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im so done- i lost another group of friends on among us due to my internet glitching

only rantaro’s VA being the singer in Eyeshine can satisfy me now😔

if your name was carlos something and you were cyan on among us and you were talking to someone named shuichi please contact me- i miss you

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You open your eyes to nothing but blue. Bright light that surrounds you and blinds you. Then the glow begins to fade, and as your eyes adjust to the dark you realize that you’re actually awake, it isn’t just another dream. You’ve dreamed a few times, but they were always faint, distant things. This waking feels crisp, feels close to your skin. It also feels surprising. You weren’t expecting to wake up.

since i drew cal the other day i’ve been thinking about my other old old ocs so here’s a lil drawing of laz! the speedpaint of this will be up on my youtubes soon!

please reblog my art! i get very few notes on my art but your reblog could be the one that changes that

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More Dragon!Merlin thoughts: Merlin has eyeshine, even in human form, but he legit never knows until someone tells him. Usually, he’s around everyone else during the day, when it’s too bright out for it to be seen, and at night, he’s usually alone, sneaking about on his magic missions. When he does go out with Arthur and the Knights on overnight patrol, they usually have a fire going before it gets dark, or they have torches. Until one night, Merlin draws the short lot for first watch, and he takes up a good spot just outside the camp, at the very edge of the firelight’s reach so it doesn’t ruin his night vision. Gwaine has second watch, and when he walks up to Merlin to take over, Merlin looks perfectly normal until he turns his head and:


Gwaine wakes up the entire camp when he screams. He still denies sounding like a girl.

The others never let him forget it.

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had a dream the other night where the kids had said something about Sporp being a super Slightly Above Average Hero and Robbie walked up on the conversation and said something along the lines of Sporp not really being a superhero at all and naturally the kids were like “Explain”

so Robbie had this bordering on villain song where he built up to revealing that Sport’s actually an Elf and that the whole ‘slightly above average hero’ thing is just what he says to avoid admitting that he’s an Elf and the kids were like “is being an Elf a bad thing?” so then Robbie made some comment, very seriously, about Sporp having reflective eyes, during which comment Robbie turned on this flashlight and pointed it in a random direction, just happening to beam Sporp in the face with it and demonstrate the eyeshine in question, causing Robbie to do a little screech and recoil.

somehow this all occurred during a daytime scene??? and anyway then one of the kids, i think Stephanie, asked about Sporp being an Elf, “Like in Lord of the Rings?” and Sporp had this really weird kind of flashback sequence of some LotR-like events before just replying, “No, am a Sports Elf, big difference! :D” and that whole section of the dream kind of. looped a couple of times.

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So I know that a lot of Youtubers make those videos that are like “songs you NEED to hear”, where they play the songs in their cars knowing they’ll get copyrighted. I wanted to share some songs that everyone needs to listen to at least once in their lives, but I don’t want to be copyrighted, so I’ll just share them here.
(WARNING: I’ll be sharing 69 songs here. That may sound like a lot, and it is, but it’s only about 40% of my playlist of all time favorites.)

  1. Le coeur dans les cordes - Amir
  2. First Class - Arijit Singh ((from Kalank)
  3. Resisting - Eyeshine
  4. A Burning Hill - Mitski
  5. Uplifted - Survive Said The Prophet
  6. Calm:unison - Survive Said The Prophet
  7. Popular Song - MIKA
  8. Idéale idylle - Amir
  9. Elevator - JONGHYUN
  10. Naked - 9electric (don’t worry, i promise this song is not inappropriate)
  11. Suddenly, You’re Dreaming - Ikurru
  12. Komorebi - Ikurru
  13. Ready to Call This Love - MIKA
  14. Les rues de ma peine - Amir
  15. Time Bomb - 9electric
  16. Diphylleia Grayi - JONGHYUN
  17. t r a n s l a t e d - Survive Said The Prophet
  18. Prayer X - King Gnu
  19. Corazon - Maitre Gims
  20. Tres haut - Amir
  21. Found & Lost - Survive Said The Prophet
  22. Red - Survive Said The Prophet
  23. Est-ce que tu m'aimes? - Maitre Gims
  24. I Don’t Fuck With You - Big Sean
  25. Que seront les hommes - Amir
  26. Hallelujah - JONGHYUN
  27. The Last Time (acoustic) - Eyeshine
  28. Je vais bien - RIDSA
  29. Goodbye - 9electric
  30. Don’t Go Outside - Poppy
  31. The Last Time - Eyeshine
  32. Balam Pichikari - Vishal Dadwani (from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani)
  33. Polaris - BLUE ENCOUNT
  34. There Once Stood a Picture Frame Full of Memories - Ikurru
  35. Tabaah Ho Gaye - Shreya Ghoshal (from Kalank)
  36. Sum of Our Parts - Mary Lambert
  37. Jumpstart - Eyeshine
  38. Our Whole Lives Tonight - Eyeshine
  39. Pardon - RIDSA
  40. Rajvaadi Odhni - Jonita Gandhi (from Kalank)
  41. Dear Jealousy - MIKA
  42. Shinin’ - JONGHYUN
  43. Mukanjyo - Survive Said The Prophet
  44. Fool’s Gold - Survive Said The Prophet
  45. On s'est manqué - RIDSA
  46. Je m'en fous - RIDSA
  47. Paper Hearts - Eyeshine
  48. Oasis - Amir
  49. Beautiful - 9electric (warning: this song is really sad, and the music video is even sadder)
  50. Fill the Crown - Poppy
  51. Run Away - Eyeshine
  52. Bandaid - Survive Said The Prophet
  53. Silverstar - Eyeshine
  54. Hear the Sound - Eyeshine
  55. Myself to Lose - Eyeshine
  56. When the Jellyfish Blinks - Ikurru
  57. Feel This - 9electric
  58. soleil soleil - Pomme
  59. Oxygen - Eyeshine
  60. Fighting - Eyeshine
  61. Last Dance Lullaby - Survive Said The Prophet
  62. Drawing a Blank - Cherri Bomb
  63. Just Chill - JONGHYUN
  64. Emotion Swell - Eyeshine
  65. Prom Queen - Molly Kate Kestner
  66. Alone - Eyeshine
  67. Dance With the Angels - Eyeshine (this is such a beautiful song but also so damn depressing)
  68. Sunday Flower - Eyeshine
  69. Company of Angels - Where Giants Fall
  70. Undone - Where Giants Fall

Regarding the last 2 songs: they’re by a band called Where Giants Fall, created by the frontman and the lead guitarist of Eyeshine. They have 2 songs out and are working on more music, but they deserve a hell of a lot more recognition so go listen to them! I promise you won’t regret it!

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