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Going to a bar with your minotaur boyfriend and the bar has one of those Mechanical bulls, you jokingly say how your gonna try and ride it and win the prize
"I don't see why you would when you could just ride me"
Tumblr media
A present for you (hopefully a good one).
F Reader x M Minotaur
Warning: NSFW, public sex, alcohol mention, dom minotaur 馃グ
You had not been in the dating scene for awhile, mostly due to the exhausting nature of it all- the set-ups, the boring dates, the inevitable lack of chemistry, the screaming red flags. You resented the entire thing.
That's why meeting Hirron was a breath of fresh air. On a particularly lonely night- perhaps some tequila was involved, though you would never admit it- you opened a dating app, scrolling through prospects, unimpressed by the majority of candidates. You had nearly given up when a photo of an incredibly handsome minotaur graced the screen. From what you could surmise from his bio, the two of you had at least a few things in common and he was looking for something more serious, though you remained skeptical of that. Still, the mixture of being tipsy, being lonely, and being horny outweighed your usual reservations. You messaged him, then eventually forgot about it, opting for sleep.
Much to your surprise, you awoke to a reply. Something inside urged you to do the same. After a few days of conversation, good conversation, Hirron asked you out on a proper date. A cheap pizza place and a movie, exactly the kind of outing you preferred.
The photos did not do justice to how absolutely massive the minotaur was, nor did it highlight all of his gorgeous features. He was amazing. Respectful, but unabashedly flirtatious. Charming, but down to earth. One date turned into a second, then a third and fourth,聽and the two of you had rapidly become committed to whatever this was.
The only issue was that, despite all his innuendos and dirty jokes, you were too shy to move past making out, and he never initiated anything further. Which would have been fine, really, except that you desperately wanted to fuck him. You wondered if you were bold enough to seduce him. At this point, you were growing desperate enough to try.
On a Saturday evening, the two of you decided to meet up at a local bar. It was the furthest thing from fancy, inexpensive beers and casual, attracting a rowdy, but well-meaning crowd. You wore the most low-cut shirt in your wardrobe and jeans that made a spectacle of your ass. Maybe you weren't bold enough to outright seduce him, but a suggestive presence couldn't hurt.
Hirron was already at the bar when you got there, two glasses set on the table, having already ordered your favorite mixed drink. Even in the dim lighting, you could see his thick chest bulging through his T-shirt,聽 his long horns illuminated by yellow bulbs overhead. Fuck. You approached, trying to ignore the heat that radiated up your thighs.
"Hey," you said, loudly over the roar of jukebox tunes and drunk conversations, "I hope you haven't been waiting too long."
Hirron's head snapped up, a large grin crossing his face as he realized it was you. Suddenly, the grin melted into a subtle gaping expression, his eyes becoming fixated on your cleavage. Perhaps it would not have been noticeable if it were not for the audible huff that left his snout. Once he recognized the transgression, he moved his gaze back to your face, though he didn't seem embarrassed at being caught.
"Mm, you look fucking perfect." His voice was always a baritone growl. "Well worth the wait."
You blushed and bit your lower lip. "You look pretty fucking perfect yourself." He did not respond, but you could swear his smile was darker than usual.
As the night progressed on, you both welcomed a decent buzz. His size required him to drink a lot more to achieve such, which was seemingly not an issue for him. The date went similarly to all of the others. However, the flirtatious banter was heavier this time, less comical. Your body was all goosebumps and fire. When he patted the seat next to him, motioning for you to sit beside him rather than across the table, you were more than happy to oblige.
Hirron placed his hand on yours for awhile, but it slowly traveled to your knee, fingers rubbing gentle circles every so often. Even with a touch so innocent, you were growing more aroused, no space left between your bodies, his rough breaths warming your neck and breasts whenever he turned his head to talk. You needed a distraction. Something, anything.
Such a distraction came in the form of high-pitched squeals and fits of laughter. A woman had decided to try out the mechanical bull, her group of friends whooping and cheering before she quickly fell to the ground. You and Hirron watched in amusement.
"Shit," he chuckled, "What a sight to behold."
"Well, there is a prize if you stay on long enough. Money, I think. Times are tough." He snorted.
"Maybe I should ride it," you added playfully.
Hirron's eyebrow raised. His gaze swept over your body. "You like riding bulls, huh?"
You giggled. "I don't know, I've never tried."
The minotaur leaned down, his snout grazing your ear. "While that would be fun to watch, I don't see why you would, when you could ride me instead." His tone was sensual, barely a whisper.
You let out an embarrassing whimper and Hirron's claw-like fingers slid up your thigh. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?"
You nodded. "Y-yes. Yes."
A low purr escaped his throat and he grabbed your hand aggressively, pulling you to your feet and leading you to the bathroom. That wasn't exactly where you had imagined your first time with Hirron, but you didn't care. You needed him in every way possible, anywhere possible. And he knew it.
Once inside, he locked the door and immediately pinned you against it, shoving his long tongue in your mouth, one of his hands groping at your breast. You moaned into him, grinding against his leg with need.
"I can already smell how wet you are for me," he growled, "I've been able to smell it all night." Your face reddened and your core throbbed. "Now I want to feel it."
Hirron's body left yours, kneeling on the floor, tearing at the button and zipper of your jeans before ripping them down to your knees. Your panties were soaked and he inhaled deeply, letting out a devilish purr. You had no time to think. One large finger swiped along your slit through the wet cloth and you jerked in surprise. Another swipe, deeper this time. He pushed your panties aside, exposing you. You could feel his hot breath on your clit and you whined, thrusting your hips forward for contact. That was met with a growl and suddenly his tongue was all over you, inside you. You mewled and bucked against it, moaning sinfully as he removed it to suck hard on your clit.
"F-fuck, fuck." You raised your hand to your lips, biting down to muffle your volume. He grabbed your wrist with force, pulling it away.
"Oh no, I want everyone to hear what I'm about to do to you." With that, he tore your jeans and panties down entirely, making you step out of them and flinging them to the side. "Later tonight, I'll eat you properly, but right now-" He sucked on your clit again. "- I can't wait any longer. I'm going to show you how good riding a bull can be."
Hirron unzipped his pants, unleashing his cock, fat and pulsing, impossibly monstrous. He swiftly took it in his hand, pumping a few strokes. Pre-cum glazed his palm and he released his grip, bringing it up to your mouth. You licked at it hungrily, never breaking eye contact with him. This was the most animal he had ever looked, feral, wild-eyed. He fell back on the floor- filth be damned- and grabbed your hips, hauling you on top of him, your desperate pussy pressed flush against his member.
You couldn't possibly take it all and yet you were determined to.
"You ready, little thing?" You whimpered, unable to speak, responding with pleading eyes. He wouldn't allow it. "Then beg for it." He had your hips lifted now, cock grazing your entrance. You must have looked animal too.
"P-please, Hirron. Please. I need you inside me. I'll do anything. I want your cock, need your-" You couldn't finish your sentence as he began forcing his way in slowly. Even in the passionate dominance, he knew this would be painful, that you were going to struggle accommodating his size.
Inch by agonizing inch, he pushed into you. "Your pussy is so warm, so fucking tight," he groaned. It was taking everything in his power not to fuck you in earnest, but he kept you steady, more for your sake than his, until he was completely inside, his heavy balls swollen along your ass.
It was too much. Your walls were stretched beyond imagination. You had never been so filled, had never felt such burning, but you rocked against him nonetheless. The pain was awful. It was delicious. You inhaled sharply and rose, then fell, the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of your core sending waves of pleasure throughout your body. Hirron's chest heaved, gasping at the friction.
You started to ride him faster, harder, relishing in the ache. He circled your clit with his finger and you were no longer able to contain yourself, moaning uncontrollably, salacious words spilling from your lips. "F-fuck, you feel so good, I love your cock, I fucking love your cock, I'm such a slut for you, Hirron, I-" You grabbed his horns, holding onto them without a trace of gentleness, and he snarled.
He lost control, thrusting into your pussy harshly, slamming your hips down as he continued to play with your clit. "That's right," he growled, "You're my slut. You're mine, aren't you?"
"I'm yours, fuck, I'm yours," you wailed.
"Then show me. Cum all over my fat cock." Your vision blurred into a hazy white and you cried out, your climax dripping down onto his pelvis, your walls tightening around him.
He moaned viciously, picking up his speed, rutting in rough, uneven strokes, until he reached his own climax, rope after rope of hot cum filling you up and surging out, coating you both.
You remained like that for minutes, his cock beginning to soften inside you. Eventually, you let him loose, nearly stumbling over as you got to your feet. He followed suit, tugging you into a warm hug.
"Mm, that was delicious," he cooed, much more sweet now that the sexual tension had dissipated.
You nodded shakily, planting a kiss on his cheek.
There was a loud knock on the door, someone shouting a slurred "Come on, I've been waiting forever!"
Hirron chuckled. "Guess we should probably get dressed and get out of here."
You scrambled to make yourself presentable, completely in vain. "Hm. Won't be allowed in this place again."
The minotaur snorted, his hand resting on the small of your back as he swung open the door and led you out of the bathroom.
"That's alright," he said, "I have a better prize in store for you tonight anyway."
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My girlfriend (23F) thinks I鈥檓 cheating on her with an Eldritch abomination, but that鈥檚 my (3,098Demimale) true form??聽
For reference, here鈥檚 the original post
Hello again reddit!
Apologies in advance, this is going to be a little rambly.
It鈥檚 been a little while, but I wanted to give you all an update on the situation between my girlfriend and I. After reading and pondering the comments, I realized that I did mess up- and that I really should have tried harder to convince her of myself. So I asked her to come back, and told her that if she was still not happy with the explanation, I would help her pack. She seemed to be placated by this, with the addition of some friends waiting outside in case things got inappropriate.
I had to keep the curtains drawn because I鈥檓 fairly allergic to the light refractions of sunlight in Earth鈥檚 atmosphere. My mucus membranes will shrivel and my skin starts cracking- sort of like eczema. I stayed in the bedroom while my meatsuit waited in the living area, because I didn鈥檛 want to overwhelm or startle her with my bioluminescent eyes. I also cannot hear the way humans can, as my 鈥渆ardrums鈥 developed to detect frequencies far lower than what humans use, and my voice box is not appropriate for anything but shattering bones and frying brains. Having the meatsuit be my stand-in despite the circumstances was most appropriate.
When she arrived, I told her about all the times I wanted and tried to clue her in- but I also apologized for not making it clear. I assured her the secrecy of my form was truly based in the desire to keep her psyche safe. I told her about Mars, my descendance to earth, my want to explore but the need for a disguise of sorts. The body she speaks to is just a shell I can enter in and out of, and that I didn鈥檛 intend to hide myself from her for this long, and I should have told her sooner.
She seemed hesitant but receptive to what I was saying, and since she had already seen my true body, I thought it would be a good idea to show her again. Even though she was clearly nervous, it didn鈥檛 seem like it was because her perception of the universe was unraveling. I made sure the meatsuit held her hand while she regarded myself, and her nails broke the skin of its wrists as we entered the bedroom.
She asked if that really was me and I said yes. She asked why I鈥檓 not doing anything and I told her that I didn鈥檛 want to scare her. She held out her hand, towards me, not the meatsuit, though she still had a deathgrip on its wrist like an anchor. I reached back out with a tendril, and even though she recoiled at first from surprise at my skin texture, she quickly recovered and grasped it.
I suppose that today I actually physically touched my girlfriend for the first time!
Her mental state seems stable! My worst fears have not been realized, and I have never been happier. I am, and I quote, 鈥渙n thin fucking ice,鈥 but I am grateful to be on ice at all. There is no real way for me to prove the telepathic connection between the meatsuit and me without the most advanced technology on the planet, and we both agreed that it would be dangerous to try. However; I have to essentially surrender my phone and any information she wants the moment she asks, but I鈥檓 willing to do whatever it takes to rebuild trust.
Thank you almost everyone for the love and support you showed!
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Wolf Hybrid Masc!Reader X Female Rabbit Hybrid
Word Count: 4440 Explicit: Yes. Warnings: Breeding, knotting.
Predators and prey don鈥檛 mix. That was what you were told for your whole life. Your mother warned you ever since you were just a young pup not to get attached to prey hybrids or humans. After all, even the kindest and most well-mannered predator hybrids were seen as monsters.
Creatures to be exterminated and 鈥榢ept tame.鈥 As if they were nothing more than savages.
But your next door neighbour, Daisy, didn鈥檛 seem to agree.
She was neither a human nor a wolf, but a rabbit. The same age as you. Her hair and her fur was a pale cream colour, upright rabbit ears protruding from her head. And her eyes were a bright hazel. Brighter than you had ever seen.
Though, to be fair, at that age, you didn鈥檛 really see much of anything.
You were next door neighbours for practically your whole life, but you only seldom saw her before you started to go to school. Anytime you would make eye contact with her when you were on the street, her father would usher her away with the rest of her siblings, you always hearing quiet mutterings about it being dangerous for her to associate with a wolf.
But her wounded looks towards you never made you feel like she thought you were dangerous. Or at least鈥ou hoped she didn鈥檛.
Then, you were finally old enough to go to school. Your mother was nervous, the poor woman, but she couldn鈥檛 hide you from the world out of fear. As cruel and unjust as it was, you needed to see it for yourself. It was as much yours as it was anyone else鈥檚 and by Bau, you were going to be a part of it whether the world liked it or not.
It was a school of exclusively other hybrids, yet the teacher was a human. One of the many ways humans tried to keep hybrids at the bottom. Your mother had told you of all the wretched ways humans had treated those who were different, even among their own. Those that had darker skin, those that chose to lay with one of the same gender, women, it appalled you nonetheless.
So you weren鈥檛 surprised that humans would be cruel to hybrids.
You were prepared for the teacher to be cruel to you.
Despite how much your mother warned you about prey hybrids treating you like a monster, you were surprised at just how cruel they could be to each other. There weren鈥檛 many predator hybrids at the school you were in, but they were there. And they typically kept away from anyone else but each other.
But the moment you saw the cruelty of prey on prey, you acted.
It was her. The rabbit girl from next door you had been desperate to know. Desperate to befriend. Desperate for her to see you not as a threat, but as an equal. And here she was, being bullied for being smaller and weaker. Two boys, a bison calf and a deer fawn both harassing and backing the rabbit into a corner, unbothered by the fact that they were terrorizing a prey animal that wasn鈥檛 like them.
Rabbits weren鈥檛 strong or burly like they were. They were built to flee, not to fight. Their only defenses were their teeth and claws, and even then, they were seldom used for combat.
So, naturally, you stepped in, teeth bared and growling. You were still only a pup, but the sight of you approaching them boldly was enough to give the boys pause as you shouldered in between them and the rabbit girl.
But they didn鈥檛 seem afraid of you. You noticed the cruel glint of their smiles as they backed away from you, turned around, and left, you standing over the rabbit girl and protecting her with your body.
Once they left, this was when you discovered her name. Daisy. And when she, in-turn, discovered yours. And when you discovered that you were right. She did want to be friends. She didn鈥檛 see you as a potential threat.
Just鈥 child. Like her.
For the rest of the recess period, you played together like children. You weren鈥檛 predator and prey, wolf and rabbit. You were equals. Friends. For a short period, the rest of the world didn鈥檛 matter. Not in the slightest.
Your world felt so much bigger. You learned what sweetgrass smelled like. How beautiful flowers were. You learned that your hands were good for weaving. You learned how soft rabbit fur was.
You learned what it was to have a friend not like you.
The human teacher tried to send you home, being told that you attacked students unprovoked. You were suspended, but Daisy stuck up for you. She stood up and told the truth. But she was told she was mistaken.
You never realized that a rabbit could be so fierce.
So, you both spent your suspension together. Your mother, cautious and hesitant, smiled when you brought Daisy home. When you showed her to your dear mother.
A rabbit never knew that wolves could make such wonderful soup. Or such delicious cinnamon rolls.
From that suspension onward, you and Daisy stuck together. Even when you met other wolf and predator friends, Daisy was special to you. She was your rabbit. Your friend. She was from a world not your own, but you shared your world together. You made your own that belonged to no one else.
It was difficult, but you did win the favour of her father and her numerous siblings, but his praises he sung for you felt wrong. It never felt genuine. Like he really saw you as an equal. It felt more like he saw you as 鈥榥ot like the others.鈥 Like you were one of the 鈥榞ood ones.鈥
As if your very nature was tainted and wrong and you were special by associating with his daughter.
The years went by, elementary school came and went, as did high school. Though, high school was particularly rough for you both. You had a few more predator friends, a panther named Nathan being your best friend. All throughout it, Daisy was right there with you. You could almost swear she preferred the company of predator hybrids to prey ones. Or, at least the circle you cultivated. Because you certainly got yourself into a fair share of fights with other predators because of how close you were with Daisy.
But in high school, you weren鈥檛 exactly sure if you were just protecting her from people who wanted to do her harm or鈥f there was something territorial about it. Something鈥eeper.
Your friends affectionately made jokes about you two dating, but nothing ever came of it. And of course, your school bullies would make jabs about it, but you were more insulted on Daisy鈥檚 behalf than yours. As if she deserved to have her tastes or potential partners criticized by some cruel dickheads.
Though, you couldn鈥檛 help but be surprised that she never ended up dating anyone. You never did, either but you just weren鈥檛 interested in anyone and you naturally assumed that she wasn鈥檛 either.
It was even more surprising because many hybrids often went through their first heats or ruts in late high school, albeit a very minor version of the ones they鈥檇 typically go through in their adult years. Sex ed was taught by a hybrid this time, thankfully, so you at least got a better education in high school than in elementary school.
You learned that rabbit heats and ruts were among the most intense in the hybrid world. Which only surprised you further that Daisy never dated anyone. She did have her first heat in late high school the year you both graduated, but instead of seeking anyone out, she simply called in sick.
You went through yours as well, and it was a nightmare. It was uncomfortable, awkward, and embarrassing. So much sexual frustration and hormones all bursting for the first time with no technique or direction. Thankfully, your mother was sensitive to your struggle and simply left your meals at your bedroom door for you to grab without her having to see you in your condition.
During it, you contemplated calling Daisy, but decided against it. The last thing you wanted was to make her uncomfortable and put her on the spot. You were sure she would never want to see you like this.
At least鈥ou were until now.
As you were as children, you ended up going to the same college, unsure of where you both wanted to go in life and wanting to see where you fit in in society. Daisy seemed to lean towards academic pursuits, sciences and philosophy, while you were more leaning towards athletic fields. Particularly soccer and wrestling.
Though, you of course never missed an opportunity to be her study partner. How could you? It was Daisy, your best friend in life and everything.
Your rabbit.
But one day鈥omething happened. You waited for Daisy to show up to her final class of the day, as usual, but realized she was nowhere to be found. And upon questioning her professor, he simply replied that she didn鈥檛 show up. You couldn鈥檛 help but be concerned. She never mentioned anything to you. Perhaps she was upset or ill and didn鈥檛 want any attention on herself for it.
Which you could understand. If there was one thing you learned about Daisy throughout all the years you had known her, it was that she didn鈥檛 like having the spotlight on her.
So, you decided you would run out and grab her favourite meals to bring her to eat. If she was ill, she would appreciate the medicines you got for her and if she was upset, she would appreciate the company and the food.
But very quickly, you realized what was actually going on and you were thoroughly unprepared for it.
As you walked up to the door, you caught the scent of sweetgrass and clovers on your tongue. You felt every muscle in you go taut as you approached, bags of goods in hand as you froze before her dorm room. You had鈥ever actually been near her during one of her heats, so you never even scented her. Not even by accident.
It was鈥ifficult to tear away from, but you had to. This was wrong! She was your friend! You couldn鈥檛 be standing her smelling her sexual fertility through the door like some creep!
Somehow, you managed to tear your gaze away, dropping the bags on the floor in front of the door, lifting your hand to knock before you started to hear her voice. Her鈥ery lewd, whiny, high-pitched voice.
You鈥ad never heard her sound like that, before. Your ears were pivoted forward, tail sticking straight out as your focus started to triangulate only on the rabbit inside that door. The cute, sweet, dear, fertile rabbit just inside鈥ust at your fingertips.
You only needed open the door and she would be yours.
No! No, this was wrong! You weren鈥檛 going to take advantage of her! She was your friend!
Shaking your head with a growl, you decided not to knock and turned away, marching back towards your room with a hard-on forming in your pants where your cock was poking its head out of its sheathe.
鈥淎ah! Oh! Fuck! (Name)!鈥 Your ears swivelled back towards Daisy鈥檚 door. 鈥淥-ohhh, (Name)鈥 need you. I n-need your kn-knot inside of me. I n-need you to breed me!鈥
Did she hear you? Did she know you were there? Was she inviting you in?
Or鈥id she鈥ave feelings for you?
You didn鈥檛 care. The moment you heard her calling out for you, all logical thoughts exited your canine brain and the scent of the promise of bunny sex was too much. Licking your lips, you wrapped your hands around the doorknob, pleased that it opened with ease, and shouldered your way in, closing and locking the door behind you.
And what you were greeted with was a sight to behold.
Daisy 鈥 your sweet, fiery, beloved rabbit friend 鈥 bent over with her face barely buried in her pillow, looking back at you with her mouth hanging open, ears drooped on the sheets, with her ass up presenting to you, her little cotton tail raised high.
And in her cunt was the unmistakeable shape of a dildo. A knotted dildo.
So many questions raced through your mind as to the true nature of your relationship. How long had she felt like this? When did it start? How? Had she always?
Completely unknown to you was that the answer to all of these questions was yes. And it had been yes for a long long time.
From the day Daisy first saw you, she wanted to be your friend. Her curiosity was stronger than her fear and despite her father鈥檚 insistences that it should be the opposite, this didn鈥檛 stop her. The rabbit vowed that she would see you and meet you and learn more about you the first chance she got.
And that chance came when you protected her from those boys all those years ago. She knew you weren鈥檛 dangerous and she knew that you were just a kid like her. So, she became your friend. She wanted to show you as much as she could about herself and was so happy when you let her into your world. She hoped that her father would be just as receptive to you as your mother was to her.
In front of you, her father waxed on about how well-behaved and civilized you were, but in private, Daisy got no shortage of conversations from him about how it was 鈥榠mproper鈥 and how you were just a bad-mouthed ruffian who would lead her down a path of crime and degeneracy. Her rebellion against her father only intensified in high school as you two grew closer.
Because the truth was, she did have feelings for you. Prey, humans, and even some predator hybrids showed an interest in her, but she never returned them. Not even because they were all bad. Some certainly were (all of whom got an earful or a clawing from you). But even the nicer ones that were respectful and kind just鈥idn鈥檛 interest her. She liked them fine as acquaintances and potential friends, but nothing about them stuck out to her. None of them caught her attention. Not like you did.
None of them made her feel the way you did.
Which only intensified during her first heat. When she first went through hers, all she could think of was you. You were all that was on her mind and during it, she locked herself in her room, imagining you behind her filling her up and breeding her.
Much like she was doing right now.
And now that you were here, it was like all of her dreams came true. And looking back at you, she was practically begging you with her eyes. Pleading you to pull the knotted dildo out of her and have your way with her.
She was yours. She only ever wanted to be yours in every way possible.
Your pants were unbearably tight against your now fully erect cock and you were licking your lips at the display in front of you. Smelling and walking into her heat had fully triggered your rut, and now all you could think of was how cute Daisy was going to sound being pounded by your cock. How good it was going to feel when she clenched and sucked in your knot.
But even more so鈥ow good she would taste.
Approaching her, you kneeled before her, taking in the sight of her glistening pussy stuffed full of the silicon knot and the tail trembling before you. The blissful sigh that escaped her when you pulled the knot out of her was enough to make you tear your pants off just so your cock could get the much need freedom it was so desperately crying out for. You were tempted to lick off the residue from it, but when you laid eyes on her full throbbing cunt, there was only one place your mouth belonged.
The moment Daisy felt your long tongue lap up her slit, she cried out both in pleasure and in sweet sweet relief. Finally 鈥 finally 鈥 she was getting the attention from you that she was so desperately craving for so long. The rabbit didn鈥檛 even realize just how badly she wanted you until she felt your lips wrap around hers, effectively giving her plush pussy a wet sucking kiss.
And that was in effect what you were doing as you held onto her hips. You took a moment to give her a sucking kiss and breathed in her scent. Pheromones and hormones were practically wafting on her in every which way and you inhaled it like it was the oxygen you breathed.
Everything smelled like the sweetest vegetable garden. Like a field of freshly rained on grass. Like freshly cut grass. And she tasted just as good.
Having taken the time to 鈥榮top and smell the roses,鈥 as it were, you decided to go all in and have yourself a proper feast.
And have a feast you did. In only a few seconds, you had Daisy twitching and calling out for you, rubbing herself against your mouth with trembling legs. She could feel your long wolfish tongue lapping up inside of her and against her, sliding against her clit and drinking up everything she had to give you.
And she had everything to give you.
With wolfish grunts and whines, you started to absolutely devour her cunt. You were so tempted to wrap your hand around your cock and stroke it, but you refrained, digging your claws into her hips as you ate her out. Your tongue could reach much farther than a human鈥檚 and was much softer. You alternated between licking at her folds, sucking at her and drinking her, and paying special attention to her clit. All of this only making her wetter and wetter. More and more prepared to take your knot.
And right now, that was all Daisy could think about. She was already close to cumming. Much closer than she could have brought herself, but all she wanted was to be full. To see your knot stuffing her to the brim, locking you two together in an endless fervour of bliss and intense pleasure.
She couldn鈥檛 take it. Her rabbit desperately needed her wolf right now.
鈥(N-Name)!鈥 She cried, shaking her ass. 鈥淚 need you! I need you now, (Name)! I need you so badly! Please, (Name)!鈥
How could you say no to that?
Well, even if you could, why would you ever want to?
Smirking against her dripping sex, you pulled away with a very wet pop, saliva and fluid still connecting your mouth to her in strings as you hastily pulled her down to the bed, rolling her onto her back.
Lining up your cock with her entrance, you took a moment to admire her in all her glory. Her soft fur, the flushed look on her face and the way her ears hung and twitched askew. You had never seen her eyes so dilated in your whole life and she was looking directly at you.
Your eyes drifted down to her very round and perky breasts, nipples pointed up. Perfect and pink.
Staring up at you, your intense gaze focused on her body as though you were devouring her with just your eyes, she licked her lips at the way your mouth was still dripping with her heat. She could smell her scent off you, but the scent of your musk and your heat was driving her nuts. She could smell it coming off of your cock and feel the heat radiating right against her pussy.
Her very empty and swollen pussy that was twitching with neglect and need.
But she let you knead at her breasts, rolling her very sensitive buds between your fingers as she twitched against you, trying to angle her hips so she could slide onto your cock. The whines she was making were needy and lewd. Like she was going to cry if you didn鈥檛 start fucking her right this second.
And like Hell you were going to make her wait.
Grabbing her face, your lips closed around hers, and Daisy could feel her own taste on your tongue as it slithered down her throat and with a loud cry, she felt you sheathe yourself inside of her all at once.
The pace you set was maddening. The rapid wet slapping of flesh against flesh resounded around the room, your knot hitting her clit in rapid strokes as you chased the need to force it inside of her. She had worked herself pretty nicely with her dildo, but she still needed to get used to your size.
But neither of you cared. You were chasing your need to fuck her as hard and fast as you can to knot her and fill her with your seed while Daisy was losing her mind with the pleasure. You never thought you would ever feel her claws sink into you, but now that you were, you never wanted to feel anyone else鈥檚 claws ever again.
All Daisy could think of was how much better this was than all her fantasies of you having her. She could never anticipate just how good the rapid pace and force of your cock would feel. It was so much better than she could ever simulate and she was certain she would never feel this good again without you.
It was like you belonged inside of her.
Moaning into her mouth, your tongue tangled with hers. Your growls and grunts were quickly devolving into desperate canine whining as you tried to knot her. You had never felt anything so intense. Even your ruts before weren鈥檛 this bad, but perhaps actually having a mating partner was making it more intense.
Or perhaps it was because your partner was a rabbit. So, your body was trying to compensate for her elevated pace and needs. You were certainly trying to exert yourself. That was for certain.
Soon enough, your knot popped inside of her, but slipped out just as quickly. Daisy was opening for you, but your knot wasn鈥檛 swollen enough to lock you two together. Not yet. But the sensation was enough to make her squeal like a rabbit, breaking your fervent kiss to squeal loudly. Each pop of your knot in and out of her bumped against her clit and hit a spot deep inside of her that was making her see stars.
You, seeing Daisy throw her head back and squeal out for you, took the opportunity and sank your teeth down into her neck, grabbing a hold of her and fucking her like your life depended on it, pounding into her with a speed and force that was practically immeasurable with the newfound leverage you had over her.
That bite to the neck was enough to make Daisy come close. Clinging to you, she called out to you between squeals and breaths. 鈥(Name)! I-I鈥檓 鈥 I鈥檓 gonna 鈥 AAAAAAAAH!鈥
Suddenly, your knot plunged into her and you felt her clench down on you, sucking you in and locking you together. Her cunt fluttered and spasmed around you as you grinded your cock inside of her. Once you were fully sheathed inside of her warmth, it only took a few shallow thrusts before your cock swelled up, knot grown to a bulbous size as you came with a laboured groan.
You laid there, releasing her neck and licking at the bitemarks you left affectionately as you splashed ropes and ropes and ropes of canine cum inside of her womb. Daisy could feel your knot pulsing against her as you were locked together. She breathed shallowly as you came together, gently stroking her fingers through your hair and rubbing your ears affectionately. In the afterglow, the first wave of the heat cleared away only for a moment as you laid there, basking in each other.
You could see each other clearly, now. And as you looked down at the rabbit, you could see her smiling blissfully at you, reaching up and giving you a chaste kiss. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 know how long I鈥檝e been waiting for you to do something like that, (Name).鈥
Verbal confirmation. You weren鈥檛 being tricked. Daisy really did have feelings for you all this time. You felt like you could faint from that alone. 鈥淲hy didn鈥檛 you tell me, before?鈥
The rabbit shrugged. 鈥淚鈥idn鈥檛 think you were interested.鈥 She replied in earnest. 鈥淵ou never made a move on me like anyone else did. I thought you saw me as a friend and nothing else. So鈥 didn鈥檛 think it was appropriate to admit to my feelings.鈥
You smiled. You bended down to lick at her forehead affectionately before kissing her back. 鈥淗onestly, I wasn鈥檛 sure what I felt. I鈥efinitely felt weird about the guys that tried to hit on you.鈥 You admitted. 鈥淏ut I never knew where it came from. I mean鈥ou were always really special to me. I never wanted any of them to hurt you. But鈥 think I always felt something towards you. I just鈥idn鈥檛 realize until now.鈥
And that was the truth. Confused as you were about where you stood before, you knew where you stood now.
And Daisy felt the same way.
Reaching up, the rabbit pulled you down into her arms, rubbing soothing circles into your back as she rested her chin in the crook of your neck. You could feel her heart beating against your chest and you were sure she could feel yours.
You laid there for a few minutes before you felt her move, thrusting her hips against yours as you whined in response, still sensitive and overstimulated. 鈥淩eady for round two?鈥 She asked cheekily, nipping at your ear.
Fuck, as much as you wanted to (and you could smell her second wave hitting you), wolves had a refractory period. 鈥淕ive me a bit鈥till need a bit for my knot to go down.鈥
She laughed. Brightly and affectionately. Oh, how you loved her laugh. 鈥淎lright.鈥 She said, staying still despite you being able to feel her impatience growing in the light trembling of her legs. 鈥淏ut I hope you鈥檙e ready for a long week. Because you鈥檙e not leaving this room.鈥
You smiled, already mentally thinking of when you鈥檇 need to order food next for the two of you as you wrapped around her and kissed her neck. 鈥淲ouldn鈥檛 have it any other way, Daisy.鈥
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tawneybel a day ago
Tumblr media
Imagine meeting the Faun during his rutting season.聽
He seemed a bit overeager to make your acquaintance, but you weren鈥檛 that far into the labyrinth. If he meant you harm, you were pretty sure he would have tried to lure you further in.聽
And he鈥檚 goatish, you reasoned, unaware just how right you were. If he were a bull man, I鈥檇 be more wary.聽
The Faun seemed to be holding something back, however. After a polite introduction, you asked if there were others like him around.聽
鈥淣o, we would bash heads,鈥 he chuckled, before shifting uncomfortably on his hooves. Maybe, you thought, despite your admiration of his otherworldly appearance, the Faun found humans ugly.聽
鈥淪orry, you must feel a little unnerved. In the presence of a human.鈥澛
鈥淣o, quite the opposite.鈥 His response was comforting. 鈥淭his may be a bit forward鈥︹ he apologized this time.
You sighed, 鈥淣o, go ahead鈥︹ delighted you were as intriguing to a faun as he was to you.聽
鈥淗ow do you feel about hooved children?鈥澛
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ash-rigby 2 days ago
I need to see some space titties, man 馃様
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nagaparadise 2 days ago
Not me having an urge to suck on guardian forest naga's twin c*cks and swallow as much of his cum as I can, no no 馃槱馃槼馃挒 im not cock drunk, you saw nothing
You lay flat on your stomach along the guardian鈥檚 tail, with the end of his tail curling around your ankles and calfs, slowly coiling its way up to tickle your inner thighs. His hand is firmly placed at the back of your head, a thumb appreciatively stroking your hair as you worship his double cocks, much like your worship him. You鈥檝e already made him cum many times before as evidenced by the ribbons of cum that decorate your face and upper chest, and that trickle down his ridged cocks. But it鈥檚 not enough, as you want - and he wants to give you - everything he has.
His cocks are much to big to fit both in your mouth, so you diligently pump one while sucking the other, tracing your tongue over individual soft ridge, savoring the taste of his divine cum as you make your way down, allowing it to fill your whole mouth, then repeating the motion as you make your way back up, then, kissing the head a temporary goodbye before switching to his other cock.
He makes it obvious when he鈥檚 close from the sweet groans he makes, to the grip of his tail around your legs and hand at the back of your head tightening, and with the call of your name, his immense amount of cum shoots from his scarlet cocks. You keep your mouth over one, swallowing every little bit that enters your mouth, while you quickly pump the other, milking him of everything he has, allowing it to mark your body - proof that you belong to him.
You both take a second to catch your breath and whisper your praises, but as soon as you鈥檙e ready, your mouth is back to his cocks, savoring every last bit the guardian gives you.
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boyybites a day ago
Tumblr media
Dweller of Abandoned Gods, Echoes of Worship's Past, Vacaunt
Been in a weird churchy aesthetic kinda mood so I've been making creatures that either resemble angels, or would be found in abandoned churches and graveyards and Vacaunt (vay-cawnt) is one of them.
She's harmless, tends to want a talking partner or someone to lend an ear to her bouts of rambling. She's always moving from abandoned places to worship all over so pin pointing her down is tricky unless of course she wants to be found by someone particular.
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dried-up-davinky a year ago
(Gwenbeshort is the tik tok tag uhu)
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roguemonsterfucker 3 months ago
Current mood: Sad that I don鈥檛 have a rich vampire taking care of me financially in exchange for blood.
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monster-fricker 2 days ago
Chapter 10: Being Named
Male Orc (He/Him pronouns) x Female Human Reader (She/Her pronouns) - SFW
- This one is angsty and fluffy and sweet. I am emotional over my orc ok. Also thank you guys for being so patient. 馃挅 Next chapter is gonna be NSFW. -
The book tour was swiftly approaching. You and Oluan had planned for a relaxing week until then, a few dates and pacing yourselves with packing. Oluan had bought you new luggage for the trip, forest green to match his, which did not seem practical, but it was too cute to mention such. He even took you shopping for new clothes, despite your protests. Admittedly, your current wardrobe was a little raggedy and it was fun trying outfits on in front of him, posing dramatically and forcing him into selfies. He complained, but set one as his phone background immediately. As did you. That was also too cute to mention.
The relaxation was naturally cut short with a phone call from Rasdane. She had scheduled some fancy dinner with a close circle of people in the industry. "A more casual event," she said. You knew that meant it was the furthest thing from casual. Oluan was miserable about the whole thing, arguing with Rasdane on the phone for awhile. Of course, it was in vain, as the minotaur usually got her way and only had the best intentions. You weren't thrilled either, the hopes of an intimate week with Oluan dashed, but you kept that to yourself, trying to soothe the orc as best you could.
You got ready for the event at his house, a place you had been spending the majority of your time now. Your toiletries invaded the bathroom sink and medicine cabinet. He stocked your favorite coffee creamer in the fridge. The only disagreement you'd had so far was over which movie to watch one night and that ended in thrown popcorn and making out. It was too good to be true, and yet it was true, and that was evidenced everyday in his crooked smile and the waves of laughter and how he switched his shampoo to yours- "I'm starting to enjoy smelling like citrus and vanilla," he had said, whipping his hair around as if he were a model in a commercial. You weren't in love, you told yourself. Except for the fact that you were, but that was insignificant and definitely not worth talking about.
You had finished your look for the evening before Oluan, who was undoubtedly obsessing over every minute detail and fixing, then re-fixing his hair. Eventually, five minutes after you were supposed to leave, you heard his heavy footfalls descending the stairs, shuffling into the living room.
"Do you think this is okay?" His attention was focused downward, smoothing out his necktie in earnest.
As always, Oluan was gorgeous. He decided against a suit jacket, dawning an all black ensemble; a button-up that hugged his hips and bulging forearms, slacks that were just tight enough to show off the delicious curves of his ass. If you weren't already late, you would have pounced on him. "I feel like I'm dressed for a funeral."
"That would be one sexy funeral," you cooed, closing the distance between your bodies and pulling his hands from his tie. He met your eyes, chuckling before smiling shyly.
You kissed his cheek tenderly. "Here," he said, pulling away,聽"Let me see my date for this sexy funeral."
You giggled. Somehow you'd also chosen black for the dinner, from the short, revealing dress to the strappy shoes- this time, not heels. You weren't torturing yourself more than was necessary.
Oluan always swept his gaze across your body like the curator of a museum admiring artwork. If it were not for the makeup, your round cheeks would have burned pink. He nibbled at his bottom lip.
"Do you think we would have time for me to fully appreciate you?" There was a mischievous curl in his grin.
"Mm, as much as I'd love that, I think Rasdane would kill us both." Oluan sighed and you grabbed his wrist before he could run his fingers through his hair.
"Yeah. Let's get this over with," he muttered, "Though a funeral is starting to sound preferable."
On the ride there, you rambled on about the various fun things the two of you could do on the book tour, hoping the distraction would relieve the orc's nerves. It seemed to work, him squeezing your hand through the entire journey, adding comments on spots he had wanted to see on his last tour, but was too embarrassed to visit alone. However, as you pulled into the restaurant's outside entrance and left the car keys with the valet, Oluan's demeanor soured once more. You hated these social and business obligations- not on their own merits, but simply because the orc dreaded them to the point of making himself sick with worry. You slipped your arm across his lower back, too broad for you to comfortably reach his waist, and leaned your head on his shoulder.
"Don't worry. It'll just be a bunch of old people. I can distract them with my dazzling personality and then we'll go home." He snorted and melted into your touch, though only a little.
The restaurant itself was laughably gaudy. The interior designer must have been a masochist, judging by the overcrowded gold accents that assaulted your vision. "Luxurious" is how some people would describe it. Those people were probably intolerable.
You were greeted by a host who asked your names before gushing over Oluan- much to Oluan's discomfort- and led you to a closed room, presumably something Rasdane rented out for the occasion.
"All of your guests have arrived, sir," the man said, "We would have waited for your arrival to serve appetizers, but... two of the guests insisted." He tried to hide his disdain for the aforementioned guests. You had worked enough customer service jobs, however, to know when someone was berated by an asshole. And, as he opened the door, Oluan thanking him profusely, you knew who one of the assholes was immediately.
"Look who finally decided to show up." Louis. You had prayed you had seen the last of him, at least until the next book, or when his photo sat above an obituary. You felt Oluan stiffen.
"Yeah, sorry," the orc offered, "Lost track of time." To your surprise, he was not staring at Louis. He was staring at the woman hanging on Louis' arm. She was younger than the publisher, though only by a decade, and was dressed as if she were at an award show. A diamond ring crowded her finger, as well as an extravagant wedding band, which could only mean that she was in married bliss with Mr. Campbell. Her eyes were focused on you, nose and mouth scrunched into disgust, as if she had spotted a particularly grotesque stain. That would be asshole number two.
"Well, you're here now and with that darling girl," Rasdane cried, wrapping you both in cheerful hugs. She did not know her own strength and it knocked the wind out of you, but it was genuine, and you returned the favor in earnest.
"Yes," the woman sneered, "Wherever did you find this-" She waved her hand in your direction without making eye contact. "-darling girl?"
You gritted your teeth behind a fake smile, taking your seat alongside your boyfriend, whose posture had yet to relax. "Oh, we met-"
"Barbara, they met online," Louis interrupted, patting his wife's hand. "Isn't that quaint?"
She made a point to roll her eyes at him, pretending the rest of the room couldn't see it, then grinned. "Yes, quaint indeed."
You were fully prepared to throw a plate at her face, but she was saved by a waiter here to take dinner orders, clearly shaken by his earlier interactions with the couple from Hell. He asked the two of you several times if you wished to have appetizers too, but you both declined. No need to be here longer than socially obligated.
Rasdane occupied the majority of conversation during the wait, as well as supper, going on and on about Oluan's success, her recent vacation, and how delighted she was with the restaurant. You were unbelievably grateful at how much the minotaur could talk, taking pressure off of Oluan and you, though Barbara rarely participated, opting instead to shoot you skeptical glances.
The voices lulled into silence as plates and wine glasses began to empty. You were deciding the best way to politely say "Fuck no, I hate it here" when asked if you wanted dessert. Meanwhile, Oluan seemed dazed. He had barely touched his food and you squeezed his hand under the table without a response.
"So," Louis started, "The book tour. Excited?"
"Yeah. It'll be fun." The orc did not sound convincing. You didn't think he even tried.
"Well, hopefully the book will be received well. It's no secret that I wasn't keen on the thing, nor Barbara, if I'm honest. But I'm sure it will appeal to-" He looked at you. Oluan did not notice, focused on the way his fork mashed the remnants of his meal. "-ordinary folks."
You opened your mouth to say something undeniably aggressive. Barbara beat you to it.
"It's not that I hated it, sweetheart. It's just that I prefer more humanity in my books."
Oluan slowly stood, murmuring, "I have to use the restroom. I'll be back," and left the room.
You were seeing red. You leaned across the table, rage clouding every movement. "And what the fuck is that supposed to mean?"
The couple jerked back in surprise, but the sneers returned to their faces just as quickly. "It's supposed to mean," Louis continued, "that there isn't room for sad orc stories in this industry. You need a character you can sympathize with and you can't sympathize with an orc."
You growled, nearly spitting on them with each word. "Who I can't sympathize with is two rich pigs whose only talent is being born with money."
Barbara's eyes widened at this, her face flushing with anger. "I will not sit here and have some gold digging street trash talk to me that way."
Before you could respond, a booming voice filled the room, deep and terrifying. It was Rasdane. "The two of you may leave," she roared. "And by 'may leave,' I mean get the fuck out."
Even you were taken off guard by this. You had never seen the Minotaur even frustrated, let alone shaking with anger. You did not think it was possible for her to lose her composure and yet here she was, menacing and firm. The couple said nothing, throwing their napkins on the table and leaving with a trail of exasperated huffs. You wondered how bad this would be for Rasdane's reputation, her standing in the industry you'd grown to despise. Your worries were relieved when she came up behind you, placing one hand on your shoulder. "You should find Oluan, darling. He has been gone a long time."
You nodded. After walking through various rooms and corridors, knocking on the bathroom door, calling the orc's name, you became frantic. Luckily, the same host from earlier found you and silently pointed to an enclosed porch. He gave you a sad smile. You could see the orc's large body slumped on a bench. Just like the party, he escaped into the cradle of outside. You wondered if that's why he had chosen the house he did. The illusion of being far removed from everything that scared him, everything he hated.
"Oluan," you whispered, stepping out onto the cobbled floor. "Are you okay?"
You were met with silence.
This only urged you forward until you were in front of him. When he did not look up, you crouched on the ground, cupping his face in your hands, nudging him to raise his head. It was gentle, careful. You were afraid if you pressed too hard, he would shatter like porcelain at your touch.
His eyes were swollen and bloodshot, cheeks drying from old tears and dampening again with the new.
"Baby..." Your voice was barely audible. The corner of your own eyes began to sting. "Don't listen to them. They don't know what they're talking about."
"But what if they're right?" Oluan muttered. "Maybe there isn't room for books with humanity from someone... like me." He sniffed and balled his fists, determined not to allow his crying to unravel into sobs.
"Someone like you? You are a talented writer. But more than that, you have the kindest, most sensitive heart I know. Someone like you is exactly what people are looking for."
He hung his head. You didn't know what to say or how to make this better. All you knew is that this hurt and you needed it to stop.
"I read it, you know," you whispered, "Your book."
This startled him. The admission startled you. He stayed quiet, but his expression was something resembling terror.
"It was beautiful. It was-" When did you start weeping? "- absolutely beautiful. I haven't stopped thinking about it since."
He searched your face for dishonesty. He swallowed loudly.
"You know you're not that boy in the story, right?" The orc stared at you hard. "Maybe you were. Maybe that's how you feel." Your chest heaved as you spoke. You vaguely noticed the thick liquid of running mascara on your cheeks.
"I know your name, Oluan. I always have, and-" This was too much, too painful. Your world was him, entirely him, and that world was flooding. If you needed to drown to save him, that's what you would do. "-I love you. Oluan, I'm in love with you."
Suddenly Oluan's body was wrapped around yours, kisses peppering your face and hair, his heavy breathing and sobs pounding through your chest. "I love you too. Fuck. I love you too," he whimpered, and you were kissing him now, hard, intimately, passionately. Entangled in one another, just as it was supposed to be.
When the movements slowed and the air stilled, your lips broke apart. He was smiling now.
"So, how did the rest of the dinner go?" he chuckled, wiping your tears with a swipe of his finger.
"I called them pigs and Rasdane told them to 'get the fuck out.' That's a direct quote by the way." You snorted.
"Jesus." Oluan was laughing in disbelief. "I've never heard Rasdane talk like that. Of course, your behavior doesn't surprise me."
"Excuse me?" You slapped his arm.
"You are a feisty thing," he smirked, "and I was pretty concerned you were going to throw something at them."
"I thought about it."
He wrapped you into a warm hug. You smelled citrus and vanilla, and you weren't sure if it was him or you, and that was the most comforting thing of all.
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what if we were vampires in love forever
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Tumblr media
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For all my monsterfucker friends...
Accept my humble offer of an idea for a deep merfolk
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Tumblr media
Abduction, by Maria Panfilova
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i鈥檓 not saying this would be particularly ethical, but it would be fair (and funny)
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teacupfullofstars a year ago
If a vampire was to ask for my hand in marriage I would simply say yes, RIP to gothic literature heroines but I'm different.
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Tumblr media
a queer icon 馃挏
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Tumblr media
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