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EXO Reaction: their crush being a 98 liner


Request: EXO Reaction- their crush being a 98 liner

Sugar Coated Masterlist EXO Masterlist

Xuimin: If there was a something that could care less, that’s what he’d be.

Honestly, I can’t see this changing anything about his feelings. Now if someone else said something, he might have a second thought or two. But after he spends some time with you, trying to get closer to you, he’d realize that those people have their own opinion and he was allowed to like you if he wanted to, they shouldn’t dictate his romantic life. And he did like you. He’d definitely want to ask you out. He’d want to show you off because he liked that you were his and your age wasn’t your defining trait.


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Suho: Initially, he was a little shook up. He didn’t realize there was a gap between you two, but hey, you were cute and he liked you.

With that said, I think he might get a little shy and maybe a little distant at first. He was really just waiting to see what his feelings did first before taking any action. Once he realized he still had a crush on you big time he’d ask you to go on a date with him. The more you talked and bonded the more he wanted to be with you.


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Lay: You’ve just given him a new way to baby you.

Because Lay loves you so much already, the news of your age didn’t really bother him too much. At first he was a bit shocked but he got over it quickly when he saw you smiling and laughing with a friend a few minutes later. He’ll keep crushing on you despite the age gap.


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Baekhyun: “Tell me, do I look too old for you? Hmm?”

Tease. Tease. Tease.

That’s all he’s going to do at first. He’d be silly and playful but if he noticed that you were uncomfortable he’d get serious with you and try to convince you that it was okay and that he still likes you. He’d probably ask you out a few days later once your nerves had settled. He was very playful and sweet with you. Just wanting you to be comfortable and wanting you to like him back.


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Chen: He’s only laughing because he thinks it hilarious that you thought he’d care.

He’d probably tease you…. a lot. He likes teasing because it’s one of his ways to show affection. He loves how flustered you get, especially in public. Now he’d try not to humiliate you too much because it’s only age. But still, prepare yourself for the teasing because it’s coming your way.


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Chanyeol: “Awww, you’re so cute.”

He was so blatantly obvious about his crush on you. He didn’t seem bothered by your age so you continued on and kept talking to him. He really does think you’re the cutest thing ever. He’s been crushin’ on you for so long and he was simply glad to be talking to you. It wasn’t even scary to ask him if he wanted to go out sometime because you knew he’d say yes. Even before you started to date you never felt uncomfortable with his crush on you, even with the age gap, and with the fact that he didn’t care backing up your feelings it was easy to fall for him.


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D.O “Okay, and….” he’d stare at you expectantly. “I don’t mind one bit how old you are, but do you still want to go on that date?”

When he asked you out, you agreed but you thought maybe he would want to know. He may have been a little thrown at first, but he recovered and still wants to go on that date with you. If anything he sees this as an opportunity to protect or baby you. Maybe a reason to even be a little clingy, but only because he loves you and thinks you’re adorable.


Originally posted by baekhyuntella

Kai: “Say what now? I don’t know what you’re saying? I can’t hear you over the sound of me no caring.”

He couldn’t care less about the age gap. It’s not terrible. And besides, he likes you a lot. You know he does. You just thought he should be aware before a relationship picked up. He didn’t care though. He doesn’t mean to be disrespectful in any way, he just wants you to know he doesn’t mind.


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Sehun: Awe, yes… another magnificent way to push your buttons.

He’s also quite the teaser. At first it was because he had a huge crush on you and now he can use your age against you too. Really though, he’s not that bothered by your age. He still likes to tease you. He still likes that you’re his crush. If anyone else started making fun of the odd friendship( because he’s not dating you… yet) he’ll immediately give them a look and kick up the sass. If you ever did see through his teasing and notice how much he likes you, you’ll have a way to get back at him for the teasing.


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Dear Reader,

Thanks so much for reading this. I hope you’re having a lovely day, if not I hope it gets better. Thank you so much for requesting this, I’d like to apologize for the wait, I know this has been sitting in my inbox for quite some time. If you are looking to request for the first time or wanting to request again my rules are right here. If you have any questions please ask. Love you.

-the author

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Genre: Fluff

Words: 957

Summary: A first date with the Jongdae leaves you wanting more.

A/N: This is a really short filler chapter to kind of gauge my abilities after so long, feel free to leave any constructive criticism. I’m just trying to get back into the swing of things with this story.

A buzz from my phone awoke me from my peaceful sleep.A pout formed on my lips as the sweet image of Jongdae and I’s picnic date faded away. Opening my eyes, I sat up in bed and smiled to myself, my most recent dream still a vivid memory in my head. Another buzz from my phone caught my attention.

From: Jongdae 12:32 pm

Good afternoon, beautiful. Sleep well? I was hoping I could see you again. :)

 My cheeks burned furiously as I bit my lip, afraid my smile would be too big for my face to contain.

To: Jongdae 12:35 pm

My roommate is home visiting family for the next two weeks. How about you come over and I cook you dinner?

From: Jongdae 12:36 pm

Ah, you’ve learned to cook? I do hope you’re not serving me the same mud pies we used to make as children. ;) I’ll be there at 5.

I giggled at his comment before my face dropped. My apartment was a mess. It was inhabited by a homebody who spent every waking moment studying rather than cleaning and a party animal who kept the same eyeliner on for a week if she could get away with it. I jumped out of bed, my foot catching on my comforter. I groaned with a face full of carpet and struggled to get up.

Once up, I decided to blast some music and get to work. I started with the room covered in the most disaster, the kitchen. I cringed at the sight. Crumbs and food wrappers littered the once beautiful granite counter as a pile of dishes rose ferociously in the sink.

For two hours, I scrubbed and cleaned every inch of my apartment. I flopped onto my couch with a huff and stretched out to ease my sore muscles. A whine escaped my lips as I realized I had no time to rest. I still had to get dressed and cook. I stood up and straightened out the pillows I had recklessly squished and bounced to the bathroom as I sang along to the music coming from my speakers. I slipped off my sleep shorts as well as my oversized t-shirt and stepped into the shower, letting the warmth engulf me.

I sighed in relief as the hot water cascaded over my tired body. I made quick work of washing my hair and body, stilling for a moment to savor the warmth before turning the shower off and getting out. I wrapped a fluffy towel over my body when a knock sounded at my door. I froze. 

He’s early.

Way way too early.

“One minute!” I yelled as I shuffled out of the bathroom and got dressed as quickly as possible, my still wet hair sticking to the back of my shirt. I slipped on some socks and rushed to the door. 

“H-Hi…” I said as casually as possible, my breath was heavy because of the rush. 

“Hi,” He laughed as he looked me up and down. “Sorry, I’m a bit early…I was too excited to see you.” He looked down nervously.

I giggled and took in his appearance. He wasn’t super dressed up, wearing a white T-shirt, jeans, and a black baseball cap but the mere sight of him was breathtaking. The shirt fit in just right, hanging tighter in the best places.

“Are you gonna let me in or should I start posing for you?” He leaned down to eye level with a mischievous smile. My mouth dropped open as a deep blush appeared on my cheeks. I was staring like a lunatic. I silently moved to one side and allowed him entrance.

“I haven’t even started cooking yet, sorry…” I said quietly. He spun on his heel and his smile widened.

“Why don’t I start prepping for dinner and you can finish getting ready? Sound good?” He patted my wet hair. I smiled and nodded.

“Sounds like a plan. I’ll get out the ingredients for you. I was just planning on making eggplant pasta.” She laid out the vegetables on a cutting board for him and got him a pot so he could start boiling the water. She began to walk away when a hand pulled her back by the wrist. With a gasp, I was pulled into his chest. He smiled down at me sweetly.

“Sorry…” He said softly with a hint of laughter in his voice. “Can I kiss you? I’ve wanted to do it again since I dropped you off.” His thumb trailed lightly against my bottom lip. His eyes studied me like I was art and his lips were on mine the moment I nodded. Warmth spread across my body as our lips moved in sync, my arms snaking around his neck as his found their way around my waist.

After a few moments, we pulled away for air. I couldn’t take my eyes away from him. His eyes were warm and full of affection as the scanned my features with the same care as I did his. His lips were parted still so cutely curved at the corners. A smile crept onto my face as I played with the hair on the nape of his neck.  

“I really should finish getting ready.” I whispered, scared that if I spoke too loud, I would ruin the perfect moment he had created. He smiled sweetly and nodding, kissing my forehead lightly.

“I’ll be here when you’re ready.” He turned and began chopping vegetables, whistling to himself happily. I went to my room and shut the door. Leaning against it, I pressed my hand to my chest to feel the racing of my heart. I let out my laugh.

What is this man doing to me?

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The Kim Jongdae

  • Vocal legend
  • Ah WaAaEeEe
  • Amazing, show-stopping, spectacular Jongdae
  • Never failed to deliver
  • Always told us the truth
  • Precious
  • One of a kind
  • The exo member CHEN

I just wanna say that this man is honestly precious ASF and always gives us good advice. Jongdae is a softie, and damn marshmellow If You will and he deserves HAPPINESS…. so for those stupid people that stopped supporting him because he got married…do me a favour and go F*CK yourself 🙃.


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Happy Birthday to the greatest leader in the universe. 생일 축하 합니다 🎂. We hope that Suho Hyung will come back safely. We miss you, your gag & your credit cards 💳😂. Please stay healthy. WE ARE ONE.


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