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nothing about extracurricular turns out on. absolutely nothing. mr lee died. the karaoke dude died. minhee is most likely dead. jisoo is also most likely dead. kitae is probably going to prison, him stabbing jisoo really didn’t help with that. gyuri is so fucked, she either leaves the country and we never see her again or she gets caught trying to help jisoo. mr cho is clueless. and the detective is too late as always.

yet it is still my all time favourite tv show.

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It has been 23 days since I finished watching Extracurricular and I’m still nor over it. I… I… there is just too much to think about. Also, The Swoon and Netflixkr keeps on posting new content every week.

Also, please give us Season 2! Or just put Park Juhyun and Kim Donghee in a other project together please. Or maybe invite the entire cast in another show. Or maybe show us more BTS.

Oji and Baegyul were dysfunctional but the actors’ chemistry was just so RIGHT THERE.

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<인간수업>에서 어른답지 못한 어른들은 어린 이들의 성을 사고 소지품을 검사하고 팔을 자르려 하고 부모조차도 돈을 뺏고 삶의 방식을 강요한다. 그래서 9화에서 고딩일진들이 어른조폭들에게 깽판치는 장면이 묘한 카타르시스를 선사한다. 

제 역할을 못하는 대한민국 기성세대에게 깽판치는 청소년의 피 그 자체랄까.

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im never gonna get over extracurricular. i despise like every character especially gyuri!!! that dumb rich privileged bitch who never showed any empathy or remorse towards jisoo. and then shes like “aight imma dip” after ruining his life, hopes and dreams BITHC I SWEA R TO GOD!

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I wonder if Extracurricular was inspired by Parasite.

They are super different from one another, but the vibe is so electric and similar that I wonder…

Oh and can we write essays about the characters? I’m totally here for that! I can’t predict what anyone is gonna do - they are all so interesting!


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Help, I can’t stop taking screenshots 

Extracurricular (2020)

How parents and society neglect adolescents to become monsters when they are not even fully human yet. Makes me think about that sensitive period, when everyone seemed so keen on hurting each other and even themselves.

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Extracurricular is SO GOOD.

Yes, let’s freak out about how amazing it is! I’ll be vague because I don’t want to give any spoilers.

Honestly I’ve been blown away by the storytelling, the character’s personalities, and the intense thriller-y vibe with the black comedy feel. The only thing I’ve ever seen close to it in a k-drama is the feel of the beginning scenes in the movie Parasite with the family infiltrating the household one by one? It’s got that intense feel and a storyline I couldn’t predict, with comedy moments even though well, the situation isn’t actually funny? It feels like that but in a high school setting.

I’ve grown to love and care about all of the lead kids *but yes, not Kitae! Though he’s interesting to me within the story. Like, you have this kid who is the king of the school, and the leads have to deal with him even though they have way bigger things going on. The duality of that is just *chefs kiss*.

I’m only on episode 7 and I can’t wait to finish it! OMG I have so much more to say but I’ll stop myself :)


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