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elissastillstands · 2 days ago
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We will ensure it. This will work. Avalir be damned. // from “Fire and Ruin”
Further fantasies of an animated Exandria Unlimited in the style of Legend of Vox Machina, this time with me trying some shots of Laerryn Coramar-Seelie. I had a lot of fun with these!
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backonmyblogshit · a day ago
Matt: Apogee solstice! Leylines! References to EXU Calamity!
Travis and Marisha: 👀👀
Sam: I have literally never heard those words before in my entire life.
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flandraws · 2 days ago
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Getting fucked up by EXU Calamity. Inspired by Episode 3! 
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meetthefatess · 2 days ago
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do I have a folder of stupid dramatic pose refs for when I want to draw calamity characters? no ofc not, that’d be weird
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samcarter34 · 2 days ago
You know, thinking about what Asmodeus said about the Pantheon being his siblings, and how mortals must have done something to the Prime Deities because why else would they have turned on their own family...
The Prime Deities probably loved the Betrayers once, maybe they even still do. And they turned on them, their kin, to save Exandria and its people. They loved Exandria and the peoples of it so much that they fought and exiled their own family that they’ve known since, permanently destroying any possibility of there ever being a reconciliation.
All for a world they loved. A world they once all loved.
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humanbeanisnotamused · a day ago
based on my faintly canon noncompliant concept that the ring of brass were a group of regular adventurers, once upon a time, and also something @thought-42 said to me in passing today.
When Laerryn comes to, it’s Zerxus’ unimpressed eyes that are looming over her. He leans back to give her enough room to sit up and she checks her hair first for any lingering signs of electricity.
“There was feedback,” he offers, unhelpfully.
There’s almost a tangible weight to Zerxus’ disapproval, like a heavy blanket, but there are also still stars in Laerryn’s vision and she can fix one of those things, so before anything else she rubs her eyes, shakes the road dust out of her hair. “A minor setback,” she says—it’s for his benefit, because he doesn’t really get what she does and right now he’s looking at her like she’s a particularly stupid kitten. “Obviously it’s not supposed to…”
She lets the sentence trail off, already digging out her notebook and scrawling some amendments to the section on energy output for this particular spell—the excess energy isn’t being siphoned off as it’s meant to, or maybe it’s producing more electrical energy than the light siphon can keep up with— “Was there a light? When I cast. How bright was it?”
Zerxus doesn’t answer, so once she’s done with her notes she tips her head back up and raises her eyebrows at him, awaiting whatever it is he feels he has to say.
“You know, it really stresses Evandrin out when you do these kinds of things.”
Laerryn closes her eyes so Zerxus can’t see her roll them. His little crush is cute, sometimes, but it is very much not cute right now. “You know you can have opinions that are completely independent of Evandrin?”
“I do,” Zerxus says. “My opinion is you should at least have Patia check it over before you mess with magic you don’t understand.”
“I understand it perfectly.” She doesn’t bother to watch her tone—yeah, yeah, it’ll get her in trouble one day; not with Zerxus, though. “That’s why I can mess with it.”
He sighs, moves to get to his feet. “I’m not going to fix you next time.”
“Nydas will,” she says, already mostly busy going back over her somatic components for something she can alter in her next test run. “And you wouldn’t let me die. Learn to bluff better.”
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psychicdamaged · 2 days ago
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"The Ring of Brass endures."
bonus: version without text and the ugly cousin pastel version
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demigoddessqueens · a day ago
I come to give us anguish and they will not be able to stop me, can I ask the members of Exu calamity with an s/o who, upon seeing the destruction, tells them that he loves them and uses his magic to teleport them away from everything and the members have to see their partner sacrificing for them?
Ohmygod as if it wasn’t sad enough!!! 😣😢😭😫
As the buildings crumbled and roads tore, crowds ran away screaming. You had seen this in your visions, and while you and yours were not able to stop it, you would do this last kindness to save their lives.
Laerryn & Loquatious
You sat with them for a while as you confessed your “I love you”. Though it deserved to be said under better circumstances, you would give them what you weren’t meant to have. In a few muttered words, the Fae and mortal are sent to the Feywild for safety missing one that linked them both
As you see him fly away, you see the smoke and ash rising in the sky and quickly reaching him. In your last cast, the surge of energy you send to help him is laced with “I love you”, the last he will ever hear from you.
he would not perish here, not with the advancing demons and Asmodeus’s deal lingering over him. Even if you can buy him time, it’ll be enough. You still see the portal that leads to Evandrin and Elias, and in turning Zerxus towards it, he hears your “I love you” as you send him through
You can hold the Dispell Blast and in seeing Patia secure the future of knowledge for Avalir and Exandria, you know her work is done. Through the noise, she gasps at your “I love you” as Cerrit takes her away to safety. A deal you’ve made to save your love and a father as well.
He may have said he was the Last Dragon of Avalir, but he will not die as one. You help Nydas in his final charge, but in the last stand, you know only one of you will make it out. “I love you”, you say with a fervent kiss before casting a last spell that takes him far from this before he can protest
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quietsphere · 2 months ago
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Brennan, about to make the players experience the longest second in the history of dnd:
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janedoe297-art · 2 months ago
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I'm. not ok!
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astridbecks · 2 months ago
the power of friendship will [checks notes] somewhat mitigate the effects of the apocalypse
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thirtythree43 · 2 months ago
to be fair to wizards if I gained the power to shoot fire out of my hands i would also become full of hubris 
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criticalsorcery · 2 months ago
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Seelie you later
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hhartcandy · 2 months ago
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Like literally everyone else, I too was fully decimated by this line
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wehavekookies · a month ago
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Finally had some time to paint a thing for Calamity, so had to start with the Champion of Asmodeus, Zerxus Ilerez, because Hell Yeah :)
Also, available as a print here: >>inprnt store<<
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rainbowonyourparade · 2 months ago
"History will remember me" says Laerryn. A character that we've never heard of before, in a city we've never heard of before, from a campaign set in the past.
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sparring-spirals · 2 months ago
brennan, bringing an absolutely masterful, tense, cinematic, beginning rp-sequence to an end: -and you wake up.
travis, speaking for all of us, voice quivering: i think i'm in the wrong class-
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