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#exr headcanon
Your oblivious Enjolras HC is amazing. You should do an oblivious R one as well!

aahhhh thank you friend!!! i saw your tags in reblogging it and oh my god i love them both being oblivious assholes. so omg, grantaire being oblivious. (also sry this took forever the idea of ENJOLRAS AND HIS CAT HAVING MATCHING RED COLLARS WAS A BIT DISTRACTING.)

  • enjolras realizes he might have a “problem” (just call them feelings, enjolras, please, you’re a grown man – combeferre) when it comes to grantaire one week where grantaire doesn’t make it to any of the meetings at the musain and he misses his dumb face
  • (((idk why he missed them probably too drunk or busy with one of his 5 millions jobs or hobbies it just happens sometimes)))
  • lbr everyone has heard grantaire’s incessant pining at least once besides enjolras himself, so courfeyrac tells him that he should just start flirting with grantaire – what’s the worst that can happen?
  • courfeyrac regrets this advice immediately because holy shit enjolras cannot flirt. if it was a matter of life or death enjolras would be dead in .002 seconds. it depresses courfeyrac to watch and takes all his willpower not to flirt with grantaire for enjolras.
  • so naturally grantaire does not take enjolras’ strange behavior as flirting. grantaire has never in his wildest dreams imagined that enjolras would like him back so that is clearly not what this is
  • enjolras tries SO HARD the poor muffin he really does !!! he even takes courfeyrac’s advice to be more obvious so he starts describing this boy he likes but GRANTAIRE THINKS SO LOWLY OF HIMSELF HE DOESN’T CATCH ON like alright who is this handsome rugged man who is an extremely talented artist bc i’m not sure if i want to fight him or be him
  • and it’s ridiculous that these two can’t get their shit together so much so that les amis are pretty much split into two teams with grantaire’s closer friends trying to nudge grantaire into realizing what enjolras is doing and enjolras’ closer friends trying uselessly to teach him how to flirt better
  • so finally enjolras decides that courfeyrac’s advice is useless and enlists combeferre’s help instead with a lot of bribing and one night after their latest meeting enjolras asks grantaire to stay and u bet ur sweet ass there is a LOT of Looks™ going on between les amis like “is he finally going to ask him out??? has the sexual tension reached its breaking point??? was grantaire an asshole again???” all of the above seem perfectly reasonable so they all leave QUICKLY no one wants to get in the middle of whatever is about to happen in there
  • aaaaand Enjolras The Dork™ has prepared a fucking slideshow and speech with combeferre’s help bc that is what he does best and basically the last slide is like “so these are the reasons i like you and we should try to date go out with me???”
  • needless to say grantaire says yes but it took a while because he was too busy laughing at the ridiculousness of being asked out by a slideshow presentation
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  • grantaire starts out being kind of vague like ??? it could be anyone ???
  • gradually, he starts getting a little more specific. until finally he couldn’t more obvious about it (so he thinks !!!) and it’s like “yeah and he’s really hot. blonde hair, blue eyes. best ass you have ever seen amirite” while looking at courfeyrac like 😏😏😏😏😏😏
  • AND ENJOLRAS STILL DOESN’T GET IT. in fact, he’s like “????? courf is it you ????? that doesn’t make sense ????? that doesn’t match his description at all ?????” which of course courf just laughs hysterically because holy shit dude really.
  • and literally EVERYONE BESIDES ENJOLRAS GETS IT. they all know grantaire is talking about enjolras. they’ve known for weeks, at least (the ones grantaire whined about enjoras to before he decided to drop hints have known for ages ofc).
  • suddenly everyone kind of hates enjolras like “why do we all blindly follow this idiot he is ??? oblivious ??? the most oblivious
  • then one day grantaire is doing it again, but this time he is bragging about how he is going to finally ask the guy out tonight (bc he is pretty sure at this point he’s not going to get rejected by this ~*~*~*~mystery~*~*~*~ guy)
  • and enjolras is like aggressively jealous like he spends the whole meeting picking fights with grantaire and for once he doesn’t seem to taking the bait and fighting back he just keeps TALKING ABOUT THIS GUY GODDAMN IT PLEASE
  • so the meeting ends, and grantaire gets out of his seat, and he walks over to enjolras. and enjolras gets a little nervous bc he’s probably about to get yelled at for being an asshole.
  • but grantaire just grins, puts his hands on his hips, and is like “you’re the biggest idiot i’ve ever met. but you really do have the best ass ever. want to go out sometime?” and it finally clicks for enjolras.
  • he says yes to the date btw
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So I’m brainstorming for a Marching Band AU because I’m trash. The question is, friends:

Would Drum Major Enjolras be more infuriated by Marimba R standing right below him in the front ensemble talking shit all rehearsal 


Lazy yet talented Center Snare R that shaves years off E’s life because I swear to God Grantaire I need your feet to keep the tempo for everyone else and if you fuck this up I will end you?

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@miofrommars Enjolras + Enjolras from this list.

  1. He’s like a space heater which is nice when he cuddles Grantaire
  2. He loves it when Grantaire snuggles into his chest because that’s just ridiculously cute
  3. He’s a tol boi who can easily pick his bf up and plop him in bed
  4. He likes sweets, but that’s ok because R likes baking them
  5. He likes cats because they’re low maintenance and also very cute
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i bet it was something like The Proposal. the two of them are trying to hide their tears at first but then enjolras sniffs really loudly and the next second they’re holding each other and sobbing and courf usually cries at the ending but this time his tears are from laughter because they’re ridiculous

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-courfeyrac will talk with combeferre and be like “haha enjolras and grantaire are so dumb…they don’t realize they’re in love with each other…after knowing each other for years…if only they would talk to each other” and the whole time combeferre’s heart is beating very fast because he’s pretty sure courf isn’t just talking about grantaire and enjolras anymore

-enjolras and grantaire are suspiciously spending a lot of time together but really they’re just plotting to get their friends to get their acts together. and they’re also. spending a lot of time together…

-enjolras has the idea of putting mistletoe everywhere during the holiday season but after it became clear that all their friends are kissing each other on the cheeks, foreheads, and lips without hesitation they decided it wasn’t the best romantic plot they had come up with

-courfeyrac and combeferre arrange everyone so that when grantaire shows up late to movie night, the only seat is half a couch cushion next to enjolras. he takes it and spreads out with his head on bossuet’s lap and his legs on enjolras’s lap like he usually does anyway

-one time courfeyrac invites grantaire to lunch and combeferre invites enjolras to lunch and the four of them meet up and courf says something like “oh, what’s this? this seems like the perfect place for you two to go on a date” and grantaire raises an eyebrow because “you two are here as well. if you wanted to go on a double date you should’ve just asked”

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-enjolras has never ever been a morning person. he despises mornings. he dreads them. he thrives during the day and night and he’s very productive during these times

-when enjolras does finally get out of bed, it’s always to drag himself to the coffee maker and down a mug before he can do anything else

-when he and combeferre first became roommates, enjolras sees him getting up early to run and making healthy breakfasts and enjolras is inspired for an entire two days before he decides that this morning schedule is not for him

-if he has to get out of bed before 9am, he sets several alarms. like, a normal person would set an alarm at 7:30am. he sets an alarm for every minute between 7:10 and 7:40 and sometimes that doesn’t even help

-grantaire doesn’t realize this about enjolras until they’re dating and spend the night together for the first time. he wakes up the next morning and enjolras 1.) won’t let go of him and 2.) won’t open his eyes. grantaire is amused and then slightly concerned with how long this goes on. when he finally gets out of his boyfriend’s grasp, he brings him coffee and enjolras’s eyes widen at the wonderful combination of drinking coffee while still in bed

-after this, grantaire experiments with how to wake his boyfriend up. kisses just make enjolras smile and go back to sleep. taking the blankets away isn’t that effective when enjolras has more under the bed he can pull out. enjolras can sleep through music and other loud noises. if he’s ever desperate, grantaire might try dumping cold water on him, but at the moment he values their relationship too much

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-enjolras gets stressed easily. about anything and everything.

-grantaire didn’t know this very well until they started spending more time together and dating. and he got a front row seat to seeing enjolras stress out all the time

-it’s not always major things or school work. grantaire asked him to do the dishes and enjolras totally forgot? he gets extremely stressed. he tells grantaire that dinner will be ready by the time he gets over but it takes another fifteen minutes? stress stress stress. enjolras hates feeling like he is inconveniencing people and grantaire picks up on it pretty quickly

-luckily, grantaire is the most patient and understanding person in the world and he’s so sincere that enjolras even starts to think “oh. he really does mean it when he says it’s okay”

-when he gets stressed out, grantaire will talk to him in a soothing voice and walk him through the problem if enjolras is too stressed to think clearly. he helps enjolras take deep breaths and realize that his stress is blowing things a bit out of proportion

-and if other people make enjolras stressed out (a rude person on the street, a mean customer, etc) grantaire is more than happy to intervene

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-courfeyrac is ecstatic when he finds out that enjolras is going to get his wisdom teeth taken out. he immediately volunteers to drive him home after the operation, and enjolras is suspicious but since everyone else is busy during that time, he takes up the offer

-(courf technically had a class during that time, but he just left early. so worth it.)

-courfeyrac has his camera out the whole time, but enjolras is so out of it that he’s just quiet until they get to the car

-as soon as he’s in the passenger seat, enjolras starts crying. courfeyrac is worried that something is wrong so he facetimes combeferre who tells him that it’s normal, just to not let enjolras touch his mouth and try and mess with the gauze yet

-enjolras sees combeferre and grabs the phone and stops crying so he can babble nonsense to his roommate. he talks about the stormtroopers in the dentist office, the snakes that have replaced the seatbelts in the car, and the surprise birthday party he wants to throw for courfeyrac (who had a birthday three months earlier)

-courfeyrac is crying from laughter and he’s glad he has enjolras’s phone because he can now use that to record everything while enjolras continues talking to an amused combeferre

-eventually combeferre has to go, courfeyrac gets the seatbelt (“not a snake!”) on enjolras, and he finally pulls out of the parking lot (propping the phone on the dashboard to continue recording)

-enjolras immediately starts asking “are you taking me to see grantaire? don’t you dare…okay, fine! we can go see grantaire. i don’t know if he would want to kiss me right now. but i would like to kiss him. can you tell him that for me? no. i’ll tell him that. can we get ice cream first? i want my lips to taste like ice cream. do i have lips? i can’t feel them anymore”

-courfeyrac is glad it’s a short drive to enjolras’s apartment because he can hardly stop laughing. he gets enjolras his medicine and helps him into bed. when enjolras is more level headed a day or two later, he finds the videos on his phone and he is mortified. he calls courfeyrac to make sure he didn’t send those videos to grantaire. courfeyrac assures him that he sent some videos to everyone, but grantaire is the only one who didn’t see the video about enjolras wanting to kiss him

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-it happened when grantaire came over to pick up enjolras so they could talk about flyer ideas for the upcoming rally over dinner (at least. that’s what enjolras told him because he didn’t know how else to ask grantaire out quite yet)

-combeferre lets him in the apartment and tells him that enjolras is still getting ready but he should be out shortly

-(courfeyrac is smiling at grantaire from the couch and grantaire oddly feels like he’s picking up his prom date and the parents are waiting with him)

-he follows combeferre as he goes to see if enjolras is in his room. he isn’t, and grantaire suddenly realizes he has never been in enjolras’s bedroom before and he’s staring at all the posters and notes and memorabilia on his wall and combeferre is like “you can wait here, i’m sure he won’t mind. i think he’s still fixing his hair in the bathroom”

-combeferre leaves and grantaire is admiring everything for a while before something on the desk catches his eye. it’s his name, scrawled messily at the top of a piece of paper. under his name is a list of things like “his dimples” “the way he listens carefully to others” “his taste in music”

-grantaire is confused on what this list means until he hears a squeak behind him and turns to see enjolras standing in the doorway, looking horrified as he glances between grantaire and the piece of paper in his hand

-grantaire says “oh, i’m so sorry, i was just looking at everything on your walls until i saw this…i didn’t mean to pry…”

-“that’s okay,” enjolras tells him “if you don’t feel the same way, you don’t have to go to dinner with me, you know”

-grantaire frowns because “what are you talking about?” and enjolras shrugs “that’s a list of reasons why i love you”

-grantaire looks at the list again, then he looks up at a nervous enjolras, and then grantaire is kissing enjolras against his wall

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i’ve talked about this with enjolras having nightmares, so let’s shake things up a bit

-grantaire has always had a hard time sleeping, ever since he was a teenager. if it’s not insomnia that’s bothering him, he’s restless or has nightmares, and he would rather stay awake

-the nightmares aren’t always terrible, but they’re at least stressful or unpleasant, and when he wakes up he has to remind himself what is and isn’t real

-when he and enjolras start sleeping together, he hopes things will improve. he always does better when he isn’t alone, and enjolras helps him fall asleep smiling instead of lost in the thoughts that tend to bring in the nightmares

-but still, he’s not completely free of the nightmares. it happens more often when he’s trying to get sober and he has dreams about drinking again. he wakes up and he wants nothing more than to find some alcohol. or he’ll dream about his father. or his insecurities will come to life in his mind. every time he wakes up suddenly, and he presses his hands to his face as he tries to calm down and tell himself “it was just a dream, it wasn’t real, you’re okay, you’re with enjolras, you’re okay”

-he tries to not disturb enjolras, but enjolras’s Grantaire Senses tell him that something is up and he wakes up and finds his boyfriend Struggling

-he holds grantaire’s hand and grantaire just needs to get his mind off of everything. so enjolras will talk to him about anything he can think of, making grantaire smile, making him roll his eyes, causing him to laugh, etc

-grantaire is able to calm down eventually. his mind quiets down, he doesn’t feel so sad, and he thinks he might actually be able to fall asleep again

-enjolras insists they can stay up, maybe go on an early morning walk or watch a movie or find something to do, but grantaire turns down the offer. they both need the rest

-grantaire drifts back to sleep with enjolras in his arms, smiling to himself

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-enjolras thinks he’s subtle. he’s not subtle. everyone can see the way he looks at grantaire, can hear the way enjolras talks about him, and they all figure it out very quickly. if one of them slips out something about his crush and enjolras hasn’t explicitly told them, he starts blushing furiously and asking “how did you know i like him??” they’re not sure how to respond because. how could they NOT know?

-courfeyrac loves educating enjolras by showing him all the best rom coms that enjolras has never seen. at first, enjolras would admit that the movies are cute, but since he started pining over grantaire, the romcoms make him cry every. single. time. courfeyrac is shocked and delighted. and he’s also crying.

-enjolras will get super nervous about texting grantaire. he comes up with a casual invite to go to a new cafe he heard about or something like that, but it takes twenty rewrites, a phone call with combeferre, a pep talk from feuilly, and an encouraging smile from jehan before he actually sends it

-enjolras catches himself making several spotify playlists for or about grantaire

-cosette was one of the first people he told about his adventures in pining. he loves his friends, but sometimes he needs a break from the teasing and cosette is there with a refreshing amount of positivity and kindness and just amazingness because she is truly one of the best people that enjolras knows

-enjolras doesn’t use snapchat a lot. musichetta made the account for him and he doesn’t really understand it. but then he and grantaire start snapchatting each other…like, a lot. and enjolras has no idea that grantaire gets a notification every time he screenshots a snap. and man, does grantaire get a lot of notifications

-enjolras has also scrolled through the entirety of grantaire’s instagram and accidentally likes some of the posts from years back. grantaire has a heart attack when he sees this

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-chubby enjolras loves his body. he is all about body positivity and self care and is known for helping others have the same perspective

-whenever he sees body shaming online he is not afraid to start a discussion with the person to educate them a little more.

-grantaire kisses his tummy rolls and it makes enjolras blush

-enjolras loves to dance

-he also loves wearing short shorts

-he’s also pretty strong and courfeyrac demands piggy back rides all the time

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Grantaire’s Portuguese strikes again…heh

They’re sitting cross-legged on Grantaire ’s yellow carpet, the one he got down in Les Puas de Sint-Omen, and even if it’s big and comfy, it’s still  the ugliest thing Enjolras has ever seen.

On the screen the movie  plays away, and Enjolras wonders again how he ended up like this, in Grantaire ’s flat, watching a movie based on Frida Kahlo ‘s life, munching away on everything sweet Grantaire had in his kitchen.

The air is warm and his skin is hot, and he rolls up  the legs of the Bermuda shorts he’s wearing.

Grantaire, on his left, seems unbothered by the warm weather, a pile of oreo’s wrappings growing more and more around him; Enjolras reaches out to steal a cookie, promptly popping it in his mouth and away from Grantaire ’s avenging fingers.

 “Hey!” Grantaire pouts at him, but  Enjolras just smiles around his mouthful and turns back to the screen, in time to watch as Frida lights up a cigarette and takes a long draw.

“You know” he says, “I didn’t think I’d like this”

“Told you”

in the movie  some song starts playing, and Enjolras wonders, “You speak Spanish, right?”

Grantaire cocks his head to look at him, “I speak Portuguese. And that’s Mexican, by the way” he adds, nodding toward the screen.

“Oh yeah, you’re right. I forgot”

Grantaire hums, mocking him, so Enjolras steals the last of the oreos from his fingers, biting half of it before feeding the remaining part to Grantaire, who flushes and starts blinking rapidly.

-like, really rapidly-

“You look like Sherlock”

“I don’t. You just surprised me, that’s all. You’re oddly sweet today, did you hit your head while I wasn’t watching?…Wait, wait. You watch sherlock?”

Enjolras shrugs, “Honestly, who doesen’t?”

At that, Grantaire gives him an approving nod and they fall into silence again, watching the movie. Enjolras sips his drink from his licorice straw ,takes a bite off it and turns around once again.



“You say you speak Portuguese?”

“That I do, why?”

“How do you say licorice?”


“And what about straw?”


Enjolras hums and bites his lips, brows furrowing as he gets lost in his thoughts.

“What are you thinking? That’s your plotting face”

“I don’t have a plotting face”

“Yes, you do”

“Whatever you say, ‘Taire” Enjolras answers, moves closer to him, then sets his legs under himself and comes to rest right at Grantaire’s side, barely two inches all that’s left between them. Grantaire gulps, looks down at him, and Enjolras smiles before placing his hand on Grantaire’s bicep.

Grantaire gulps again.

“Grantaire, how do you say kiss?”


Enjolras’s hair bounce around as he nods, prompting Grantaire to answer.



Grantaire shakes his head, Enjolras raises up on his knees, gets even closer, “Say it again then? For me?”

Grantaire doesen’t even know what he’s gulping down anymore.



“Yeah” Grantaire nods, their noses brush, and his heart jumps. Enjolras places his delicate hand on Grantaire’ s bearded cheek, runs the pad of his thumb on it, his eyes bright pools of tender warmth.

Grantaire thinks he’s dying, but he guesses he’ll die an happy man.

“How do you say please, ‘Taire?”

“Uhm…por favor”

Enjolras nods, cast his eyes away and sets them back into Grantaire’s, then blushes, bites his lips again and Grantaire is sure that’s not fair. Not when he wants to do it for him. His hands move on their own volition, placing themselves at Enjolras’s waist, holding tight and making Enjolras’s breath hitch, “Grantaire, Grantaire, give me  beijo, por favor?”

And, the accents are all wrong, but Grantaire doesen’t give a damn, he pulls Enjolras on his lap, kisses him senseless over and over again, holds him tight and is held back even tighter. Enjolras sighs in his mouth and finally, finally, Grantaire sinks his lips in that lush bottom lip. Enjolras sighs again, fists his hands in Grantaire’s curls and gasps when they part, his cheeks impossibly red. Grantaire places a kiss on each one of them.

“You maddening little menace” he says, and Enjolras honest to god giggles, shifts on his lap and flicks his nose. “ You taste like oreos, and you look like a muppet, ‘Taire”

“You just kissed this muppet”

“What can I say? I like muppets”

“All of them?”

“Just the one I’m sitting on”

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enjolras wearing grantaire’s clothes even though he’s swimming in the fabric is something that will always be adorable. and grantaire just melts every time he sees it. and enjolras loves grantaire’s beanies more than anything else

courfeyrac looking adorable in combeferre’s sweaters and sure it’s a little ridiculous how his hands disappear in the sleeves but combeferre can’t resist pulling him in for a kiss every time he sees his boyfriend in his clothes

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-grantaire is a charming prince and he has adoring fans everywhere he goes

-enjolras rolls his eyes and continues to protest the faults of the kingdom’s policies with his best friend feuilly at his side

-enjolras also had the “gift” of obedience given to him when he was a baby. when it gets him in trouble with the law, he decides to do something about it and try and track down the fairy who did the spell

-courfeyrac is his household fairy and friend who introduces enjolras to his boyfriend, combeferre. who he accidentally turned into a book. anyway.

-combeferre the enchanted book helps enjolras on his quest. along the way they meet bahorel, an elf who wants to be a lawyer instead of an entertainer.

-enjolras encourages this and when they run into grantaire, enjolras explains and shows the injustice in the kingdom and how they need to fix things. grantaire never knew what was going on and he’s shocked to see it for himself

-they also make a stop in giantville where grantaire is surprised but happy to see another side of enjolras as he performs for the giants

-they share their first kiss that night by the fire

-enjolras realizes he is maybe kind of definitely in love with prince grantaire and grantaire plans to propose to him at his ball the next day

-but the king, grantaire’s evil uncle, orders enjolras to kill the prince and not tell anyone about the plan

-enjolras tries everything to stay away from grantaire and keep him safe. he writes a note that breaks grantaire’s heart saying that they can’t be together. and then he shows up at the ball.

-grantaire is stunned by how beautiful he looks, and takes him outside to propose to him, but as he’s holding a crying enjolras, he catches sight of enjolras holding a dagger to his back right before he gets control of his obedience curse and drops it

-grantaire feels so upset and betrayed, and enjolras is imprisoned. luckily, bahorel and combeferre gather ogres, elves, and giants and are able to get him out and crash grantaire’s coronation before the poisoned crown can touch his head

-cue sword fighting with the guards in the castle as enjolras explains the situation to grantaire

-(bonus: in the midst of the fight, courfeyrac transforms combeferre back into a man)

-grantaire becomes king and he and enjolras get married and then they all dance to Don’t Go Breakin My Heart

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-enjolras whose natural resting face is the most intense, serious expression imaginable. and then suddenly he sees a funny meme and bursts into shrieks of laughter

-his laughter is so dorky, complete with snorts and blushing

-he owns Stitch onesie pajamas

-he cries at most movies

-he gets really really excited about things he is passionate about and sometimes starts physically jumping up and down and then gets embarrassed by it but grantaire thinks it’s the most adorable thing ever

-he loves doing cute things for his boyfriend like making his specialty homemade milkshakes and bringing him coffee in the morning, and every time he does his eyes are lit up and he has the cutest smile on his face and enjoys watching grantaire’s reactions

-sometimes their protests are really intense and stressful and afterward, enjolras needs to relax by taking a bubble bath and eating pop tarts while blasting his favorite music

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Uuuuu a lot! Yesss


1. My take on their canon relationship:

It’s just a wonderful ride of ignored feelings, fights and tears

2. Do I ship them:

Is the snow white?

3. Reasons why I do/don’t ship them;

They are perfect together because exactly what the other one needs to help them get ahead and bring out the most from themselves. They balance each other out perfectly, Enjolras giving Grantaire motivation to get it together and the confidence that he can and Grantaire loosening up Enjolras a bit. They are also not afraid to push each other’s buttons which they both need very much.

4. Headcanon, if any:

I think they respect each other very much and support each other in every part of their lifes. They are also very snuggly and can’t sit normally next to each other they must cuddle! Enjolras is taller. Grantaire’s mom always makes Grantaire’s favorite dessert the way Enjolras likes it and it’s driving Grantaire crazy. Grantaire is always sick after they come back from dinner with Enjolras’s parents because Madame Enjolras always orders tiramisu since that was what she ordered the first time Grantaire was invited to dinner. The truth is, R is lactose intolerant and just wanted to be polite and then never gotten around to actually let Madame Enjolras know the truth. He thinks it’s might be too late by now anyway.

5. How much do I ship (%):

Uuuuu a lot.


1. My take on their canon relationship:

I haven’t finished the brick yet and in the scenes I read so far they don’t actually interact with each other that much they are both more focused on Enjolras.

2. Do I ship them:


3. Reasons why I do/don’t ship them;

I really like them together because I imagine Courfeyrac is always being goofy and crazy and inappropriate while Combeferre just stands behind him and looks at him fondly. And Courfeyrac doesn’t mind because he’s the only one (besides maybe Enjolras) who knows that Combeferre can be all goofy and crazy and inappropriate in private, though in a very different way than he is. They go well together, it’s not hard to imagine that they could fall in love. I also like the idea of Enjolras’s best friends dating. It just gives the triumvirate’s dynamic another layer.

4. Headcanon, if any:

Well in my orchestra au I they sometimes act like Enjolras’s parents and I love writing that (that story will be finished someday). I also like the idea of them going on the funnest dates. Like they don’t just go to a restaurant they go rock climbing, to a painting class, to an interactive museum, to ballroom dance lessons. It doesn’t matter if they good at these things or not, they just love trying new things together. (I have a chapter in Twelve days of Christmas with Courfeyrac where they have a rather cute date if you are interested.) They are clearly the ultimate date master couple in my mind.

5. How much do I ship (%):

Like 80% I ship Combeferre with Eponine too (if someone asks I’ll tell why) but I don’t really like Courfeyrac paired with anyone else. It’s hard to imagine him settling down with anyone but Combeferre.


1. My take on their canon relationship:

I loooove that it’s actually hinted at in the brick, that’s so awesome

2. Do I ship them:

Oh yes

3. Reasons why I do/don’t ship them;

Come on? Who doesn’t ship them? I think they are the ship most of the fandom agrees on. I mean, you can hardly find fics where they aren’t together.

4. Headcanon, if any:

Joly and Bossuet had known each other (and R) since elementary school. They both had a crush on each other from their late high school years but always thought they were in the friend zone. Then in their early twenties Bossuet met Musichetta on Tinder and he was so relieved that he finally really REALLY liked someone else besides Joly and maybe he could finally get over him. And Joly was genuinely happy for them but since he lived together with Bossuet and Grantaire, he hung out with Musichetta a lot, even on one on one when she dropped by before Bossuet got home. And he… started to like her too? So poor Joly was freaking out and thinking he was the worth person ever for not only loving his best friend but his girlfriend too. Meanwhile Bossuet was also freaking out because he loved Chetta but his feelings for Joly just didn’t want to go away. Then one night Musichetta asked him what he thought about Joly and Bossuet genuinely thought she was going to break up with him but then she confessed she liked him as well and wondered if the three of them could go on a date together. They both agreed they never heard a better idea in their life. (This was a long ass head canon so I won’t include more)

5. How much do I ship (%):


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