're so fucking lewd, Jeong Jaehyun." You commented, and he smirks, oh the things he's done inside the bedroom. It was your turn to smirk when he turns the page to reveal the answer.
"Told you." You say in a trump victory and confidences, for a second, Jaehyun's brain pictured you under him, naked, writhing and moaning for him.
He turned his attention back to the magazine to help clear out the erotic scene that keeps playing in his head, there's a dent in his pants forming under the magazine and he placed it securely on his lap to hide the evidence in his pants.
"Ok," Jaehyun glance at you, "How long does an average woman's orgasm last?" you pondered for a moment, hated the fact that it's the question that you wanted to avoid and it's already giving the fact that you haven't even tried orgasming, well, with the list of guys you had in your bed, you can really tell the reason why. "8-10 Seconds? I don't really know, if it's a minute then I'm doing something wrong," you say, unsure, Jaehyun doesn't give you the usual smirk when he heard the uncertainty laced in your voice, he's waiting for your answer, intently, He knows that your answer with this one could be personal. Then he realized the meaning along the lines of your words and swears that he'd never been so turned on in a public space before in his entire life.
"You never cum during sex before?" He asked voice tighter.
"No, no one made me do it, just kind of happen. Plus, I only tried sex once." You say. For a second, Jaehyun has never been so grateful in his life than today with the magazine in his lap. He looks speechless for a moment, gaze locked in your lips as you jut your lower lip out, Jaehyun just wanted to pull you in so he could taste you, before answering the question "19-20 seconds."
Jaehyun flips the page to see the answer, "20 seconds." he smirks at you, "What?" you asked him, rolling your eyes, and Jaehyun found how hot you look from how you're annoyed and bothered you are right now.
"You read the next question," you say to him. "How often do men think about sex? Every 7 seconds, minutes, or hours?"
You waited for him to answer since he's the expert in this field, but Jaehyun's face scrunched, "We don't really think of it all the time per se, but when we do and the time aligns it's almost imbibed."
"Well, thinking about sex isn't a bad thing." You rationalize. "7 minutes."
"That often?" You asked shocked. Your denim jacket's long forgotten in your lap and you still find it hot inside the plane.
"Probably same with women." He countered.
"You think?"
"Y/n be honest, you're thinking about sex right now."
Tension was fat against the air the both of you are breathing in the current moments, and Jaehyun waited for your answer only to be disturbed by a thick voice coming behind you.
"Jae." Both of your heads turn towards the direction of the voice, of course, your little bubble had to be stopped.
It was Jieqiong, "Can I talk to you for a sec?" Jaehyun turns towards you before looking back at her.
"Now?" For a moment, your brain thinks Jaehyun seems to be a little annoyed. "Sure. Give me a moment, I'll come to find you." Jaehyun didn't break his gaze away from her, his bent on his intentions as he waited for her to walk away.
We both watched as Jieqiong move back up to her aisle. You heard Jaehyun heave a sigh under his breath before unclasping his safety belt.
"I'll stand so you can move out," I say. "Thanks."
You stepped aside and made a mistake of standing towards the direction's his heading for, and now you're flushed towards Jaehyun's, body pressed towards each other, you can feel his proud member through his jeans brushing when he passes and both your body aligned. Jaehyuns lips were against your ear, pausing when both of you are face to face and bodies aligned, pushing you further flush against him so you could feel what effect you had against him.
"Not helping."
When he came back he's all tense and a frown was clearly visible on his face, You stood up to let him in when the announcement from the captain that you are going to land soon boomed throughout the whole airplane,
"Were landing, huh," Jaehyun says as a matter of fact. He doesn't want this trip to go to waste, he's in a foreign country, the Philippines. Touring Boracay seemed to be a feverish daydream for him months ago but now, he just wants to stay inside his hotel room for the next three days.
Jaehyun stuck to you throughout the whole baggage claiming, whilst Chu and Yuqi are far gone with Lucas and Dejun. You can't believe they'll ditch you for their boyfriends but you understood, they promised to hang with you later tonight anyways.
Room assignments seemed to be a problem for you but not the entire student body, when the sheet provided wasn't even going to be used as students hurried to get the hotel key cards of the choice they want. You got yours and didn't bother to look for someone to share your room with, in your case, it's no big deal.
The officers let you settle down for the whole afternoon, the itinerary for tonight's events is all packed by the organizers. You have to be down at the lobby by 6:45 pm later tonight.
When you were done settling inside your room, you head to the balcony to take a look at the ocean, It was crystal blue that reflects the sky, you move to place your palm against the reelings and inhaled the fresh air. You don't know if this is a blessing in disguise but you honestly don't mind. Your mind wanders back towards Won-woo, you remember him smiling down at his phone as if he's all giddy and ticklish, not someone who went on a break up in your opinion. But then again, who are you to judge?
When evening came, students flock in the lobby as you stole Jaehyun a glance, he's together with your older brother and his other teammates from the other departments, it's good to see him goofing around again. When he felt the need to look behind him as if there was someone staring at him, Jaehyun saw how you averted your gaze and doesn't miss the smile on your lips when he caught you checking on him. Jungwoo followed his gaze, and raises his eyebrows at his friend, at the center of the hall where you, his baby sister, standing together with your other friends, smiling like an idiot while you averted your eyes in a heartbeat when you saw Jaehyun turn around. Jungwoo didn't miss this exchange of looks between the two of you, and he smiled before wrapping his arms around the older guy's neck and Jaehyun shook his head at him while letting out a nervous giggle.
The seminar ended quite fast and now, you have all the night for yourselves to enjoy the Boracay Night Life. two hundred students flock around the lobby, eager to sign the attendance sheet by the reception desk, kudos to the Events team of your Hospitality Department for doing this tour and handling all students from the marketing, accounting, finance, and hospitality department, just students who joined this trip in general.
You went back to your hotel room to change into a dress, putting a little bit of highlighter and blush, before putting your favorite lipgloss that Doyoung gifted you on your birthday last year, there was a faint knock in your door, "Y/n, It's me! you wanna come and have dinner with me?" You heard Jungwoo shout outside, and you hurried to open your door to let him in, "Gosh, Why are you so loud? People could be resting." you say to him.
"People are downstairs." he says as a matter of fact, "Partying like animals." He added. "Anyways, Let's go have dinner before drinking. Tomorrow's event won't start till 2 in the afternoon, so, I think it's safe to have a couple of drinks after."
"Yeah, sure," you say as you bend over to retrieve your flat sandals on your language.
"That dress is way too short on you now," Jungwoo commented after lying in your hotel's bed.
"I know, it's because I grew taller." You heard your brother snorted at you,
"I'm just worried, It's way too short." you look at him and there was a frown forming on his face.
"Oppa," You never really call him big brother, only at times, when you want something. "I'll be fine, we're on a beach, anyways."
Jungwoo pounded for a second before nodding at you, "Can't you were safety shorts, though?"
Jungwoo leads you to a restaurant near your hotel, when you arrive, you saw Yuqi seated beside Lucas, you ask where's Chu, and the girl appeared behind you, pulling you down to a seat on the bean bags the restaurant has provided, you find it a little difficult to seat without your dress hiking up and you just fuck it since your wearing a bikini underneath anyways, Jaehyun was the last one to arrive, you notice a frown seating at his face like he's uncomfortable or something, he walks towards the bean bag beside you since it's the only empty space around.
"We already ordered a while ago," Lucas mentioned, and the other agreed since they'll eat anything. Delicious was an understatement, plus the food was really cheap, your table was cleared off the dirty dishes and alcoholic beverages are now placed in front of you.
You were having a pleasant time, hearing some stories for the first time, amazed that your brother and his friends have more interesting gossip than you could really offer on the table.
You saw the faculty walking toward the other Resto Bar beside yours and you all wave at your professors, reminding your group not to get too trashed and be responsible young adults so you can get up easily in the morning. You laugh it off and told them the same.
You were having a good time.
The internship was now the current topic, and Jaehyun groaned beside you, Lucas laughed at him, "I still need to finish my internship, not to mention we still have 3 games left for this season before it ends."
Dejun affirmed that he should just enjoy it since his graduating this semester,
"That's right, enjoy it while it still lasts, all of this will be gone the moment you get your diploma," you commented, He glances back at you, his eyes trailing to your milky thighs before his eyes meet yours, suddenly, noise has fallen into the background and the conversation continued with the others.
"It's good to see you having a good time," you say, and Jaehyun tilts his head a little bit, his ears and cheeks are flushed from the alcohol as he smiles at you.
"I am, having a good time," he admits, as if saying that to himself. He was annoyed that Jieqiong had the guts to walk back in his life as if nothing happened, he realized when she talked to him a while ago, that he wasn't that hang up with her anymore, he moved on. He had moved on, the feelings he used to feel with her weren't the same as before, he was just caught up in the fact that he was left without answers and that he keeps on questioning himself, what did go wrong, did he made a mistake?
Those were the last lingering feelings he had for her because she had taken all of his goofy nature, his chill, and easy-going self back to the night she broke up with him.
Jaehyun realized, he doesn't want her again, He just wants his old self back, he realizes that he won't get it back if he's too caught up with his dilemma with her.
Too much alcohol, You had too much alcohol in your system that both Jaehyun and Jungwoo had a hard time getting you back in your own room.
"Fuck it, let's put her in our room. I can't sleep knowing my sister might choke herself in her sleep because of her vomit," Jungwoo says and Jaehyun groaned. "Jae, you carry her and I'll carry her purse.
"She's your sister,"
"I know,"
"Why do I have to carry her?"
"Sicheng, do you want to carry my sister?" Jungwoo turned to Sicheng and he nods,
"No, I'll do it." Jaehyun even snatched your purse away from Jungwoo's grip before hanging it in his neck, He scoops you up bridal style and headed to his room with a huff. Jungwoo turned to Sicheng before giving the guy a pat on the shoulder.
"See you tomorrow, you too, guys! Don't drink too much. Lucas! Take care of Yuqi, Dejun! stop letting Chu have more drinks!" He reminded them before walking in the path where Jaehyun walked off.
Jaehyun placed you in his bed before tugging the blankets to drop them in your body, small puff of breath leave your lips, and he notices how your chest heaves up and down from your steady breathing.
He took a seat beside you and study your face, he finds your lips inviting as if it's begging him to attached his lips to yours, all reasons in his head will leave him if he continued staring at your face.
"Hmmm, Jeon." Something throb inside him when he heard you mumbled someone's name, for a moment he imagines you mumbling his name in your sleep. You would probably sound angelic, and at that moment, Jaehyun realizes, he wanted you more than anything.
When you realize that there's someone talking inside your room, you sprint to get your upper body up so fast that it shocked both Jaehyun and your brother.
"Why am I here?" You asked when you realize that you're not in your own room, the worry inside your chest fading when you saw your brother.
"You literally passed out last night," Jungwoo says as he sips in his iced coffee, Jaehyun stood up and offered you a cup of water, "Drink this, It may help with the thirst."
You reached out to wrap your fingers around your neck, feeling how your throat is hoarse and dry before reaching towards the cup, and Jaehyun watched the way your fingers framed the skin around your neck. He averted his gaze away from you, walking back towards the table he and Jungwoo were seating on.
"What time is it?" You asked the both of them, you reached for your purse that was placed at the bedside table,
"It's 11, eat your lunch downstairs before going back to your room, Jaehyun will come with you, so," Your brother trailed off when you were about to complain about eating alone, he stood up ready to leave after he gathered his stuff for the last event later this afternoon, "I need to help with the class this time, or else I won't be graded."
Both you and Jaehyun nod your head to the boy, and before you know it, your brother is heading out, leaving you alone with Jaehyun.
There was a pregnant silence hanging around the air, it was thick enough to cut it with a knife. Jaehyun turns towards you, "Your brother said you hate eating alone?" he asks as he moves towards the bed, in front of you, though he says it rhetorically. You laughed at what he said, brushing your hair in an attempt to straighten it a little, "The word he used is Despised." He smiles,
"I do hate eating alone," you say.
"You never eat alone? at least, once?" Jaehyun tilts his head as he questions you.
"I do when it can't be helped, but I would rather not do it, eating alone feels sad, and food doesn't taste the same when your not eating with someone," You shrugged as you explain even find yourself unsure.
"No, I totally get you." Jaehyun offered you his hands, and you took it to get up from the bed.
It wasn't hard to fall headfirst, in love with someone, not when the settings align, and the Gods are at his side, edging him further to the cliff. Not when he's at a place far away from the comfort of his home, but the place is anything but, just. For Jaehyun, It wasn't hard realizing what he wanted when you're in front of him, the morning air is flowing against you, your hair is flowing back, and there is a halo surrounding you as you took your seat in front of him, eating with gusto as if what you're eating is the most expensive meal ever served.
"Gosh, this is the best combination, I've ever had," you say as you checked the menu to check the name of the dish you were currently having, it was some rice, egg, and some red meat that was sweet and for some reason, it has become your most favorite food. "Tocino." you read out loud, Hmm, Interesting
Jaehyun's Tonkatsu was long forgotten, just watching you eat at your heart's content is enough for him to get too distracted to even gaze at his own food.
Jaehyun saw how your tongue swipes the leftover juice in your bottom lip, and he watches in awe, as you bite the flesh between your upper and lower teeth.
You weren't aware of the things you do, and Jaehyun's face contorted like he's in pain or something.
"What's up?" You laughed nervously.
Jaehyun wanted you, but he's not going to force himself on you, so you would want him the same way. No. But the list of the things he wants to do to you is getting longer and he's getting impatient, and he's not blind and stupid enough to see the attraction you had for him, he doesn't care, he would take advantage of that little affection you had for him.
The frustration is clear in his face, and you thought He was hurting.
"Are you hurt somewhere?"
"No, are you always this innocent? Or are you playing with me?" You were shocked to hear him say that.
"Where is this coming from?" You asked, voice lowering into a decibel. You feel Jaehyun's heat radiating off of him, and he pushed his chair back to reach for your hand across the table, pulling you up and walking back to the hotel's elevators. He pulled you inside and pushed the button of your room's floor and then he's pulling you towards him before slamming your back against the wall and going into attached his lips into yours.
You gasped and you sounded delicious in his ears, Jaehyun slips his tongue inside your flesh and you feel like melting in his arms.
The both of you come back to reality when you heard the ding of the elevator as it slides open, you gaze at his eyes.
"You have no idea how I want you so fucking bad," Jaehyun murmured, his lips next to yours, before his sliding his lips across your cheeks with little pecks.
"J-jaehyun, we have to go out." You said but doesn't make a move to get off the elevator.
The event's coordinator was giving his thank you speech, and you saw your brother in his uniform, the one that looked like what the guy at the reception desk is wearing, except, your brother's vest has your University's Logo.
Jungwoo stood out like a sore thumb with his classmates beside him, he's so tall and his height totally gives him away, his co-varsity players howling at the back to cheer him up when he walked towards the platform to get his certificate in completion of this tour and event.
When the seminar ended, students flock in the same lobby as yesterday, getting their signatures written in the reception desk for their attendance, and you wait for your turn patiently.
Chu came behind you, "Wanna come and have an early dinner? The others wanted to eat outside while watching the sunset!" you smiled at her as she wrapped her hands around you.
"This country is the best." you heard your brother say, and Dejun nods at him, "I agree, we didn't do much but It's even surprisingly satisfying to just experience being in here."
both of them are looking towards the horizon, it was the golden hour and the sun is setting, painting the sky with different shades of purple, pink, and yellow that reflects on the ocean.
All the people in this place have the same aura, they're enjoying their selves, this place even emits positive energy coming from everyone, and your group is all smiles and giddy with happy stomachs that were filled with good food.
Nightlife comes and the whole place is blasting with loud music, it wasn't annoying, and you're enjoying yourself too much, dancing with Chu and Yuqi at the center where a lot of bodies are also cramped dancing their worries away.
The tension between you and Jaehyun only grew larger that morning, if it weren't for a couple of tourists trying to get inside the lift, Jaehyun would probably take you there and you would let him do it. You haven't seen him since the last event, and your mind wanders back to him, your eyes scanning the vicinity, subtly looking for him.
Your mind easily imagining him and Jieqiong getting back together, you brush your hand through your locks, suddenly feeling tired of the loud bass booming through your ears, you excuse yourself to the other two girls and head towards the hotel.
Jaehyun saw you leaving the place, and he stood up, excuse himself towards his teammates, before going after you as you tread the path to your hotel. His teammates groan and tried to set him down, saying it's too early to call it a night but he wouldn't budge.
When you realize that you're throwing the chance to be free and happy for the night because of your worry, you turn around with a scrawl on your face, determine to party your worries away, this is a once in a lifetime chance and you won't let anyone or anything stop you from having a good time,
But then, you saw Jaehyun in a safe distance, in the dark, both his hands inside his pockets as he looks at you, he's wearing this red button-down polo, it has a tropical print on it that look ridiculous but he looks hot on it, his hair are disheveled as if he's been running his hands through them all night.
You can't believe what was happening, and the only thing you could do was huff in annoyance before running your fingers through your hair in an attempt to get the strands out of your vision.
"Fucking hell." You muttered before walking to him, you grabbed his collar when you reached him, tilting your head to the side, before diving in to kiss him feverishly.
Jaehyun matched your urgency, grabbing your waist and pulling you flush against his body. You feel warm against him, your flesh hot against his tongue, the vanilla scent of your body is driving him mad and he's taking every bit of energy left in his system not to push you down on the sand and fuck you brainless.
"Where have you been?" You can't help but ask when his lips trail down towards your neck. You felt him smirk, "Just there, watching you all night."
"You're such a creep," you can't help but get your core to moisten at his answer.
You pushed him away slightly and lead him towards the entrance, "You're not going to fuck me here, Jeong. I won't allow you."
"Hmmm, No, not yet."
It was silly how you banter back and forth between light and heavy flirting till you get inside your own hotel room.
You haven't even pushed the door closed and Jaehyun grip's on you doesn't loosen even the slightest, you manage to kick the door close before turning to face him, your fingers threading deliciously on his strands and your lips met again.
You felt a shiver down your spine when you felt him ripped your blouse in different directions, the buttons that popped off flew in unknown directions.
Not bothering to take your undergarment of, Jaehyun slipped his hands underneath it and massage the flesh, it's as soft as he imagined, even better. There was a dark glint in his eyes when your gaze both met and he dips his head down while pulling the piece of clothing you had in your upper body away from your breast and you freed the hook to throw it away.
It freed away, bouncing. Nipples at its peak, you let out a surprised squick when you feel his tongue glides to your left nipple, his other hand squeezing your right mound, your body began falling backward and if it weren't for Jaehyun's right arm wrapped around your body, the both of you would be stumbling down the floor with a loud thud.
Jaehyun guided your bodies towards the cabinets where most of your luggage is neatly placed, he leaned you against one of the cabinets before he's going down, kissing every skin and flesh that he could reach.
You nod, as if understand before his zipping your shorts and pulling them down together with your underwear.
Jaehyun had the audacity to keep your undies in his back pocket.
You realize you were fully naked in front of him and he's completely clothed head to toe, you were about to complain but then his hands are on your right calves and he's pulling it up after placing it in his broad shoulder.
You shuddery at feeling exposed, but he didn't let you feel anything when his fingers spread you out and his tongue lapsed on your clit.
Your hips jerked towards his face and he looked up at you as his eyebrows shoot upwards. Jaehyun's still mocking you and you want to curse him. Jaehyun's bent on destroying your resolve, he's claiming you. You had all the chance to walk away from him a while ago, but all of it is gone the moment he had a taste of you. He owns you.
Your hand grabs somewhere to help balance yourself and the other was wrapped tightly in his hair, He lapped at your little bundle of nerves and then he was inserting two fingers inside of you at once.
"Jaehyun, fuck." You moaned out and he could swear he could feel some cum leek out of his member when he heard you moaned out his name for the first time.
His fingers tortured you, but his tongue do wonders towards your clit, and he wasn't even doing that much but you feel the coil inside you snap and you're already reaching the peak for the first time. Jaehyun lets you ride your orgasm, reminding you that only he can make you feel that. Your vision blurred and you can help the groans and moans from spilling from your lips anymore.
It took a full minute for you to come down from your high, using all your energy, you pull him up and clashed your lips towards him.
Jaehyun slipped his fingers out of you and you groaned at the feeling of being empty, you watched as he put his fingers between you and him, and then his reaching towards your mouth, you looked at him questioningly.
"Suck." And you compiled to his wishes, your reached for his hands, parting your lips before putting it inside, your pink flesh dance around his fingers and you took it from the base to the top and release it with a pop, cleaning his fingers off your juices while maintaining eye contact.
Jaehyun's going crazy as he chuckled dryly. Jaehyun turned you around and you found yourself facing the cabinet, pressed against the cold surface as he delivered a delicious slap against your round bottom,
You heard him unbuckle his belt, "Do you even know how hot you looked when unbuckled your safety belt back in that fucking plane without looking at it?"
You don't know what's he's talking about this time, you can't even comprehend the words coming out of his lips, the only sound registering in your head is his belt being unbuckled as he zips his shorts open, you felt his proud member rubbing against the cheeks of your butt, and Jaehyun moaned from the contact of your skin.
You feel him tugging on your hips, and you pushed your butt up against him, his hand slapped your butt cheeks again before his fingers are spreading it apart and you feel him rub his tip towards your entrance, you're still sensitive from your orgasm and you don't know if you can keep standing up, but your system's too fucked up to comprehend anything anymore when the adrenaline is rushing through your veins.
"No, no condom. I want to feel you." Jaehyun stops for a moment when he heard you, he was about to put the elastic on his member when you feel him stalling, you turned your head around to see him putting a condom.
"You sure?"
"I trust you." You say to him, you're so horny that all rationality leaves your head and you hope this decision won't be a problem to you in the future. Jaehyun loses his shit, he confirmed it, he has no control over his sanity anymore, he leaned his forehead against your cheeks, both of you breathing heavily.
He disregarded the item and his touch is back against your hot skin.
You felt his tip back against your entrance and Jaehyun reached his other hand to turn your head around as he attached his lips back to yours, you were distracted with his delicate touches for a second, and then you feel him ease into you slowly,
Whining, you wiggle your body and tried to move away from him, it was too much, and you don't think you could take him,
"Why are you so big?" You manage to ask,
"Be a good girl for me and take it." you moaned when he pushes further, "You're not going anywhere, so stop moving." You whined again, and he pushes his hilt all the way until you feel him against your cervix, "Fuck," you heard him say, "You feel so fucking good," Jaehyun wrapped his arm around you while his left palm is pressed against the shelves for leverage.
His arm that is wrapped around you traveled upwards and he took a hold of you, his fingers wrapped snugly in your neck. It wasn't overbearing, and you clenched on his dick because of the act.
"Didn't know you have this kink," he murmured.
"I don't,"
Jaehyun growled when you clench again, and then he's moving, you moaned as you throw your head back, you didn't know sex could feel this good, or maybe you just have to be with the right person to feel this kind of pleasure.
All of your senses are filled with him, about him, you hear him, feel him and see him. He pistols his hips deliciously towards your hole, at this rate, you won't even last long, you were a moaning mess.
You turn your head to him and Jaehyun captured you in a kiss, he tasted something salty, and when you broke the kiss away, he notices how your eyes are glistening with tears, your lips are parted and you looked ethereal.
He wanted to fuck you dumb until it's only him that runs through your mind, till there is nothing inside your head but him.
You feel the same feeling again when you were about to come and Jaehyun notes how your insides are tightening second by second, he pulls his member out and you whine at the loss of his warmth before his pushing his dick back in again.
"Hmmm, I'm going to cum," you cry out, you felt his fingers rub against your clit, and you were cumming on his dick as if it was the trick that made the coil snap for your climax, he continued fucking you through it and Jaehyun was more than satisfied that you're not restricting your moans anymore, the both of you are near the door and he's sure that anyone who happens to pass by will hear the both of you,
Imagining it only made his dick harder, and you cry out from overstimulation, You feel him pull out, carrying your limp body up and walking towards your bed, he sat on it, leaned against the headboard, and tug you up, motioning for you to straddle him.
You comply with his demands, reaching back to touch his dick for the first time behind you as you sunk lower on his proud member.
Jaehyun guided your hips as you move awkwardly on top of him, "You're so fucking lewd, Jeong Jaehyun." You remind him from your conversation back at the plane, where he chose to take a girl from behind or letting them ride his dick. He's too fucked out to laugh but there's a small chuckle escaping his lips.
You smirked at him, since his shorts are already discarded around the room, you took the chance to do the same thing he did with your blouse, you ripped his shirt open while riding his dick, palming his body as you move your hips.
Jaehyun's cursed under his breath, he finds everything you do sexy, breathing even. Before it even down to you, your back are flat against the mattress, Jaehyun's hands are secured against your head for protection, and he thrust his hips at your core anomalistically.
You cried as you let him use your body however he wanted it, Jaehyun was getting too distracted with how your breast bounces from his trust, he laps on your nipple before biting it slightly, Before you know it, another orgasm is coming down to you, and you grab him tighter. You grab that chance to pull him close to you.
Jaehyun watched your face as you reach another peek, you look so fucking lewd, so fucking perfect for him.
You dig your heels in his back as you embrace him, "Jae," calling him in his nickname never sound so fucking sexy, not until you, who was whispering in his ear. You sound so spent and tired, but you were glowing,
"I want to feel your cum inside me." You assure him it's okay, and he felt like a boy who was given permission to eat the piece of chocolate on the table, he snaps his hips one last time before he's shooting his load inside your walls. Jaehyun kiss you as he continued pushing his hips, riding his climax as he tastes you.
He collapses after, his dick still inside of your flesh. You feel it getting soft inside of you but it was still big enough to ride on it. He moves to the side of the bed so he doesn't crush you with his weight,
"Goddamn," you say under your breath. He turned his head in your direction, there was a glow in your face and Jaehyun found himself smitten and flustered under your gaze, he turned his body to your side before shoving his face on your neck to hide his face that is turning red with how he felt his cheeks and ears are getting extra warm.
Jaehyun put the blanket around your bodies before snuggling next to you again, he was scared that you'll get cold because of the AC,
"Hmmm, are you leaving?"
No fucking way, Jaehyun wanted to blurt that out but he stopped himself.
"I think My brother's suspicious of us, I think you should go back to your room, hmm?" You murmured while you're fighting yourself with your sleep. He ponders for a moment and Jaehyun remembered your other brother, Kim Doyoung. Though he's least of his problems now, he knows he's going to be a big one when this trip is over.
And then, he realized. What would happen when this trip is over?
You manage to convince Jaehyun to go back to his room, or just let your brother know of his whereabouts, you told him he could come back in the morning if he wanted.
So, at 4 am Jaehyun was at his own bed in his hotel room together with Jungwoo who was fast asleep.
Jungwoo starts his day early in the morning, having to be done with his coffee every 7 in the morning. And when he had the chance, Jaehyun grab it and went back to your room, he had your extra keycard, making it easy to enter your space, but he frowned when he saw your bed empty, he walked towards the bathroom and saw you inside the bathtub, fast asleep inside the warm water.
His heart almost falls when he saw you unconscious inside the tub, but then he heard you sigh and stir slightly in your sleep.
When he reached you, Jaehyun saw your body, and the traces he left on you, he felt himself growing in his pants again and he finds it hard in himself to control his desires. He rests his palms against your warms cheeks and you stir at his cold touch, gaining consciousness little by little, as your senses acknowledge him. You hum, your throat felt too dry, you didn't really expect him to be back.
"You here," Of course, he's here, Jaehyun doesn't really think of any place he'd rather be than where you are.
He smiled at you, "How long have you been in the water?" He scooped you up, your body's warm due to the temperature of the water and he wonders what could have run in your mind that you sleep while taking a bath.
You giggled as he lifts you up and placed you down on the sink, before wrapping a dry towel around your body to dry you, "They say a warm bath will help your body relax after sex,"
Jaehyun raises his eyebrow at that, a dangerous smirk blooming on his face and he looked so charming, to the point it can be a sin.
"And who told you that?"
"The internet."
He laughed at your response, then again, the internet isn't wrong about that. He heaves a sigh at the same time you do,
"What are we sighing about this time?" He asks. And you shrugged, "You tell me," you answered him. You didn't know but you have the same worries running on his mind.
Jaehyun carries you again to the bedroom, putting you down on the bed, you plan to reach for a shirt since you're dry enough and shivering from the cold, but Jaehyun seems to have other plans.
You were about to get up but then you felt him hover above you, his lips attacked your neck feverishly, He unwrapped the towel he gives you earlier, tugging it away from your body before his lips finally attached to yours and you let him slip his tongue inside of you,
"Fuck," he murmured. You felt so warm inside, maybe because you were inside the water for too long that you've become feverish, and Jaehyun's dick twitch at the thought of fucking your sweet and warm cunt.
"Hgnnn," you groaned when he spread your legs and instantly palms your center, you shiver from his cold touch, all you can do is close your eyes as you writhed in pleasure under him.
Jaehyun won't stop, not until you're dumb out of your mind and begging him to take you, he tortured your clit, and before you knew it, he's riding your first climax out of you with his fingers on your clit, looking at you in awe when your face consisted of pleasure all because of him.
Though Jaehyun wanted to fuck you dumb, he knows he got all the time in the world to do that later, you looked so delicately delicious this morning, felt soft and warm that he can't help but handle you like a fine glass who could break any moment.
Jaehyun swore he could cum right away with how warm you surround his dick, your walks felt so tight around him when he entered you in one swift motion, he tasted your lips as if memorizing your taste, moving inside of you felt like torture for himself, it was the best one, though.
Moans and grunts are heard inside of your room, "Baby, I won't last long if you keep clenching on me down there," He says and you only whine as a reply, you felt his feathery kisses all over your face and you clenched at the pet name even more.
Jaehyun's hip stuttered forward against you as the both of you reached your high, coming down from your climax as Jaehyun ride his out, you felt so sensitive, you could combust.
It was currently the last day of the trip, and students are free to do whatever they want, you had your breakfast with your friends per usual, and Jaehyun ignores the fact that Jungwoo is literally digging a dagger straight into his skull. Now, his suspicion is definitely confirmed. He pondered the idea inside his brain, for sure his Doyoung Hyung won't be delighted about it, but who is he to stop you from being happy?
You visited all souvenir stores that you found, tried local street foods, and tried getting a henna tattoo at the back of your neck, afternoon came and your group of friends decided that it would be the perfect time to dip in the water, all recreational activities surrounding the water are prohibited by the events class, though.
Night came and you spend the rest of your dinner time with your friends, trying out the restaurant at the center part of the island. You walk with Jaehyun at your right and you laughed at Lucas and Yuqi's petty argument, your group has already passed the second station of the island while site seeing.
You felt Jaehyun reach for your arm as he pulled you closer to his side, there was a slight blush resting on your cheeks and he found you flustered under his gaze, you tried hiding it while looking around your surroundings playing it cool.
Jungwoo wanted to puke at his sister and his friend, he can see that Jaehyun shows his affection openly towards his sister, and he's not sure whether it's a good thing or not, though Jaehyun's a committed guy when it comes to his partners, Jungwoo still can't help but be wary of Jaehyun's nature when it comes to the list of women that he had in his bed, though he trust in his friend, and he trust's in the process.
Jungwoo could only avert his gaze.
Jaehyun laughed at the fact that he's more worried about Doyoung than Jeon Won-woo, though what would he do had he known that the guy you were murmuring in your sleep was Won-woo? Prepare himself? He laughed at the irony.
Before Jaehyun was even branded as the name of your department, there was Won-woo who was also scouted by his very coaches, before he leads the team this season, Won-woo was the captain ball for the last previous years and before he and Jieqiong became the so-called "it couple" Won-woo and his girlfriend had the spotlight before, and then he graduated as if passing the crown to him.
Won-woo and Doyoung had been childhood best friends ever since, and he knew he had a long history with your family since he grew up as your neighbor.
The trip ended and all students are back to the reality of completing all the tasks given to them and meeting their deadlines, you weren't exempted from that and neither was he, but he makes sure he knows what you were up to.
To say you were shocked was an understatement and you weren't expecting Jaehyun's call let alone expecting that he has your contact information, You thought that what happened between you and him was a one-time thing, you were busy putting your things out of your luggage when your phone lit up, an unregistered number was plastered on its screen, you pick it up and answered the call thinking it was probably some of your friends.
And now you found yourself running out of your dorm building, and the sight of him in his usual black jeans, and white hoodie, waiting for you as he leaned his body towards his car.
"What are you doing here?" He must've driven here without thinking much of it and he looked at you as he inserted his hand on his pockets, you frown at him as you waited for his answer,
Finally, Jaehyun looked at you and shrugged.
"Seriously, what's up with you and Jaehyun?" Mark asks for the fourth time that day, he grabs a pack of sugar and puts it inside the trolly that he was pushing. You can't really answer him because you don't know what to say,
"Friends," you answered after a minute of thinking, your best friend stops in his tracks as he shoots you a look.
"Friends don't kiss each other like that," he says, as a matter of fact, preferring to that one time when Jaehyun was all over you during lunchtime for all the student body to see, you throw a box of cereal that he likes on his cart. That was one of the many problems that you had, you've pinned on one guy all throughout your life, you've realized your feelings towards Jeon Won-woo the moment that you started to differentiate what's left or what's right, and then there's Jeong Jaehyun,
"You see, comparisons are easily done, once you've had a taste of perfection," There goes your dork of a friend, him with his lyrical self, you pounder on what he said, besides it's not like Jaehyun wanted you more than a friend who he can fuck.
Jaehyun definitely wanted you more than that.
When the weekend came, Jaehyun phoned you and ask if you ever had plans for the evening, he asked you to accompany him for an errand his mother asks and you agreed to come,
That errand in question is being under the starry night sky, he had prepared a little food that you haven't notice at the back seat, he had a mattress laid at the back of his Silverado, Jaehyun had managed to find a perfect spot to stargaze and your heart swell at the thoughtful gesture, he helps you ease up before placing the food he had bought awhile ago.
The time you spent with him was pleasant not until it started to get cold and the both of you decide to get inside the vehicle, Jaehyun turns the heater on and reached for your hand, rubbing it before warming it with his hot breath.
"Is this supposed to be a date?" You asked jokingly, you saw him smile with that dimpled cheeks he has, it's the softest skin that your lips have grazed, and you watched how his ears give him away by turning red, by now you can easily read Jaehyun like an open book, you had asked that as a joke but you can't help but feel like this set up has been going on for too long, your mood turning sour.
"Don't you think we should stop doing this?" You asked, and Jaehyun turns his head towards you so fast you swear you can hear it made a sound, Jaehyun's gaze turned dark as he looks at you, he knows that the day will come and you'll be tired of playing this game, will he let go of you?
No, the moment he had a taste of you, of being yours, you've marked him permanently.
"Don't even think of running away from me, didn't I made myself clear back there during the trip?" He says as his fingers graze your clothed core, his lips trailed from your left cheek down to your neck.
"Be honest with yourself, y/n, do you really want to see me with somebody? You think you can fathom the idea of it?"
Anger seethed at your core being and you found yourself pushing him back to his place as you cross the compartment between the two of you to sit on his lap, you let Jaehyun unzip your dress at the back and let it pool at your hips, your breasts are at his full glory, Jaehyun met your eyes before dipping his head to lap at your nipple.
"Fuck," you swear you saw stars when you felt his hot tongue against your mound.
"Stop fucking around for once and be serious, Jae." You tug at his bottom lip between your teeth before releasing. Jaehyun almost lost it when you started grinding to get your core some friction, you whined when he holds your hips in place.
But then his hands found it's way behind you and he's pushing your underwear to the side, easing two fingers inside of you at a time. Jaehyun's senses are once again filled with you, the only thing he can hear is the sound of your breath against his ears and the sound his fingers are making when he moves it inside of you.
"Stop thinking like I'm fucking around," he heard his belt being unbuckled and he helps you free his cock from his pants, "You're the one who's caught up on your feelings,"
"I'm not," you denied,
"Think whatever you want us to be, I don't care, I just need you to want me the same way as I do,"
You didn't have time to comprehend what he meant by those words because Jaehyun was sliding himself inside you. "Fuck, so tight, baby."
"I'm yours, fuck." Jaehyun's hold of you tightens when those words fall out of your lips, and he fucks up towards you, his hands all over your body.
"Say that again." He commands, getting a hold of you by the back of your neck as he pistols his hips upwards, he holds your gaze, you were fucked to the core, "Baby, say it." You clenched around him at the pet name,
"I'm yours,"
You met every thrust he made, slamming your hips on his dick, Jaehyun's moans edging you to do a good job, "Please, I want your cum."
"Where?" He really had the audacity to ask,
"Inside. Fuck," you climax before you know it and Jaehyun's hips stuttered at the same time. Both of you riding out your orgasms. Your moans filled the vehicle with his groans, nothing will ever top the feeling of cumming inside you and filling your hole with his cum.
You let yourself rest against his chest for a minute "You ruined my panties," you say not really annoyed.
"Not my problem that you got so worked up and get wet,"
"Hey! We just had car sex, so behave." His mind traveled back to the conversation you had back at the plane and he's smiling so big that you huffed out of annoyance at his reaction.
"I never would have thought about you initiating doing this first," he says while kissing your neck, Jaehyun's still rock hard inside you and you steady yourself, avoiding moving your hips for being too sensitive down there, "Didn't you said people are freaks for doing it in a car?"
You heard him tease you as you pushed yourself away just enough to look him in the eye, you shut him up by kissing him on the lips.
It's official, you're parents and brothers approved that you can move out of your dorm and live with Jaehyun's, He's graduating next month and he already landed a job from one of the top entertainment companies in your country,
You have at least a semester left to leave college, and Jaehyun gives you a list of possible companies that would accept you as their internship, you had your belongings inside the box that filled Jaehyun's living room, the both of you taking a break as you seat in the couch with lollipops in your mouth.
You whined, still ranting about the pressure that you feel from all the things you need to do, all the requirements you have to pass,
"Babe, you know you can ace it, besides you have no choice other than to complete it, or else you won't be graduating next semester, everyone has gone through that hell, you know I'm here by your side pushing you forward."
Oh, how you hate it when your boyfriend is giving you a list of possibilities and solutions for your problems when you just wanted to rant.
You kiss him on the lips, "I love you,"
He holds your hands that were placed on his cheeks, kissing them before disagreeing with you, "hmmm no, we both know I love you more."
------- <3 --------
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pinkchanelbag · 4 months ago
pining (in peace). — kenma.
Tumblr media
a.k.a., kenma “i’d tell her i like her but i’m sleepy” kozume.
— because things are actually pretty good how they are. because he likes (and really only has the energy for) taking care of you in those subtle ways. because he hasn’t begun prepping for the emotional charge and crippling fear of a confession. and he's in no rush. because, if he's honest, kenma feels like you'll be the one he ends up with regardless.
— constant hangouts that don’t feel like hangouts anymore. “hanging out” implies a start and an end to kenma’s presence in your day, which is like saying you pull all the hairs on your body out of their follicles at the end of every day and then re-place them in the morning. being around kenma doesn’t feel like hanging out with a friend. it feels the way blinking feels. 
— anyone wants to “talk to you in private”? their eyes will look over the brown-yellow mop sitting next to you, a short distance from you, or blended into the background, bent over a PSP or nibbling on some gummies or blinking at them like a people-watching cat. and they’ll have to mind him, as is clear when you say “huh? oh, it’s just kenma.” 
— he only realizes something is different with you when kuroo makes a joke about how kenma looks after you the way kuroo looks after him.
— in fact, it sticks with him so much that it idly wanders through his mind as he games into the night, and the next day when he sees kuroo, he asks him if his caring for you is unusual.
— “is that...bad? like, does that mean something?” and kuroo is grinning fondly at his oblivious best friend.
— like a good coach, though, he doesn’t just give kenma the answer. he points out that he (kuroo) takes care of everyone, pretty much, so there’s nothing unusual about him doing it. he points out that kenma isn’t like that, but vagues about how just because something is unusual doesn’t mean it’s bad.
— and that’s that...yeah, kenma thinks about it often and eventually does go “ohhh.......” but strangely enough, his realization that he has more-than-friends feelings for you doesn’t panic him much. he’s kinda like, “...weird.”
— don’t get me wrong; for a little while after he realizes, when he’s around you he becomes silently flustered for no reason other than his own feelings. he’ll catch himself thinking about how nice your hair looks that day and how you’re really nice to look at, then be like “yo stop.”
— but he falls easily into it, because kuroo is right: he does take care of you, and he enjoys doing it.
— like when the two of you are at your house after school and he’s looking through your fridge for a snack while simultaneously picking out packable-looking foods and tossing them at you, telling you to put them in your backpack. he doesn’t say—doesn’t need to say—that it’s because he knows you’ll forget to pack a lunch for tomorrow’s school day.
— or how he’ll never say it, but he prefers that you stay after school and wait for him to finish practice because he (usually with kuroo in tow) wants to make sure he accompanies you on the train.
— (especially after the time you called him right before practice, and how he got no response to his hello? but could hear the bustling of the train and your little voice responding to another—an older man’s. kenma couldn’t hear the man’s words, but his tone was casual, friendly. too friendly. too old. and you sounded scared. in an instant he hung up and called you back so that you had to visibly pick up a call, then told you to excuse yourself and move to the other side of the car, then get off at the next stop. and to stay on the phone with him , all the way home.)
— it’s why, now, he gets slightly frowny every time you say you’re heading home before him. you notice it, and it’s why you end up spending most days after school in the library or the picnic tables on the front lawn until the two boys come out to take you home.
— at school, in those free periods where you’re on the verge of passing out and kenma is playing his PSP, he’ll take off that practically statement oversized red hoodie so you can bunch it into a makeshift pillow and sleep next to him on the bench (he definitely doesn’t pause to look at you every now and then).
— kenma who has a cat (furudate told me himself) and when the two of you are at his house and you seem to be in a sad mood, he’ll lightly shove his cat’s bum in your direction so it’ll go cuddle with you.
— and when on the train or in free period or sitting on the grass somewhere, he notices the way you idly watch him play and he adjusts his hold on the PSP and his sitting position, sort of brings himself closer to you so you’re right at his shoulder with optimal view to watch his screen.
— he can’t help the sickly smiley feeling inside when you start asking questions about the gameplay, and he happily answers them in a soft voice close to your ear. if you really wanna make his heart ache, the way you lay your head on his shoulder after craning it weirdly to watch for so long will have him letting out the tiniest of lovesick sighs.
— kenma who won’t facetime you himself but will text you consistently and for long enough that you get tired of typing and call him yourself, and his heart stutters when he sees incoming call on the screen.
— he won’t talk much on those calls, instead choosing to listen to your voice as you go on about absolutely anything. if he feels like you’re becoming self conscious about how much speaking you’ve been doing, he’ll ask a question about the topic (he was listening to every word) to let you know he was invested, or bring up his own conversation topic so you wouldn’t feel like you didn’t let him “say his piece.”
— he’s sort of 😦😐 about the idea of romantic affection or intimacy mostly because he can’t see himself doing it; it’s a big factor of why he doesn’t make a move. the thought of him planning dates and kissing openly and saying things like “yeah, i was with my girlfriend.” it’s too unlike him. he couldn’t be that person.
— that was before you’d ever dozed off while on the phone with him.
— before he ever heard your sleepy voice that made something inside him go warm with a realization that hit him harder than when he realized he had feelings for you: he realized he wanted to hold you.
— or something like it. he wanted to be there with you as you fell asleep. instead of a speaker, he wanted to hear your voice through your own mouth. and if he thinks about your mouth, he knows he’ll wither away entirely.
— that was how he discovered the difference between liking someone and wanting them. not in a sexual way; feelings so strong that they could make someone want to cross the line between a crush and something more. to want someone enough that not being with them, not feeling along the lines of their existence and not being able to say all the things you think about them, hurts.
— kenma discovers what it means to ache for someone, and this is what panics him, because now, how can he not tell you?
— because he’s not the type of guy to hold hands in public or give compliments or consent to meaning something to somebody. but he knows, wearily, that he’d do it. if it’s you, he’d do it in a heartbeat.
— (yeah...maybe not so peaceful after all.)
Tumblr media
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mia-tiny · 4 days ago
Friendly Competition
⇒ pairing: softdom!c. san x fem!reader
⇒ smut, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, praise, fingering and oral (fem receiving), unprotected sex (do not do this irl), jealousy
⇒ word count: 1.9k
⇒ summary: On days where San’s jealousy arises, he challenges himself to a friendly competition to see just how good he can make you feel.
💕 view my masterlist here
Tumblr media
“San, please,” you whine as you come down from the high of your first orgasm and the oversensitivity makes you squirm while San continues to rub your clit steadily.
“Don’t give up on me just yet, Y/N,” he purrs in your ear with his chin resting on your shoulder as he sits behind you, your back pressed against his still-clothed chest. Your knees are bent and legs open wide as he plays with you on your shared bed. One of his arms reaches around you to rub your nipple while the other continues stimulating you down lower. “I am just getting started.”
There are nights every now and then that San challenges himself to a friendly competition where the goal is to make you orgasm as much as possible, the number increasing each time. His actions are usually spurred on by finding any reason to get jealous over you, most commonly when random men flirt with you in hopes of getting your number. Even though you always snub their advances, he can’t resist the need to prove how good only he can make you feel.
You already knew you were going to be in for a rough night tonight because of the events that occurred at a cafe earlier in the day. Despite you two sitting together and clearly looking like a couple, a random, albeit attractive, man cautiously approached your table and addressed only you.
“Excuse me? I'm sorry to interrupt, but you are totally my type and I was wondering if I could get your number.”
You were about to graciously decline, but San beat you to the punch.
“Excuse me.”
The man had only then looked at San as if he never noticed his presence beforehand, but San simply continued on.
“I guess you didn’t notice because you were too busy eye-fucking my girlfriend, but we are kind of on a date. So, no. You cannot have her number.”
The man had looked entirely humiliated as he turned and immediately left the cafe altogether. You stared in annoyance at your frustrated-looking boyfriend.
“San, you don’t have to be so mean about it. He probably just thought you were my friend or something.”
The low, unamused chuckle that he replied with instantly warned you of the events that are now unfolding as he begins sucking and biting your neck with the intent of leaving marks.
“You think just anyone can make you feel like I do?” he growls in your ear as you whimper and grip tightly onto his thighs.
“No, San.” Your voice comes out more as a plea than anything while your orgasm begins to build again, his fingers working expertly on your swollen bud. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum again.”
“Already?” he teases before nibbling on your ear, something he knows you love.
The combination of the different sensations he is giving you pushes you over the edge and your second orgasm comes crashing down on you. You can’t help but moan loudly and squeeze your legs together as the pleasure becomes overwhelming. Thankfully, he grants you some mercy as you come down from the high by removing his hands. He scoots out from behind you and you instantly fall back onto the pillows, exhausted from his efforts. You look ahead and find him now shirtless and sitting near your bent legs. He slowly opens them and takes a moment to stare down at your sex with hungry eyes.
“Such a pretty little pussy, and it is all mine,” he coos as you try to mentally prepare yourself for his next onslaught.
He uses his middle finger to slide up and down your slit a few times, causing you to jump each time he grazes over your throbbing clit. He easily plunges two of his digits into your hole before curling them upwards and brushing against your g-spot deliciously. You bite your lip to keep from whimpering at how good it feels.
San picks up the pace at which he fingers you while watching the pleasure unfold on your face, his cock hardening at just how sexy you look like this. Your hands grip tightly onto the bed sheets and tears prick at the corners of your eyes from the intensity of San’s movements.
“How is it, Y/N?” he questions, wanting to hear just how amazing he makes you feel.
“God, it is so good!” you groan, motivating him to increase his speed even more. “San, I can’t- I have to-”
“Cum,” he commands as he understands your overwhelmed babbling.
You immediately climax at his command and tears stream down your cheeks as your mouth falls open wide, no sound coming out from just how powerful your release is. He feels you constrict around his fingers and his dick twitches in his pants as he takes in the sight of you coming undone. Once your third orgasm finally subsides, he carefully slides his fingers out of you and all you can do is try to catch your breath while staring at the ceiling in exhaustion.
San, however, is merciless on nights like tonight and has started lapping at your heat before you have time to even get your bearings. You rapidly spring your head up with a loud gasp as your oversensitive clit is once again barraged with pleasure. He sucks and licks ruthlessly as you wiggle underneath him, but his hands hold your hips down so you can’t escape.
With just how hypersensitive your clit is already, it doesn’t take long before you are teetering on the edge of bliss once again. You don’t even have time to speak before a few more licks send you over the edge yet again. Your entire body tenses as he achieves your fourth orgasm of the night, the intensity getting stronger and stronger each time you climax.
Beads of sweat roll down your body as he only takes a break for a few seconds to slip his two fingers back into your pussy. Once he curls them up into the same spot he was assaulting just minutes ago, he also relentlessly laps at your swollen clit again. You feel like crying from how strong the sensations are, pitiful whines and whimpers falling past your lips as you give in to him completely.
“San,” you choke out as your high builds again, each time taking less and less effort to send you into ecstasy.
“You can do it,” he simply replies as he sucks on your nub even harder than before. You practically wail in satisfaction and agony as he continues through your intense fifth orgasm, loving the way you wiggle to try and escape his mouth and fingers.
He finally removes himself from your heat and you feel like you are floating at this point. Your head is fuzzy and your limbs feel like they weigh ten tons as you lay heavily on the mattress. San, after removing his jeans and underwear to reveal his rock-hard dick, gently leans over you and places soft pecks over your reddened face, ending up at your lips to kiss you passionately.
“You look so beautiful like this,” he purrs as he moves to kiss along your jaw. “Do you like it when I make you feel this good, baby?”
“Yes, San,” you mumble. “I love it.”
Even as drained as you are, you can’t help but enjoy the overwhelming amounts of pleasure he gives you, feeling proud of yourself when he compliments you on how good you are for him on nights like this.
“It’s your turn to please me, baby,” he coos playfully. “I want you to ride me until you cum again.”
You look at him in shock since you feel like you can barely even function at the moment, but he simply smiles down at you in a way that makes your heart flutter.
“I don’t know if I can,” you admit anxiously.
“I know you can. I will help you.”
He pecks the tip of your nose and moves to pull you up off the mattress. Your body aches as he lays down and assists you in sitting on his long cock. You whimper once again at the intrusion, but also revel in the joyous feeling of him stretching you out perfectly.
“Move for me baby,” he commands with a light smack of your ass.
Trying your best, you grind your hips back and forth on him and rest your hands on his chest. He uses his grip on your hips to help quicken the pace of your movements. With his guidance, the head of his cock brushes perfectly against your g-spot.
“Ah, right there,” you whine as you become motivated to move even faster and harder.
“You take my cock so well, baby,” he moans as the pleasure starts to get to him as well.
As he lifts his knees up behind you, you lean your body backwards and rest your hands there so that you can hit a new angle. You start bouncing up and down on his dick instead of grinding and instantly feel the bliss of another orgasm starting to build from the change. San notices your pussy tightening around his cock and reaches up to play with your nipples.
“Don’t stop,” you beg as your high approaches rapidly, hitting you hard after a few more thrusts of his dick. You tighten harshly around him as you freeze your movements and fall forward so that you are laying on his chest. He groans in your ear as he relishes in the euphoria of you constricting around him.
“Fuck, baby,” he curses as you finally come down again.
Without waiting for you to recover, he flips you over and sits back on his knees while using his hands to push your legs towards your chest. If you are counting correctly, you have only one more orgasm to go before he beats his previous record and you can finally relax. In the meantime, however, he begins pounding into you roughly and hitting you in just the right place. You give in to the pain and pleasure as he shows you no mercy and snaps his hips ruthlessly against you.
“San, please,” you whimper pathetically.
“Just one more for me, baby. You can do it.”
You can tell he is getting close to his own release by his louder moans and quicker momentum. When he can’t take it anymore, he brings his hand down to rub your abused clit, setting off your seventh and final orgasm of the night.
The intense tightening of your pussy around his cock induces his own high as he finally stills with his dick buried deep inside of you. You two fall silent as you cum hard together, bodies covered in sweat and sore from overuse. You glance at your beautiful boyfriend and revel in the sight of his euphoric state as his mouth hangs slightly open and he looks at you like you are his entire world. As you both begin to catch your breath and calm down, he slowly pulls out of you and flops next to you on the bed before pulling you into his embrace.
“I love you so much, Y/N.” He begins to stroke your hair as you rest your head against his chest and listen to his still rapid heartbeat.
“I love you too, Sannie,” you reply genuinely.
“Are you alright?” he questions with concern, always taking the time to check in after exhausting you.
“I’m perfect.”
He smiles warmly and presses a soft kiss to your forehead as you both lay calmly together. You absolutely adore how snuggly and affectionate San gets after sex like this. In the back of your mind, though, you can’t stop wondering how you are going to survive next time.
Lord help you next time someone asks for your phone number.
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ilici · 6 months ago
Summary: During Karl’s love or host you give Karl a blow job.
Warnings: Public humiliation.
Word Count: 1191
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Y/N watched her boyfriend get dressed up for his Love or Host tonight, and she felt a twinge of jealousy go through her. “Are you sure you have to do this?” She asked looking as Karl was putting on his blue button-up shirt, the one she got him months prior. “I don’t have to do it, but it will make great content. Plus nobody knows I am in a relationship, including my friends.” He reasoned, and Y/N just rolled her eyes. “I just don’t like the fact that girls will be fighting over you.” She said whilst crossing her arms, “Baby, I won’t actually date them. I have you.” He said walking up to her and kissing her cheek. “Is there not a platonic Love or Host?” She asked, and Karl just shook his head, and Y/N groaned turning around and walking away. “Have fun with your little girl toys.” She said annoyed, and Karl just sighed as he sat down joining the call that Austin told him.
“Karl Jacobs! Hello!” Austin chirped loudly and happily, while Karl smiled, “Hello Austin!” He greeted, as all the contestants were muted together in a call, “Here in a minute we will let you introduce yourself to the girls, then we will have the girls introduce themself.” He explained to Karl, and Karl just nodded his head, “Alright you ready to meet the girls?” Austin asked, and Karl just nodded his head, as he turned his attention to the girls that were now audible to hear. “Welcome to Love or Host featuring Mr. Karl Jacobs!” Austin yelled enthusiastically, and they all clapped, while Karl just giggled and hid behind his hand. “Okay, Karl introduce yourself.” Austin said and Karl situated in his seat, “Uh hello, I am Karl, I play Minecraft and make youtube videos with Mr. Beast.” He said, and Austin just laughed, “Very interesting.” He said, laughing quietly.
“Okay! Girls introduce yourselves!” Austin said, as he arranged them in the order he wanted them to introduce themselves, as the girls were introducing themself Karl heard his bedroom door open. Looking over he saw Y/N and he froze, “Karl? You alright? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” QTCinderella spoke up, and Karl glanced between his screen and his girlfriend. “Yeah I’m fine, my roommate came in to tell me he was leaving.” He said as Y/N made her way over towards Karl, and Karl kept watching her out the corner of his eye. “Karl you seem very paranoid now.” Austin pointed out, and Karl shook his head, “No I am fine.” He reassured them as Y/N sat down out of camera view. “Okay, question one, if you were to take Karl on a date where would you take him?”
Minx quickly raised her hand as Y/N moved under the desk, and motioned Karl to keep quiet and he instantly became nervous. “Yes, Minx?” Austin said, and Minx spoke up, “I’d take him to whatever place he’d want and let him have a good time.” She said and all the girls just laughed at her answer, “What the fuck is funny about that?” She said offended, and Karl now had his eyes glued to the screen, his entire body becoming hot. “I’m sorry it’s really hot in here.” Karl apologized as he started unbuttoning his shirt, and Austin panicked, “Karl! Karl, keep your shirt on!” He yelled, and Karl nervously giggled when he felt Y/N’s hands rub his thighs. “I’m not taking it off, just unbuttoning som-” He stopped his sentence when he felt Y/N add pressure to his clothed cock. “You were saying?” Boze asked, and Karl shook his head, “Nothing.” He said not wanting to say much.
Y/N was now unbuttoning his pants, and pulled them down rather roughly which made Karl fall down in his seat a bit, “Sorry, I tried to kick the water bottle under my desk and I didn’t realize how far it was.” He said laughing, before looking down quickly at his girlfriend. “Excuse me.” He said, muting himself and turning off his camera. He shot Austin a quick text saying he was going to the bathroom, “While Karl is on a bathroom break, I will also take a bathroom break. Girls talk amongst themselves, entertain the chat.” He said, and Karl glared at his girlfriend. “What the hell are you doing?” He asked and Y/N rolled her eyes, “I am just doing what any girlfriend does and pleasuring their boyfriend.” She said simply, and Karl scoffed, “In front of 80k people?” He said, and Y/N innocently shrugged.
“I don’t see the problem, you better hurry they might think you have fallen into the toilet.” She said smirking, and Karl glared, “Just be quiet and it never happened, but if you make a sound then all of those 80k people plus the girls and Austin will know what’s happening.” She said, as Karl groaned and reluctantly turned on his camera and mic. “I am back.” He said, and Austin spoke up, “Okay, back to the question.” He said, and Y/N reached up pulling Karl’s boxers off now. Karl shuddered at the cold air hitting his bare bottom half, “Didn’t you say it was hot? Now you are shivering.” Aquafina said, and Karl mentally cursed himself out for shivering. “I’m fine.” He said, waving it off and everyone dropped it.
Y/N grabbed the base of his cock, and licked a long stripe up it, and Karl inhaled sharply, as he tried to pay attention to the girl’s answers. “Be good.” Y/N whispered, “What was that?” Austin asked, and Karl looked around, “What was what?” He asked acting confused, “Oh sorry about that. I am watching Youtube.” Boze said, and Karl felt his entire body relax when he realized they didn’t hear Y/N. “Okay, Karl text me the three people you want in the bottom three,” Austin said, and Karl nodded not trusting his voice at the moment. Quickly typing out random people, not really caring about this anymore as his attention was now on his girlfriend. Y/N now wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock, swirling her tongue around it.
Karl bit his lip holding back the sinful sound that wanted to escape, and his face grew red quickly. “Karl are you sure you are okay? You seem really red.” Austin said, obviously concerned for him. “You might be sick,” Minx spoke up, as she looked at him genuinely worried. Y/N pinched his inner thigh motioning for him to answer as she finally put his entire length in her mouth. “I-I am feeling bit woozy, could we re-fuck-schedule?” He quickly rushed out hoping they didn’t hear the ‘fuck’ that he whispered. “Yeah, let’s do it whenever you’re free. Sorry guys, Karl is feeling sick so we will reschedule.” Austin said as everyone left one by one. The first to leave however was Karl, he never clicked the left button in his life. “God, you’re so in for it tonight.” He said, his entire face flushed red.
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