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(Beginner vers.) Saitama’s Training: Day 1/100

I don’t know if you guys know this but I love One Punch Man. Like…a lot. And while I’m in no condition to do that actual training regimen of his, I’ve decided to do a lighter one to help build up my strength and endurance! For the time being, I’ll be doing this every day (but not in one sitting, since I know I’m gonna drain myself if I do this without segmenting it lol) until I feel strong enough to make a more challenging variation:

  • 10 minutes of stretching/yoga
  • 100 sit-ups
  • 100 wall push-ups
  • 100 squats

The hardest part was the squats…But still, I did it! As I build up my endurance, I’ll incorporate something cardio-based like 10 minutes walking around outside or 10 minutes on my step-platform thing. Something that’s not TOO intensive, but still challenging 😅


Originally posted by kotsume

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Prompt: A sexy swimsuit model turns into a boomer zombie from Left 4 Dead.

  Things went to hell as soon as the doors to the photo studio were tossed aside and a horde of infected set upon the crew. Using the distraction of her camera guy getting his neck ripped out, Ellie ran as fast as her high-heeled shoes would let her. Setting her sights on a storage closet to hole up in, she sprinted towards it only to run into a bloated zombie that looked like he had spent his entire life eating nothing, but fried chicken. Her attempt to dodge him and dive into the closet was nearly successful until he got a nibble on her bare stomach.

  Slamming the door shut behind her, Ellie considered using her designer swimsuit as a makeshift bandage for the wound. Her priorities changed instantly as she felt a gurgling sensation in her stomach. While she couldn’t see much in the dark closet, she could certainly feel her body swelling up and taking up more of the confined space. Her flat mid-section rounded out into a barrel-size belly. The top of her bikini snapped off as her breasts engorged into two sagging lumps of meat. Another loud snap echoed through the small closet as her bikini bottom wedged itself between her expanding butt cheeks.

  Ellie’s rising panic about her swelling form gradually vanished as her brain turned to mush. Pressing her pudgy hand against the door, she waddled her way back out into the hallway. Huffing and puffing, she trudged alongside the same zombie who had changed her in search of their next victim.

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November SWEAT 💦




Are you in a slump? Trying to figure out how to squeeze in the time to workout? Want to drop a dress size and feel the best you’ve ever felt and improve your over all wellbeing?

If this sounds like you then join us in our 30 transformation program.

You will receive:
💗Shopping List
💚food plan
💛recipes (plant based and low carb available)
💜foods to cut down on
🧡foods to eat more of.
💙24/7 help and advice.
💗Juices Recipes for on the go
💚Live Zoom Workouts
💜Online Workouts which can be done in your own time

Following this program:

🤍You will drop a dress size +
🖤You will feel better than ever
🤍You will feel more alert
🖤You will have more energy
🤍You will improve your mental health
🖤You will improve your fitness

You will need to be able to complete a minimum of 4 workouts a week.

Equipment you will need for this:
Your Body
Dumbbells or KB
Will Power

You will also receive access to my intermediate core strength workouts and a beautiful mobility workout to help you on your way of hitting your goals.

For more information or to book on please get in touch via DM

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Have you been unable to drop weight even with diet and exercise? Despite how an inequality manifests outside, the interior truth stays the exact same– lots of hormone inequalities result in trouble shedding weight as well as a boosted risk of obesity. Unfortunately, one of the most common imbalances can not be solved by dieting alone. As a matter of fact, they can prevent effective fat loss even when excellent diet as well as workout strategies are in place. If you haven’t succeeded in the past, chances are, several the following hormonal inequalities could be your culprit:

1. Inflammation
Digestive disorders, allergic reactions, autoimmune condition, arthritis, asthma, eczema, acne, abdominal fat, headaches, anxiety as well as sinus problems are related to chronic swelling, which has actually become recognized as a root cause of obesity and also numerous diseases connected with aging, like Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and also cancer. At the 2007 Postgraduate Nutrition Symposium at Harvard University, scientists exposed searchings for recommending that swelling and excess insulin are the major factors to climbing rates of type 2 diabetes and the rising obesity rates of North America.

2. Insulin resistance
Insulin is an important compound whose major function is to regulate glucose in the bloodstream as well as enable cells to utilize it as gas or kept as fat.

When you have insulin resistance, your cells fail to react correctly to insulin, which causes your pancreatic to produce and also launch much more insulin. High insulin levels urge your body to keep extra glucose as fat, as well as blocks making use of saved fat as an energy source.

High insulin levels, weight problems, high lipid degrees and also insulin resistance all define a disorder called hyperinsulinema, which could be a forerunner to diabetes. The leading danger variables are being obese or obese, or leading a less active lifestyle.

Here are 7 methods to improve you insulin sensitivity.

3. Low serotonin
Serotonin exerts an effective influence over our state of mind, feelings, memory, yearnings (particularly for carbs), self-worth, discomfort resistance, sleep routines, cravings, digestion and body temperature level policy. When we’re clinically depressed or down, we normally crave much more sugars and starches to promote the release of serotonin.

Plenty of sunlight, supplementing your diet regimen with a B vitamin, and also routine exercise all support serotonin. When we gauge our current way of life against all the components needed for the body’s all-natural production of serotonin, the occurrence of reduced serotonin is certainly not surprising.

4. Chronic stress
Under scenarios of persistent stress– whether the tension is physical, psychological, psychological or ecological, genuine or thought of - our bodies launch high quantities of the hormonal agent cortisol. If you have a condition like stress and anxiety, clinical depression, or post-traumatic stress condition, or if you have a digestion problem such as irritable digestive tract disorder, you could bet your body is cranking up your cortisol. With a challenging network of hormone interactions, elevated cortisol results in a surging appetite (specifically cravings for carbohydrates), stubborn belly fat and also a loss of hard-won muscle tissue, elevated blood sugar level, and natural fat storage.

Did you understand that office stress and anxiety can be as poisonous to your body as pre-owned smoke? Have a look at some ideas to stay calm and beat stress.

5. High estrogen
Researchers have actually identified excess estrogen (in both sexes) to be a threat element for obesity. Researchers have located that estrogen receptors in the brains of pets are responsible for controlling foo consumption, power expense, as well as body fat distribution.

There are two means to accumulate excess estrogen in the body: we either produce also much of it on our own or acquire it from our atmosphere or diet plan. We’re frequently revealed to estrogen-like substances in foods that contain poisonous chemicals, herbicides and also development hormones. A premenopausal woman with estrogen prominence will likely have PMS, way too much body fat around the hips and trouble dropping weight. Menopausal ladies might experience low sex drive, memory loss, bad inspiration, clinical depression, loss of muscular tissue mass and also increased belly fat.

6. Low testosterone
Testosterone improves sex drive, bone thickness, muscle mass, strength, motivation, memory, fat burning and complexion in both men and women. When testosterone is reduced, a rise of body fat and loss of muscle mass could still happen– even with weight loss and also exercise.

Testosterone degrees have the tendency to reduce with age, enhanced excessive weight and also anxiety, however today males are experiencing testosterone decrease a lot previously in life - a disconcerting finding, taking into consideration reduced testosterone has been connected to clinical depression, excessive weight, weakening of bones, cardiovascular disease as well as death.

Dr. Mitchell Harman, an endocrinologist at the College of Arizona University of Medicine, blames the spreading of endocrine-suppressing, estrogen-like compounds made use of in pesticides and various other farming chemicals for the descending fad in male testosterone levels. Phthalates, typically discovered in cosmetics, soaps and most plastics are an additional well-known reason for testosterone suppression.

7. Hypothyroidism
Without enough thyroid hormonal agent, every system in the body reduces. Those who struggle with hypothyroidism really feel exhausted, tend to sleep a great deal, experience irregular bowel movements and weight gain commonly occurs. Incredibly dry skin, loss of hair, slower mental processes, feeling chilly, breakable hair, splitting nails, infertility, inadequate memory, anxiety, decreased sex drive as well as an inability to slim down are also symptoms to enjoy for.

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Hey guys. We’ve got some more random photos for your viewing pleasure…ones that the mom has taken of me and Zoey over the past few weeks.

External image

I’m practicing my yoga. I call this move “The Pretzel.”

External image

Zoey on neighborhood watch. She keeps an eye on everything that goes on out there.

External image

I’m deep in thought…probably thinking about what’s for dinner.

External image

After all that neighborhood watching, Zoey relaxes in her bed.

External image

I’m hiding out in our haunted house. I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

External image

Zoey whispering secrets to her mousie. What do you think she’s saying?

And one from the mom…

External image

While on one of her recent daily walks, this guy crossed her path. The deer around here don’t seem to be scared of humans at all.

I hope you enjoyed our random photos!

External image

from The Island Cats…Every Cat wants to be an Island Cat!

from Blogger
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Perform each exercise for 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds of rest. Rest 1 minute between rounds. Complete 3-5 rounds.
1. KB Single Arm Swings
2. KB Sumo Squat Upright Rows
3. KB Alternating Bent Rows
4. Body Builder Pushups
Make sure to warmup properly before starting the workout.
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For the past 4 days I have legit eaten nothing but POTATOES!

I have been eating ALOT of potatoes all day everyday. This was not out of choice but rather we have ran out of stock in our cupboard and surprisingly ..I feel ENERGETIC and I’m eating so many that I am full and satisfied.

I had the energy today after a full day of work to smash out a hardcore ab workout. I haven’t had this energy in MONTHS. I’m feeling good.

I’ve lost about 2ish kgs from my last weighted update. Over the weekend I indulged in ALOT of alcohol and the potatoes I ate were even fried in all the oils. I don’t know what’s going to happen but over the next week I’m going to stick with potatoes with the occasional other thing here and there.

Will keep you guys updated!!

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