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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Today I ran 17km, which is the furthest I’ve run so far leading up to my half marathon goal. I am most definitely proud of this accomplishment and excited to run even further. Tomorrow I’ll be taking my dog on a long walk, then I plan on completing two short runs this week before another long run early next week. It feels amazing because I’ve been working hard to strengthen my glutes and repair my ankle after spraining it, and you put in all this work behind the lines and then once you do something with it it’s just like wow I actually did that. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve really believed in myself. I will be completing my first half marathon this year, race or no race, I’m finishing what I started.

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Today I did some lower body work and walked over two miles outside. In my program I had to do step ups. I’m really not a fan; I have irrationally fear of falling… haha I’m always told by my trainer that he’s positive I’ll be okay. I always am ok but it’s always stuck in the back of my mind it could happen. I haven’t eaten much today just a latte and popcorn. Aren’t the best choices. Some thin crust pizza for dinner.




Been listening to Talk to a Friend on repeat by Slaves. I really relate to the song. Thought I would drop it here for y’all to listen too.

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Okay, i’ve only gotten access to the quarantine challenge just now, so i’ll answer everything all at once and start this weeks challenges probably today or tomorrow. So here it goes.

Week 1 - Questions

Have you made a study schedule to help you study at home?

- not exactly a schedule, but i have to go through some tasks daily, even when there’s no online classes or if it’s the weekend. I wake up, get my coffee, make my bed, exercise through facetime with a friend of mine, make one doodle a day along with two other friends, journal, use my planner and read one chapter of each of the three books i got to read. After that, i get to organize or clean something, do the dishes and see what else i need to do for the day.

How are you being taught your lessons?

- My college chose to use our online platform in addition to google meet for us to have our classes and oral presentations.

What’s your favorite study snack?

- I usually have some coffee or tea around. Other than that, sometimes i have noddles, cereal or a sandwich

How are you keeping active?

- As I said, i have some daily tasks. I exercise, do the dishes, doodle, journal, read, clean, organize something and see if there’s something to be done for college. (I’m usually really obsessive over things i need to do and the way to do it, so this quarentine made things worse in this matter)

What’s your favorite subject/topic to study at the moment?

- I’m going through an Erich Fromm book concerning freedom and it’s SUPER crazy and interesting, i’m really loving it. There’s also my college conclusion work that is just starting this semester, so i’m really going deep into it.

Where in your house is your favorite place to study?

- My room

What are you doing to relax?

- I’m not really relaxed at all, but sometimes I facemask and most of the time, i give myself multiple tasks until the time i’m too tired and fall asleep; so that i don’t think about coronavirus at all

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exercise 03312020

  • 4 x 20 decline push ups
  • 2 x 20 sit ups
  • 4 x 20 air squats
  • bike ride around town and to the park and back

top right = led light i found by the side of the road.

beautiful weather today / hope you have a pleasant evening.

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Just over a week back into yoga practice and I honestly am pretty shocked how different my body feels now. Downward facing dog is no longer painful, need to work on runners lunge (think I’m doing something wrong with my hands, I feel sort of twisted???) and let’s not talk about planks.

Finished Day 3 of the 30 days yoga challenge though :)

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I worked out today and I feel a lot better. 5mins on the elliptical doesn’t sound very impressive, but I’m surprised how much of my body I used.

Upper and lower body exercise, and it’s low impact which is good for me bc I have flat feet and am hypermobile.

When it comes to exercising, always do less than you think you should, bc often people will set high goals and then feel bad for not being able to reach. Gradually get into it, even just a five minute walk is good for you.

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