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Characters experience emotions inherantly, but what they do with those emotions, and how intensely they feel them can tell you a lot about who they are, and can play a big role in whether characters are seen as consistant or not.

In no particular order, these are a few things you may want to think about:

Forbidden emotions and shield emotions

Basically, forbidden emotions are the ones your character doesn’t want to feel and/or doesn’t want others to know they feel it. Common ones might be fear, sadness, loneliness, hurt, etc. Often times, forbidden emotions line up with whatever is considered weak where they live/grew up. Often a character will have a single emotion they try the hardest to keep down - an emotion that needs to stay hidden even if the others manage to peek through.

Shield emotions are emotions they a) deem as more acceptable to experience or portray, and b) are fairly easy to maintain until forbidden emotions go away. The point of them is to cover up any forbidden emotions, and push them to the side. Note that characters won’t always use their shield emotions - only if they think their forbidden emotions are strong enough that they can’t conceal them without using a shield. Common ones might be anger or humor. The key here is that they’re still feeling whatever the forbidden emotion is, they’re just actively trying to cover it up. Which means it’s likely going to be flashier than the emotion they’re trying to conceal, but tells of that emotion are likely going to come through, for those who know where to look. They also may be trying to convince themself that the thing they’re feeling is the shield, rather than the forbidden emotion.

(more about how to use this when doing character work, and for different scenes below the cut)

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Starry Gardens- part 3


I’ve been working on a calmer, relaxed watercolour series these days. This one’s the third part of it.

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Bueno creo que expresaré cómo me siento ya que nadie de mis close friends usa esto. So I’m good m!

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A collage I did the other day (give me time)

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Láminas expresivas. Dibujo de 4 etapas de control.

Lámina 1


Sentido: Sabor

Esta lámina representa el sabor picante que es intenso, caliente y explosivo.

Lámina 2


Sentido: Sonido

Esta lámina representa las ondas del sonido y el flujo de información consante.

Lámina 3


Sentido: Vista

Esta lámina expresa la luz que entra por el sentido de la vista. Me gusta relacionarlo con una hoja que absorbe la luz y los colores a su alrededor y proyecta el color verde, que no absorbe.


La construcción de las láminas con 4 etapas de control me permitió utilizar nuevos materiales como el carboncillo y la tinta china. En la arquitectura se puede diseñar una estructura sobre una superficie plana pero ese plano también debe mostrar las profundidades y contrastes que la estructura tiene. Estás laminas me permiten expresar profundidad y relieves en cuatro etapas distintas generando un contraste entre ellas, al igual que se haría en un plano.


Alessandra Sequeira, artista costarricense, es una de mis inspiraciones.


Las obras de la artista establecen un lenguaje único. Todas sus propuestas visuales y conceptuales representan los estados contrastantes de expansión y contracción; desde lo telescópico a lo ínfimo, para así formar parte del estado límbico que representa la consciencia.





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More Lobotoly art: Oleander is trying to show loboto his plan with the brain tank, but it is upside down and the plan sounds “silly” to Loboto, he could hardly restrain himself from laughing. This was a suggestion from a Psychonauts server in Discord that was funny and fun! >:) The suggestion/request was given from @n-sani-tea who is also on Discord! :)

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Defining the vowel
to enlighten
the new generation
to be…

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Abstract Sunset Landscape VI, 100x50 cm - 39"x20", original abstract painting, Ready to hang by Behshad Arjomandi

Acrylic painting

Dimensions: 100x50 cm - 39,37x19,68 inches. Original textured abstract painting. It was painted in multiple layers with palette knife and …

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Love and affection towards family, friends and people around me are never expressed. I am not someone who is open enough to share love and affection with others. I feel bad for them especially my parents. Everyone deserve to know that they are being loved but I disappointed everyone around me in that aspect.

As in my parents, I felt sorry for them that they couldn’t get as much love and affection from their daughter. I am not the best daughter one could have. I lack of emotion and affection. The words ‘I love you’ and 'I miss you’ never came out from my mouth but I do feel them. I do feel the love and missing for them in my heart. It just never got to be shown to the world. It stays inside and its eating me. It feel so stuffed in there but still it wouldn’t come out. I guess it’s because of my ego. Expressing have never been easy for me. But I do show them that I love them. By being helpful around the house and being by their side. Words never come out but action does. I don’t know if it’s enough to show them the love they deserve but that’s all I can do. Changing myself to be open is a hard task but I’ll make an effort for that.

Ironically, people always take the love topic easily. In fact, it’s never been easy for me. I love and treasure everyone around me but they never know. Love is not just how many 'i love you’ is said but it’s an action you’re willing to do for the other side.

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