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Careful, something wicked this way comes…

The other day I showed @unicornia93 one of my favorite anime - MONONOKE and the standalone episodes of Bakeneko from AYAKASHI: Samurai Horror Tales - and we both got so inspired we wanted to draw our OCs Orino and Minoru in a style inspired by the shows!

Uni drew her character Minoru and did the shading, while I drew my character Orino and did the background and detail work ^^

Minoru is a young tengu tasked with protecting the village and forest where Orino lives with her blacksmith father. The two meet by chance in the forest when they’re both young and become fast friends.

One day the village is attacked, and in his youth and inexperience Minoru is unable to protect the villagers. All he manages to do is flee with Orino to safety. He leaves her with an elderly couple who takes her in and raises her as their own, but the Tengu kept watch over her from the shadows as they both grew older.

Orino, armed with a gleaming blade gifted to her by her father, decides to set out on a quest for revenge as she comes of age, with Minoru trailing her steps. Before long, Orino finds out that her mystical blade harbors a gentle and mysterious fox spirit, and in time she realizes she might not be as human as she’s been led to believe…

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not sfw. 4886 words. you meet and fall in love with werewolf and busker, sébastien.

You missed seeing the stars. 

You missed seeing the stars deeply — a horribly indescribable feeling you felt deep in your core everytime you looked up at the night sky — because Manhattan had no stars. It hadn’t had stars for a long time, and it probably never would. 

Growing up in rural suburbia had few pluses, but at the very least there was space. Between the lack of restaurants, idealistic white picket fences, and families with two-and-a-half children, there were glimpses of beauty: picturesque forests, a wide open sky, and the stars. You used to go stargazing just about every week with your father well into adolescence (and partly into adulthood), until he died and left you with this mess. You moved to the city, and, well, here you are.

You looked out onto your balcony. It would have been a good spot for stargazing. Only 22 and you were living the American Dream: renting an apartment with an okay view of the adjacent building and a shittily constructed fire escape. You felt like it could collapse at any moment and you would get to recreate “Fire on Marlborough Street.” Truly the American Dream.

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STAR WARS: The Old Republic - Mastery

Fandom: Star Wars: The Old Republic (Legends/EU)

Pairing: Male Jedi Knight | Hero of Tython (Cathar), Theron Shan

Summary: In an attempt to cool himself off, Jett steps out into the rain only to meet a rather handsome Human spy named Theron Shan. The two hit it off right away, but maybe there’s more to their exchange than meets the eye.

CHAPTER 2: RAINFALL is now on Ao3!

Click here to read! [x]

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Chapter: Two

Iselin ground her teeth as her flight feathers were clipped by rough, uncaring hands. She should’ve known she would be caught. Her owner had connections and money, of course he would hire someone. That’s strange, when did she start thinking of her foster father as her owner?

“Did you learn your lesson?” He fisted his finger into her feathers as a threat for what would happen should she argue.

“Yes, Master.”

He pulled, some feathers coming loose. “Don’t call me ‘Master’ like you’re some kind of pet! You call me 'Father’!”

“Yes, Father.” She yelped in suprise as a cool piece of metal clamped around her neck. It was tight, too tight. She coughed, trying to breathe around it.

“Don’t be so dramatic! That’s just some jewelry to help you if you ever get lost again. And there’s a tiny bit of motivation to stay close to me.”

Pain erupted as lightning danced across her skin causing her to fall over. She lost control of her limbs and twitched for what felt like forever. When it finally stopped she pushed herself up onto wobbly knees and gasped for breath.

Her father knelt down and changed his tone to one filled with worry and dripping in sweetness, “you understand why I can’t let you be alone, sweetie? There are bad men out there who would love to get their hands on such a pretty little girl. It’s not safe. But I can protect you. I won’t ever let anyone take you away from me.”

Iselin wanted to puke, both from the pain and from his manipulative behavior. Why did it take her so many years to realize it? Denial. She was passed around so much that she desperately wanted this home to work. Her mother was murdered by her father when she was only a year old. Her older brother had tried to raise her, but a preteen isn’t ready for a baby; no matter how much he tried. She would never blame him for bringing her to her god father. She was upset, however, that the man refused to take him in; only her. She spent 10 years with Gabriel, her human god father. Unfortunately, he was called into active duty and couldn’t bring her along. He brought her to his older brother whom she had never met. Lucas seemed nice enough. He worked a lot, but he had a big house and she always had the best clothes. But then a strange man showed up on their doorstep. She was introduced to a Golem by the name of Goliander. Tall with a cruel face, he smiled down at her while Lucas explained that she would be staying with him for awhile; just until Gabriel came back from war. If she knew what she knew now, at 25, she would’ve known that Gabriel wasn’t coming back. He had been gone 7 years at that point with no contact. She would’ve also suspected that Lucas was only keeping her while she was a child, due to the fact that she went to live with Goliander on her 18th birthday.

He sighed in annoyance. “Get up and compose yourself. We have guests coming in an hour.” He was…he was leaving her alone out here? “And don’t think about running, that necklace has a long range.” Of course.

She nodded, choking out an, “understood, father.” He nodded, satisfied and went into the house.

Iselin sighed to herself and stood up on shaky legs, using a tree for balance. At least this was better than last time. She thought back to the traumatic memory.

A tall women in a silk red dress and matching heels stood in the doorway, smoking from a slim cigarette holder held between her fingers. Her hair was dark and tied up into a messy bun, an expensive looking pin tucked inside. She spoke with an accent Iselin couldn’t place but sounded Asian in orgin.

“If you want freedom so much,” Goliander started, shoving Iselin forward, “then last 1 week with Lady Li. She is going to teach you the ropes of her business. During that time you are to obey her completely. Understand?”

Iselin had been so excited by the thought of freedom that she didn’t even ask what the business was. She would later learn that the woman was something called a Mistress.

Back in present day, Iselin rubbed at where she knew a particularly bad cigarette burn marked her left breast. It still stung sometimes, but it was mostly the memory. She had went through such torture and then been dumped back onto Golandier’s doorstep, bloodied and broken. She was 1 day away from freedom. But she never would’ve truly been free. Lady Li would’ve just kept her.

She looked towards the house to see a dress laying on the ground. So he was mad enough to make her change outside, huh? Shouldn’t be suprising. How she was expected to keep her clothing spotless when it was in the dirt was beyond her. She removed her current mudded and torn dress and picked up the other one. Her corset was undoubtedly her favorite piece of clothing. She preferred to wear her’s stealth, something she was glad she was allowed. It was a simple brown overbust; no need to get something fancy when it would just be hidden under clothing. It had come slightly loose and ruffled throughout the day so she removed it and hit it a few times to dust the fabric off. Slipping it over her head, she began to replace the sides. Her breasts were fairly large but few knew that because of her secret. She pushed them down, as opposed to up, and pulled the strings tightly. It hurt, of course, but it halved her cup size so it was worth it. Why didn’t she like her breasts? Other women would try all kinds of tricks to make theirs look larger. She told herself that it was just because they got in the way.

Iselin suddenly grew self-conscious, realizing she was outside in nothing but her underthings so she quickly reached for the dress she had sat down earlier. She hadn’t bothered to clean her chemise, hoping it wouldn’t be seen. The gown was a simple one, floor length and in a lovely gold. So it seemed Golandier wanted then to look higher class. She could do that. She put on the coif that had been hidden in the grown’s fabric as well as a French hood that matched the dress. She hated those; it always seemed like it was going to fall off. Plus, it was difficult to maneuver them around her addax styled without cutting the fabric.

There was a mirror propped up on the side of the house since it was common for her to be forced to change outside. She looked at her baby blue face and bright golden eyes. Iselin had never met another Troll with gold eyes, which drew a lot of attention. Swirls of lighter blue marked her arms and face. Gabriel had mentioned once that the designs have meanings such as bloodline and destiny. He claimed to not know what her’s meant.

She stepped inside, forgoing shoes; they couldn’t be seen under her gown anyway and it was the little bit of rebellion she was allowed. Inside stood a tall Troll, skin so dark blue that it appeared purple. He had 4 horns equally spaced atop his head that were nearly flat against his skull as they grew backwards, like hair. He stared her down with dark maroon eyes, his own clothing consistenting only of a leather strap across his chest and a tight fitting leather skirt that barely was long enough to cover his unmentionables. The Trolls she saw often wore similar styles of clothing, likely to easier display their markings. He seemed annoyed by her attire since it covered nearly all traces of skin. He let out some frustrated clicks, proving her point. Goliander returned with some clicks of his own in an assuring tone. It was times like these that Iselin wished she had been taught more of the Troll language, other than the words “I am at your service.” She nervously pulled at her wings, drawing the Troll’s attention to them. Like her eyes, she had never seen another Troll with wings before.

He puffed out his chest and let out an angry sounding stream of clicks. Within a moment, Golendier had grabbed onto the Troll’s head and slammed it into the wall. He instantly went limp and slid to the ground, leaving a trail of purple blood. That was the first thing Iselin had learnt about her new home; Golems were very physically powerful. She quickly turned her gaze away, but he caught it. “Room. Now.” With a quick nod, she scamped off towards the other end of the house. There had been a lot more visitors as of late. It seems like he was wanting to pass her off onto someone else. She had become too much trouble. Iselin quickly lay on her bed and closed her eyes. There was no telling when she would get another chance to rest and knew to use the time her guardian spent cleaning up his mess to her advantage.

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This is a demon/exophilia love story I’ve been working on that I thought I’d share here. If people seem to like it then I’ll add more.


Chapter One:

Kivet laughed inwardly as blood and adrenaline rolled off his dark form in waves. The thrill of the chase. Watching a child cling to you, begging you to let them go as the light slowly leaves their eyes. This was what he was created for. He was a peacekeeper between the different species. It was his job to keep the status quo in any way possible. If that meant killing children because a fae dared to have a child with a human, then that was what he had to do. Afterall, mutts were incapable of kindness or love. Sure, they could fake it quite convincingly, even Kivert himself would’ve fallen for it had he not been taught the truth, but it was impossible for them to experience any pleasant emotions. If Kivet enjoyed his job then that was nobody’s business but his own. Everyone needed to stick to their own people. Only the Ve, which he was, could leave their lands.

Sometimes people would send messengers to other species in order to broker peace. Kivet hated those. Scared, unarmed, diplomats with enough medals to make you go blind as they reflected the sun. They didn’t deserve those. He always made sure nothing arrived and would leave a bloodied medal behind as a warning. He would keep the others, of course. They were rather good quality and he had quite the collection coming along. He had no idea what they stood for but surely he deserved them more than their original owners.

Kivet set to work wiping his claws off on a rag he kept in his pocket. He frowned slightly when he saw that the blood had reached there as well. So much for clean hands. He gave up and settled for sitting with his back against a tree and admiring his work. Even in their last moments, the two criminals had held each other and tried to shield the child. That’s commitment, he’ll give them that. Maybe they thought it would gain his sympathy. Dumb. It did make him a bit lonely though. If such scum found someone to play along with their ruse, then why was a hero forced to work alone? He wasn’t forced per say, but his old partner had fallen for an orphaned mutt’s tricks and had to be put down. It was unfortunate, Suvo was pretty good at his job. He had even told Kivet that what they were doing was wrong! Saving lifes is wrong? What an ass! No, he reminded himself, it was that mutt’s fault. Suvo had younger siblings and the creature looked similar to one. Meanwhile, Kivet had never been around children except for when he was in school.

He gathered himself and started in to the nearest town. Kivet could use something to eat, and there were always mutts scatted about to kill. It was disturbing how many there were. Why do people insist on disobeying the natural order of things? The strangest part was how many purebreds supported the movement. The town wasn’t too far of a walk, and his shadowy wings were still a bit sore from the long flight over, so he didn’t mind walking. The land was nice enough, a dirt path with a small lake to the right and wilting forest to his left. There were some huts in groups of 3 or 4 every now and then; It seems the humans were not advanced enough to feel safe living alone yet. It made sense, they were a very fragile species, very easy to injure; even by accident. They also contracted illnesses often and usually died from them. And, even if they managed to be extremely careful, their lifespan was still very short. Most species told tales of these weak creatures and used them as examples of the good alliances between species would do. They were nothing more than figureheads, however. Something that would be cast aside when no longer needed.

Humans were the worst when it came to mutts. They found fae and elves to be attractive for some reason. He could see it from a procreation standpoint; every parent wants their children to be powerful. But what did the others gain? Maybe humans had special bonding rituals that they preformed in order to create children. That could be interesting. Not that it would ever be possible for a Ve, even if it was allowed. He was reminded of that time and time again as humans ran or hid from him. “Nightmare. Demon. Bad omen. Monster,” he had heard it all.

This time, however, the humans seemed to be crowding around a figure on the ground. He hissed loudly, causing them to scatter and leave the body. He crouched nearby, not caring about the pool of blackened blood that was leaking from a bashed in skull. This was a Ve. A wing had been torn off along with their hands, likely for grizzly trophies. Something caught his eye behind their ear. Kivet yanked out the sharp object to see a steady, blinking, red light. A tracker. This wasn’t a Ve that had gotten out of line and needed to be put down. They were hunted. He growled and glared around at the humans. No, not one of them. They were much too timid; many crying already. Entire towns had been decimated for less serious offenses.

If someone was hunting Ve then Kivet needed to be safe. While Ve normally had a solid form, they could take on a shadowy apperation that couldn’t be harmed. Unfortunately they couldn’t harm anyone either. An even trade off. It also took effort. Not a lot, but it would surely add up. He weighed his options. He couldn’t eat while in that form so he would have to drop it for those moments. But waiting a few days to eat could help. It would be a lot easier if he had a partner that could help by taking turns keeping watch. But they would just be hit instead. Maybe he could trick a troll into protecting him. They’re a good 3-4 feet taller than him and bright blue; an easy target. But that would mean putting up with a troll. And he didn’t even speak their language. Not worth it.

“Are you alright, sir?” Kivet jumped, how could he have let a human sneak up on him like that?! They continued, ignoring his suprise, “it’s a pretty gruesome sight.”

“Don’t talk to me.” He went ignored.

“Did you know them?”

“Why are you still talking to me?!”

“Its still sad, even if you didn’t. I know if I saw a human like that I’d likely take my own life from the trauma.”

Why didn’t this human-? Wait, they probably couldn’t understand him. Humans had a spoken language, not psychic. Kivet remembered studying that back in Academy; they had to choose a language and it seemed the easiest.

“Fine,” he choked out, voice scratchy and broken from lack of use. The human apparently took that as emotion and placed their hand on his shoulder. He hissed in warning, but it wasn’t removed.

“Why don’t you come inside? I’m not sure if you can digest the same things as us, but I made some nice potato soup. Its chilly today as well. I already have a fire going inside.”

Why was this human being nice to him? They didn’t even know his name. Hell, he didn’t even know their gender; humans were difficult to ascertain with their lack of horns or spikes. He considered the offer. On one hand, he had come to the village for food, and while he wasn’t affected by the weather, seeing such a mutilated corpse sent shivers down his back. He was reminded of what his father told him when he started school, “Don’t trust anyone, regardless of species or blood relation.”

“Sounds lonely.”

He startled, not realizing that he had spoken it aloud. “Its all I’ve ever known.” Lie. He had traveled with Suvo for 3 years before the incident. “Find me another Ve and I’ll consider changing my mind,” he tried to joke. It probably sounded too serious in his underused voice.

“You’ll be pretty hard-pressed to find another.” A tall fae with tanned skin and a whimsical voice pranced over to them, feet light and airy. Humans referred to Fae as the opposite of Ve. Kivet hated them. Even more than mutts.

“Oh, don’t give me that look, demon. I come with news.” Kivet continued to glare. How dare he speak to him! “The Ve were attacked a few weeks ago. Whole towns wiped out. Only a handful of you guys remain and they’re hunting you down.” Who? He was too confused to ask. Ve were untouchable. Heroes who used their strength for good. Why would someone attack? How could they lose? “The Golems.” The Fae seemed to understand the unspoken question. “They asked the Fae to join them but our queen refused. The last time we angered Ve our capital was destroyed. So much unnecessary death.”

“Just tell me what happened already!” Kivet was getting fed up with this stupid voice already.

He shrugged, a human expression, “that’s all I know. My guess is a full frontal assault. Ve are good at tactics, but you lack- what was the word? Oh yeah-strength.” That was a blow and he knew it. The Ve were all about strength. They were the best when it came to 1-on-1 fights. Then other species had to invent blades and spears. Kivet, like most Ve, refused to use them. They were a crutch. He hated to believe what a fucking Fae was telling him, but it added up. Golems were known to be able to track anything; relentless hunters. Now he knows it was all thanks to tiny machines.

“Serves you right! The Ve should’ve be wiped out centuries ago.” The Fae laughed. Stupid, musical laughter. Kivet couldn’t take it! He lunged at the taller man, causing them to fall to the ground. They seemed shocked and caught off guard. Kivet spread his wings threateningly and hissed in his face, taking joy in seeing the spots of saliva that splattered that stupid, perfect face. The human seemed to be saying something, but all Kivet saw was red. His instincts tuned out all other distractions and focused on their prey. He tried to let out a threatening laugh, but it only sounded broken with emotion. “Not strong, huh? Then what does that say about you?”

The Fae relaxed suddenly, much to his confusion. “Hear that? The Golems are coming.” And they were. Their heavy footfalls could be heard not too far away. Likely near where Kivet had left the mutt and it’s parent’s bodies. He acted solely on instinct and shot off flying towards the sound of the noise. He had to see it for himself. His wings burned from the effort, not used to going faster than a leisurely pace. He stumbled in the air when one popped. Likely a sprain or dislocation, not broken. He fought through the pain until he heard the voices nearly under him. He landed on a sturdy tree branch and started to leap his way across to get a better view, yet be less visible. He didn’t know much of their language, but he could pick out a few words “Troll. Her. Reward.” They weren’t tracking a Ve afterall! But who was this Troll? Someone important for the Golems to make a special trip. Maybe a criminal? Didn’t matter. They could kill her for all he cared. Wasn’t his problem.

Wait, then why was that Fae in a human village if not to warn him? The fucker came up with some random story to district him from his job! A Fae in a human village was very clearly against the rules. He inwardly scolded himself for not realizing earlier. Oh, he was going to pay!

Kivet turned to move, forgetting about his hurt wing, and stumbled slightly. The rustling attracted the attention of one of the Golems. He froze as he was stared directly in the eye. Neither made a move for what felt like forever. Another Golem said something to the one watching him who then turned his attention away. This was the perfect opportunity to run! So why couldn’t he move? The one who had spotted him said something about a bird before the group continued on their way. Did a Golem just cover for him!? Wait, why would that be shocking? Ve had important jobs and couldn’t afford to be distracted by insignificant creatures. Surely that was public knowledge by now.

He should really go after that one Fae, but right now he was just too tired, rules be damned. He doubted he could sleep with all that had happened in the past few hours. It seemed like weeks had passed since he last awoke. He wrapped himself into a snug position and closed his eyes.

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PAWVEMBER 🐾 Day 28: Ear Scratching


Leporids and their adorableness (is that a word? It is now!)

|Pair: GN. Leporid/Rabbit Person x GN. Reader||Citrus Scale: None||Disclaimer: Ear Pain, Colds, Change of Weather, Cold, Ear Scratching|

“I hate this!” Your lover yelled from the bed, their ears fell both in frustration and anger, however, they were too exhausted to complain for longer.

“It’ll pass within a week, or so the doctor said” you closed the book you were reading. “Would you like more carrot juice? The doctor said to give you as much as posible”

They shook their head and fell back into the pillows. “My ears hurt like hell” they whined. You understood they were much sensible than any part of their body, aside from their nose, so you tried every home-remedy you could think of to relieve the pain; a warm towel around them, or some rosemary oil on the inside.

Then, an idea clicked on your head. “Maybe massaging them would help?”

They seemed reluctant. “Will it help really?”

“We’ve tried everything but that, might as well give it a shot”

They sat up once again only to accommodate their head on you lap as you gently scratched the base of their ears and then continued massaging u til you reached the ends.

You weren’t sure if it was of any help for the first five minutes, it was only when you noticed they hadn’t ask you to stop that you continued with the gesture. Their body slowly started to relax as their whines soon change to happy sighs and sleepy yawns.

After five more minutes you started feeling needles in you tights. “You should go under the covers and sleep” you kissed their forehead.

“Will you do this again?” They asked with sad puppy eyes.

“I’ll make you something tasty to eat as well”

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I’ve been going through a very difficult time rn so the best way I deal with bad stuff is to create yet another insufferable oc. 

everyone meet this bastard, they shotgun married a reckless human officer on a drinking bender in space las vegas for that sweet interplanetary union green card. thanks to the space military’s view on divorce, the human’s stuck with them for a year as they integrate. 

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STAR WARS: The Old Republic - Mastery

Fandom: Star Wars: The Old Republic (Legends/EU)

Pairing: Male Jedi Knight | Hero of Tython (Cathar), Theron Shan

Summary: As part of a committee tasked with eradicating the presence of Black Sun on Coruscant, Jedi Knight Jett Jhazar is itching for some action, an itch that is not so easily scratched.

CHAPTER 1: DELEGATION is now on Ao3!

Click here to read! [x]

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Another request done! This one featuring an ace dragonshifter by the name of Kamoss! I’m trying something new with my stories and featuring these little collages to go with them! Let me know what you guys think! *Disclaimer: None of the photos are mine, they were all found on google so credit goes to the owners!* If you like my work and want to read more, check out my Masterlist! As always, requests/matchups are open!

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🦢 My entry for #SwanTowerDTIYS from @pomposlantern.

🔮 This is my Oc Lich I had planned to post him as my last bachelor from my event #MonsterMatchmaker.

• ━━━━━━ ꕥ ━━━━━━

⭐ His info :

Name: Tarso

Race: Lich

Nature: chaotic /sadic


He is a professor of theoretical necromancy in SwanTower institute. It is not known how old he is or where he came from.

Most students, teachers and staff do not like him and feel chills when facing him for a long time.

Despite this, he has admirers and even adored by a few with a more shady internal inclination.

He never gives a direct answer and sees amusement in situations of conflict.

Currently single and looking for a date? Perhaps? 😂

Constantly repeats phrases like:

“Nothing angers me. Everything amuses me.”

“I will not interfere. I’m here for chaos. Hehe…”

“There is a better world.. And he is deeply expensive! Haha ha!”

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He smoothed his palm along my face. “But not tonight. You need to sleep.”

I frowned. “I’m fine-”

“You’re not fine.” He cut me off. “You spent the last two weeks watching me teeter on the edge of death. All the while ruling the Kingdom, and caring for Morgana, and anything else you could shoulder.” He ran his hand to the back of my head, gently squeezing my skull in his palm. “You married a dying man, your old guard tried to kill you, your father died… And those are just the things I know about…” I winced, and he brought his forehead back to mine. “Now it’s time to relax. Let someone else take the burden for a time while you rest.”

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PAWVEMBER 🐾 Day 27: Spicy Food


When someone wants to cook you a meal, you know they’re special.

|Pair: GN. Kumiho/Nine-tailed-fox x GN. Reader||Citrus Scale: None||Disclaimer: Cooking, Tteokbokki, Korean Folklore|

“Just a couple more minutes! Be ready my love”

You couldn’t help but admire your lover’s back as they continue cooking. It had been their idea to make something special for you, saying that “they wanted to make you one of their favorite meals from his youth”

You were excited, of course, curious to know what kind of things they enjoyed the most back then, although it was hard to know since they have lived for longer than you.

A delicious and sweet smell started to fill the small living room, you could recognize soy sauce and green onions just by the smell. Still, you wonder what they were making.

“Alright! It’s done” they beamed happily as they served two bowls before bringing them to the table. In front of you was an incredible amount of rice cakes swimming in a bright red sauce.

“Oh wow” was all you could say. They seemed amused by your reaction.

“It’s Tteokbokki, or Spicy Rice Cakes” they took one of the cakes and gently blew it to cool it down, then offer it to you. “Here. Try it”

You leaned forward and took the entire piece in your mouth. It was hot, of course, it was definitely spicy with a hint of sweetness to it, and the blandness of the rice cake allowed the sauce to be star of the dish. It was good and you liked it more than you thought.

“It’s great!” you beamed.

They chuckled. “I’m glad you like it. It’s actually one of my comfort foods whenever it gets too cold or I feel homesick. I wasn’t sure if I could make it now that we’re living together. After all, it’s no fun if I cook for myself”

You kissed their adorable nose. “Well, now you can make it as much a you want, because I almost love it as much as I love you” you said, and the two of you ate with smiles on your faces.

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Imagine the romance you could have…

Nonbinary Reader (AFAB) x Male Monster

When your grandfather passed away, you made sure to collect the old cigar box that had originally inspired Gentleman Jack. You had often gone back to it, hiding things inside for later. Everything was still intact - the pressed flower from the crown Jack made you, the skipping stone you refused to toss across the pond, the feather you found on a particularly bad day. You took it home, along with some other memorabilia from your grandparents place.

The cigar box sat prominently on your shelf for a long time, and was eventually covered by books and sketch pads. Occasionally, you would have a rotten day and pull out the cigar box to go through good memories. The stone had become smooth over time from being rubbed so much. You put the pressed flower in between sheets of tape because it was starting to fall apart. You added new things, like the first drawing Jesse ever made for you, a miniature of a statue from a museum you took Jesse to on her fifth birthday, a tiny plastic baby bottle from your mom’s baby shower. There were also some concert tickets, a locket from a high school best friend, and as a note from the gender identity support group you frequented.

These were the things you went to for cheering up. Each little, seemingly insignificant, thing inside was a different memory that was well-worn with time and comfortable to move through even on the sharpest of days. The box itself was a memory, a loving one about the best friend you ever had, family, and the rainy day where boredom led to creation.

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Content: NSFW/Lemon; back again with mentions of fae deals, fluff, intimacy (nuzzling for warmth, cuddling), brief kissing, receiving oral (+ forked tongue), orgasm denial, ingested venom/aphrodisiac (consensual), penetrative sex + handjob (he’s a naga… so, double)

Wordcount: 3408

“Tropemas” Summary: while caring for the naga in hibernation, snowfall worsens overnight, leaving you stranded in his cave

Notes: TROPEMAS!! #1, the beautiful cliché of being trapped in together during a snowstorm!

Masterlist // “Tropemas” Masterlist

Snowfall came too early this year; weeks too early, before the scarves and blankets were finished and berries picked. No honey was ready yet to trade with the fae for their blessed fruits so on a foolish promise - really, you ought to have known better than to trust fae, no matter how long you’d traded with them - you swore to return with a trade worthy of their trust as you rushed into the already snow-laden woods.

The two hours wasted trekking up steep slopes and struggling against growing branches snagging on your thinning, woollen layers wasn’t a favourable way to spend your time, definitely not in wintertime. Though the journey was horrendous, weighed down by a heavy bag of half-finished gifts and a hamper of logs and food, the cave peeking out of the cliffs warmed you against imminent frostbite.

Hibernation hadn’t come yet, if the large boulder propped against the cave entrance was any indication. Dim flames warmed the inner cave as you struggled to roll the rock back, where it would be sealed once his season of hibernation really began.

It was so dark the sprawled coils nearly tripped you. Whiter than the dirtied snow falling slowly beyond the cliff, the white naga laid well outside of his nest of old furs and blankets; most gifted from you. His scales reflected the odd amber of fire, tinting long, wispy hair against his pillow.

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