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I seriously (SERIOUSLY) doubt that! Writing him out in some way, perhaps (why would they tho? Unless Kiowa wouldn’t want to be part of the show anymore, I don’t see any reason to write Flint out). If they had to write him out, they could always say that he’s been deployed overseas or something, but killing off a POC character for no good reason, and off screen at that???? Absolutely not. 

Nah, if Kiowa’s schedule allows it (and he’s interested in doing more obviously) I’m sure he’ll be part of the show in some way. 

He hasn’t been very active on social media for a while tho, for all we know he could’ve filmed two movies in the past couple of months, and we wouldn’t know shit about it. And none of the other cast members are “helpful” either. So we fully rely on Kiowa to let us know if and when he’s in Santa Fe.

Yes, only time will tell, but it really is way too early to lose hope, and imo it’s completely unfounded to worry about him being killed off. ❤️

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Yayyy I’m so glad you liked it! And I hope you had a great birthday! Also Greg absolutely takes really cringey selfies and Isobel absolutely finds them endearing ❤️️

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Gabrielle! I love you, thank you so much 💙 I’m so happy to create fandom things and it’s so wonderful to see that people like them 😊

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YOU ARE THE SWEEEEEEEETEST, thank you so much! 🥺


Sending a hug right back! And I hope 2021 will be kind to you, too. ❤️❤️❤️

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Aww, Gabrielle!! 🥰🥰🥰 I love you too, you’re one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and I love talking to you 💜 I wish you all the best in 2021! 

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Thank you sm <3333

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amsterdam: would you drink in a room full of strangers?
drink as in alcohol? I don’t drink… but i suppose I would.

copenhagen: how many languages can you speak?
define speak. I mean I speak Dutch and English (obviously) with English being the only foreign language I speak well enough to have an actual conversation. And I speak a little German and French and I’ve picked up a few words of Spanish, Swedish and Norwegian thanks to Netflix - I’d love to improve all of those though!

stockholm: angst or fluff?
Fluff all the way. I’m no good with angst - in both writing and reading. it just depresses me.

lisbon: if you had the chance to become a prince/princess, would you?
erm… well… considering the dutch crown princess gets a few million a year the second she turns 18 and will never ever have to worry about money - i wouldn’t mind that!

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Thank you so much Gabrielle!! I’m so grateful to have met you and call you my friends!! 💙💙💙

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thank youuu 💗

1. What’s your favorite character(s) to write for?

  • TK from 911 Lone Star, Alex or Michael for Roswell, Merlin or Arthur from Merlin. I just a complex character who has issues and makes mistakes, it just makes writing about them and coming up with stories that much more interesting, plus tarlos, males and Merthur are like top opt’s so that helps

2. What character(s) do you find the most difficult to write for? Why?

  • Jeez thats a hard one, I’d have to say background characters can be hard to write for, I find Max quite hard to write for because I can find him quite plain with not much development (don’t yell at me) When I’m writing AU’s i find characters much harder to write for

16. What fanfic tropes do you avoid writing for?

  • not really a trope more of a genre I guess but I don’t write smut or any of the tropes that go with that, tbh now I’m thinking about it I am very basic with my tropes lol, classic h/c and fluff tropes are my fav

20. What feedback makes you the happiest to hear?

  • honestly, any kind of feedback makes me happy, whether its keyboard smashing, emojis or just screaming it all makes me smile, If i had to say what makes me the happiest, when someone comments on a specific line I’ve written, that always makes me smile extra hard.

✨ fanfic writer asks, lets chat ✨

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thank youuu so much, I love the enthusiasm! ✨✨

2. Nationality?: British,

12. How many siblings do you have? 2 older brothers but sadly one passed this time last year, it still doesn’t feel right writing 1 so sorry for the overshare

49. What does your wardrobe consist of? Lotss of merch from shows I like lol, t-shirts, skirts, trousers and a shit ton of patterned leggings! I love going out dresses and mesh tops so I have so many of them besides not wearing them all that often

50. Favourite colour to wear? Burgundy/Maroon, I just fking love this colour so much, and its the only colour I can also do a semi-cool eyeshadow look to go with my outfit, I also love wearing yellow lol

57. A popular trend you dislike? Uhhhh honestly I cannot think of a popular trend lol, I never got on the making tik toks trend that happened in the first lockdown but ???

Send me a number and i’ll answer pls

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If Wyatt gets a redemption arc but Flint doesn’t, I’ll riot. 😒

White characters (including the aliens) got away with too much stuff without being held accountable, that has to change. 

Flint did some shitty things, no doubt, but he also did quite a few of them under orders. Doesn’t make them right, but it’s also not like he went rogue and started killing people (or aliens) willy-nilly. 

I hope for him to reconcile with his family first and foremost (Alex especially). I also think it’d be interesting to see him struggle with the realization that the aliens as a species weren’t what his father told him they were, and that killing them just for being aliens wasn’t justified, but that individual aliens can o/c be shitty people (looking at you in particular, Max Evans…). 

IDK, I just think it would be interesting to see him “unlearn” beliefs Jesse drummed into him from a young age, while also finally being free to live a life not dictated by Jesse. Also super curious to find out what Jesse used to blackmail Flint.

As for Wyatt… If he continues to be a white supremacist and Proud Boi, he can go and die in a ditch. Then I don’t want any kind of redemption arc for him. If however Rosa was part of his storyline, and he’d get a chance to showing that he’s not completely evil (+ her name gets cleared in the process), I’d be okay with some kind of “redemption arc light”, where he gets to show that he can be a better person (and then he still should die to save others, namely Rosa xD).

But honestly, after watching the Tangerine Clown and his racist White base wreaking havoc and being awful irl, on social media and live TV for the past 4 years, I need bad white characters being held accountable and convicted on the show. 

Also, can we PLEASE finally find out more about aliens??? And the Manes family? And get all the friendship and family moments for the core 8???

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OMG, look at you being an absolute angel! Thank you SO much for dropping by. 🥺

My Wednesday’s been ABSOLUTE 💩, but your message cheered me up a lot. Hope your Wednesday is/was better. Sending much love your way! ❤️❤️❤️

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