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You beautiful being - male!werewolf x female!reader (nsfw)

released: 02/28/2021

Warnings: sfw, very light nsfw, longing

Content: - Here I am, in your clutches, but I don’t defend myself. These touches feel so strange and yet so familiar. –

You beautiful being …

Now I look out into the darkness and see you, you beautiful being, but you are covered by your gruesome grimace and your tall figure. You brisk being, which licked its mouth while it saw me and its greedy eyes devoured me like a thirsty one the water.

 You see me standing there in the moonlight, your eyes widened at the sight of me and your jaw gaped as if it had been broken.

 Oh, you beautiful being, take me to you, in your hiding place and keep me there until I have forgotten who I was and am and where I come from, so that I just want to stay with you.

 Here I am, in your clutches, but I do not defend myself. These touches feel so strange and yet so familiar.

 It’s so cold in your cave, but your body warms mine and it feels like my flesh is standing in a great fire and the greedy flames devoured me like your tongue devoured my nectar.

Oh you beautiful being, I love your touch on my skin, the coarse fur that got softer the deeper my fingers slid into it.

You beautiful being …

 When I saw you staring at me in the dark, your eyes so scared and yet so open.

 I forgot to breathe as the moonlight gently brushed your soft, bare skin and a strange feeling penetrated my body and ate into my chest and loin.

 You beautiful creature that I wanted to stroke with my claws and my wish; I could keep you forever and call you mine

Your beautiful hair, which smelled of wild flowers, your beautiful body, which clung to mine so perfectly when I loved you in my hiding place.

 Oh you beautiful being, stay with me …

Oh you my dearest being, I’ll stay with you and call myself yours.

The end

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Vampires, I LITERALLY have a neck, why aren’t you biting it

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Decided to treat myself to coloring something for once and it wasn’t meant to be this elaborate but here we are

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So. Guess who fucked up ant posted the wrong chapter on the wrong day?? 

It’s me. 

Well whatever, it’s not like it super matters in the long run.

Anyway, let’s move on. M! Monster x F! Human (more on the monster end of the monster boy spectrum). Warnings are below the cut.

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I’m oc hoarder. Making dozens of them, never naming them, making some art, and then putting in a tiny drawer in my heart.

(That’s my attempt at practicing both colouring and backgrounds)

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Want a monster boyfriend for yourself? You’re in luck! I’ve just created three sweet boys for you: a fierce drider, a shy merman, and a thoughtful naga. Each of them are eagerly awaiting their new partner, so check them out today. They’re available at my shop, linked in the source of this post, or just check out the Etsy shop GrayCrochet. 

The monster boys are waiting!

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I’ve been playing my Demon-Fae hybrid Noelle for a few sessions and I swear, the party is so into shipping and I’ve drawn Noelle with so many of her party members! Also… she’s a complete sweetheart but is a little bit spicy!

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Here he is💗 I finally got around to naming him, Malacus means soft/gentle for a soft/gentle boi. Let’s just assume that all of my ocs from here on out are going to be pan lol.

(Click for better quality as always)

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Pairings: Gender Neutral!Reader/M!Minotaur

Genre: Fantasy, Friends to Lovers, First times

Warnings: Explicit content (18+ only) ahead

Word Count: 3243 words

Summary: On the night of the annual new year’s festival, you decide to treat your Minotaur neighbor to some new experiences.

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Coitus More Ferarum- A Breeding Season Fic

So I’ve had this first chapter sitting in my google docs waiting for editing for about a year now. Decided to dust it off and finally post it. 

Kagome and Kouga are an established, mated pair, ready for the Spring breeding season. Kagome wants a pup, and is willing to do just about anything to get pregnant. Even if it means things might get a little hairier than usual.

WARNING: Monsterfucker/half transformed sex. Mind the tags, this fic’s not for everyone.

“Coitus More Ferarum” = sex like wild beasts, AKA doggy style

Also, this fic is closely related to Spring Fever, but isn’t quite a direct sequel.

Find the link HERE

Tag List: 

@smmahamazing @dreaming-of-soup @lemonlushff @sailorbabydoll92 @clearwillow @itzatakahashi @liz8080 @horriblehowl @chanin29 @briannamgrover @sticky-llama-perfection @eringobroke @nartista @bluejay785 @karina-inuphantom @thelovelysinner @zombiegirl92-blog1 

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M Faerie X F human, 7,922 words

You guys remember this post? Well, here’s the story it was based on. A human gets lost in the Faerie world, and her only hope of getting back home safe is agreeing to go on a date with one smug Faerie boy. Hope you enjoy!

Admittedly, this was probably something you should have seen coming when you stepped into a fairy ring.

It was stupid. Everyone said you weren’t supposed to step inside the little circles of mushrooms that sprouted up all over the hills. But it was just stupid. Fairies weren’t real. So when there had been a circle of mushrooms across your path, you had just walked toward it.

The instant your foot crossed the line, there was a sickening spinning feeling in your stomach. Your foot plunged down like you’d missed a step in the dark and you fell into a swirling sea of mist.

You came to spitting out leaves, though you couldn’t remember hitting the ground. It was as if the ground had materialized against your face. Slowly, you staggered upright.

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All southern houses out in the middle of the woods are haunted, just a matter of to what degree they’re haunted.

M! Monster x F! Reader.

Warnings under the cut.

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people who stumbled on tentacle hentai/pr0n when they were young are now monsterfuckers

pass it on

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Character I designed that has already been adopted!

See the still available adopts at @adopts-by-luff c: (ilu if you buy one!)

Reblogs always appreciated btw! :3

Also, please check out our City and the Beast novel at! (thank you SO much if you do! <3)

Tumblr story blog; @cityandthebeast

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