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alluring-fatality · 4 months ago
Isolate me and make yourself the center of my world. My every thought, desire, and action to be for you. Make me dependent on you.
Make it so even if I do manage to get away, I feel so wrong, that I come back on my knees begging for you.
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thebearyplace · 5 months ago
The Spell
Extreme WG Fiction (this one's a bit more on the extreme end)
“You will eat, and eat, and eat. But you will not stop until you can’t physically reach the food anymore.” Ben whispers, groping my belly from behind with both hands.
“Go eat, piggy.” He yells, but I’m already in the kitchen yanking open the fridge and pulling out a half eaten blueberry pie. I almost reach to get a fork, but my instincts tell me to just use my hands to get it down faster. I devour the rest of the pie in under a minute and it isn’t until I toss the empty tray onto the counter that I notice Ben standing in the doorway.
“More.” I groan, turning to grab another item and realizing I’d left the fridge open. This spell is really taking over. I can barely think for myself. Ben just stands there and watches in delight, groping himself as I gulp down pudding. But after that I only focus on eating. More, more, more! Ben isn’t in the doorway anymore but I’m too focused on the contents of the various containers in front of me to bother looking for him. Each bite fills a tiny space in the endless pit that is my stomach.
Hours go by and I’ve emptied the fridge. The only thing keeping me tethered in reality is the clock on the stove. It was 5pm when I started and now it's almost 9. I’m now digging into the pantry, tearing open boxes and pouring it down my throat. I toss aside boxes of dry pasta, thankfully my brain knows well enough not to eat things like that. But I catch a glimpse of Ben heating up some water to boil it.
“You’re going to get so fat.” Ben says, handing me a pot of pasta with meat sauce and a plate of garlic bread. That was fast. It feels like just moments ago he started it. Time seems to move faster when all I do is eat. Next thing I know Ben is rubbing my belly and whispering things in my ear. “Piggy, fat fuck, lardball…” I stop listening and grab the box of cereal in front of me but it's already empty.
“I’m all out. I need food. I need it!!” I yell, pushing Ben and scanning the kitchen. All I see are empty containers and trash lining the counters.
“I didn’t realize how hard this would be. I guess I better order you some pizza, fatty.” Ben slaps my butt and pushes me into the bed, feeding me slice after slice after box after case of pizza. I can’t even count all the empty boxes beside the bed. It’s at least 30. How did all of that fit inside me? How is any of this fitting inside me? I attempt to sit up but something big and round stops me. I look down to find a huge belly on my lap; my belly. I’ve gained at least 200lbs. How long has it been? I can’t even speak anymore. All I can do is moan and groan. “More” seems to be the only word that comes out.
“More.” I say, “more!”
“Hush, now. Piggy. I have more here for you. Open up…” I accept whatever food comes my way, unable to even taste it before it’s gone. My belly expands like a balloon as I grow fatter and fatter. 400lbs? 500? It must be years later. There’s garbage everywhere. I’m stained with grease and food. I struggle to sit up.
“Look at you, completely immobile.” A voice says from beside me. Who’s that? Is that Ben? He looks so different. I look back down at myself, a blob of a man. I have to be over a thousand pounds. I can’t move at all.
All I can do is wiggle my arms and legs, but barely. I thought the spell was supposed to wear off once I couldn’t reach the food on my own! How did I get so fat?
“Here you are, my beautiful tub of lard.” Ben says with a devilish smile. When I take another look around I realize that there’s food everywhere, ready to be eaten. He’s keeping it close enough for me to reach… I’ll never stop gro--
Fatter… fatter… fatter… more. Mmfff… not fat enough. Can’t move. Need to be so... much… fatter.
“Hey, it’s me, Ben. Can you hear me?” There is a faint voice, but all I see is darkness. “You’ve sunken into your own fat, babe. You’re usually oblivious to the world but you’re having a moment of clarity. Don’t worry, it’ll pass and you’ll just keep getting fatter for me. Here, drink this.” And with that a warm liquid is pouring down my throat via a tube and I’m lost in fat once more. End
(Def didn't spell check this one or anything, so if there's any weird errors, oops)
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justhighheels · a month ago
Tumblr media
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linkeduniverse-prompts · 2 months ago
Just saw some gorgeous fanart of Warriors with a big facial scar and couldn’t get this AU idea out of my head: Au where, after Cia  revealed that her obsession with him/his spirit was the reason she started this horrific war, Warriors suffers a breakdown and harms his own face in a desperate attempt to make her loose interest in him. Mask finds him first and runs to get Zelda and Impa. They get Warriors help he needs and are of the very few who know how he actually got that scar.
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specialformany · 4 months ago
Today’s extreme weather is not punishment from God
Tumblr media
”The Bible teaches that God is not responsible for the suffering that people experience. It assures us that “with evil things God cannot be tried, nor does he himself try anyone.” (James 1:13) This means that he is not behind the extreme weather people are experiencing today.”
More at:
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subtlebunny · 4 months ago
field trips but instead of going to the museum or local theatre, your kidnapper rents you out to their equally fucked up friend(s) for the day
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michaelbogild · a month ago
Desire without gratitude, motivation without spirituality, is nothing short of sickness.
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justhighheels · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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yourclashatdemonhead · 6 months ago
I was tagged by @princeofblankets to stop, drop & selfie!
Here I am doing my best impression of a crumpled up receipt you find in your jeans pocket, about to go into a work zoom meeting (yes, my camera is staying off):
Tumblr media
I'll tag @captaincam, @glaucooma-rex, @colourofthekites, @tobewitchthemind, @keepbreathingky & anyone else who want to do one!
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