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Itinerary Help for 3 Months in Brazil

Spending probably 3 months in Brazil starting January. Flying into and out of São Paulo and trying to figure out an itinerary. Some facts:

  • I will be working while traveling and need wifi good enough for video calls
  • I speak Portuguese conversationally
  • Looking for easy access to outdoor activities (hiking, beach) due to COVID. I would need to be able to meet at least one other traveler to hike, since that’s not an activity I want to do solo.
  • I will have 2 pieces of rolling luggage with me, so not sure if a place like Jericoacoara which I’ve heard is all sand would be easy to get around. Don’t want to look like an idiot :P
  • I want to spend about a month in each location. I am not really interested in spending much time at all in SP once I’ve gotten my rapid test (4 days after arrival). I’m considering spending most of my time in Morro de Sao Paulo, Floripa, Rio (Carnaval will probably be cancelled like Festa Junina was, huh?) and/or Curitiba. Also interested in seeing Iguaçu, Pantanal, and Jalapão (maybe as long-weekend trips). I will almost definitely be back in Brazil after COVID, so if there’s anything that will likely be difficult or pointless to try to do/see now, I can plan to do so later.
  • I have friends in Salvador and intend to spend time at the end of the trip with them there, and will visit Chapada Diamantina with them

Specifically looking for guidance on where you recommend I stay for month-long (or so) periods, considering access to activities due to COVID, internet, etc. Thanks in advance for your help! Respostas em português tb são bem vindas!

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On the difficulty of crossing busy roads without cross-walks

I have been pondering, as I have been watching travel videos and planning lovely future-tense vacations, where the hardest places to simply cross the road are?

Nothing brings me more stress than a difficult-to-cross road. It was a deal-breaker for me in much of Vietnam, as I stood, my entire body hairs upright, bracing to cross several times a day for three weeks, and I would find my nervous system so aggravated by just trying to cross the road that I would spend my nights inside in defeat. I was in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, and Can Tho, and other than Hoi An, every city was terrifying to cross at many intersections. Fastforward to Phnom Penh, and I loved it, in retrospect I think because I walked the corniche so often, although I once found myself again unable to cross a sea of motorcycles again at rush hour and wound up finally biding time in a store for an hour because I could not figure out how to cross the street – even with locals – without having a sort of sense of nervous collapse.

I have been to Istanbul, a city of 20 million or so, and walked across a freeway once when lost, and did not feel at all anxious. So it’s not only the number of people out, but also, how they drive.

Since we can reflect now, and it has come to mind as I watch videos of Cairo, where it looks like Ho Chi Minh City all over again but cars, I find myself thinking, “I don’t want to ever go there” or “I’d go straight to Luxor, which could not be that bad! Nothing could be THAT bad, right?” I’d probably stay in Giza and ask if I could ride a camel to the pyramids and sphinx, from the hotel, lol!

I’m curious about three things now:

  • 1.) does anyone else just sometimes avoid traveling to places where they feel anxious about being run-over while crossing the street, not because they have unreasonable anxiety issues but because it’s just hard? Do you find it kind of wrecks your whole day and you wind up trying to take cabs (that’s what I did in Vietnam, and I am not a big fan of cabs for short distances – I love walking the city streets!)
  • 2.) Where does the good people of this subreddit think the world’s hardest cities to just cross the streets are, based on personal experience, and why?
  • 3.) (Optional) – for anyone who has been to either Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi (or similar) –AND– Cairo, or any other Egyptian cities, how did they compare? That’s a kind of passing curiosity now.

Thanks for your replies! Seeking future-chill travel which doesn’t make my hair stand on end and leave me curled up in a ball in my guesthouse for the rest of the day after a one-hour excursion. But moreso, I just have not seen it discussed before, and I can’t be the only person who thinks of the world in terms of “streets that seem legit” and “streets that scare me completely.”

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Experiences of Black women traveling solo in Italy

My first solo trip was a couple years back. I spent three weeks in Europe and travelled mostly in France and Italy. I loved Paris. Now, I’m a black woman and my friends had told me Italy was amazing, specifically the larger cities. I actually expected more racism in Paris by reputation, but I never had one bad experience there. I travelled by train from Paris to Milan and that was the start of the longest ten days of my life. It was a NIGHTMARE. Seeing as this was my first solo trip and I knew nothing, I had two huge suitcases. I get off the Metro at Duomo, knowing I could get a taxi to my nearby Air BNB. Massive mistake. It was July, the sun was beating down full force and empty taxi after empty taxi passed me by as I was flagging them down. At first, I chalked it up to the size of my bags, my youth, anything and everything. After close to an hour, I even left my bags in an alcove so I could just jump in front of the next empty taxi I saw and make them take me. (I was standing in front of a traffic light, so they had to stop). I was ignored and batted away. Finally, a kind trans person came out of a local business and called me a private taxi. That’s the service I used the rest of my time in Milan, I never could get a cab just by hailing there. And I didn’t have phone service so I couldn’t use Uber or Lyft. I’ve never been so aware of my color in all my life. I’m a 450 in Fenty, cocoa girl and I had long faux locs for traveling convenience. I was staying in a residential area of Milan and people would literally stare at me when I walked down the street.

A lot of it was racism but some of it was xenophobia against the African immigrants there. When I wore any kind of American paraphernalia I was treated WAYYYYYYY better. I moved onto Rome quickly. It was better but still awful. I’ll just never know what percentage was racial. One night, I went to a ballet at La Scala and bumped into some white American tourists. And they told me about how badly they were treated as tourists! Some of what they said sounded very familiar. That leg of trip wasn’t all bad. I did some great shopping, had the best gelato ever, saw the Vatican, enjoyed the Eternal City. But I don’t know if I’ll ever go back, not even for Venice or Naples. I felt so isolated and unsafe. Has anyone experienced this? Anything suggestions?

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Dubai trip 2021

Anyone traveling to Dubai January 26- February 8th 2021? Graduating and bought my ticket since in the summer.

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Looking to spend a few months in the UK in the new year

Hey all, bit of a wall of text incoming.

29M from Canada here looking for a bit of advice or perspective. At the beginning of 2020 I got my 2 year tier 5 yms visa for the UK (valid until January 2022) with the plan to spend the next year or 2 traveling around the uk, working odd jobs and whatnot to support myself. Pretty standard I think. I flew over at the beginning of February and spent about a month there before COVID shut everything down and I decided to play it safe and come back home. Covid completely shut down my industry (live entertainment) so I’ve been here for the past few months working customer service jobs and whatnot to try and get some savings back but I feel like I’m kind of just wasting time at the moment, waiting for things to open back up (who isn’t though). I’m also having a hard time letting the visa go to waste so I’ve been thinking of heading back in January/February and trying to make a go of it again for a few months at least or until things start to hopefully open up back home.

So despite Covid I’m curious if anyone here has any suggestions about things to do or places to see in a Covid uk, considering I imagine most things will remain closed for the majority of this year or until a vaccine becomes more widespread. Big fan of the outdoors and just looking to explore and take in as much culture as I can given the situation. I’ll likely start around London but from there who knows, I’m open to going wherever.

I understand this may come off as a bit tone-deaf/privileged given everything going on in the world at the moment but I’m just trying to make the best sense out of my situation and options.

Any feedback’s appreciated, even just telling me it’s still a horrible idea after all lol, as I’m still just brainstorming ideas right now before actually committing and booking anything.

Thanks for reading and hopefully everyone’s staying safe!

TLDR; Wasted the first year of a 2 year UK visa due to covid and am looking to go back in the new year and try again. Thoughts/Suggestions?

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Any experiences traveling alone as a woman in Iran?

Due to covid it’s obviously not on the cards yet but I’ve long dreamt of traveling to Iran. Ideally I would be able to go with a male companion or friend group but I prefer travelling alone. My previous experiences travelling alone have been in Israel and Palestine (age 19) and Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Paraguay and Spain (age 21), I’m 22 now, Swedish and UK citizen (if that matters) and only speak English, Swedish and Spanish.

It was only really in Palestine that I had a somewhat dodgy experience as a woman alone. I don’t want to be prejudiced about other countries and cultures in West Asia or let those kind of assumptions stop me. Of course it’s possible to travel anywhere alone as a woman but I also want to feel comfortable.

Have any of you travelled to Iran alone as a woman, or live there yourselves, what are your opinions?

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What has been your hostel experience as an older solo traveler?

It has been a while since I went back to solo traveling and wanted to read stories of older (35+) solo travelers. Did you stay at a hotel or are there older people staying at hostels as well? Thinking about going to Cancún / Playa del Carmen / Cozumel / Tulum and want to avoid hotels since they are not as good for socializing.

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Destination recommendations for December 2021

With the vaccine news looking promising, I’m starting to plan a 3 week trip that had been previously postponed for sometime in December 2021. Problem is, I don’t really know where I want to go.

  • 32F likely to be traveling solo for most of the 3 weeks, so safety will be important. I’m comfortable traveling solo to big cities like NYC, but not as experienced with international solo travel.
  • I would like to spend a portion of the time relaxing in some sort of tropical/beach climate at a nice resort/hotel.
  • Generally more interested in cultural things (museums, food, attractions) than hiking, camping, etc.
  • Budget is not a factor. I am receiving a stipend from my employer that will provide $2,300 (plus flight costs), and I’ve been saving up for quite some time so I’m also willing to go into my own pocket to make it a memorable trip.


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Where to go?

I’m 25F and I’m super burned out and stress from work. I am looking to travel next year around February, assuming the borders are open already and COVID is cancelled. I went to California earlier this year by myself, got a rental and drove to sequoia National park. I really enjoyed my time there. Thank goodness I was able to leave the US before my country went lockdown. I’m from the Philippines btw.

I really want to escape the world, cause corporate life is slowly killing me. so maybe a place where it’s small and not a lot of people travel to it, a shitty town. Some country other people have never even heard of. Anywhere in the world is okay. I really like the mountains, but beach is okay. I also don’t have much money, so nothing fancy. It’s gonna be a solo backpacking trip. I’d probably go for a week. Oh, preferably somewhere that’s kinda safe too, like 4/10 safety is okay since Manila is not safe anyways.

Any ideas??? Would really appreciate it.

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Doubts about a travel friend, advise asked.

My best friend (I’ll call him Adam here) and I recently came up with the idea to plan a trip to South America. This didn’t quite came up spontaneously since we have been discussing this idea for a few months now with several of our mutual friends. Of one of those mutual friends (I’ll call him Frank) has shared the idea of this trip extensively with Adam. Frank and I have known each other also for quite a while now and we have travelled together before so there should not be major suprises in behavior on our intended trip.

On top of that has Frank been to the locations Adam and I want to go a few times and is eager to go there again.

The thing is.. I have known Adam my entire life and we know each other trough and trough. I have travelled many times with him and I trust him with my life. When we are together we have the best time. We are able to discuss all the good and bad we face and have great fun doing it. The trip would mean the start of our adult life and fundament for our friendship in the years to come.

I don’t have that with Frank. Of him I know for sure that he is a difficult travel companion and just hard for me to communicate transparantly with. It is not that our relationship is completely bad or based on bad things. Not at all, we can have fun conversations and sort of like the same stuff but we just don’t match that well.

I also know Frank well enough to know that he would be seriously - rightly so - suprised and angry if I tell him I only want to go to South America if he doesn’t go with me and simultaneously I do not know how Adam would respond to me doing that. Adam and I have done a lot of stuff with just the two of us but I am not sure if he wants to go on with the trip if I cut out our partner like that.

If you know how I could solve this or have any other advise, please let me know. Big thanks in advance, cheers.

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Trying to figure out transportation in Egypt (ferries, trains). Also, please help with itinerary.

Public transportation in Egypt seems to be quite complicated. I have read that certain trains (or compartments) are accessible only for Egyptian nationals and that as a foreigner, you have to book a more expensive luxury compartment (for example for going from Cairo to Luxor).

The same for ferries. I looked into the one from Hurghada to Sharm, and the price is way more expensive for tourists.

Is there any way to avoid these restrictions and get normal train (and maybe ferry) tickets in Egypt? Is just buying the ticket once you are already on the train a viable option?

I wan to see the following places:

  • Cairo
  • Luxor
  • Aswan
  • Dahab
  • Mt. Sinai
  • Maybe Alexandria
  • Maybe Abu Simpel

I am flying either into Hurghada or Sharm. If it is the latter, I guess it would be a good idea to start my trip in Dahab and spend one or two weeks there. But actually, I wanted to save Dahab for last, because otherwise I fear I might get “stuck” there and spend my whole month there lol.

So my question is this: How can I get from Hurghada to Cairo the cheapest way possible? I have looked into it, but couldn’t find any options.

I know about Go-Bus. But is it possible to catch so-called local buses in Egypt, where you just show up at the bus station and get on the next bus to anywhere? Like it works in India, for example…

I don’t want to take any flights.

Also, can you recommend any other places worth seeing in Egypt? I want to avoid resort towns like Sharm. I am interested in Ancient Egyptian History, Islamic history, laid-back places like Dahab…

I am 21, male, from the EU, I have been to countries such as India and Pakistan before, so I know my way around touts, pushy vendors, shitty buses etc.

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing any advice.

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Is it a bad idea to drop everything and just leave?

Hey. So I’m 20 and from the UK, and this whole pandemic has decimated my life. Lost relatives, a job, financial security, friends and more. I’ve had it up to here with everything, and I just want to drop everything and go travelling/working around the world for a year.

What I’m asking is if this plan of action is feasible for someone who’s quite poor? I sometimes have trouble getting money for food because I have no job, so I can’t really save money to go on this adventure, I’d just be going. I’d be aiming to just be going around Europe.

I know this may not be a good idea, realistically it might be a terrible idea, but I can’t deal with my life here anymore, and I need an out. So guys, could this work? Thanks

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