urboned · 2 days ago
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*sum frames of a little video i made :-)
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raiain · 6 months ago
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oh to just sit
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authenticcadence18 · 11 months ago
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when it’s officially been 14 years since your favorite show premiered 😨
(tag yourself, I’m Perry✌️)
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a-small-tired-lonely-potato · 2 months ago
So like... Is it just... Me? Oooor is Gawain's outfit... Reeeealy bad.
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Like... This. This is awful. But it makes a sort of sense, considering who she's related to.
Tumblr media
See This is Arthur's version of fashion.
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the-blackrose-reaper · 7 months ago
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camzy · 7 days ago
Thank you lord! 😭🖤
I received a job offer from EY GDS! Grabe ka lord sobra sobra yung blessing mo, sobra akong thankful! Ang ganda ng pasok ng august sakin. No more big 4 cutie wahhhh tanggap nako sa isa mga big 4 shet huhu
This wouldn’t be possible without your guidance lord huhu ang saya saya huhu
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Hey u hope you mind me asking but how's timothy doing (clay pit and ghost timothy)
Timothy: "I'm alright. The twins are annoying as usual. What do you mean ghost Timothy?"
Ghosty: ". . ."
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patchesenthusiast · 2 months ago
“Ah! Smooth! And Shiny!” Willow rubs Patches’s bald head with a look of wonder. “Aaah! It’s like a pearl!”
"Hey now what's all this then?! A little rude, would you not think?" he cringes at the feeling, lifting a hand to try to stop her from further caressing his scalp.
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viejospellejos · a year ago
Ey baby!!!!
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gnzma · 3 days ago
[ i hope its okay to Continue :^) ]
Oof, okay. Wow.  Shaking his hand, Guzma took a step back. This man was made of pure stone, it was surprsing he managed to make him bleed with one hit. Hm. Too bad. He expected this to be far more satisfied with this-
...of course. He shouldn’t expect to throw hands and have that monster of a man take it. Guzma stumbled back, barely keeping his balance thanks to the grip on the other’s shirt. He didn’t waste time checking for blood - he already felt a drip lazily fall from his nose, after all.
... ...you know what? Cool.
Tumblr media
This means he can just punch him again until he finally feels good about it.
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otherwindow · 18 days ago
Biblically accurate angel mistaking a space satellite for another biblically accurate angel and wanting to befriend it.
Satellite: [floating in orbit] Biblical angel, flying close: we are slow dancing...! :::D
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kai-kat · 2 months ago
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ask-cloverfield · a year ago
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Mithrax’s fireteam
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sokayisaidiot · a year ago
Tommy and Fundy
Actually a super interesting duo. Also pretty cool cc!duo.
Theyre both there from the start. Both have somewhat forgiven Eret and are connected deeply with Wilbur.
Also, L’Manburg. I have a feeling that Fundy’s Doomsday revenge was against just against L’Manburg, because he has more anger towards Wilbur and the nation than Tommy. He actually went to visit Tommy in Exile twice. helping him, spending actual time with him, being angry that Tommy is thrown out. But why went he against them in the end?
Well, I guess Fundy couldn't see L’Manburg anymore. His connection to L’Manburg was, from my perspective the most Huge one. He was born there. he was raised there. His father was quite literally the leader. So of course he was frustrated. He was frustrated with his father, his grandfather and everyone else. If someone deserved to be angry at L’Manburg, it would be: Tommy, Tubbo, Fundy, Niki and Jack. The original people from L’Manburg who went through all this (but Niki and Jack were not in the first war ((L`Manburg))
In his first visit, Fundy goes with Tommy in the Nether, have fun, is serious with Tommy, concerned for his health, lending him a precious pickaxe, listening to Tommy and his speech and the favorite thing of mine. He gave Tommy the bow to the duel with Dream in the L’Manburg war. Like cmon, this is a fucking big moment.
Tommy is very acceptant of Fundy. He doesn't really care about doing shit and he does things with him. Looking for blazes, literally destroying a hole tower to rebuild it a few blocks further away and than watching the sunset together, both getting a disc together in one of Tommy’s first arcs
The history and friendship is also often overlooked in favor for others like Ranboo with either of them or any of the sleepy bois, but both of them have often stream together.
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themogaidragon · 4 months ago
he/ey (he/him ey/em) pronouns flag?
He/Ey Pride Flag
Tumblr media
[Image ID: a flag with seven horizontal lines of different sizes. Their colors are, from top to bottom, light pink, yellow, pink, pastel pink, pink, yellow and light pink. The yellow and pink lines are smaller than the others.]
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izzydrawsforfun · 10 months ago
People need to stop angering the lesbian unicorn, it never ends well
Hell yeh they do
They don't wanna see me really angry
Tumblr media
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kushkimmy · a year ago
blackbear - @ my worst
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