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#executive dysfunction
thatdamnokie · 2 days ago
really not a good look for me to be putting off conversations until so much time has passed that no matter what i have to say in response to what was said to me, i’m going to look like an asshole
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we-used-to-dream · a day ago
Neurotypicals: You’re making a mess
Me: Yeah but I’m also making progress
Neurotypicals: ...Fair point
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my-newest-hyperfixations · 18 hours ago
Executive dysfunction is so dumb yes I can start my math homework no I cannot finish it because my calculator is in my backpack that is sitting two feet away from me
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volixia669 · 2 days ago
“Unmedicated artists make better art” Bitch no meds means I just sit here with twenty creative ideas, no plan, and no executive function to do ANYTHING about it.
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Me: Damn bro, I haven’t been doing my homework at all today, I need to do that.
My brain: Or, get this, you eat food.
Me: ...
Me: I’ve already eaten lunch though, and I don’t think I’m hungry?
My brain: Too late, I’ve already decided. We’re eating.
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lochrenmonster · 9 months ago
me: I'm literally begging you to do the one task you need to do
my brain:
Tumblr media
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haberdashing · 6 months ago
i have a little switch in my head. its two settings are “do everything immediately” and “do nothing at all”. i do not control what the switch is set to, and there is no third setting
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nylarac · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the adhd mood when u should be doing Tasks but u can't force yourself to do any of them
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compassionatereminders · 8 months ago
Dealing With Executive Dysfunction - A Masterpost
The “getting it done in an unconventional way” method.
The “it’s not cheating to do it the easy way” method.
The “fuck what you’re supposed to do” method.
The “get stuff done while you wait” method.
The “you don’t have to do everything at once” method.
The “it doesn’t have to be permanent to be helpful” method.
The “break the task into smaller steps” method.
The “treat yourself like a pet” method.
The “it doesn’t have to be all or nothing” method.
The “put on a persona” method.
The “act like you’re filming a tutorial” method.
The “you don’t have to do it perfectly” method.
The “wait for a trigger” method.
The “do it for your future self” method.
The “might as well” method.
The “when self discipline doesn’t cut it” method.
The “taking care of yourself to take care of your pet” method.
The “make it easy” method.
The “junebugging” method.
The “just show up” method.
The “accept when you need help” method.
The “make it into a game” method.
The “everything worth doing is worth doing poorly” method.
The “trick yourself” method.
The “break it into even smaller steps” method.
The “let go of should” method.
The “your body is an animal you have to take care of” method.
The “fork theory” method.
The “effectivity over aesthetics” method.
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lightoftheseraph · 7 months ago
Having ADHD is like....I have up the energy to watch...a new television show 😩
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amaraqwolf · 11 months ago
Are you trapped on tumblr right now?
Is there something you planned to do before you got trapped in the endless tumblr scroll?
Are you yelling at yourself to get up and do the thing, but you can’t, because you’re trapped in the endless tumblr scroll?
Consider this your save point.
Put tumblr down, stand up, stretch, and go do the thing you planned to do. Future you will be incredibly grateful.
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livingthatadhdlife · 7 months ago
Arts and crafts are perfect for adhd folk bc there's an immediate and visual progress.
Cut fabric, sew it together. You just made clothing.
Put some beads on some twine. You just made jewelry.
You can see your productivity.
Chores are the opposite. Yes, your kitchen is clean now. But you'll cook again that evening or the next day and you'll have to start over. Yes, you vacuumed. But two days later it's dusty again. Laundry done, until next week.
Chores never end.
But arts and crafts, nobody can undo the thing you made. You can hold it up and say "look. I made this. I did the productivity today" and nothing quite beats that serotonin rush.
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ineffectualdemon · 8 months ago
So I saw this video on tiktok and since Kiddo and I are both super bad at remembering to do things and to do lists just don't seem to work I thought this was worth a try
So the key fobs came today and I filled them out.
Tumblr media
As you can maybe see some are specific to me and some are more specific to kiddo but most are just general chores
The bracelet things should arrive Monday and then we can give it a go during this lockdown and I can report back how well it works!
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chaotic-neutral-toga · 2 months ago
I feel people don't understand how complex ADHD is is because they can't grasp the concept of your brain literally denying you shit.
Like, your brain kinda IS you, it shouldn't be able to do that shit??? But then ADHD's like "pls father can i watch any of the 200 anime ive saved" and your brain says "p e r i sh" or "hey can i fucking move from this position" and your brain says "haha no<33".
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